harrisdo you know when ubuntu touch will be able to be your only os00:45
pleia2not a clue, sorry00:45
pleia2maybe ask the folks in #ubuntu-touch?00:45
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PaulW2Upleia2: thanks for the "mention" ;o) it seems that the team continues to shrink :o( which I can't understand as writing just a few summaries or gathering a few links is one of the easiest ways to contribute to the Ubuntu project :shrug:16:47
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pleia2PaulW2U: yeah, I find the team always needs nudging along as contributors come and go19:11
pleia2it's fun for people to do for 2 weeks, but then they get bored and drift off19:11
pleia2and it takes a toll on folks like you and I, I only started this a couple years ago, no one stays around forever19:12
PaulW2Uyes, there have been a f times when I think if I don't do it who will19:15
PaulW2Uanyway, for the time being I'm quite happy doing my bit as19:16
PaulW2Ulong as i KNOW THERE'S19:17
* pleia2 continues recruiting efforts!19:17
PaulW2Uoh dear, my typing is bad tonight......:o(19:17
pleia2it's ok, I haven't had coffee yet19:19
pleia2and it's late in the morning, even for california ;)19:19
PaulW2Ui shouldn't try to type while lying on the floor watching tv after a stressful day's work19:20
pleia2enjoy your evening :)19:21

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