LjLSo, for the benefit of those not reading the ubuntu-irc@lists.ubuntu.com mailing list (or for those not managing to send mail to the correct address, like I apparently did a couple of hours ago):00:36
LjLThe FloodBot code is under my exclusive copyright. No one else has contributed to it. It was under no particular license (i.e. it wasn't supposed to be redistributed), and I only distributed it to select individuals. Any license text it may at some point have contained was provisional and within files intended for internal use only.00:37
LjLI do NOT authorize further use or distribution of the code.00:38
IdleOneI really should check my email01:12
knomeIdleOne, a nigerian prince wants you to handle his money transfer and give you a few hundrend thousand dollars, but only if you act today?01:12
IdleOneonly if I can act like I care01:13
IdleOnectrl-a delete01:18
knomei prefer shift-delete01:19
phunyguySometimes I have to wonder about the people that fall for those silly emails.01:34
Jordan_Uphunyguy: Fun fact, scammers purposefully make their emails obviously scammy; The misspellings, poor grammar, and implausible stories are intentional so that they can weed out people who aren't gullible enough to follow through but might waste the scammers time by replying without much chance of being scammed.02:15
LjLi thought misspellings etc were mostly to fool spam detectors02:16
Jordan_ULjL: By now I expect most spam filters consider words close to words they explicitly filter, like v1agra, and probably rate an email as *more* likely to be spam if it has misspellings (though maybe that gives the average legitimate email too much credit).02:24
AdranHi. I just wanted to discuss the conversation I was having in #ubuntu-offtopic the other day (which has seem to escalated somewhat). I was discussing in a social channel about the usefulness of bots in big channels. However I was under the impression such discussion was purely discussion. I am not however okay with getting messages from users who are dragging me into on one side or another.02:25
AdranLjL: I meant no disrespect in the discussion yesterday (or earlier), I was just discussing in a social channel, I meant by no means to make you quit running the bots.02:26
LjLAdran: it's okay, you were expressing your opinion as someone not part of the ubuntu irc team or freenode staff02:27
LjLit is my hope that nobody messaged you to drag you into "my side"02:28
AdranAs long as you are okay with that, thats good news. I again was just discussing things, not implying you should toss or keep them. It was all for the sake of a conversation.02:28
AdranAnyway, I'll let you guys get back to what ever you were discussion. I did not mean to interrupt.02:29
AdranCheers. :)02:29
LjLwe were discussing viagra spam02:29
IdleOnethe best kind of spam02:29
* IdleOne shares too much again02:30
rwwor not enough, hence the spam02:30
* phunyguy blinks02:30
phunyguythanks for the explanation Jordan_U02:30
IdleOneI walked right into that one huh02:30
LjLIdleOne: let's not make a big thing out of it now02:31
IdleOneI see what you did there02:31
* LjL did nothing02:31
rwwLjL: i have some pills that can fix that02:31
IdleOnehow about them seahawks?02:32
LjLanother day, i have bloodwork tomorrow02:32
LjLman, Facebook is really *dying* to know whether i know Juha Siltala02:33
rwwnever heard of him02:33
IdleOneStay away from him02:33
LjLis it even a real name, it sounds fake02:33
rwwsounds swedish02:34
IdleOneclearly it is a girls name02:34
IdleOnewhy we calling her a him02:34
LjLinbefore tirade about gender-neutral pronouns02:35
rwwIdleOne: because this is all translated from Finnish, which has pronouns02:36
rwwgender-neutral pronouns02:36
IdleOnecan't trust a language that doesn't make distinctions between the sexes02:37
rwwall four of them02:37
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, phunyguy said: !lts-hardware is <reply> If you experience issues with the LTS kernel, please check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack to see if you may upgrade to a newer kernel and X stack.03:05
rwwphunyguy: login moar03:06
phunyguygrumble, I was03:06
IdleOneYou can't login moar03:17
ubottuThe operation succeeded.03:18
phunyguyhow do you expect me to fix factoids if I can't :(03:18
rww!lts-hardware is <reply> If you experience issues with the LTS kernel, please check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack to see if you may upgrade to a newer kernel and X stack.03:18
ubottuI'll remember that, rww03:18
rwwsux 2 be u03:18
phunyguysteal my effort03:18
rwwzack_: howdy! something we can help with?03:57
zack_i want to change my os to ubuntu03:57
rwwoh, you can't talk in #ubuntu. sorry about that, was caused by some problems we had earlier. I'll go fix it03:58
zack_i was banned over mis comunication of pricay03:59
rwwoh, in #xubuntu?03:59
zack_no #ubuntu03:59
rwwYou're not banned in #ubuntu. You are banned in #xubuntu.03:59
zack_let me check04:00
zack_im good04:00
rwwzack_: hi04:43
rwwwelcome to #ubuntu-ops, how can we provide you with excellent customer service this evening?04:43
zack_i need some help becuse the guys at #ubuntu arnt helping me04:44
rwwzack_: I asked you if you needed any further help and you /parted instead of replying.04:44
rwwWhat do you need help with?04:44
zack_oh hi04:44
zack_well i want to change my os xubuntu 13.04 to ubuntu04:45
rwwthen install the ubuntu-desktop package and select the relevant session from the login screen04:45
rwwas #ubuntu already said04:46
rwwanything else?04:47
zack_+rww_, i dont know how04:54
rwwzack_: in terminal, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop04:55
rwwzack_: anything else we can help you with this evening?05:00
zack_its almost done05:00
rwwzack_: okay. please /part this channel and /join #ubuntu if you need further Ubuntu support05:01
rwwzack_: don't idle in here, thanks :)05:21
bazhangJaunty Mint08:03
bazhangdoubly unsupported!08:03
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ubottuHelp is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley  for information12:23
jussiupdated, FYI12:24
ubottuBlueink called the ops in #ubuntu (Did kim kardashian spread her pussy for kayne west?)16:13
jpdsMan, I just walked in saw that last and thought that jussi said it as he was the last one to say something.16:18
jussiawww, thanks a lot... :P16:18
BlueinkThere is nothing to attain16:19
BlueinkDid kim kardashian spread her pussy for kayne west?16:19
LjLthat must be why i never attained anything16:19
ikoniaBlueink: as they have had a child together, I'd assume that happened16:19
rwwwho are these people16:19
ikoniaperhaps talk to their agent16:19
ikoniasorry no bot for you16:19
ikoniawhy not find something else to do16:19
Blueinkikonia: have the son set me free16:20
ikoniathats great, I'm really pleased16:20
ikoniaperhaps /part and be on your way now16:21
Blueinknooooooo waaaaaaaaa16:21
ikoniano no, you're not listening16:21
ikoniano bot for you16:21
ikoniawe all know how this little act goes, so why not just /part and move onto the next stage16:22
Blueinkwhat language is that dumb bot written in16:22
ikoniathe one that ignores you16:22
DJoneshggdh: I thought it was written in Fortran16:23
ikoniadoes typing in caps help ?16:23
jpdsCOBOL, surely?16:23
ikoniaso lets cut to the chase, and you just /part16:23
Blueinktell me what language the bot is written in then i will16:23
jpdsBlueink: We have.16:23
ikoniano more chatter16:23
ikoniaBlueink: you can't speak, you can't use the bot, best to /part16:25
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ubottukaddi called the ops in #ubuntu ()23:26
Priceyk1l: What was that remove?23:31
PriceyOh, nevermind.23:31
k1li am just going through backlog and seeing who joined and was kinda informed of what was to happen23:31

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