RAOFYou know what's totally awesome? When packages get released from -proposed without a comment and then someone marks the bug as verification-done, also without comment.00:44
infinityRAOF: ?00:55
RAOFinfinity: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/118627301:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1186273 in network-manager (Ubuntu Quantal) "DUN via bluetooth with a password fails" [High,Fix committed]01:00
RAOFcyphermox_: Oh, you're highlighted on network-manager? :P01:02
cyphermox_RAOF: I don't think it has been released, but I'll talk to jpds tomorrow01:03
RAOFcyphermox_: Check the bug, comment #22 - it's been released to raring.01:03
cyphermox_oh right01:04
cyphermox_and I was parsing that as longer ago than it really is01:04
cyphermox_I doubt the part about verification done on precise though01:04
cyphermox_I'll double-check with the responsible parties tomorrow, in the meantime I've reverted the tag, if that's ok with you01:05
RAOFcyphermox_: Yeah, that's fine.01:06
RAOFYes! A successful linux-firmware verification!01:08
infinityRAOF: raring... The same raring that's EOL?01:19
RAOFinfinity: Yeah, that raring. Did it's EOL status trigger acceptance of everything in raring-proposed?01:20
infinitybdmurray released it.01:20
infinityBut EOL should trigger empyting the -proposed pocket, so I'll go delete anything else in there.01:20
infinity... if there is anything else.01:21
infinityAlthough, I'm not sure if we've ever done that in the past.01:21
infinityNot like it hurts to archive it with the pending proposed bits frozen in time.01:21
infinityAnd, indeed, previous releases were EOLed with stuff still in proposed, so meh.01:22
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infinityComment: NBS05:34
infinity354 packages successfully removed.05:34
infinityWhy is that so satisfying every time?05:34
cjwatsonWho accepted cloud-init/precise-proposed?06:41
cjwatsonIt's not on CD images as far as I can see, so maybe it's OK - but please check with me before accepting anything into precise-proposed until 12.04.4 is out, as mentioned on -devel-announce06:43
cjwatson(Or copying anything into precise-updates)06:44
cjwatsonchrisccoulson: re firefox, I'm not going to wait for it; if I have to respin and include it, so be it, otherwise people will pick it up on upgrades06:45
RAOFcjwatson: 'twas me, sorry.06:47
cjwatsonRAOF: ok, no problem in this case :)07:14
xnoxcjwatson: cloud-init is on the cloud-images however - http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/precise/current/precise-server-cloudimg-i386.manifest and takes 6h+ to respin all of those.09:11
cjwatsonI guess that's up to utlemming_.  it's not in -updates yet09:12
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* apw notes compiz in trusty appears to be borked11:48
xnoxapw: yeah, there was protobuf abi break which is progress to be fixed.11:52
ogra_it is fixed, ou could pull the deb from -proposed11:54
apwxnox, how did that not get noticed by versioning and get stuck by britney etc11:54
ogra_(might be good to actually get feedback if compiz is fine with it again)11:55
apwogra_, ack11:55
ogra_apw, non exported symbol change11:55
ogra_(i.e. ABI change without bump)11:55
apwif the symbol isn't exported then noone could be using it :)11:55
ogra_a symbol was changed and not properly exported (as i understood)11:56
ogra_anyway, try the libprotobuf from proposed and see if it helps11:57
* ogra_ only tested on phone 11:57
apwogra_, confirming that upgrading to that fixes my machine12:00
* apw notes that these binaries are blocked in proposed12:03
ogra_apw, well, i think cjwatson can unleash it12:05
ogra_seems like a manual block12:06
apwyeah waiting on testing on the phone, we are doing some more testing here as well; though it seems to have fixed my compiz and mumble12:10
cjwatsonapw: protobuf doesn't have .symbols files, so no fine-grained checking of exported symbols12:17
cjwatsonthat should be fixed, but I'm only driving-by this ...12:17
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apwcjwatson, makes sensew13:14
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stgraberLTSP on Edubuntu hangs at boot time somehow, trying to figure out what's causing this...16:25
infinitystgraber: Poorly-written software would be my guess.16:26
cjwatsonstgraber: precise?16:27
stgraberinfinity: :) well, looking at the bit of code that seems to be hanging, my first guess would be "the kernel", so I very much hope I'm wrong ;)16:27
stgrabercjwatson: yep, precise16:27
infinitystgraber: I think the kernel would fall into my description of the problem.16:28
infinityBut yes, here's hoping it's not that.16:28
infinityWe're somewhere between "way too late" and "hahaha" for timing on pushing another kernel to 12.04.416:29
apwstgraber, got a pointer to the code which is hanging16:29
stgraberapw: oh actually, there's one line at the end of that initrd script which I didn't see which seems a whole more likely to cause the problem I'm seeing than the rest of the script.16:32
stgraberapw: the rest of the script just does tmpfs, bind-mounts and move mounts, none of which are terribly likely to be broken in interesting ways that we didn't notice already16:32
stgraberapw: the one line I didn't notice before on the other end is chrooting into the system and running a command, so my current guess is that something's going wrong in whatever it's running16:33
stgraberapw: so it looks like the hang comes from "chroot $rootmnt test -w /" over a nbd mounted squashfs + overlayfs on top17:21
stgraberapw: apparently I can list the whole fs just fine (find $rootmnt), though reading data from it causes the hang, digging some more17:22
stgraberthough, that's with a 3.2 kernel (Edubuntu uses the 3.2 kernel for LTSP due to a lot of our users having non-pae hardware), so now I'm really confused as to how this regressed17:23
apwstgraber, well its not changing a whole heap thats for sure being so very old17:29
apwstgraber, what kernel would the last tested known good kernel have been in this form17:41
stgraberapw: it sure used to work when we released 12.04.3, so whatever the current 3.2 was at that time. I'm testing a few downgrades now to see if it's that simple (in which case, we're pretty much screwed for 12.04.4 but at least I don't need to do emergency ltsp updates)17:42
* apw wonders how to figure out the .3 2.6.32 kernel17:42
stgraberapw: edubuntu 12.04.3 lts had 3.2.0-52.78, I'll start by downgrading to that one and see if things work as expected, then try some random ones in between17:48
xnoxstgraber: could be related to "fixed nfsroot" with hwe kernels as part of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/121704117:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1217041 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu Saucy) "initramfs-tools: please include separated nfs modules" [Undecided,Fix released]17:48
xnoxstgraber: which in turn regressed 12.04.0 kernel?17:49
apwstgraber, the manifest for the edubuntu 12.04.3 seems to contains the lts-raring kernel, so i assume its somewhere else ?17:49
stgraberapw: yeah, we only ship the -pae 3.2 kernel for LTSP which is in a ltsp.img squashfs on the iso image and doesn't appear in the manifest17:50
stgraberapw: I figured out the version of the 3.2 kernel based on that of linux-libc-dev in the 12.04.3 manifest which does match whatever 3.2 kernel was current at the time17:51
apwstgraber, ok no changes in squashfs or overlayfs for the range you mention, a small delta in nfs17:51
apwstgraber, what filesytem type is the overlay writable layer17:56
ogra_in LTSP ?17:57
ogra_thats tmpfs17:57
apwnothing there either then17:57
ogra_any nbd changes perhaps ?17:58
ogra_the squashfs gets provided via nbd17:58
ogra_(or could the nfs changes have influenced nbd)17:58
stgraberapw: ro layer is nbd mounted squashfs, rw layer is tmpfs, though the hang happens even before I mount the overlay17:58
apwthere is some hcange to nbD17:59
ogra_there we go :)17:59
stgrabergah, just reproduced the same hang with 3.2.0-52-generic-pae, so now I'm really really confused17:59
stgraberalright, screw those VMs, I want to see the same thing on actual hardware before I dig any deeper into that mess...18:00
apwogra_, the change there is only at disconnect time, which would be on unmount i assume i this case; and we anr't doing that normal startup and use is unchanged18:01
apwstgraber, so "it never worked" is where we are, erp18:01
stgraberapw: well, Edubuntu 12.04.3 certainly worked or we wouldn't have released it, now I just need to figure out what's causing the change in behaviour... the squashfs is clearly valid, the nbd server seems to work (as I can mount and read the image without any trouble from another box), so I'm left with either a very very weird bug or kvm playin tricks on me18:03
stgraberI'm currently very much hoping on the latter18:03
stgraberapw: works fine on actual hardware... so I have no idea what's going on with nbd over kvm's network/bridges here but whatever, it works on metal and that's all we care about18:16
ogra_metal ...18:17
apwstgraber, nnng, sounds good in the sense it is releaseable, sounds bad in the sense it implies that kvm networking is bored on your host or something19:47
stgraberapw: doh, just found what's wrong, not sure how it go that way though19:53
stgraber          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1442  Metric:119:54
apwstgraber, mtu ?  that looks familiar19:56
apwlike an ipv6 tunnel size or something19:56
stgraberyeah, I don't know why that bridge's mtu went down to 1442 especially as it's only used for internal VM networking, it's not connected to any external device which may have caused the mtu change...19:57
stgraberanyway, setting it back to 1500 fixes all my issues, so that's good.19:57
apwit is slightly worrying that nbd is so sensitive to mtu19:57
stgraberwell, my guess is that: VM1 has mtu 1500, bridge on host has mtu 1442, VM2 has mtu 150019:58
stgraberso any packet larger than 1442 will magically disappear19:58
stgraberbecause the host only runs the bridge, it's not routing or anything so won't fragment properly, as far as both VMs are concerned, they have a mtu 1500 link so have no reason to fragment either19:59
apwstgraber, that sounds rather plausible yes20:03
michagogo|cloudWhen does Ubuntu 12.04.4 get released?22:22
infinitymichagogo|cloud: Some time tomorrow.22:25
michagogo|cloudThere isn't a specific set time?22:26
infinitymichagogo|cloud: Nope.  There never is.  "When it's ready".22:33
michagogo|cloudWhat defines "Ready"?22:33
knomemichagogo|cloud, when the release team thinks it's okay to release. there is no exact answer for your question, so please, stop asking22:34
michagogo|cloudOkay. What's the best way to find out that it's happened?22:35
knomefollow the ubuntu-announce mailing list22:37
cjwatson*Probably* some time tomorrow.  Point releases have a bit more permissible slippage (though I'd prefer not to have to slip the date).22:39
elfycjwatson: I marked those two ^^ tracker won't let me mark the alternates for some reason - but they are22:45
michagogo|cloudWhat does that mean?22:45
knomecjwatson, thanks for all the help.22:45
elfyyep +1 to that :)22:45
knomemichagogo|cloud, the xubuntu team considers the xubuntu desktop images ready to be published.22:46

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