rsalvetithere are quite a few development boards that are compatible00:00
rsalvetijust not raspb pi00:00
ollirsalveti, know of any board that are compatible00:00
thomibarry: ok, so IIRC, cgoldberg's branch ships two binary packages, so you can choose which you want to install. doesn't that get you what you want anyway?00:00
bschaeferthomi, do you have a file to look at? I seem to be missing what file you're talking about :)00:00
thomibschaefer: well, I'm asking because i thought it was in lp:unity, but I can't find it anymore00:00
thomimaybe it got deleted, or maybe I just dreamed the whole thing00:00
bschaeferhaha, this would have been in the AP tests?00:01
barrythomi: if eventually we can drop python-windowmocker *and* /usr/bin/window-mocker is python3, then i can live with that for now00:01
thomibarry: well, I think it's probably /usr/bin/window-mocker3, but yeah :)00:01
thomibschaefer: yeah00:01
rsalvetiolli: beaglebone, beagleboard, wandboard, quickstart, pandaboard...00:02
ollirsalveti, thx00:02
thomibschaefer: IIRC, we had some failures with the launcher and Gtk apps that had odd X11 window flags set00:02
rsalvetiolli: http://www.cnx-software.com/development-kits/linux-development-boards/00:02
bschaeferthomi, right, we had an issue where umm gtk patched their calc program00:02
thomibschaefer: so you wrote a window-mocker Gtk backend that allowed you to set those odd window-flags00:02
bschaeferto only allow 1 instance00:02
thomino, this was different00:02
thomiahh well, it seems like we'll keep the py2 version around for unity7 for a while anyway :)00:03
barrythomi: yeah, except that i don't think we want both.  but if that's the most expedient way to move this transition forward, then i can live with it for now.  we just need to get things unblocked :/00:03
bschaeferthomi, hmm00:03
bschaeferthomi, sadface, no bells are ringing at all in my head...00:03
thomibarry: I don't understand why we don't want both00:03
thomibschaefer: no worries, thanks for the help anyway00:04
thomibarry: I can understand not wanting both installed (or either installed 99% of the time, TBH)00:04
bschaeferthomi, you're welcome!00:04
barrythomi: for the short term, if necessary, that's okay.  but in the long term, we need to get rid of the py2 version and move all the deps off of it, otherwise we'll still be pulling in python200:04
thomibarry: but to cut off py2 support for no good technical reason (none that I can see, anyway)00:04
thomibarry: but only if you install the python2 package... if nothing uses it, then the worst case is there's a pakcage in the archive that nobody installs :)00:05
barrythomi: right, the point was whether anything imported windowmocker as a module.  if it's just an executable you run, then it doesn't matter.  if you import it, then yeah, we need both for now.  unity7 *does* import windowmocker, but for silly reasons that could be fixed ;)00:05
barrythomi: okay, i really don't care whose mp wins, as long as we have a path forward ;)  at worst, we'll carry py2 cruft around we don't need for a while.  let me review cgoldberg's branch and if there's anything i think missing, i will comment on his mp.00:07
barrythomi: eod for me now though.  i'll do this first thing in the morning00:07
thomibarry: thanks. I'll be on national holiday tomorrow00:07
thomibarry: I've already reviewed his branch, I think it's good to go00:08
barrythomi: then jfdi! :)00:08
barrythomi: i can always mp any repairs later, if necessary00:08
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yanboyangrom may flash stock recovery on boot.fix? I don't know i need choose yes-disable recovery flash or No?00:13
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matv1question @anyone from canonical:00:45
matv1is it a designchoice to have apps start with the bottom menu open?00:45
principianteHi everybody.00:45
principianteI have a question00:48
matv1@principiante go ahead and ask00:49
principianteIs possible install ubuntu touch on ipad 2?00:49
nhainesprincipiante: if it's not on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices , no one has done it before.00:50
matv1I dont think so. not with very major recoding00:50
nhainesprincipiante: and if Android doesn't run on it, it's probably not possible.00:50
nhainesmatv1: yes, they are testing toolbar discovery.  So at the moment, the toolbar starts opened, and then collapses after some seconds.  It's not the final decided solution.00:51
matv1ahah glad to hear you were waiting for my feedback to make the final decision :)00:52
matv1i dont like it btw00:52
matv1nhaines do u know if its an all or nothing choice?00:53
matv1i mean should it work for either all apps or none?00:54
RAOFprincipiante_: No, unless you can get an Android 4.3/4.4 build running on the iPad 2 first.00:54
principiante_Android?.  You mena Idroid?00:55
principiante_I have an ipad 2, but it is a brick and I cant use it00:59
DonkeyHoteiwhy is it a brick?01:00
nhainesmatv1: it's a framework decision, so it is for all apps with toolbars.01:00
nhainesmatv1: I don't think anybody likes it, but I don't think anything's been done about it since it was implemented as a test.01:00
nhainesprincipiante_: no, we mean Android 4.4.  Cyanogenmod, specifically.01:01
matv1nhaines can you briefly enlighten me about what the advantage would be?01:01
RAOFprincipiante_: I mean Android - (the current) Ubuntu Touch builds use the Android low-level infrastructure.01:01
nhainesmatv1: that users can see that there is a toolbar with extra commands available, and that they can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access it.01:02
matv1anyone would have worked that out after 5 minutes imo01:02
nhainesmatv1: it's the same reason when you launch a desktop application in Unity, the application's menu shows for 3 seconds and then fades to the application title.01:02
RAOFOnly if they *try* for 5 minutes.01:02
nhainesmatv1: what RAOF said.01:03
matv1alright. lets wait and see01:03
nhainesmatv1: if you have some alternate ideas for how to improve toolbar discovery, please post on the mailing list.  :)01:04
nhaines(I don't like the current behavior, but I don't have any suggestions, either.)01:04
matv1nhaines I will think about it certainly01:05
nhainesmatv1: great.  :)01:05
matv1still another Q : i was abraod the other day. I found no way of getting dataroaming to work. Is that a known bug? didnt see anything on LP but maybe i missed it01:06
FuuqUmistwhen is ubuntu touch finally going to be released?01:06
FuuqUmistlike on new devices01:06
principiante_My ipad 2, just on and the setup screen appears and asks me to connect to itunes. I connect to itunes and asks me the apple id and password. This second ipad buy it online and not the apple id and password.01:06
nhainesFuuqUmist: that is up to each individual hardware vendor to announce and decide.01:07
nhainesmatv1: that's a good question!  I just don't know about that one.  It's probably worth filing a bug or posting about on the ubuntu-phone mailing list, because it's easily overlooked but an important feature.01:08
RAOFYeah. Data roaming is not going to be tested by everyday use :)01:09
matv1mhaines. okay i will. I did bug reports on LP before but they took ages to even get triaged though01:09
matv1is the mailing list better for that?01:10
nhainesmatv1: this is a feature request, probably against ubuntu-system-settings.  It's just a tracking bug, but make sure to post about it too.  :)01:10
matv1nhaines okay01:10
matv1nhaines. a feature request?? are you sure?01:11
matv1all the settings to sugest it should work are there01:11
matv1They just dont work01:11
matv1for me01:11
matv1are those config settings just placeholders?01:12
matv1I thought we didnt do that anymore?01:12
nhainesYes, place holders until they can be integrated into the backend, and not everything is even possible yet.01:12
matv1nhaines I see. thank you01:13
nhainesIf it's important to you, I'd get on the mailing list and ask about it.01:13
principiante_Thank you guys.01:15
matv1i am assuming you live in the states :) when you live in europe dataroaming will be a must have for very many people imo01:16
matv1i will get it on the mailing list01:16
nhainesmatv1: yes, the last time I was out of the country, I made sure data roaming was off (a very important feature!) but now that T-Mobile has free international roaming data, the next time I am out of country I will want to have it on (equally important feature! ;) ).01:23
matv1nhaines: agree! thnks again, I will get both points on the mailing list tomorow01:27
GMANI'm running Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit. I tried installing the fastboot package for installing on the phone and got the following error01:40
GMANubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install phablet-tools android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Package android-tools-adb is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source  Package android-tools-fastboot is not available, but is r01:40
GMANHow do you install the phablet tools?01:42
gnutsNews says nexus 7 (2013) will be supported, install page says nexus 7 (2013) is not supported, which is true?01:48
nhainesgnuts: both are true.01:48
nhainesNexus 7 (2013) testing has been ongoing for two or three weeks now, and is not finished.01:49
gnutsI'm thinking of buying one for this, sounds like 2013 is the way to go.01:49
gnutsis there a preview to play with?01:50
nhainesIf you are going to buy a tablet, yes, 2013 is the way to go.  (Also: the only one on sale.)01:50
gnutsyes, but one can always pick up older hardware01:51
gnutsnhaines: thank you.01:51
nhainesgnuts: yes, but I think they're dropping support for the original Nexus.  I know my Galaxy Nexus is about to go.  :(01:52
nhainesgnuts: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg06116.html01:52
nhainesPlease know that once it's really stable, it'll be featured, so that link will get you Nexus 7 (2013) support, but it may not work very well.01:53
nhainesOf course, you can always reflash Android at any time.  :)01:53
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gnutsthanks, i found one on craigslist, will go get it and try this out!01:59
nhainesgnuts: great!  Good luck!  It should be really nice when Ubuntu 14.04 comes out.  :)  (the phone/tablet interface won't be an LTS)01:59
rwwhihi. I followed the instructions at https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg06116.html . I sideloaded in (5) and rebooted, but I just get the Google logo and an unlocked padlock. What do?03:22
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rwwoh, I redownloaded trusty-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip and got a different md5sum, let's try that again...04:02
nhainesrww: must be adaptive technology.04:04
yanboyang_INFO:phablet-flash:Device detected as /sbin/sh: getprop: not found04:25
yanboyang_ERROR:phablet-flash:Unsupported device, autodetect fails device04:25
rwwBoo, still getting the Google logo screen with an open padlock, following the instructions at https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg06116.html , after step 5 (which I sideloaded in)04:30
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return0Are there any tablets with ubuntu or ubuntu touch preloaded yet?05:37
return0any non-samsung ones which I can easily install it on yet?05:37
bef0rdnexus 7 but not the last hw release, the older05:39
return0Dell's new tablet looks REALLY good for ubuntu but there's no driver suprt :-/05:40
return0And all those damn tegra things :-/05:41
return0BLACKBERRY WHY YOU LOCK PLAYBOOK? They was stupid, people would ewat those up for andriod and ubuntu05:41
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SonikkuAmericarsalveti: Long shot, but are you there?06:01
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tvosspitti, good morning :)07:32
pittihey tvoss, wie gehts?07:33
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kaimastcan i disable haptic feedback somehow? it is pretty annoying09:35
timppa_latest trusty seems to buggy!? Cannot open any software, settings etc...10:06
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pittitvoss: I prepared a MP for the crash we discussed last week, now that location-api and platform-api are healthy again10:07
ogra_timppa, known and being fixed10:09
timppaok, good! :) How can I update it once it is fixed?10:10
ogra_commandline ;)10:10
timppaogra_: ok, it's fine10:11
ogra_system-image-cli -v (note that the download doesnt have any output, just wait patiently)10:11
tvosspitti, yup, thank you ...10:11
timppaogra_: any eta on new image?10:12
ogra_pitti, btw, your nbd issue ... what i did in the past was running an nbd server as a user with a port around 8000 and then connecting an nbd-client to localhost to the same port ...10:12
ogra_pitti, that used to give me full control over the device10:13
pittiogra_: ah, I think I experimented with that, but it didn't get me that far; but thanks for pointing out, I'll try that again10:13
ogra_timppa, not yet, hopoefully throughout the day10:13
pittiogra_: libguestfs is a rather heavy solution, I doubt that we can easily get it installed in DCs10:13
ogra_pitti, not sure if wouter hasnt probably locked that down nowadays though10:14
timppaok, I think I'll need to swap my sim to another phone... :/ First time since 13.10 release...10:14
ogra_(seems rather like a security hole)10:14
pittiogra_: how so?10:15
pittiogra_: I mean, I have the raw image accessible to my user already; but it's compressed, so you need the qemu logic to decode that10:15
ogra_well i havent made up any attack idea :)10:16
ogra_just smells a bit fishy to be able to work around a system restriction (only root can mount nbd usually)10:16
pittiogra_: yes; my guess is that with nbd-client you wouldn't mount them in the first place, but directly talk to the daemon10:17
ogra_nbd-client just creates a new node in /dev ...10:17
tvossasac, just had the terminal tests passing10:17
ogra_but using the way above, owned by the user running nbd server10:17
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asactvoss: nice one10:26
kaimastanybody has an idea waht could be the cause of this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc-android-config/+bug/127637310:31
ubot5Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1276373 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1276373). The error has been logged10:31
ogra_kaimast, thats why we dont support dist-upgrade on the resdonly images10:32
ogra_(dpkg uses hardlinks when replacing files ... hardlinks dont work across partition boundaries)10:33
kaimastyeah i suppose i have to wipe the phone :/10:33
ogra_sorry, but i have to wontfix it ...10:36
ogra_(you could reopen it as whishlist against system-image perhaps, but since it is caused by a low level design decision i dont think there is any fix planned unless we probably change the image design)10:37
kaimastnah its okay10:40
kaimasti had this problem taht when i wanted to update cyanogenmod it always booted into ubuntu10:40
ogra_i think xnox told me there are future plans (probably in the far future though) to make it work by using a dpkg overlay10:41
kaimasti thought it may be resolved by a more recent version of ubuntu touch, but OTA updates didn work10:41
kaimastthat would be cool. especially for unsupported devices10:41
kaimastthanks anways10:41
kaimastwill install the update via fastboot and hope that this works10:43
ogra_kInOzAwA, regarding your other bug btw ... i think unity8 doesnt work with SF anymore10:43
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ogra_kaimast, ^^^^10:43
ogra_sorry kInOzAwA10:43
kaimastyeah i guess10:44
kaimastusing mir on Gnexus is painful10:44
ogra_the wonderful world of PVR graphics10:44
ogra_ :)10:44
kaimastyay the cyanogenmod update worked. at least i can use android again (dist-upgrade also broke that :) )10:52
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davmor2Morning all11:02
mhr3_ogra_, ehm, i just OTA updated and now the bootloader is asking me weird things, is that expected?11:21
mhr3_it's asking me "ROM may flash stock recovery on boot. Fix?"11:22
ogra_what does it ask you ? be careful if it wants to take you out to dinner or something ...11:22
ogra_via OTA ?11:22
ogra_thast weird11:22
ogra_i didnt have that on my upgrade 2h ago11:23
mhr3_the whole OTA process looks different though11:23
mhr3_but that is probably just UI change11:23
ogra_mhr3_, what device is that and from which image version did you come ?11:23
mhr3_mako, trusty-proposed from yesterday11:23
ogra_yeah, i had the nice new UI too here11:23
mhr3_ogra_, it's a new device though, first time OTAing on it11:24
ogra_the install should have put in the right recovery11:24
ogra_btw, the image you are upgrading to is broken11:24
ogra_(apps wont start at all)11:24
mhr3_ah.. great :P11:24
tvossasac, didrocks, sil2100 found the issue: dbus-cpp is compiled with gcc 4.8 while location service is 4.7. Need to adjust dbus-cpp to compile against 4.7 now11:24
ogra_tvoss, why not the other way round ?11:25
mhr3_ogra_, anyway, i guess i just tell it that it's ok?11:25
ogra_mhr3_, well, if it breaks you need to re-flash ... no biggie i guess11:26
tvossogra_, because platform-api is stuck with 4.711:26
sil2100tvoss: so, would it be enough that we rebuild location-service with gcc 4.8? Or do we need platform-api be rebuilt with 4.8 as well?11:26
* ogra_ isnt sure what "stock recovery" means in that context ... you need the ubuntu recovery 11:26
tvosssil2100, that would require platform-api to be transitioned to 4.8, too. Easier to adjust dbus-cpp to be compiled with 4.711:27
ogra_sil2100, well, there might be a reason for platform-api keeping 4.7 (it stretches into the android side iirc)11:27
ogra_better wait for ricmm and rsalveti to be around11:27
sil2100ogra_: ok11:27
mhr3_ogra_, hm, well, things seem to work... minus the launching of the apps11:28
ogra_for the time being i think tvoss has the right plan ...11:28
sil2100tvoss: so... let's rebuild dbus-cpp then11:28
ogra_will just be one more package to transition11:28
tvosssil2100, on my way11:28
tvosssil2100, dpkg-buildpackage running on host11:28
sil2100tvoss: thanks! Nice catch!11:28
tvosssil2100, asac, didrocks it is reproducible on the host, too11:28
ogra_mhr3_, for the next upgrade: adb shell system-image-cli -v ... and be patient, the download doesnt print anything11:28
mhr3_ogra_, does that enable some extra logging?11:29
ogra_mhr3_, -v does, but not for the download manager, only for system-image itself11:29
mhr3_ogra_, right, hopefully i won't forget :)11:30
OttOmanTRogra_: Is there any Ubuntu Touch phone announced?11:35
OttOmanTRI was expecting something in CES 201411:36
asactvoss: thats the reason for the looping?11:40
asacdo you know why?11:40
asacfeels like it shouldnt cause troubles to combine 4.7 and 4.8 binaries11:41
ogra_OttOmanTR, nope, not yet11:41
tvossasac, it's not looping, there is an abi mismatch for libstdc++, testing locally that building everything with gcc 4.7 actually fixes the issue11:43
asactvoss: really? feels like something we might want to investigate11:44
tvossasac, we already know about that issue, and yes, transitioning platform api to 4.8 is a long-standing task11:44
asactvoss: who is "we" ?11:45
asacdoko? steve?11:45
tvossasac, we as in phonedations, and an abi mismatch and issues arising from mixing gcc versions is kind of expected11:46
asaci am not sure all agree with that :)11:46
asacwe should run that through slangasek and doko11:46
tvossasac, sure, happy to put that on my plate11:46
asaclets see when he gets on11:46
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asactvoss: #ubuntu-devel :)12:39
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nocompanybody here confident with the emulator?12:49
nocompi have an issue when i run the mka command12:49
nocompfollowing these instructions12:49
ogra_in the ubuntu emulator ?12:50
nocomphi ogra_12:50
nocompi get this error12:50
ogra_note that wikipages might be outdated :)12:50
nocomp/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL12:50
nocompcollect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status12:50
nocompmake: *** [/home/nocomp/ubuntutouch/emulator/out/host/linux-x86/obj/lib/libGLES_CM_translator.so] Error 112:50
FuLgOrE_hi guys. I'm trying to get sound working on N5. I followed the porting guide on 'https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting' and created the right path with the correct named conf-file. i also copied the 'hifi' and 'voicecall' file. what should I do now? i guess I should modify the 'hw:....' sections. any ideas how I can set the right values? maybe one of the N5 guys here (Tassadar cwayne rsalveti shiggitay)?12:50
nocompnever had an error in the whole process before12:50
nocompbeen ggogleing this error12:51
nocompno logs nowhere12:51
* ogra_ has never built the emulator ... i'm a lazy bastard and just use the binaries12:52
ogra_probably rsalveti can shed some ligt12:52
ogra_*light too12:52
nocompyou mean there is another alternative for run the emulator?12:52
ogra_err, indeed12:52
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rsalveti/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lGL12:53
rsalvetithat means you don't have a valid GL driver in your host12:53
nocompi tried this12:53
rsalvetido you have a broken nvidia/ati driver installation?12:53
rsalvetiotherwise that would be fixed by installing the mesa drivers12:53
nocompsudo apt-get install ubuntu-emulator12:54
nocompE: Unable to locate package ubuntu-emulator12:54
nocompi try12:54
nocompthxx ogra_12:54
nocompUse 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.12:54
nocomp0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 98 not upgraded.12:54
ogra_nocomp, hmm, i thought that was in some PPA for non-14.04 users12:54
nocomplemme check12:55
ogra_"Alternatively, if you are running a stable release such as Ubuntu 13.10, you can install the emulator by manually downloading its packages first:12:55
ogra_click on the "show me how"12:55
ogra_it will show you how ;)12:55
nocompoki i ll have a look12:55
nocompwhere do you see that ogra_  ?12:56
ogra_nocomp, on the blogpost12:56
ogra_in the "installing the emulator" paragraph12:57
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FuLgOrE_does anybody know how to exchange one word with another one in a text file in a very simple way?13:00
nocompFuLgOrE_, with text editor find and replace13:00
FuLgOrE_ah, I'll do that with adb push and pull. should be the easiest way for me13:01
FuLgOrE_then I can use gedit for find&replace13:02
ogra_you could use sed ... but if you are not used to it it can cause more damage than being helpful13:02
TassadarFuLgOrE_: did you manage to convince WiFi not to get new mac address every time?13:05
ogra_sergiusens, are you back today ? (i thought you were off til end of the week)13:05
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
sergiusensogra_, nope, just yesterday; that's ji13:07
FuLgOrE_Tassadar: no, I didn't. First try was to add the /persist path to fstab. It mounted correctly but I guess too late. Second I used an updated system and deleted everything below SWAP in fstab to let it recreate automatically. this made the same. It mounts too late. than I unmounted the /persist and created the /persist/wifi/.macaddr in the / mount point13:07
FuLgOrE_nothing helped13:07
FuLgOrE_but rsalveti is working on a fix13:08
rsalvetiyup, still in progress13:08
rsalvetidoing many things in parallel13:08
ogra_sergiusens, well, then i'll hand off fixing bug 1275690 to you (i was planning to look into it later today)13:08
ubot5bug 1275690 in qtmultimedia-opensource-src-touch (Ubuntu) "qtmultimedia-touch packages don't uninstall cleanly" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127569013:08
rsalvetialso trying to publish the entire source code13:08
FuLgOrE_my last try could have failed because I maybe used the wrong .macaddr file (I created one by myself, a simple text file)13:08
FuLgOrE_and my linux knowledge is very limited13:09
sergiusensogra_, why is that critical anyways? It's a non supported use case and for read only only?13:10
ogra_sergiusens, well, the QA team hacked together weird scripts to work around it for their Qt 5,2 testing ...13:10
ogra_we should make sure to have the package DTRT ...13:10
ogra_and its a trivial task of renaming the files13:11
rsalvetiwould be nice to get that fixed for a clean QA and transition13:11
sergiusensoh well13:11
ogra_sergiusens, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6826187/13:11
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
sergiusensrsalveti, wrt to clean transition, shouldn't they be building an image with the ppa added?13:13
ogra_sergiusens, working on that13:13
ogra_there is no tool to do that atm13:13
* ogra_ is finishing the rootstock system-image support today13:14
ogra_and i'll provide them images then13:14
rsalvetisergiusens: yup, but we need to make sure people can test it without any hacks before we do the switch13:15
sergiusensSorry, something just went wrong in Launchpad.13:15
sergiusenswhen opening the bug link :-P13:15
rsalvetiit's giving a lot of timeouts13:15
ogra_db server upgrade13:15
ogra_the fallback machine is slow ... should be better soon13:15
rsalvetiactually, it's down now13:16
ogra_sergiusens, well,, my comment just says that the postrm files need to be moved to prerm files ... (simple rename) since else the dpkg-divert --remove runs after the files are gone ... which will cause the diversion to stay13:18
ogra_(no need to open the bug for that ;) )13:18
sergiusensogra_, right; I can't branch the pkg branch either :-P13:19
om26ersil2100, ping13:21
om26erdidrocks, hey! is there a new image to test today ?13:23
om26eror are we testing a new image ?13:23
FuLgOrE_rsalveti: regarding the wifi bug on N5. do you already have an idea how to fix that? do you think to recursive copy the /persist mmc... to the / mount point would temporary fix that?13:23
sil2100om26er: hi!13:25
FuLgOrE_ups... I shouldn't have made updates today. now I also have the problem that no app can work anymore :-/13:25
om26ersil2100, same question, are we testing a new image ?13:25
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
sil2100om26er: so, actually the current image is badly broken, so no testing until we get a new one with all the fixes built13:26
sil2100om26er: we still wait for dbus-cpp fix from tvoss13:26
om26ersil2100, so in a few hours ? or tomorrow ?13:27
sil2100om26er: I would say in a few hours even (we hope)13:27
om26ersil2100, asked since its a national holiday here and I came in to check if there is an image to test, so I guess I can relax ;)13:29
nocompraaaaaaaaaa can t find the bloody ppa13:33
nocompdrives me mad13:33
mardy_Laney: hi! Do you think there is a chance of getting the latest syncevolution ( to Ubuntu Touch (I guess it will need to hit the desktop as well, then)?13:33
=== mardy_ is now known as mardy
ogra_nocomp, what ppa ?13:34
Laneymardy: ummmmm is it a development release?13:35
mardyLaney: mmm... it actually seems to be unreleased, let me check...13:37
nocompogra_, for install the emulator13:37
ogra_nocomp, didnt you read the page i gave you ?13:38
nocompyou didn t gave me the page and couldn t find it13:38
mardyLaney: so, it has been released on January 22nd; it's the last release candidate before 1.413:38
nocompthxx i read13:38
ogra_scroll to "Installing the emulator"13:38
nocompi check13:39
ogra_then click on "show me how"13:39
ogra_follow the 11 steps that expand when you click on "show me how"13:39
ogra_(no PPA involved in that)13:39
popeydpm: du -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 1013:43
nocompperfect ogra_  seems to work13:44
nocompthxx a lot!13:44
FuLgOrE_simply to copy the 3 ucm config files and exchange the hardware name to the correct one was a stupid idea. it didn't work. Is there a way so copy something from android or cyanogenmod to get sound working? how knows something about the UCM files?13:46
oSoMoNMirv, hey, seen my e-mail about a fix for the crash in QtWebKit 5.2 ?13:46
ogra_FuLgOrE_, the only person that knows UCM in and out is diwic ... and he is really busy with other stuff13:47
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
ogra_FuLgOrE_, and android uses a different sound system13:47
ogra_so copying anything over wont help13:47
FuLgOrE_ogra_ thanks for the information. what a pitty. so it will take a while for an unsupported device to get such things working, I guess :-/13:48
ogra_well, open a bug, attach amixer output etc to it ...13:48
ogra_(there is a debugging alsa wikipage somewhere)13:48
ogra_probably diwic finds the time to look into it if he has all data available easily13:49
FuLgOrE_so nobody will be unhappy if I open a bug special for unsupported hardware?13:49
ogra_open it against alsa-lib13:49
ogra_and mention UCM in the description13:49
mardyLaney: I talked to the maintainer now, he plans to release SyncEvolution 1.4 in 1-2 weeks13:54
mardybfiller: hi! Do you have some minutes to chat about SyncEvolution (here in IRC is good)14:02
sergiusensrsalveti, https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-extras/postrm_fix/+merge/20494814:02
rsalvetisergiusens: did you test doing the manual upgrade?14:02
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
ogra_sergiusens, i'm pretty sure you need to do it in prerm because else your files are gone14:03
sergiusensrsalveti, so want me to add the script ogra gave me without the force?14:03
ogra_script ?14:03
rsalvetithe pastebin14:03
rsalvetibut basically, yeah14:03
ogra_i only wanted to show you the gross hack they use :)14:03
nocompemulator: Kernel parameters: qemu.gles=1 qemu=1 console=ttyS0 android.qemud=ttyS1 androidboot.console=ttyS2 ndns=114:04
nocompemulator: Trace file name is not set14:04
nocompqemu: could not load initrd ''14:04
nocompemulator: User configuration saved to /home/nocomp/.android/emulator-user.ini14:04
nocompexit status 114:04
sergiusensogra_, rsalveti read my bug comment, postrm should be fine14:04
* nocomp go hang himself14:04
kgunnhey guys..anyone having manta charging issues ?14:04
rsalvetikgunn: you need the right charger, that gives 2A14:04
ogra_kgunn, not with the right charger14:04
kgunni'm using the one that came with it14:04
rsalvetisergiusens: just trying installing your newer package then and remove it right after14:05
kgunnok, weird...just a bug...as soon as i unplugged the ui corrected to 100% :)14:05
sergiusensrsalveti, ogra_ also https://wiki.debian.org/Adding%20and%20removing%20diversions ... I guess I might need both for upgrade support14:05
ogra_sergiusens, well, that one failong --remove wouldnt explain why all the other diverts are still there14:05
sergiusensogra_, let me run the pastebin without the hack14:05
ogra_ignore the pastebin ... they run it without the packages installed at all14:06
ogra_(they dpkg --force-all remove them)14:06
sergiusensogra_, yea, was going to do it withtout that part14:06
nocompogra_,  if it s your website you linked me14:07
nocompthere is an error14:07
sergiusensogra_, rsalveti there is no upgrade path for qtmultimedia-touch; we just need to remove it for using the newer qt stuff14:07
ogra_sergiusens, from the debian page: "In postinst and prerm, remove the diversion."14:07
nocompreplace ubuntu-emulator run myinstance by sudo ubuntu-emulator run myinstance14:07
sergiusensogra_, yeah, that's what I said14:07
ogra_so just mv'ing your postrm files to prerm should do14:08
sergiusensogra_, but prerm should be needed for upgades14:08
ogra_(and fixing the one false one)14:08
sergiusensogra_, cping instead I suppose14:08
ogra_nocomp, its not mine ...14:08
ogra_nocomp, it is dpm owning that blog14:09
ogra_sergiusens, cping would leave the postrm ... you dont need it14:09
bfillermardy: hey, sure what's up?14:09
nocompi ve left a comment14:09
mardybfiller: so, SyncEvolution 1.4 (which contains the patches we need) will be released in 1-2 weeks14:10
mardybfiller: I believe that this means that it can be in 14.0414:10
dpmnocomp, ogra_, which blog?14:10
mardybfiller: for the time being though, we need to find a way to let you and renato use it14:10
ogra_dpm, the emulator quickstart guide14:11
dpmah, ok, what's up with it, something not working?14:11
* ogra_ hasnt tried the non trusty stuff ... since i am on trusty where it works 14:11
mardybfiller: do you have a PPA where I can put the package?14:11
ogra_dpm, nocomp says there are issues14:11
ogra_no idea which14:11
dpmok, nocomp, let me know if I need to update anything14:11
bfillermardy: yes14:12
bfillermardy: how about phablet-team ppa14:12
mardybfiller: if you don't want to rely on a PPA, I can try to backport the patches, but it might not be that easy, because there are several of them and I'm not sure if they rely on newer changes14:12
bfillermardy: https://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/ppa14:12
Laneymardy: want to wait for that?14:12
bfillermardy: think uploading to ppa would be great so it's easier for us to test14:12
Laneypre-release in a PPA, final in distro sounds good14:13
mardyLaney: yes, since bfiller seems to be fine with using a PPA for the time being, the best thing is probably to wait for the 1.4 release14:14
Laneynod, thanks14:14
mardybfiller: OK, then I'll work on packaging it for the PPA14:15
TassadarFuLgOrE_: putting that /persist/wifi/.somethingmacaddress file into initrd.img "fixes" the wifi, but it's just a workaround14:16
xnoxhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/qml/ appears to have broken icons.14:16
bfillermardy: thank you14:16
xnoxcan i use qtcreator designer to drag and drop ubuntu qml components?14:16
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
* ogra_ wouldnt have thought xnox is a drag'n drop programmer :)14:18
xnoxogra_: all changes i did to ubiquity i did in glade, no way i'm writting .xml by hand.14:19
xnoxogra_: qml by hand is not that hard, but still is a pain to layout.14:19
xnoxogra_: especially, when i don't know how it's going to look like.14:19
ogra_yeah, i guess if the UI is complex that makes sense14:20
FuLgOrE_Tassadar: thx. where to find the initrd.img? I have the 3 img-files boot recovery and system. and I also have the zip file with the shell script and the tar.gz container with the folder structure. I guess I should modify the ubuntu-touch zip, right?14:20
Tassadarone of the files is boot.img, right? Are you on Ubuntu system?14:21
FuLgOrE_twice yes :)14:21
Tassadarsudo apt-get install abootimg14:21
Tassadaryou can unpack the boot.img by invoking abootimg -x boot.img14:21
FuLgOrE_thx for the idea. I will read the man page from abootimg. I'll have a look. right now I try to create a bug for the sound issue but I need internet. because the touch-keyboard is crashed I cannot enter my wifi code -.- because I don't want to modify the config file every reboot I will try to fix the wifi thing first, thx :)14:23
Tassadar_FuLgOrE_: random freezes, yaay. this notebook is probably dying already. What was the last message I sent in here?14:25
FuLgOrE_you can unpack the boot.img by invoking abootimg -x boot.img14:25
nocompdamm emulator is quite buggy :/ setting menu doesn t work :/14:25
FuLgOrE_that was my last message:14:26
FuLgOrE_thx for the idea. I will read the man page from abootimg. I'll have a look. right now I try to create a bug for the sound issue but I need internet. because the touch-keyboard is crashed I cannot enter my wifi code -.- because I don't want to modify the config file every reboot I will try to fix the wifi thing first, thx :)14:26
sergiusensMirv, hey, word is we still need to maintain the qtmultimedia touch package; there is no upgrade path for that one since the amount of diversions needed is crazy; I'll work on a branch to get an upgrade path; in the meantime there's a patch so at least dist-upgrade doesn't break14:26
Tassadar_FuLgOrE_: it even has abootimg-unpack-initrd  and abootimg-pack-initrd, which you can use to edit the initrd14:26
renatomardy, this package will contains the service files?14:27
ogra_FuLgOrE_, to get your wlan settings from a laptop to the phone, use phablet-network14:27
ogra_it will push the existing setup over to the phone14:27
Tassadar_when you're done, just pack the initrd and then update the bootimg via abootimg -u boot.img -r initrd.img14:27
ogra_no need to rely on the onscreen kbd14:27
FuLgOrE_ogra_: phablet don't works for me now and I was not checking why, until now14:28
cyphermox_didrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/dbus-cpp/properties-cpp-dev-depends/+merge/20495914:31
FuLgOrE_Tassadar: after extracting boot.img I also get zImage and a bootimg.cfg. don't I have to include them in the command to pack the boot.img again?14:33
ogra_FuLgOrE_, just use the abootimg update function (see manpage) to update the pieces in the boot.img14:35
ogra_ignore what you dont need14:35
FuLgOrE_so I guess the cfg-file is the kernel command line. so I could fix the long booting time with your instruction as well :D14:35
FuLgOrE_ogra_ i will check, thx :)14:35
Tassadar_FuLgOrE_: right)14:37
Tassadar_you might need to remove bootsize option from that .cfg file, abootimg is a bit unintuitive in this - it fails to create new boot image if the size differs, and well, it's gonna be different if you change it14:38
FuLgOrE_ok thx14:39
Mirvsergiusens: ah, ok, good to know. I did notice music playback wasn't seem to work (audiosink missing) with the new 5.2 stock qtmultimedia14:40
FuLgOrE_is there a reason to use maxcpus=2 on a quadcore cpu?14:41
Tassadar_FuLgOrE_: it may be just for boot or somethig, it certainly doesn't disable those two cores or something like that14:43
sergiusensMirv, I was hoping we  wouldn't need an upgrade path for this package; but we're still not ready14:45
mardyrenato: no. If you send me the link to the repository with your wrapper application, I can make a merge request with those files14:47
renatomardy, ok, I do not have it yet :D, but I will send it to you as soon I create it14:48
FuLgOrE_Tassadar: my boot.img is too small. Do you know how to make it bigger?14:53
FuLgOrE_boot.img: updated is too big for the Boot Image (10637312 vs 10629120 bytes)14:53
Tassadar_did you remove that bootsize from that .cfg file?14:54
=== Tassadar_ is now known as Tassadar
TassadarFuLgOrE_: you might need to add that bootimg.cfg to abootimg via "-f bootimg.cfg"14:57
FuLgOrE_I did that already14:57
FuLgOrE_I'm thinking about generating a new boot.img but the manpage tells me something about a stage2.img. I'm not sure if the boot.img can be too big or that I can simply create a new and bigger boot.img14:59
Tassadarokay, try it with create - bbootimg --create boot-new.img -f bootimg.cfg -k zImage -r initrd.img14:59
Tassadarabootimg is just silly like that - it probably takes old bootsize from the existing boot.img, even though it is not specified in that config14:59
FuLgOrE_ok, I will search for bbootimg :)15:00
Tassadarno, abootimg15:01
Tassadarsorry, typo)15:01
FuLgOrE_oh :D15:01
TassadarI'm used to typing bbootimg, because that's what I use, but you should be fine with abootimg)15:01
FuLgOrE_I just also realized that while googling :D15:01
FuLgOrE_oh I didn't found any bbootimg15:01
FuLgOrE_I'll try --create with abootimg15:01
TassadarI needed abootimg's functions as C library, so I wrote myself libbootimg, and bbootimg is a cli wrapper for it's functions. It is mostly compatible with abootimg, but uses that libbootimg I wrote.15:02
SBSI own Samsung Galexy GT-S7562. (S Duos). Can I install Ubuntu Touch on my phone?15:04
SBSIs any body there?15:05
FuLgOrE_SBS: !devices15:05
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices15:05
FuLgOrE_Tassadar: sounds good, but I don't understand much from what you wrote ;)15:06
SBSThere only Nexus mobile are listed. No other make is in the list15:07
TassadarI simply rewrote abootimg because I needed to use it slighty differently and called it bbootimg, not that interesting really, just explaing why I typed bbootimg)15:07
SBSDoes Ubuntu touch support Samsung Galexy GT-S7562?15:08
ogra_SBS, check the devices wikipage ... if it is not in the table there you might need to port it yourself15:09
FuLgOrE_nice :)15:12
FuLgOrE_booting is very fast now. thanks, Tassadar, ogra_ !15:12
FuLgOrE_I'll check the mac15:13
Tassadar(just a heads up: apt-get dist-upgrade can overwrite your initrd)15:13
ogra_Tassadar, i disabled that recently15:13
FuLgOrE_good to know15:13
ogra_shouldnt anymore15:13
Tassadarogra_: so it doesn't flash boot image at all?15:14
FuLgOrE_good for me :D15:14
Tassadargood, I like that)15:14
ogra_Tassadar, oh, sorry, that was only for the kernel part15:14
* ogra_ just checked his changes ... i mis-remembered 15:15
FuLgOrE_nice, the mac keeps stable now :))15:15
ogra_what did you do ?15:16
ogra_compile the driver as module ?15:16
FuLgOrE_I copied the .macaddr to my laptop, extracted the boot.img, unpacked the ramdisk, created the path /persist/wifi/ and copied the .macaddr inside. than I packed the ramdisk and created a new boot.img. all according to Tassadars nice description :)15:17
FuLgOrE_it's just a temporary fix but it works at first :)15:17
FuLgOrE_at the moment I have 'wlan23' so I'm very happy about that :D15:18
ogra_ah, k15:19
cwayne_greyback, hi, are there any logs particularly useful for attaching to sidestage bugs?15:20
mptLaney, are you still working on Brightness settings?15:20
LaneyI submitted the merge15:21
Laneybut in general15:21
greybackcwayne: the $HOME/.cache/upstart/unity8.log could be handy15:21
pittiogra_: FTR:15:21
pitti$ nbd-server 2000 /tmp/overlay.img -d15:21
pittiError: Could not set GID: Operation not permitted15:21
ogra_pitti, ah, as i thought, wouter added some checks15:22
mptLaney, ok, I fixed the design for bug 127569915:22
ubot5bug 1275699 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Use of separators is inconsistent in "Brightness" vs. "Battery"" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127569915:22
ogra_pitti, oh, wait, you need a higher port i think15:22
pitti2000 is high15:22
* ogra_ thought the range ends somewhere at 600015:23
pittiand setgid() sounds unrelated to the port number15:23
pittiogra_: 0-1023 are privileged15:23
ogra_(its a long time that i have fiddled with such stuff)15:23
pittiah, but qemu-nbd works as user15:24
pitti$ nbd-client -l 2000015:25
pittiNegotiation: .Error: It looks like you're trying to connect to an oldstyle server with a named export. This won't work.15:25
pittiah, I slowly remember what made me discard that option back then :)15:25
FuLgOrE_ogra_: I will open a bug for the sound issue another day, because it's 23:24 in china and I just write down what I did so that I can share the information15:25
ogra_FuLgOrE_, yeah, no hurry with that15:26
Laneympt: thanks15:29
Laneyyou chose the change that means I don't have to change anything15:29
sam_is the nexus 7 any good with ubuntu?15:33
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
ogra_sam_, the N7 2013 will soon be our default device15:35
ogra_(for the 7" class)15:36
sam_is that gen 2?15:36
ogra_the latest one, yes15:36
sam_are all apps available on it?15:36
ogra_the same apps as on the phone, yes15:37
ogra_(they use the same appstore)15:37
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
sam_so on 14.04 the ubuntu touch will be a stable release?15:39
ogra_it is already stable enough for daily use ...15:41
ogra_but still lacking features15:41
sam_got it.15:41
sam_thanks ogra_15:41
ogra_by 14.04 there will be more features :)15:41
FuLgOrE_so, tomorrow I can publish the instruction about the temporary fix for the wifi bug and the long booting time via mailing list (special thanks to Tassadar :)). Today I cannot send it because the chinese firewall blocks my email address -.-15:43
TassadarFuLgOrE_: you live in china?15:44
ogra_how long was the "long booting" taking ?15:44
FuLgOrE_around 30 seconds longer, I would say15:44
TassadarFuLgOrE_: I'm gonna go there for a week to attend some student competition, I was wondering - how is it with the firewall, can I bypass it via ssh tunnel and not get arrested?15:45
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
ogra_what did you do to fix it ?15:45
FuLgOrE_in dmesg I could see the last entry before the 'break' at around 5.xxx and the next one at around 30.xxx15:45
Tassadarogra_: console=tty0 instead of ttyTheSerialConsole15:45
TassadarUART driver in kernel blocks for 30s if nothing is connected to the physical port15:45
FuLgOrE_both fixes are from Tassadar (nicht mit fremden Feder schmücken ;-))15:45
ogra_rsalveti, ^^^15:46
ogra_we need to take that into account if we provide hammerhead15:46
TassadarFuLgOrE_: I'm wondering about the legal aspect and not the technical (as in, I'm not asking if it works, I'm asking if I will get arrested if somebody finds out)15:46
FuLgOrE_Tassadar: I don't know about the legal aspect but I can tell you that I know no foreigner who was arrested because of bypassing the firewall. It's not made to 'protect' foreigners ;-)15:57
SonikkuAmericarsalveti: I followed your call-for-testing instructions to the letter, and my device STILL boots into Android (flo)!16:01
LaneyCould somebody please try to run /usr/share/ofono/scripts/scan-for-operators on their phone?16:12
Laneyon the latest trusty-proposed, preferably16:12
=== Guest19773 is now known as mfisch
=== mfisch is now known as Guest56115
mhall119bzoltan: dbarth: I put up a temporary warning on developer.u.c about the PPA breakage, please let me know as son as that's fixed so I can take the notice down16:14
rsalvetiSonikkuAmerica: yeah, it's currently broken, trying to get that fixed later today16:14
SonikkuAmericarsalveti: OK16:14
bzoltanmhall119: OK16:15
dbarthmhall119: will do16:15
josephtLaney: I've run it on my phone.  Mako with latest trusty-proposed.  I got kicked out of 'adb shell' and my settings screen is solid white now16:23
ogra_josepht, yes, latest -proposed image is broken16:23
ogra_if you actually use proposed, i would suggest checking http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/ before upgrading16:24
josephtogra_: Laney asked for someone to run a script, so I did. :)16:24
Laneyjosepht: umm!16:25
ogra_josepht, right, just saying, apps not starting is known for this image16:26
Laneyyour screen shouldn't have anything to do with it16:26
ogra_that too :)16:26
Laneyogra_: want to try for me?16:26
ogra_Laney, if i'm near a phone again16:26
popeyLaney: how long does it take to run?16:26
popeytaking a while here16:26
Laneyif it works, like a little while16:26
ogra_Laney, in a meeting and i dont have the phones in my office16:27
Laneyerrors out for me16:27
* popey is running it16:27
ogra_in 30min or so i can do16:27
popeydoes it need to be run as phablet or root?16:27
popeyooh, finished16:27
ogra_root most likely16:27
Laneydon't think root16:27
popey\o/ consecutive pastes16:28
josephtLaney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6879950/16:28
Laneyso yours works16:28
popeythats on trusty though16:28
Laneyand yours16:28
ogra_Laney, root vs phablet16:28
Laneyogra_: no, it breaks in both cases for me16:29
Laneyand I think it worked a few images ago16:29
Laney(the u-s-s interface didn't though, that broke quite a while back)16:29
* Laney wah16:29
ogra_shows me my provider just fine here16:30
Laneyon $latest?16:30
ogra_(well, it did 1h ago)16:30
ogra_with manually installed libprotobuf from this morning16:30
Laneyyou mean system-settings -> cellular -> manual -> <click the next listitem>?16:30
ogra_just cellular16:31
Laneyoh right16:31
ogra_it shows my current provider16:31
Laneyit's this page in particular16:31
Laneythe scanning operation16:31
ogra_ah, k16:31
popeyworks on 16116:31
davmor2Laney: reports16:31
davmor2reported even16:31
Laneyyes, I was looking into fixing it :P16:31
Laneybut then the script stopped working :(16:32
popeyLaney: broke on 16216:34
Laneythe script?16:34
Laneynod, thanks16:35
ogra_Laney, ofono didnt change in a while though16:35
ogra_i suspect thats py2 vs py3 or so16:35
ogra_(162 is from yesterday btw)16:36
popeyLaney: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6879982/ fwiw16:36
Laneypopey: okay, thanks, I'll see what changed16:38
ogra_Laney, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140204.changes16:39
ogra_funnily nothing that looks relevant16:39
Laneyfunny that16:39
Laneycould it be androidy things?16:39
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
ogra_no android upload in recent times16:40
ogra_(we pull from the package, you would see it on the -changes ML)16:40
* Laney groans16:41
ogra_werid stuff16:41
* Laney looks for someone who works on ofono16:41
ogra_awe_, ^^^^16:42
ogra_awafaa, should the ofono scripts usually work reliable ?16:42
ogra_awe_, ^^16:42
awafaaheh, sorry for muddying the waters ogra_ :)16:43
ogra_heh, sorry for the unrelated ping :)16:43
awe_Laney, what's the question??16:43
ogra_awe_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6879982/16:43
Laneyawe_: We noticed that the scan-for-operators script in ofono is broken16:43
ogra_awe_, it seems to work in image 161 ... but not in 162 ... http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140204.changes the changes do not actually indicate that any change could have broken it16:44
awe_hmmm, we have landed anything new in awhile...16:44
awe_that's puzzling16:45
ogra_see the .changes file16:45
ogra_thats all that changed between the two images16:45
awe_ogra_, looks like ofono is crashing16:45
ogra_why would it though16:45
awe_Laney, could you open a bug?  I can certainly take a look at this today, however I have a meeting in 15m16:45
ogra_unliokely that mir or protobuf could cause that16:46
awe_ogra_, did we land a new dbus?16:46
ogra_no, see http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140204.changes16:46
awe_ogra_, without examing the crash file and/or syslog, I'd just be guessing16:46
ogra_that ius effectively the diff between the two images16:46
Laneyawe_: okay, what shall I include?16:47
ogra_so it is either unreliable since a longer time or ... well ... cosmic rays ... pixiedust ... heisenbugs16:47
awe_sure, but it could be some kind of race condition, and an earlier change might have caused it16:47
awe_Laney, device/image #, steps-to-reproduce, /var/log/syslog, and if there's a crash file, and you know how to get a backtrace, that'd be super helpful16:48
Laneythere is no crash file16:48
ogra_Laney, do you see ofono running when you get the error ?16:48
Laneyit's still running, yeah16:48
Laneycan I run it in the foreground?16:48
ogra_(or right before/after)16:48
Laneyroot      1892  0.0  0.0   3788  1600 ?        Ss   Feb03   0:09 ofonod -p ril,rilmodem,provision,mbpi,nettime,mnclength,smshistory,push_notification16:49
awe_Laney, you can, but you need to use the "-n" parameter to prevent it from dropping into the background16:49
Laneyokay, let me try that16:49
Laneyawe_: ofonod[23701]: ril_cops_list_cb: can't allocate ofono_network_operator16:50
awe_sounds like memory starvation to me16:51
awe_ogra_, has anyone done any memory usage analysis on touch images recently?16:51
LaneyMem:          1871       1803         67          1        113        88216:52
Laney-/+ buffers/cache:        807       106416:52
ogra_awe_, nope, but we want to drop swap with the switch to 4.416:52
ogra_awe_, that kind of forces one upon us16:52
awe_yea, but sounds like dropping swap would make it worse, not better...16:52
awe_I know we have folks looking at performance, boot-time analysis, ...16:52
LaneyI'm actually on image 16016:53
awe_me thinks someone needs to start watching memory consumption16:53
ogra_works fine for me on 16416:53
cyb3rHello, quick question. Is there any support for the 4.4 radio image?16:53
ogra_cyb3r, not yet ... we are about to switch to a 4.4 base16:54
ogra_(then we will even use it)16:54
cyb3rGreat, thanks!16:54
cyb3rI just installed and an trying to get into the project.16:55
ogra_cool, well stay around here then :)16:56
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cyb3rOk, sounds like a good idea.16:57
Laneyawe_: bug #127669917:00
ubot5bug 1276699 in ofono (Ubuntu) "scan-for-operator script fails: org.ofono.Error.Failed: Operation failed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127669917:00
cwayne_dpm, hi, just wondering if theres any update on the call for translations?17:00
awe_Thanks Laney!17:00
cyb3rThanks ogra_. Just joined with my freenode account.17:16
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=== opabuse is now known as rww
Laneyawe_: what's the API for getting/setting the APN information?17:23
awe_Laney, in a meeting... can I get back to you?17:23
dpmhi cwayne_, I did the call a while ago do you mean if we have some stats about new translations that got done?17:24
cwayne_dpm, yeah, sorry that's what i meant :)17:25
dpmcwayne_, no worries, I was trying to get to show stats for the phone (it's desktop-only right now), but it'll have to wait until at least next week17:27
dpmthat should give us a good overview of the languages completed and the exact translations that need to get done17:27
awe_Laney, the APN information currently can be retrieved via the ofono DBus ConnectionManager interface17:51
awe_take a look at the script /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-contexts for details17:51
awe_There are plans to expose the APNs via a Settings UI17:52
awe_but AFAIK, this work hasn't yet started17:52
Laneyindeed, that's what I want to implement17:52
Laneycan I set via this API?17:53
awe_Laney, have you discussed with Wellark?17:53
awe_Wish I'd know this, as we just had a meeting about MMS support, and how we're going to be re-working the way we provision APNs17:54
LaneyI didn't know he would be working on it17:54
Laneyhaven't done any work yet :-)17:54
sergiusensLaney, creating a context: /usr/share/ofono/scripts/create-internet-context17:57
sergiusensselecting is something we just talked about in the meeting with awe_ :-)17:58
awe_sergiusens, yes...just discussing with Laney on the other server17:58
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shnapper@awe_: hi, what is the status on apn settings? I'm asking because I've got no data connection. Would love to use UT as a daily driver but without internet it doesn't make sense :-(18:27
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SonikkuAmericarsalveti: Also, will updates for flo be OTA?18:41
ogra_SonikkuAmerica, as soon as we build the official images they will18:42
SonikkuAmericaogra_: And the official images will be labeled -armhf+flo ?18:42
ogra_the official images will be installable with phablet-flash18:43
ogra_(like all official ones)18:43
rwwI followed the instructions on the mailing list to install on my Nexus 7 2013. I sideloaded the .zip file it mentions and then rebooted, but it got stuck on the google-logo-with-padlock screen. Pointers for where I went wrong?18:44
ogra_rww, did you adb shell touch /home/phablet/.display-mir ?18:44
rwwogra_: nope18:44
ogra_do that :)18:44
ogra_(and reboot)18:45
rwwah, okay. Will have a look in an hour or so when I'm reunited with it :)18:45
SonikkuAmericaogra_: I should've thought of that too... I didn't do that18:46
ogra_there will be armhf+flo files but you shouldnt consume them directly18:47
SonikkuAmericaogra_: Got it. (I was referring to rsalveti 's instructions)18:47
SonikkuAmericaI didn't realize I needed to do that before I rebooted18:47
ogra_yeah, these images arent really what the official ones will look like18:48
ogra_its one step before the actual thing ...18:48
awe_shnapper, I don't have an ETA for the APN settings.  That said, if you're APN is not being automatically provisioned, filing a bug would be a good place to start18:57
SonikkuAmericaAnother question: When it says to add the ppa:rsalveti/ppa, is that done on the host or the device?19:00
ogra_SonikkuAmerica, just sideload this zip http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-touch-4.4.2-mir.rootfs-armhf.zip19:00
ogra_it has all bits needed already19:00
SonikkuAmericaogra_: That has everything?19:00
ogra_touching the .display-mir file is still needed19:01
ogra_but nothing beyond that19:01
shnapperawe_: didn't mean to ask for an ETA - sorry. Just curious about the current development. How's it going?19:02
SonikkuAmericaogra_: All right, if it works you've made my day :)19:02
ogra_using it happily here19:03
shnapperawe_: ...or maybe you're working on something different..19:03
awe_shnapper, I'm responsible for the low-level telephony stack, but need to coordinate with all of the other components19:04
shnapperawe_: okay. My android system is near perfect to my needs but I won't hesitate a minute to switch as soon as possible ;-)19:04
awe_we're getting there...19:05
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shnapperawe_: Take your time and good luck19:08
SonikkuAmericaogra_: OK, for some reason nothing is getting replaced when I sideload the image.19:20
ogra_you did it from the ubuntu recovery that you fastboot flashed before ?19:21
SonikkuAmericaOh derp that's probably the source of my problems, I'm using TWRP19:21
SonikkuAmerica(I did download the Ubuntu recovery from rsalveti's data area)19:22
ogra_right, flash it19:22
ogra_(no idea why TWRP wouldnt work though ... but i'm sure nobody tried it yet )19:22
SonikkuAmericaWell, we can now say that with the latest TWRP for flo it doesn't work to the best of our knowledge...19:26
ogra_yeah :)19:26
TassadarSonikkuAmerica: define "doesn't work" - what does it do?19:28
SonikkuAmericaOh, good point Tassadar - what happens is that it indicates that the ubuntu rootfs tarball is being copied and that UTouch is being deployed, it appears to complete, then I hit "Reboot system" and it loads Android at boot.19:29
Tassadarif you're flashing only that rootfs, it won't do anything - that one just creates /data/ubuntu folder19:29
Tassadaryou have to flash the system ZIP too19:30
ogra_there is no system zip for the experimental images19:30
SonikkuAmericaI was about to say that...19:31
Tassadaror system.img, via fastboot19:31
Tassadarand boot.img too19:31
ogra_fastboot flash recovery, boot and system ... boot into recovery, pick "install zip from sideload" in the menu and adb sideload the rootfs zip from the url above19:31
ogra_then boot, adb touch /home/phablet/.display-mir, adb reboot and you should be golden19:32
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ogra_*adb shell touch ...19:32
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SonikkuAmericaHm, if I only read the instructions...19:33
Tassadaranyway, I doubt that it's TWRP's fault, the android can't possibly boot if you flashed the boot.img19:33
SonikkuAmericaBoot, recovery and system flashed. Sideloading up...19:42
SonikkuAmerica... complete. Now I reboot the system?19:43
SonikkuAmericaOK, it worked! I have Ubuntu Touch! :)19:45
SonikkuAmericaThanks guys!19:45
ogra_enjoy :)19:46
jibeltvoss, hey can you look at bug 1276782 . It is not fixed with 0.0.2+14.04.20140204-0ubuntu1 it even seems to be worst than before.20:01
ubot5bug 1276782 in location-service (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-location-serviced uses 100% CPU" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127678220:01
tvossjibel, it's a different cause20:03
tvossjibel, but yeah, I'm on that20:03
jibeltvoss, k, thanks20:07
rwwogra_: I must be missing something here...20:10
ogra_<ogra_> fastboot flash recovery, boot and system ... boot into recovery, pick "install zip from sideload" in the menu and adb sideload the rootfs zip from the url above20:11
ogra_<ogra_> then boot, adb shell touch /home/phablet/.display-mir, adb reboot and you should be golden20:11
rwwah, rootfs zip20:11
ogra_rww, ^^^20:11
ogra_thats essentially the process20:11
ogra_use this rootfs zip20:11
rwwyeah, I was using the one from the ML post instead. Downloading yours now :)20:12
jdstrandkgunn: chrisccoulson is seeing different bhavior on n4 and n10. on n4 eglCreateCrontext isn't creating the context and isn't setting the error20:26
jdstrandplease feel free to discuss amongst yourselves :)20:26
kgunnAlbertA: kdub ^20:27
kgunnchrisccoulson: is this a specific application? or is this mir or X or ?20:27
kgunnchrisccoulson: ah, jamie filled me in...said this is oxide (chrome webkit)20:33
chrisccoulsonkgunn, this is oxide. it fails to create an EGL context on the N4 for some reason (the check on line 71 of http://src.chromium.org/viewvc/chrome/trunk/src/ui/gl/gl_context_egl.cc fails)20:33
chrisccoulsonwith no error code20:33
kgunnchrisccoulson: ..will poke about for a moment20:36
kgunnchrisccoulson: not real familiar, but just want to ask you some really elementary questions...20:39
ajalkane_I'm trying to start-up the emulator, but I only get black screen. I get the emulator login terminal though, how could I fix or check what's wrong?20:39
ajalkane_For what it's worth, the emulator used to work20:39
kgunnchrisccoulson: so do you know for sure an egl lib is loaded under the hood ?20:39
popeyajalkane_: if you login, is unity running?20:40
kgunne.g. you call create...but the lib might not even be there ?20:40
kgunnsorry if you've already done this part :)20:40
chrisccoulsonkgunn, yes, that's done in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~oxide-developers/oxide/oxide.trunk/view/head:/shared/gl/gl_implementation_linux.cc#L125  and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~oxide-developers/oxide/oxide.trunk/view/head:/shared/ozone/oxide_ozone_surface_factory.cc#L7220:41
chrisccoulsonif that fails, then we don't set the GL platform to EGL, which is what is used in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~oxide-developers/oxide/oxide.trunk/view/head:/shared/gl/gl_context_linux.cc#L3020:42
kgunnchrisccoulson:  so on the n10 you get a context and you see what you want rendered on the screen?20:42
chrisccoulsonkgunn, we do20:43
ajalkane_popey: "ps -ef | grep unity" shows nothing, so I guess no20:43
popeyajalkane_: did you create the emulator image today?20:43
popeyajalkane_: have a look in ~/.local/share/upstart for errors?20:43
chrisccoulsonkgunn, actually, i'm starting to think that the N10 is some sort of magicall fluke - we're passing an invalid display handle20:44
chrisccoulsoni've just discovered ;)20:44
ajalkane_popey: nope, it's few weeks old. Should I recreate?20:44
popeyajalkane_: newer is always nicer ☻20:44
kgunnchrisccoulson: so this is oxide sitting on ozone sitting on ...Qt ?20:45
chrisccoulsonkgunn, yep :)20:45
kgunne.g. are they Qt surfaces ?20:45
kgunnah ok20:45
ajalkane_popey: ok thanks, I'll try creating again.20:45
chrisccoulsonkgunn, sooooooo, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~oxide-developers/oxide/oxide.trunk/view/head:/qt/core/common/oxide_qt_content_client.cc#L36 is returning 0x1 as a handle on both of my devices, which is what chromium passes to eglCreateContext20:46
chrisccoulsoni'm a bit confused why this works at all on one device though20:47
kgunnchrisccoulson: that is super weird..both that a "random" handle seems to work & that you get no error in the other case20:49
chrisccoulsonoh, we don't implement QPlatformNativeInterface::nativeResourceForScreen() in qtubuntu20:49
chrisccoulsonso, i would definitely expect this to be broken. i'm just going to ignore the 1 device that works. we have 2 devices that don't work now20:50
chrisccoulsonkgunn, so, i wouldn't spend any time thinking about this for now. i'll ping you again if it's still broken after i fix this20:51
chrisccoulsonthanks :)20:51
kgunnchrisccoulson: ok...may poke anyway...feel free to spew in #ubuntu-mir20:52
kgunnthey'll find it fascinating and probably get totally distracted :)20:52
rwwogra_: while sideloading that zip: "Lost connection to Vold -- did it crash?"20:55
korlahi folks! i'm trying to install to a nexus 4 from Fedora using the manual instructions at wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install -- having troubles, so first of all can someone confirm that those instructions do, in fact, work?20:56
ogra_rww, vold ? that should not run in recovery at all20:56
rwwogra_: then two E: lines and it went back to the recovery menu20:56
kgunnchrisccoulson: wrt "oh, we don't implement QPlatformNativeInterface::nativeResourceForScreen() in qtubuntu" makes you wonder how anything works20:56
ogra_rww, are you sure you fastboot flashed the three files first ?20:57
chrisccoulsonkgunn, i guess not many people use this, as it's a private class anyway. we only use it because we have to ensure the EGL contexts used by the qml scenegraph and chromium's compositor get the same display handle, in order for context sharing to work20:57
rwwogra_: yep, I guess something on the other .zip might have confused it. re-doing20:58
rwwah, this looks more promising21:03
ajalkane_popey: the .local/share/upstart should be in the phablet login right? There was no such file/directory. Same problem with black emulator screen with recreated instance21:03
ogra_ajalkane_, the logs are in .cache/upstart/21:06
popeyajalkane_: yes, unity runs as the phablet user, so in /home/phablet/.local/share is where you find all kinds of app (and unity) start logs21:06
popeyoh, sorry, my bad21:06
ajalkane_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~/.cache/upstart$ less window-stack-bridge.log21:07
ajalkane_Window Stack Bridge: Incorrect QPA environment for Ubuntu platform API21:07
ajalkane_Could that be the problem?21:07
popeyI'd be looking at the most recently written logs in there21:07
korlaI guess i'll assume they do, for now. Next question: after running 'adb push trusty-preinstalled-touch-armel+mako.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip', it says to run adb reboot recovery. It appears to install the zip, but it has been sitting on the "Google" screen for 15 minutes. Is this expected?21:07
ajalkane_All the timestamps in the various files are the same, and the log entries themself do not have timestamps21:08
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ajalkaneArgh... drives me crazy. Doing "less" in phablet and hitting Ctrl+C in there shuts down the emulator :P21:09
popeydoes adb shell not work?21:10
ajalkanepopey: adb shell should be run from host or inside phablet?21:10
popeyseparate window21:10
popeyon host21:11
popeyjust minimise the one that has a phablet logon prompt21:11
ajalkanepopey: oooh cool... doing that got the emulator working. Doh... so user error once again.21:12
ajalkaneEmulator seems faster than the last time I remember. Good job21:13
popeywe'll have an x86 version soon21:14
popeywhich should make this pain go away21:14
ajalkaneyay, sounds great21:14
ajalkaneThis seems pretty usable already. I'm impressed.21:15
popeythats good to hear21:16
kaimastif you have modern hardware the emulator runs fine. on my i5 it is hardly slower than running natively on the gnexus21:16
kaimastbut on my old athlon machine it was painful :D21:17
ajalkaneI'm running inside VM so that brings another level of slowness21:17
kaimasta vm inside a vm. inception21:18
ajalkaneyeah, one could make an action movie about this stuff21:18
ajalkaneSo install a new click package with pkcon install-local, do I need to restart unity in the emulator or something for it to be visible as runnable app?21:19
popeyit should be visible if you search for it21:20
popeyusing the search at the top21:20
ajalkanepopey: umm... the search doesn't seem to be accepting my keyboard input :P21:20
ajalkaneAnd there's no touch screen keyboard opened21:21
popeyit should21:22
popeythe emulator can be a bit buggy, a bit like the galaxy nexus21:23
ajalkanewhere do the .desktop files install from click packages? I tried looking at /usr/share/applications but didn't see the desktop file there21:24
popey /usr/share/applications is used by pre-installed clicks21:25
ajalkanepopey: not there either21:25
ajalkanehmm... of course I installed as root so perhaps it went to root21:25
popeyyou should "sudo -u phablet -i"21:25
popeyand then use pkcon21:26
ajalkaneThanks, that did it21:26
ajalkanepopey: is there some application in the image that uses Content-Hub that I can test File Manager with?21:37
ajalkaneI must say the Ubuntu touch UI seems really nice coming from N9. Seems really promising and something I'd like21:42
popeyajalkane: seems there's a bug in the latest image21:44
charlesnik90: ping21:46
ajalkanepopey: would you mind I send you the File Manager click package that *might* work for testing? Most likely it won't though.21:46
nik90charles: pong21:46
popeysure ajalkane21:46
* popey updates his phone to #165 which should be working21:47
ogra_yeah, 165 looks fine here21:48
ajalkanepopey: sen the mail. I'm out for today, let me know of the failures with e-mail with logs if possible21:55
ajalkane* sent21:55
popeyajalkane: will do21:57
charlesnik90: as per the discussion of alarmModel's index, looks like in ubuntu-ui-toolkit that's literally a row index number, so it's just a temporary22:01
charlesso there's no uid that both ubuntu-clock-app and indicator-datetime can both see, afaik22:01
tedgpopey, Did we have someone down to add a URL property to alarms?22:01
tedgIt seems that it's not there in the docs: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-1.0/Ubuntu.Components.Alarm/22:01
tedgWe need nik90 to set it in the clock app so that charles can get back to him in indicator-datetime22:02
nik90tedg: I am here as well22:02
nik90charles: yeah..shouldn't the url be generated by the alarm model to ensure that it is unique and also passed on to the EDS?22:03
nik90charles: It will result in me changing how I access a particular alarm's details but that shouldn't be an issue22:04
tedgnik90, I don't think it can do that by itself as it doesn't really know which app, and what URLs that app is registered for.22:04
tedgnik90, I think that means the app has to do it itself.22:04
nik90tedg: atm there isn't an url property exposed by the Alarms API for clock app to set.22:05
nik90tedg: but I agree22:05
nik90tedg: but I would rather prefer an approach where the app can send the appName to the Alarms API and then it generates the url22:06
tedgnik90, Yeah, I think we need to fix that :-)22:07
dobeydoes anyone know how to get the list of applications from /usr/share/applications with qt?22:07
tedgnik90, The URL wouldn't include any extra information like which alarm then.22:07
dobeydoes qt even have a way to do that? (i'm having trouble finding it if so)22:07
charlesya. the agreement was for datetime to be a simple passthrough using the uris that it pulled from EDS, and filtering for "alarm:///"22:07
popeydobey: you sure you want to get them from there? (there may also be .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications)22:07
dobeypopey: well, that was an example. i want to get them from all the xdg dirs22:07
dobeypopey: glib has a really nice api for doing this, but i don't see a way to do it in qt22:08
nik90tedg: but it wouldn't be difficult for the Alarms API to prepend the app name to the url. Something like "Clock-App-Alarm#10" etc..22:08
dobeywhich is leading me to the "i'm just going to have to use glib inside a qt app to do it"22:08
nik90tedg: one other reason why I prefer that, to maintain the same url structure across all apps that can create alarms22:09
tedgnik90, You shouldn't need to do that.  If you register for a url scheme, then that'll connect for free.  So you could register for "alarm" and then the URL could be "alarm:///10"22:09
nik90tedg: ok22:10
tedgpopey, Can you find someone to add a URL property for us?22:11
tedgpopey, SDK team22:11
nik90tedg: zsombi is the one who works on the Alarms API, however I am guessing he will want to contact renato about the implementation22:11
tedgpopey, Are both those folks in beer bribing distance for you?  ;-)22:11
popeythey are indeed22:12
nik90popey: since you are all in the same place, can you reach out to zsombi about this? or should I?22:12
nik90tedg: good point ;)22:12
popeynik90: can you, and I'll poke him to take notice.22:12
popeybzoltan: see above, can you please have zsombi look at this?22:12
popey(pretty please)22:12
nik90popey: alright. I will do that tomorrow morning, since I cannot find zsombi online22:12
* popey goes and slaps him22:14
popeyhe's in a meeting, will poke after22:15
korlathanks anyway, i guess i'll try flashing it with twrp22:22
dbarthmhall119: pong; you can remove the warning on d.u.c; the SDK is installable again on all supported releases22:54
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achiangplars: ping?23:51
=== chriadam|away is now known as chriadam

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