shaunoanyone wanna write me a sicknote for tomorrow?00:00
daftykinssorry shauno can't come to work today, he had an explosive case computeritis00:03
shaunoI just hate this whole 'performance appraisal' thing.  they're useless, time consuming, and always turn into arguments00:03
daftykinshow often do you get them?00:03
shaunoit's 5 a year, kinda.  one a quarter and one a year, under different structures00:04
shaunoI'm just annoyed because every single time I get called out because I have pathetic metrics on all the noddy work00:24
shaunobut it's like .. for my little slice of the pie, I take escalations from every which way *including* up.  I even take escalations from the 'escalation team', which is back-asswards.  lately I've found myself taking escalations from the platform team, who are meant to be writing this stuff in the first place00:26
shaunoand I'm going to get called out, yet again, on not doing as much noddy work as the chap who has nothing else to do but read football websites00:27
diddledan__I know the feeling though. any gentoo admin at my place (which is pretty much all the admin) ends up shoved onto me because I can actually work gentoo. plus they think I know drupal so I'm also a one-man drupal team00:28
shaunoI'm planning on suggesting that I meet the rest of the team on the metrics, if the rest of the team meet me on troubleshooting.  starting with a lesson that troubleshooting doesn't start with "hey, shaun?"00:30
diddledan__random: how fast can an rs232 (serial) link go?00:31
shauno115k-ish was around the fastest standard rate, before you start abusing them00:32
diddledan__just shy of a megabit then?00:32
ali1234they can go faster than that. it depends how short the cable is00:33
diddledan__115k is bytes00:33
diddledan__I finally managed to work out how to use screen to connect to my router is all. it required specifying the baud rate at 11520000:34
ali1234why do you want to know?00:34
shaunoI think your real question is how fast can your router go, then ;)00:34
shaunowell I mean if 115200 is the highest its OS will let you choose, or the highest their uart will support, then how fast rs232 can go is by-the-by00:35
ali1234i have done whatever is 115200 * 8 between AVR chips, but that is with only a couple cm of copper, and it's not rs232, it's 3v3v00:36
ali1234and the AVR isn't fast enough to do that full duplex anyway00:36
diddledan__ali1234: that'ld be a gigabit?00:38
diddledan__115200 itself is a megabit00:38
diddledan__my maths is terrible00:38
diddledan__10 megabit00:38
diddledan__115200*8 is 921600bytes/s00:40
ali1234not, it's bits per second00:40
shaunoit should be baud?00:40
ali1234technically yes00:40
diddledan__yeah my maths was a binary order of magnitude out00:41
diddledan__or several00:41
diddledan__8 binary orders of magnitude?00:41
shaunohuh, I thought baud was words/sec too.  it's symbols/sec, and on serial lines a 'symbol' is a 'pulse'.  so bits.00:41
ali1234yeah. but serial has a stop bit which is wasted00:42
ali1234and it might have parity bits too00:42
* diddledan__ sings "every bit is sacred. every bit is good. if a bit gets wasted, God gets quite irate"00:42
diddledan__ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=fUspLVStPbk00:44
shaunoyaknow, there's some references you can take for granted00:44
shaunohm, I can't find any 'normal' examples going higher than 115200.  almost surprising how little that's moved - my amiga will push00:45
ali1234PC UARTs usually can't go above 11520000:46
hamitronI always found 115200 fast enough for gaming with a null modem ;)00:46
ali1234amiga can do any baud rate but the CPU isn't fast enough to go higher than 57600 with an 03000:46
ali1234games don't usually need to share a large amount of data00:47
shauno:(  I have an '03000:49
ali1234get pyadt :)00:49
shaunolol, yeah, you've shown me that one before00:49
shaunoI still want to get around to getting slip going, but I have no idea why.  aweb is terrible, amirc is terrible ..00:50
shaunowell, it's not that bad, it's just really, really needs tabs00:51
shaunoI did find your "recovery partition" interesting though.  strange way to do it, but interesting00:59
ali1234why strange?00:59
shaunoit just seems easier to empty all the floppies into one partition, rather than mounting them all and rebooting01:00
ali1234that doesn't do what the installer does though01:00
ali1234what i found most interesting is that the installer knows about RAD: and will unmount all the devices. normally they would survive a reboot01:01
ali1234so likely the developers actually used something similar to this01:01
ali1234also, you still need to use rad: to go from ADFs to a mounted image01:01
ali1234and also, i wanted something that would be provably unmodified01:02
ali1234too many viruses on amiga software on the internet01:02
shaunoactually, it looks like it might work unmodified01:06
ali1234unmodified? yeah, you can just copy df0: to dh0: or whatever, but i don't like that method01:06
shaunoI mean you don't have to edit the installer; if the contents of the 'extras' disk are in a dir named 'Extras3.1' it'll use it01:08
ali1234i didn't edit the installer01:08
shaunoI mean just emptying them all into one part still01:08
shaunoso it's like booting into a 10meg version of the install floppy01:09
shaunoinstead of booting into the recovery partition, running the script and rebooting into the install floppy01:09
shaunoyou boot into the recovery partition, and just run installer from there01:10
ali1234that's what it does01:10
ali1234oh wait, no, it does reboot twice01:10
ali1234you could run that script from a regular workbench install01:10
ali1234all it does is mount the ADFs onto ramdisks01:11
ali1234i suppose it could have all the files already unpacked, but then it would have to md5 each file individually01:11
shaunoI was just looking at this in the installer; http://paste.ubuntu.com/6876304/01:12
shaunoit seems they already have the logic for "if I have everything I need, don't ask for more disks"01:12
ali1234yep... but everything you need won't fit on one disk...01:12
shaunobut yeah, I wouldn't trust it downloaded like that.  more on a howto01:12
shaunoright, that's back to where I started; I found the idea of a recovery partition mounting the floppies to be odd, because if you're going to have a partition for them, it can be the install disk itself01:13
shaunoI did find it interesting though, because I still don't have a floppy drive - and I'd never seen this RAD: before01:16
shaunoI picked up the HxC floppy emulator, but the cable is still hanging out of the back of the drive that I can't find01:17
shaunoI have an external that doesn't work, and I can't figure out how to open.  I've been getting closer and closer to taking it outside and doing a concrete disassembly just so I can salvage that cable01:18
ali1234you can use a PC floppy drive cable01:18
ali1234it's straight-thru01:19
shaunoI don't have those either01:19
shaunothe only PC I have atm is a 1U poweredge.  and sadly I've moved so many times that these things get shed over time01:20
shaunoI should just ebay, but I'm determined the missing floppy drive is in my house somewhere01:21
ali1234none of my floppy drives still work, they just grind the disks and report errors01:23
shaunoditto, that's why I thought this emulator would be fun.  you just load up adf's onto an sd card, and it lets you flick through and mount them right on the floppy controller01:27
shaunothis thing; http://hxc2001.free.fr/floppy_drive_emulator/01:29
shaunoreminds me, I have a friend who has an old sony camera that uses floppies.  and she still uses it in anger - apparently it does better in low-light (concerts) than her real camera01:32
shaunonot that it's relevant to anything, but it boggles my mind that such a thing exists01:33
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ali1234many old synthesizers and sequencers use floppies to01:33
ali1234DD floppies now sell for like £5 each01:33
shaunoreally? oh good lord, ebay here I come01:34
ali1234new ones :)01:35
shaunonope, my memory's playing tricks on me.  I have a few boxes of unused floppies, but they're HD, not DD01:35
ali1234yep, same here01:36
ali1234HD ones work, but not really01:36
shaunoheh, yeah, "except when they don't"01:37
shaunoit's been a whole long time since I saw anyone selling 880k disks though01:38
shaunothat said, my local EB sold big-box amiga games way later than anyone would have expected01:41
ali1234i can't even find second-hand gamecube games around here01:43
ali1234i guess ebay killed the second hand market01:43
ali1234and amazon killed the new market01:43
shaunoI'm not so fond of ebay for this bit; accellerator cards seem to go for many hundreds more than I'd be comfortable with01:44
shaunoI mean, the one I've got felt bad at 150-ish, and it's just an '030 with .. I can't remember if it's 4meg, or 8 but I can only use 4 without claashing with pcmcia01:46
shaunoand I think another 150-ish for my scandoubler.  although that doesn't feel like such a ripoff01:48
shaunohe's still making them, still releasing new revisions - both firmware and hardware.  and such things wind up quite pricey if you can't make volume01:49
shaunoso I Get where his prices come from - the second-hand market doesn't01:50
shaunoand it seems I'm finally losing the battery game, so I'll stop babbling.  'night01:52
MooDooMorning all07:09
MooDoopopey I say you relaxing with the rest of the guys yesterday, you take it easy mate ;) lol07:21
* popey is in bed07:21
MooDoolooks like you're all having a great time :D07:21
popeyyeah, busy busy07:22
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:52
MooDoohello brobostigon how are you this fine day :D07:53
jussiI think I need to go to bed07:53
brobostigonmorning MooDoo , half asleep still, busy day, and you?07:53
jussinot feeling great here at all07:53
MooDoowassup jussi07:55
jussiMooDoo: just feeling crappy, sore throat, lots of muck.07:55
MooDooyeah lots of that going around....moooo07:56
MooDooI did actually mean boooooo :)08:03
diploMorning all08:03
MooDoomorning diplo08:06
diploHow's the weather in the SE MooDoo ?08:07
MooDoodiplo looking at the weather on the news, not that good, here in the midlands it's wet but not that bad.  I saw on the news that in cork ireland, it's under 1ft water :(08:07
MartijnVdSgood thing cork floats08:08
MooDoonaughty MartijnVdS ;)08:08
diploblookin 'eck08:13
diploI thought you were in London area now MooDoo ?08:13
MooDoodiplo, no still in Nottingham08:15
knightwiseHEEE MAAAAAAN !08:17
MartijnVdSknightwise: thanks for your passwords08:17
knightwisethats better then "good morningù"08:17
* knightwise changes them now08:17
adrianpavoneVirus breaks when you have too much unsaved in the editor?08:18
MartijnVdSadrianpavone: insidious :)08:18
mappswhats up08:20
knightwisegrr.. putty won't recognise my function keys :(08:21
mappswhy do i smoke when im out08:22
mappsi quit 3 years ago08:22
MartijnVdSmapps: because you lack willpower?08:22
mappsprobably true08:22
mapps1 or 2 beers and i decide i feel like a cigarette08:23
adrianpavoneMartijnVdS, Annoying is what I call it08:23
mappseven pay 8.50 gbp at the casino for a pack08:23
adrianpavoneBorrowing stth's config file.08:23
mappstime and time again08:23
adrianpavoneAnd ... his fruit is named "Amanda Seyfried" ... sicko08:23
brobostigonweek three of workfare/mwa, wish me luck.08:24
mappswhats that?08:24
MooDoobrobostigon, wow has it been that long already?08:24
brobostigonworkfare is out conservative governments slave labout scheme for the unemployed MooDoo08:25
brobostigonMooDoo: yes.08:25
brobostigonworkfare is out conservative governments slave labout scheme for the unemployed mapps08:25
mappsbut i thought08:25
mappsunemployed dont work?08:25
MooDooyay finally got my first raspberry pi :D08:26
mappswhat do you have to do brobostigon ?08:26
MartijnVdSMooDoo: any plans for it?08:26
brobostigonmapps: i have had to do shop work, which because of my osteoporosis is bone breaking.08:26
MooDooMartijnVdS, no idea...first time I've ever seen one!08:26
MartijnVdSMooDoo: I've ordered a GPS kit for mine, so I can make it into an NTP server :)08:26
mappsargh damn shop work is dull08:27
mappsshould apply for a job at my place08:28
mappswe let people work from home:)08:28
MooDoomapps where you work?08:28
adrianpavone#  "never pick up" exceptions08:28
adrianpavoneAny idea what that does?08:28
adrianpavoneNever picks up anything with >>> in the name?08:28
MartijnVdSadrianpavone: which context?08:28
mappsalways hiring new staff08:28
MooDoomapps, what you do and where you work?08:29
MartijnVdSmapps: 365? Microsoft's Office division?08:29
mappsi just said 365:P08:29
brobostigonmapps: i studied computer engineering, its of absolutly no use of my abilities,08:29
mappsRay Winstone..ring a bell now ;)08:29
MooDoomapps,sorry no idea what that is lol08:29
mappsbig online bookmaker08:29
MooDoomapps, ah get you now08:29
mappsloads of departments and diff roles08:29
mappsliterally always hiring08:29
ali1234high turnover?08:30
mappsof staff..?08:30
mappsin the call centre..sure08:30
mappsbut in other departments..no08:30
mapps]call centres more young kids/uneducated people08:30
mappsbut there's development/trading08:30
mappsi work in the office..but it's pretty easy/relaxed:P i watch tv/sport :)08:34
MooDoomapps sounds interesting08:34
mappsyea it's ok08:35
mappsget annoyed at times08:35
mappsbut i'd struggle with a normal office job08:35
mappsi can watch say barca v real madrid while doing whatever game im doing..and bet on betfair08:36
mappsnormal ofice wouldnt allow that:)08:36
MooDooyeah it's all dependant on the working environment.08:36
mappsmy friend works at same company08:36
mappsbut diff dept08:36
mappsand he cant even get on betfair..its blocked for them08:37
Guest38143Good morning all; happy Digital Learning Day! :-D09:07
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=== JamesTait is now known as Guest22694
=== Guest22694 is now known as JamesTait
bashrcHappy digital learning day09:11
mappsam i the only person not on linked in09:17
mappsseems most my work are09:17
mappsna their real names/job titles09:17
mappsi just dont see why id bother putting all my info on there09:17
mappssame wih twiter-i have a twitter that i use to occasionally tweet a company..most my department seem to use it daily to talk to each other and facebool?09:17
mappsi closed facebook because i found it to be a chore09:17
mappsa time drain09:17
JamesTaitmapps, the theory is that LinkedIn is like an online CV, with a trust network to verify the facts.09:17
mappsso if i was their boss i'd sack them all09:18
mappsif theyre that ready to take a new job09:18
mappsi just dont get it..why do i want someone being able to google my name and find out where i work/live/what uni i went to?09:18
JamesTaitIn practice, I've found people endorsing skills on my profile they've never seen me use, so I still regard it with an eye of suspicion.09:19
mappsi just dont really bother with these new things09:19
mappsnot that new i know09:19
adrianpavoneYeah, it's a Ring of Trust thing without the trust establishment.09:19
mappsbut facebook too..isnt that a total waste?09:19
mappsand yet people spend HOURS on it09:19
bashrcagree.  I have been endorsed on linkedin by people who I have never met and who know nothing about me09:19
adrianpavoneFacebook is definitely a total waste.09:19
mappsi spoke to someone that said they spend 10hours a day on it09:20
adrianpavoneMakes people FEEL like they're connecting.09:20
bashrcfacebook is the worst09:20
mappsi couldnt care less what you're eating tonight adrianpavone  nor could you care what i am :P09:20
bashrcmy web site/email are censored on facebook09:20
mappsall about bragging09:20
mappsand showing off09:20
adrianpavonemapps, Well then that's good: I have never yet taken a photo of my food.09:20
bashrcstasibook, more like09:20
mapps99% of the posts are absolute drivel!!!09:20
mappsirc is a totall different ball game imo09:21
bashrcFriendica is better09:21
mappsmainly because the retards generally arent here in such numbers=]09:21
adrianpavoneIRC is more about sharing opinions and information (plus socialising)09:21
mappsfacebook is just ANYTHING09:21
mappslike 'I WENT TO NANDOS IT WAS FUN'09:21
adrianpavoneHmm ... let me link a photobucket picture of the food I just ate ... :P09:21
ali1234lol nandos, i went there once *like*09:22
JamesTaitOK, I'll stop.09:22
mappssorry adrianpavone  i was wrong09:22
mappsi meant instagram:P its instagram where people post food pics09:22
mappsive never used that either09:22
bashrcthere are actual conversations on stasibook sometimes, but rarely09:22
ali1234no, flikr is where the food pics are at09:22
adrianpavoneInstagram that's autolinked to FB09:22
ali1234instagram is all selfies09:22
JamesTaitWith filters applied to make the photos look old and grainy.09:22
mappsoh is instagram facebook?09:22
adrianpavoneAgreed with the selfies comment09:22
ali1234it is now, yes09:22
mappsi didnt know09:23
mappsit;'s just very sad09:23
ali1234they paid like 1 billion dollars, or something09:23
mappsI remember when i was at Glastonbury 2011 ...4pm i saw Gold Panda outside and there's people at the front of the area and i 100% promise09:23
mappsi can see a girl on facebook09:23
mappslike LOL09:23
mappswhy are you here? so you can tell your friends how SICK glasto is and its amazing youre having the best time>09:24
adrianpavoneWell she had to post about it09:24
ali1234who cares?09:24
mappsi just find it a bit strange09:24
mappsali1234,  not me09:24
ali1234i mean it's better than sitting in a dark room on irc09:24
mappsbut i mean its strange people care so much09:24
bashrcignore the stasibook nonsense and move on to real networks09:24
mappsis it?09:25
mappsnonsense convos on facebook with morons?09:25
ali1234s/facebook/all of the internet/09:25
adrianpavoneali1234, I'll have you know my light is on!09:25
mappsi guess09:25
mappssame happened at warehouse project..infact my friend even tweeted that he was here and how good it was09:25
mappsi just dont see the need09:26
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:26
* mapps is a lone survivor/loner;p09:26
mappsmorning bigcalm09:26
bashrchi bigcalm09:26
ali1234mapps: for all you know she could have lost her friend in the crowd, and was trying to contact them on facebook chat09:27
adrianpavoneYeah, because making a phone call is so 1990's09:27
MooDooyay facebook lol09:28
ali1234right because it's really easy to make a phone call at a rock concert09:28
mappsand what about glasto with no phones;p09:28
ali1234not like there is a large amount of background noise or anything09:28
mappsi hd no phone after the first day09:28
mappslost my old samsung09:28
jussihrm, music recommendations anyone?  something acoustic ish, not too rock, not too bubblegum pop, but still easy listening.09:29
ali1234jussi: open rhythmbox, go to radio, listen to radio paradise09:29
ali1234wait you use KDE?09:29
jussiali1234: hrm... lets see if amarok has that...09:29
jussiyeah ;)09:29
mappsflorence and the machine - cosmic love09:30
mappsor even better09:30
mappsmy favourite song ;]09:30
ali1234yeah you'll like radio paradise. they play this type of stuff all day09:32
jussiali1234: available in Amarok :)09:32
ali1234you might wanna check the other streams on the website. the default one in rhythmbox doesn't have embedded track IDs09:33
jussiamarok seems to have them09:33
jussiamarok even opens the wikipage on the artist for me09:33
mappssee my url jussi09:34
jussimapps: yeah, Ill get to it in a min :)09:38
MooDooIs it time to go home yet?09:42
foobarrystupid strike09:42
foobarryyeah, although affects traffic and buses09:43
foobarrybecause my bus was a couple of minutes away for 25 mins09:43
MartijnVdSfoobarry: it was hiding, just around the corner09:44
=== stuphi_away is now known as stuphi
foobarryblatantly. there was one 7 mins away for the whole time too09:45
foobarrysooo cold09:46
=== BigRedS_ is now known as BigRedS
BigRedSit was a bit weird - loads of traffic all the way in and then also lots of parking once in...09:47
BigRedSit's like everyone decided to drive in, but only as far as the edge of the congestion charge zone09:47
MartijnVdSBigRedS: "But I can't go in there, it costs MONEYS"09:47
foobarrywhat does "compacting folder" in thunderbird actually do?09:48
foobarryremove whitespace from local files, or do stuff on server?09:48
ali1234removes deleted messages from the database09:49
ali1234nothing to do with the server09:49
jussimapps: nice song09:50
jussiI have something strange... my note 2 is missing a screw - and I havent removed it...09:50
jussiits the one next to the camera there... http://i775.photobucket.com/albums/yy31/marcowing/notes2b.jpg09:50
MartijnVdSjussi: NSA is watching you09:50
jussiMartijnVdS: lol09:50
foobarryali1234: thanks strange because i see o365 errors from the server, folder failed to expunge09:51
MooDooI'm not bothered about the NS, I schule 3 weeks of blog posts to go to them first before they are put on my website :D09:51
mappsi have no bank card atm and ii wanna go out tonight09:53
mappsthe cassino charge 1.50 to pay on credit card09:54
foobarryis your life just one long trip to casino and strip joint?09:54
MartijnVdSmapps: don't gamble if you can't take the loss ;)09:54
mappsalmost foobarry09:54
foobarryi'm guessing ur single then09:55
lubotu3U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.09:55
foobarrythanks sheldon09:55
mappsi got a letter this year btw from Grosvenor casinos - 'dear mr mark p thanks for your loyal custom in 2013 enclosed is a vocher to redeem at the cash desk'09:55
mappsfigure i mustve been like 150+ in 201309:55
foobarrynet profit/loss?09:55
mappsi dont gamble there09:56
mappsjust drink09:56
mappsi go to Genting first serves till 5..now 5.3009:56
mappsthen go down to grosvenor serves till 6..allowed till 6.3009:56
mappswe have 2 casinos wihin 2mins distance09:56
foobarrysurely pubs are nicer ambience than a casino?09:56
mappsi got a free beer from vito (manager) on sunday09:56
mappsand 2 few weeks back before i went to holland09:57
mappscasino is WAY safer09:57
foobarryi've only been to a casino once. not particularly bonhomie type of place09:57
mappsgenting has like 6 door staff EVERY day09:57
adrianpavone"Cthulu eats a bugbear corpse." heheh09:57
mappsso its way safer than a normal bar/club09:57
foobarrybut no women or jovial times09:57
BigRedSsix door staff would make it seem *less* safe to me09:57
mappsgenting has a lot of women09:57
mappsgenting gets busy09:57
mappsgrosvenor is ALWAYS empty09:57
mappsis like our private bar09:58
foobarryeach to their own i guess09:58
mappsgirl on reception said they keep the bar open incase me and my mate come lol porbably lies09:58
mappsbiut ya i go probably 4-5x a week to both09:58
foobarryand you never gamble, just for drinkies?09:58
mappssometimes throw a few quid down..but i expect to lose..usually just drink09:59
mappsive been going so long i know the bar staff at both09:59
mappsand the managers09:59
mappswhen i walk in to genting 9/10x im already signed in as the women on reception knows me09:59
mappscasinos arent that bad if you arent a mug10:00
mappscigs are expensive mind..9.5010:00
MartijnVdSdon't smoke then ;)10:00
foobarryi didn't like the atmos much10:00
mappsyea sometims its no great10:01
foobarryseemed to revolve around money strangely.10:01
mappsfri/sat is busy and very chav10:01
mappsmon-thurs its fine10:01
mappsbasically got a private bar10:01
foobarryso does my house :)10:01
foobarryalthough i haven't used it for ages10:01
foobarrygot an unopneed bottle of port in the cupboard10:01
mappsi had a loud arhuement with some slag in genting few months back..then went and spoke to thew manager to make sure i wouldnt get banned10:02
bashrcI generally stay off the booze.  It interferes with coding10:02
mappsshe was telling me my degrees worthless10:02
mappsbashrc,  - good idea..but wont happen for me10:02
foobarrybashrc: i discovered that probelm at uni.10:02
foobarrycouldn't go back to code after even 2 pints10:02
mappsim a 'heavy' drinker10:02
foobarrymaybe she cares about you10:03
bashrcI liked coding more than boozing10:03
mappsprobably like 25 pints a week 4-5x casino 5pints and then 2 nights of those we go to town and its a 12-15 + jonb10:03
mappsyea well it was some girl from work10:03
mappstelling me my degree is useless10:04
foobarrydare i ask what degree you have?10:04
mappsso i was screaming at her my mate said10:04
bashrcwhat's your degree in?10:04
MartijnVdSmapps: most degrees *are* useless though ;)10:04
mappsi have a bsc from portsmouth..in the ece dept  enegineering computing10:04
mappsso not a ba in arts10:04
mappsand i work in trading..she works on the phones?10:04
bashrcindeed most are useless if you just regard them as a ticket to a job10:04
mappsjust really riled me10:05
foobarryi decided against oxbridge, wonder how my life would have been different10:05
mappsu didnt go uni?10:05
foobarryi went to machester, it had a better course10:06
foobarryand i didn't like the sorts from my school who were aiming for oxbridge10:06
bashrcposh kids10:07
foobarrynot so much posh, but very much snobby and competitive10:07
ali1234yeah manchester :)10:07
foobarrydestined for career as a politician or something like that10:08
foobarrymeanwhile i'm wearing a hoodie and wondering why my tomcat app is failing to run10:08
ali1234when were you there foobarry?10:08
mappswhat did you do at manc10:09
foobarrymaths & comp sci10:09
ali1234heh, you';re older than me10:09
foobarrygot a 1st \o/10:09
ali1234got a third :S10:09
foobarrygood old days10:09
MooDooI'm the oldest in here lol actually i'm bnot10:09
foobarrymost of my mates who got thirds ended up as excellent coders10:09
bashrcit sounds like all y'all's degrees weren't worthless10:10
foobarrythey were talented coders to begin, but i just concentrated on doing what i was asked10:10
foobarrythey spend their time developing uglymug or other muds10:10
foobarryali1234: comp sci?10:10
bashrcnever played muds much10:10
foobarryits all pulled down now :(10:10
foobarryshiny new building, so google maps shows me10:11
bashrcI should install a mud on my server10:11
MooDoobashrc, I love muds :D10:11
MartijnVdSWow, muds. Do they still exist?10:12
bashrcI think htey do10:12
foobarrythey are called WoW now10:12
foobarryi don't actually know what i'm doing with this grails/tomcat stuff10:15
MooDoocirclemud was my fave10:15
ali1234foobarry: they tore the maths building down but comp sci is still there10:16
foobarryi thought it was all new10:17
foobarryjabez clegg is shut now :(10:17
foobarryboddingtons £1 pint happy hour 11am-1210:17
ali1234they probably didn't want to touch the noc10:17
ali1234looks like pretty much every other building is different10:17
ali1234jabez was always rough :/10:17
foobarryused to drink in the phoenix every day10:18
foobarrywith all the neckbeards10:18
ali1234i rented a house off the landlord of the phoenix10:18
foobarryand play pool/fruit machines10:18
lubotu3The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv10:18
ali1234scottish chap. don't remember his name. steve or something10:19
foobarryi used to help on teh open days for students. was nice when future students would tell me they remembered me from teh open day and i helped in some way10:20
foobarrywe used to show them the student side of things, and take them to phoenix at end of day10:20
foobarryi also remember participating in the market research when they were planning to open that bar below the phoenix10:20
ali1234they did open a nightclub downstairs10:21
ali1234don't think it was ever very popular10:21
foobarryscruffy nellys?10:23
foobarrydirty nelly?10:23
foobarrysomething like that10:23
foobarrythey used to film cracker in the precinct next to comp sci10:23
foobarrywould come home to see robbie coltrane sitting on my lunch bench10:24
MooDooany reason why conduct was invoked?10:31
foobarryi said neckbeard?10:32
lubotu3The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is the document that spells out etiquette in the Ubuntu community | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv10:32
foobarryalthough they did have beards on their neck10:32
ali1234neckbeards were fairly uncommon when i was there10:32
jussihrm, alternative android keyboards anyone? (preferably open source, and trustable)10:33
ali1234lots of long dyed black hair and trenchcoats tho10:33
foobarrybig time10:33
foobarrymatrix city10:33
ali1234yeah that would be it10:33
foobarrythey still look like that in the CS dept here10:33
ali1234i am not hugely surprised10:34
ali1234this was pre-hipster times tho10:34
ali1234it was hipsters that brought back the neckbeard10:34
ali1234imo anyway10:34
MartijnVdSthere was still a group of people who didn't like anything "mainstream" though10:35
MartijnVdSthere always is10:35
foobarryhipsters are more grommed beard IMO10:35
ali1234yeah but without the irony10:35
foobarryfor non mainstreamers, hipster certainly have a whole mainstream lack of individuality going on10:36
ali1234like hipsters will listen to mainstream music from 10 years ago that nobody like anymore, because it is ironic10:36
foobarrymost blacktshirt wearers at conferences seem to be recovering goths/CSers10:36
ali1234where as the cyber-goths actually have their own subculture that has nothing to do with the mainstream at all10:36
foobarryi saw a CS student with a utility belt that carried a netbook10:36
foobarryi marvelled at it10:37
foobarryvery utility. much fashion10:37
MartijnVdSfoobarry: http://www.utilikilts.com/10:37
foobarryi never conformed to the goth/metal stereotype10:38
MartijnVdSI tended to conform to the "Please ignore me I'm not here" stereotype10:39
foobarrynot sure if i indentified more with the mathmos or the cs geeks10:40
foobarryor neither10:40
foobarrymy non course mates were all very blokey, heavy drinkers, and rather course10:40
ali1234i ended up living with a load of musicians10:41
foobarry= pot heads?10:41
ali1234"no comment"10:41
foobarryi lost a lot of good social time to a lot of friends discovering pot in the 3rd year10:41
foobarrythey stopped going out or being any kind of reasonable social company10:42
foobarrywhat some city kids tend to do  when they are 1610:42
awilkinsYeah, half my flatmates in my 3rd year were potheads10:57
awilkinsI couldn't do it, not compatible with being a medical student and having to look smart and act sharp in front of consultant surgeons all day10:58
foobarryFeb 5, 2014 10:58:24 AM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext startI11:00
foobarrySEVERE: Error listenerStart11:00
foobarrywhere do i go about debugging tomcat when an app fails to start? looking in logs atm , but not helpful11:00
MartijnVdSthe app11:01
MartijnVdSthe app's author?11:01
davmor2Morning all11:02
MartijnVdS\o davmor211:03
foobarryMartijnVdS: trying the dev and he only releases info on a piecemeal basis11:03
foobarryits like driving in the dark11:03
MartijnVdSfoobarry: then strace is your best bet11:03
foobarrystrace on tomcat?11:03
xalyyits me again :D11:03
MartijnVdSfoobarry: why nto11:04
MartijnVdSfoobarry: can you start it in the foreground ("don't daemonize")? Maybe that has better debug output?11:04
foobarry Error creating11:04
foobarry bean with name 'transactionManagerPostProcessor': Initialization of be11:04
foobarryan failed; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCr11:04
foobarryeationException: Error creating bean with name 'transactionManager': Ca11:04
foobarrynnot resolve reference to bean 'sessionFactory' while setting bean prop11:04
foobarryerty 'sessionFactory'; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.fa11:04
foobarryctory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'sessionFact11:04
foobarryory': Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is org.hiberna11:04
foobarryte.cache.NoCachingEnabledException: Second-level cache is not enabled f11:04
foobarryor usage11:04
foobarrythis kind of guff is problaby meaningful to someone11:04
MartijnVdSfoobarry: .. pastebin?11:04
foobarryyeah sorry, though it was shorter :P11:04
xalyyCan someone tell me some centos irc because from #centos I am banned for nothing... I doesn't even logged in once11:05
MartijnVdSfoobarry: I think it might mean there's something in your configuration not right11:05
foobarrydo you read the stacktrace from bottom or top?11:06
MartijnVdSfoobarry: can you put it on pastebin? The random linebreaks on IRC make it hard :)11:06
xalyySomeone? :S11:06
ali1234xalyy: register with nickserv11:06
xalyyWhat you mean?11:07
xalyyI log in to #centos and register?11:07
MartijnVdSfoobarry: generally, you read it top-to-bottom11:08
ali1234no you have to register first11:08
MartijnVdSxalyy: no, you register with nickserv11:08
xalyyUgh where how? :D11:08
ali1234 /msg nickserv help register11:08
lubotu3Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:08
foobarryhttp://pastebin.com/3x5tfU93 MartijnVdS11:08
MartijnVdSfoobarry: this seems to come up a lot: org.hibernate.cache.NoCachingEnabledException: Second-level cache is not enabled for usage11:09
foobarryyes, i was googling that11:09
xalyyali1234: http://gyazo.com/e1f36d7b52a916c49e8d033c592359a1.png11:11
foobarryxalyy: try ask in #freenode11:11
foobarrythey are super helpful11:12
xalyyAsk why i am banned?11:12
davmor2xalyy: yes11:12
xalyyThere is a thousand people and nowone answering11:13
foobarryare you banned?11:16
foobarryconnect with a different nick?11:16
xalyyI even tried to log in with other ip11:18
xalyynot work11:18
foobarryworks for me11:18
foobarrymaybe you're holding it wrong11:18
foobarrywhat does the /win 111:19
foobarrychanserv window say when you connect11:19
xalyy /win 111:21
foobarryalso, ask the ops directly - evolution, hughesjr, etc11:22
DJonesxalyy: Its because you're using the web gateway rather than a real IRC client, the centos channel looks to have that banned for everybody11:28
xalyyI just downloaded mirc11:28
xalyyNow what I have to do?11:28
foobarrysteering clear of facebook until facebook movies have gone away11:43
foobarryso lame11:43
dwatkinswell quite11:43
* dwatkins checks facebook11:43
MooDoolame?  I thought they were great11:44
foobarryturns on his sarcasm detector11:46
foobarrynice to look at for yourself, not to share11:46
MooDooI thought it was nice to look at other peoples11:48
foobarrybaby picture slideshow?11:49
davmor2MooDoo: yeah but you are a sad sad man11:50
MooDoofoobarry, yes and davmor2, correct :D11:50
davmor2MooDoo: I've not actually seen any yet, I saw your post but I've been to busy to look at it :D11:51
MooDoodavmor2, no need to look, you're not in it :D11:52
davmor2MooDoo: you being a semi-professional Photographer though might make it better to look at than most that are done on phones11:52
MooDoodavmor2, :p11:54
knightwisemorning everon e11:56
davmor2MooDoo: that was a compliment dude.  You and tonytigers I can see being awesome to view.   Others maybe not so much :)11:56
MooDooI'm not really doing much photography at the moment....11:57
bigcalmRight, who here suggested the use of a Netgear ProSafe router?11:57
bigcalmRouting is some what not working for me11:58
davmor2bigcalm: I didn't11:58
davmor2bigcalm: however you have to admit it is professionally keeping you safe11:59
bigcalmdavmor2: yes, it's keeping me safe from *.office365.com11:59
davmor2bigcalm: well the internet in general I hope :D12:00
cocoa117__for home user to use cloud storage for backups, does it matter to do lots of full backup? each time full backup will take up lots of space and uploading time. as long as the full backup is sha1 verfied, so file is not corrupted i see no reason to keep it that, right?12:00
bigcalmWhat's the windows command that'll let me do a tracepath/route?12:00
MooDoococoa117__, I just do incremental, just upload the changed files.12:01
davmor2bigcalm: google it good for letting you know things like that :P12:01
MooDoobigcalm, traceroute12:01
davmor2bigcalm: you can try pinging and tracroute12:01
cocoa117__MooDoo, you mean one full backup and then just keep doing incremental?12:01
MooDoobigcalm, i meant tracert12:02
bigcalm'traceroute' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.12:02
bigcalmHence asking12:02
bigcalmAh, ta12:02
MooDoococoa117__, that's what I do but it might not be right for everyone12:02
davmor2cocoa117__: a friend of mine does the following.  Day 1 of a month takes a full backup this is then replaced on the 1st of each month.  He then has an incremental daily backup. That way there is one image that is a safe daily and one that is a full monthly.  The idea being that the full monthly can replace all the settings installed apps etc etc, where as the daily is more like the home partition12:06
bigcalmThis explains why I'm unable to use my work email in Thunderbird on my desktop: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6878729/12:10
bigcalmBut I don't understand why it would happen12:14
bigcalmIt's happening on all FQN I try. I don't get it12:14
bigcalmSod it, going back to old router until I have time to figure it all out12:15
hooverhey folks12:16
davmor2bigcalm: don't do updates on you laptop today12:17
foobarryi hear microsoft like nutella12:43
davmor2foobarry: sometimes I worry about you12:44
foobarrythey made nutella their CEO?12:46
foobarryor did i mishear12:46
foobarry""I would say the first thing I want to do and focus on is ruthlessly remove any obstacles that allow us to innovate,"12:48
awilkinsBallmer... Windows... Google...12:49
foobarryummm don't you mean obstacles that stop us from innovating12:49
awilkinsThe US Government ... The EU Assembly ....12:49
foobarryquote from mr nutella12:49
awilkinsThe collective moral conscience of all MS developers ...12:49
bigcalmI'm quite fed up with networking12:50
bashrcis that a recent quote?12:50
foobarryyes bashrc his first memo to MS12:51
knightwiseMS is gonna need it.12:51
knightwiseRT is not doing so great , Windows 8 in the enterprise is not that big of a success and some of their enterprise cloud solutions are not very stable (sharepoint online)12:52
davmor2bigcalm: look, look, I'm playing the worlds smallest violin just for you ;)  No I concur though if you aren't a network jedi then it is overly complex.  However if you get to networking jedi there are jobs galore :)12:54
bigcalmdavmor2: I understand most of what's going on with the ProSafe switch/router/firewall, but I don't think the interface is for consumers ;)12:55
bigcalmdavmor2: that said, I run openwrt on my Netgear WNDR370012:56
Dave2bigcalm: iptables -P INPUT DROP ; iptables -P OUTPUT DROP ; iptables -P FORWARD DROP12:56
Dave2bigcalm: all fixed12:56
Dave2also add some -Fs12:56
bigcalmDave2: quite12:56
foobarryso many daves12:56
bigcalmI'm going to factory reset the switch/router and then read some documentation about it :)12:57
bigcalmfoobarry: are you a Dave as well?12:57
foobarrynot today12:57
davmor2foobarry: there are at least as many daves as there are alans12:57
davmor2bigcalm: resorting to the documentation man things must be bad ;)12:58
bigcalmdavmor2: very12:58
bigcalmRight, time to reinstall 14.04 on my laptop that I have royally screwed by trying to get nvidia working and then removing the packages12:59
bigcalmUnless there's an easy way to get things back to how they were pre-nvidia12:59
davmor2bigcalm: did you update today?12:59
bigcalmdavmor2: no. Shall I?13:00
davmor2bigcalm: no13:00
foobarry12:17 < davmor2> bigcalm: don't do updates on you laptop today13:00
* MooDoo is going to leave 14.04 until it's released13:00
foobarryremember when new releases were fun and featureful?13:01
davmor2bigcalm: what issue have you hit?13:01
MartijnVdShe bought nvidia13:03
DJonesdavmor2: Somebody just mentioned an issue with 14.04 in #ubuntu that sounded pretty messy13:03
bigcalmdavmor2: after installing nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime (it also installed a lot of other things), the laptop would not survive a resume from suspend: https://twitter.com/bigcalm/status/431050553452265473/photo/113:04
davmor2DJones: likely the protobuf issue13:04
MartijnVdSbigcalm: LOOK AWAY FROM THAT SCREEN13:04
MartijnVdSbigcalm: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/SnowCrash?from=Main.SnowCrash13:04
davmor2bigcalm: so switch it off instead13:04
bigcalmdavmor2: so I tried removing those two packages (as you suggested) and the system no longer gave me a desktop at all13:05
bigcalmdavmor2: then I reinstalled those 2 packages and still have no desktop13:05
davmor2bigcalm: to remove nvidia just do sudo apt-get purge nvidia-331 nvidia-prime should kill off nvidia13:05
davmor2bigcalm: then do sudo apt-get autoremove13:05
* bigcalm reboots13:07
bigcalmYay, working laptop again13:08
bigcalmI can bring it to the LUG tonight after all13:08
bigcalmAs long as I don't dist-upgrade13:08
davmor2bigcalm: I'll give you a ping when the fix lands then it should be safe to upgrade again :)13:10
MartijnVdSdavmor2: what's the bug #?13:11
bigcalmdavmor2: cheers :)13:11
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
davmor2MartijnVdS: not sure there is one one of the devs hit it first thing and fixed it, it's in proposed just needs to land in the repo for real13:12
bigcalmWhat's the issue stopping us from updating?13:12
MartijnVdSdavmor2: what's the bug then? :)13:13
foobarryAdobe Flash Player gets emergency update13:13
davmor2MartijnVdS: no idea13:13
foobarrydo linux users get updates anymore?13:13
foobarryA new version of the multimedia player has been made available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.13:14
davmor2bigcalm: there is a protobuf abi break that means that x starts but compiz doesn't so no unity shell13:15
bigcalmdavmor2: ah, okay :)13:15
foobarrywhy if flashplugin-installer is up to date, https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/ shows an old one?13:27
foobarryor says i'm vulnerable..13:28
dwatkins6perhaps the one in the repos is 'old'13:28
dwatkinsI'm using Chrome, so my plugin is different from the official latest version.13:28
dwatkinsfoobarry: there are security updates for the linux version of the flash player13:29
* awilkins has 20213:30
foobarryi installed them13:30
dwatkinsI sometimes turn on 'click to play' for flash, just to see how widely it's used.13:31
dwatkinsPeople really should be switching to HTML5.13:31
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
MooDoomorning popey13:40
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
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ikoniaanyone been reading anything about DDOS on against major UK ISP's14:03
MartijnVdSikonia: why? you have plans?14:05
bashrcby that "intelligence" group?14:05
ikoniano, I'm just curious what the news reports are saying as I'm seeing mixed bags and seeing mixed reports from various backbone providers14:05
bashrcis it supposed to be on now?14:06
ikoniabashrc: no-ones told me anyone has claimed responsibility yet so I don't know14:06
ikoniabashrc: it's been going on in the morning today, but appears to have died down a bit, but still present14:06
bashrcwell, my server has been up all morning14:07
ikoniaas has mine14:07
ikoniabut it appears big chunks of janet got dropped14:07
bashrccould be hype14:09
MartijnVdSeverything to make you think there are terrorists out there14:09
MartijnVdSand make you accept the internet filtering14:09
bashrc"cyberwar" agenda14:09
ikoniawell, I can only go by what the service providers said "we are being ddos'd and can't maintain service"14:10
bashrcyes, all those could be factors14:10
bashrcnot seeing anything untowards in my server stats, and I'm on a UK ISP14:11
ikoniaI had no reason to doubt them as part of major networks appeared to be dropped14:11
ikoniabashrc: I think it's more the core backbone from what they where saying than the inividual isp's14:11
ikoniabut again, I don't know, hence wondering if any of you had any reports to share14:11
MartijnVdSwell, bitcoin is down $100 today14:13
MartijnVdSthat used to coincide with ddoses of the major exchanges14:13
bashrcdon't really care about bitcoin14:13
ikoniais that really a good indicator ?14:13
MartijnVdSikonia: unlikely14:14
ikoniajust wondered as I'm not up on the coin mining stuff14:14
bashrcreading about the "intelligence" group ddosing irc servers earlier indicates to me that many of those events may be state sponsored14:15
=== czajkows1i is now known as czajkowski
ikoniabashrc: I read through that also, but it seems unlikley that the UK government would nuke a UK education network and business network14:19
MartijnVdSikonia: really?14:19
MartijnVdSikonia: depends on how long14:19
bashrcbut if there's big money to be made by cyber subcontractors then steps might be taken14:20
ikoniawell, been down all morning from about 8:00 -ish to say 13:30 - still problems but they appear less14:20
awilkinsNSA and GCHQ and other cyber guys can run "exercises" whenever they like though14:20
awilkinsIf the Navy does it they have to announce it14:20
bashrcsee the HBGary emails for that sort of plotting14:20
awilkinsIf cyberintelligence does it they just blame script kiddies14:20
bashrcan easy scapegoat14:21
awilkinsSomeone was trying to break into my router yesterday I think14:21
awilkinsThe SSH daemon was stressed as hell14:21
awilkinsKept eating CPU time for no good reason, made my other connections really sluggish14:22
MartijnVdSawilkins: was it logging stuff too?14:22
MartijnVdSawilkins: (because in that case, fail2ban would work)14:23
awilkinsMartijnVdS, I don't think I have much logging on14:23
MartijnVdSawilkins: you could also teach iptables to only accept a low number of SYN packets per second for that port14:23
awilkinsMartijnVdS, I've had fail2ban on it in the past, but I think I turned it off after a couple of three-strikes disasters where I locked myself out14:23
bashrcany idea how to limit syn packets?14:24
MartijnVdSawilkins: fail2ban can auto-unlock you after 5 minutes. Also, ssh keys -> no password -> no password mistypings -> no misblocking14:24
awilkinsI could probably alleviate this by making sure that I auth my keys BEFORE I try and connect (I may have been allowing password auth at the time, I certainly don't do that anymore)14:24
MartijnVdSbashrc: yes, let me find that rule for you14:24
awilkinsfail2ban is Python right?14:24
awilkinsNot sure I have Python available for this crusty old build of OpenWRT14:25
MartijnVdSbashrc: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-limit-linux-syn-attacks.html14:25
bashrcI already have fail2ban running14:25
davmor2bigcalm, MartijnVdS: protobuf issue is now fixed14:25
MartijnVdSawilkins: oh it's openwrt? Go for the firewall rules then :) Much easy.14:25
MartijnVdSdavmor2: *\o/*\14:25
awilkinsMartijnVdS, It's White Russian14:25
MartijnVdSawilkins: ah, back when dinosaurs roamed the countryside14:26
davmor2MartijnVdS: surely you mean \o/14:26
awilkinsMartijnVdS, Not sure about my hardware compatibility14:26
awilkinsThere are notes about Kamikaze needing tweaking to get the ports the right way around14:26
awilkinsIt all just works and has done for a long time and I'm loathe to try bricking it for fun14:27
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I mean ✺\o/✺14:27
BigRedSThese USB-powered USB-stick form-factor ARM boxes, are there any powered by PoE?14:27
MartijnVdSbashrc: USB-stick ARM boxes?14:27
BigRedSthat's a new mis-tab :)14:27
MartijnVdSawilkins: which kind of router do you have?14:27
MartijnVdSBigRedS: uh yes, b<tab> :)14:27
awilkinsIt's a Buffalo WRT-G5414:27
awilkinsOff top of head14:28
awilkinsWBR G5414:28
BigRedSer, wrong window.14:28
BigRedSbut MartijnVdS like the cotton candy: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Yd90SytrYCM/T9df-5Uq06I/AAAAAAAABnE/BjJON2oWWp0/s1600/cotton+candy+fxi.jpg14:29
MartijnVdSawilkins: that one is only on the old wiki.. wow14:29
awilkinsMartijnVdS, Yeah, it's kind of old fashioned14:38
awilkinsHence my not daring to touch what works14:38
* MartijnVdS has a TP-Link WNDR-4300 running with trunk14:38
MartijnVdSawilkins: it'll do iptables won't it?14:39
MartijnVdSoh WDR-4300, the WNDR4300 is a Netgear device (yay confusement)14:39
awilkinsI have a kind of simplified firewall library script on it14:39
awilkinsMakes it easy enough to open / forward ports14:39
awilkinsI wouldn't mind a new one but meh this one works14:39
awilkinsWireless could be better14:40
awilkinsMy daughters new tablet throws things into paroxysms of despair when she watches YouTube14:40
awilkinsBut quite happy streaming Netflix to the Wii across a wireless bridge14:40
MartijnVdSawilkins: Get something that does N and AC -- they've just merged 802.11ac in trunk :)14:41
awilkinsAHHHH, that's why people were going on about AC in gaming workstation build videos on YouTube14:41
awilkinsI was thinking "what, this motherboard has built in air conditioning? THey're really serious about cooling now..."14:41
awilkinsI used to be totally into the hardware side of things14:42
awilkinsThese days I just use whatever I have until it breaks or can't keep up14:42
awilkinsThe interval gets longer each cycle14:42
awilkinsSuspect Elite : Dangerous and Star Citizen may provoke an upgrade that then lasts until I'm about 5014:42
awilkinsUnless they invent the Oculus Rift 2.0 - now with full sensorium! And complementary subscription to the Spearmint Rhino channel on Youtube!14:43
MartijnVdSyeah, I'm losing the upgrade vibe as well.. except maybe with phones14:43
awilkinsPhones have built in obsolescence now though14:44
awilkinsBattery fade14:44
foobarryalthough my htc desire is nearly 4yrs old14:44
awilkinsOn a non-user-replaceable bnattery14:44
awilkinsWonder how hard it is to swap out the battery on the Nexus414:44
knightwiseThere are some great android apps that you can use on a broken phone14:44
knightwiseturn them into a server and stuff like that14:44
MartijnVdSawilkins: ifixit has a teardown/howto I think14:44
awilkinsStill happy enough with the battery life on the N4 though14:46
knightwiseN4 is a great phone14:46
awilkinsI'm not usually far from a USb port14:46
knightwisethe N5 is pretty sexy too (got to play with one yesterday)14:46
awilkinsJus tmake sure I carry the cable in my back pocket all the time14:46
bigcalmdavmor2: safe to update now?14:54
davmor2bigcalm: Yes I pinged you ages ago14:54
awilkinsOnly thing I really want on my N4 is a SD card slot...14:55
awilkinsI get Google's reason for wanting to exclude it. The one they claim, and the actual one.14:55
awilkinsEven if you had to format the thing into an LVM volume group and it was totally useless as transferrable storage I'd still like an SD card slot14:55
davmor2awilkins: the if there is no storage you will use our cloud14:55
awilkinsBecause 16GB just isn't enough14:56
awilkinsdavmor2, Yeah, that's the real reason. None of this "we want to avoid all the tricksyness of having removable storage" nonsense - because they just did a total U-turn on that position in KitKAt by having pluggable storage locations like "My Dropbox" and stuff14:57
directhexgoogle don't want you to use local storage14:58
directhexthey want you to use google drive14:58
directhexand in general, phone vendors want to avoid slots as slots fail14:58
awilkinsIndeed. Local storage doesn't let them collect intelligence unless they are being sneaky14:58
awilkinsWhereas Drive storage lets them collect intelligence just by dint of being used14:59
awilkinsMaybe one of those personal cloud drives15:00
awilkinsWireless hotspot, big fat battery, space for a drive15:00
awilkinsMy actual listened to music collection is probably much less than 6GB anyway15:01
knightwiseGalaxy note 315:02
knightwiseticks boxes above15:02
awilkinsknightwise, Was thinking more one of these : http://www.scan.co.uk/products/icy-box-ib-wf200hd-25-sata-ssd-wireless-11n-usb-30-portable-enclosure-with-2800mah-battery15:23
awilkinsThe Note 3 being a full-fat phone and thus disconbobulatingly expensive15:24
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bigcalmRestart and shutdown are odd things. Selecting either produces the same selection screen to appear. Both also have shutdown pre-highlighted15:38
bigcalmdavmor2: updating my laptop has made it stop working :)15:38
davmor2bigcalm: Yay15:38
bigcalmdavmor2: it's working after a 2nd reboot15:38
bigcalmdavmor2: I updated and rebooted. Got to the login screen but no mouse or keyboard input15:39
davmor2bigcalm: by stop working do you mean you couldn't type your login in?15:39
bigcalmPressed the power button and it gave me shutdown options that I couldn't select15:39
bigcalmdavmor2: had to press and hold power15:39
bigcalmdavmor2: yes. But it worked this time15:39
bigcalmWill try rebooting again15:39
davmor2bigcalm: if it happens again then try hitting ctrl+alt+f1 if that work login and restart lightdm15:41
bigcalmStill working. How odd15:41
davmor2bigcalm: normally the mouse works if that does you can just click on any of the indicators on the lightdm screen and that will unlock it15:41
davmor2bigcalm: apparently lightdm sometimes gets a race condition with the keyboard15:42
bigcalmI did try ctrl alt f1-6, no input was working at all other than pressing the power button :)15:43
davmor2bigcalm: did you ever get the feeling that a laptop hated you?15:44
bigcalmdavmor2: Not really, I think it's Ubuntu15:44
popeyknown issue15:44
bigcalmUbuntu hating me is a known issue?15:44
popeycouple of people here had an issue this morning15:44
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shaunoI haven't had an issue with Ubuntu hating bigcalm </anecdotal>15:45
davmor2shauno: change you name to bigcalm 's it will instantly hunt you down and try to kill you ;)15:50
davmor2well short-circuit your laptop at least15:50
bigcalmMaybe I shouldn't bring the new laptop tonight. davmor2 might try to teach it bad things15:51
popeybigcalm: did you get the login screen?15:52
MartijnVdSbigcalm: like.. bark at you when you come too close? ;)15:52
popeyor does the screen look all screwy before that appears15:52
bigcalmpopey: I got to the login screen15:56
bigcalmpopey: but it's work correctly for the last 2 reboots now15:56
popeyhave you updated since it went wrong?16:02
bigcalmpopey: it was after updating that I saw the issue16:04
popeyright, but have you updated since?16:05
bigcalmpopey: not since 15:30 GMT16:07
popeycan you?16:08
bigcalmOne mo16:08
popeybigcalm: also, you might be able to work around it by installing gdm and use that instead of lightdm16:09
bigcalmpopey: only package it wants to update is liblivemedia1516:09
bigcalmpopey: I haven't had the issue since that one time. There's nothing for me to work around it would seem :)16:10
popeyoh okay16:10
popeysorry, misunderstood16:10
bigcalmOops, my bad. It wants to remove liblivemedia15 :)16:10
bigcalmpopey: it's the sunshine over there, it's bad for you16:11
popeythe beer didnt help16:12
popeywent out last night, got a bit tiddly16:12
bigcalmYay :)16:13
bigcalmpopey: I've seen what you do with balloons. Nightmares for me tonight16:13
popeythe wings in that place were excellent16:14
bigcalmI want wings16:14
bigcalmWill enjoy the pulled pork at tonight's LUG though16:15
popeywe had pulled pork for lunch yesterday16:15
popeyand the day before16:15
popeyand the wings last night had the bones removed, so were even more amazing16:16
diploGuys, I'm a bit out of date with technology offerings at the mo so quick ask here before I start googling around16:16
diploWe have a customer who wants a new site down the road, ADSL sucks on the estate, can't cable to the site16:16
diploLaser type thing the only option with LOS type set up, I haven't looked at laser links for about 8 years16:16
directhextrucks filled with tapes. unbeatable bandwidth16:20
bigcalmdiplo: sorry, we can't help it :)16:25
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bigcalmRequest from a client "It would be useful if the timestamps associated with incoming and outgoing log events were displayed with finer resolution than a minute. Displaying seconds would be good, and tenths (or hundredths?) of a second would be ideal. Thanks!"16:28
* bigcalm grumbles at the resolution16:28
shaunodiplo: there's some radio links that don't look too bad.  ubiquiti have a 2.4GHz rig that'll sling 100mbit over 20-30km LOS for about 130 quid, and a 24GHz rig that'll sling 1.4gbit about half the distance (but 2700gbp for two stations)16:40
shaunoI've no experience with either, I just have bad memories of not being able to login at college because we had laser between two campuses, and were half a mile from the north sea16:41
shaunoirish sea, whichever; suffice to say there was regularly enough optical inteference16:42
bigcalmAnybody here using slack.com ?16:47
diploshauno: I've just found that myself thanks, looks good and reviews look food16:48
diploMine was by nanobridge but same sort of thing16:49
diplo5ghz though16:49
diplo£70 ea dish, so £140 + whatever else you need to hook it up16:49
shaunoI can't remember why I came across them.  my head's full of useless stuff :)16:52
df_#join freenode16:55
diploI've only ever looked into laser, and that was 8+ years ago16:55
shaunoall I know is don't go for laser if you're by the seaside :)16:58
shaunoit doesn't like rain or mist16:58
bigcalmDon't live in the UK then16:59
diploThis is worcester so should be ok :)17:00
bigcalmdiplo: you're in Worcester?17:01
diploI'm not, my customer is17:03
diploI'm near Bath, my headoffice is in Nottingham17:03
davmor2diplo: you don't want to look into lasers it could blind you :)17:16
bigcalmdavmor2: just you and me at the LUG tonight then?17:23
davmor2And possibly Ron and then there is james and gretchin and possibly sam and simon and then there is always Pete Oliver who just randomly turns up so who knows.  If these people put there names down we might have a better idea :)17:24
bigcalmThey never do though :/17:26
bigcalmI was really surprised to see Pete Oliver the last 2 times17:26
davmor2bigcalm: yeah he's a great guy really knowledgeable too17:30
bigcalmdavmor2: with Chris' tweet, think it might be a bit far for him to attend tonight17:36
bigcalmI'll try and leave home at a reasonable time and try not to be late for a change17:51
davmor2bigcalm: ha I'll believe it when I see it workaholic boy18:06
bigcalmI was so lazy as a school child. I don't understand why I work so much now18:08
davmor2bigcalm: penance18:09
bigcalmI work for pennies?18:10
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davmor2bigcalm: peanuts you mean ;)18:14
bigcalmIt's drive time!18:54
daftykinslook how many boats are hiding from the stormy winds behind Cherbourg (the peninsula of France, just beside me here in the Channel Islands)18:55
daftykins28 foot waves in the middle of the channel this morning! D:18:56
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shaunoooh, pants19:20
daftykinso rly19:26
shaunoodd.  I've always found https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ oddly interesting, but yours shows a lot more19:27
shaunoahh nm me, stuff disappears at different zoom levels19:28
DJonesAnyway, talking about bad weather on islands.... Here's isleofmandan19:32
isleofmandanHello :)19:33
isleofmandanNot been too bad today. The sea walls were already destroyed ;)19:34
daftykinsGuernsey's getting ravaged here19:36
DJonesisleofmandan: Thats a typical northen answer, the worlds ending, but its not been too bad today19:36
isleofmandanWe had it worse in January - high tide, very low pressure storm and wind...    This weekend wasn't quite so bad in comparison.    According to the statisticians, we've had 3  'once in 50 year' storm events in the last 4 weeks :)19:38
isleofmandanAnd last year we had 'snowmageddon' and loss of 1000s of livestock :(19:39
isleofmandanMethinks the climate is definitely changing!19:39
DJonesisleofmandan: How many MP's and heirs to the throne came visiting...19:40
DJonesI'll guess none19:40
isleofmandanSince we're not in the UK, I don't think MP's care... We did get a visit from Princess Anne the other week. It rained. Heavily. She had to reschedule her day!  :)19:41
shaunothat almost sounds like a stroke of luck19:42
isleofmandanIt made me laugh, anyway. Was also foggy too, and here on the island there is a myth that Mannanan (Viking sea god) shrouds the island in mist to protect it from invaders ;)19:47
daftykinsi wonder if the channel islands have such fun myths19:54
isleofmandanWe have a fair few here. Comes with the Celt and Viking history, I suppose.    I'm not at all superstitious or religious, but even I wave to the fairies at the Fairy Bridge, just in case!19:57
daftykinsactually we do have a whole fairy people thing i think20:03
isleofmandanI think most islands have something quirky. People had to find something to amuse themselves before boats and planes were invented.20:04
SuperEngineeryippee - memory gample paid off - this ol' Dell *can* address 4GB DDR220:05
* SuperEngineer smiles20:05
SuperEngineer[btw - sub gample/gamble20:06
daftykinsand the graphics? yet to arrive?20:08
SuperEngineernope... deliberately ordered so it arrives after DDRS - to give time to cry if needed for the mem ;)20:09
daftykinsi remember you said ja20:10
daftykinsnot been keen to pop the can and read the PSU rating?20:10
SuperEngineernah!  :D20:11
SuperEngineerit's paid for - it will arrive - let's see if connectors available first [as I think they are] - then I'll see what might be possible20:13
SuperEngineer[if not poss - expect to see GeForce 650 on ebay soon ;)20:14
SuperEngineer...and the only thing I "popped" was a beer to celebrate20:17
daftykinsmost come with molex to <whichever pin count connector> it uses20:18
SuperEngineerdo they also come with a fire extinguisher... just in case ;)20:22
* SuperEngineer now running all apps [mail, rss, irc, browser, gpodder playback, hotot [twitter], Steam et all20:27
foobarrynever knew about this motorola migrate app20:28
foobarrymigrates pics, movies, messages, the lot20:28
shaunoI think reCapatcha has evolved to the point where if you can fill in the text, you're probably a bot20:32
foobarrythe left or right box?20:40
foobarrylovely new phone is lovely20:40
foobarryshame i have to hand it back to wifey20:40
mappsurgh this is such a pain21:03
mappshaving to try and write an xml config so i can use an http proxy over 3g21:03
olyhi, can anyone tell me how you enable boot logging on recent ubuntus ?21:18
olyinternet suggestes /etc/default/bootlogd but that does not seem to exist21:19
daftykinsoly: i think you install something like bootchart first? not sure21:28
olygiving it a try. seems silly that you would need that to log the boot messages21:34
olysurely it would be part of any distro to help with debugging21:34
olyi can see an error about firmware on boot but it disappears in seconds so no idea what it actually says :p21:35
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olybootchart does ot seem to enable the boot log :/22:35
aquariushey, people. If you open up User Accounts from the Dash, does your user account have your actual name in it, or just your login username? And does it have a picture of you?22:49
aquariusI'm trying to get a sense of whether I'm the only person alive who's filled this stuff in22:49
aquarius(If you're not running Unity, it's the User Accounts section of System Settings, or the Gnome Control Center. If you're running KDE, don't worry; that's a different system that doesn't concern me right now.)22:50
AlanBellaquarius: actual name and photo taken during the install process on the laptop webcam22:52
aquariusso it's not just me...although it might be just me and AlanBell. Anyone else? :)22:53
AlanBellI didn't have the photo there until I reinstalled at some point and the new installer offered the photo22:53
AlanBellso I suspect new installs done on laptops with a built in webcam are most likely to have photos22:54
aquariusAlanBell, agreed. I personally have my hackergotchi there, which is my icon everywhere, which means that it's explicitly user-settable, but I'm almost certainly the only person to do that :)22:55
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