greg-gI HATE YOU GOOGLE00:15
brouschGOOGLE IS GOD00:19
brouschI think this Chromebook posted that automatically00:20
greg-gI hope this desktop recording worked, it'll show you the level of annoyance00:20
gamerchick02strong feelings on both sides of this fence.00:25
greg-gyou're either with us, or against us00:25
gamerchick02i'm a google-ite, is that a word?00:47
cmaloneyI think that's a gacolyte02:02
cmaloneyNew OMC episode for your downloading pleasure03:16
cmaloneyGood morning15:32
cmaloneyroads are not fun this morning15:32
MaskedDrivercmaloney, you're telling me. Took me 3 hours from Clarkston to Detroit15:32
brouschIt's just a few more inches of snow. What's the problem?15:33
cmaloneyI'm hanging out at JoDee's school working remotely because it's too treacherous to drive back15:34
cmaloneybrousch: It hit right during rush hour.15:34
MaskedDriverbrousch: diaf lol15:34
cmaloneythe height of the snow15:34
cmaloneySo yes, just a little more snow, but timed poorly for any snow removal15:35
brouschI didn't even notice it on top of my small 3ft piles15:35
brouschIt was even pleasant snow to throw over my 8ft piles15:35
brouschBarely hurt my back at all this morning!15:35
* brousch sets a reminder to kick rick_h_ square in the nuts next time he sees him15:37
rick_h_I got a little too much sun the other day. Had to buy a hat15:37
cmaloneyrick_h_: I'm very happy for you.15:37
brouschI'm not. I hope a shark bites off his toe15:37
rick_h_it's ok, going to be a shock when I get back15:37
cmaloneySeeing your and jcastro's pictures gives me hope for the future.15:37
rick_h_leave when it'll be 85 out and then when I land it looks like I'm hoping for 20 on sunday15:38
cmaloneywhen I shove an entire snow-drift down the back of your necks. ;)15:38
brouschcmaloney: Call his wife. She needs to make sure he trips into a snow bank when he gets home15:39
cmaloneybrousch: I don' t think that'll be necessary15:41
cmaloneyPretty sure she'll handle it herself.15:41
rick_h_oh, I'm sure I'll get something15:44
cmaloneyAre we having fun yet?17:07
cmaloneyhate when I have a debugger session open that keeps a lock on a mysql table.17:07
cmaloneywondered why it wasn't dropping / loading17:07
cmaloneyshut it17:08
cmaloneyThis is a battle that predates even me17:08
brouschYou've had a year to fix it!17:09
cmaloneyI have failed.17:10
cmaloneyTechnically I've had two years.17:12
cmaloneyStarted in 2012.17:12
cmaloneyOh christ. Listening to people talk about how computer people make lots of money.17:19
cmaloneynot that I'm complaining about my wages. ;)17:20
cmaloneybut funny hearing folks outside of "the biz" talk about how you can go sell your code and what-not.17:21
dzho"will they eat sushi?"18:33
* dzho shrugs18:35
dzhothat's the source of the reference18:35
dzhoor, rather, that's the reference.  or something.18:35
dzhoI never get the wording right.18:36
jrwrendo people use genshi anymore?18:58
brouschIs that an herbal tea?18:59
jrwrenpython template system18:59
brouschI have not heard Genshi for about 3 years19:00
jrwren5-6 here.19:00
rick_h_jrwren: no, cheetah took over19:54
rick_h_jrwren: much faster and same syntax19:54
jrwrenthanks rick_h_20:33
jrwrennot what I want to see on Ec2: Feb  5 20:33:22 heed-1 kernel: [84730.984521] apt-get[6130]: segfault at 7f9fff1dd154 ip 00007fa0004b41c9 sp 00007fff37c00f70 error 6 in libapt-pkg.so.4.12.0[7fa0003df000+121000]20:34
brouschI was thinking of a dice roller as a nice app to make, but many of them exist already. Then I thought about how to monetize it without ads. How about if you could load the dice for one roll by paying $1?21:26
brouschLike $1 for a natural 20 when you really need it21:27
=== greg-g_ is now known as greg-g
brouschMaybe you could shake the phone certain ways to get certain rolls21:48
brouschWhat the ... http://blog.enthought.com/python/pyxll-deploy-python-to-excel-easily/21:50
cmaloneyDammit. Used JoDee's machine this morning and now my fingers don't know where the control key is anymore.23:19
gamerchick02she has a funky keyboard?23:43
cmaloneyThe CTRL and Fn keys are swapped from my THinkpad23:46

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