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KyleYankanAny sox whizzes in here?14:21
MutantTurkey4 year club baby!!16:18
waltman4 years...at Drexel?16:55
MutantTurkeybut probably like 3 years at Drexel16:59
MutantTurkeygreat a fuckin fine for not shoveling properly... i love how in order to get to my block, you have to pass through 2 city maintained sidewalks which have not been shovelled all inter17:14
waltmanI wish they'd fine the rich asshole who lives across from my train station and never shovels his sidewalk.17:17
MutantTurkeyi wish they'd stop fining people for it at all17:19
MutantTurkeyit's my property, don't tell me what to do with it. If you want sidewalks, you can buy the land from me and shovel it yourself.17:20
waltmanAnd if your neighbor has to wade through hip-deep snow to go out into the street because you're too lazy to shovel, well, it's their own damn fault?17:22
waltmanAnd if your elderly neighbor slips and falls on the way to the bus stop and breaks their hip, well, sucks to be old?17:23
MutantTurkeyyes... because we have hip deep snow here17:25
MutantTurkeyif the city maintained the sidewalks, then it wouldn't be a problem :-)17:25
MutantTurkeydo i also now need to rebuild my sidewalk with extra 'accessability options' for the old? Should i have to install an electic on-ramp for extremely obese people who ride around in those little motorized vehicles?17:26
waltmanNo, you're absolutely right. You should have no responsibilities towards the other people in your community.17:28
MutantTurkeyyou finally are getting it!17:32

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