wrsthowdy Omnifrog03:29
Omnifroghi wrst03:30
wrstall going well?03:30
Omnifrogit is indeed!03:33
Omnifroglife is great03:34
wrstgreat to hear03:43
Unit193wrst: So an update, I'm not just the one to get snakes out of the basement, I also get racoons out of the house. 0_o06:11
Unit193Yeah, twice in one day too, same one.11:08
tencGood morning TN; wrst, twayneprice, Unit193.14:06
wrsthowdy tenc14:06
tencI can't decide if syslinux is a pain or if I'm just a noob with boot loaders.14:09
tencProbably the latter.14:09
wrsttenc: curious why syslinux?14:20
twaynepricemorning tenc14:22
tencFollowing the ArchWiki for creating a bootable USB that doesn't just dd the ISO so I can put other things on it and the guide seems to prefer syslinux.14:22
wrstahh yes tenc, also arch on virtual box I have always had to use syslinux14:24
wrstmorning twayneprice14:25
twaynepricemorning wrst14:28
wrsttwayneprice: I looked at att's map last night, big white no service spot over brotherton :)14:29
twaynepriceI can confirm that is true.  :)14:29
wrstha ha it really does look pretty good most other places, but they don't do a strength map14:30
twaynepriceIt is not very good in Lebanon either.  When anyone here at work gets a call they have to run outside to answer.  :)  I drop calls 4 or 5 times on my way home.14:31
wrstok that's pretty sorry14:31
wrstI keep finding things cheaper but with all of them seem to be making a sacrifice of some sort14:31
wrstand right now my sacrifices are minimal vs verizon14:31
wrsttenc: sorry got distracted from a conversation from yesterday, I've used some tool to do what you are doing14:32
wrstmaybe from pendrive linux or something similar14:33
twaynepriceI just looked at the map.  It actually show moderate at my house and at church.  The church is right at the intersection of Buck Mountain Rd and Mountain Top Ln.  I live on Decatur about an inch away.  :)14:33
wrstso moderate means zero now evidently14:34
twaynepricein moderation.  :)14:35
wrstso my hope is that my wife gets over her iphone addiction14:36
twaynepriceGood luck with that.  :)14:50
wrstyes exactly not likely to happen :)14:56

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