SymmetriaMirror server hardware arrived in London04:45
Symmetriaand is on its way to Kenya04:45
bduk1Morning everyone05:23
inetprogood morning05:47
Squirmmorning all05:58
inetprosuperfly: I rest my case06:10
inetprovodacom q3 results are confirming for me why we still need to see a massive reduction in price of data06:12
inetprodespite all the inefficiencies they still manage to grow in revenue far too much06:13
magespawngood morning 06:14
inetprohi magespawn06:14
inetproVD data revenue up 40.7% 06:14
magespawnthat sounds good, should by shares06:15
* inetpro calls it exploitation 06:15
inetprothe average data used up 83.5% to 254 MB pm06:17
Squirmnuvolari: ?06:20
magespawnsome would argue that you do not need to use the product if you do not want to06:20
magespawni would argue that the cheaper the price the more people will use, and more people will use the product in total06:21
superflyinetpro: ?06:23
Squirmnuvolari: I'm sure you could get away with something like a USB webcam in a waterproof housing of some sort. Run motion on your linux machine, you can configure it to start recording when it does detect motion.06:24
SquirmYou could also probably find a 4 channel DVR and cameras for a good price at something like the china mall in Durbs06:26
inetprosuperfly: just referring back to our meeting the other day06:26
inetproI said price of data should still come down06:26
superflyoh right06:26
inetprothese guys are still smiling all the way to the bank without really improving it in a way that the public can notice a difference06:28
magespawnindeed, looking after their bottom line, as always06:28
ThatGraemeGuymorning peeps06:30
inetprogood morning ThatGraemeGuy06:30
inetprowb bduk106:32
magespawnhi ThatGraemeGuy 07:00
magespawninetpro that munin seems to be gem, i think you would make a fair teacher/mentor in the the practical side of network admin07:11
inetpromagespawn: glad you enjoy it07:11
magespawnindeed and a search for it also led me to this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_network_monitoring_systems07:12
magespawnand so on07:12
magespawnand this http://www.networkmanagementsoftware.com/network-management-software-smackdown07:13
inetpromunin does just enough for my purposes but on a larger scale you would probably want other tools07:13
magespawnat the moment there is only 8 desktops on this network 07:16
* inetpro doesn't see the point why anyone would want to buy a commercial product for the same purpose07:20
inetproat least not on a small scale07:20
inetproand as you noticed there are quite a number of choices available right there07:22
inetprowould be quite a mission to try and investigate each one of them07:22
magespawnyup there are a lot, but i will choose a few, and work my way through them when i have time07:23
inetprowb Symmetria07:23
magespawni have used spiceworks before, so i can use that as a benchwark of sorts 07:23
magespawnhi Symmetria 07:23
Symmetriaso confirmed, mirror server hardware should leave London today for Kenya 07:23
Symmetriaall 150 terabytes of disk space and the giant server :) yay07:24
Symmetria10gig network card07:24
inetpromagespawn: most of what I have learned to know was from resources like this channel07:24
Symmetria192gig of ram07:24
Symmetriadual 8 core xeon cpus07:25
Symmetria36 4 terabyte drives in arrays and a couple more internally 07:25
inetproVince-0: hi07:25
Symmetriaand raided SSD's to boot off 07:25
inetproSymmetria: interesting that you would use raided SSD's07:27
inetpro*to boot off07:27
inetproSymmetria: what OS are you installing?07:28
Symmetriainetpro just makes things a little quicker and considering the investment in the server it didnt make much difference to the price 07:28
Symmetriaubuntu server 07:28
inetproyou really need that much ram?07:30
inetprowould be very interesting to know more details of your setup07:32
Symmetriainetpro the ram is to stop disk thrashing when doing releases07:43
Symmetriaso its all cached in ram07:43
Symmetriainetpro basically the mirror server is a dell R72007:52
Symmetriawith dual xeon cpus07:52
Symmetriaand 192 gig of ram07:52
Symmetria10gig network card plugged straight into the backbone07:52
Symmetriabehind the server are 3 dell powervault units 07:52
Symmetriaon dual channel eSAS connections07:52
Symmetriaeach of those powervault units contains 12 x 4TB terabyte drives and the PV3200 has raid offload processors on it as well07:53
inetproand the software setup?07:54
Symmetriasoftware setup is ubuntu server, ftp server will be vsftpd, web server I'm still debating, probably lighttpd 07:56
Symmetriawe could easily run apache on there but I prefer not to run something so heavy for serving content 07:57
charlgood morning07:57
charlMaaz_: coffee on07:57
* Maaz_ puts the kettle on07:58
charlhi Symmetria 07:58
Symmetriamorning charl07:58
SymmetriaI've also got permission from UFS to do initial syncs from them so we can do those at pretty high speed07:58
Symmetriaand Im working with sourceforge to get another mirror online there as well07:59
Symmetriaand Im looking at dedicating 2 x STM-1 to this project to europe purely for sync, alternatively I have a few hundred meg of bandwidth via the far east I can use07:59
charlSymmetria: building mirrors again? fun stuff :)08:01
charlwhere are you gonna be running them from? your basement? :)08:01
Symmetriacharl, lol, its going into the kenyan data centre, and it makes mirror.ac.za setup look like a joke08:02
Maaz_Coffee's ready for charl!08:02
charlMaaz_: thanks08:02
Maaz_charl: Sure08:02
charlSymmetria: sounds good !08:02
charli was listening to a talk by jason appelbaum at the 30c3 yesterday evening08:03
charlabsolutely shocking what the nsa has been up to, especially with the firmware hacking and router exploitations08:03
Vince-0Haai mense08:13
charlhi Vince-0 08:13
Vince-0wat mekeer08:14
inetproSymmetria: I guess rsync is the one app that will probably need most of that RAM?08:14
Symmetriainetpro rsync needs a fair amount, but its more about the tcp window sizes 08:17
Symmetriawhen doing syncs to get proper throughput from international points over latency, you need large tcp windows08:18
Symmetriaand the moment you let your tcp window sizes scale, you start to chew through ram08:18
Symmetriaand linux gets very grumpy if you run outta ram for your tcp windows, it doesn't swap it properly and the box kernel panics08:18
inetproso you constantly tweak it or you have a standard setting?08:19
Symmetriastandard setting, 3meg default, scaling up to 64meg 08:20
inetprowhat settings do you tweak?08:29
inetprosorry for being lazy here08:29
inetprobut obviously I don't have the same needs here and will probably never need to go there08:30
Symmetriahold a sec, will give you details in a second08:30
inetprohmm... 08:31
* inetpro kicks his self08:31
inetpronever say never08:31
inetpronever is a long time08:31
Symmetriathose primarily and a few other settings08:32
inetprocool, thanks for that08:33
magespawnnever is all the time that ever is08:52
magespawnSymmetria, i do not even understand what you are saying there08:54
magespawnokay i see08:55
magespawnwow turned up some awesome amounts of info just from searching those topics08:59
magespawnmore learning awesome08:59
charlhi magespawn 09:24
Symmetriahttps://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/t31/1492162_10152016874845528_930544194_o.jpg <=== kenya at its best09:41
charlyeah that does really look kenya09:43
charlnice wide angle photo09:43
charlbut low res :(09:43
SquirmSymmetria: a friend of mine is in Kenya too, https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/t1/q77/s720x720/1901698_10152226393980350_1099786999_n.jpg09:43
Squirmcharl: be careful what you wish for, Symmetria's images are normally massive09:44
charlSquirm: one white leg and one brown leg?09:48
charlhi psyatw 09:48
psyatwhi charl09:48
charlhow's it going09:48
* Squirm shrugs09:48
Squirmor fell asleep on her side09:48
charlher... yeah i thought it looks like female legs :)09:49
charli'm off, work needs to be done09:56
charlhave a good day all09:56
magespawnlater all12:35
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magespawngood afternoon13:22
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magespawnlatet all15:18
magespawnlater too15:18
Kilosevening everyone16:18
magespawnGood evening16:31
Kiloshi magespawn 16:32
Kiloslo not_found 16:32
Kilosin between everyone else16:32
not_foundhow is everyone ?16:32
magespawnHey , how's it going?16:32
magespawnHi not-found16:32
Kilosdunno been offline all day16:32
Kilosyou guys mustnt miss next meeting16:33
magespawnI noticed16:33
Kiloshopefully we gonna get some changes made here16:33
magespawnHow so Kilos?16:33
Kilosbeen thinking about the pros suggestion to allow only registered nicks here16:34
Kilosi like if its switchable16:34
Kilossome noobs need help getting nicks registered16:34
magespawnRegistered makes it easier to control16:34
Private_User'sup people, Kilos, magespawn, not_found16:35
magespawnThere channels and help for that16:35
Kiloshi Private_User 16:35
magespawnHi Private_User16:35
Kiloshe said it is a switchable option magespawn so thats good16:35
Kilosjust switch on in troubled times16:36
Private_Userbut how many people here don't have registered nicks?16:36
Private_UserI thought all people on this channel had registered nicks16:37
Kilosit will definitely stop bad dudes/trolls16:37
magespawn That might create problems on its own Kilos16:37
magespawnPrivate_User the ones that cause problems16:37
Private_Userlol ok16:37
Kilosexplain magespawn 16:37
magespawnWell if some people come here without a registered nick, then try to get back when it is switched on, could cause misunderstanding and frustration16:39
magespawnExpecially for the casual visitors16:39
Kiloswe can explain to noobs they gotta register their nicks to use this channel16:40
Kilosbut thats why i say we need it switchable16:40
Kiloslike the fly spent a day and night banning nicks from one idiot16:41
not_found-1 on the suggestion16:41
Kilosbusy peeps havent got that kinda time to waste16:41
Private_Userbut how would you know there is a noob trying to get onto the channel if their nick is not registered. some users will just say flip it I will use #ubuntu16:41
magespawnImagine a shop that is only open a certain times but you do not know when, how long would you carry on going there?16:41
not_foundone idiot should just have been banned on the IP level for a day or two16:42
Kilosi said we can switch it on only when there are probs and the rest of the time it can be as is now16:42
Kilosyou didnt see it not_found 16:43
not_foundand the same person that switches it on can just ban the person16:43
Private_Userbut what if that shop gives excellent service and lotsa freebies and the goods are all half the price of the normal price16:43
not_foundyou can ban on ip level and then no matter what nicks he chooses he is banned16:43
Kiloshe kept coming back from different proxies and different nicks16:43
not_foundand he has been back how many times?16:43
Kilosmaybe 20 or 30 in that one day and night16:44
not_foundand since then?16:44
Kilosand gave threats16:44
Private_Userso who is that guy, a local?16:44
not_foundjust be careful not to make things worse by trying to make it better ;)16:45
Kiloswe can discuss it at next meet16:45
Kilosget the channel owner here too16:45
Kiloshe was here on the trouble day16:46
Private_Userwow who is the channel owner?16:46
Private_Usermust have been a real shock when he entered that day16:49
Kilosno he is a long time friend16:49
Kilosjust was busy overseas for some years16:49
not_foundsarcasm missed16:51
Private_Userimagine if we had to install software that way again, I would hate to be the person that gets that task16:53
not_foundand then you get one bad sector >.<16:55
Private_Userbtw people the ubuntu-za site when will it be up and running again?17:04
Kiloswell have to find out from tumbleweed 17:05
tumbleweedyeah, sorry I broke it. and I'm waiting for superfly to fix it :)17:05
magespawnI remember  Win 95 upgrade was 15  disks and you had to have dos 6.22 and win 3.11 installed first and they were 4 or so disk each17:06
Private_Useryep and making a boot disk took 4 stiffy disks with win 200017:09
not_foundoh wow17:10
not_foundlast time I messed with stiffies was to install Warcraft 2 and that was compressed with arj unto 23 disks... what a pita17:11
magespawnBack again17:27
Kiloswhew bad modem day17:27
not_foundup and down day connection wise I see17:32
nuvolariwow... [download] 100% of 1.33GiB in 00:3119:37
nuvolarinot minutes19:38
Kiloslo nuvolari 19:38
Kiloswas jy beroof19:38
Kiloswow that is fast19:38
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 19:41
nuvolarija :-/ al die koper pype 19:41
nuvolarien hulle was vandag WEER hier om die bietjie wat oor is ook te vat19:41
Kilosai! ook19:41
Kilosvervang met plastiek pype19:42
nuvolarieish, I hope my vps stays up. just doing an upgrade19:43
nuvolarija oom, dit gaan nou 'n aluminium-composite wees19:44
nuvolariek hoop hulle los dit nou uit19:44
nuvolariek wil ook kyk of ek nie 'n kamera iewers kan opsit nie19:44
nuvolari'n spy cam19:44
nuvolariek wil net 'n idee kry hoeveel hier aangaan terwyl ek weg is19:44
Kilospraat met mageorr dit19:45
Kilosdis wat hy doen19:45
nuvolariah, sal definitief, dankie oom Kilos 20:26
nuvolarihello not_found :)20:26
not_foundhello nuvolari , how are you?20:27
not_foundquiet huh20:29
nuvolariirestarted to get moar freebies20:38
not_foundwb then nuvolarii 20:40
nuvolariinot entirely20:41
nuvolariican't see my system :O20:41
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=== nuvolari_ is now known as nuvolari
not_foundone of those days nuvolari ?20:44
nuvolarinot_found: uh-huh20:45
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight. have a good shift not_found 20:51
not_foundthanks uncle Kilos ... sleep tight20:51
nuvolariugh, need 1 more reboot21:02
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