glitsj16Flat4ForLife: arghh, well, did you stop the install ?00:00
Flat4ForLifeYes. I'm editing the blacklist files real quick cause they have nouveau in them00:00
digsJabo - I thought I was running 12.. that was the other instance. This one is 13.04 and the motd is telling me that 13.10 is available.00:01
digsI just updated all packages00:01
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: yep, that is what it will take, or reinstall nouveau and let the system do it, whatever you feel comfortable with00:01
Flat4ForLifeHow can I reinstall nouveau?00:02
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg-video-nouveau00:02
Flat4ForLifeNeed Internet haha00:03
EnderLanceHi guys, I need help setting up my Ubuntu Server...00:03
EnderLanceI installed properly (I hope) but the wlan0 interface that I used during the installation disappeared and I don't have any networking interface!00:04
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: sorry, didn't think straight aka goofed up .. so manual edits i suppose00:04
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: always roadblocks ahead in situations like this, nice to see you're still smiling heh00:05
EnderLanceCan anybody help me?00:05
digsIs there any good reason to update to 13.10 or is keeeping the packages up to date enough?00:06
ikoniadigs: what are you currently running ?00:06
ikoniadigs: any problems with it ?00:06
ikoniadigs: ok, hang tight then, keep it up to date and enjoy00:06
digsCool, thank you for the response.00:07
EnderLanceGuys, I really need help...00:07
JaboEnderLance, don't ask if you can get help. Just ask your question.00:07
JaboIRC etiquette man.00:08
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: actually, if you purged nvidia you shouldn't have to do much, just check /etc/modprobe00:08
EnderLanceAlright then, I installed Ubuntu Server 13.10 and the wlan0 network interface was working during the installation but not after...00:08
ikoniaEnderLance: why are you using ubuntu server with wireless cards ?00:08
ikoniasurly the desktop would be a better option00:08
EnderLanceIt's a laptop with a broken screen I have no other use for it...00:08
* Jabo agrees with ikonia00:08
ikoniathe desktop install will still be a better target as it will have the network-manager setup which can manage wireless connections00:09
Jaboyou don't need the server edition00:09
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: correction: check /etc/modprobe.d and take out anything that has filenames with nvidia in it00:09
Flat4ForLifeNo luck00:09
Flat4ForLifeOK will do00:09
digsHow do I change the command line to be able to pull up history of a partial match? For example, say you do a vi command then 5 cd commands and then you want to go back to the vi command. I don't want to up arrow 6 times, I just want to type vi then up arrow and have it get the command.00:09
ikoniaset -o vi00:09
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: it makes ense that you can't find anything anymore, so you can try a reboor now00:10
digsno.. for any command.00:10
ikoniayes, set -o vi00:10
EnderLanceI had the desktop edition.... Isn't the server edition supposed to be faster? I mean, less programs and stuff?00:10
digsSay it was a service command I did like 20 commands ago... I want to type service up arrow and have it be there. Still the same command ikonia ?00:10
ikoniayes, set -o vi00:10
digshah. okay. thanks.00:10
digsikonia, no... I am talking about altering .bashrc00:12
EnderLanceSo you guys just don't know how to help me?00:12
Flat4ForLifeOK I got it running, now half my screen is jacked up and the bottom half is fine00:12
Flat4ForLifeI logged in though00:12
ikoniaset -o vi in bashrc00:13
Jaboyes we do EnderLance, you don't need the server edition. install the desktop edition.00:13
ikoniaor on the command line00:13
ikoniait really doesn't matter00:13
daftykinsEnderLance: honestly a server OS does not belong on wifi00:13
ikoniaEnderLance: find out what kenrel module your wireless card needs, check if it's present, check if it's being loaded,00:13
ikoniaEnderLance: there you go, that is the first stage of debugging00:13
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: lol, nice you made it back, at least you can  .. sudo apt-get install pastebinit ..00:14
EnderLancefine, I'll just install desktop and deal with a Octal-Core 2.4 GHz CPU 8GB RAM computer running really slow...00:15
EnderLancethanks anyways.00:15
ikoniaEnderLance: why would it run slow ?00:15
Flat4ForLifeHaha OK once I get it connected00:15
willwhEnderLance: that's just silly00:15
EnderLanceNot exactly sure why...00:15
ikoniaEnderLance: you can't be serious thinking a machine with 8gb of ram and 4 cores will run "slow"00:15
EnderLanceBut it did00:15
ikoniaEnderLance: visually slow, or resource slow00:15
EnderLanceI don't use the visuals, it was the actual processes00:16
ikoniaEnderLance: can you give me an example of a process running slow please.00:16
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: when you have that we'll check if you got the kernel headers installed: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) | pastebinit00:16
EnderLanceBukkit 1.7.2 (Minecraft server)00:16
EnderLance6GB ram for the server00:16
ikoniaEnderLance: that's nothing to do with desktop/server00:17
ikoniaEnderLance: if a java app takes 6gb of ram, it will take 6gb of ram on a server/desktop install the same00:17
EnderLancedidn't think of that...00:17
ikoniaEnderLance: thats a big java thread, your heap size was probably set wrong00:17
ikonia(at a blind guess)00:17
EnderLancek... I'll stick to desktop then and look into jre a bit more.00:18
EnderLancethanks ikonia!00:19
Flat4ForLifePaste .Ubuntu.com/687612200:19
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: lspci -nnk | grep Network -A 2 .. that should tell you the wireless chip and driver, we can give it a shot to get it going00:19
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: okay thanks00:20
Flat4ForLifeI have to step away for a few I'll be back though (gotta work)00:20
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: no problem, i'll be around00:20
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Flat4ForLifeSounds good thanka00:21
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=== i is now known as Guest49238
fierannawithout using wIne are there any credible alternatives to blender?00:27
douglglitsj16, " i don't know for sure the saucy version will work correct, but you can always ppa-purge it when it doesn't .. so not that much risk involved, but ask around, i never used it" - I did and did a netsplit before he could help me resolve the issue00:28
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
douglglitsj16, can you?00:28
glitsj16dougl: a split? :p .. we'll try00:29
douglglitsj16, not what they are called - thanks tho :)00:29
glitsj16dougl: give me 1 minute if you would and we can give it a shot00:29
somsip!zh | linubuntunix00:31
ubottulinubuntunix: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw00:31
glitsj16dougl: do you want to change the ppa to saucy or purge it all together?00:32
linubuntunixr u bot?00:32
douglchange it glitsj1600:32
glitsj16dougl: ok, can you open "gksudo gedit" or editor of your choice and navigate to the ppa file under /etc/apt/sources.list.d please00:33
douglglitsj16, nano says it is a directory00:35
glitsj16dougl: it is yes, you should open the file in question, will have richter in its name00:35
glitsj16ls -lh /etc/apt/sources.list.d | grep richter00:36
glitsj16should be easy to spot the correct one00:36
ffffdoes anybody here have experience w/ dokku?00:36
harrisno floodbots!!!!!!!!00:37
douglglitsj16, there is only two files same name one with .save extension00:37
glitsj16dougl: you're looking for the one without the .save00:38
glitsj16dougl: once you get that into nano, it's a quick edit: exchange 'trusty' for 'saucy' and save the file00:38
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douglk done glitsj16 saved too00:40
harriswhat is the ubuntu newsletter page00:41
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glitsj16dougl: so now's the time to .. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install grub-customizer00:41
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glitsj16harris: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter00:42
harrisno channel irc00:42
glitsj16harris: i don't know, but you can search the bot with the !alis command00:43
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*00:43
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist and !alis - See also !Guidelines00:43
Flat4ForLifeOK I'm back for a few00:44
Flat4ForLifeAny new ideas?00:44
glitsj16harris: checked the page, should be #ubuntu-news00:44
douglglitsj16, like a dream = thanks for the help :)00:44
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: welcome back00:44
glitsj16dougl: very welcome :)00:44
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glitsj16Flat4ForLife: installing the nvidia-319 correct?00:45
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
Flat4ForLifeIf thats the next step, the yes. However I lost my chat log, can you post the command again?00:45
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: sure: sudo apt-get install nvidia-31900:46
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: that'll install the nvidia-settings as well, no need to add that00:46
Flat4ForLifeOK might take a few to download00:47
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: if you get any errors, pastebin those .. yes let it run, it will need to build the driver00:47
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: when closing a few browser tabs i saw your first pic again .. are you in a root shell now?00:51
Flat4ForLifeNope, back to the GUI I was able to get back to nouveau00:52
Flat4ForLifeI was earlier though00:52
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: okay, just needed to change the command if you were00:53
Flat4ForLifeI'm going to let this sit and downloaf, it's going to be a little bit. I'll come back once it's done00:53
=== Guest98457 is now known as VlanX
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: ofcourse, jump in when ready .. we need to confirm the build and basically you can reboot after that00:54
Flat4ForLifeOK sounds good. Thanks again00:54
Demon_JesterHey guys, quick question, I am using arecord to record from my mic, and im piping it through oggenc to compress it to .ogg format. Question is, is there a way to increase the recording volume? it seems little quiet while recording00:59
mrp123Hey guys, wondering how you guys manage to annotate pdfs?01:01
mrp123Okular provides some annotation but doesn't save it to the pdf for other viewers to view.01:01
VlanXis there anything for ubuntu to manage many SSH connection terminals?01:02
mrp123VlanX why not use many terminals?01:04
pnunnVlanX: take a look at PAC01:04
VlanXmrp123: because it's inconvenient if you have too many01:05
lysobitVlanX: screen?01:05
mrp123You must have quitea few01:05
glitsj16Demon_Jester: if you have pavucontrol you could slide up the volume of your playback and/or recording settings to a suitable level01:05
VlanXmrp123: about 20ish01:05
Demon_Jesterpavucontrol? I will check it out.01:05
mrp123VlanX, wow01:06
testtorrris here01:06
FuuqUmistdoes anyone know how to setup the audio input01:06
lysobitVlanX: http://kb.iu.edu/data/acuy.html01:06
lysobitVlanX: sounds like screen might be what you're looking for01:06
Demon_Jesterscreen is a awesome program to use.01:06
VlanXlysobit: I was actually looking for something like PAC; I didnt know that program01:08
VlanXI'm installing it now.. thanks pnunn01:08
glitsj16FuuqUmist: pavucontrol does that too, it has playback, recording, output, input and configuration tabs .. the latter lets you pick a profile for both high def and built-in audio01:10
lazyPowerI've encountered an interesting issue. Using my Macbook Air 5,2 - when i use the touchpad it randomly brings up the alt-tab switcher. Has anyone seen this behavior?01:10
thimoteoolá i am Brazilian01:11
FuuqUmistglitsj16 i plugged in a mic to the laptop but the mic that is working is the one that is integrated into the laptop01:11
fierannalazyPower: seems like a gesture shortcut01:12
glitsj16FuuqUmist: in the input devices tab of pavucontrol you should be able to choose thru a dropdown01:12
lazyPowerfieranna: I don't see settings for that in the ubuntu mouse/touchpad settings. Can you direct me where i would find those?01:13
FuuqUmistok, i'll check it out01:13
thimoteois my first time here01:13
fierannalazyPower: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch01:14
glitsj16FuuqUmist: it's also possible in the system settings > sound entree, looks a bit different but offers similar stuff01:14
wdkevinfourEverytime I restart the networking service, it will work fine for about 5 seconds, then it just stops. I can ping, and it will stop after about 5 seconds, then nothing. I can even open full websites in that first 5 seconds. Then it stops. As soon as I restart the networking service, it does the same thing all over again. What gives?01:14
thimoteosomeone here has more of Brazil?01:14
glitsj16!br | thimoteo01:15
ubottuthimoteo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:15
=== _monokrome is now known as monokrome
dupingpinghow to configure the window waiting time?01:15
lazyPowerfieranna: thanks, not sure how i missed that one.01:16
thimoteoanyone feel like talking?01:16
tangorriI need php 5.4 on 12lts01:16
glitsj16dupingping: window waiting time, can you tell us what you mean exactly?01:17
dupingpingif window is not response for long time,01:17
tangorridon't have add-apt-repository ....01:17
dupingpingwindow is darked.01:18
xangua tangorri using a server install¿01:18
glitsj16dupingping: okay, i get what you mean, you can run the command "xkill" from terminal and you'll get a marker to hit the window with01:18
dupingpingbut my window is busy for a long time, is not died!01:18
dupingpingglitsj16: no kill!01:19
VlanXpnunn: wow PAC really works great01:19
glitsj16dupingping: ow i see, i don't think you can configure that actually01:19
xanguatangorri: you need to install software-properties-common to be  able to add a  PPA repository01:19
tangorrior maybe I'll translate all my [] notation in php ....01:20
tangorriif 5.4 is not in repos that means it's not production safe right ?01:20
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
somsiptangorri: it is available on more recent versions, or you can use ondrej's PPA but take care as this will also upgrade apache2 to 2.4 which requires some changes. Or use ondrej/old-stable. And PPAs are not supported here, so you're on your own if you do this01:22
somsiptangorri: if all you need is [] then use search/replace to array() and stay on official repos01:22
tangorrigoind to bed thanks guys, c u01:23
new_catthere is a file in a directory i can't open (says file not found). how do i check for file system errors of a specific directory without rebooting?01:29
Valduarekeep crashing lol01:29
ValduareI made a flash drive with unetbootin yesterday  on my mac01:30
Valduarethen I booted with it and installed ubuntu -01:30
Valduarenow today i made another one with unetbooin on my mac but the mac won't see the drive...01:30
Valduareim stuck01:30
=== user____ is now known as basichash
tjd797hi can someone help me with on here with my ubuntu software? i am new to it and have a few questions.01:42
somsip!ask | tjd79701:43
ubottutjd797: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:43
tjd797my disc space is 100% full and i can't clear up disc space i've looked on google and tried almost everything. i can't update my software either and it needs to be updated. but i can't because of the disc space01:44
somsiptjd797: what have you tried to clear disk space?01:45
tjd797i've tried sudo apt-get clean on the terminal, and mostly everything searched i've search on google under "how to free up disc space on ubuntu"01:46
glitsj16somsip: if Flat4Life shows up, would you mind telling him i'll be back in 10 minutes please? or help him out, he is installing nvidia-319 and should confirm the module build (sudo dkms status) and then go for reboot .. but i'll be back before most likely01:46
somsipglitsj16: I'll try to look out for him for you01:46
tjd797i'm not sure what to do anymore.01:47
glitsj16somsip: great thanks :) bbl01:47
somsiptjd797: can you paste the output of df -h using paste.ubuntu.com (or dear...I'm at 96% too)01:47
dupingpinghow to contigure window reponse timeout?01:47
tjd797how do i do that?01:47
dupingpingmy window busy for a long time.01:48
somsipOpen a browser window to paste.ubuntu.com, open a terminal and fo the command 'df -h', copy from terminal and paste to browser, copy and paste url here01:48
tjd797tyler@tyler:~$ df -h Filesystem               Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root  455G   11G  421G   3% / none                     4.0K     0  4.0K   0% /sys/fs/cgroup udev                     1.9G  4.0K  1.9G   1% /dev tmpfs                    391M  860K  390M   1% /run none                     5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock none                     2.0G  484K  2.0G   1% /run/shm none                     100M   01:49
somsiptjd797: paste to paste.ubuntu.com not here. I can't read that01:49
tjd797woops ok doing it now01:49
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dupingpinghow to contigure window reponse timeout?01:52
somsipdupingping: explain what you want to do01:52
=== Guest50898 is now known as RyanKnack
Tjd797_somsip did you click the link i sent?01:53
dupingpingi want timeout for a long time.01:53
somsipTjd797_: I see no link. Can you repaste?01:53
somsipdupingping: timeout for what, in what circumstances?01:53
Tjd797_i've tried everything i really hope you could help me.01:53
dupingpingmy window busy for a long time, but it is die.01:54
dupingpingmy window busy for a long time, but it is died.01:54
Tjd797_i sent the link01:54
dupingpingand window is darked.01:54
somsipTjd797_: so /boot is full which means you are full of old kernels (probably). There is a one-liner to clear this I'm trying to find for you01:54
somsipdupingping: use xkill if you need to kill it01:54
Tjd797_okay thank you hope you can find it01:54
dupingpingno kill, i must wait it finish.01:55
somsipdupingping: wait then.01:55
dupingpingit just busy, but it was darked.01:55
somsipTjd797_: http://is.gd/jwDB6S for the one liner, or pick and choose manually using instructions here (lots of methods) http://is.gd/dMKqOA01:57
somsipTjd797_: just be careful and make sure you are happy with the approach you choose. Maybe safely deleted the oldest kernel to make sure you understand the process.01:57
glitsj16dupingping: usually when a window darkens it has become unresponsive .. if it was a terminal app/script that's different01:57
=== FuuqUmist is now known as FuuqUmiist
dupingpingit is not terminal app/script, it is a window.01:58
dupingpingonly way is rewrite my code?01:59
=== gerald is now known as Guest65758
glitsj16dupingping: if you don't see movement in the window, i guess that's the bottomline yes01:59
somsipdupingping: what is the application that is running?01:59
somsipglitsj16: he didn't come back01:59
glitsj16dupingping: you could add a small animation, so you'd be able to check visually01:59
dupingpingthe application was wrote me02:00
glitsj16somsip: he's at work so that makes sense .. thank you for keeping an eye open02:00
somsipdupingping: then you need to debug it. That's not something we can help you with here02:00
somsipglitsj16: np02:00
dupingpingglitsj16: somsip: thank you!02:01
glitsj16dupingping: back to the code :) no trouble02:01
dupingpingyes glitsj1602:01
dupingpingwhat is oldest device supported ubuntu12.04.3?02:03
dupingpingwhat is oldest device supported by ubuntu12.04.3?02:03
CookiesRgooDGuys. IDK what to do anymore. Done a ton of research already. Running Acer C710-2615 chromebook. Removed chromeos and put xubuntu 12.04.3. My problem is that my trackpad does not work. It does in Saucy salamander 13. Thoughts on how to get the trackpad working on 12?02:04
somsipdupingping: what sort of device?02:06
somsipCookiesRgooD: maybe there is kernel/driver support in 13.10 that is not in 12.04. You'd need to find where/when this was introduced and see if there are patches that can be made to 12.04. Why can't you use 13.10?02:07
dupingpingsomsip: about CPU02:11
somsipdupingping: that is supported by the kernel. So you would need to look elsehwere for that information, based on the current kernel in use in 12.0402:12
somsip!info linux-image-generic precise | dupingping02:12
ubottudupingping: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB02:12
dupingpingsomsip: oldest CPU supported by
dupingping!info linux-image-generic precise | somsip02:13
ubottusomsip: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB02:13
dupingping somsip: oldest CPU supported by
somsipdupingping: I'm not searching for that for you02:15
dupingpingah yes, thanks, somsip02:15
Flat4ForLifeglitsj16: you around?02:19
Valduaregah I give up trying to get ubuntu on my macbook pro 7.102:20
Flat4ForLifeIt took me forever valduare, but I got it. What problem are you running into? I'm on an older Macbook pro02:20
prplIf I install ubuntu to a prepared partition on a hdd that has linux mint and winxp, will the new grub menu include all three oses ? thanks02:21
ValduareI'm trying to boot the mac version iso02:21
Valduarebut won't show up02:21
ValduareFlat4ForLife: I have rEFInd installed02:21
Flat4ForLifeWhat did you use to create the bootable mrdia02:22
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: right here :)02:22
Flat4ForLifeWoo! I was worried you'd gone to bed haha02:22
rwwprpl: yep, assuming everything goes well02:22
Flat4ForLifeOK so it installed, no errors it seems02:23
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: haha, it's tempting, but not yet, i didn't want to let you dangle, especially if you're close (if things run normal)02:23
Flat4ForLifeSorry it took so long, had to actually work for a bit haha02:23
prplI'll see what happens02:23
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: great, quick check: sudo dkms status02:23
ValduareFlat4ForLife: I used unetbootin with a regular ubuntu 64 iso yesterday and it boots02:23
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: has to be done, no problem02:23
Valduarebut the mac version - the usb does not show up02:23
Flat4ForLifeValduare: Don't use the Mac version then, it's not required02:24
VoidMainFunctionCome to our newly established server.02:25
VoidMainFunctionAll bots running on separate 100mb lines.02:25
VoidMainFunctionCurrently Serving over 1.2 TeraBytes.02:25
VoidMainFunctionCome check us out before we reach capacity and go private!02:25
VoidMainFunctionIrc.Death2Kitty.net   <-- server02:25
VoidMainFunctionhttp://redrohn.org/xdcc  <--- a link to our websearch, search for individual packs or just browse what each bot has to offer02:25
ValduareFlat4ForLife: I got a regular install up and going but if I try the proprietary nvidia drivers its black screen02:25
Valduarebecause the nvidia drivers do not support efi boot02:25
somsip!spam | VoidMainFunction02:25
ubottuVoidMainFunction: Please don't spam02:25
rwwVoidMainFunction: no advertising here, thanks.02:25
Flat4ForLifeThat's where I'm at man, working on it as we speak02:25
Valduareso the mac version is suppose to legacy bios02:25
Flat4ForLifeGlitsj16: could not locate dkms. Conf file, doesn't exist02:26
glitsj16Valduare: nvidia drivers should work regardless, black screen could mean several things ofcourse, but should be fixable02:26
Valduareglitsj16: no its because of efi - its stated that they do not support efi boot02:27
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: odd, should be a dependency of nvidia, let's do .. sudo apt-get install dkms02:27
Flat4ForLifeValduare: that's not with the Mac version, it's the drivers. They are a pain in the ass02:27
Flat4ForLifeYou boot fine with the nouveau drivers right?02:28
ValduareI have a current efi booting ubuntu install atm02:28
Flat4ForLifeSaid it was installed already glits, but I reinstalled it02:28
Valduarebut nouveau crashes after min or so02:28
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: ok, let me do a quick check on the dkms conf here02:28
Flat4ForLifeSo then it works valduare, the drivers are just picky. I still haven't gotten mine to work either02:29
Jordan_UValduare: The +mac iso is identical to the non +mac iso, except that the +mac iso has the EFI bootloader *removed* from its image. You should *not* use the +mac iso as a base for making a USB drive that will boot on a Mac, you should use the standard 64 bit iso instead.02:29
ValduareI read that it sets up the bios mode - whatever they called it :P02:29
Valduaremy brain is getting fried lol02:29
Flat4ForLifeIt uses a grub bootloader, you should see it when you boot now02:30
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: ls -lh /etc/dkms .. should be 2 dirs and 1 file called framework.conf02:30
Flat4ForLifeCorrect glits02:30
Jordan_UValduare: In case you want to know the gory details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37999/what-is-different-about-the-mac-iso-image .02:30
cammmmmhi all02:30
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: cat /etc/dkms/framework.conf | pastebinit02:31
ValduareJordan_U: aye thats where it talked about the mac version setting grub up for bios mode instead of efi02:31
Valduarewhy is there a mac version if I shouldn't use it02:31
cammmmmwhere is the best place for a linux noob to go for info and how-tos?02:31
libcrackaHow can I view license information on software, i'm thinking about installing?02:31
cfhowlettcammmmm, !manual|02:31
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:32
cammmmmahh, thanks!!02:32
Valduarelibcracka: google the software02:32
libcrackaValduare: ah, it'd be cool if "apt-cache show software" would give the license info02:33
libcrackathanks tho02:33
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: looks allright .. let's look for the executable .. which dkms02:33
Valduarelibcracka: it could - write a patch :)02:33
Flat4ForLifeIt's /usr/sbin/dkms02:33
libcrackaValduare: Good idea been considering contributing somewhere. thank for the suggestions02:34
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: that's where it needs to be .. actually never seen that error before .. checking permissions on that: ls -lh /usr/sbin/dkms | pastebinit02:35
Flat4ForLife-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 127k may 29 201302:36
Jordan_UValduare: You should use it for CDs, you shouldn't use if for USBs (and hopefully with newer Apple machines the regular image will work on CDs as well).02:36
ValduareI don't have any blank dvd's right now02:37
Valduarethe image is too large for a cd I think02:37
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: again correct, i'm looking at some info right now, like https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DKMS to see if we can produce what it seems to be missing, i'll be back shortly02:38
Flat4ForLifeOK thanks02:38
Jordan_Ulibcracka: You can look at the copyright file on packages.ubuntu.com.02:38
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: cat /etc/modprobe.d/dkms.conf | pastebinit02:39
libcrackaJordan_U: Thank you02:39
=== cammmmm is now known as cambo
Jordan_Ulibcracka: Anything in main or universe should follow DFSG though: http://www.debian.org/social_contract02:40
Jordan_Ulibcracka: You're welcome.02:40
libcrackaJordan_U: I see, so I can use that as somewhat of a gauge. thanks02:41
CookiesRgooDIf anyone could help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it. I have an Acer C710-2615 chromebook. I removed the chromeos and put xubuntu 12.04.3 onto it. My problem is that my trackpad does not work. I can not get it to initialize. Though it did work on Saucy salamander. Anyone have any thoughts?02:42
Flat4ForLifeErr, Ubuntu lol sorry phones dumb02:42
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: looking good .. sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia .. and tell us what you see (if anything)02:44
wagonboiUbuntu 12.04 starts up and says "System Program error detected". I installed Oracle's JDK a few days ago. Where to start?02:44
ActionparsnipWagonboi: in apport's log I'd say02:45
ActionparsnipWagonboi: /var/log/apport02:46
wagonboiActionparsnip, apport is empty, save for the Network manager which crashed on this bootup for some reason02:46
wagonboiActually, that was probably the error02:47
ActionparsnipWagonboi: then that's probably what is causing the popup02:47
wagonboiActionparsnip, how can I reset it to default?02:47
ActionparsnipWagonboi: if you edit /etc/default/apport the error won't show :-)02:48
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: there's a bug on that, probably some bad leftovers .. do you happen to run virtualbox? --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dkms/+bug/83091502:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 830915 in dkms (Ubuntu) "[Oneiric] Error during kernel upgrade: Could not locate dkms.conf file" [High,Confirmed]02:48
Flat4ForLifeSeemed to work but that's the output02:48
wagonboiActionparsnip,  the thing is that I had to turn networking on & off before the laptop rejoined my Wifi :(02:49
lalalaanyone can help me to connect with my other pc with SSH ?02:49
Flat4ForLifeI have virtual box on my mac partition, but Ubuntu is installed to the hard drive02:49
Flat4ForLifeDual boot, not vm02:49
ActionparsnipWagonboi: sounds like a bug then02:49
PeterCassettaHi, I need some help figuring out a booting problem after installing Ubuntu.02:50
wagonboiActionparsnip, probably. Aren't updates supposed to fix things?! /s02:50
ActionparsnipLalala: is the server pc running an ssh service (install openssh-server in Ubuntu to get an SSH service)02:50
ActionparsnipWagonboi: sometimes yes....02:51
PeterCassettaI installed 13.04 on a laptop with Windows Vista02:51
Flat4ForLifePetercassetta: explain what's going on02:51
PeterCassettaNow Windows won't boot properly02:51
ActionparsnipPetecasaetta: what is the issue?02:51
PeterCassettaThe whole Microsoft Corporation loading bar displays when I boot Windows from the GRUB menu02:52
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: okay, let's check for existence of the nvidia module: ls -lh /lib/modules/*/updates/dkms | grep nvidia | pastebinit02:52
ActionparsnipPetercassetta: if you run: sudo update-grub ,do you see Windows listed?02:52
PeterCassettaBut after a short while the screen blinks white and I'm back in the BIOS02:52
ActionparsnipPetercassetta : raring is EOL and no longer supported in any way02:53
PeterCassettaActionparsnip: Checking...02:53
cfhowlettPeterCassetta, probably need to run the windows repair utility - looks like it got confused by the new OS/partitions ...02:53
PeterCassettaActionparsnip: Oops, my bad, I meant to say 13.10 :P02:53
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: so i think the bug might be unrelated if you don't have virtualbox on the ubuntu, but it is odd .. if the former command worked, looks like it did if you can see nvidia kernel object, we can do a reboot to test, but hang on a sec02:54
Flat4ForLifeOk hanging on02:54
ActionparsnipPetercassetta : can you pastebin the output of the update-grub command please02:54
lalalaActionparsnip, then what I have to do after install?02:54
ActionparsnipLalala : connect to the server from the other system. You can do it in Linux with: ssh name@servername02:55
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: you have it, but there's definately something going on, as things stand you should be ok for reboot but a next kernel or nvidia upgrade might throw you back where you were before02:55
Flat4ForLifeSo reboot?02:56
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: are you okay to give it another reboot? timewise i'm fine, i don't have eyes on your situation, just asking02:56
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: if you're up 4 it yes02:56
Flat4ForLifeI'm game haha02:56
ActionparsnipLalala: or: ssh name@ip.address.of.system02:56
glitsj16hehe, cool02:56
ActionparsnipPetercassetta: seems to be detected.  Is the NTFS partition healthy? When did you last run a chkdsk?02:57
Flat4ForLifeAnd we're back in black02:57
Flat4ForLifeNo splash02:58
Flat4ForLifeJust black with flashing line02:58
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit .. fishy hmm02:59
PeterCassettaActionparsnip: Well, nothing abnormal had been going on with Windows prior... but I have not run a chkdsk in a while.02:59
ActionparsnipFlat4forlife: common to have no boot splash with the proprietary video drivers.  Do you eventually see the login page?02:59
Flat4ForLifeNegative, just sits there. How long should I give it?02:59
ActionparsnipPetercassetta : can you get to safe mode in Windows by pressing F8 as soon as you select it in Grub?03:00
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: http://askubuntu.com/questions/227258/error-could-not-locate-dkms-conf-file, just for those bookmarks in case we need to deeper03:00
darkelfjuggaloCan someone direct me to a Mac Channel... someone wants to reformat their computer, but they complain about the linux I put on the laptop that went out[monitor went out] so they wanted to try MAC03:00
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:01
PeterCassettaActionparsnip: Ha, I don't use Windows enough to know that you can do that, but I'll check. :P03:01
ActionparsnipDarkelfjuggalo: #mac or @apple03:01
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: we did check on the blacklisting situation before right? just thinking out loud..03:01
Actionparsnip#apple sorry03:01
darkelfjuggalocghowlett not what I want... it is a PC they want to get rid of Window but dont want linux03:02
darkelfjuggaloactionparsnip thank you03:02
ActionparsnipPetercassetta : it's been like that since win95 ....03:02
PeterCassettaActionparsnip: Still, I'm far more at home in Ubuntu.03:02
ActionparsnipPetercassetta : same03:03
Flat4ForLifeYes, I just commented or deleted them, but Nvidia configuration should have set it up again03:03
Flat4ForLifeI haven't checked since tgen03:03
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: after the paste of the Xorg.0.log, would you also: dmesg | pastebinit please03:03
darkelfjuggaloActionparsnip : both are invitation only on freenode03:03
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: correct, just wasn't sure anymore we did that earlier03:03
Flat4ForLifeI can't get in now, so I'll have to type it or pic it from recovery. Hang om03:03
PeterCassettaActionparsnip: Booting safe mode now...03:03
ActionparsnipDarkelfjuggalo : you just need to be identified.  You will need to register your nick03:04
darkelfjuggalomy nick is registered on freenode03:04
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: those are pretty big files arghh, you were right about painand the rest heh03:04
Flat4ForLifeLol yup, it's dumb03:04
ActionparsnipDarkelfjuggalo : id ask in #freenode what the deal is. There may be other channels or even other networks with channels you can join03:05
Flat4ForLifeOK ya the log in big, can't really paste that03:05
ActionparsnipPetercassetta : id run a full chkdsk to make sure things are ok03:05
darkelfjuggaloI dont know any others very well but I'll look it up03:05
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: might be easier just to do the 'sudo apt-get purge nvidia-319' dance again and reboot into nouveau so you can paste03:06
Flat4ForLifeCan I change it without removing Nvidia?03:06
daftykinsglitsj16: wow you're still going with that guy - what's happening so far? :)03:06
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: can't really see how we can get to the info otherwise03:06
glitsj16daftykins: we're hitting a few roadblocks :)03:06
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: you can try blacklisting the nvidia-319 and undoing the nouveau03:07
Flat4ForLifeCan I display the output by pages?03:07
wjtaylorwhat is the proper term for when a usb disconnects and there is no longer a /dev device for it?03:07
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: anything you can show is a plus03:07
linuxuz3rwhats a good file system sharing for windows linux and mac03:07
ahoneybunlinuxuz3r, I believe that ext3 is a good balanced one but in windows you need 3rd party apps to read it03:08
glitsj16daftykins: his dkms war garbled, dpkg-reconfigure installed the nvidia-319 driver but reboot to black03:08
ahoneybunnot sure about mac I would think it could read it fine03:08
linuxuz3rahoneybun, ok03:09
glitsj16that's about how it stands, not much progress for Flat4ForLife arghh03:09
daftykinsglitsj16: erk! does the 319 support that old chip?03:09
glitsj16daftykins: it should yes, to confirm we need to look at dmesg and Xorg.0.log but he's not able to paste easily right now and those are pretty big files to type over ..03:10
daftykinsi guess you could get him to grep Xorg's log for (WW)03:11
wjtaylorlinuxuz3r: It's a windows world and it's the most picky of the operating systems. Just use NTFS, got to lower the bar to the weakest link so to speak.03:11
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crocketWith Korean(Hangul) input method in Text Entry, the first vowel entered becomes detached from its associated consonant.03:12
wjtaylorhas anyone had an issue with gparted dropping connectivity of usb drives?03:12
glitsj16daftykins: great idea! .. Flat4ForLife: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep "(EE") .. should be shorter03:12
PeterCassettaAnyway, in case anyone else has been listening to my problem, Windows is failing to boot and automatically rebooting.03:12
PeterCassettaShould I try ntfs-fix?03:12
PeterCassetta(Is that what it's called?)03:12
Flat4ForLifeOK blacklist worked back in to login. But once logged in, goes to black03:12
BeldarPeterCassetta, Did you resize windows with the ubuntu install?03:12
daftykinsPeterCassetta: which windows and how far does it get?03:12
PeterCassettaBeldar, yes.03:13
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: did you ever use the nomodeset kernel param? nouveau needs that often ..03:13
PeterCassettadaftykins: Vista03:13
glitsj16!nomodeset | Flat4ForLife03:13
ubottuFlat4ForLife: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:13
Flat4ForLifeYes I did, I'll reboot and double check03:13
BeldarPeterCassetta, Ah, can be a problem, however rarely, Do youp have windows backed up, say an image saved?03:14
daftykinsPeterCassetta: why'd you only answer half my question?03:14
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: courageous :) in the meantime i'll look at some things but without logs it's wild geese ..03:14
PeterCassettadaftykins: It displays the loading bar screen for a while, and then the screen flashes white and the computer reboots.03:14
PeterCassettaBeldar: Nope, but I'm pretty sure I can access the windows partition just fine in Ubuntu.03:15
Flat4ForLifeBack to root prompt haha I'll try what you said a min ago03:15
daftykinsPeterCassetta: hrmm, ok so it's not likely hitting a BSOD then resetting instantly03:15
lupinHey question guys, I am trying to install ubuntu on a partition NTFS but it only sees the whole hard drive not the partition03:15
daftykinslupin: you can't install to NTFS03:16
lupinHow do I do it? I first left it black as unallocated but it didn't show so I formated the drive03:16
BeldarPeterCassetta, When you resize windows it does a auto chkdsk, you might run one from a recovery or install disc, or from the f8 prompt if you can   chkdsk/f would be my choice03:16
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: it sure is giving you the run for its money lol, what a mess .. can you repaste: lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A 2 please .. i lost the browser tab on that..03:17
lupindaftykins does it need to  be as FAT?03:17
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: so we can rule out what daftykins threw on the board (confirming the 319 supports your card)03:17
daftykinslupin: you can't install to either, Ubuntu will need preferably either an ext3 or ext4 file system on the partition it's installed to03:18
PeterCassettaBeldar: Actually there was a recovery partition...03:18
PeterCassettaNot sure if it'll do any good though.03:18
lupindaftykins Alright, what should I do to get it ext? When  I leave it blank as unallocated it tries to install to the entire HD03:18
BeldarPeterCassetta, Did you remove any partitions as part of this install?03:18
dupingpingwhere do i write autorun script?03:18
PeterCassettaBut I could at least probably make a recovery disk from it.03:19
PeterCassettaBeldar: Nope, didn't even go into advanced during Ubuntu install process.03:19
Flat4ForLifeYes, it is and it's very annoying haha03:19
daftykinslupin: is ubuntu going to be the only OS?03:19
BeldarPeterCassetta, Can you run sudo fdisk -l in ubuntu and pastebin it.03:19
PeterCassettaBeldar: Just gave Ubuntu 14 or so GB.03:19
Guest83103hi, how do i enable anon delete on my ftp server? im running vsftpd03:20
crocketText Entry's hangul input method sucks.03:20
lupindaftykins No, I have windows installed onto a SSD and was going to use a small partition on my 2nd HDD to install linux and keep the rest of my media files on that "03:20
PeterCassettaBeldar: Sure, one sec.03:20
axsuulin df -h,  on my dedicated server, it shows I have 96 GB on /dev/md2 mounted on /home, and 20 GB on rootfs mounted to /, is there any way I can transfer that 96GB to rootfs?03:20
crocketWhy does Mark Shutterworth push Text Entry when its input methods suck?03:20
daftykinslupin: which Windows?03:20
kb3ienHaving serious problems with quagga : http://pastebin.ca/262726503:20
lupindaftykins win 803:20
Beldar!ot | crocket03:20
ubottucrocket: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:20
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: ok, i'm going to check the nvidia info on that card again, get some coffee and return .. won't take long03:21
tapouthow do we remove the online integration of the searching/amazon results?  Some say spyware but whatever03:21
PeterCassettatapout: System Settings > Privacy03:21
ubottutapout,: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 and up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:21
cfhowletttapout, or you could just install and use a non-unity desktop environment03:22
daftykinslupin: ah ok, dualboot 8 with an ubuntu is a bit more of a detailed situation than i have the time for now unfortunately, ask here again about how to partition with a dualboot win8 setup03:22
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tapoutahh sweet, thanks guys03:23
PeterCassettatapout: To be more specific, System Settings > Security and Privacy > Search03:23
tapoutPeterCassetta, ya man thank you... i found it!03:23
tapoutonline search results = off :)03:23
PeterCassettatapout: No problem, I don't like them either :)03:24
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=== ranok_ is now known as ranok
tapouti'm going to try the gnome shell, thanks cfhowlett03:28
tapouti got unity sorted, now to try this shell :)03:28
cfhowletttapout, best of luck.  be aware that there is a an official gnome ubuntu flavor03:28
tapoutwhat does that mean?03:28
BeldarPeterCassetta, If you decide to post that fdisk to me be sure to preface it with my nick.03:28
tapoutlike, gubuntu?03:28
smegSo I ran a boot-repair yesterday & now my main 4tb storage drive won't show up in windows, in fact it shows up only in disk management & says it's blank. If I look at it in ubuntu disk utility I am able to mount it & view the files but the disk utility says the partition type  is efi. How do I fix it to show up in windows again?03:29
cfhowletttapout, ubuntugnome.org03:29
PeterCassettaBeldar: Sorry for the wait http://paste.ubuntu.com/687678603:29
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: http://www.geforce.com/drivers confirms your card is supported on the 319 .. although that is good news, we need to look at those logs .. can you paste again right now?03:29
Flat4ForLifeThe whole log? Nope, can't get to a gui03:29
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: let's try: cat /var/log/syslog | grep nvidia .. but that might not even shorten it if it has a lot of errors03:31
BeldarPeterCassetta, Cool I was concerned you had made the HD dynamic, looks good except you have partition numerically out of order is all. The chkdsk might fix this hard to say at this point, but hard to say. Additionally I see no recovery partition.03:33
ardoHi all03:33
ardoIs anyone out there that could possibly help me get Ubuntu running on a custom built computer I just put together?03:33
Beldarardo, details to the channel is where you start for help.03:34
lalalahow can I download a file from my other pc using ssh ?03:34
ubottuardo,: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate03:34
kb3iennetcat is an easy way to move stuff on the lan.03:34
kb3ienor scp03:35
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: dmesg | grep nvidia03:35
ardoSorry, I should've been more specific03:35
ardotrying to install from a USB stick03:35
ardoI get a "operating system missing" error any time I boot03:35
lalalakb3ien, how use scp ?03:36
ardofrom a bootable USB that I created, that is03:36
cfhowlettardo, you have to go into your bios to tell it to boot from the USB03:36
tapoutis there a way to look up the Qt5 repository within ubuntu's terminal or some app without going to a website?03:36
ardoyeah, I've done that03:36
PeterCassettaBeldar: I'm thinking the recovery partition is /dev/sda203:37
somsiplalala: scp user@remote:path/file localpath03:37
PeterCassettaBut yeah, those ids are weird...03:37
BeldarPeterCassetta, you have what loks like a tiny setup for windows, are you sure you did not delete the vista C partition.03:38
lalalasomsip, it says that they are the same file03:39
somsiplalala: paste what command you used here03:39
PeterCassettaBeldar: Yes, it says it has 131752934 blocks.03:40
BeldarPeterCassetta, I have a hard time telling the partition sizes, can you install gparted in ubuntu and take a screenshot of it and put it in a imagebin?03:40
cfhowlettPeterCassetta, just occurred to me: assuming this is an older computer, it uses the MBR partition scheme so you're limited to 4 primary partitions.  If you attempt to exceed that, things break ...03:40
PeterCassettacfhowlett: Yes, definitely older, 4 years or so now.03:40
ubottuPeterCassetta,: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:41
cfhowlettPeterCassetta, ignore that factoid.03:41
arbarif i "sudo someprog", does someprog know which user used  sudo?03:41
PeterCassettacfhowlett: Ha ha, yeah, that wasn't too useful I guess03:41
lalalasomsip, scp matt@ /home/matt/movie.avi /home/matt/03:42
cfhowlettPeterCassetta, the command to display all parts has escaped my brain ...03:42
somsiplalala: you put a space between : and /home...03:42
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: that was a shorty, i'm honestly not sure about what is going on .. a question: the nomodeset param, have you already tried that this time around?03:42
somsiplalala: use scp matt@ ~/03:42
PeterCassettacfhowlett: All partitions?03:42
somsiplalala: use scp matt@ ~/03:42
Flat4ForLifeYes, however I cannot guarantee its in the right spot03:43
cfhowlettPeterCassetta, but when I was triple booting, the excess partition would write but would also kill a preceding partition rendering whatever was installed there broken.03:43
PeterCassettacfhowlett, Beldar, I'll install gparted and post a screenshot.03:43
cfhowlettPeterCassetta, :)03:43
somsiplalala: if you log in as matt, the path is relative to /home/matt so just 'movie.avi' not '/home/matt/movie.avi'03:43
lalalasomsip, Great!!! was just the space :)03:43
somsiplalala: k03:43
Beldarcool PeterCassetta03:43
lalalasomsip, thank you sooooooooo much03:43
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: we can check, cat /proc/cmdline03:44
Flat4ForLifeHas bootimage, root uuid, then ro recovery nomodeset but I am in recovery mode03:45
Flat4ForLifeDoes it need to be before or after quiet splash in regular boot?03:46
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: as long as it is in there it should be fine03:46
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: if you are still up for it, better try and purge nvidia so nouveau has the card for itself .. at least it might bring you back to regular GUI .. what do you think?03:48
Flat4ForLifeI can boot it sometimes to the login screen, resolution is huge and once logged in I get nothing but a mouse. I remember adding a resolution in a file somewhere but I don't remember03:48
lupinis there a way to dual boot ubuntu and win 8 without having to change it from MBR?03:48
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: in /etc/default/grub perhaps? and then doing a sudo update-grub?03:49
cfhowlettlupin, win8 doesn't come on MBR - efi only IIRC03:49
lalalasomsip, hey,, didn't worked03:49
lupinmine shows as mbr03:50
lalalasomsip, it just copied the file to the same pc03:50
lupinmy 2nd hdd shows as mbr at least03:50
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: another snap please: lsmod | grep nouveau03:50
somsiplalala: paste the command you used03:50
=== shock is now known as Guest49515
Beldarlupin, Did you install it, I have W8.1 on a msdos drive with mbr boot.03:50
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: actually just confirm if it says something, no need for snap this time03:51
lupinBeldar not yet, I have windows installed on SSD with GPT and a 2nd HDD i want to use for linux with MBR03:51
lalalasomsip, scp matt@ /home/matt/03:52
Flat4ForLifeOh haha03:52
Beldarlupin, Ah, theoretically probably possible, but not a standard install in that scenario.03:52
Flat4ForLifeOK I was able to login with huge resolution, but no desktop after thay03:52
lupinBeldar =/ just giving up at this point, idk enough about computers to get this to work03:52
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: what is interesting is a snap of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf .. checking if the nvidia driver is still referenced there, without purging it's hard to tell what's going on exactly03:53
PeterCassettaBeldar, cfhowlett, sorry for the holdup: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/6629803:53
somsiplalala: what is the IP for the machine you are typing this on (ifconfig will tell you)03:53
cfhowlettlupin, here's an alternative; install virtualbox in windows.  install ubuntu to virtualbox.03:53
lupincfhowlett I just want to dual boot windows and linux like ive done for 6 years, suddenly i get a new computer and none of thats possible anymore03:54
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: that looks good, nouveau kernel module is loaded, so it might be the conf03:54
Flat4ForLifeI can adjust my keyboard brightness and it shows the bar, but no desktop. So graphics work I guess03:54
PeterCassettalupin: Good old Microsoft for ya03:54
cfhowlettlupin, possible just not painless ...  but I do understand.  Things change ...03:54
PeterCassettaBut, yeah the whole UEFI stuff is a mess.03:54
Flat4ForLifeI'll look at my xorg.conf03:55
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: well the plot thickens, but that's no news to you .. sorry this is turning out this way03:55
lalalasomsip, i got it03:56
somsiplalala: then you are missing something. The command will copy from to the local machine.03:56
lupini just am suprised that it is this difficult to install linux with windows especially when using 2 different hdds03:56
lalalasomsip, I was typing on the same terminal that I connected to ssh03:56
somsiplalala: that'll do it03:56
Flat4ForLifeNot your fault, nothing to be sorry about. It is frustrating though03:57
* somsip passes lalala a facepalm03:57
lalalasomsip, working now :) thanks again03:57
BeldarPeterCassetta, With the HD that full to be honest I'm not surprised, mainly that vista was to start with, if it were me I would try a chkdsk, and if vista is accessible now I would pull out any thing needed.03:57
Beldarjust to be safely backed up with some data.03:57
PeterCassettaBeldar: Yeah, I'll back up everything needed tomorrow probably, and then maybe try a full reinstall of Windows03:58
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: fully understand that .. what we're looking for in the conf is what driver you have in there, nouveau or nvidia?03:58
PeterCassettacfhowlett, Beldar, I've got to go, but thanks for the help and insights.03:58
cfhowlettPeterCassetta, given the apparent age of your machine, you might get better performance from xubuntu or lubunut.  the latter is optimized for older/lower specification devices03:58
Flat4ForLifeOK edited xorg, back to normal resolution. But still no desktop after login03:58
BeldarPeterCassetta, best of luck.03:58
Flat4ForLifeIt's set to nouveau, I changed it earlier03:59
PeterCassettacfhowlett: Cool, will keep that in mind.03:59
PeterCassettaBeldar: Thanks!03:59
Flat4ForLifeIs there a command to start the "desktop"  interface?03:59
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: okay, at least that's something .. sudo service lightdm start (if on regular ubuntu with unity) .. but if you say you see the brightness indicator that would suggest you're already past login04:00
zack_i want to change os from xubuntu to ubuntu04:01
Flat4ForLifeYes, says lightdm is running04:01
cfhowlettzack_, apt-get install ubuntu-desktop04:01
zack_i allredy tryed04:01
zack_dint work04:02
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: cat /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log | pastebinit04:02
cfhowlettzack_, download the ubuntu ISO and clean install04:02
zack_from where04:02
cfhowlettzack_, www.ubuntu.com04:02
zack_can i cave persise link04:02
zack_can i have persise link04:03
Flat4ForLifeCan't Pastebin, is there something I can grep for?04:03
cfhowlettzack_, for LTS or current release?04:03
rwwzack_: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop , top option04:03
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: any mention of errors would be the first thing to look at and share as best as you can04:03
anekshey guys, I'm trying to install the glib-2.36.3 and I keep getting this error when running make, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6876914/04:04
zack_i dont have disk/usb04:05
=== adrian is now known as Guest37099
Flat4ForLifePage 1 http://www.picpaste.com/20140204_210728-ZUAUOW8Z.jpg04:08
Flat4ForLifePage 2 http://www.picpaste.com/20140204_210735-E0NeMSm7.jpg04:09
axsuulin df -h,  on my dedicated server, it shows I have 96 GB on /dev/md2 mounted on /home, and 20 GB on rootfs mounted to /, is there any way I can transfer that 96GB to rootfs?04:10
zack_i dont have usb/disk04:10
Flat4ForLifeSo how did you install your other OS?04:11
zack_pre installed04:11
zack_+ update04:12
Flat4ForLifePlease stop saying hello, people will help as they can. Be patient04:12
Flat4ForLifeOK, do you have the ability to obtain a usb/disk?04:12
somsip!details | zack_04:12
ubottuzack_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:12
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: page 1, near the bottom .. it reports failing authentication .. ls -lh ~/.Xauthority04:13
Flat4ForLifeThen get one, download the Iso, make a bootable media and install04:13
zack_with cd-r04:13
Flat4ForLifeI'll brb04:13
cfhowlettzack_, the ubuntu ISO exceeds the 750 MB cdrom size.  mini, xubuntu and lubuntu will fit on one CD.04:14
zack_i got 4gig usb04:16
cfhowlettzack_, more than sufficient04:16
zack_now what04:17
=== ^Phantom2^ is now known as ^Phantom^
zack_cfhowlett. yo04:20
cfhowlettzack_, ? yes?04:20
zack_now what do i do04:20
ubottuzack_,: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate04:21
cfhowlettzack_, read the article ...04:21
jacob20023can anyone make a phishing page for instagram? ill pay 5 usd04:21
somsip!illegal | jacob2002304:21
ubottujacob20023: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o04:21
willwhthat's terribly sad04:22
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct04:22
* cfhowlett scammers gonna scam04:22
willwhyou know jacob20023 you really shouldn't ask things like that, with your real name in your whois data04:22
rwwI note that !o4o applies to #ubuntu-offtopic. #ubuntu bans all of the above because it's not support chat.04:22
rwwHDRDanny: don't use "gay" as an insult, thanks.04:22
willwhas well as clearly connecting from a domestic ISP :p04:22
willwheasily traced04:22
user__rww: gay04:22
rwwuser__: don't.04:22
user__rww: no offense04:23
zack_isnt there a way i04:23
jacob20023Does anyone know how to make a phishing page?04:23
rwwjacob20023: cut it out04:23
willwhterrible troll?04:23
zack_can download software raw and then put on a flash drive04:24
cfhowlettzack_, as the instructions said: download the iso.  then use unetbootin or startup disk creator to install on your usb04:24
=== timrc is now known as timrc-afk
zack_im new to xubuntu04:25
user__I need a new ubuntu distribution, ubuntu just isn't doing it for me anymore04:25
Flat4ForLifeGlitsj16: Yea it does that after multiple reboots, at that point it doesn't let you log in, so I rm the file and go back and login. Notice the time difference on the left04:25
cfhowlettzack_, read more - ALL the instructions are on the article I sent you04:25
ianorlin!flavors | user__04:25
ubottuuser__: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.04:25
zack_im also 12 years old so its hard for me to comprehend as im doing algebra04:25
=== Cydrobolt is now known as Guest6728
cfhowlettzack_, fortunately the instructions are written at your grade level ...04:26
Flat4ForLifeThis has nothing to do with math. Follow the instructions04:26
user__Buying a new laptop, need recommendtaions. Thinking about thinkpad x22004:26
ubottuuser__,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:26
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: the ~/.Xauthority should be owned by you, if it shows root:root you'll need to change that04:27
cfhowlett!hardware|user__, sorry, meant to send this one04:27
ubottuuser__, sorry, meant to send this one: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:27
cfhowlettuser__, note the DELL xps 13 developer edition runs ubuntu out of the box ...04:27
zack_good im also trying to solve  12-x^2 -2xy = 004:27
user__cfhowlett: is it a good machine?04:27
ubottuzack_,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:28
xanguazack_ maybe you should focus on your homework04:28
Flat4ForLifeZack_ troll04:28
zack_i know the guidelines04:28
xanguaFlat4ForLife: please don't call names04:28
cfhowlettuser__, "good" is an imprecise metric ... good for me? probably.  for you?04:28
rwwy=0, x=sqrt(12)04:28
ianorlinit is a function though04:28
cfhowlettrww, do not feed04:28
* rww giggles04:29
Flat4ForLifeXangua, wasn't meaning to call a name just saying doesn't seem legit04:29
Flat4ForLifeGlitsj16 I own that file04:29
xanguaFlat4ForLife: then you should lear to use /ignore nickname04:29
user__cfhowlett: relatively cheap, reliable, sturdy, portable04:29
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: good, have you tried logging in as guest or tried to make a new user yet?04:30
Flat4ForLifeOh OK well excuse me then, I'll just sit in my corner04:30
cfhowlettuser__, I've only read good things - seems comparable to Mac Air but YMMV04:30
trism /quit04:30
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest88261
aneksdoes anyone know how I can work around this error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877033/04:31
shafoxhi i have lost password to my ubuntu user account. its the only user in my box. i followed the docs and went in the recovery mode on the startup but when i select the root option to go to the shell it asks me give root password for maintenance or type control-d to continue , i dont know the root password thats why i am trying to change it and pressing control-d lets me come to the selection menu again . how to change the password ?04:31
Flat4ForLifeGlitsj16 tried guest, after I click login it goes nowhere, just the background stays up04:32
cfhowlettshafox, unless you set a root password - there is none04:32
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo04:32
zack_ρ1A1v1 = ρ2A2v2 mass  continuity.04:32
ubottuzack_,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:32
zack_your welcome mr sarcasem04:33
shafoxcfhowlett, but i never set it. as far as i remember04:33
shafoxis there any other way around ?04:33
zack_how do i change my password04:34
cfhowlett!recover|shafox, always worked for me04:34
ubottushafox, always worked for me: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel04:34
* rww facepalms04:34
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: hmm, to be honest i'm not sure what to advise on this, lost grip on your issue quite frankly .. i realise this isn't good news, but well, better state it in the open04:34
shafoxcfhowlett, i dont want to recover, i want to use the same account.  dont want to reinstall.04:35
zack_is there a support team i can talk to04:35
cfhowlettshafox, sorry.  I can't advise other than that04:35
shafoxits fine.04:35
zack_can i get some help04:36
Nasukayou forgot your password?04:36
ubottuzack_,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:36
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: nouveau seems to be fine according your logs, and all i know about lightdm we've checked04:36
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
Flat4ForLifeOK no worries, thanks for all your efforts. I think I'm calling it a night and maybe just do a fresh install.04:37
zack_nope someone put a trojan that took me 3 hours to get out of my pc and i want to change my password04:37
ubottuzack_,: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords04:37
Nasukasudo passwd04:37
Flat4ForLifeThanks again Glitsj16, bye for now04:38
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: no problem, take out all the data you need thru booting a liveUSB and reinstall might not be a bad idea ..04:38
zack_i didnt forget it i just want to change04:38
Nasukayeah thats how you change it04:38
Nasukasudo passwd username04:38
shafoxcfhowlett, going in the guest session gonna help ??04:39
zack_no such command04:39
cfhowlettshafox, guest?  you won't be able to make any system changes ...04:39
aneksdoes anyone know how I can work around this error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877033/04:39
SONAmy ubuntu server booted in degraded raid array04:40
shafoxcfhowlett, ahhh04:40
ubottuSONA,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server04:40
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:40
Nasukazack_,  just sudo passwd then04:40
zack_100100 1001 1010 100104:40
zack_binary code04:40
cfhowlettzack_, perhaps it's time you went somewhere else to play04:40
brookcan i install kde desktop on ubuntu 12.10?04:41
SONAcan some one help or guide me to fix my raid array so it doesn't boot in degraded mode?04:41
cfhowlettbrook, yes.  sudo apt-get install kde    for just the desktop environment04:41
zack_dont you have somthing bettre to do enstin04:41
Nasukawho is enstin?04:42
rwwzack_: anything else we can help you with today?04:42
rwwguess not04:42
ubottuSONA,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/04:43
shafoxcfhowlett, can i change the root password from the grub editor ?04:44
cfhowlettshafox, nope.  if you're only at grub, you are NOT logged into your system so no major changes allowed.04:44
grahamsavagehey i sudo in as another user04:46
grahamsavageset umask 0007 and it's still getting like 660 when touch files?04:46
hitsujiTMOgrahamsavage: any chance you can rephrase your question?04:48
grahamsavageyeah sure.. ok.. my applications are creating files with all the wrong file permissions by default04:48
grahamsavageeach application runs under a different user...  as a test i went in as that user and touched some files to check the file permissions which were coming up as 64404:49
grahamsavagei would like all the file permissions to default to 77004:49
shafoxcfhowlett, reinstall is the only option then ?04:49
grahamsavageso i set "umask 0007" but when i go touch testing.. it ends up with  66404:49
hitsujiTMOgrahamsavage: that could be dependent on the app. some apps chmod files themselves04:49
grahamsavagei'm manually testing though in bash at the moment, so it's not the app currently04:50
cfhowlettshafox, not yet.  I find it difficult to comprehend that the recovery option doesn't work for you.  Please query this channel again - almost certainly someone knows more than I do.04:50
hitsujiTMOgrahamsavage: you should check the app and see if it has an internal umask option04:50
grahamsavageyeah but i can't get it working even for me logged in.. so i'm not going to be able to fix the app04:50
grahamsavageso i'm trying to work out why if i set umask 0007 all the files that i create don't get created as 77004:51
hitsujiTMOgrahamsavage: ok. pastebin the output of: umask && touch me && umask 0007 && umask && touch you && ls -l me && ls -l you04:51
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
hitsujiTMOgrahamsavage: thats doing what you want.04:54
grahamsavagehmm i'd like it 770 though04:54
grahamsavagenot 66004:54
hitsujiTMOahh. no you can't do that04:54
grahamsavagewhy's that :/04:55
hitsujiTMOyou don't want to make .docx files executable when you make them do you?04:55
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
grahamsavageyeah kinda.. i'm not actually using any of the default unix permissions04:55
grahamsavagei basically pretty much just use facl for everything04:55
shafoxcfhowlett, meanwhile i am starting to download lubuntu as ubuntu 12.04 is too much for my old box04:56
hitsujiTMO99% of the files you create aren't executable, thats why it doesn't make then executable by default04:56
grahamsavagethe problem with not having the underlying file as 770 then it will apply a mask04:56
grahamsavageto setfacl.. which means you have to chmod the file04:56
cfhowlettshafox, I get it.  also consider xubuntu - both work pretty good on "legacy" vintage systems04:56
hitsujiTMOgrahamsavage: unfortunately you will have to chmod u+x,g+x it yourself04:57
grahamsavageok no worries04:57
shafoxcfhowlett, i have tried lubuntu , and it was working well in my system. dont want to experiment now . :P04:57
grahamsavagehitsujiTMO: thanks for the info :)04:57
neredsenvyWhy is it do difficult to create a Windows bootable usb on Ubuntu : /04:57
neredsenvyI tried 4 new USB sticks 5 ISO Images from MS04:58
neredsenvyTried with UNetbin and Winusb04:58
neredsenvyTakes like 3h to just extract/copy to USB04:58
hitsujiTMOneredsenvy: its not for UEFI. create a vfat partition. copy over the cntents of the cd. and voila ... done04:58
cfhowlettneredsenvy, extract and copy?  not the recommended procedure04:59
neredsenvyhitsujiTMO: I have no idea what you just said 0.o04:59
hitsujiTMOneredsenvy: what type of system is it? bios or uefi?05:00
neredsenvyhitsujiTMO: Can you show me an example05:00
neredsenvyBios : /05:00
zoidfarbHey, I'm trying to install the nvidia drivers, but they don't show up as option under "Additional Drivers". What should I do?05:00
hitsujiTMOneredsenvy: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html05:01
hitsujiTMOzoidfarb: what gpu is it?05:01
neredsenvyhitsujiTMO: Tried takes 1h to just copy things then gets stuck05:01
hitsujiTMOneredsenvy: then you have an issue somewhere. possible dodgy usb device if its that slow to write05:02
neredsenvyhitsujiTMO: Not with all 4 USB drives05:02
zoidfarbhitsujiTMO: it's a macbook pro 10,1, so it has a dual GPU intel + NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M05:03
neredsenvythat all work flawlessly on mac/win05:03
hitsujiTMOneredsenvy: if its taking an hour to write then there's something majorly wrong. have you tested the write speed of the usb?05:03
neredsenvyhitsujiTMO: No05:04
hitsujiTMOneredsenvy: under disks in dash, there's an option to benchmark under the gear. can you run that and tell me what write speeds you're getting?05:06
hitsujiTMOzoidfarb: install nvidia-319               what version of ubuntu is this?05:07
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
zoidfarbhitsujiTMO: Ubuntu 13.10. From the command line?05:12
zoidfarbhitsujiTMO: nvidia-319, not nvidia-319-updates?05:12
hitsujiTMOzoidfarb: nvidia-31905:13
zoidfarblet's try05:13
hitsujiTMOzoidfarb: you will also need to install eith bumblebee or nvidia-prime. try nvidia-prime first: sudo apt-get install nvidia-prime05:13
zoidfarbokay, I've installed those two packages (and dependencies). I guess I just reboot and hope for the best? What happens if I get a black screen/broken X? Go to recovery terminal and apt-get remove nvidia-319?05:15
hitsujiTMOzoidfarb: no, apt-get remove nvidia-prime an delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:16
=== SONA is now known as ineedhelp
zoidfarbhitsujiTMO: Thanks for your help. I'm going try rebooting now.05:17
ineedhelp    Having a bit of an issue        http://www.picpaste.com/photo_1-MXWtKCUT.JPG   .... http://www.picpaste.com/photo_2-wWifVpea.JPG..... http://www.picpaste.com/photo_3-zEY2DWCE.JPG05:19
sickulardoes ubuntu live cd have gparted?05:20
cfhowlettSickki, greetings05:20
sickularpls help05:20
sickulardoes ubuntu live cd have gparted?05:21
neredsenvyreally ?05:21
Nasukasudo apt-get install gparted then05:21
neredsenvywork if it's a cf05:21
neredsenvyhitsujiTMO: For some reason both apps get stucj installing grub 0.o on the USB05:22
neredsenvywhy grub05:22
neredsenvyafter they are done05:22
neredsenvyoh wai05:22
neredsenvyjust got a successfuly install05:22
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
ineedhelphttp://www.picpaste.com/photo_2-wWifVpea.JPG can any one pls help05:24
ubottuneredsenvy,: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:26
cfhowlettsickular, yes it does05:26
=== adrian is now known as Guest23703
ineedhelpis there a channel for paid help? ubuntu expert for hire?05:31
xanguaineedhelp: canonical.com05:31
=== SonikkuAmerica is now known as S-USA|Lubuntu
return0Anyone know a list of tablets which ubuntu actually works on?05:36
ubottureturn0,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch05:36
villfany one have experiance with degraded raid booting?05:39
villfand how to fix it?05:39
cfhowlett!server|villf, maybe someone on the server channel ...05:39
ubottuvillf, maybe someone on the server channel ...: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server05:39
=== S-USA|Lubuntu_ is now known as S-USA|Lubuntu
tapoutcfhowlett, hey  man.. what desktop environment do you actually use?  I tried gnome shell, it's decent but razorqt seems pretty slick...05:46
cfhowletttapout, I use UbuntuStudio and have been quite satisfied with the XFCE4 default.  Not as flashy/shiny as Unity, but it gets the job done.05:46
shafox hi i have lost password to my ubuntu user account. its the only user in my box. i followed the docs and went in the recovery mode on the startup but when i select the root option to go to the shell it asks me give root password for maintenance or type control-d to continue , i dont know the root password thats why i am trying to change it and pressing control-d lets me come to the selection menu again . how to change the password ?05:49
tapoutcfhowlett, wow it looks sweet05:50
zaitzevnom, got ubuntu reinstalled on my laptop05:51
hitsujiTMO!noroot | shafox05:51
ubottushafox: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.05:51
zaitzevI feel warm and fuzzy all over05:51
hitsujiTMOshafox: why did you set a root password?05:52
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:52
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/05:53
michagogo|cloudOnce 12.04.4 is out (tomorrow, right?), how does one go about upgrading from 12.04.3?05:53
hitsujiTMOmichagogo|cloud: you don't need to. 12.04.4 isn't an upgrade05:53
rwwmichagogo|cloud: same way you update to new security updates or w/e05:53
cfhowlettmichagogo|cloud, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    will do it05:53
* cfhowlett still confused as I already have 12.04.4 ...05:54
michagogo|cloudWait, so what's different about it?05:54
hitsujiTMOmichagogo|cloud: new hardware enablement stack05:54
hitsujiTMOmichagogo|cloud: its just new kernel/xorg/etc to support newer hardware05:55
xanguasecutiry updates05:55
xanguahitsujiTMO: you catually don't recieve new kernel/xorg suff, you need to manually "upgrade" them05:56
xanguadumb fingers05:56
hitsujiTMOxangua: yes, hes asking how to upgrade, i'm saying he doesn't need to05:56
michagogo|cloudDo any of these packages actually get new releases on that day, or is the release day just when it's said that "okay, today's snapshot is a new ISO"?05:58
xanguamichagogo|cloud: just security updates05:59
hitsujiTMOmichagogo|cloud: its a new iso. the packages are already in the repo05:59
shafoxhitsujiTMO, I am not sure whether i have set root password. As far as I remember I didnt.06:01
hitsujiTMOshafox: what you can do is boot to a live cd and chroot in from there to fix the issue06:01
shafoxhitsujiTMO, installed os is ubuntu 12.04 and right now I am downloading lubuntu latest version. Does lubuntu live cd will work ?06:06
hitsujiTMOshafox: yes, any live cd will work06:06
Parsihow to find out if my graphic driver is installed or not?06:07
shafoxhitsujiTMO, thats a relief ...06:08
hitsujiTMOParsi: if you can see the graphical interface then its installed. which driver is the question tho. what gpu do you have06:08
shafoxbtw if you can point me any documentation regarding how to fix with a live cd then that would be great or any blog post anything....06:08
k3pl3r16Parsi, you should be able to click on Details in the Unity search06:08
ParsihitsujiTMO: IntelHD 300006:09
Parsik3pl3r16: I have removed unity06:09
Parsii don't like it06:10
hitsujiTMOParsi: then its installed.06:10
Parsiwhen I click on an icon, it scales up as an effect06:11
k3pl3r16Parsi, intel should be installed by default06:11
Parsibut it becomes a black square in the last second06:11
santiagoRi think so06:13
k3pl3r16Parsi, in a terminal use apt-get and try installing apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel06:13
Parsik3pl3r16: what if it's installed already?06:14
k3pl3r16Parsi, see if it says that xserver-xorg-video-intel is already installed06:14
k3pl3r16Parsi, what desktop are you using?06:14
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
Parsik3pl3r16: 12.04 classic gnome06:15
k3pl3r16Parsi, are you using compositing?06:16
Parsik3pl3r16: i don't know06:16
k3pl3r16Parsi, I think if you click system and then windows? does it have windows use compositing?06:17
shafoxhitsujiTMO, found a ubuntu 12.04 iso in my new system. How should I proceed ??06:17
=== whoever is now known as Guest74253
hitsujiTMOshafox: pastebin the output of: sudo fdisk -l06:18
Parsik3pl3r16: system>window? i cannot find it06:19
k3pl3r16Parsi, classic gnome? what about system --> preferences06:20
shafoxhitsujiTMO, will do once i restart .06:20
Parsik3pl3r16: nothing there06:21
Parsik3pl3r16: no terminal based solution?06:24
bogglehas anyone else been experiencing constant flash-player crashes in chromium recently?06:26
k3pl3r16Parsi, I dont' know now lol hold on06:26
DwarfDefenderhow can i open network manager used in ubuntu from xfce? i need to setup vpn acess and there is no such tab in xfce network manager06:27
santiagoRgoogle-chrome for the best06:27
santiagoRDwarfDefender, run service network-manager start as root ?06:27
mstiehmdoes ubuntu have a wireshark command line version?06:29
mstiehmor whats a good packet capture tool for command line usage?06:29
mstiehmalright i'll check that out thanks06:30
k3pl3r16Parsi, in a terminal is there a mateconf-editor?06:31
k3pl3r16Parsi, sorry getting this from another source here http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=206&t=9468206:32
Parsik3pl3r16: no06:32
neopsychehi all06:33
raymond__hi all06:33
k3pl3r16Parsi, sorry I can not see how to fix this issue?06:34
k3pl3r16Parsi, I am not running Mate at the moment. sorry06:35
k3pl3r16Parsi, I think that this may have something to do with compositing though06:35
hitsujiTMOParsi: k3pl3r16 mate isn't supported here06:35
raymond__do any of u guys run ubuntu studio ?06:35
k3pl3r16hitsujiTMO, I was just trying to help sorry06:36
nrdbI have just installed samba4 on a ubuntu server, it is going :-(    The processes are going, samba is listening on some sockets according to netstat, I made minimal changes to the /etc/samba/smb.conf file (just put in a share definition) .... but another computer can't find it.   what could be wrong?06:36
cfhowlettraymond__, yes I do UStudio06:37
hitsujiTMOParsi: are you on mint or did you install mate via ppa?06:37
neopsycheanyone know how to route specific audio feed to silent output for shoutcast server06:37
duoihi all. question: is there anyway i can dual boot ubuntu and another Linux based OS? by dual boot i mean literally dual booting, where two OS' will run in parallel.06:37
hewhomustwhat you use two at the same time?06:38
cfhowlettduoi, at the same time?06:38
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
cfhowlettduoi, easiest way would be to run a virtual OS - virtualbox06:38
qinduoi: it would be called virtualization06:38
DwarfDefenderis there way to swap xfce to unity, without closing applications?06:39
raymond__i mised up  my sound in ubuntu studio  if any one can helpme hit me up06:39
qinDwarfDefender: what application06:39
duoicfhowlett, is there a harder way?06:39
cfhowlettduoi, probably but as virtualbox worked so well, I didn't look for anything more complicated06:40
nrdbduoi, for a harder way you could try xen kernel etc.06:46
neopsycheAdobe no longer support linux!!! WHT THE06:57
cfhowlettneopsyche, move on.  LOTS of alternatives to Adobe software06:58
ubottuTo change the default applications system-wide, use 'sudo update-alternatives --all' in a terminal.06:58
neopsycheAdobe no longer support linux!!! WHT THE07:04
somsipneopsyche: ok - we get the message07:04
cfhowlettneopsyche, you seem to be alone in your outrage.  take it up with adobe or in #ubuntu-offtopic.07:05
neopsycheperhaps it is good there will be more html 5 dev07:07
RubasGodmorning MAD_5107:13
MAD_51Robas: :-)07:14
MAD_51Rubas: :-)07:14
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
kereltisHey guys07:19
=== qwerty1 is now known as Guest18994
Guest18994How does a user submit a feature request?07:19
kereltisI just updated 14.04, now unity is broken07:20
=== HerpTheDerpWhale is now known as UKn0Me
somsipkereltis: 14.04 is still in beta, or alpha. Support in #ubuntu+107:22
somsipGuest18994: for what package?07:22
Guest18994somsip, I want to submit a request to add a clock to the lock screen of Unity like gnome-shell has.07:23
somsipGuest18994: try raising an issue on Unity's launchpad page07:23
russ_kereltis: What is revision before upgrade?07:23
Guest18994somsip, Do you have a link to Unity's Launchpad page?07:23
somsipGuest18994: not immediately on me, no07:24
moblin007I need help recovering a harddisk. It has an Ubuntu OS.07:24
Guest18994moblin007, What is wrong with the harddisk?07:25
Guest18994moblin007, Is it still able to read and write to?07:26
Segfault_Guest18994: Looks like this is being implemented (has been): http://goo.gl/g63Sh107:26
moblin007My computer stopped booting up. I took out the harddrive and put it in the case for an external harddisk. When I attempted to open it with explorer the harrdisk would not appear as a USB device.07:26
moblin007When I booted an OS via USB I couldn't explore the harddisk when it was still intalled in the computer.07:27
michagogo|cloudI've noticed that to drag, you need to hold down the mouse button for a bit on whatever you're driving before you move the mouse away07:27
michagogo|cloudIs there a way to make that not happen?07:27
Beldarmoblin007, windows wont access linux partitions in general without a 3rd party driver.07:27
moblin007Beldar, I'm not using linux.07:27
=== aaaas is now known as aaas
moblin007Beldar, I'm not using Windows.07:28
hewhomustsudo fdisk -l07:28
Beldarmoblin007, ubuntu is linux07:28
moblin007Beldar, I'm not using Windows.07:28
moblin007It's called a typo.07:28
moblin007hewhomust one moment.07:28
Beldarmoblin007, Cool, than explain in one post.07:28
moblin007Beldar, one moment.07:29
russ_you need to launch with recovery mode.07:29
Segfault_moblin007: Did you perhaps install using an encrypted LVM or home folder encryption?07:29
Caeluma friend's computer I built for him is booting to the EFI shell, and says something about startup.nsh and gives a Shell> prompt, I had him go into bios and check that it is still detecting the hard disk, what to do?07:29
moblin007I attempted to turn on my computer. It did not work passed the BIOS. I started up an OS (Ubuntu 9.04) via USB. It did not allow me to explore the file system of the installed harddisk. I took out the harddisk and placed it in the USB "sleeve." It would not startup as USB.07:30
Segfault_moblin007: Does you BIOS detect the drive?07:31
moblin007hewhomust im currently on moblin and it says fdisk is not a command in the terminal07:34
moblin007My functional Ubuntu is Jaunty and won't install things easily.07:34
Beldarmoblin007, Jaunty is way into end of life.07:35
hewhomustyeah lol07:35
moblin007It's an old harddisk I have laying around that still has it.07:35
moblin007Moblin is on a USB stick.07:35
moblin007I have very few resources to resolve this.07:35
moblin007I want to install testdisk somewhere.07:36
Beldarmoblin007, Get at the least 12.04 and install it, with a 12.04 disk/usb you can check the HD with a smart check.07:36
Satuany thoughts on best lightweight shells for 12.04? vagrant vs. xfce or xfce4 on a Win32 machine?07:37
moblin007Beldar, I'm not certain if I can make a LiveUSB at this time but I'll try.07:37
michagogo|cloudmoblin007: also07:37
michagogo|cloudYou may want to wait until tomorrow07:37
michagogo|cloud12.04.4 will be released tomorrow07:37
moblin007What kind of problems can cause a harddisk to go dead?07:38
moblin007It's bricked as far as I can tell at the moment.07:38
Satuhow about LXDE?07:39
somsip!best | Satu07:40
ubottuSatu: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:40
moblin007I wonder if I have a 12.04 disc laying around somewhere.07:41
Satuubottu: thanks!  I just need something to replace Cygwin, which is getting long in the tooth for me as it doesn support things like Ruby RVM07:42
ubottuSatu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:42
SatuBot of course07:43
Rubas!debian | Rubas07:45
ubottuRubas, please see my private message07:45
somsipSatu: use a VM or dual boot07:47
kutulalhello everyone!07:48
kutulalI have recently installed lubuntu-desktop in Ubuntu 12.04.07:48
kutulalIn the lxpanel I have a network icon which shows my current network connection status. I have a wired connection [ethernet] which connects automatically at startup. In Unity or Gnome I observed that this icon changed to to arrows [one up, one down] when wired connection was established. But in lubuntu it showed "disconnected" time icon.07:48
kutulalHow can I change this network icon to behave like in Unity or Gnome? I am submitting image decribing the situation.07:48
kutulalThanks in advance for any help.07:48
kutulalI have recently installed lubuntu-desktop in Ubuntu 12.04.07:49
kutulalIn the lxpanel I have a network icon which shows my current network connection status. I have a wired connection [ethernet] which connects automatically at startup. In Unity or Gnome I observed that this icon changed to to arrows [one up, one down] when wired connection was established. But in lubuntu it showed "disconnected" time icon.07:49
kutulalHow can I change this network icon to behave like in Unity or Gnome? I am submitting image decribing the situation.07:49
somsipkutulal: stop07:49
ZawMyoHtetafter upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10, i got this error "PHP Warning:  pcntl_signal() has been disabled for security reasons in /var/www/api.dev/public_html/vendor/d11wtq/boris/lib/Boris/Boris.php on line 141"07:49
ZawMyoHtetwho has solution,plz07:50
somsipkutulal: firstly, prepare a patse.ubuntu.com with such a large message. Then post it maybe every 15 mins at the most. Give people time to respond and accept this is a quiet time on the channel07:50
somsipZawMyoHtet: you have upgrade php5 maybe. This function may have been disabled. You can probably reenable it in your php.ini07:51
ZawMyoHtetthanks somsip07:51
ZawMyoHtetsure I updated to php07:51
kutulal@somsip: thanks07:51
somsipZawMyoHtet: this will guide you on what I mean: http://is.gd/WgbFeu07:52
ZawMyoHtetThanks again07:53
kutulalsomsip: can't open patse.ubuntu.com07:54
kutulalsomsip: can't open patse.ubuntu.com in web browser07:55
ZawMyoHtetI also can't open paste.ubuntu.com07:55
somsipkutulal: my typo, as corrected earlier. It's 'paste.ubuntu.com'07:55
somsipIt's fine07:56
somsip!test | user__07:56
ubottuuser__: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )07:56
kutulalsomsip; I have created a poster. Now should I paste the link every 5 minutes?07:59
Moblin007I did fdisk -l in Jaunty.08:00
kutulalthis is my problem:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877719/08:00
somsipkutulal: every 15 mins is plenty. Less often if the channel is quiet08:00
bazhang!eolupgrades | Moblin00708:01
ubottuMoblin007: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:01
bazhangjaunty is eol Moblin00708:01
Moblin007bazhang I don't need help with Jaunty but thank you for your concern.08:01
bazhangMoblin007, whats the relevance of doing sudo fdisk -l08:02
Moblin007Will 12.04 check the hd if the OS is Linux Mint?08:02
kutulalaskubuntu link:http://askubuntu.com/questions/416632/network-icon-problem-in-lxpanel-in-lubuntu08:02
Moblin007bazhang someone suggested it as a troubleshooting step.08:03
=== jake is now known as Guest26918
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
kutulalplease anybody help! link:http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877750/plain/08:06
ZawMyoHtetproblem solved! Thanks <somsip>08:07
Moblin007hewhomust are you still there?08:07
hewhomustkutulal just paste the url please08:09
somsipZawMyoHtet: np08:11
NewerGuyI'm trying to identify my touchpad and install proper drivers. Can somebody point me in the right direction?08:11
ZawMyoHtetwhat is your laptop brand?08:11
Moblin007cannot mount volume. wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdc1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error in some cases useful info is found in sysyslog - try demesg | tail or so08:11
NewerGuyIt's an Acer E1-572-6870.08:13
NewerGuyThere were two brands listed for Windows drivers but I'm not sure which is in my system.08:13
Moblin007Where can I find help repairing a corrupted harddisk?08:17
CrazyGangster!ecovery | Moblin00708:21
CrazyGangster!recovery | Moblin00708:21
ubottuMoblin007: To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"08:21
shafoxwhile dd to burn an image the source would be the usb stick that is mounted right ? what is the location for that i see /dev/sda /dev/sdb /dev/sda1 /dev/sda2 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdb2 /dev/sdb3 /dev/sdb4 /dev/sdb5 /dev/sdb608:21
NewerGuyDoes anyone know how to virtually identify a touchpad? At least the brand.08:24
=== duoi is now known as duoi_afk
BeldarNewerGuy, see if it shows in lsusb in the terminal.08:25
NewerGuyI couldn't identify it from the output. Can I PM it to you?08:26
BeldarNewerGuy, I have pm off, you want the channels help.08:26
NewerGuyOk, I just didn't want to flood the channel.08:26
BeldarNewerGuy, You can pastbin all of the lsusb output08:27
NewerGuyOk, good call. One sec.08:27
trungI got problem trying to install "ubuntu-sdk" on kubuntu, it says I have broken dependencies (does not show up in synaptics)08:27
trungthis is the package  ubuntu-sdk : Depends: qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu but it is not going to be installed08:27
trungwhat could be the problem?08:27
honeybuntuinstalled ubuntu 12.04.3 on yet another amd64 - if i have 1st: /boot EFI partition, 2nd: "/" partition, 3rd: my "/home" in its separate partition, 4th: a swap space partition, isn't that the proper order in which to create and maintain Ubu 12.04.3 LTS partitions?08:28
NewerGuyIf anyone can identify my touchpad, please let me know. Lspci -vv output: http://pastebin.com/tRf46i9F08:28
Beldartrung, This with the ppa's added?08:29
KwikHey guys. I heard that there is a /etc/resolv.conf-manager in Ubuntu. What's the name of that Manager? Network Manager?08:29
honeybuntuwhat i would like to ask is: i know there is a specific order in which the various partitions must be arranged - however, i was otherwise instructed recently (not in freenode/#ubuntu) that i should create my "boot/EFI" partition 1st, secondly the: "/" partition, thirdly: the "Swap" partition, and finally my "/home" partition. This sounded odd to me but i came here to confirm.08:30
KwikIs the manager's name resolvconf?08:31
Kwikis the managers-name resolvconf?08:31
jackyalcinetrung: do you have canonical's PPA for Qt508:31
trungBeldar: yes08:31
=== nearst is now known as Guest45755
trungjackyalcine: I am not aware about that PPA since I used the instruction on the ubuntu main page, what would that be?08:32
Beldartrung, I would check for any package name changes, I assume you ran a update and dist-upgrade after adding the PPA, you might have to contact that team to get a definitive answer.08:33
jackyalcinelooks like it's not necessary08:33
trungBeldar: do they have an IRC channel or should I just email them08:33
honeybuntuBIND Domain Name System resolver library08:35
Beldartrung, I don;t see a channel, an email seems like the way, another users suggests it's not needed so check if this is true.08:35
gabrielbHello All, can anyone tell me if the following link provides sufficient steps to configure Ubuntu 12.04 to send email out? link:  https://library.linode.com/email/exim/send-only-mta-ubuntu-12.04-precise-pangolin08:38
honeybuntu-->Kwik: check this website if you want more info on resolv.conf -  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/resolv.conf08:39
=== afghjklkjhgfds is now known as laserbeam
mikejudgecan i still buy old versions on disc somewhere08:44
glitsj16NewerGuy: can you paste the output of: "xinput --list" on paste.ubuntu.com?08:44
mikejudgei need non pae maybe 11.1008:45
NewerGuySure, give me a few moments.08:45
honeybuntui was told i can rely on this channel to get assistance. my reason for seeking help here is that i'm tired of being supplied "erroneous" information by prankish rogues at work. i'm the target of their pranks - so if my questions sound outrageously inept - please bear with me - i am very new to LINUX Ubuntu.08:46
NewerGuyLooks like it might be ID4. Is there verbose switch?08:47
somsipmikejudge: if you just need non-PAE, the options are listed here http://is.gd/NZcK8z08:48
glitsj16NewerGuy: i think it is id 13, you can check with "xinput --list 13", paste that as well so we can confirm08:48
mikejudgesomsip: its more difficult as i have no burner so im hoping to buy it from somewhere08:48
honeybuntuinstalled ubuntu 12.04.3 on amd64 laptop (NOT dual-boot) - if i have 1st: /boot EFI partition, 2nd: "/" partition, 3rd: my "/home" in its separate partition, 4th: a swap space partition, isn't that the proper order in which to create and maintain Ubu 12.04.3 LTS partitions?08:49
NewerGuyI think you're right, it does say touchpad, but that Brand wasn't listed on Acer's site at all...08:49
honeybuntui know there is a specific order in which the various partitions must be arranged - however, i was otherwise instructed recently (not in freenode/#ubuntu) that i should create my "boot/EFI" partition 1st, secondly the: "/" partition, thirdly: the "Swap" partition, and finally my "/home" partition. This sounded odd to me but i came here to confirm.08:51
ttalHi people.08:52
somsiphoneybuntu: there is no need to repeat this every few mins.08:52
glitsj16NewerGuy: looks like the Elantech is your touchpad .. normally touchpad driver is already installed in ubuntu, part of the xserver .. can you run: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-input-* please08:52
NewerGuySure, hold on.08:52
mikejudgehoneybuntu: i have 2 partitions, / and swap, i have no need for /home on its own, if its your first install maybe just have them 2 partitions08:53
NewerGuyOutput: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877929/08:53
honeybuntu-->somsip: good, that saves me time.08:54
NewerGuyIt looks like there is actually a Windows driver for an Elantech touchpad so that's got to be it.08:54
somsiphoneybuntu: go read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DiskSpace08:54
ttalDoes anybody know a way to make every program in ubuntu quit with the same keyboard shortcut? Some programs quit with ctrl+q, ctrl+w, ctrl+shift+q. I'd love them to all use ctrl+q.08:55
honeybuntu-->mikejudge: i was told that it was more secure to have "/home" in its own partition but thank you for your input.08:55
honeybuntu-->somsip: thanks for the URL..on my way to parsing it.08:56
p2ivatehow do i create an A record?08:57
aeon-ltdttal: not a true quit, but you can map close window on most window managers08:57
somsipp2ivate: at your DNS provider. Not here08:57
glitsj16NewerGuy: looks like you're missing some packages .. run: xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-saucy and tell us how that goes08:58
glitsj16NewerGuy: correction: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-saucy08:58
NewerGuyOk, hold on.08:59
NewerGuyAnd I'm loving these names.08:59
glitsj16NewerGuy: that is a meta-package that has all input device drivers, odd that you don't have one of those, but we'll see what gives08:59
p2ivateso its not something i would do on my own server?09:00
somsipp2ivate: no. At your DNS provider09:00
NewerGuyError: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877964/09:00
EDMyoubuntu users are p cool.. so this seems relevant to spam here ;D09:01
EDMyoWho's into Electronic Dance Music? Come join the fresh new channel ##EDM and meet like-minded peeps. Aw yee, advertisement09:01
somsip!spam | EDMyo (wrong)09:01
ubottuEDMyo (wrong): Please don't spam09:01
glitsj16NewerGuy: try: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-all09:01
NewerGuyThat seemed to run fine but the previous command returned the same error.09:02
=== juliosaraiva is now known as Julinux
honeybuntu-->somsip: good URL, was searching for this info for 3 days. Appreciate it muchly. G'nite09:03
glitsj16NewerGuy: can you do another paste of: apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-input* please, so we can see if you have what you need now09:04
NewerGuyNothing by Elantech in there. Maybe I need some generic library?09:06
tangorrihow would I update my php to 5.4 plase (12.04lts09:07
somsiptangorri: only by upgrading to a newer version, or using the ondrej PPA which is not supported here09:07
=== EDMyo is now known as e-tard
glitsj16NewerGuy: ok, at least that confirms you have a synaptics package installed, that's a generic name for touchpad drivers .. can you run: lsmod | grep mouse and tell us what that did?09:09
zx42oos=ubuntu 12.04 (x86), installed updates then reboot, computer hangs with blinking cursor, can boot into recovery mode09:09
NewerGuypsmouse                82769  009:10
NewerGuyI have no idea what that means.09:10
glitsj16NewerGuy: good, it means the generic mouse driver from the linux kernel is loaded09:10
NewerGuyOk, then is my Elantech just not supported by the generic driver?09:11
glitsj16but you might need to add something to it, at least that is what i see on: http://software.techassistbox.com/ubuntu-ubuntu-1204---acer-aspire-e1-572-backlight-touchpad-ethernet_84088.html09:11
zx42othe fastest fix at this point would be to just reinstall ubuntu, but was hoping for a better option09:11
ActionParsnipNewerGuy: is it a mouse mouse, or a touchpad on a laptop?09:12
somsiptangorri: and if you do use ondrej PPA, make sure you know the effects. You might need to use ondrej/php50oldstable09:12
NewerGuyIt's a touchpad.09:12
glitsj16NewerGuy: it probably is, the name of the brand doesn't always relate to a brand in linux .. and it is called 'mouse', a bit confusing if you're looking for a touchpad09:12
ActionParsnipNewerGuy: what make and model laptop?09:12
Beldarzx42o, Have you tried the low graphic boot from the recovery?09:12
NewerGuyAcer E1-572-6870.09:13
samanta23Hey everyone, I have windows 7. I installed kubuntu and I try to move files from the windows to ubuntu. How do I do it?09:13
samanta23(I have kubuntu on vbox)09:13
NewerGuyglitsj16: are there any other mouse drivers or libraries I should try?09:14
tangorrithanks I'm goind to change my php code to 5.3 instead09:14
somsipsamanta23: you should be able to mount the host's drive in kubuntu on vbox. Have a look around the vbox menu when the VM is running.09:14
samanta23somsip: I tried without success, can you help me privately?09:15
aeon-ltdsamanta23: did you install the extras?09:16
NewerGuyI don't know if this is of any use but it looks like it might be related: http://software.techassistbox.com/ubuntu-ubuntu-1204---acer-aspire-e1-572-backlight-touchpad-ethernet_84088.html09:16
samanta23aeon-ltd: I don't know, how do I check it?09:16
somsipsamanta23: no, I can't09:17
aeon-ltdsamanta23: they're called 'guest additions' sound familiar?09:17
glitsj16NewerGuy: i think you have all you need now, but according to that page it might need some extra params for the driver to work properly on your hardware .. ActionParsnip: could you help out NewerGuy on this, the link above mentions adding the proto=imps param to his psmouse module .. i have an appointment in 10 minutes and i really should have a shower before, can you assist please?09:17
ActionParsnipNewerGuy: run:   echo "options psmouse proto=imps" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/touchpad.conf; sudo modprobe -r psmouse; modprobe psmouse proto=imps09:18
ActionParsnipNewerGuy: is it ok?09:18
ActionParsnipNewerGuy: source: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=219228009:18
glitsj16ActionParsnip: appreciated, thanks :)09:18
NewerGuyNo, error. I'll pastebin.09:19
NewerGuyThank for helping, glitsj16. :)09:19
samanta23I got it. 10x!09:19
glitsj16NewerGuy: very welcome, your in capable hands :)09:19
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ActionParsnipNewerGuy: try a reboot, the conf file will make the change stick09:23
NewerGuyOk, I'll be right back.09:24
cristian_cI've installed mozplugger09:30
=== francisco is now known as Guest22712
cristian_cBut if I open a pdf document in the browser, I can't use the keyboard anymore09:30
cristian_cthen, I've tried to change a line in /etc/mozpluggerrc.d/62-documents.conf09:32
cristian_cfrom: repeat noisy swallow(evince) fill needs_xembed: evince "$file"09:32
cristian_cto: repeat noisy swallow(evince) fill: evince "$file"09:33
cristian_cbut this trick didn't solve the problem09:33
OerHekscristian_c, known issue > http://askubuntu.com/questions/8470/embedded-pdf-readers-dont-recognise-keyboard-input09:33
cristian_cOerHeks, ?09:33
mikejudgeis there a way to move the launcher bar like to the bottom of the screen09:34
OerHekscristian_c, lots of bugreports in that post, no solution yet09:34
cristian_cOerHeks, but I've tried that trick09:34
cristian_cOerHeks, what have I to do, then?09:34
linelevelHi guys. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. For some reason whenever I attempt to copy a file from any ext* partition to any of my FAT32 USB drives, the transfer almost finishes (gets to 100% or close), but then hangs without finishing. If I yank the USB drive and plug it back in, the file appears to have copied perfectly, but I can't figure out why it hangs like that and forces me to yank the drive without a safe ejection. Can anyone help?09:35
OerHekscristian_c, use an other pdf reader, file a bugreport or confirm existing bugreports, and wait for an update09:35
cristian_cOerHeks, ok09:35
NewerGuyActionParsnip: my touchpad seems to be working perfectly now but my system froze during the shutdown process...09:36
NewerGuyI had to use the power button.09:37
NewerGuyI'm going to try a system update and restart now just to make sure this won't keep happening.09:37
sandGorgonlinelevel, use rsync -aP <source> <dest> to copy09:38
tapoutwhy would someone use kubuntu when you can just have ubuntu and install kde-plasma-desktop ?09:40
ActionParsniptapout: fewer packages installed and to update09:40
russ_Hi.I want to use light desktop capture application except webcamstudio. Does anyone know it?09:40
tapoutto update?09:41
Rubastapout: thereby less trafic used, bandwidth saved, makes the world a better place to live09:41
ActionParsniptapout: yes, think about it you will have gnome and kde to run updates for09:41
bristlebackI would like to write a free linux application similar with yahoo messenger and I would like opinions regarding this idea09:41
ActionParsniptapout: so if you are using kde, why have gnome installed too? it's a waste09:41
tapoutahh okay09:41
tapouti'm pretty shocked hell nice  UbuntuStudio i s09:42
ActionParsniptapout: by your reckoning, why not just instrall every available package?09:42
tapoutActionParsnip, actually i'm trying all the desktop environments ... i wanna get a feel for each09:42
linelevelsandGorgon: I've tried rsync (usually with -rtvP ...I only use -a for backups), it hangs at 100% on each file, but it never finishes and renames the file to its proper name. I end up having to Ctrl+C out of it.09:42
tapoutwhich desktop enviornment are you running?09:42
ActionParsniptapout: no bad thing. Its fun to try new things09:43
ActionParsniptapout: LXDE09:43
tapoutlxde?  hrmm, is that for germans?  (DE) :)09:43
tapouthaven't heard of it, checking it out09:43
ActionParsnipde = desktop environment09:44
babilentapout: There is no real reason for the existance of "Kubuntu", "Ubuntu" and "Xubuntu" as all three are, essentially, simply "Ubuntu" + Desktop Environment. You can, naturally, install all desktop environments on all of them (and also remove previously installed ones and thereby turning "Xubuntu" into, say, "Ubuntu")09:45
tapoutbabilen, ahh neat09:45
NewerGuyActionParsnip: my system seems to consistently freeze during the shutdown process. It restarts normally. Any idea why? The touchpad drivers seems to be working fine now.09:45
ActionParsniptapout: you can even not use a DE and just use a window manager on it's own. Lower resource use09:46
babilentapout: It is, IMHO, simply a misguided attempt to make it easier for completely new users who expect the "One OS, one Interface" design of Windows to hold true. A bunch of them unfortunately believe that you'll have to reinstall in order to switch interfaces.09:46
tapouti don't get the love for openSUSE that people are showing it.  I've installed 3 flavors of ubuntu, no issues.  Tried to install opensuse and multiple errors (ya i'm in vmware workstation, but so what :)09:46
ActionParsnipNewerGuy: are there any bugs reported?09:46
babilentapout: Think of them as differing in the pre-selected desktop environment and some "branding" (background pictures, names, ...)09:47
tapoutbabilen, i installed like 4 different DE's, all you gotta do is logout, hit the button.. choose another, login, boom09:47
tapoutprofit :)09:47
NewerGuyNo popups but is there a lower level error reporting system?09:47
tapoutbabilen, which DE are you running?09:47
ActionParsnipNewerGuy: if you run:   sudo shutdown -h now    does it turn off?09:48
NewerGuyI will check in a moment, I'm trying to revew this System Log Viewer.09:48
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NewerGuyOk, checking now. The last two times I tried to shutdown with the GUI button and it froze on that shutdown page with the bar sliding across the screen.09:51
babilentapout: I am not using a DE at all but a window manager called "awesome"09:53
RubasI have to change the time to my country time, how do I do that on a Ubuntu server?09:53
RubasGMT +109:53
gordonjcpbabilen: if you tried to fit the three major DEs into the install image, it would be very large09:54
gordonjcpbabilen: it's already pushing what you can comfortably fit on a CD09:54
NewerGuyActionParsnip: Same problem.09:54
gordonjcp(not that anyone uses CDs any more)09:54
gordonjcpbabilen: I suspect most people wouldn't want to download a ~2GB image that contained two DEs they had no intention of using09:55
babilengordonjcp: Yes, I totally see the need to provide different install images, just not for the (apparent) existance of different distributions that, in essence, only differ in branding and pre-selection of the DE09:55
jiridoHi. I just uninstalled nvidias driver and installed driver 304 for nvidia (recomended) but when i rebooted i did not come further then here to the console..09:55
jiridoThis is a paste fom what i get when i do sudo start x.. I need some advice09:56
jiridoxinit: server errorIt does genaraly state something about missmatch between driver and kernel module09:58
jiridoWhat is the command to update the kernel module?09:59
gordonjcpbabilen: so how would you do it?09:59
gordonjcpbabilen: how would you provide Ubuntu installers with different DEs?09:59
tarzaneckhello :)10:00
StylesAlright so odd thing happened the other day, logged in, gnome wasn't running. It defaulted to the original Ubuntu theme. I can't change it back either. I checked Xorg.log nothing of value.10:01
StylesAlso the graphics driver seems to have reverted to the stock one10:01
tapouthey ActionParsnip, my f11 key is not being sent to Qt Creator, it's toggling the bottom taskbar... any idea how to disable that?10:03
P1ratenIs there any way to set permissions for who can set directory permissions? I know root can set permissions for directories. But is there any way for me to set so that UserA only can change file permissions for a specific directory/subfolders?10:09
NewerGuyActionParsnip: It seems like you've got a lot on your plate, I'll just deal with my new issue another day.  Thanks for helping me get the touchpad going.10:09
TJ-P1raten: Yes. Set permissions on the directory itself10:09
pretty_functionset userA the owner?10:10
ActionParsnipNewerGuy: just at work, i dip in and out10:10
P1ratenSo setting the userA as the owner of the directory will make him able to manipulate it as he pleases?10:10
geirhaP1raten: Apart from root, only the owner of a file may change its mode. If you need anything more advanced than that, you have to resort to ACLs10:11
P1ratengeirha: alright. thanks10:11
NewerGuyActionParsnip: It's alright, I understand. Other people want your help too though and my system is usable for now. I'll figure it out another day unless you have any particularly strong hunches.10:11
masoodI need help http://goo.gl/WFS6WK10:12
tapoutbabilen, why would one use a 'windows manager' versus 'desktop environment' ?10:13
Nasukayou want to customize it yourself plus its lighter10:13
ActionParsniptapout: fewer resources used10:14
xforkingHello, i am fairly new to linux but got hooked on kubuntu so now i'm desperately trying to learn as much as i can about it. Alot of packages or files have some very strange names. Are there any patterns to the filenamnes that makes it easier to discern what exactly they do?10:16
Nasukaxforking, I just search online really but you can use synaptic to search for packages10:16
xforkingNasuka, well i know i can find them one way or another. I'm more curious if it's possible to see from the filenames what they are exactly. I know the architecture is listed in the filenames quite often. Or perhaps there's no standard for this?10:19
tapoutbabilen, are you using awesome inside of gnome?10:22
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starratsI have a question for you folks.  What ubuntu distro would be better for me to install on my virtualbox, 12.04 LTS or 13.10?  I have both on dvd's.10:26
ActionParsnipstarrats: 12.04 has Unity2D which is lighter10:26
OerHeksActionParsnip +110:27
ActionParsnipstarrats: its also LTS wheras Saucy is not10:27
Nasukaupgrade from 12.04 when its released10:28
starratsah ok, been reading up on both just wasn't sure about which one.  Currently running xubuntu on my VB and I like it but want to try a different version/distro.10:28
ActionParsnipcould use pre-release 1404 depends how critical the systemis10:28
starratsthank you ActionParsnip10:29
TJ-With pulseaudio, pacmd, how does one obtain a list of valid profiles? I'm seeing "Failed to set card profile to 'output:analog-surround-71' "10:29
starratsthink I'll stick with something stable at the moment.10:29
xforkingActionParsnip, how well does intel 4000 gpu work with ubuntu 13.10? I tried ubuntu yesterday and it was lagging my socks off, but perhaps the gpu isnt powerful enough to handle it?10:30
babilentapout: No10:31
ActionParsnipxforking: there is a GUI  Intel driver installer. That's all I really know10:33
ActionParsnipxforking: try it in liveCD and test10:33
xforkingActionParsnip, thanks for the heads up though i'll probably try it with 14.410:35
abhishek_I need some help here.10:35
ActionParsnipabhishek_: ask away10:36
abhishek_I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 on a 1GB core2duo computer.10:37
abhishek_Should I upgrade to Ubuntu 13?10:37
=== jamie_ is now known as vorsprung
gordonjcpabhishek_: no10:40
JamesKZOOdo it, it'll add +50 to your character's experience level10:40
starratsActionParsnip have decide to install 12-04-3 LTS since has the LTS, thank you very much.10:40
gordonjcp13.04 and 13.10 are both alpha-test quality10:40
gordonjcpneither will work if you have intel graphics10:40
ActionParsnipabhishek_: 12.10 is EOL, so you will need to upgrade a lot to get to a supported release10:40
gordonjcpthere's a serious regression in the intel driver10:41
gordonjcpstick with 12.04 until the devs get it sorted out10:41
abhishek_gordonjcp: oh I do have Intel graphics. Thanks for the heads-up!10:42
DJonesgordonjcp: Huh? I have intel graphics and 13.04 & 13.10 have been rock solid, no issues at all10:42
abhishek_gordonjcp: ahem ahem!10:42
gordonjcpDJones: bet it isn't10:42
DJonesgordonjcp: Yes it is10:43
gordonjcp*every* intel chipset suffers from a gradual and progressive font corruption in 13.04 and above10:43
abhishek_Well, I mainly wanted to ask if there are stability updates worth upgrading to; all the while the system NOT consuming more resources.10:43
xforkingAbishek, what gpu exactly? I have intel as well. Works 99% of the time though kwin has crashed a few times.10:43
DJonesgordonjcp: Well if it does, its not something thats noticable10:43
gordonjcpDJones: you're lucky, then10:44
gordonjcpDJones: which chipset in particular?10:44
gordonjcpgen 7 chipsets don't seem to be affected10:45
starratsI have windows7 laptop and xubuntu 13-10 on VB and I'm going to install Ubuntu 12-4-3LTS also on my VB, will there be any problems?10:45
gordonjcpso, basically Linux is only suitable for very new PCs with Intel10:45
OtiGHi everybody!10:46
DJonesgordonjcp: Not sure exactly, i3-350 with INtel HD graphics10:46
gordonjcpfor anything more than a couple of years old, you'll want to look at an alternative to Linux10:46
gordonjcpDJones: gen 610:46
gordonjcpor gen 7?10:46
gordonjcpmore likely the latter10:46
DJonesgordonjcp: No idea10:46
gordonjcpif you've got anything older than Gen 7 you'd be better switching to Windows XP10:46
Nasukaor crunchbang10:47
gordonjcpNasuka: not supported10:47
gordonjcpNasuka: Linux no longer supports Intel chipsets older than Gen 7, it appears10:47
gordonjcpsince there are fatal regressions in pretty much every module, that no-one cares to fix10:48
soldat900hey guys10:52
chemist^hey soldat90010:53
AneironHello, I am trying to install the latest release of Monodevelop on Ubuntu 13.10 from source, but I get many error messages about gtk/gdk assembly references. My google fu is failing me, does someone know of a solution?10:53
tapoutActionParsnip, I checked out LXDE.. very nice, but what is even nicer, RazorQT10:56
tapoutso far, razorqt is the fastest and cleanest i've found10:56
tapouti didn't get awesome installed properly, or it didn't pop up on my login screen to check it .. so I didn't get a chance to check out awesome, but RazorQT10:57
tapoutis sweet10:57
ActionParsniptapout: similar kind of deal RazrQt is based on Qt10:57
bessonoAneiron, Why you not install monodevelop by apt-get? Why from source?10:58
tapoutActionParsnip, and it's sooo darn fast man.. i can't believe how fast it is10:58
Aneironbessono: thank you for answering, isn't that version 3.0.2 or something, whereas the newest is 4+?10:58
OjeuI'd just like to shoot a quick question10:59
OjeuIs there any way to restrict users from running scripts or similar on mounted usb devices?10:59
=== DrewRWx[GB] is now known as DrewRWx
fierannaOjeu: there is, you can change the default permissions for how the stick is mounted, but I cannot remember how . I would look at usb mounting docs however.11:00
tapoutsomehow, when I go to login ... my screen got switched from the default to what UbuntuStudio uses... how can I disable that?  or change it back?11:00
bessonoAneiron, I'm use 2.8 and do not have problems :)11:01
=== JoseeAntonioR is now known as jose
fierannatapout: http://askubuntu.com/questions/202129/how-i-can-change-the-gdm-login-screen-wallpaper11:02
bessonoAneiron, try 2.8 like me, it's stable version with support .net 4,3.5,3,and 211:02
tapoutfieranna, thank you!11:03
tapoutwhere do you guys get your desktop backgrounds?  any cool ones you guys are using?11:03
bessonoAneiron, But if you have to use latest version from source You must install GTK lib for development11:03
Ojeufieranna: Thank you! I will have a look11:04
bessonoAneiron, Sorry I have to go, be lucky!11:06
Aneironbessono: cheers11:06
xforkingtapout, i'm using a ubuntu steel wallpaper :)11:07
fierannatapout: Just be aware that sometimes on a shared computer your desktop backdrop ends up on the login screen.11:07
tapoutxforking, where did you get it?  damn that looks sweet11:08
xforkingtapout, check your private messages.11:09
ServerSageSo is it possible to know how far along do-release-upgrade is?11:11
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
tapoutlol, vmware session11:16
tapoutalt|tab fail11:16
tapoutconnect if it lets you :)11:16
tapoutwhat browser do you guys use?11:17
tapoutchromium i'm guessing?11:17
starratsfirefox for me11:17
n00bdevHow are you guys doing?11:18
tapoutGREAT, now that I've installed razorqt11:18
n00bdevis there a channel for Android developement?11:20
tapoutwith qt?  i think #necessitas11:20
Aneironn00bdev: at least #android-dev, is there life in that channel?11:21
n00bdevAneiron: I don't know. It requires registration. Do you know of any other channel?11:22
Aneironn00bdev: which channels have you tried?11:25
chemist^can anyone please tell me where is the "hostnames" file located ... i used a hostname for an internal IP - to connect to my server via ssh: user@server ... where is this file? i don't remember ... i need to change the IP of "server"11:29
chemist^is it under ssh config?11:29
ServerSagechemist^: Do you want the GUI way, or the command line way?11:30
chemist^command line please :)11:31
ServerSagechemist^: Look at the /etc/network/interfaces file11:31
chemist^damn, i thought of that, but said to my self it's not in there11:32
ServerSagechemist^: I have to run, but if you jump down to the "Static IP Address Assignment" portion of this page it will help.11:32
chemist^ServerSage, nop...not in there11:32
fierannachemist^: /etc/hosts11:33
chemist^fieranna, that's the file11:33
ServerSagechemist^: I think I read your question wrong.   :)11:33
chemist^;D probably11:33
ServerSageOk, 3:30am.  Bed time.11:33
fierannaServerSage: Yea I did too, it was hard to parse. I just cheated by seeing saying no.11:34
fierannaServerSage: *seeing him saying no11:34
ServerSagefieranna: I don't feel like a total fool then.  :)  hehe.11:34
starratsServersage are on the W Coast of USDA?11:35
ServerSagestarrats: Yup, just south of San Francisco.11:35
starratsah cool11:35
starratsKent OH here11:35
fierannaServerSage: You're doing good and useful work, don't let it get you down. First, making mistakes are unavoidable, second you didn't make a mistake.11:36
ServerSagestarrats: Cool, I grew up in the UP of Michigan.11:36
starratscool, lol Serversage have a nick on another channel way up in the UP11:37
shubhamjainHey guys. I installed rails, and it got installed in directory /usr/bin/ruby/vendor_ruby.Not accessible through command line. I thought editing ~/.profile and adding that path would fix it but it doesn't . Each time I run, rails I get the same error, /ur/bin/rails not a file or director.11:37
ServerSagestarrats: Neat.  :P11:38
ServerSageOk, now I'm really off.  L8r folks.11:38
starratsokay go to bed Serversage11:38
zx42o!find lrelease11:48
jiridoMr§Hi got this problem that i tryed to uninstall nvidias drivers and install xorgs.. but now there is a api missmatch between driver component 304 and kernel module 173.. I have tried to modprobe -r nvidia-173 but it does not remove the module .. Could someone help?11:48
ubottuFile lrelease found in facter, lazarus-doc-1.0.10, picard, qt4-linguist-tools, qtchooser, qtcreator, qttools5-dev-tools11:48
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quem*nothing* happens when i try to md5sum /dev/sr0. what could be the reason for this?12:13
max__karaoke su xubuntu qualcuno mi puo dire qualcosa???12:17
DJones!it | max__12:18
ubottumax__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:18
fromHi, I noticed an issue recently. With 32-bit Ubuntu and an encrypted home directory, a VirtualBox virtual disk breaks once the size exceeds 4GB.12:23
fromI first thought it to be VirtualBox specific, but it proved impossible to create any file larger than 4GB in the encrypted home directory.12:24
GyrosGeierI'm trying to report a bug, and keep getting redirected to the wiki page about how to report a bug12:24
fromGyrosGeier: Have you created a launchpad account? https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/NewAccount12:26
GyrosGeierin fact, it was created for me before the dawn of time :)12:26
GyrosGeierI'm also logged in12:26
geirhaGyrosGeier: yes, because they generally want bugs to be reported via apport.12:27
geirhaGyrosGeier: If that's not possible, and you really need to report via the web interface, the wiki page does explain how, but now from copy/pasted it for you12:27
GyrosGeierit is one of these "on hardware X, I get black screen during boot" bugs12:27
fromBack to my question, 'cause everything is about me. Is the 4GB filesize limit in encrypted home directory on 32-bit Ubuntu a known limitation or something for a bug report?12:28
GyrosGeierthe formatting on the wiki page is messed up, and an entire section of markdown code is shown in a <pre>12:28
fromNVM, found the bug, I think. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ecryptfs/+bug/124363612:34
RubasCan I have multiple connections to a IRC Bouncer, on the same account? So I can chat from 2 different devices, from the same user?12:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1243636 in eCryptfs "ecryptfs corrupts files over 4GB size on i686" [Critical,Fix committed]12:34
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fromRubas: No. You CAN, however, have "Rubas" and "Rubas-2" accounts. However, the IRC protocol doesn't allow multiple connections to the same in-system user.12:37
fromubottu: Thanks, I didn't find it last time I looked, probably was too new then. Seems to have been filed about the same time I lost my virtual disk.12:38
ubottufrom: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:38
Rubasfrom: ok thanks :)12:38
Rubasfrom: you sure about that?12:40
fromRubas: You could, of course, have a server of your own which maintains the connection to IRC, which itself allows the connection you're looking for.12:40
fromWhich might be what that "IRC Bouncer" you asked about is all about. ;)12:41
Rubasfrom: so it is possible? :)12:41
from(Never heard the term before)12:41
Rubasfrom: you never head about a IRC Bouncer?12:41
fromIt is possible, through a third piece of software which aggregates your connections.12:41
fromRubas: I haven't exactly been using IRC much since the 90s...12:42
alexaI have SpeedLink Cougar Flightstick. There is no official support for Linux (the latest driver written is for Windows Vista). Anyway, I don't want to use it as joystick, but could use it as additional keys :) I would assign some shortcuts on that keys. The only problem is that xinput doesn't recognize it :(12:42
alexaIs it possible to scan the USB device in order to check how many buttons are there and to assign them the values?12:43
Rubasfrom: lol :p yeah okay, but i think irc bouncers existed even then :)12:43
fromalexa: Yes. Might not be easy, though.12:43
fromRubas: Back then, I mostly used it to chat. :)12:43
Rubasfrom: what changed since then? ;)12:44
alexafrom, I know it won't be easy. I just need right support :D12:44
fromRubas: I did write my own client once, though, which is why I was certain as to the protocol.12:44
Rubasfrom: nice :D, but what do you use IRC for now?12:44
fromAh, to bother this channel about why encryptfs broke my VBox virtual disk.12:44
Rubasfrom: haha lol, but still chatting with "us" (we are all bots btw)12:45
fromGoshdarnit, I failed the reverse Turing test once again.12:46
fromalexa: Start with lsusb, if your device isn't even listed as "unknown device", you're basically SOoL.12:48
alexaBus 002 Device 007: ID 12bd:a02f12:49
alexais it good?12:49
fromCheck out /sys/bus/usb/devices, should have some device files which could prove useful. This will not be easy, though.12:51
fromThe device itself is in /dev/bus/usb/002/00712:53
fromBut I (perhaps erroneously) believe /sys can teach me stuff about it before I start fiddling with the device.12:53
obsidianTesting 12312:55
obsidianAnybody out there?12:55
from321 gnitseT12:55
ubottuobsidian,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )12:55
GreyMisthello, can someone tell me what is name of default graphics driver for intel and can install it on debian?12:59
ActionParsnipGreyMist: intel is the driver12:59
ActionParsnipGreyMist: in Ubuntu anyway, you may want to ask in #debian13:00
fromTry xserver-xorg-video-intel13:00
fromThere is a #intel-gfx channel here on freenode.13:00
obsidianAwesome! Thanks .. so I think somebody messed up one of the updates to Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr). After I installed some updates last night I booted up and logged into a blank desktp (no launcher, or menu bars). I tried to reset Unity with various commands I searched off the internet (i.e., ~$ unity --reset) BUT pretty much nothing worked. I was able to get into my System Settings page by right-clicking on the desktop and Installin13:01
obsidiang Updates again in hopes that the developers had found & fixed their problem, miraculously the did! I re-booted and my system works as normal again. I know this  is a mouthful but in case anyone has similar problems, all you need to do is install the latest updates.13:01
from14.04 isn't released, playing around with Alpha releases lead to issues. :)13:02
cfhowlettobsidian, you're installing an alpha release.  expect the unexpected.13:02
obsidianI think I figured it out the hard way.13:02
DJonesobsidian: Probably worth mentioning that in #ubuntu+1 which is the 14.04 support channel until its released13:02
RatlerHas anyone had issues installing a "Saucy" KVM guest using vmbuilder on 12.04 LTS? Debug log etc gives me pretty much nothing. It just hang after completing "base install". Installing precise using vmbuilder works fine though.13:03
obsidianDJ.. thanks, will do.13:03
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
alexa1-0:1.0  1-2.1    1-2.1:1.0  1-2.2      1-2.2:1.1  1-2.2:1.3  2-1      usb113:04
alexa1-2      1-2:1.0  1-2.1:1.1  1-2.2:1.0  1-2.2:1.2  2-0:1.0    2-1:1.0  usb213:04
obsidianSo I take it with the "alpha releases" you're basically a guinea pig ??13:04
alexa / sys/bus/usb/devices looks strange to me13:04
cfhowlettobsidian, "tester" is the technical term IIRC13:04
alexameans nothing to me13:04
DJonesNot quite, but definately a tester13:04
alexalooking further13:04
fromalexa: You will have to basically write your own driver. Unless you're prepared to do it yourself, unassisted, you should give it up. This channel is definitely the wrong place to seek assistance.13:05
obsidiancfh.. I see.13:05
obsidianDJ .. interesting13:05
obsidianThanks a lot guys!13:05
obsidianI don't know how much help it will be but I'll repost my spiel to #Ubuntu+113:05
fromobsidian: Thanks for the effort!13:06
alexafrom, I know man. But if I had had no idea of how to write my own driver, where or whom should I ask? Could you please direct me ?13:06
fromalexa: Sorry, I don't know. Google around a bit. I generally do stuff the other way around, look what is supported by linux and buy that. :)13:07
douglI have a 13.10 install that seems to hang right after the plymouth splash - where to I look to see what the problem is?13:07
douglI dual boot 14.04 and 13,.1013:08
douglso I have access to my 13.10 drive13:08
alexafrom, I bought this as I was kid and had no idea of linux existance (before 6-8 years)13:08
douglfrom my 14.0413:08
GreyMistActionParsnip: nobody on debian response, i want another drivers for intel, not mesa, i can't install linux-graphics-installer, bumblee is slow from X response and i can't uninstall bumblebee because it's crash system after reboot13:11
from*nod* I had similar problems during my own transition to linux. Things were even worse back then, I can assure you. ;)13:11
fromGreyMist: Try xserver-xorg-video-intel13:11
GreyMistfrom: i have got it installed13:11
fromBumblebee? You have hybrid graphics?13:11
GreyMistintel and nvidia13:12
fromYou're basically screwed. I have a similar setup in a laptop, which I have officially labelled the worst purchase of my life.13:12
GreyMistbumblebee optirun wait for X response for 10-30 sec13:13
fromI bought it thinking (foolishly enough) that I could turn nVidia off in the BIOS, which of course wasn't an option.13:13
GreyMisti don't need nvidia if intel will run normally without mesa, i need OpenGL ~4.013:14
Npcwell bumblebee can turn it off so does it matter?13:14
fromNpc: One would think so, but while it CAN turn the graphics output from the card off, the card itself keeps on running, generating heat and using up battery.13:15
Npcfrom: hmm, mine doesn't eat much battery13:16
Npcbattery life is close to what it is on windows13:16
fromYMMV. Mine's an abomination in the eyes of me.13:16
GreyMistbut question is how can i install latest drivers for intel (NOT mesa) on debian? :)13:17
fromGreyMist: apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel13:17
from(Which you have said you already have)13:17
from((So, you already have the latest))13:17
GreyMisti installed it, but programs runs with mesa and ogl 3.0...13:17
fromRemove mesa and GL packages? ^_^13:18
Npcsurely i was thinking of getting my next laptop with integrated graphics only but current setup is doable13:18
fromGreyMist: Have you ever installed the nvidia drivers?13:18
GreyMistfrom: and what, i got magically opengl 4.0, what is available on this gfx?13:18
=== jjjjjjjjjjjj is now known as Mike__
GreyMisti installed nvidia drivers wiith bumblebeee ... but is from repo13:19
fromTry these commands in order.13:19
GreyMistand it's really sucks because optirun is starting 10 seconds...13:19
fromrm /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:19
fromapt-get --reinstall install libgl1-mesa-glx13:20
GreyMistjessie doesn't have /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:20
k1lneed sudo to rm in /etc13:20
fromNeed sudo for all of those.13:20
GreyMistbut directory X11 hasn't got xorg.conf13:21
fromxserver.conf instead.13:21
fromOr just empty?13:21
GreyMistwhere is this file?13:22
fromls /etc/X11, what (íf any) files are there?13:22
GreyMistthere are files, but not xserver13:23
fromSample file nae?13:23
jiridoHi I did remove nvidias displaydrivers after advice aand now i can't login.. the grafical login manager dont accept my password. In console it works fine. I am happy for any advice13:25
k1ljirido: see .xsession-errors in the users home for errors13:26
fromOkies, that quit message (from dskw) was actually funny.13:28
loahow i can downgrade chromium and lock it?13:29
loahow i can even check out what version are in reps?13:29
loaversions *13:29
fromdskw What UDP joke?13:29
fromloa: Try chromium --version from the command line, generally works to check version.13:31
jiridok1l: incredably many of this one, but ill look for more :(glipper:9146): LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Trying to remove a child that doesn't believe we're it's parent.13:31
loafrom, i meen version in reps13:32
loanot current installed version13:32
fromTo install a specific version, remove the Ubuntu package and install that version directly.13:32
manikantais there a way I can install whatspp  in ubuntu ?13:32
fromOtherwise, a newer version will override an older when you upgrade.13:32
from(I would recommend against not taking advantage of security updates, though.)13:34
=== Yuukon- is now known as Yuukon
fromOh, swede.13:35
jiridok1l: here is some in the beginning.. if you need more to tell so say!13:35
ShawnRiskWhen I am using my wireless connection, Ubuntu 13.10 keeps asking me for the password when it is entered correctly.  Also I saw that I connected to the wired connection 39 mins ago but I am only on wireless.  Any ideas?13:38
=== rvrg is now known as rvraghav93
fromjirido: Something breaks in the gnome authentication agent, try reinstalling it. (policykit-1-gnome)13:39
fromjirido: Ett annat tips, installera alltid operativsystem på engelska och sätt se'n språket i interfacet till svenska, om du vill ha det.13:40
jiridofrom: i had nvidas 173 driver and now i have xorgs 30413:40
fromShawnRisk: Do you have a new and snazzy router and/or network card?13:41
jiridofrom: bra tips!13:41
ShawnRiskfrom: yes, I did change from DSL to Cable and the company put in a new router box.13:41
fromjirido: The log seems to indicate an error with the gnome authentication, not the graphics driver. Perhaps it needs to be reconfigured (dpkg-reconfigure) for the new driver?13:42
fromShawnRisk: It's either too new (like, trying to use the 802.11ac protocol) or some cheap piece of * they like to "give" their "valued customers".13:42
ShawnRiskfrom:  Ubuntu can't read all 802.11 protocols?13:43
fromfrom: I believe ac isn't out of standardisation, yet.13:44
fromfrom? Talking to myself, I am. ShawnRisk, it was meant for.13:44
fromOh, sorry. Approved now in January. My bad.13:45
pmoHello.. im getting this error on ubuntu 13.10 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/system-image/+bug/1245998 anyone know how to fix this?13:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1245998 in system-image (Ubuntu) "system-image-dbus crashed with FileNotFoundError in _exit_wrapper(): [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/android/cache/recovery/keyring.tar.xz'" [Medium,Expired]13:45
ShawnRiskfrom: well what do I do to fix this to not ask for password all the time?13:46
fromBuy a cheap but better router.13:46
fromOr rather, a cheap but compatible router.13:46
ShawnRiskfrom: the router works on this computer as I am connected now.13:47
fromDo you know what your current router is called?13:47
fromSame OS on both computers, connection works on this one, resets on the other?13:47
Parsihow can I remove this unity sidebar from ubuntu 12.04?13:49
ubottuParsi,: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 and up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic13:49
cfhowlettParsi, or install an alternative desktop environment such as xfce4, kde, etc ...13:50
jiridofrom: How do i know what package i should dpkg.. i used jockey-gtk and i think i installed the recomended ones .. and thought they were xorgs but when i look in the package list for nvidia drivers.. the only 304 (i looked for nvidia modules aand purged all 173drivers) seems like nvidia-304 and looks like the nvidia-17313:50
Parsicfhowlett: just want to disable it, i don't want to reinstall whole system13:50
ActionParsnipParsi: install gnome-panel, logoff and choose the new session in the login screen. Be sure to select lightdm when prompted13:50
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Parsiokay ActionParsnip13:51
ShawnRiskfrom: I am using one Windows and one Linux, and on Linux now.  The wireless works for all computers just on Ubuntu could ask for password at weird times.  This is a Hiltron Technologies box.13:51
ActionParsnipParsi: where in Ubott's text does it say to reinstall?13:51
=== Guest6287 is now known as Directioner
Parsiand something else, yesterday it told me upgrade the system, and now Notifications are gone13:51
ActionParsnipParsi: I can't see it...13:51
DirectionerI have a problem13:51
segundobat_teneis twitter hermosuras¿13:51
jiridofrom : they were in api missmatch with 304 driver component..?13:51
DirectionerI have dierna13:52
ActionParsnipDirectioner: a moth?13:52
segundobat_copernico es el puto13:52
ubottusegundobat_,: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:53
DirectionerNo la polla mas larga que la pierna13:53
segundobat_eh yo hablo español porque me sale de la polla13:53
pmoand a bonus to my question... bug in GUFW http://i.imgur.com/lfr1xi7.png13:53
wjtaylorI keep losing connectivity to a usb thumbdrive in ubuntu. It no longer shows up in /dev until I remove and reinsert it. Any ideas?13:54
pmo!ops Xx_DarKFrIKi_xX_13:55
Directionerstop it Xx_DarKFrIKi_xX13:55
DirectionerEnter in the ArmyFriend's channel13:55
karl_trying to upgrade xubuntu 13.04 to 13.10  terminal throws up "Your Ubuntu release is not supported anymore" when i try the upgrade button on the updater.   Any ideas?13:56
ActionParsnipkarl_: are you running:  sudo do-release-upgrade    to do it?13:57
ShawnRiskfrom: anymore ideas?13:57
karl_i will try it13:57
wjtaylorI keep losing connectivity to a usb thumbdrive in ubuntu. It no longer shows up in /dev until I remove and reinsert it. Any ideas?13:57
fromSorry, had to deal with something.13:58
karl_thats better TY13:58
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest16632
=== prx is now known as phirex
fromShawnRisk: Occasional problem with Linux ONLY on same hardware as Windows?13:59
karl_Parsnip saved me mind from going mad14:00
Newroothi guys, i wanna ask some questions about migration on linux, do anyone of you have the time and the will to answer to my questions ?14:00
pmo im getting this error on ubuntu 13.10 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/system-image/+bug/1245998 anyone know how to fix this?14:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1245998 in system-image (Ubuntu) "system-image-dbus crashed with FileNotFoundError in _exit_wrapper(): [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/android/cache/recovery/keyring.tar.xz'" [Medium,Expired]14:00
ActionParsnipkarl_: cli usually makes things nice :)14:00
ShawnRiskfrom: I think that Windows has happened in the past too but just says there is an error doesn't say check for password.  Recently only Linux.14:00
karl_yes,  it is what i was hoping for14:00
fromShawnRisk: Do you know what brand/model the router is?14:01
=== timrc is now known as timrc-afk
RocketPenguinquick question. I have a Radeon HD4200 graphics card. Which Ubuntu still works with it? 12.04.2 or 12.04.3?14:02
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
wjtaylorShould thumbdrives show up in /dev ?14:02
RubasIs it possible to run Java 32bit on a Ubuntu 64bit system?14:02
cfhowlettRubas, should be14:03
Rubasdubis: it should be14:03
fromwjtaylor: USB thumbdrive should generally be listed by console command "lsusb".14:03
fromwjtaylor: Finding stuff in the /dev hierarchy can be tricky.14:03
wjtaylorfrom: when I insert the drive it is assigned /dev/sdb but then it drops the dev assignment after a few seconds.14:04
NewrootI need to ask someone some questions for Linux migration on private, pls if anyone has a few free minutes and the willing to help, please send me a private massage. Thanks in advance guys14:04
wjtaylorI then have to reinsert it.14:04
fromwjtaylor: Does it work on another computer?14:04
wjtaylorI did, but I'll confirm.14:05
manikantahello need some help ?14:05
Newrootyes, i do14:05
manikantaI need some help :)14:06
manikantaIs there a way to install whatsapp in ubuntu 12.04 ?14:06
frommanikanta: http://askubuntu.com/questions/1732/can-i-run-android-apps-on-ubuntu14:07
NewrootI need to ask someone some questions for Linux migration on private, pls if anyone has a few free minutes and the willing to help, please send me a private massage. Thanks in advance guys14:08
ikoniaNewroot: just ask the channel14:08
frommanikanta: http://geekspecs.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/run-android-apps-on-ubuntu/14:09
zx42o!find libdb_cxx-5.1.so14:09
ubottuFile libdb_cxx-5.1.so found in libdb5.1++14:09
tatomaHow I go around updating ubuntu?14:09
fromtatoma: Command line or graphically?14:10
tatomaPrefer GUI14:10
NewrootWell my questions are abou whole migration + i need some real explanations, cant really ask here, it will be flooding :D14:10
fromThere should be some "update manager" or similar which handles updates.14:11
zx42o!find libboost_filesystem.so.1.48.014:11
ubottuPackage/file libboost_filesystem.so.1.48.0 does not exist in saucy14:11
manikantafrom : thanks14:11
manikantaI will try that :)14:11
zx42o!find libboost_system.so.1.48.014:11
ubottuPackage/file libboost_system.so.1.48.0 does not exist in saucy14:11
fromGood luck! :)14:12
ikoniaNewroot: use a pastebin if you need to share large data examples14:12
tatomaFor some reason software updater fails to download repo info14:12
medberryanything weird going on with launchpad today? I'm having trouble seeing some old team mail-list archives14:13
fromtatoma: Have you fiddled with /etc/apt?14:13
frommedberry: Same issue here, sometimes. I think they're updating something, I got some message about that.14:13
tatomaNo I haven't14:13
medberryfrom, tatoma thanks14:13
=== medberry is now known as med_
no0codewißt ihr wie man strg+alt = altgr mappen kann?14:14
fromtatoma: Use the command line (terminal) and type: "sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"14:14
Newrooti just need to talk to someone in private so i can ask all my stupid quesions :)14:14
ikoniaNewroot: just ask the channel14:15
ikoniaNewroot: we are here to help you with ubuntu14:15
Rubas!german | no0code14:15
ubottuno0code: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:15
med_Newroot, no stupid questions.14:15
fromno0code: But yes, you should be able to map any input to any function. Basically. But use english, please. :)14:15
jiridofrom: Hi i did a dpkg-reconfigure and uninstalled policykit and installed it back.. and some more programs that went same time.. But still no luck14:16
tatomaThanks now it's working!14:16
fromtatoma: NP. :)14:16
med_Newroot, (there is no such thing as a stupid question--ask any question you want)14:16
med_reason being, that way everyone learns from the question14:16
med_and you get a lot of eyeballs on the issue/concern14:16
fromjirido: Hmm...second assertion failed in your log is libdbusmenu-glib.14:16
tatomaIs the ubuntu base the upgrade for system?14:17
fromjirido: Soo...try dpkg-reconfigure libdbusmenu-glib114:17
jiridofrom: so i do a reconfigure? do i have to restart after or should i try direct after?14:18
fromtatoma: I'm sorry? That command will update your sources and fetch any security updates, not upgrade to a new version of Ubuntu.14:18
fromjirido: No restart required, unless we fiddle with the kernel.14:18
ericbuttershello. how can i enable my ubuntu to use gestures for my touch display?14:19
fromjirido: You might have to restart (kill it, it should auto-restart) the X server, though.14:19
latteraI just installed 13.10 server x86 in a vbox VM... I did `sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade`14:19
latterait looks like it's stuck on "Unpacking linux-headers-2.11.0-15-generic"14:19
fromericbutters: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch14:19
med_Newroot, just install the latest iso14:19
latteraI'm guessing doing a ^C during an apt-get upgrade probably isn't the wisest idea, right?14:19
latteraand nvm14:19
med_or the LTS (12.04)14:19
fromlattera: Not a good idea, might break stuff, but generally just try doing the upgrade again, it might fix stuff.14:20
=== UKn0Me is now known as HerpTheDerpWhale
med_Newroot, depending on your hardware, you made need the graphics drivers (nVidia, etc) for your Acer.14:20
med_That will allow better performance in graphics intensive applications (*GAMES*)14:21
ericbuttersfrom: what about scrolling with finger? is this also a touch gesture? or is it performed/working with mtdev?14:21
Newrooti am able to install the video driver, but thats all, no other driver14:22
Newrootmay be i have to search for them on every single hardware manufacture14:22
med_Newroot, not sure what other drivers you would need14:22
=== shablabla is now known as halfburnttoast_
fromericbutters: That's generally a 2-finger gesture, this was linked to on the matter from the last link I posted: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch/TouchpadSupport14:23
DooMFeaRCan anyone help me with a problem on Ubuntu?14:23
med_DooMFeaR, just ask the question14:23
fromDooMFeaR: Possibly SOMEone can, ask away and see what comes back.14:23
med_or state the problem14:23
med_+1 from14:24
DooMFeaRIm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit on my Dell Inspiron 3521 laptop14:24
jiridofrom : Paketet "libdbusmenu-glib1" är inte installerat och ingen information finns.14:24
DooMFeaRThe problem is, the cooling fan always run14:24
DooMFeaRat full speed14:24
fromjirido: Try 4 instead of 1?14:25
=== debsan__ is now known as debsan
DooMFeaRMy configuration is: Intel Core i5, 4 GB of RAM Memory, Ati radeon HD 8730M - 2GB Dedicated memory14:25
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
fromDooMFeaR: Is the computer warmer-than-you to touch?14:26
from(Anywhere, not just keyboard)14:26
jiridofrom: Is killall Xorg right command?14:27
ShawnRiskfrom: will get in touch with ISP and see if they can figure this out.14:27
fromjirido: Or just X, either should kill stuff. I like being more specific (process ID) but that's a bit harder.14:27
fromShawnRisk: They will blame Linux, since it works in Windows. :P14:27
ShawnRiskfrom: hahahaha14:28
ShawnRiskI am out14:28
fromShawnRisk: Try moving the badly-functioning computer.14:28
ShawnRiskokay, but I have to go14:28
ShawnRiskwill try later14:28
fromGood luck!14:28
jiridofrom: i did a killall Xorg and tried to login.. Still no luck14:30
jiridoI mean after a reconfigure14:31
fromjirido: Did the monitor "flash" and "force" you from console to X?14:31
leeyaaif i want to change a hostname for ubuntu do i need to change anything else except /etc/hostname ?14:32
fromjirido: Check ~jirido/.xsession-errors again, and pastebin it.14:32
fromleeyaa: Change it on that computer, or for people who want to connect to it?14:32
jiridofrom: it was 65000 rows14:32
leeyaafrom: everything14:32
from(I.e., domain name)14:32
leeyaaconnecting from and locally14:33
=== duoi_afk is now known as duoi
jiridoBut i can copy paste with screen14:33
fromleeyaa: Domain name (myserver.net) has to be changed with the provider/DNS, but locally hostname should suffice.14:33
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest22396
fromjirido: 65000 rows of xsession errors? I'm impressed.14:34
leeyaafrom: it seems you dont understand my question ;p14:34
leeyaafor example on centos when i need to change a domain name i have to edit /etc/sysconfig/network and /etc/hosts14:34
leeyaawhats the procedure for ubuntu ?14:35
Pici!hostname | leeyaa14:35
ubottuleeyaa: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.14:35
leeyaaPici: what about /etc/hostname ?14:35
ikoniait says in the bots description14:35
Piciubottu: change /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname , like ubottu said.14:36
ubottuPici: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:36
Pici leeyaa ^14:36
leeyaaoh right14:36
leeyaaso nothing else ?14:36
ActionParsnipleeyaa: change both files then save the changes with both files open (saves issues)14:36
fromleeyaa: Check the hostname manpage.14:37
=== dominus_ is now known as rikut
fromAh well, gotta go, hope I was to some help for someone. Toodles!14:42
jinzoHello, I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 Precise and I want to downgrade xserver-xorg-lts-raring back to xserver-xorg-lts-precise14:54
jinzoWhat would be the easiest way of doing so?14:54
jiridofrom:  lol it was 650000 rows14:55
medoHi there, I have a few questions. Why exactly is it not possible to have Ubuntu Desktop on an ARM based phone?14:56
jinzomedo, I'm no Ubuntu expert but there're several reasons probably: From that not all packages compile on ARM, that the unity probably utilises openGL that is not supported by the graphic drivers in ARM SoC-es (OpenGLES is used there)14:58
jinzoand so forth14:58
medoAnd there isn't any sort of alternative to OpenGL?14:59
=== duoi is now known as duoi_afk
medoI guess the same question would apply to Windows RT. I understand the source code isn't available to the public,15:00
medobut i find it hard to believe i am the only person in the world that would love to see a fully functional UMPC.15:00
witheld1medo, jinzo is wrong15:01
ActionParsnipjinzo: I wouldnt use Unity on ARM personally15:01
medoespecially with phones seemingly getting bigger. I could see a Galaxy Note utilizing that very well, and even the HTC one.15:01
witheld1and you could have Ubuntu on your phone, the packages are technically there, but drivers are a problem15:01
jinzoActionParsnip, I was listing technical reasons that came to mind15:01
ActionParsnipjinzo: makes sense. I'd run openbox or fluxbox to keep the desktop light15:02
witheld1However Wayland and Mir have an android driver backend so you can probably hack something up with enough time and effort15:02
witheld1But you're definitely not gonna run X on 90% of devices15:02
witheld1The drivers just don't exist15:02
medo@witheld1 so I'm assuming it's just due to not having the patience to compile?15:03
witheld1For the most part the compiling is done15:03
witheld1Ubuntu has ARM packages for basically everything15:04
jinzoThere's also the problem with ASM code15:04
jinzoand optimization15:04
witheld1jinzo: that's less then 1% of packages15:04
jinzoand whatnot when it comes to compiling software written with x86 in mind for ARM15:04
witheld1The Rabian guys figured that out15:04
witheld1basically everything will work if you can actually manage to get it on there15:05
jinzoyes? What do I know - there're constant breakages and problems with compiling stuff like python, firefox, chromium when I'm trying it15:05
medoSo what are the key things holding it back?15:05
skulltipquick question, i'm creating a QT gui application. Is it still customary to create a menu bar for my app? I remember in earlier ubuntu when they chagned the desktop to look like a mobile app with the menu bar of every application at the top instead of on the 'child' application.15:05
witheld1Other then graphics and probably kernels, you'll have to do that yourself15:05
witheld1jinzo: well, for one, I own a MIPS laptop, and an ARM Rasberry Pi15:05
witheld1and everything works15:05
jinzothat doesen't mean it was easy to get it working :)15:06
witheld1it's already working, other then kernels and graphics15:06
witheld1of course, those are also the hardest to get working15:06
witheld1so good luck15:06
ActionParsnipwitheld1: it'll get better, its how it goes :)15:06
witheld1especially on nvidia devices now15:07
medoSo where abouts would i go to support a project like this? I can't seem to find much.15:07
witheld1Since they're now contributing to the kernel for ARM devices15:07
witheld1medo: you build it yourself15:07
witheld1The project that is15:07
witheld1you take your phone, you find out what needs to be done15:07
hoodediceXubuntu fails to boot15:07
witheld1then you do those things15:07
latterawhen trying to link with libcheck, I get these errors: http://pastebin.com/c3EWPiJx15:08
latteraanyone know why that would happen?15:08
deniswany idea when the next vUDS is being held? If it is every 3 months as announced a year ago, there must be one this month (last was in November), but I cannot find any announcement to that effect15:08
medoI understand, thank you for all who had input on my question. I appreciate it.15:08
witheld1there's no real interest in right now, since phones are only just getting powerful enough for that kind of thing15:08
hoodediceTried fixing it, but to no avail. Problem was guessed as being due to light dm, but even after reinstalling, It still doesn't boot15:08
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
induzis there an application like crossloop in ubuntu to remote connect a machine15:09
hoodediceAlso, I tried installing ia32-libs and ia32-libs-multiarch15:09
induzbased on open gpl15:10
induzmeans free15:10
deniswhoodiedice: are you using trusty? i am asking because a lightdm-doesn15:10
induznot a paid application15:10
Piciinduz: if you could explain what "crossloop" is, maybe we can provide an alternative.15:10
deniswhoodedice: a light-dm-doesn't-start problem was just fixed today in trusty15:11
induzcrossloop is to remote access a machine15:11
hoodediceMine is Quantal15:11
deniswoh ok15:11
induzPici, for emote access15:11
Piciinduz: like VNC?15:11
hoodediceBut is it possible to get that pack for quantal?15:12
deniswhoodedice: I think it was a trusty-specific problem15:12
induzPici, yes like tiht vnc but simple15:12
=== Guest74253 is now known as whoever
hoodediceThe one thing that's dissing me at the moment is the ia32-libs  package being discontinued15:14
deniswhoodedice: please note that quantal will be end-of-life'd in April, so you might want to simply upgrade to fix the problem15:14
induzPici, yes like vnc but simple for others15:15
hoodediceupgrade to?15:15
skulltipwow, ia32-libs? how will alot of the other items surive out there, like Freebasic?15:15
deniswhoodedice: 13.10, or if you are adventorous, 14.04 development (which I am running since weeks without problems)15:16
induzis there another appliction like VNC, simple and easy15:16
hoodediceWait. Is Quantal not 13.1015:16
deniswhoodedice: oh, ok, you are running 13.10, ok xD15:17
obsidian_Quick question: when 14.04 LTS is released and I go through the UPGRADE process will everything in my /home directory get wiped? I've read some stuff out there about mounting /home on a separate partition but is this necessary or recommended?15:17
hoodediceI don't think so obsidian_ , but I would recommend it15:18
deniswskulltip hoodedice: AFAIK ia32-libs was discontinued because you can now simply install the 32-bit libraries along the 64-bit ones15:18
hoodediceYeah, but some apps have problems with that15:19
hoodedicePython for example - Installing 32 bit lib for it kills the software center15:19
hoodediceReinstalling the software center kills python15:20
hoodediceThey absolutely LOVE each other15:20
ActionParsnipobsidian_: no, but you should have a backup if your data is important. A separate /home partition does not mean you don't need a bacup solution15:20
deniswhoodedice: i guess this because the packages are fighting for the "python" in PATH15:21
obsidian_Gotcha ..15:21
sabinIs there any power management software for ubuntu with GUI?15:21
hoodediceSabin, no. Jupiter died15:21
obsidian_Thanks hoodedice, ActionParsnip15:22
induzlooking for a open source VNC like client/server application for windows an ubuntu[cross platform]15:22
=== adellam_ is now known as adellam
zerowaitstateinduz, you mean, like VNC?15:22
hoodediceIn any case, is there any 'restore' thingy in the ubuntu  recovery root prompt?15:23
=== stephen is now known as Guest29494
sabinis there any way to increase battery backup of my laptop?15:23
hoodediceSabin, I think there is a package called tlp15:23
=== Guest29494 is now known as dahukish
sabinhoodedice, I will try it.15:24
hoodediceIt's cli, but it's great and worked wonders for my laptop15:24
induzzerowaitstate, yes15:24
deniswinduz: How about TeamViewer? https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/linux.aspx15:24
deniswinduz: it is not OSS, but free for non-commercial uses15:24
sabinhoodedice, will fglrx drivers help in improving battery life?15:26
deniswsabin, probably15:26
hoodediceI dont know - I have an Intel GMA, and the official drivers reduced the overheating problem15:26
Codex_i bought a new win8 laptop, and ubuntu pendrive usb sticks wont boot...  :(15:27
sabinbut fglrx distorts my splash screen.15:27
daniele_Hi guys , I have need to enable this rule ; iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE15:27
daniele_iptables -A FORWARD -i tap0 -j ACCEPT  in ip table and make the rule permanent on startup. Can enyone help me?15:27
sabinand I think it reduces stability.15:28
deniswsabin, you'll have to judge what is more important ;)15:28
induzdenisw, any other like teamviewer15:28
induzdenisw, i want to connect from ubuntu to win7 pc15:28
hoodediceCodex_ Did you do all the 'obvious' steps?15:28
Codex_hoodedice: yes. bios settings have been checked several times, I15:29
MonkeyDustinduz  try rdesktop15:29
hoodediceBios boot order, disabling fastboot, secure boot?15:29
Codex_'ve installed the iso to usb stick several times, boot order ok, fastboot is disabled (though this one keeps getting enabled automatically sometimes), secure boot is disabled15:30
Codex_legacy boot didn15:30
Codex_t work15:31
Codex_(damn this keyboard)15:31
Codex_its like it never saw the usb drive (the light on the usb stick does blink while booting, but doesnt boot)15:33
hoodediceYou don't need to put it into legacy boot15:33
hoodedicePeople, xubuntu won't boot and the following processes fail15:34
koellwhen i close the lid of my laptop, it is going to lock the screen. will this also cut the wlan or any background tasks?15:34
hoodediceReload cups, upon starting avahi-daemon to make sure remote US queues are populated15:35
hoodediceStarting LightDM Display Manager15:35
hoodediceSend an event to indicate Plymouth is up15:36
hoodediceAny way to skip back to 13.04 from 13.10 without losing any package?15:38
DJoneshoodedice: Nope, only by reinstall15:39
EvclidisI've got a problem: NO_PUBKEY 759590229835EB6115:39
EvclidisHow can i get it?15:39
TomyWorkhoodedice why would you do that? 13.04 is EOL15:41
MonkeyDusthoodedice  and 13.04 is no longer supported15:41
TomyWork(genuine interest since i'll decide between 13.10 and 14.04 prerelease soon15:42
EvclidisGuys, how can I fix my problem? NO_PUBKEY 759590229835EB6115:43
ikoniaEvclidis: that means nothing15:43
ikoniaEvclidis: try to explain the actual problem in what you are doing15:43
xforkingTomyWork, speaking of the pre-release ... it is said a fresh upgrade is best when moving from one version to the next, but what about between Alphas och regular releases? If i get kubuntu 14.04 now - will the final update be solid or do i need to make a fresh install again?15:43
c4iffEvclidis: would imagine you have no public key made for whatever you're trying to do15:44
TomyWorkxforking i have no idea, why are you asking me? :)15:44
Evclidisikonia: Just have installed a new ppa, from LightDM greeter and I got this error.15:44
ikoniaEvclidis: so you've not got the key from the PPA15:44
Evclidisikonia: W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net saucy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 759590229835EB6115:45
ikoniaEvclidis: so there you go, the public key is not available.15:45
ikoniaEvclidis: contact the PPA owner to make the public key available.15:45
xforkingTomyWork, just dropping in and i saw you mentioning prelease and it triggered a random thought lol15:45
TomyWorkon kubuntu 13.04 raring, does "/etc/network/if-down.d/*" run when i unplug my cable? i want to umount a few network shares in hopes of not freezing up my machine when i later access them :)15:45
=== paddy is now known as Guest75609
Evclidisikonia: Can I just bring it with a command? I already saw it, but, I do not know where..15:46
ikoniaEvclidis: you need to find it to either import it, or make it availble in the PPA15:47
=== paddy_ is now known as Guest60840
hoodedice13.04 still has the packages I need. Plus, it was better than 13.1015:48
hoodediceI think I'll go back to LTS. Is 14.04 LTS?15:48
compdocit will be15:48
TomyWork14.04 is unreleased15:48
compdocsupposed to be15:48
hoodediceHmm. Thanks15:48
TomyWorkhoodedice which packages?15:49
Evclidisikonia: https://launchpad.net/~lightdm-gtk-greeter-team/+archive/daily/+build/545038815:49
TomyWorkmaybe equivs helps?15:49
ikoniaEvclidis: where is the key in there ?15:49
Evclidisikonia: I do not know..15:50
ikoniaEvclidis: right, so "contact the PPA provider to make the key public"15:50
d8bhattaHey guys , I have just installed openoffice ..but i dont see any  submenus related with openoffice under Application15:51
c4iffd8bhatta: can you launch it via console?15:52
induzlike VNC and teamviewer rdesktop what is more simple and GUI applicastion for remote access to a machine in my home from my work macine15:52
garylabronzi want my login (lightdm) to not sure usernames, and just have a prompt in the middle asking for username, then password15:53
garylabronzis there any nice tutorials, or webpages that show15:53
d8bhattac4iff: how can i launch it vie console..any command?15:53
garylabronzim playing aroudn with the webkitgreeter15:53
compdocxrdp has replaced vnc4server on most of my servers15:53
c4iffd8bhatta: did you install libre office I'm assuming?15:53
MonkeyDustinduz  how "simple" do you want it to be?15:54
d8bhatta c4iff: It was first installed..later i uninstalled it before installing openoffice15:54
Segfault_garylabronz: Try adding this to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf: greeter-hide-users=true15:54
c4iffd8bhatta: libreoffice & from the command line will work if your running that, I can't recollect exactly what open office is15:55
induzMonkeyDust, for the other/my younger bro it has to be simple15:55
d8bhattac4iff: cool..let me find it15:55
garylabronzSegfault_: thanks15:55
c4iffd8bhatta: try and open a a console and tab complete it, or run locate 'open office' or some other search string15:55
Segfault_garylabronz: Take a look at /usr/share/doc/lightdm/lightdm.conf. Should document most of the options15:56
MonkeyDustinduz  ho you tried anywthing that's been suggested here?15:56
TomyWorkon kubuntu 13.04 raring, does "/etc/network/if-down.d/*" run when i unplug my cable? i want to umount a few network shares in hopes of not freezing up my machine when i later access them :)15:57
induzMonkeyDust, yes teamviewer and tight vnc15:59
induzrdesktop is complex16:00
induzthere is chrome desktop too MonkeyDust16:00
=== duoi_afk is now known as duoi
garylabronzman i gotta use ubuntu for work, im soo used to gentoo/arch. just know where everything is and how to config everything. ubuntu is crazy16:02
garylabronzi dont want to install ubuntu-tweet16:02
lucidoHI, I cant upgrade to 13.10, it complains about not being able to fetch chromium. I dont have any packages named chromium or chrome16:03
MonkeyDustgarylabronz  like you said "getting used to" is the key16:03
garylabronzMonkeyDust: lol i know, just complaining as it was forced.. and i couldnt even do a minimal install16:03
TJ-TomyWork: If you can disconnect from software first, you could use 'down' scripts which'll prevent any possible delays due to the network having disappeared16:03
ikoniagarylabronz: remove what you don't want16:04
garylabronzikonia: lol i have been, its a slow process16:04
TJ-garylabronz: Slip gentoo into a chroot :)16:04
garylabronzTJ-: haha i am tempted, but nah just complaining16:04
ikoniagarylabronz: shouldn't take long, little bit of disk access,16:04
garylabronzdevs have gotta use ubuntu as well16:05
ui_lucido: post your /etc/apt/sources.list16:05
garylabronzthey have no idea about linux, so would be nice to get ubuntu under control so i cna help set up their enviroment better16:05
TJ-garylabronz: I know the feeling; had the same going the other way to RedHat/CentOS/SUSE last year for while.16:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:05
garylabronzTJ-: redhad/centos is the beans knees!16:05
garylabronzbee knees!16:05
garylabronzthats what i run on the clusters here16:05
Aneironwhen getting something from the repositories, will -f ensure that all dependencies are installed as well?16:06
garylabronzits just all the abstraction with ubuntu16:06
TJ-garylabronz: Gotta tell you - compared to the Ubuntu archives and apt-get, I found the archives for CentOS terrible to work with, never knowing whether to trust software sources16:06
garylabronzTJ-: yeah they are wayyy behind. and ahh well you dont use centos like you would ubuntu. where ive jsut started they previously had troble as they just used some random repo to get latest python. which fucked a bunch of shit16:07
TJ-Aneiron: Dependencies are installed by apt-get unless you really want to break it!16:07
garylabronzmy old job, i had that shit locked down16:07
lucidoui_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6879838/    I didn't think that's relevant since 3rd party sources are disabled on upgrade16:07
garylabronzcomplile latest stuff that i needed on build machines, and run our own repo16:08
ericbuttershello. is it possible to have one-finger scrolling instead of selecting like with mouse? i have a touch screen and want to be able to scroll i.e in  webbrowser with one finger.16:08
garylabronzbut centos/redhad you want rock solid. i very rarely wnat latest anything16:08
ikoniagarylabronz: can you please tone down the langauge16:08
ikoniathere is no need for swearing16:08
TJ-garylabronz: You'll find dpkg/apt-get a joy, and PPAs (Personal Package Archives) for some bleeding-edge stuff16:08
=== anto is now known as Mongo44
ikoniaTJ-: garylabronz may want to move the distro discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic as this channel is for support16:08
lucidoui_, Failed to fetch http://ubuntu.mirrors.crysys.hu/pool/universe/c/chromium-browser/chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra_32.0.1700.102-0ubuntu0.13.10.1~20140128.970.1_amd64.deb 404  Not Found16:08
TomyWorkon ubuntu 13.04 raring, how do i run a script whenever the network cable is unplugged?16:08
garylabronzsorry for the swear words16:08
Mongo44anyone know a command to get to console?16:09
garylabronzsearch terminal16:09
garylabronzor crtl+alt+fN16:09
Mongo44I can't use the shortcut.16:09
TJ-TomyWork: If you can disconnect from software first, you could use 'down' scripts which'll prevent any possible delays due to the network having disappeared. "down" and "post-down" scripts in "/etc/network/..." will run when the interface disappears, I believe16:10
garylabronzMongo44: unsure of shortcut? i use i3wm and can press windowskey+enter to pull up xterm16:10
ui_lucido: change mirror?16:10
g0bl1nthis works on a cron job  $(date  -d "-2 days") but this doesn't  $(date "+%C%y%m%d" -d "-2 days"). Any hint ?16:10
lucidoui_, I did16:10
ui_lucido: archive.ubuntu.com16:10
Mongo44Trying to get to console in the VM. When I use the keyboard shortcut my host OS goes into console.16:10
g0bl1n01 23 * * * /tmp/script.sh `date "+%C%y%m%d" -d "-2 days"`16:10
Xuisce1hi all16:10
ikoniaMongo44: what is your distribution ?16:11
Xuisce1stand by me - prince royce16:11
ikoniaXuisce1: nothing to do with this channel16:11
Xuisce1oh sorry ikonia16:11
Xuisce1I think my Xchat script went off16:12
ikoniano problem16:12
=== Guest19773 is now known as mfisch
Mongo44It is Lubuntu 13.10.16:12
Blueink!ops | Did kim kardashian spread her pussy for kayne west?16:13
ubottuDid kim kardashian spread her pussy for kayne west?: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!16:13
=== mfisch is now known as Guest56115
axsuulin df -h,  on my dedicated server, it shows I have 96 GB on /dev/md2 mounted on /home, and 20 GB on rootfs mounted to /, is there any way I can transfer that 96GB to rootfs?16:14
ikoniaaxsuul: no, you've made static raid devices16:14
ikoniaaxsuul: you'd need to recreate them16:15
fierannaMongo44: Look at the docs for the hypervisor (Which one is it?), there's a way of sending those signals to the guest VM16:17
Mongo44I am using VBox.16:17
fierannaMongo44: look in preferences for VBOx, under I think "inputs"16:18
fierannaMongo44: You're looking in there for something to do with capturing the keyboard16:19
TomyWorkTJ- i dont. i merely undock, actually. i already tried those folders you listed, too16:20
Mongo44It just says the host key is right Cntrl.16:21
Mongo44I capture the keyboard and it still registers in the host OS.16:21
Mongo44Is there no way of getting to console with a command?16:22
fierannaMongo44: whcih keypress is it?16:23
fierannaMongo44: ctrl+shift+F1-F7?16:23
TJ-TomyWork: Are you using Network Manager? If so, it fires the script "/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/01ifupdown" which links to those "/etc/network/*" directories  but the script only uses the "post-down" event16:23
fierannaMongo44: I am not sure it is possible to capture those, you'd need to check the docs for VBox16:24
TJ-Mongo44: If the host OS is intercepting the expected key-presses, then you'll need to look at the hypervisor for ways to send those key-combinations to the guest16:24
ui_Mongo44: host key + F116:24
Mongo44ui_ You are correct thank you much.16:25
purveshneel, hi16:25
fierannaMongo44: host+F1 is correct, it's section 1.8.3 in the VBox manual16:25
Guest16534purvesh, hi16:26
pip_can I make a mount point which has the same name as the hard drive label I want to mount there?16:30
pip_aha  - now I think I'm getting somewhere :)16:30
TomyWorkTJ- i just tried post-down16:30
=== jonc is now known as jon_c
pip_& then to automount I add the uuid & mount point to fstab?16:31
TomyWorkit's still not called16:32
TJ-TomyWork: It is executable?16:32
Kdworak84Can anyone help me with my problem.  After installing ubuntu I cant start my laptop16:37
GyrosGeieris there a way to clone launchpad bugs?16:37
GyrosGeierI have a bug that probably affects multiple packages16:37
Kdworak84after putting ubuntu to sleep I my laptop powers on and sits with the lights blinkning and the screen off16:38
MonkeyDustKdworak84  what version and what happens when you try?16:38
Kdworak84let me check, its the latest one, i donwloaded it last night16:38
Kdworak8413.1 sorry16:39
fieranna13.10; it's the year and month of the release16:40
Kdworak84cool, good to know16:40
Kdworak84i was loving it till i closed the laptop lid16:40
TomyWorkTJ- i tried it for longer than 5s now16:40
Kdworak84now i have nothing16:40
TomyWorkit triggers after 5s of being disconnected :)16:40
Kdworak84anyone have a clue?16:41
GyrosGeiernormally, opening the lid should wake it up16:43
=== Subo1977_ is now known as Subo1977
GyrosGeierif not, try pressing a key, or the power button16:43
Kdworak84lol, ya its open16:43
Kdworak84oh yeah ive been pressing16:43
halfburnttoast_have you tried pressing CTRL + ALT + F1?16:43
halfburnttoast_to see if X crashed or something?16:43
Kdworak84im totally noob16:43
Kdworak84i will try that...16:44
halfburnttoast_you should see a login prompt16:44
ikoniawindow 1216:44
Kdworak84just blinking lights16:45
halfburnttoast_press capslock16:45
halfburnttoast_does the light come on for that?16:45
Kdworak84thats one of the blinking lights16:45
halfburnttoast_the kernel crashed16:45
halfburnttoast_you'll need to hard restart the machine16:46
Kdworak84i had win7 on the machine16:46
Kdworak84does that change anything?16:46
Kdworak84dual boot16:46
halfburnttoast_probably not16:46
Kdworak84how do you hard restart???16:46
halfburnttoast_if you were booted into linux and the caplock key is unresponsive or blinking, the linux kernel crashed16:47
TomyWorkTJ- /etc/network/if-post-down.d/something_executable works nicely. it's invoked 5s after disconnecting, which seems to be good enough16:47
halfburnttoast_hold the power button till it turns off16:47
TomyWorkafter solving this annoying problem, i'm going home :)16:47
Kdworak84halfburnt thats a hard restart?  ive done that multiple times16:48
halfburnttoast_well, when the capslock key is blinking, all you can do is force it to turn off16:48
halfburnttoast_it should then go back into post and give you the grub menu16:49
Kdworak84lol yeah i wish16:49
halfburnttoast_when you turn it on again16:49
halfburnttoast_wait, it doesn't post?16:49
Kdworak84i mean i have everything backed up but...16:49
halfburnttoast_does it show you anything when it turns on?16:49
halfburnttoast_vender logos or anything?16:49
halfburnttoast_can you get into bios?16:50
Kdworak84when it turns on it is blank/off screen, and blinking caps lock light and nunberpad light16:50
fierannaWhee, sounds like UEFI16:50
halfburnttoast_but you cant get into bios or uefi if you have it?16:50
Kdworak84.....bro the screen is off16:51
Kdworak84its a duck16:51
halfburnttoast_right, but when you turn it on and try to get into bios or uefi, does it let you?16:51
Piciblinking caps/num/scroll lights typically indicates a kernel panic16:51
Kdworak84havent tried that16:51
obsidianPici is right16:51
Kdworak84thats my problem, what do i do16:52
halfburnttoast_well, linux did panic, but if you cant' get into bios or uefi, then you have bigger problems16:52
fierannaI'm getting coflicting signals. If it's not booting and won't POST, it can't be kernel16:52
ActionParsnipor bad ram16:52
halfburnttoast_that's true16:53
halfburnttoast_I wonder if the uefi secure boot thing could cause it to panic16:53
Kdworak84any ideas on what my next step should be guys?16:54
halfburnttoast_but if you can't get into bios or uefi, then it's more likely a corrupted firmware, bad ram, or hardware falure16:54
fierannaI have seen UEFI machines do this. You would epect an error msg if it's planned but apparently no-one told the firmware developer :-)16:54
halfburnttoast_restart your computer and spam the hell out of F1, F2 and delete16:55
halfburnttoast_it should take you to either bios or UEFI16:55
halfburnttoast_or at the very least show you something16:55
obsidianKdworak84, do you know whether your Secure Boot/Fast Boot settings are ENABLED or DISABLED?16:55
Kdworak84do not know16:56
obsidianKdworak84 - do you know how to access your BIOS/UEFI?16:56
Kdworak84yeah its esc16:57
Mongo44When I ls /etc/x11 it says that it doesn't exist.16:57
xeonidhey guys , anyone know that Nvidia Optimus is supported on Ubuntu 13.10 , a read only about bumblebee but it's not give satisfacted me16:58
obsidianKdworak84, you're gonna need to grab a piece of paper and pencil, restart your computer, and jot down some settings in your UEFI - make sure your Fastboot & Secure Boot options are DISABLED16:58
fierannaif it shipped with uefi and win8 installed, you probabvy; enter the bios from the windows bootloader (like grub) and there's no physical key you press for bios16:58
Mongo44Yet I can clearly see it when I ls /etc.16:59
obsidianWhat version of Linux are you trying to boot?16:59
ui_Mongo44: it's /etc/X1116:59
ui_upper case16:59
Kdworak84obsidian - ubuntu 13.10, and btw, i cant see anything screen does not turn on17:00
Mongo44Oh alright, you got it again!17:00
Kdworak84no its a win717:00
halfburnttoast_caps lock flashing again?17:00
obsidianKdw, so you're booting into a Blank Screen? Or are you still getting the blinking capslock?17:01
Kdworak84caps lock and num lock, dead screen17:01
Kdworak84im booting into a blank screen and blinking lights17:01
Kdworak84and this is after simply closing the laptop down, which in win7 is sleep....17:01
Kdworak84but i was in ubuntu at the time17:02
halfburnttoast_were you able to get into uefi earlier?17:02
Kdworak84i changed the boot order to boot from hdd17:03
Kdworak84usb hdd17:03
halfburnttoast_did you disable secure boot if it was enabled?17:03
Kdworak84i didnt touch anything else...17:03
halfburnttoast_i'd go back in and make sure it's off17:04
obsidianKdw .. you gotta give us some info17:04
obsidianabout your UEFI17:04
fierannai am still not even sure if he can enter bios or not; or if the machine is not powering on correctly17:04
obsidianRestart, press Esc or F2 or whatever it takes to access your UEFI interface and tell us whether Secure Boot is ON/OFF and which mode is selected (i.e., CSM Mode, or UEFI OS)17:05
halfburnttoast_well, I dunno if UEFI is programmed to flash capslock like linux if it dies17:05
halfburnttoast_but if he can get into it, I'd say that it is booting to linux and it's immediately panicing17:05
fierannameanwhile the viking calendar says it's ragnarok on 22 feb so i'm updating thunarr just in case :)17:05
Kdworak84guys i been restarting and pressing almost every button combo17:05
obsidianKdw, so what you're saying is you CAN'T access your UEFI ?17:06
halfburnttoast_but you did get into uefi, I just want to be clear on that17:06
halfburnttoast_it's the difference between dead linux and possibly dead computer17:06
Kdworak84yes before i installed ubuntu17:06
fierannaKdworak84: if you;re sure you cant enter uefi/bios right now, this machine sounds borked. but i would disconnect power and battery and leave it 5 mins just in case it's stuck in some weird power state17:06
Kdworak84k thatll be my next step17:07
=== Guest98497 is now known as Sleepnbum
halfburnttoast_another option is to remove the external drives from the motherboard, if that's possible, and see if you can get into uefi17:07
Kdworak84external drives?17:08
whadar someone here maintains a distro? I'm looking for someone who uses hosting for large files17:08
halfburnttoast_yeah, basically removing anything that might cause it to fail post17:08
Kdworak84its a laptop, all usb ports are clear17:08
halfburnttoast_all non-essentials17:08
halfburnttoast_that makes it more difficult17:08
obsidianKdw, what is your boot priority ?17:08
fierannaKdworak84: laptops usually have standard drives connected to their motherboards, however some of the ultraportables have soldered down SSD then you are out of luck. in any case check warranty before opening case.17:08
Kdworak84obsidian its usb hdd | cd17:09
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest51982
halfburnttoast_i meant to say internal drives17:09
halfburnttoast_CD/DVD, harddisk, card readers, anything that it doesn't need to get into uefi/bios17:10
obsidianhalfburnttoast, it would take some hand-holding but if he has access to the GRUB menu, or grub> prompt he could try to launch the kernel (manually) or at least an existing version if it's an option17:10
halfburnttoast_which is pretty much just CPU, motherboard, and ram17:10
Kdworak84not an option17:10
Kdworak84nothing on the screen17:10
fierannai opened up a macbook and discovered the battery was glued down ... that upset me. I had to chisel it out and i do NOT want to be anywhere near lithium with a chisel :(17:10
halfburnttoast_possibly, but it sounds like he can't even get into bios/uefi17:10
halfburnttoast_that would be issue #117:11
obsidianKdw, do you get a GRUB loader or Windows Boot loader ?17:11
Kdworak84lol obsidian17:11
Kdworak84ur a though cookie17:11
Kdworak84the first time every i restarted my ubuntu i got the grub and i chose ubuntu17:11
Kdworak84then i closed the laptop and since then no screen17:12
halfburnttoast_can you remove the battery from the machine?17:12
Kdworak84ive done that17:12
obsidianKdw, since you can't access your UEFI, you should be able to access a boot loader which is the stage between the UEFI and Kernal (that's panicing)17:12
halfburnttoast_well, hmm17:12
halfburnttoast_next step is to remove the harddrive17:12
halfburnttoast_but, that might void the warrantee17:13
halfburnttoast_depending on thelaptop17:13
Kdworak84u think my hd crashed?17:13
Kdworak84cause it was acting up bad17:13
Kdworak84the machine that is17:13
halfburnttoast_well, it's a matter of removing possiblities17:13
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.17:13
halfburnttoast_all the computer needs to get into bios/uefi is the cpu, motherboard, and the ram17:13
Kdworak84i apologize17:14
=== Moe_Epsilon is now known as Guest32107
Kdworak84for the lol'ing17:14
guille_alguien habla castellano17:14
halfburnttoast_but, if there's no harddrive, it wont boot into linux17:14
halfburnttoast_it should report that there is no bootable medium17:14
halfburnttoast_that'll be a message from bios/uefi17:14
Kdworak84ok ill try that17:14
halfburnttoast_which would tell me that the computer is working17:14
Kdworak84boot with out hd right?17:14
Dees_TroyAnyone able to help me with getting displaylink working in 13.10?17:15
halfburnttoast_well, don't boot17:15
halfburnttoast_but turn on without the harddrive17:15
CrazyGangsterno prob, i just checking ubottu! xD17:15
halfburnttoast_it won't boot, but it should say something17:15
Kdworak84yeah thats what i ment17:15
guille_alguien habla español por aqui17:15
Kdworak84btw thx halfburnt17:15
halfburnttoast_no problem!17:15
halfburnttoast_I just want to make sure your computer isn't dead17:15
CrazyGangster!es | guille_17:15
ubottuguille_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.17:15
fierannai would actually look up the pattern of blinking lights in the service manual for the laptop17:16
halfburnttoast_^ thats another good idea17:16
halfburnttoast_not all laptops have beep codes17:16
dino2ki have a tp-link 8811; and i only can connect it and use adsl connection via USB; is it possible to set it in ubuntu/17:17
Kdworak84yeah it did have a pattern17:17
Kdworak84like 2 blinks and pause17:17
fierannathe first uefi machine i had, uefi was new and there were no onscreen mesages for boot errors; it just flashed lights and beeped to tell you things17:18
halfburnttoast_that's probably the motherboard17:18
halfburnttoast_not linux17:18
Kdworak84well damn17:18
Kdworak84thats not good17:18
halfburnttoast_well, depending on the pattern, it may be fixable17:18
Kdworak84i was hoping it was the hd17:18
halfburnttoast_you might have a bad ram stick, or one of the drives is corrupted17:18
halfburnttoast_it might be17:18
obsidianfireanna - oh yeah that would irritate me fast17:18
obsidianUEFI is a headache17:19
Kdworak84going to try to power it on with hd then take it out, just found a screwdriver17:19
halfburnttoast_if you remove it the HDD and it doesn't do that, then there's a strong probability that it's the disk17:19
halfburnttoast_especially if it was working fine before hand17:19
dino2kvarunendra: hello17:19
varunendrahello dino2k :)17:19
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Kdworak84hey halfburnt17:20
Kdworak84you are the man17:20
halfburnttoast_it turn on?17:20
Kdworak84yes sir17:20
=== opabuse is now known as rww
Kdworak84the rest did the trick17:20
Kdworak84i got grub17:20
Kdworak84and ubuntu is up17:20
obsidianso what was the problem? the hd?17:20
halfburnttoast_er, did you take it out and put it back in?17:20
Kdworak84rest as in it rested and powered off17:20
Kdworak84no didnt touch hd17:21
Kdworak84took out battery and power cable17:21
obsidian..so what did you do?17:21
MonkeyDustKdworak84  what was your issue?17:21
Kdworak84still you the man17:21
halfburnttoast_well, that's.... weird17:21
fierannathat was me not halfburnttoast_ but i dont care so long as it fixed it :)17:21
Mongo44I am trying to get my VM to run in 1366X768 this is the output of less /etc/X11/xorg.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6880203/17:21
halfburnttoast_heh, not trying to take credit17:21
Kdworak84fieranna!!! my fault!!!17:21
halfburnttoast_maybe uefi got caught in a power loop or something17:21
obsidianKdworak84, wait ... so all you did is power off and reboot?17:22
halfburnttoast_he took the battery out17:22
Kdworak84obsidian it sat for like 10 min and yea it turned on17:22
Kdworak84well sorry for the commosion17:22
emil_stdionewbie question: what is the purpose of the text that appears on the corner of the desktop when I type text ( this is not the command bar when I type a command )17:22
obsidianWell, glad you got your machine working again! And, yes, halfburnt & fieranna both deserve a little credit ;-)17:23
Roryemil_stdio: what ubuntu version are you using?17:23
Mongo44Right now I can only run it in 640X480.17:23
halfburnttoast_heh, well in the future I'll need to remember to ask what pattern the lights are flashing in earlier17:23
emil_stdioRory: 12.0417:23
halfburnttoast_I'd forgotten that not all laptops have beepcodes :/17:23
Kdworak84all of you deserve the credit, half most of all, man first brush with linux and It was a close one17:23
Roryemil_stdio: The file manager "nautilus" draws the desktop. if you have shortcuts on your desktop, you can start typing to select one with that name, the same as you can in the file manager17:24
=== odyssey4me2 is now known as odyssey4me
Kdworak84wow I thought I needed a new machine17:24
Kdworak84atleast a new hd17:24
halfburnttoast_heh, well, as sherlock would say: balance of probabilities17:25
emil_stdioRory: odd, it does not really launch an app that is in the launcher ( this is just a small rectangular box on the lower right/left corner )  unity desktop17:25
Kdworak84im an IT noob17:25
obsidianMine gave me the blinking capslock + fnlock once but I don't recall what I did to fix the issue. It was probably related to the UEFI firmwar17:25
Kdworak84but want to learn linux and everything about it17:26
halfburnttoast_well, I figured that UEFI secureboot would just kill it immediately17:26
emil_stdioit just appears whenever I type and I am just on the desktop.  I'm just curious what it's purpose is17:26
emil_stdio*on the desktop, I mean no window on the current workspace17:26
Kdworak84once again, thx guys for helping with a hardware question, cant even call it an ubuntu question...  take care!17:27
obsidianemil_stdio it's just a desktop searchbox17:28
halfburnttoast_no probs, seeya17:28
Roryemil_stdio: I know it is not the launcher. It is searching for the names of desktop shortcuts17:28
Roryemil_stdio: It operates identically to the same functionality in the file manager Nautilus17:28
dino2kI have coneected my TPlink tp td-8811via usb port;17:28
emil_stdioRory: sorry, just found it. I kept searching for ubuntu/precise and text/desktop.  seems just unity, to focus on a desktop item17:28
Roryemil_stdio: Make a file on your desktop called "foo" and search for "fo" and you will see it selected17:29
emil_stdiosince I don't have items on the desktop, it's useless for me17:29
dino2kis it possible to use it like that in ubuntu17:29
Roryemil_stdio: Me too, but you did ask :)17:29
emil_stdioRory: yes, thanks.  strange feature. I though the unity UI was conducive to a clean desktop.  oh, well17:30
obsidianemil_stdio - if say (hypothetically) you had a really messy desktop with a bunch of files (crap) and you wanted to find a file or folder quickly you could just start typing the name of what you're looking for and the text will show up in a textbox in the lower righthand corner of the screen and immediately highlight the file / folder you're looking for17:30
overratedsnowbalhello, does anyone know how to use NFS with AUFS?17:30
obsidianand yeah - if you don't have anything on your desktop then it's useless :-)17:31
fierannawhy am i seeing google chrome updates in the software updater? i thought google chrome updated itself these days?17:32
fierannaah wait, i have a 3rd party PPA. sorry chaps17:33
michagogo|cloudfieranna: Chrome updates itself on Windows17:34
michagogo|cloudAnd maybe also on OS X17:34
michagogo|cloudBut on Linux, it relies on the package manager to stay up to date17:34
dino2kany ideas17:34
michagogo|cloudWhen you download and install the .deb they give you, it adds their repo17:35
Mongo44I am still trying to fix my screen resolution it is a real pain.17:35
halfburnttoast_xrandr not working?17:35
Mongo44I used this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Monitor_or_Screens, but /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesn't look like what is shown: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6880203/17:38
tds5016hi all. I was wondering what the easiest way to check if DHCP is set to full/static/mixed on ubuntu? I'm trying to do this through pyhton... so if there's an easier way than reading a file, that'd be best, but I could handle any of it.17:39
halfburnttoast_this is for a VM right?17:39
chemist^tdn_, /etc/network/interfaces17:40
overratedsnowbaldoes anyone use aufs?17:40
tds5016what line am I looking for?17:40
chemist^tds5016, could you do: "pastebinit /etc/network/interfaces" ? ... (without the "")17:42
chemist^if you don't have pastebinit installed do "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"17:42
chemist^tds5016, paste the URL here so i can take a look17:43
tds5016chemist^: this is for an embedded device... so sudo apt-get install won't work wo well :-)17:43
tds5016so well*17:43
chemist^ok than just do "cat /etc/network/interfaces17:43
tds5016chemist^: yeah. :-). what would the different settings show up as.17:44
overratedsnowbaldoes anyone have any alternatives to aufs that can be networked17:44
tds5016it looks like inet dhcp and inet6 dhcp are there.17:44
tds5016and auto eth017:44
tds5016looks like loopback is also set to auto.17:44
chemist^if it says inet dhcp that means dhcp is enabled17:45
tds5016what would the settings for mixed and static look like17:45
dino2kany help?17:45
chemist^if it is set to static, it's written "static"17:45
chemist^and IP's listd17:45
chemist^if you have no IPs listed, and insted of "static" it says "dhcp" ...17:45
chemist^you should figure it out :17:46
chemist^tds5016, wait...i can show you17:46
tds5016gotchya. so that shows me static and dhcp.... what would it do for mixed?17:46
chemist^tds5016, i have 2 machines, one is set to auto dhcp and one to static ip17:46
tds5016thanks btw!17:46
chemist^wait 30 sec.17:47
tds5016wwaiting :-)17:47
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Mongo44I still have the same problem. My connection was dropped now I am back.17:51
=== mydogsnameisrudy is now known as rudyismydog
xforksJust installed kubuntu 14.04. Seems pretty darn stable so far17:55
Mongo44How do I add a line in vi?17:56
MonkeyDustMongo44  http://www.webmonkey.com/2010/02/vi_tutorial_for_beginners/17:58
dino2kguys any help/18:06
MonkeyDustdino2k  start with a question18:09
AossiAny one active?18:11
Aossii need a wee bit of help18:11
weedmicI had an interesting request today that I don't know how to handle.  I have a directory called PUBS, the owner is man-PUBS, normally there would only be one group grp-PUBS, but the manager wants there to be two groups, grp-PUBS-ro and grp-PUBS-rw with different rights.  Other must be set to "0".  How do I deal with two groups?18:12
jainabkHi Guys !!!18:13
loahow i can downgrade chromium?18:13
loai have now ubuntu 13.1018:13
MonkeyDustloa  sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade18:13
loaMobGod, downgrade18:14
MonkeyDustah downgrade18:14
loaMobGod, oh sorry18:14
loaMonkeyDust, yes18:14
JamesKZOOweedmic: be happy they don't want to rename the directory to pubes... that would suck to be man-pubes, grp-pubes, etc...18:14
Aossihey MonkeyDust how would i go about updating flash with terminal. the files on the site arent helping me really.18:14
loai have problems with current version.18:14
loait have broken things18:14
fierannaloa: Yes, flash has stopped working?18:14
MonkeyDustloa  start from the beginning, what brings you here18:14
fierannaloa: Pepper should now be available and working18:15
weedmicit is short for Publishing - funny though.  I wated it to be PUBL18:15
loafieranna, pepper flash?18:15
Aossican some one help me update flash via terminal. i use chromium not firefox18:15
weedmicIs there no way in linux to assign more than one group rights, like a way to do 7660 or chmod g0+rw and g1+r?  I know I cannot assign chgown to a group - tried it18:16
steviedonweedmic: Have a look at ACL's you should be able to set different permissions for the different grps18:16
=== dean is now known as dean|away
weedmiccan you name any?18:17
* JamesKZOO plays jeopardy music18:18
fierannaloa: if this is about NPAPI being dropped from chromium (which will break flash on linux) then yes, pepper flash is where i would go. If not, then i dont know what your question was.18:18
loafieranna, flash working, but npapi broken yes.18:19
loamany crappy ads appear on youtube)18:19
steviedonweedmic: have a look at te ubuntu help pages for file permissions talks about ACL access control lists there, they are extra to the usual rwx perms18:19
Aossican some one help me at all?18:20
fierannaloa: you could uninstall, and then re-install the older verison. use synapic to lock version  so it never upgrades18:20
loafieldfirst, synapptic can help me with this?18:21
fierannaloa: synaptic package managers gui enables you to lock a package to a specific version so it does not upgrade normally18:22
loaok, then i stucked, how i can get what old versions rep have?18:22
LuckySpammerHey guys. New to Linux, but trying to switch from Windows. I have a new PC parts hitting my doorstep in a few hours. What's the best way to dual boot with Windows 8? Most of the guides I read are from the aspect of having Windows 8 already installed and using it's boot manager - Is that best with a clean hard drive?18:23
stoneyjhi there, I am trying to install the ec2-api-tools on 13.10 amd64, however it says the package doesn't exist, and when trying to do apt-get update after following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EC2StartersGuide just gives me 404 errors on the repo18:23
fierannaloa: see different versions at top: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=chromium18:23
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fieldfirstloa: Did you mean synaptic package manager ?18:23
stoneyjany ideas? i dont see the package anywhere in apt-cache search18:23
MonkeyDust!uefi | LuckySpammer start with some reading here18:24
ubottuLuckySpammer start with some reading here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:24
loafieranna, ok how you installed pepper flash?18:24
fierannaLuckySpammer: I would start with win8 installed, yes. it likes to trash other OS when it installes, so win8 first is usually the best way to go18:24
LuckySpammerMonkeyDust, fieranna: Thanks for the help.18:25
Aossidoes any one know how i can update flash with my terminal18:25
loafieranna, i found such doc http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/install-pepper-flash-player-for.html18:25
loabut looks like it don't work (18:25
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OerHeksloa, latest flash is only available for 13.10 >> https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/saucy/adobe-flashplugin/18:27
loaOerHeks, hmm, i want pepper flash, not adobe18:28
AndrewHHey, This is my first day with Ubuntu, my brother jsut installed it for me because my windows crashed. He names my computer "DoucheNozzle".... How do i go about changing that?18:28
OerHeksbetter use chrome with same latest pepper
loaOerHeks, i can't understand18:29
fierannachrome is up to 11.9 or 1218:29
fierannaloa : He is saying google chrome has a better flash player than chromium (but chrome is proprietary  software)18:30
loai don't want to mess with profiles (18:31
loai think there will be errors.18:31
mrdavidI'm running Unity on an 11.10 system. I have a question mark icon that is permanently floating on the left of my screen. When I activate the application launcher, it looks like the question mark icon is part of that. I can't make it go away. Any ideas?18:31
Docimrdavid: reflex question: why 11.10? why not any LTS?18:31
OerHeksmrdavid, 11.10 is EOL, so that ? sounds like an update manager wants to tell you something18:32
mrdavidit's a Dell system that was only supported by 11.10 at the time18:33
mrdavidupgrading is a to do item but it's not convenient at the time.18:33
Dociare there other people here with an ATI driver that suddenly stopped working in the past few days? I just ran an update/upgrade (12.04.3, apt-get update && upgrade) and after that my compiz suicided, along with pretty much any game.18:34
Docimrdavid: i'm guessing update settings then? something like "don't tell me when there's an upgrade"18:34
mrdavidwhat app might that be? I'll try killing it18:34
Docifollowing OerHeks' suggestion that it has to do with update manager18:34
OerHeksen ! in a red dot would be a programm crash if i recall correctly18:35
Dociany chance you have a screenshot available?18:36
mrdavidDoci: me?18:36
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
Docimrdavid: yes, if convenient with a big red arrow pointing to the anomaly18:36
mrdavidsure, one moment18:36
Aossiso can any one help me18:36
DociAossi: what? :P18:36
Docioh, sorry, i must have missed your problem18:37
Doci(fyi, i'm just new here btw)18:37
AossiDoci: i need to find out how to update my flash with terminal i tried downloading the files from the flash site and none of them worked18:37
Docijust a sec, i remember that one vaguely18:37
AossiDoci: can you pm it to me?18:37
DociAossi: just for others who may be reading for the same reason;18:38
Docitried sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer  ?18:38
Dociafaik, installing this way while it's installed already acts as upgrading that package if there's a new version available18:39
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=== JustinCase is now known as demiann
Aossiit says i have the newest version but when i go to youtube on chromium it tells me to update18:39
Docichevi: hi18:39
DociAossi: does it work without updating?18:40
Doci(also try sudo apt-get update and running the install again)18:40
fierannaAossi: chromium just depreciated NPAPI which has affected flash, i am not sure if that is the underlying problem18:40
Aossilemme try with firefox18:40
chevianyone versed in soundcard problems?18:41
Docialso run a sudo apt-get update first before apt-get install flashplugin-installer18:41
fierannaAossi: google chrome has the only updated linux desktop OS flash player sadly :(18:41
Docichevi: no, i'm into video problems right now18:41
Docibut i'm sure somebody here has ;)18:41
mrdaviddoci: if I enable the app launcher, that question mark icon fits perfectly in it18:41
Aossifieranna: niether chromium or firefox will let me they both tell me to update flash18:41
Dociwell, that's at least one problem solved :D18:41
fierannaAossi: chrome should work, sadly it appears to be the only way unless you can pepper working in chromium or firefox18:42
DociAossi: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer18:42
chevianyone else into sound trouble can help me?18:42
fierannaAossi: you can link the video? I will try on my system18:42
Aossilets try now holdo n18:42
Dociasking again, btw, anyone trouble with ATI drivers/compiz lately?18:43
Docichevi: what problem is it anyway18:43
cheviit wont sound18:43
AossiDoci: nope youtube says to update18:43
chevisometimes even recognize18:43
Aossishould i maybe reboot?18:43
fierannaAossi: if all 3 not working i doublt is the chromium issue; sounds like regular flash problem18:44
Aossi>.< i wants my music!18:44
DociAossi: sounds very windows-ish, but you may try, it doesn't hurt ;)18:44
DociAossi: lrn2torrent :P18:44
Aossidoes utorrent work on ubuntu?18:44
Aossiis ubuntu really that awsome xD18:44
Docii doubt it, though18:44
mrdavidDoci: did you see that screenshot?18:44
chevi(thatĺl be extremely awesome)18:44
AossiDoci: then how to torrent on ubuntu18:44
Docimrdavid: didn't get a chance yet, link?18:44
fierannaAossi: can you link the video? and yes, there are ubuntu rorrent clients. in fact transmission should be preinstalled18:45
DociAossi: rtorrent, transmission, i'm sure there's a dozen18:45
CrazyZurferhi, I've got this problem while showing all the windows open (http://i.imgur.com/s9xJc12.png) ... some of them appear but the others doesn't, but when I put the mose in.. the orange border appears and when I click them, the windows gets opened as it should... in conclusion the problem is that I don't see wich one of them I'm opening :)18:45
mrdavidDoci: http://postimg.org/image/gsi36uthj/18:45
* Aossi loves ubuntu again18:45
Docimrdavid: ty18:45
Horse_Aossi, they're working in a Utorrent port for linux18:46
Horse_Aossi, on a18:46
DociAossi: my faith in ubuntu broke with the video driver >_>18:46
DociCrazyZurfer: compiz or unity?18:46
AossiDoci: nvidia ftw18:46
fierannaDoci:  gaming gfx  and proaudio are a mess, yes18:46
Aossithe ONLY real problem i have with ubuntu is the lack in ability to play lineage 2 or ragnarok online 2 cause wine hates me18:46
CrazyZurferDoci: compiz I guess, not sure18:47
Aossibut at least wine loves me enough to play my MUSHclient18:47
Docimrdavid: that looks like the unity sidebar forgot to hide that icon18:47
Aossinow if only i could get grive to work18:47
Docimaybe gnome-classic session? does that help?18:47
fierannaAossi: oddly, linux has no shortage of mud clients, i mean where do you think those muds were born? :-)18:47
DociAossi: ati driver was cheaper at the time18:47
Aossifieranna: does you play materiamagica?18:47
mrdavidDoci: is there a way to restart the sidebar?18:47
Aossifieranna: if you do i will love you foreber18:48
fierannaAossi: I used to run zonescape, not played materiaamagica18:48
mrdavidDoci: ugh18:48
=== sabayonuser is now known as cecca
chevianyone can help me with the infamous hda-intel sound?18:48
Docifieranna: everything was fine until i ran an update this morning, since then my UT99 didn't want to start, and after the reboot, compiz started to glitch18:48
Docii wonder if it has to do with the latest kernel upgrade18:49
Aossifieranna: pm gave you link to MM18:49
Docibut then i would expect the WWW to be flooded with ATI complaints18:49
fierannaDoci: I can't get SLI working at all :(18:49
fierannaAossi: ty, will check it out18:49
Aossiyou better18:49
Aossithere is a mushclient specifically for materiamagica ill get you a link for it18:49
DociSLI is beyond my capability and need -- i still have a single 22" screen and no need to go further18:50
Aossican i file transfer on this irc?18:50
DociAossi: imho that's generally impolite18:50
Docibut that's just me talkin'18:50
Aossiwhat is? givin the client to a mudder?18:50
mrdavidDoci: I ran unity --replace & and that fixed it18:50
mrdavidDoci: unfortunately it minimized every window18:51
Docimrdavid: nice18:51
Dociwell that you can survive, can't you? ;)18:51
chevik, guys, can see ure pretty busy right now, ill come back later n see if i can get any help18:51
mrdavidis there a way to unminimize every xterm?18:51
Docichevi: just stay18:51
chevii dont wanna be a pest...18:51
Docichevi: just watch this chan for 3 minutes18:51
Dociyou start with good manner, so i doubt you should worry about being a pest, lol18:52
mrdavidanyone know how to "un-minimize" all xterms?18:52
chevilol, thnx18:52
Docii'd say reboot or re-login18:52
mrdavidDoci: that brings up an xterm icon and then it expands with every xterm that I have open. I'd have to unminize each18:53
cheviafk for a sec18:53
Docialso, i wouldn't mind if auditorium mode on this channel would be turned on, so we don't have login/logout spam18:53
Docimrdavid: ouf18:53
bazhangthats in your client Doci18:53
Docithe first thing i did was install gnome-panel, so i'd not have to deal with that18:53
Docibazhang: irssi too?18:53
Docididn't know that one.18:54
ubottuTo ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS18:54
bazhang^ Doci18:54
utacki wanted to see if a string is anywhere on a device, how would i do that? certainly "cat /dev/sd..." and then? grep does not work18:54
Docibazhang: golden!18:54
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
Dociutack: more specific, string on device?18:55
utackDoci, yeah anywhere. just cat all the raw data and see if a string is matched somewhere18:55
Dociouf, i'm not sure if ubuntu allows it that way18:55
Docistring with spaces, I assume you mean?18:56
utackas root starting "cat /dev/sdi" works. but i don't exactly know how to search for the string then. and it has no spaces, more a word18:56
chevilike seeking for a value?18:56
Doci| grep keyword18:56
mrdavidDoci: I'm more or less back in business. I hardly ever reboot and rarely restart X.18:56
Docithat didn't work?18:56
Docimrdavid: ubuntu starts much to behave like windows in this matter... if it doesn't work, reboot, try again18:57
utackah it does. cool18:57
Dociutack: gl :)18:57
Dociso, anyone with ati here?18:58
daftykinsAMD graphics?18:58
cheviin fact...i also has this issue with my nvidia...18:58
mistawrighthi guys i needed some help i have cron jobs that are making my server unusable. how can I kill the running cron jobs?18:58
daftykinsDoci: you might want to ask your actual question rather than wait for a bunch of yes's ;)18:58
Docimyeah, did a few times already18:59
loaOerHeks, what is better to use, chromium or google chrome?18:59
daftykinsDoci: i see a lot of you typing small bits on many lines, no single paragraph of question though (:18:59
loaif i am just simple user)18:59
loai get now flash 1218:59
loaand looks like it is better18:59
Docidaftykins: just helping out in the meanwhile too, building some positive karma, lol18:59
loai got google-chrome-stable and see it is not very stable :S19:00
Docisec, i re-search my problem lol, i forgot cli outputs so i have to try those again19:00
xforksChromiom is based on chrome, so you'd get very similar browser regardless which one you choose.19:00
Docidaftykins: aticonfig: No supported adapters detected19:00
Docihas been working since somewhere in 2012 without problems19:00
loaxforks, it is not similar, i see freeze when use google chrome19:01
daftykinsDoci: what hardware and what method are you installing drivers by? what gave that error?19:01
swatsongoogle chrome is based on chromium -- id say use chromium, much better IMHO19:01
Docii wasn't installing anything19:01
xforksloa, i don't use either but chromium is a chrome deriviate so they also do their own thing. I take it you go with chromium then?19:01
Docii ran an apt-get update/upgrade this morning, didn't notice anything, continued work, tried to play UT, and from there i discovered that my compiz didn't work anymore19:02
chevianyone can help me with my sound card issue?19:02
Docifrom there on i couldn't get into my catalyst settings,19:02
Dociand no resolve on google yet19:02
xforksI find it annoying they went from Firefox 26 in kubuntu 13 to firefox 25 in kubuntu 1419:02
Docialso no recent mentions of the same problems of other people, so i guess it's a unique case19:02
loaxforks, i only see one point of installing google chrome it add new flash into system) but i found rep where new flash is standalone)19:03
fierannaswatson xforks: chrome is chromium with additional proprietary code, for example, a newer flash player; sometimes you run into content chromium can't play19:03
daftykinsDoci: ok, have you rebooted since? i'll ask again: *which card*, *which driver* ?19:04
daftykinsand which ubuntu version too?19:04
fierannaloa: Filling out PDF forms online as well ... but most people don't need to do that. However if you do, it usually fails with chromium :(19:04
loai don't know even what is PDF forms :)19:05
loai only know pdf files19:05
mrdavidDoci: that's not the unix way19:05
mrdavidDoci: I'm old school19:05
fierannaloa: It's a pdf file with spaces to type in information. it's not common you see them but they are useful sometimes for sending out complex forms that require filling in19:06
fierannaloa: UK Government has a lot of their small business forms done this way, for example19:06
=== jono is now known as Guest56083
Docidaftykins: ATI Radeon HIS 4770, driver I can't identify that quickly, what cli cmd was that again?19:08
Dociubuntu 12.04 LTS19:08
Docignome-panel with compiz and compizconfig manager19:09
Dociloa: i remember in 2002 that I had to download 15.5 MB of form over a 56k modem, fill in and upload again19:09
Dociloa: after 2 days it failed and had to start all over again19:09
chevihda ULI M5461 soundcard wont sound on my acer-aspire e500a...anyone??19:10
=== pcwhite is now known as PaulW2U
fierannaDoci: post office probably quicker :-)19:11
dubisHelo Someone can help on the java firefox pluging ???19:11
digsSo, I keep getting 503 errors that were not happening before. I can perform the same action several times on the website and half the time, (starting to become more often), I get a 503 error and am redirected to the home page. So, here is the syslog of what happens when I get the 503 error: http://codepad.org/iqjlnLhH19:11
loaDoci, it is ok, i mother russia we need to use pen and stand in people flow for hours.19:11
loain mother *19:11
digsI have apache+memcache+apc+varnish running a heavy weight drupal site. The site is not producing errors. There are no error logs from php or apache.19:12
wolfy1339is anyone else having this problem in 14.04 http://askubuntu.com/questions/416871/launcher-and-menu-bar-missing-14-04 ? I'm not sure what to do19:13
dubisHere the error => http://pastebin.com/aUppmKvu19:13
Doci14.04? isn't that still in alpha?19:13
ianorlinyes it is19:13
=== 36DACECPU is now known as SrRaven
wolfy1339but it works better than 13.1019:13
Docidaftykins: how do i read a driver version from cli again?19:14
Docithe stupid thing is that it has been working for the longer of a year, never had trouble, and now it quits. that implies that the proper software and drivers are installed, but that something turned 'em off, or broke them19:15
digsmemcache just crashed.19:16
daftykinsDoci: so since you first installed, you've never manually installed a graphics driver?19:16
digsSo, it has to be memcache that is the issue.19:16
Docidaftykins: correct19:16
Docii have catalyst installed19:16
Dociand have been running fine with that19:16
daftykinsso you did install a driver19:16
Dociobviously, yes19:16
Docii just don't consciously recall it ;)19:17
daftykinsheh well considering how many times you've changed your mind... :D19:17
daftykinsDoci: and you've rebooted since those last updates?19:17
daftykinsDoci: can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?19:17
Dociat least 3 times today ;)19:17
daftykinsok so if a new kernel came along you're more than likely running it19:17
Oogubuntu 13.10 i have sendmail installed and it is working to deliver local emails - the problem is i have a .forward file in my home directory and it is being ignored. how do i make sendmail use the .forward?19:17
Docidaftykins: http://p.blicky.net/167ex19:19
tatomaI need convincing why I should switch completely out of Windows for my laptop I'm using for studying?19:19
Docidaftykins: yeah, the first thing i tried was running with an older kernel (grub > older versions of ubuntu(19:19
Doci) *19:19
Docitatoma: dual boot is fine imo19:19
Dociyou'll just notice that you'll boot less in windows at some poin19:20
fierannatatoma: If you're happy, why switch?19:20
fierannatatoma: Contrary to what you might have been told, Ubuntu is not a religion :-)19:20
Docidaftykins: older kernels didn't make a difference, though, and i was stupid enough to apt-get autoremove at some point19:20
Docifieranna: the unix way is, amirite? ;)19:20
daftykinsDoci: do you think it was a manually downloaded driver from AMD, or an fglrx package from a PPA?19:20
tatomaI'm looking at the advantages? I'm intrigued by the freedom of linux.19:21
Docii bet fglrx, but i can't find anything about a ppa19:21
Docitatoma: http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm19:21
optyhey what package is gpasswd in?19:21
DJones!find gpasswd19:22
ubottuFile gpasswd found in bash-completion, chef, fish, passwd, rsbac-admin19:22
DJonesopty: See above19:22
Docidaftykins: http://p.blicky.net/vo8fj19:22
Docistand by for me checking other ppas19:22
daftykinsDoci: well, that's very odd because i see it detect your hardware as being the 4770, it lists support for the 4770 but then as you pasted earlier it claims it's not supported! D:19:22
optyDJones, thanks19:22
opty!find chkpwd19:23
ubottuFile chkpwd found in citadel-dbg, citadel-server, libpam-ccreds, libpam-modules-bin, libpam-unix219:23
Guest73819hi. ubuntu 13.10 don't see an AP on channel 13 whereas iwlist wlan0 frequency or iwlist channel shows me a channel 13. I had to boot into windows to connect to the AP. My android phone is also able to see the hotspot. so why not ubuntu ?19:23
Docino other relevant ppas btw19:23
Docidaftykins: it's not my first bbq, i just never got into this situation before19:24
Docifirst i thougt my Unreal Tournament 99 was just being groggy again19:24
Docibut from bad to worse....19:24
tatomaAlso I kinda like to use Linux as it increases my productivity codewise as I spend less time playing games.19:24
Docitatoma: THIS. SO. MUCH.19:24
bibi234hello, I have an ubuntu computer and a thermal printer (ESC/POS), I'd like to connect them (I've alread installed cups and tried through the interface without success), what can I do? I'd like to print a dummy thing like "Hello", what is the easiest way to do it?19:24
tatomaEven though Steam is going for linux and great amount of indies are compatible this ain't not so valid point.19:25
Docibibi234: notepad/openoffice, type, print,19:25
Docitatoma: minecraft >_>19:25
daftykinsDoci: hehe, i guess you could try either reverting fglrx to an older version or just try downloading and installing one from AMD's website if you feel comfortable with that, you can type !ati to get a link to a guide from the channel bot if not19:25
Docibibi234: that what you wanted to know? or do you have trouble connecting to the printer?19:25
Docidaftykins: i think i prefer the reverting fglrx first, where do i get started on that?19:26
daftykinsDoci: i'm only vaguely familiar with the idea that you can remove fglrx then install a specific version by appending an extra variable with your apt-get command, couldn't tell you how to do it though - i've never done it19:27
daftykinsDoci: i've just found some further useful info though, one sec19:27
Docidaftykins: thanks for the effort, eitherway19:28
bibi234Doci: not sure it would work, this is a ticket printer, it looks like this one (http://www.myposprinter.com/images/SRP-350G.gif). It needs a special format input apparently called ESC/POS. Yes I haven't connected it yet.19:28
Dociah, that way19:28
Docii hate those things >_>19:28
daftykinsDoci: ah no, from your X.org log you're already good on version numbers - take a look at the section 'Older RadeonHD' here: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Hardware19:28
swatsonLol is that my piece of sh*t printer . com19:29
photek!seen bodhi_zazen19:29
ubottuI have no seen command19:29
photek.seen bodhi_zazen19:29
rwwphotek: no seen bot in here19:29
Docistill, it's definately related to the gflxr (or whatever the order of l,x and r), since i booted, upgraded, rebooted, failed.19:30
ianorlinuse /msg nickserv info bodhi_zazen instead19:30
Docistill, i'm not sure whether I should be offended that my vid is now suddently considered "older "19:31
daftykinsDoci: ah silly me, it's the 'radeon' driver that says it's supporting your card right now, not fglrx. so fglrx having updated is definitely the issue19:31
Docii guess i'll just not play any games until april, or do a clean install before that time19:31
Dociok, one step in the right direction19:31
daftykinswell running a newer LTS isn't going to make it work, if anything it'll guarantee your old card will no longer be supported19:32
=== Guest56115 is now known as mfisch
Docii'm still hoping for an insignificant fuckup on my behalf19:32
=== mfisch is now known as Guest73201
fierannaswatson: POS=point of sale. shop receipt printers etc19:33
Docistill, by my understanding, a 3-4 year old vid can not possibly be considered outdated/unsupported19:33
Docihell, there is even more support for my gma500 in my netbook *gunfire starts*19:34
rocketpenguinI am having an issue with graphics drivers. I just installed Ubuntu 12.04.2, knowing that was the last update that Radeon HD 4200 graphics cards worked. why do i not see the driver in the drivers list?!19:34
Docirocketpenguin: you joined the conversation at the right moment19:35
Docihaving similar trouble with hd 477019:36
rocketpenguinDoci, ?19:36
daftykinsDoci: tell that to AMD :)19:36
Docidaftykins and I are trying to sort out why my 4770 on 12.04 stopped working this afternoon, after the gflrx update19:36
=== marco is now known as Guest89730
tatomaHow good is ubuntu with supporting dual monitors?19:37
daftykinsrocketpenguin: are you talking about not being offered something via the 'hardware drivers' section of software settings?19:37
rocketpenguinDoci, Honestly, i hate AMD cards to an extreme.19:37
daftykinstatoma: depends on the graphics card really19:37
rocketpenguindaftykins, Correct.19:37
tatomaWith modern gaming GPU?19:37
Docii prefer amd over intel, but now i have intel cpu / ati gpu, i must say that amd + ati worked better at the time19:38
daftykinsrocketpenguin: sounds like you're both suffering from fglrx for the 4000 series no longer being the version you're being offered - assuming you can see the package 'fglrx' at all?19:38
Docidaftykins: trying the reverting btw19:38
daftykinsDoci: good good, let us know how it goes19:38
rocketpenguindaftykins, Where would i see it? I just downgraded on Ubuntu because the latest didnt work with my card at all (Black screen) And am now a tad bit pi$$ed because it still doesnt work.19:39
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
Doci.. if i can find the version numbers somewhere...19:40
Dociis there any type of file/package archive for this exact reason?19:40
denis_makogonhi 2 all19:40
denis_makogoni've got question19:40
denis_makogonabout mongodb packages19:41
daftykinsrocketpenguin: apt-get update && apt-cache showpkg fglrx19:41
MonkeyDustdenis_makogon  let's hear it, in one line19:41
mojtabaHi, does anybody know how can I fix this? this is the result of running apt-get update: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6880969/19:41
rocketpenguindaftykins, Crud. I am updating. Give me a moment...19:41
denis_makogonwhy ubuntu cloud archive contain old version (2.0.4) but community repo contains 2.9.4 version19:42
MonkeyDustmojtaba  remove ppa, try again19:42
=== GTB3NW_AWAY is now known as GTB3NW
Dociokay.. back to square one... how do i find which fglrx to install.......19:43
=== maxim is now known as Guest17017
Doci(i refrain from uninstalling anything until i have all resources available)19:43
rocketpenguindaftykins, K, command has been done.19:43
mojtabaMonkeyDust: How can I remove those which has 404 errors?19:43
MonkeyDust!ppa-purge | mojtaba19:44
ubottumojtaba: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html19:44
mojtabaMonkeyDust: thanks, but what if I don't want to revert back to default and just want to remove those which have problem?19:44
rocketpenguindaftykins, Still no proprietary drivers...19:45
Docinvm, synaptic ftw19:45
ViswaVHi all.. can someone here please speak to the availability of latest mongo package on ubuntu official repos? It seems the current stable available via ubuntu precise repo is 2.0.4 whereas the latest stable mongo is 2.4.919:45
mojtabaMonkeyDust: The whole address is PPA?19:45
MonkeyDustmojtaba  or open your sources editor and remove it from there19:46
conroeIs this possible: I have a box with three interfaces, one connected to (with internet access) and two other connected to and Clients will be connecting from and that routing is working fine, problem is when I try to bring up the interface connected to as there already is a default gateway
mojtabaMonkeyDust: sorry for asking simple questions, how can I open source editor?19:46
daftykinsrocketpenguin: yeah you didn't quite follow what i meant but nevermind, work with Doci for a solution, i'm out of ideas.19:48
Docimojtaba: source editor as in text editor?19:48
MonkeyDustmojtaba  update manager > settings > other software19:48
Docidaftykins: we're about to find out whether it worked19:48
Beldarmojtaba, An easy check is run 'software-properties-gtk' go to second tab and unmark the ppa, then run another update.19:48
daftykinsDoci: so what did you install?19:48
Docisynaptic packman has this nice option "force package", just pick the previous version19:48
halfburnttoast_conroe, so you're routing the to the other two networks, correct? For remote access from the 1.0 network to the other 2.0 and 3.0 networks?19:48
Doci2.8 if mem serves19:48
Beldarmojtaba, This is the same gui MonkeyDust points to.19:49
mojtabaMonkeyDust:  Beldar: Thanks19:49
Beldarmojtaba, no prob, did not want to confuse this anymore than needed. ;)19:50
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
kb3ienany sign of ALPT these days?19:51
darius12Ubuntu Server 13.10 netinstall using nfs.  What are the correct kernel paramater for a TFTP/NFS installation?  Everything is working except for NFS for me.  Ubuntu documentation appears to be out of date on the subject19:52
halfburnttoast_conroe, if you get a chance, run 'route -v'19:52
TeraJLif you hover your mouse on the sound icon, and scroll left or right, when you scroll left the volume increases and right decreases, isn't it inversed? (i know it's just a small thing, but is there a reason for that? is this an actual bug?)19:52
Docirocketpenguin: in case you want to try the same before knowing if it works for sure, install synaptic if you don't have it, and force version from fglrx and fglrx-amdcccle (back) to 2:8.96019:52
Docibrb reboot19:53
conroehalfburnttoast_, default gw
halfburnttoast_can you override the default gateway?19:55
halfburnttoast_I think it's 'route del gw ...'19:56
Docihooooooley fuck19:57
Dociwell, in a way that worked....19:57
=== dan_ is now known as Guest31081
=== johan is now known as Guest4983
Docibut i guess i should also downgrade my gnome/gnome classic packages, because now i can work the rest of the day on getting my classic panels back19:57
Docithough i must say, it looks fancy19:58
digsIs there a channel that is primarly for ubuntu server support?19:58
raymond_hi all19:58
MonkeyDustdigs  #ubuntu-server19:59
Docifalse alarm, session switched to Gnome instead of Gnome-Classic19:59
Docidaftykins, rocketpenguin, version 2:8.960 did the trick. Gentlemen, thank you!19:59
daftykinsDoci: can you share the now working /var/log/Xorg.0.log please for my benefit?20:00
Docicould try :)20:01
Docistand by20:01
daftykinsty sir20:03
Docino, thank you, sir20:03
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
jiridoI got a serious problem. I can login in console, but not to desktop.  .xsession-errors shows nothing.. If someone can give advice it would be much apreciated/ I ask for forgivnes for my bad english spelling20:06
Docijirido: first things first, what is the output of "which lightdm" ?20:07
Dociif that works, try "sudo service lightdm restart"20:08
Docithen try above command, it will supposedly start or restart your session manager20:09
jiridoNo it didn't help. I haave tried to reinstall policykit.. I have done a try to leave nvidia drivers to go to the open ones but in think there is still nvidia modules ghosting in the system20:12
Docidoes "startx" do anything?20:12
Kartagiswhat's the fs path to a davs: webdisk?20:12
jiridoit gives this :20:13
nes do i get install help here?20:14
jiridoI have purged nvidia 173 304 but still if i look in xorg log there is loaded some nvidia_drv.so20:16
jiridoDoci: How do i check what nvidia drivers i still have installed. I uninstalled them on advice here because i wanted some suport and now relly seem to need it :)20:18
zaitzevso accessing a shared folder on windows 8.1 from ubuntu 13.10, not working as I hoped it would. Seems like it doesn't want to accept the username/password (which I know is correct)20:20
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
jiridoYou see it started with that nvidia settings did not start.. and that the resolusion could not be sett manually from xorg.conf20:21
Mongo44I am using vi and I can't save it because it says the read only option is set.20:22
KartagisMongo44: try :wq!20:23
k1lMongo44: that depends on the file permissions? look at that first20:24
=== lusers is now known as lasers
Docijirido: i'm not really sure, actually20:26
jiridoshould i try to reinstall nvidia drivers and "remove" xorgs?20:26
Docii usually consider it less work to do a clean install20:26
Dociis that an option for you?20:26
OzeraCan anyone help me with this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21587391/x-509-and-private-key-confusion ?20:27
Beldarzaitzev, What user/password exactly, more specific details needed.20:27
Docia clean install for me takes about 35 minutes, solving a problem a few hours.20:27
Beldarzaitzev, specific install of both help, is one a vm?20:28
jiridoI would like to know where it is written what drivers that is gona be loaded so i could choose. I used jokey-gtk to take away the old ones and install the rcomended ones.. aand now im been out of box a day.. and It's TeRRIBLe20:28
jiridoClean install you are joking..20:29
halfburnttoast_that depends on what you have your system doing20:30
halfburnttoast_for small servers or vms, reinstalling is usually faster20:30
halfburnttoast_but when you have to reload 500GB+ of backups, it kinda isnt20:30
jiridoI'v installed programs and tweeked this for som year to be my good slave mashine20:30
jiridoIts my main desktop20:30
zaitzevBeldar: Neither is a vm, Windows 8.1 on my desktop machine, and ubuntu on a laptop20:30
Docijirido: i have all my data on a seperate disk, and a text file with the apt-get install command of all programs that i want20:31
halfburnttoast_i'm talking about huge system breaks too20:31
Dociit's of course your decision, i just brought it up because I consider it a viable solution20:31
halfburnttoast_not like dependency problems or something20:31
jiridoWell i dont and this cant be so terible complicated..20:31
zaitzevBeldar: The username and password of the Windows user, which in 8.1 is the Windows Live account20:31
Beldarzaitzev, ah a network connect, does not that like seem relevant? I have no knowledge there.20:31
jiridoI have grafic drivers loaded and just dont get in.. there must be some way to see what is going wrong..20:32
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souredfrogcash n guns n shiz20:36
=== Enissay__ is now known as Enissay
Docixinit or lightdm usually do the trick20:36
Docihas it worked before btw?20:36
Mongo44Anyone know how to get Lubuntu to run in full resolution? I just deleted my vm because I was so upset with it.20:38
jiridoDoci: yes all worked fine untill some days when nvidia settings stoped to work after some update20:38
k1lsouredfrog: make sure you read the !guidelines when entering the #ubuntu-offtopic channel20:38
k1lMongo44: install guest additions on it20:38
souredfrogk1l, Thanks mate you rock20:39
SomelauwHi, could someone tell me how to configure gtk. I tried manually editing gtrck2.0, but it wasn't succesful20:39
jiridobUT SOMEONE HERE MUST KNOW HOW TO SEARSH WHIT REGEXP/sorry/ in installed packages apt-cache search is all availible pkgs20:39
Mongo44It started in 1024x768 then it went down to 640x480.20:40
SomelauwI'm not using unity or gnome-shell btw.20:40
BeldarSomelauw, any ppa's involved?20:40
JamieShepherdHokay, so basically, games open on the wrong monitor. I've set the RIGHT monitor as primary in nvidia settings etc., games always open on the left20:41
JamieShepherdregardless of whether i change round cables or whatever, always the left monitor20:41
SomelauwThe gtk config is really confusing, because in .config there are both gtk2.0 and gtk3.0 folders and I don't even know which one I'm using20:41
SomelauwBeldar: no ppa's20:41
jiridoAnyone? how to search in installed pakages, Im in console and cant google anything right now so let me be exused sucha googleable Q20:43
JamieShepherdSome official support channel20:43
BeldarSomelauw, be specific with the de, the more details the higher chance of there being help.20:43
lickalottdpkg -i get-selections i think20:43
lickalottlemme check jirido20:44
Picijirido: dpkg -l | grep something20:44
lickalottdpkg --get-selections | grep NAMEHERE20:44
jiridoOK ! i start there20:44
lickalottjirido, what is going on?20:44
lickalottare you tyring to purge the current nvidia drivers?20:44
jiridoI need to uninstall all nvidias drivers i think20:45
jiridolickalott: yes20:45
lickalottsudo apt-get remove nvidia-current20:45
quidnuncWhat is a good console utility to display disk space usage by directory?20:45
lickalottsudo apt-get purge nvidia-current20:45
lickalottthen I'll get you a site.20:45
Docijirido: via synaptic, packages > force > select older version20:46
ianorlindu can do that but I like ncdu more20:46
Dociianorlin: did you just say ncdu?20:46
Dociauthor was a classmate of mine :P20:46
lickalottjirido, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/01/install-nvidia-driver-331-38-ubuntu/20:46
chemist^quidnunc, http://askubuntu.com/questions/1224/how-can-i-determine-a-folders-size-from-the-command-line20:47
dibowI installed unity in ubuntu studio. Im not seeing the option to use it. What do I do???20:47
lickalottBL:  You'll have to log out, alt+ctrl+F1 then kill lightdm install the latest driver (Choose yes to 32 libs) then restart.  And you should be good.20:47
chemist^dibow, you choose it when on logon screen20:47
Docidibow: install gnome-panel. forget about unity. live happy20:47
Somelauw_Does ubuntu use gtk2 or gtk3 and how to configure gtk?20:48
jiridolickalott: I dont have nvidia-current installed20:48
quidnuncchemist^: No, I want the whole hierarchy recursively20:48
chemist^dibow just logout and choose a different desktop enviroment20:48
jiridolickalott: Im in consoleso i cant brows just right now20:48
dibowchemist^, i do not see it in my login window20:48
chemist^dibom it's the little circle near your username, click on it20:49
lickalottwait 120:49
lickalottcan i pm you?20:49
chemist^dibow, it should list all available DE20:49
dibowchemist^, ill look again brb20:49
chemist^quidnunc, sorry didn't understand your earlier question correctly20:50
lickalottjirido, pm?20:50
jiridoi dont know really what that is but yes i think so if its not to perverse20:50
Piciquidnunc: I really like ncdu20:50
lickalottprivate message.  LOL20:52
lickalottyou get it/20:53
jiridodo i notis and have to do some thing?20:53
lickalottlook for a flashing or highlighted window/tab from lickalott20:53
dibowchemist^, thanks for making me take another look.20:54
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dibowIm computer illiterate may need assistance from you peeps again20:55
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Docity & gn21:06
chamunksSo I accidentally selected move to trash for my entire desktop folder.21:12
chamunksIt refuses to restore now.21:12
chamunksI know the files are there where do I locate them on the device so that I can just manually move it myself.21:12
chamunksNvm got it.21:14
phil-nscan't you just use a terminal and open nautilus or thunar?21:14
tapoutwhen i maximize a window, for some reason it doesn't take into account the 32 pixel high taskbar at the bottom. So i'm always missing the bottom part of any application window.  Anyone know how to fix this?21:17
apz665Hello everyone21:17
Nasukatapout what taskbar are you using?21:19
tapoutwhatever came with razorqt21:19
apz665when and how does apt-cacher-ng update its cache? I mean how would it know that there is a newer version of a particular package available whenever client does a apt-get update21:20
katnegermisIs there a way that I can create a shortcut to focus the x'th window in the taskbar? Just like I would use alt+1 to focus the first tab in my browser.21:20
tapoutNasuka, is there a way to probe it to see what they're using?21:21
hitsujiTMOkatnegermis: hold the super key21:21
Nasukawhat de is this?21:21
tapoutor whatever21:21
ravingHello everybody. We are running Ubuntu Server 12.04 and have recently run into an issue with inodes being orphaned. Is anybody aware of any system packages in the core distribution that are known to leave file descriptors open indefinitely?21:22
katnegermishitsujiTMO, Thank you!21:23
jiridoHi i try to install a driver from comande as i cant get in to DM and need to shut down X without it restarting.. Do anyone know how?21:23
jiridoIt keeps poping up like a Zombie!21:24
hitsujiTMOtapout: if you're using it with openbox, then in the openbox config manager you set edge margins21:24
hitsujiTMOjirido: sudo service lightdm restart21:25
tapoutthe full desktop environment is RazorQT21:25
tapoutit's using openbox as the window manager21:25
jiridoBut then it restarts21:25
hitsujiTMOjirido: ahh stop x altogether? sudo service lightdm stop21:25
Bashing-omjirido: Unity as the DE ? -> sudo service lightdm stop <- .21:25
SomelauwHi, I have a Radeon HD8670M and I'm using the fglrx drivers. Has anyone found a way to change the resolution in linux to 1920*1080?21:26
jiridoI Yes!!21:26
hitsujiTMOSomelauw: is it not detecting your monitor resolution?21:27
SomelauwhitsujiTMO: It is detecting the wrong one21:27
tg2anybody know how to purge the device driver cache on ubuntu?21:28
hitsujiTMOSomelauw: try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions21:28
tg2ie: i have "ghost" devices that are no longer connected but getting driver assigned to them21:28
SomelauwhitsujiTMO: because everything looks to big21:28
hitsujiTMOtg2: what type of devices are you talking about? sounds a little weird. you could maybe try blacklisting the driver?21:29
tg2i dont want to blacklist it21:30
tg2device: pci-e21:30
hitsujiTMOtg2: and is the device showing up in lspci?21:30
tg2in the proper amount of devices21:31
tg2but in lsmod, I am seeing 40+ occurrances of the driver21:31
tg2every time I move the card to another pci-e slot, it adds another occurance21:31
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tg2on a fresh install, it shows the proper amount of devices on the driver21:32
tg2but it is a long and arduous process installing 13.12 drivers on 13.1021:32
hitsujiTMOtg2: what type of device exactly? there may be some persistence file involved21:32
tg2fglrx - ati driver21:32
tg2i did dpkg -r21:32
hitsujiTMOtg2: ahh, is it defined too many times in /etc/X11/xorg.conf?21:33
tg2no i deleted that21:34
tg2and reinitialized21:34
SomelauwhitsujiTMO:  I followed the instructions. When I did xrandr --addmode S-video 1920x1080_60. it said cannot find output S-video21:34
hitsujiTMOSomelauw: ahh svideo. that doesn't support such high resolutions21:34
elichai2i've ubuntu and i installed LXDE and i now want to know how to completely remove the default environment21:35
hitsujiTMOSomelauw: svideo only support SD not HD resolutions21:35
SvenOostenbrinkI installed ATI driver 13.12, but its not working and I need to try 14.1 beta.. in order to install the 14.1 beta, I need to uninstall the 13.12 but when I try that I get the error "AMD Catalyst(TM) Proprietary Driver Uninstall is corrupt.  Uninstall script 'fglrx-uninstall.sh' is missing."  Now, how can I get 14.1 installed??21:35
SomelauwhitsujiTMO: ok, so what to do?21:35
MonkeyDust!purexubntu | SvenOostenbrink21:36
MonkeyDust!purexubuntu | SvenOostenbrink21:36
ubottuSvenOostenbrink: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »21:36
=== cthulhu318 is now known as T_Rikster
tg2did you use dpkg to install 13.1221:36
jiridohitsujiTMO  i try to install the latest Nvidia driver on recomendation from a guy here but it says it dont support my gpu (7300 gt) but offer to install any way.. will this be a dead projekt or does it have some fallback system? i dont play games.21:36
SvenOostenbrinkMonkeyDust: ? What has Xubunto to do with this?21:36
ikoniaanyone what ?21:36
hitsujiTMOSomelauw: not sure id everything is coming up so big. svideo is kinda an old tech at this stage21:36
jiridoI mean computor games..!21:36
MonkeyDustSvenOostenbrink  make that !purelubuntu, i mistyped21:36
elichai2ubuntu environment is gnome or unity?21:37
SvenOostenbrinktg2: No, I followed a tutorial which said to just use the installer21:37
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »21:37
fierannaelichai2: ubuntu's default is unity21:37
SvenOostenbrinkMonkeyDust: My problem is that I cannot uninstall the ATI iffucuak driver..21:37
ikoniaelichai2: someone what ?21:37
elichai2fieranna, so if i want to fully move to LXDE so run this command is safe?21:38
elichai2sudo apt-get purge unity unity-asset-pool unity-services 'unity-lens-.*' 'unity-scope-.*'  unity-common 'libunity.*' unity-greeter 'unity-webapps-.*' xul-ext-unity21:38
miteshsudo apt-get install libboost1.53-all-dev package not located21:38
tg2 dpkg -r fglrx fglrx-amdcccle fglrx-dev21:38
tg2do that21:38
tg2it willr emove them21:38
MonkeyDustSvenOostenbrink  it was for elichai2 , you both started a phrase with 'i installed'w21:38
ikoniaelichai2: what do you mean "is it safe" it will remove what you just told it to21:38
hitsujiTMOjirido: jirido 304 is the latest for that gpu21:38
fierannafieranna: no idea, dont know what you were told to run. but you can remove unity without breaking ubuntu. i just cant tell if what you were told will do it. :-)21:38
fierannaelichai2: Sorry that last one was for you!21:39
elichai2ikonia, idk i got this command online and i'm afraid it will uninstall important packages21:39
ikoniaelichai2: why are you running it ?21:39
miteshnot able to install libboost1.53-all-dev package21:39
ikoniaelichai2: for what purpose21:39
SvenOostenbrinkMonkeyDust: ok, np21:39
hitsujiTMOjirido: which did you install? 319?21:39
elichai2for get rid of all the spare packages after i moved to lxde21:39
jiridohitsujiTMO: but if i install that from apt will it overtake everything else , like nouevoue and other old grafic drivers or do i have to set it someware /33121:40
SvenOostenbrink dpkg -r fglrx fglrx-amdcccle fglrx-dev is only for the .deb packages.. this is the official AMD/ATI driver which is just an installer without packages..21:40
ikoniaelichai2: why not just leave them if you are in any doubt, they will not cause a problem21:40
ikoniaelichai2: or re-install using lubuntu21:40
jiridohitsujiTMO: and i did not install it yet!21:40
fierannaelichai2: did oyu consider a lubuntu install? that has lxde from the start. If you are not short on disk space, no need to remove unity.21:40
hitsujiTMOjirido: yes it will blacklist nouveau. if you're not doing anything graphically intensive then nouveau shoulsd be good enough21:41
fierannaelichai2: If you've got something like an ultrabook with a 16GB SSD, then sure, you'd want to remove Unity if you weren't using it21:41
elichai2fieranna, i have this ubuntu for a long time so i don't want to start backing up....21:41
ikoniathat doesn't make sense21:41
fierannaelichai2: Yes you do, everyone should have a backup21:41
ikoniaif you've had it for a long time that is a BIG reason to back up21:41
fierannaelichai2: what would happen if you dropped the laptop?21:41
elichai2fieranna, yeah but i don't want to mess with restoring :(21:42
fierannaelichai2: Well if you are not short on disk space, no need to remove21:42
ikoniabut you'll risk your machine removing packages you don't understand....21:42
threesomeHi, what is the default GTK 2.0 theme in Ubuntu 13.10 (Unity)?21:42
elichai2ikonia, this is why i asked here, there is no official list of packages that are part of the environment?21:43
OerHekselichai2, before trying to remove unity, i would backup for sure.21:43
elichai2cause when i google it i find weird things like this: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelubuntu21:43
hitsujiTMOthreesome: ambiance is the default theme21:43
jiridohitsujiTMO: i think i have that in already but since i uninstalled nvidia i cant get in to my Desktop.. And xorg.0.log says it loads some nvidia_drv.so still21:43
fierannaelichai2: Yes there is, but seriously, why are you removing stuff if you aren't short on space?21:43
hitsujiTMOjirido: can you pastebin the output of: dmesg21:44
SvenOostenbrinktg2: dpkg -r fglrx fglrx-amdcccle fglrx-dev is only for the .deb packages.. this is the official AMD/ATI driver which is just an installer without packages..21:44
threesomehitsujiTMO: Is that for GTK 2 and for GTK 3, or are there separate default themes for each?21:44
elichai2fieranna, i'm short of space, i've ,multi boot OS21:44
ikoniaelichai2: please post the output of df -h in a pastebin please.21:44
milamber!unity | threesome21:44
ubottuthreesome: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity21:44
gordonjcpyou know what the absolute number one cause of hard disk failures is?21:44
gordonjcpwithout a doubt?21:44
fierannaelichai2: OK, I didn't know that. That's a good reason to remove. I dual boot on a 16GB SSD and I'm also really low on it.21:44
elichai2and i want to make my machine clean from unnecessary packages to make it faster21:44
milamberthreesome: unity is gnome 3, not gnome 221:44
ikoniaelichai2: that won't make it faster21:44
gordonjcpthe absolute number one cause of hard disk failures is saying "I don't need to back up"21:45
bruceleei just apt-get snmpd and snmp, but when i do snmpwalk on itself, it returns very few entries. doesnt it come with all the MIB-2 OIDs?21:45
fierannaelichai2: speed will not be affected; however space will be21:45
hitsujiTMOthreesome: ls -l /usr/share/themes/Ambiance   shows gtk02.0 gtk-3.0 unity and metacity themes21:45
ikoniaelichai2: please post the output of df -h in a pastebin please.21:45
sudormrfhey guys.  quick question.  when I use "connect to server" and select windows share and enter the appropriate information I can get where I need to go, however if I type smb://servername it says the share can't be found.  I believe this is a client side issue, but is anyone around to help me verify?21:45
elichai2ikonia, yes it will, the more space Available mean faster OS21:45
ikoniaelichai2: no it doesn't21:45
ikoniaelichai2: please post the output of df -h in a pastebin please.21:45
threesomemilamber: if im running an application like firefox, doesn't that require gtk2 theme (not 3)?21:45
elichai2here: http://pastebin.com/Y7usedx921:46
fierannaelichai2: The disk space won't noticably affect speed. This isn't FAT32.21:46
elichai2ikonia, yes it is, especially after i will defrag my drive21:46
ikoniaelichai2: you should not do anything as you are just saying things that are wrong21:46
fierannaelichai2: You defrag ext3 or ext4?21:46
elichai2i never did it before, but why not?21:47
ikoniaelichai2: defrag your hard disk ??? you don't do that on ext journaled file systems21:47
fierannaelichai2: There's little reason to defrag unless you are installed on FAT32 or something?21:47
ikoniaelichai2: you'll break your system thats why not21:47
elichai2no i'm installed on ext321:47
threesomeubottu: im not using gnome or unity but id like to use the gtk theme that unity had for all my apps like firefox, thunderbird, etc. do you know how i can do this?21:47
ubottuthreesome: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:47
milamberthreesome: not sure what you mean21:47
ikoniaelichai2: ext3 is the same - I said "ext journaled file systems"21:47
ikoniaelichai2: that's ext3 and 421:47
ikoniaand 2 really21:48
fierannaelichai2: I have less space than you, i dont defrag. it's ext4 but ext3 is the same. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881665/21:48
zeeshanwhat's the proper way to not use the nouveau driver and use vesa driver21:48
hitsujiTMOzeeshan: why?21:49
fierannaelichai2: a lot of computing "lore" like defrag comes from the windows ecosystem which has different technology. don't really defrag ext3.21:49
hitsujiTMOzeeshan: why would you want to use vesa?21:49
SomelauwSome questions. What happened to gksudo?21:49
zeeshancause it keeps on freezing on me21:49
zeeshanand i want to use the generic vesa driver21:49
threesomemilamber: I'm not using gnome or unity, but i'd like to get the gtk theme that they use. i changed my GTK3 theme in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini but that didn't update the way firefox looked. for that I had to update ~/.gtkrc-2.0. Which gtk theme do i need to use to get things to look more like they did in Unity?21:50
jiridohitsujiTMO: Im in console and cant copy paste werry well as screen only copy paste 1 creen a time but i piped it to cat that sended it to a file.. If you can say the irc commands to sent it to you, i'll do that21:50
hitsujiTMOzeeshan: vesa is used for backup only. its not a usable driver21:50
SvenOostenbrinkfieranna: 12 years with ext filesystems and I have never defragged or had the need to.. ext is designed as to not having to really need that..21:50
hitsujiTMOjirido: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit21:50
zeeshanhitsujiTMO: what can i do then? :{21:50
sudormrfthe issue I am having is that I can use "connect to server" to connect to my server just fine.  I select "windows share" and enter the info and I can connect.  is there a way I can bookmark this location using the command line?  I was thinking .gtk-bookmarks.  would that be the right path?21:50
hitsujiTMOzeeshan: what gpu do you have?21:51
fierannaSvenOostenbrink: yea I agree! please help convince elichai2 ;-)21:51
zeeshana cheap pci card geforce fx520021:51
zeeshanFeb  5 15:20:06 zeeshan-CNC kernel: [  467.947900] [drm] nouveau 0000:01:02.0: PFIFO_DMA_PUSHER - Ch 1 <---- this is the last line before i had to do a hard reboot21:51
zeeshani can move my mouse btw21:51
zeeshanbut i can't click on anything nor can i ctrl+alt+f1 to the terminal21:51
hitsujiTMOzeeshan: not even covered by nvidia legacy :( ... you have no choice but to use nouveau21:52
=== DarkPlayer_ is now known as DarkPlayer
SvenOostenbrinkfieranna: Sorry, sent it to the wrong person.. Anyway, he's gone21:53
jirido hitsujiTMO  :)  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881700/21:53
hitsujiTMOjirido: 304 is still being loaded. dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia21:54
hitsujiTMOjirido: sorry: dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia | pastebinit21:54
quidnuncPici: Thanks, I had just found it21:55
jiridohitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881714/21:56
hitsujiTMOzeeshan: actually sorry, thats supported by nvidia-17321:57
zeeshani see those messages.21:57
zeeshani can only use the computer for 2 minutes before it freezes21:58
hitsujiTMOzeeshan: try the 173 driver21:58
jiridohitsujiTMO: is there a script to se this pastes in Scubar Hi21:58
jiridoSorry for the jibbrich21:58
=== GTB3NW is now known as GTB3NW_AWAY
Scubarcould someone give me a hand setting up a bridged connection as my static ip config isnt listed in the interfaces file :|21:59
zeeshanhitsujiTMO: i think the autodetect picks up that version21:59
zeeshanlet me try installing it21:59
elichai2:( i guess i had disconnected without my notice21:59
elichai2what the last thing u see i wrote?21:59
naxaman says "ufw allow 53" would "allow tcp and udp port 53 to any address on this host". does this mean that anyone on the whole word can connect on port 53 to my machine?22:00
fierannaelichai2: 3 people telling you "this isn't windows, don't defrag"22:00
elichai2ohhh lol22:00
ikonialet him wreck his machine22:00
ikoniait's fine22:00
hitsujiTMOjirido: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:00
tg2TIL pastebinit22:00
elichai2why ext3 dosen't need defrag?22:00
ikoniaelichai2: follow random links off the internet even when advised not to, it's clear you don't want to listen to experience.22:00
elichai2ikonia, ok sorry you right ext dosen't need to be defrag sorry22:01
elichai2now back to the topic :)22:01
elichai2account-plugin is part of unity?22:01
fierannaelichai2: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext322:01
elichai2i mean i found this commands and i want to know if it won't remove anything not-related to unity: http://blogs.operationaldynamics.com/paul/opensource/not-unified-removing-unity-from-ubuntu-12-04-lts#the-actual-juice22:02
jiridohitsujiTMO:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881769/ you are effective like a helping mashine!22:02
ikoniaelichai2: just leave the files in place if you're in any doubt22:03
ikoniaelichai2: it's not doing any harm, you're not dead on disk space, and even if you are, removing this won't remove that much22:03
ikoniaso look at saving space elsewhere22:03
elichai2ikonia, i'm not feeling good with having packages that i don't need :(22:05
ikoniawhy ?22:05
ikoniawhat is the problem ?22:05
jiridoikonia: maybe elichai2 has digital anorexia22:06
hitsujiTMOjirido: ok, the xorg suggests 2 possible causes for the error, you've a custom resolution set in xorg.conf that it cannot support, or its defaulting to an odd resolution that it cannot support as it cant read the monitors edid data.22:06
hitsujiTMOjirido: pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:06
elichai2jirido, thats it :) i like my system clean22:07
ikoniait is clean22:07
ikoniaa package you are not using does not make it "dirty"22:07
elichai2yes but i'm feeling like i have "Ask" and "Bing" programs in windows22:07
ikoniathen you are feeling wrong22:08
ikoniaand need to get over it22:08
achpileHi all =) Does anybody know, how to specify folder which dropbox uses to store screenshots?22:09
ubuntuaddictedconfused on how to install the guest additions for vbox. do i run the iso in my host OR within the vm after it's fired up?22:09
hitsujiTMO/quit raving22:10
Jordan_Uelichai2: First, 1: I agree that having extra packages doesn't really hurt anything 2: This guide has not been updated for 13.10 and thus will be problematic if you're using 13.10 3: Please read the preface to this guide completely. All that said, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntucat/tag/pure-lubuntu/22:10
swatsonI actually know how elichai2  feels22:10
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: in the guest22:10
ikoniahence "guest additionas"22:10
ubuntuaddictedikonia, ok thanks for clarifying.22:10
swatsonI dont like having a ton of packages I dont use on my system.22:10
swatsonKeep it clean and neat.22:10
ubuntuaddictedikonia, well, the host has a guest on it so I wasn't sure if installing the guest additions on the host allowed the guest extra capabilities22:11
ikoniaagain, it's not "drity" or "messy"22:11
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: I see your confusion22:11
emxi get these kinds of errors lately without changing any configuration. the messages appear in the console when playing a film with mplayer: [   vdpau] Error when calling vdp_output_surface_destroy: An invalid handle value was provided.22:11
emxany help?22:11
elichai2Jordan_U, thats the thing, i thought about installing debian+lxde but then i realized that maybe it won't give me much more than just installing lxde without reinstall the distro (and messing with all my data)22:11
ikoniaelichai2: how can you say that, I said "install lubuntu" and you said "no as you don't want to restore" - so why is it ok to do debian + lxde ?22:12
ikoniait's a moving target22:12
jiridohitsujiTMO: My screens real resolution is 1366x768 but it never comes up as an option.. Then for some reason it started to mix in 1024x something.. and nvidia settings started to not work anymore.. and now i cant log in!! crazy..22:12
ubuntuaddictedikonia, now all of a sudden only the clicking the middle mouse button acts like the clicking the left. lol22:12
ubuntuaddictedikonia, i don't know what i pressed to accidentally do this22:13
Jordan_Uikonia: As implied by their last comment, re-installing is not preffered in either case as it requires "messing with all my data".22:13
jiridohitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881819/ this is for 1xorg.conf as i moved it to some reboot ago.. as i thought it would help22:13
ikoniaJordan_U: right, but then blindly removing packages and hoping for the best is not really a good option22:13
elichai2ikonia, in start i thought to install debian+lxde but then i realized it won't really help to speed up my laptop so i gave up on it (because i don't want to start messing with restoring)22:13
jiridohitsujiTMO: just because.. yes to get rid of this settings22:14
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
hitsujiTMOjirido: you need to have an xorg.conf for nvidia. if you moved it set a new one with: sudo nvidia-xconfig22:14
k1lelichai2: seems you got alot of microsoft windows habbits there when you think not used packages slow the system down and that Filesystems need to be defraged22:15
ubuntuaddictedikonia, now pressing any mouse button doesn't do anything within the VM22:15
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: why are you telling me?22:15
ubuntuaddictedikonia, i'm asking how to enable mouse again in my VM guest22:15
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: I have no idea what you've done, or how you have it configured.22:15
ubuntuaddictedikonia, it's virtualbox from the oracle website. all default22:16
Jordan_Uelichai2: You can re-install while preserving the contents of /home/, which for most users contains all of their important data.22:16
monstHello, anyone experienced in multipath setup? Having issues getting my links all under the same policy.22:16
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: so thats' not from the ubuntu repos22:16
ikoniaubuntuaddicted: so I have no idea how YOU have configurd it22:16
jiridohitsujiTMO: this is the new one.. should i reboot? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881839/22:16
ubuntuaddictedikonia, is there a way to tell if it's frozen22:16
elichai2Jordan_U, but i got it all in the same partition22:16
ikoniamonst: sure thing, what's up22:16
ubuntuaddictedikonia, oh ok22:16
k1lelichai2: install lubuntu-desktop package. after that you can remove unity, but be aware that some depencies could be remeoved that will make trouble22:16
Jordan_Uelichai2: Ubuntu's installer supports preserving /home/ even when it's not on a separate partition.22:16
monstawesome ikonia, let me pastbin22:16
hitsujiTMOjirido: yup reboot, then we'll try and fix the resolution22:16
=== elacheche_anis is now known as GoldenScorp
jiridohitsujiTMO:  did i have the right nvidia drivers installed22:17
hitsujiTMOjirido: yup22:17
monstikonia: http://paste.openstack.org/raw/62678/22:17
ikoniamonst: what's the problem there ?22:18
monstso it seems to have my 4 paths in different policies instead of just one22:18
ikoniamonst: the policy looks the same, "round-robin 0"22:18
monstBasically it doesn't round robin between the links22:19
monsti only see throughput down one link22:19
ikoniamonst: looks like it is22:19
ikoniamonst: how are yo umonitoring it ?22:19
monstnew relic22:19
ikoniamonst: you only appear to have one link marked as active though22:19
DouhanCan someone help me, I added a PPA to sources.list but apt-get still can't find the items in that repo22:19
ikoniathe others are enabled but not active22:19
hitsujiTMODouhan: what repo?22:20
monstikonia: we just got it working..!22:20
DouhanI tried adding the PPA to the sources.list.d directory22:20
ikoniamonst: how ?22:20
ikoniamonst: what did you change ?22:20
monstnow it looks like this22:20
hitsujiTMODouhan: did you apt-grt update first?22:20
monstwhich is under one plociy22:20
DouhanYes I did many times22:20
hitsujiTMODouhan: can you pastebin the output of: sudo apt-get update22:21
demophobiaHow do I swap entire workspaces, like move 4 to 1 and 1 to 4?22:21
k1lDouhan: use add-apt-repository22:21
DouhanWhen I do "apt-cache showpkg php-apcu" I get: "N: Unable to locate package php-apcu"22:21
ikoniamonst: that paste isn't loading22:21
demophobiaor can i only drop windows within workspaces?22:21
k1lDouhan: did you run a apt-get update?22:21
ikoniamonst: ahh loaded now22:21
Douhank1l: I used this command: "add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php5" then I did "apt-get update"22:21
monstsee how there under one policy?22:21
ikoniamonst: I think there is confusing wording here22:21
monstwe had to reconfigure twice to get it to take22:21
DouhanOk wait I'll add it pastebin22:21
ikoniamonst: you had them under one policy before, however you actually wanted them in the same policy group22:22
ikoniaand now they are all active22:22
ikoniawhich is good22:22
demophobiaIn Mac one can rearrange the entire workspace, like moving boxes around. Can that be done in Ubuntu, or can I only move their contents and select which one to view?22:23
monstAh yes!22:23
monstbad wording on my part22:23
monststarting throughput testing again22:23
ikoniamonst: not a problem, I see what you actually meant as soon as I saw the others where not active, only enabled22:23
elichai2ok i've found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6302/how-can-you-remove-unity and i just runned the 12.04 command22:24
Douhank1l: hitsujiTMO Here http://pastebin.com/gHdU3Tp122:24
swatsondemophobia: I would recommend looking at a tiling window manager like awesome, dwm, or i3 -- this might have what you are looking for and more22:24
DouhanBtw I'm logged in as root22:26
Douhanso no need for sudo22:26
jiridohitsujiTMO: Here i am again.. the driver seem to load ok my both screens are there.. but they were before also.. The reason i wanted to install the new drivers were that after i used jockey-gtk to remove nvidias drivers(that were obviously not done) and installed the "recomended) i could not login to my desktop.. So all this with trying to install nvidia 33 304 purge 304 purge 173 and so on has been a atempt to get in to my desktop..22:26
snardbafuladorheces fecales22:26
demophobiathank you. i suppose in the meantime i may try to adjust to "fixed workspaces" ...22:27
snardbafuladorla cagalera22:27
xerrorhi all :-) which one to pic as livecd/usb : aplha2 or dailybuilt 14.04 ?22:27
jiridohitsujiTMO: It started with that i when asked for help in #lubuntu when nvidia settings did not start got the advice to remove nvidia drivers..22:28
=== derp is now known as ________________
zeeshanhitsujiTMO: thanks for your help22:28
zeeshanhitsujiTMO: changing to the nvidia driver fixed the freezes22:28
hitsujiTMOzeeshan: np22:28
hitsujiTMOjirido: are you able to get onto the desktop now?22:29
jiridono. only to the console22:29
hitsujiTMOjirido: does lightdm or whatever dm come up?22:30
Bashing-omxerror: Version 14.04 is still in testing, and not released to this time. If you have to ask that, perhaps better if you remain with a current version ?22:30
jiridohitsujiTMO: yes i get to the login where i can choose from dm's and user and so on22:31
crinkleI'm having trouble with dual displays. I have a desktop with an nvidia graphics card. The display is mirroring on both monitors, but the resolution is wrong in the wider monitor. The Displays dialog claims there is only one monitor and that it is a "Laptop". The Detect Displays button does nothing, and the Mirror displays checkbox is grayed out and unchecked.22:31
hitsujiTMOjirido: but when you login it kicks you back to the login screen?22:31
jiridohitsujiTMO: but it is no diference what dm.. Yes right!22:31
xerrorBashing-om: thank you, but i just want to test a particular part, the cardreader of a netxtreme chip, the newer woukld v be the better.22:31
hitsujiTMOjirido: ok: first try: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME22:32
jiridoMy .xsession-errors were 650000 rows :) so i deleted it22:32
Bashing-omxerror: the "dailybuild" is what is current and being examined.22:32
Douhanhitsuji can you help please?22:33
xerrorBashing-om: thank you very much ! (-:22:33
Bashing-omxerror: Best to ya, remember 14.04 is in testing, expect breakage.22:34
SomelauwHi, to get the livecd to work, I needed to remove nomodeset. Do I still need to do that since I already got the propierty drivers installed?22:34
demophobiaDo ubuntu developers hang out here to look at questions to evaluate pressing software improvements?22:34
k1ldemophobia: no, file a bug22:34
xerrorBashing-om: i will, ty, have fun22:34
jiridohuttan: should i substitute user with my jirido?22:34
k1l!bug | demophobia22:35
ubottudemophobia: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.22:35
hitsujiTMODouhan: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list && cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit22:35
Bashing-omSomelauw: That depends on where you used the "nomodeset" option: /etc/default/grub ??22:35
nightflyIs there any easy way to whitelist only a few Unity Smart Scopes at a system wide level?22:36
jiridohitsujiTMO: SUCSESS!22:36
=== Triex__ is now known as Triex
DouhanhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/gHdU3Tp1 http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881917/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881918/22:37
hitsujiTMO!yay | jirido22:37
ubottujirido: Glad you made it! :-)22:37
SomelauwBashing-om: grub.cfg22:38
hitsujiTMOjirido: most likely you ran a graphical app with sudo which forced an important file to be owned by root rather than your user. use gksudo for graphical apps22:38
aclffrdhi, i've been struggling to figure out what is causing a high load number when idle - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6881924/22:38
jiridoYes! thank you.. it is a litele wierd resolutions .. i se if i get nvidia settings up.. yes i did!22:38
Bashing-omSomelauw: That file should not be edited, will suppose that the option is present in /etc/default/grub. pastebin ->cat /etc/default/grub >- for us to see.22:39
jirido i wanted to se film in consolle so i run sudo mplayer -vo blabla resolution 1024.. It had to be sudo to work! I tried to tell that in the beginning of my suport search.. but you know..22:40
SomelauwBashing-om: the option appears there as well22:40
jiridohitsujiTMO:  i wanted to se film in consolle so i run sudo mplayer -vo blabla resolution 1024.. It had to be sudo to work! I tried to tell that in the beginning of my suport search.. but you know..22:40
k1lDouhan: you got 2 sources.list.d entries for that ppa?22:41
Douhanno one is .save22:41
hitsujiTMOjirido: :)22:41
Douhanone is .list other one is .list.save22:41
Somelauwbut I'm really having trouble changing my resolution using glrfx and all commands like fglrxinfo are failing22:41
jiridohitsujiTMO: it was lovelu thou to se film in console22:41
demophobiaAh, such is more efficient. Thanks, k1l.22:41
Douhanapt-get ignores every file except .list22:41
Bashing-omSomelauw: yep, one may edit /etc/default/grub ( make backup first), remove that option. then -> sudo update-grub <- to take effect.22:41
Douhank1l: http://puu.sh/6LmAJ.png22:42
Bashing-omSomelauw: reasonable that fglrx is non responsive, as "nomodeset" disables Kernel Mode Setting .22:43
=== picca_ is now known as picca
SomelauwBashing-om: not sure if nomodeset is the problem22:43
Douhan.save file is created by add-apt-repo I think22:43
k1lDouhan: ok, then i dont know why that doesnt work. can you install the package with apt-get install?22:43
SomelauwBashing-om: I'll use the grub minimal editor to test it22:43
SomelauwI heard that options specified using grub minimal editor aren't persistent22:43
=== FreezingAlt is now known as FreezingCold
DouhanNo I can't, I even tried with =version like this: "apt-get install php-apcu=4.0.2-2+debphp.org~precise+1"22:44
Somelauwso that should be completely safe22:44
hitsujiTMODouhan: what architecture is this? is this on an arm device?22:44
Psil0Cybinhey guys i just got a new lenovo laptop i am trying to install ubuntu 12.04 but it is only giving me three boot options windows boot manager efi network 0 and efi network 0 what can i do?!22:44
Psil0Cybindo i change bios settings to legacy?22:44
Psil0Cybinit has a cd drive22:45
Psil0Cybinand usb drives wth22:45
DouhanThis is a Linode VPS, I configured it as 64-bit22:45
Bashing-omSomelauw: What one procedure to do, is from grub boot paramaters, boot with "nomodeset" and once in the desk top, ->Additional Drivers utility to install the recommended driver (??).22:45
Psil0Cybinusb boot is enabled in bios, i am confused why i cannot actually boot from usb22:45
SomelauwBashing-om: I already got that driver22:45
Somelauwbut I'm not sure if it got enabled22:45
raubDumb question: I create a gpg key in a box (12.04). How do I "move" it so I can use it in another vm?22:46
hitsujiTMODouhan: wget http://ppa.launchpad.net/ondrej/php5/ubuntu/pool/main/p/php-apcu/php5-apcu_4.0.2-2+debphp.org~precise+1_amd64.deb22:46
DouhanCan I get updates if I do that?22:46
hitsujiTMODouhan: wget it first at least. see if you have a propper route to the server22:47
Bashing-omSomelauw: if that "nomodeset" is still in /etc/default/grub, - did you reboot after installing the fglrx driver ? else then yeah must manually remove "nomodeset" .. what card are we talking about here ?22:47
DouhanOk downloaded it22:47
Oog_anyone have ideas on why sendmail is outputting nothing in mail.log or mail.err even with loglevel 9 and 15...? rsyslog is running. i checked rsyslog conf it is sending mail logs to mail.log and mail.err. sendmail is running22:48
SomelauwBashing-om: according to lspci, I'm using this driver: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)22:48
SomelauwBashing-om: i did reboot22:48
SomelauwBashing-om: Radeon hd 8670M22:48
hitsujiTMODouhan: ok, not a routing issue. apt-cache policy php5-acpu22:48
hitsujiTMODouhan: ok, not a routing issue. apt-cache policy php5-acpu | pastebinit22:49
Psil0CybinHey guys I am trying to install ubuntu on a UEFI System and am Having trouble booting up a live CD or getting any OS instead of windows to be recognized22:49
Psil0Cybinhow can I boot linux on my new lenovo.22:49
DouhanhitsujiTMO: I couldn't pastebin (it gave an error), "N: Unable to locate package php5-acpu"22:49
Bashing-omSomelauw: yuk ! Intel does not recognize that option. Edit the grub file and get rid of it !. also fglrx is an ATI product, NOT Intel ! What gives ?22:49
Douhanapt-get just doesn't see my PPA as a source :/22:50
hitsujiTMODouhan: ok: apt-cache policy php5 | pastebinit22:50
k1lDouhan: without the 5, imho22:50
DouhanhitsujiTMO: this one has the ppa: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6882027/22:51
Bashing-omSomelauw: Pastebin -> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga <- so we know what your graphics situation is.22:51
hitsujiTMODouhan: i think k1l maybe right: apt-cache policy php-acpu | pastebinit22:51
Douhanphp-apcu* -- it says "You are trying to send an empty document, exiting."22:52
hitsujiTMODouhan: but no error  "N: Unable to locate package php-acpu" ???22:53
SomelauwBashing-om: https://pastee.org/n7b3522:53
Somelauwand my internet is down22:53
DouhanI tried both, they both say: N: Unable to locate package [[php-acpu/apcu]]22:54
Bashing-omSomelauw: looking at 7b35 .22:54
SomelauwBashing-om: what's that?22:54
Blanco"Bonne soirée/nuit les gens :)"22:55
hitsujiTMODouhan: dammit, i typo'd: apt-cache policy php-apcu | pastebinit22:55
DouhanSame output hitsujiTMO22:55
hitsujiTMODouhan: ahh. ok.22:55
DouhanIs it me or this PPA is partly broken?22:55
hitsujiTMODouhan: i'd assume an error on the PPA side. Broken index or whatnot22:56
DouhanShould I report this to the owner of the PPA?22:56
hitsujiTMODouhan: do, he should be able to verify if its an issue at his end our yours22:57
SomelauwBashing-om: i'm gonna reboot, trying to disable nomodeset22:57
Bashing-omSomelauw: All I am seeing is Intel, show us pastebin -> sudo lshw -C display <- .22:57
DouhanOk thanks for help22:58
hitsujiTMOBashing-om: some of the newer nvidia are showing up under 3D instead of VGA22:58
chamunksIs there a good utility for handling multibutton mice?22:58
SomelauwBashing-om: https://pastee.org/7xbur22:59
SomelauwBashing-om: i'll start the reboot now, but you can leave comments by highlighting Somelauw_23:01
SomelauwBashing-om: rebooting enabled a maximum of 32767 * 3276723:05
Bashing-om hitsujiTMO: Thanks for watching my back, newer systems are catching me off-guard.23:05
Somelauwso disabling nomodeset did do something23:06
SomelauwBashing-om: what's the file again to make disabling nomodeset permanent?23:06
Psil0Cybinhey guys23:06
hitsujiTMOBashing-om: np. there's always something new cropping up to get in our way :P23:06
Psil0Cybinwhat can i type to display my system information how much ram i have? etc?23:07
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: free -m       or to see the raw hardware: sudo dmidecode23:07
SomelauwBashing-om: Can I do GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""?23:09
starratsrumor has it that ubuntu 12-4-4 is being released tomorrow23:10
aclffrdwhat could be causing my high idle load problem? i have some debug info listed at http://paste.ubuntu.com/6882097/23:11
Bashing-omSomelauw: I am researching your controller, be a bit. Is there a backup file? -> ls -la /etc/default/ <-23:11
SomelauwBashing-om: i copied the file to my home dir before modifying23:12
SomelauwBut no idea how to recover, because if i mess up that file, I'll probably be unable to boot23:12
starratswhois justinS_23:12
kermithow can i make apt install things without worrying about some unrelated broken dependancies?23:13
kaddiwhat's the maximum amount of RAM ubuntu 64bit will recognize by default23:13
Bashing-omSomelauw: pastebin -> cat /etc/default/grub <- and let's see what is .23:13
Jordan_Ukermit: What is your end goal?23:13
SomelauwBashing-om: https://pastee.org/ftjsv23:14
Bashing-omSomelauw: That file is good as is.. do: -> sudo update-grub <- and see what results.23:16
SomelauwBashing-om: i did23:16
Bashing-omSomelauw: and then rebooted ? what is your status now ?23:17
Somelauwbut already booted using nomodeset, because i used the nano-like editor in grub23:17
Somelauwi can do another reboot to check the config file23:17
Somelauwor actually i mean no nomodeset23:17
Somelauwdouble negotation23:17
hitsujiTMOkaddi: 32bit is 64gb. 64bit is 16 EB23:18
SomelauwBashing-om: and the resolut is that xrandr now shows extra resolutions23:18
kaddihitsujiTMO: great, does it support that out of the box?23:19
hitsujiTMOkaddi: yup23:19
Bashing-omSomelauw: Yeah, let's get a freash look at things ! .. what version of ubuntu are you running ? Intel now has a driver installer for ubuntu !23:19
kaddithanks :)23:19
smegHow would I dedicate one of the desktops in Ubuntu to display a separate organised desktop or side bar of programs of my choosing. I wish to keep the first desktop view as the anything goes desktop but for when I'm studio recording I'd like to switch to a better organised desktop. If you know what I mean.23:19
SomelauwBashing-om: newest23:21
Somelauwnow i just need to figure out how to change resolution again23:22
Bashing-omSomelauw: Check out -> http://www.webupd8.org/2013/03/intel-releases-linux-graphics-drivers.html .23:22
Bashing-omSomelauw: I must be away from the keyboard for a few minutes, I will be back.23:23
baskohello people. I just got my ubuntu started pretty much first time23:24
topleltesticlkes GNAA23:24
baskoi did it because i was hoping it would recognize all my ram memory23:24
baskocan someone help me wtih that?23:24
QuincyMorriswhat happened23:25
=== toplel is now known as Guest30723
lol_SwatSec you idiot!23:25
baskoi have 5 sticks in, x 4gb but it only shows 16gb and im quite sure all the sticks are alright23:25
PKChoo_you have to be kidding me...23:25
pikha1Actually, Swatsec Ftw23:25
QuincyMorristhey r hackers right23:25
PKChoo_will it come back?23:25
pikha1that was Beast lol23:25
Nickkydude stop fucking hacking rotmg23:25
chiploso nice23:25
pikha1Swatsec, is it possible you can add new items?23:25
=== K is now known as Guest90725
chiplonice trolls23:25
wdasdswatsec are u here?23:26
Guest30723This is now called realm of the mad kids.23:26
FiremanFTWWht is ROTMG not working23:26
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!23:26
Somelauwplease ban them23:26
kermitJordan_U:  http://pastebin.com/M0RpwNVH  install things without touching my pidgin install (as newer versions have a bug i cant handle023:30
=== GoldenScorp is now known as elacheche_anis
debussy19hi all23:34
debussy19i'm using HP 650 notebook with Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) 64 bit23:35
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
debussy19every now and then the PC completely freeze, the mouse cursor dont move, and any keyboard button combinations doesn't work23:36
debussy19even tried alt+stamp+r , e , i , s, u, b23:36
debussy19i just can long press power button to shutdown pc23:36
debussy19is there any log i can check where is the problem?23:37
* souredfrog waves to k1l 23:39
p3rrorplease why I can not ping localhost23:42
ikoniap3rror: what version of ubuntu and what error23:42
p3rrorI can not ping localhost23:43
p3rrornor my eth023:43
ikoniathat's not an error23:43
ikoniawhat version of ubuntu and what error23:43
p3rrorand I dont get error23:43
p3rrorit fuzz23:43
ikoniait fuzz ??23:43
ikoniawhat version of ubuntu and what is the symptom you are seeing23:43
=== ubuntiste-msakni is now known as GoldenScorp
crinkleI'm going to repost my question in hopes that it doesn't get lost in scrollback:23:45
=== alanaya is now known as n0tryan
crinkleI'm having trouble with dual displays. I have a desktop with an nvidia graphics card. The display is mirroring on both monitors, but the resolution is wrong in the wider monitor. The Displays dialog claims there is only one monitor and that it is a "Laptop".23:46
crinkleThe Detect Displays button does nothing, and the Mirror displays checkbox is grayed out and unchecked.23:46
bruceleehow come i get so little snmp results when i snmpwalk after apt-get snmpd23:47
bruceleedo i need to install something else to get more?23:47
ikoniahave you setup the community string and mibs ?23:47
SomelauwIs it possible to run gnome-control-center without unity?23:47
ikoniashould be23:47
ikoniait's gnome - not unity23:47
Somelauwbecause it's giving me an error each time i try to run it23:47
ikoniaSomelauw: you really need to start giving DETAILS, constantly "it gives me an error" what error, where, how, what's the problem23:48
Somelauwikonia: unity is a gnome-fork, so it's the same for me23:48
ikoniait's getting tedious to have to keep pulling info23:48
ikoniaSomelauw: it's not a gnome fork23:49
Somelauwikonia: sorry, here is the error: https://pastee.org/z6mpt23:49
ikoniaSomelauw: can you show me the output of the command "id" please23:50
Somelauwikonia: uid=1000(somelauw) gid=1000(somelauw) groups=1000(somelauw),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),112(lpadmin),124(sambashare)23:51
ikoniaSomelauw: have you removed unity ?23:51
Somelauwikonia: nope, but i'm not running it23:51
ikoniawhat are you running ?23:52
Somelauwikonia: i323:53
ikoniai3 ?23:53
ikoniawhat is i3 ?23:53
Somelauwikonia: it's not gnome-related23:53
ikoniawhat's not gnome related23:53
Somelauwanother DE/WM23:53
ikoniawhere did the packages come from ?23:53
ikoniaare they part of the ubuntu repos ?23:54
ikonia(apologies, I'm not aware of this desktop)23:54
Somelauwikonia: indirectly yes23:54
ikoniawhat do you mean indirectly23:54
ikoniaare they in the ubuntu repos yes/no23:54
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Ben64!info i323:54
ubottui3 (source: i3-wm): metapackage (i3 window manager, screen locker, menu, statusbar). In component universe, is optional. Version 4.5.1-2 (saucy), package size 1 kB, installed size 36 kB23:54
ikoniathank you ben23:54
Ben64but still curious of the meaning of "indirectly"23:55
ikoniaso does this desktop setup the same gnome variables such as GTK and GDK parameters ?23:55
Ben64i doubt it23:55
ikoniawhich may explain the error if thats not setup23:55
Ben64its very barebones23:56
ikoniaI'd certainly look at that then as a first point of call23:56
sudormrfhey guys.  quick question about libreoffice writer.  I am trying to accomplish something, here is a screencap I took of me doing what I want to do with Word 2013: http://tinypic.com/r/1zwjll2/8 This feature has existed in word since 2007 and I would love to be able to duplicate this in LibreOffice.  Any of you guys know how to do it?23:59
ikoniatry the libreoffice channel23:59
ikoniathey should be able to clarify functionality/version easy23:59

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