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Mariano9hi guys15:10
Mariano9my initctl start/stops hangs in "job goal changed from stop to start/ from start to stop" and will be there for ever15:10
Mariano9any ideas why?15:11
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cwrighthi. does anyone have an example of a no-op upstart config?  I need the config file to be in /etc/init and to be called during deploy18:04
cwrightbut to not actually do anything.  i've tried creating a simple /bin/true task but that fails on `service .. stop`18:05
xnoxcwright: and empty file is a valid job, i thought. let me check18:15
xnoxcwright: indeed, you can start an empty job.conf and stop it.18:16
cwrightxnox: thanks, let me give that a try18:16
xnoxcwright: it's kind of like "initctl emit starting JOB=jobname" and ditto started, stopping, stopped.... apart from you can do it with $ start / stop / restart etc commands18:16
cwrightxnox: thanks, that really helped18:22
rm_workCan someone eye this script and tell me if they see something obviously wrong? https://raw2.github.com/pcrews/lbaas-salt/master/lbaas-haproxy-base/libra-worker.conf <-- I'm getting "/proc/self/fd/9: 2: /proc/self/fd/9:   : not found"22:39

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