rick_h_frankban: ping, around?11:58
bachello rick_h_.  haven't seen frankban yet, perhaps he's lunching12:16
frankbanrick_h_: I am back from lunch12:22
=== marcoceppi_ is now known as marcoceppi
rick_h_frankban: howdy, I talked to william and talked about the charm GET. He asked that you and dimiter get together. They're ok with an api with individual file access as long as we realize that it's a very expensive experience for now12:27
rick_h_frankban: the plan is for them to work on getting files into mongodb gridfs vs the provider storage so it'll get better with time12:27
rick_h_frankban: but they're ok on an api that's designed to be finer grained12:27
rick_h_frankban: does that sound like what we needed to run by them for that or is there more I should make sure to push for/bring up?12:28
frankbanrick_h_: just to have some context, we need charms GET to retrieve the files we need for the local charm story (e.g. readme and icon) right?12:29
rick_h_frankban: exactly12:29
rick_h_frankban: and I told him that two were the two big ones we want. I got the icon as well because for some charms the vendor/branding will be important12:30
frankbanrick_h_: and we currently fetch those from charmworld12:30
rick_h_frankban: the one thing I wanted to verify is if we get config AND metadata from juju without this? or juts config?12:30
rick_h_frankban: yes, but for local charms we want to be able to get them from juju and for now, we need to deal with caching appropriately so that we don't ask for it more than once12:30
rick_h_but that's on the Gui to use it properly while the api/design in juju will be more open to multiple files/any file in the charm12:31
frankbanrick_h_: yes I think we need config.yaml and metadata.yaml as well12:31
rick_h_because once it's in mongodb, the performance aspect will be mitigated12:31
rick_h_frankban: well we get config from juju right? 12:31
rick_h_I mean if we don't how does local charm deploy work now?12:31
frankbanrick_h_: ah! yes, from the ws API12:32
rick_h_frankban: right, so we need to make sure we ONLY use this new api for things we REALLY need/can't get any other way12:32
frankbanrick_h_: sounds good12:32
rick_h_frankban: cool, let me know if anything comes up from that I can help middle-man with12:33
rick_h_I guess dimitern is the guy to talk to on the nitty gritty from here12:33
frankbanrick_h_: if I click to open the charms detail panel from the GUI, the missing tabs for local charms are: readme, configuration (I don'y know why, given we should have it from juju), code and features12:35
rick_h_frankban: right, and so we're not going to have feature, we're not going to show code until the implementation is fixed to make it inexpensive, and we'll try to get readme/config in there12:36
rick_h_is my understanding 12:36
frankbanrick_h_: yes, to show code we would need to retrieve all the files inside hooks/. the plan you described sounds reasonable12:37
frankbanrick_h_: how do we currently handle the charm icons? are they cached, do we store them in some way in our db?12:38
rick_h_frankban: no, right now we link via http to them from manage.jujucharms.com and let the browser deal with the caching/etc12:38
rick_h_frankban: we'll have to be smart about it and figure out how to embed/deal with that12:39
rick_h_frankban: and one answer might be to use the charm server as a cache to link to and enable us to treat them the same, but at a local url vs manage.jujucharms.com?12:40
rick_h_frankban: but that's just tossing stuff out 12:40
frankbanrick_h_: this needs to be changed, for at least two reasons: 1) what you mentioned (avoid calling juju HTTPS when not strictly required) and 2) we might want to display icons for local charms in sandbox mode.12:41
rick_h_frankban: well, there's more to that. We can talk about it later12:41
frankbanrick_h_: ok cool12:42
rick_h_bac: do you need a credential file to use ingest on charmworld? I'm trying to give the guys a bundle to deploy to local LXC to be able to setup an offline demo but it's not ingested reviewed charms? https://pastebin.canonical.com/104358/12:50
* bac looks at paste12:51
rick_h_bac: I managed to get 186 charms, but that's it. almost all the log is about bundle errors because of charms not found12:52
bacrick_h_: i need context.  you're running charmworld locally and getting that output pasted?12:52
rick_h_bac: rgr, I'm using an lxc environment to deploy charmworld, ES, and mongodb and try ing to see if I can get it to run and ingest everything so you can put a Gui in that environment and do a presentation 'offline' since everything is in your lxc environment12:54
rick_h_the idea being an IS guy giving a talk can use lxc to setup things the day before, then present without wifi12:54
rick_h_bac: but it's only ingesting 186 charms and the only error/issue I can see in the log is p_credentials path doesn't exist: /home/webops_deploy/charmworld/charmbot_credentials.txt and wondering if that means anything to you?12:55
rick_h_are you aware of what should go in there and if missing that would prevent some charms (all the reviewed ones?) to not come down12:55
bacrick_h_: yeah, in that case you're either going to need a specific credentials file configured in the charm or perhaps defer to a system-wide lplib credential12:56
rick_h_ingest is running, and clears. but it's doing the 186 and 27 baskets12:56
bacrick_h_: what's your time frame?  can i work offline to get it running and document the process for you?12:57
rick_h_bac: sure thing. I just told them I'd look into it. Doesn't have to be this week but should give them a bundle/process that works next week sometime12:57
* rick_h_ hoped it'd be simple and whip it up real quick. 12:57
bacrick_h_: oh, great.  i was afraid you were in need of an answer ASAP and it's not something i have on the top of my head12:58
bacrick_h_: let me review the deploying on staging document and see.  i'll ping you shortly12:58
rick_h_bac: no, I was just asking if you had any hints for me off the top of your head :)12:58
rick_h_bac: thanks! appreciate it12:58
bacrick_h_: but i've never deployed the charmworld charm locally12:58
bacas it is a bear12:58
rick_h_bac: heh https://pastebin.canonical.com/104361/ is the bundle file I exported. The thing to update is the charmworld url in the gui to whatever charmworld comes up as 12:59
rick_h_it's pretty close apart from the missing charms. Heartbeat shows it running and processing nicely13:00
bacrick_h_: nice13:02
gary_posterhey benji, have to take Julia to pre-school at 9.  Will ping when I return? 9:15 or 9:20 tops, I think, if everything goes as usual.13:45
benjigary_poster: sounds good13:46
bacrick_h_: to your original question, the lp_credentials is only needed for the review job.  so it shouldn't have any impact on the demo you want to do...unless you want to show the review process13:49
bachas nothing to do with ingest13:49
frankbanjujugui FWIW, rather than rebasing-hell, this approach (suggested by gary_poster) seems to work very well: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6885477/14:34
hatchthat's a lot of steps :)14:36
gary_postermake an alias :-)14:36
frankbanhatch: the good part is that you don't have to think hard on each step14:37
hatchI suppose the only issue with it is that you may run into issues merging your changes into a fresh develop14:37
hatchso you would have to do it manually14:37
frankbanhatch: there can be conflicts, but istm less scary than rebasing. 14:38
hatchright, I was just meaning with relation to an alias14:38
hatchunless an alias will bail out at that point14:38
hatchso far my aliases have been very simple14:38
gary_posterqa-pr is simple? :-)\14:41
hatchfrankban gary_poster could we not use squash when merging our branches into develop via the CI?14:41
hatchI don't use any of the gui aliases :)14:41
hatchgit merge --squash14:42
hatchthat is14:42
hatchif it did work... we could pull the commit message from the message with :shipit: in it...maybe?14:45
frankbanguihelp: I need two reviews + QA for https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/110 (upload charm in sandbox mode preparation) thanks!15:00
hatchon it15:01
frankbanhatch: thanks15:02
hatchfrankban curious, what does --upload-tools do? The help only says that it 'uploads a local version of the tools' which isn't very helpful :)15:40
frankbanhatch: if you use a local env that's optional. but if you use, e.g. ec2 with juju-core trunk, it uploads the juju-core binaries from your own build to the cloud, so that ec2 runs exactly what you compiled15:42
hatchohh gotcha - ok yeah I'm running local15:42
bacfrankban: where do the guiserver logs get written?15:49
hatch /var/log/upstart15:49
frankbanbac: ^^^15:49
hatchwhich apparently isn't a freenode command :)15:49
bacthanks hatch & frankban15:50
bacglad i asked...it may have taken me a while to find them there!15:50
gary_posterjujugui call in 1015:50
gary_posterbac, it's in the charm HACKING.md.  The last section of that doc has some nice debugging tips15:51
frankbanhatch: replied to some of your comments in the review, thanks (and github "real time" conversation in reviews is cool)15:55
hatch:) cool, they were all pretty trivial, I'm just doing the qa noq15:56
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
hatchfrankban when running in sandbox in make-prod whats the password for the gui?16:06
hatchoh duh16:07
hatchhazmat I read that you have a local provider demo for digital ocean?16:21
hatchinteresting...if you stub Y.one() it also stubs Y.Node.create()16:49
hatchvar oneStub = testUtils.makeStubMethod(Y, 'one', 'asdfasf');16:49
hatchboth return the return value16:50
gary_posterjujgui, great news: james page reports to rick that quickstart is in trusty universe now.  Yay!  Moreover, he's actively helping us to get it in main as well, so that still might happen.  Double yay!16:59
gary_posterjujugui ^^16:59
gary_posterand meanwhile, I'm going to pick up my daughter from preschool.  biab17:00
frankbanbenji: is evaluating a js zip library part of your current card?17:18
Makyofrankban, LGTM17:20
frankbanMakyo: great thanks17:20
benjifrankban: yep; it's looking like zip.js (http://gildas-lormeau.github.io/zip.js/fs-api.html) is going to be best for the present with a little future-proofness built in17:30
frankbanbenji: cool thanks17:30
hatchthat's the one I was leaning towards as well :)17:41
gary_posterMakyo: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/111 :-)18:13
MakyoMight want to see a doctor about that.18:24
Makyo+1, gary_poster :)18:24
gary_postercool thanks Makyo :-)18:24
benjihatch: is it intentional that a user can drop multiple zips at once and have them all deploy?19:08
hatchbenji yes but untested19:09
hatchI'm assuming that works?19:10
benjiI haven't tried it.19:10
hatchI say untested because it's not really 'supported' there are other issues like the ghost inspectors poping up and stuff19:10
hatchit will loop through the files that are dropped and do what it will with them19:10
benjihatch: In that case I won't preserve the behavior.19:12
hatchsounds like a plan19:12
bacgary_poster: just noticed staging.jujucharms.com is completely gone19:18
bacgary_poster: will re-deploy it all.19:18
gary_posterbac, eek.  OK thank you.  I guess that is fun from the canonistack upgrade19:19
bacgary_poster: do you know the urgency of the debug=true query string for icons for rick?19:19
gary_posternot really bac19:19
bacok. well a functioning staging with it QAed there is a pre-req for a rollout19:20
bachi abentley, you around?19:57
abentleybac: Hi.19:57
hatchjujugui looking for a review/qa https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/112 I need this one landed before Huw gets in so he can style it....plz and thanks20:04
benjihatch: I'll take a look.20:05
hatchgary_poster your branch failed to be merged into develop20:07
gary_posterhatch, bah and thanks20:07
hatchdoesn't give much of an error message though :/20:07
benjihatch: I've never done QA using github, how do I get your branch?20:22
hatchbenji at the bottom of the conversation list there is a link 'command line'20:22
hatchin the section that says Merge with caution!20:22
hatchcopy and run the first TWO commands20:23
hatchdo NOT to step 2 :)20:23
benjiah, it's hidden under "Merging via command line"20:23
hatchyeah, we don't want to do that though :)20:24
hatchbut that way you can just click to copy and don't have to type it out20:24
gary_posterbenji, the HACKING doc has another approach from Rick that I use fwiw20:34
benjigary_poster: thanks; I looked in there but nothing jumped out at me 20:34
gary_posterbenji, the qa-pr alias is the trick20:34
bacjujugui: staging.jujucharm.com rebuild is going slow but seems to be coming up now.20:52
gary_posterack thank you20:52
benjihatch: review done21:09
rick_h_party party21:11
gary_posterwhat the heck are you doing around rick_h_? :-) it must be well past midnight21:12
rick_h_just got back from  evening out. bus down to the waterfront mall area straight from the office today21:13
gary_posterah ok21:13
rick_h_meh, it was a mall. Nice to walk around and such21:14
rick_h_can see the tabletop mountain though which was cool21:14
hatchrick_h_ https://github.com/hatched/juju-gui/blob/select-series/app/views/viewlets/request-series.js see viewlets do rock when they are used like they are supposed to be :P21:16
hatchbenji you and your empty return values :P21:18
rick_h_hatch: where's the rest of it?21:18
hatchthat's it21:18
benjiI think it's not just me.21:18
rick_h_hatch: like the events, the trigger on drop, the updating the value 21:18
hatchrick_h_ well that doesn't exist yet21:19
rick_h_hatch: so not so simple if it doesn't work :P21:19
rick_h_yes, showing a template is easy...yay!21:19
hatchI added a card to add events to the viewlets :)21:19
rick_h_I'll add a card to change viewlets to views :P21:20
hatchthat's actually pretty trivial to do21:20
rick_h_demo of quickstart deploying a bundle and local charm first thing in the morning21:20
rick_h_hatch: yep, was going to make it card #1 for moving inspector to the left21:21
hatchwell that's not really part of moving the inspector21:21
rick_h_jcasto is going to do a quickstart thing as a lightning talk he says21:21
rick_h_he was blown away when he had to reinstall his machine and did a juju bootstrap and got that juju wasn't installed21:21
rick_h_but did juju quickstart and it got all setup21:21
rick_h_hatch: sssshhhh, yes it is :)21:21
hatchhuw should have styled the series selection by your morning21:21
rick_h_meh, I'll keep it where it's at right now. It just drops21:22
hatchI was thinking of keeping viewlets and not using views so that we didn't have to create new instances all the time21:22
gary_posterbac, mjc down?21:22
hatchohh ok, don't update from develop then21:22
gary_posteroh, back now21:22
rick_h_hatch: but creating and cleaning instances ftw21:22
rick_h_explicit but whatever, we can chat. I had thought we had agreed to tweak that21:23
hatchI did, then I started looking at the extra cruft that it brings21:23
hatcha Y.VIew21:23
rick_h_since I'm on a dial up moden over here and hard to discuss 21:23
rick_h_heh, 2G on the mifi at the moment21:24
rick_h_that's like..half the G's I like21:24
hatchno longer the same ol' G21:24
rick_h_ooh, bac you doing a mjc deploy? or is that for next week?21:25
gary_posterhey Makyo, I was looking at implementing aggregatedStatus.  So, looks like I walk the relations, then for reach relation, I have to walk the units of the source and target services to see if there is an error with the agent_state_data.hook value with a corresponding interfaceName + '-relation-changed' for the relation.  Is that 'bout right?21:27
Makyogary_poster, I wound up doing that as part of my branch.  Want to compare notes?21:27
gary_posterMakyo: nm, if you've done it.  Was trying to be helpful. :-)21:28
gary_posterhappy to talk if you'd like to but otherwise will look about for something else21:28
hatchgary_poster https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/blob/develop/app/views/viewlets/service-relations.js#L3821:28
Makyogary_poster, no worries! Was working on relation status for the icons in the menu, and realized I had to type 5 lines to get the aggregated status in there.21:28
hatchI'd love it if we could somehow move that into the relation objects21:29
gary_posterhatch would be difficult because relations don't have direct references to services21:29
gary_postercould instead make helper function21:29
gary_posterusable in isolation or this kind of context21:30
hatchyeah right, I was thinking that there should be something in the db (util method) because it would then have access to it all21:30
Makyogary_poster, I came up with http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6887685/21:30
hatchIt would also be nice if a service had reference to it's relation objects21:31
gary_posterMakyo: how can relation.hasRelationError() work, given the lack of references I was just mentioning?21:32
Makyogary_poster, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6887690/21:32
MakyoDecoratedRelations do.21:32
MakyoThat's currently on the decorated relation, but it could go on the relation model as well to be used by the viewlets.21:34
gary_posterMakyo: that last pastebin is too fragile, I think: if a unit has *any* relation error it will declare all relations it has to be in error21:34
gary_posterMakyo: I think you need to do what I descrbed above: see "if there is an error with the agent_state_data.hook value with a corresponding interfaceName + '-relation-changed' for the relation"21:35
Makyogary_poster, It's the same logic as hatch 's link, but yeah, I'll look into it.21:35
gary_posterah, yeah, that's broken too :-/21:35
MakyoBut like I said, I can store this on the relation model rather than the decorated relation, and then the viewlet doesn't need to do it either.21:36
hatchthe issue with the viewlets one is that a relation can be both good and bad21:36
gary_posterMakyo: but relation model doesn't have source/target21:36
hatchdepending on which service you're viewing it from21:37
hatchwhereas in the relation line if either end is bad, the whole thing is bad21:37
gary_posterhatch, but that logic is also broken if you have multiple relations betwen the same two servcies21:37
gary_posteror actually no21:37
Makyogary_poster, but we have that when decorating the relation.21:37
hatchdo we want to chat in a hangout? :)21:37
gary_postera unit can have any relation error 21:37
gary_posterok sure21:37
gary_posterI nominate hatch to make the hangout :-P21:38
hatchon it21:38
gary_poster:-) thx21:38
hatchhttps://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpiti1mnfe553mh8r2l4flqc?authuser=1&hl=en gary_poster  Makyo 21:38
Makyohatch, please invite makyo@drab-makyo.com21:39
hatchon it21:39
hatchhey huwshimi 21:59
MakyoDogs are being ridiculous (part of my frustration on the call, sorry).  Gonna get them out for walks before they drive me up the wall.22:01
hatchhuwshimi develop now has the series selector inspector in it22:02
huwshimihatch: Ah brilliant22:02
huwshimihatch: How do I trigger it?22:02
hatchdrag a file with a .zip extension onto the canvas should work....22:03
hatchi think frankban's fakebackend code landed with enough functionality22:03
hatchlet me check22:03
hatchone minute22:03
huwshimihatch: That worked. I'll style it then!22:04
hatchawesome yup it works22:05
hatcha few branches landed just in time for you to not have to do a bunch of setup22:05
hatchhuwshimi so basically, the rules are.......do whatever you want with the styling :D22:05
hatchbenji you wouldn't happen to be around still hey?22:06
benjihatch: not really22:07
benjiwhat's up?22:07
hatchhaha, just looking for a quick update on the zip stuff. I'm trying to decide what to do next22:07
benjiI've moved into the implementation phase.  Nothing of note to report yet.22:08
benjiThe tests for the existing code are a little sparse, so that's not helping.22:08
hatchalright in that case I'll move outside of project 1 for now22:08
hatchenjoy your night :)22:08
hatchhuwshimi hey, just for planning tomorrow, do you think you'll be done with the styling and such by your EOD?23:33
huwshimihatch: Just pushing now!23:33
hatchoh haha perfect :)23:34
huwshimihatch: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/11323:42
hatchon it!23:43
hatchoh man that looks about 1Billion times better23:44
hatchhuwshimi small idea from qa added to the review23:47
huwshimihatch: I'm not quite sure what to do...23:55
bacjujugui: http://staging.jujucharms.com/heartbeat up but mildly disgruntled23:58
bachi huwshimi!23:58

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