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timrcWow one super annoying side effect of putting every hook into one file and then symlinking is if there is an error... you potentially have to "resolve" a lot of failed states if you're not careful where you put things04:20
bradmanyone about who knows about the swift-storage charms?05:02
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JoshStroblHey guys, I have a question regarding Juju charm development. I am currently developing a charm that pulls down my open source database system, which is PHP-based and only requires an HTTP server like nginx / apache. Is it correct that I'd only need to define a single "requires" of website: interface: http (which is set to optional since it merely puts the database in the root of the http server, such as /var/www/). Would it be09:14
JoshStroblcorrect that the relation hooks should be website-relation-*, even if they are optional.09:14
stefano-palazzoHi guys! The wiki links on this page are down: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/cloud/install-ubuntu-cloud (under "real-world deployment")09:24
jcastrostefano-palazzo, heya, if you can file a bug on lp:ubuntu-website I'll make sure someone sees it10:21
stefano-palazzowill do10:23
_mup_Bug #1276996: Dead links to wiki pages on OpenStack into page <maas> <openstack> <Ubuntu Website:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1276996>10:28
stefano-palazzolooks like a couple of them went bad when maas.ubuntu.com was set up. no big deal, the information's still there10:29
stubjuju-test.conductor.01_lint.test DEBUG   : Running 01_lint.test (tests/01_lint.test)12:03
stubmake: *** [lint] Error 112:03
stubjuju-test.conductor.01_lint.test DEBUG   : Got exit code: 212:03
stubjuju-test.conductor.01_lint.test RESULT  : ✘12:03
stuboh, foot gun. Its quiet cause I told it to me.12:03
stefano-palazzothanks jorge12:11
stubWhen a local environment is destroyed, ~/.juju/environments/foo.jenv should be removed, yes?12:20
stubHmm... I think juju test is swallowing my stdout if I have stderr12:22
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marcoceppistub: it is, there's a bug about jenv not being removed12:28
marcoceppistub: try running juju test with -v flag12:28
marcoceppiJoshStrobl: you want to provide an http interface for the website realtion12:28
stubmarcoceppi: ta, I thought that was the problem but hadn't been  able to engineer a repeatable failure yet.12:29
marcoceppiJoshStrobl: the charm should then insall nginx, apapche, whatever it needs to run the php codd12:29
marcoceppitimrc: yeah, a better pattern is to put all the methods in a file, then stub them in each hook file12:29
JoshStroblmarcoceppi: Yea, figured http interface for website relation. My install script already does proper dependency checking as well :) I'm just wondering if I need to provide the website-relation-* hooks, since the website is considered optional and nothing technically ties into the charm *yet*.12:30
stubmarcoceppi: Do you know if tests in the tests directory are supposed to run as root, or an unprivileged user? I thought root, but saw one MP with 'sudo apt-get-install' lines, so am unsure.12:31
JoshStroblmarcoceppi: The Charm is primarily meant for easier deployment of the system, though I intend in the future of having services that tie into it.12:32
marcoceppistub: the tests will be run by a user with at least sudo access12:33
marcoceppiJoshStrobl: all you reall need is a website-relation-joined hook with one line to make it tie in to other charms12:33
JoshStroblmarcoceppi: Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it =)12:34
marcoceppiJoshStrobl: here's an example: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/wordpress/trunk/view/head:/hooks/website-relation-joined12:34
JoshStroblYea I've been looking at the website-relation-joined of Wordpress :) Just was doing it via the Juju Charms website.12:35
marcoceppireplace port with whichever port you have the webserver running on12:35
JoshStroblmarcoceppi: It'll still be port 8080 since the system directly ties into an nginx or apache install, so doesn't really look like I have to change much at all.12:36
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stefano-palazzoI'm trying to set up a juju box with the null provider. bootstrapping works fine, but add-machine gives me this error:15:07
stefano-palazzoERROR Get http://cloud:8040/provider-state: dial tcp connection refused15:07
stefano-palazzoanybody know what that's about?15:08
cjohnstonWhen deploying with juju... should I be getting one security group per machine deployed?16:14
marcoceppicjohnston: that sounds about right16:24
marcoceppiwell, about "right"16:24
cjohnstonmarcoceppi: its killing me :-(16:24
sarnold(I'd guess one per service instead, but ti's a guess..)16:24
cjohnstoneither way.. it makes life miserable16:25
marcoceppisarnold: you get one per unit, then one per service16:25
marcoceppicjohnston: one per service group makes "more" sense16:25
marcoceppithey're going to be working on fixing that, are you on hp cloud cjohnston?16:25
cjohnstonmarcoceppi: yup16:26
marcoceppicjohnston: just join live help, ask for 100 sec groups16:26
marcoceppiand then ask for like 100 machines16:26
marcoceppiand they'll just do it (tm)16:26
marcoceppithat's how I got around that problem16:26
cjohnstonta marcoceppi16:26
sarnoldmarcoceppi: ah, that makes sense16:28
marcoceppisarnold: well, one per service should be sufficent, since you shouldn't have units doing different things16:28
marcoceppiit's a bit of overkill to have so many sec groups16:29
vila_marcoceppi: related to hp secgroups, https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1027641 , it's said there to use 'firewall-mode: global', will my current 'juju bootstrap' node take that into account or should I destroy/bootstrap again ?17:47
_mup_Bug #1027641: assigning a unique security group to each machine uses up security group quotas in HPCloud (openstack) <pyjuju:Triaged> <juju-core:Fix Released by niemeyer> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1027641>17:47
marcoceppivila_: firewall-mode global does work, but you have to re-bootstrap17:56
vila_marcoceppi: thanks !18:00
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