Riddellshadeslayer: slideshow uploaded00:11
ahoneybunRiddell, in case you did not see it on the mailing list someone has packaged the Userbase/Kubuntu pages into a tar file but they are html00:18
Riddellhtml is good00:19
Riddellbut it should be automated to be of much use00:19
ahoneybunhow will we get that into a package for kubuntu-docs00:19
Riddellso we can put it on the web server and in the package00:19
ahoneybunwell it kinda is00:19
ahoneybunso if it is html we could put it on the site now00:21
Riddellahoneybun: should we keep 13.10 docs there or just overwrite them?00:28
* Riddell reboots to install 12.04.4 candidates00:29
ahoneybunRiddell, back them up then overwrite00:33
* ahoneybun is going to see if boot option "nomodeset" will let him install Kubuntu over his Ubuntu installation00:42
ahoneybunRiddell, plus the 13.10 docs are still on the wik00:43
valorieif they are in the wrong format, please write directly to Yuri and he will redo00:44
valorieno point doing two conversions if we don't have to00:44
ahoneybunvalorie, well my liveusb with kubuntu 13.10 is ready00:47
ahoneybunwish me luck with installing it lol00:48
valoriebest of luck00:48
valorieoff to dinner00:48
ahoneybunvalorie: well nomodeset got the installer to start and it is installing at this current moment00:54
ahoneybunseems Kubuntu 13.10 installed fine01:17
ahoneybunand it detected my monitor just fine01:35
ahoneybunand I'm running Kubuntu02:18
valoriesorry ahoneybun, I forgot I had a PFLAG meeting tonight06:00
apacheloggervalorie: what does one talk about at a PFLAG meeting?07:57
apacheloggershadeslayer: oh btw, whatever editor you use, it has non-policy compliant indenting07:58
apacheloggershadeslayer: ./Module.cpp:                                       ki18n("((Name))"),08:00
valoriewe have a small group, very friendly -- we talk about what is going on in our lives, and equality issues in the country, around the world, etc.08:01
valoriereally fascinating discussion tonight, AND someone brought really good dip and crackers08:01
valoriethere is education and advocacy as well, but not at our monthly meets08:02
apacheloggeruh, free food, my, that is fancy ^^08:03
valorieRussia needs more pflag08:03
valorie+ Pussy Riot08:03
apacheloggerdo not question mother russia08:03
valoriemother russia is fine08:04
valorieI question her half-naked Putin-meister08:04
apacheloggerfrom what I understand it's not just lord Putin, but also his friends etc.08:05
apacheloggerhis friends who interestingly enoug end up being important people in important cities08:05
valorieand amazingly, make loads of money08:05
valoriefunny how that happens08:06
apacheloggerso magic.08:06
valoriethey killed off all the jews; now all the problems are caused by gays08:06
apacheloggervalorie: I think GWBush could help08:10
valoriemaybe; I'd gladly ship him over there to see08:10
valorieone way ticket08:10
apacheloggerhe's quite a role model don't you know08:12
apacheloggerhow you can pull that much crap and not end up jumping off a bridge because everyone at the UN made fun of you, is beyond me :P08:12
apacheloggershadeslayer: dpkg-gencontrol: warning: Depends field of package kubuntu-driver-manager-dbg: unknown substitution variable ${shlibs:Depends}08:13
valoriewe'd have to drag him kicking and screaming, because he would probably be hauled up on war crimes charges08:13
valoriehe and Cheny08:13
apacheloggervalorie: that dick? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Cheney_hunting_incident08:16
apachelogger^ how one does not end up in a jail cell for that is also not clear to me FWIW08:17
apacheloggervalorie: your country is very weird :P08:17
valorieso true; why do you think I'm always eager to visit saner regions?08:19
apacheloggershadeslayer: http://i.imgur.com/fsQEJOS.png08:19
apacheloggervalorie: ah, it all makes sense now :)08:19
* apachelogger is puzzled by code architectures today08:21
apacheloggerwas looking at some python earlier and failed to compute it entirely and now I am looking at C++ and having the same experience08:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: there are many strings that don't use i18nc08:24
apacheloggeryet some do08:24
apacheloggershadeslayer:     m_manager->setTimeout(60000); use async communication?08:28
apacheloggershadeslayer: ./src/drivermanagerdbustypes.h: LGPL (v2 or later)08:30
apacheloggercomplete license copy missing it appears08:31
apacheloggercan't upload08:31
apacheloggerthat doesn't compute btw08:33
apacheloggeroh my08:39
apacheloggerthe ubuntu-drivers-common somehow is broken and doesn't manage to detect stuff on my system08:39
apacheloggershadeslayer: kcm needs mock data support08:40
ghostcubemuon works again09:49
apacheloggergo muon go10:06
apacheloggerRiddell: the one-page policy gets messy already and I am not even done  :'<10:08
adarmalikhey folks, i have a problem with kde 4.12 on kubuntu 12.04. after 4.12 was rolled out in the backports repo my window decoration is gone10:13
adarmalikalso kwin seems to be missing10:13
adarmalikonly kwinactive is there10:13
apacheloggerprobably was removed by the upgrade10:15
jussiprobably a reinstall of kubuntu-desktop will fix stuff...10:15
adarmalikhmm, ok10:16
adarmalikI'll try10:16
adarmalikremove and install?10:16
adarmalikor is there some way to do it in one step?10:16
jussiapt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop10:16
adarmalikthanks :) I'll try10:17
* apachelogger hates moinmoin so much :@10:18
apacheloggerjussi: that won't cause a new dep resolution of recommends10:19
jussiapachelogger: it wont? 10:19
apacheloggerthat will litterally just download the deb and install it10:19
jussioh... ball in your court then...10:19
apacheloggersince it's already installed apt will not resolve package relationships10:19
apacheloggerthe correct way is sudo apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop10:20
* apachelogger just lost 15 minutes of work thanks to moinmoin10:20
apacheloggerso lovely10:20
adarmalikjussi: thank you so much :) it worked10:22
jussiadarmalik: glad it worked10:23
apachelogger^ presumably it wasn't installed at all?10:24
jussiapachelogger: that would be what I am guessing...10:25
apacheloggerDepends: alsa-base, alsa-utils, anacron, ark, audiocd-kio, bc, ca-certificates, dolphin, fonts-dejavu-core, fonts-freefont-ttf, foomatic-db-compressed-ppds, genisoimage, ghostscript-x, inputattach, kde-window-manager, kde-workspace, kde-zeroconf, kdepasswd, khelpcenter4, klipper, kmix, konsole, ksnapshot, ksysguard, libpam-systemd, libsasl2-modules, libxp6, lightdm-kde-greeter, okular, openprinting-ppds, plasma-desktop, plasma-netbook, pm-utils10:27
apachelogger, printer-driver-pnm2ppa, rfkill, software-properties-kde, systemsettings, ubuntu-drivers-common, ubuntu-extras-keyring, unzip, wireless-tools, wpasupplicant, xdg-user-dirs, xkb-data, xorg, zip10:27
apacheloggermust have been, kde-window-manager is a dependency ^^10:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: dafuq @ your screenshot10:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: what does ubuntu-drivers list say10:33
shadeslayer<apachelogger> shadeslayer:     m_manager->setTimeout(60000); use async communication? < I am, the python scripts more than 25 seconds to reply hence the dbus call times out10:34
apacheloggerand you do not remove the qlabel you create for the 'yo no devices'10:34
apacheloggeralthough I'll argue that you should not need to10:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah so issue in ubuntu-drivers-common then10:34
apacheloggerbecause it ultimately should be a DriverWidget10:34
shadeslayerplz be filing bugs10:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: no, the issue is in you're not removing widgets that you add10:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: <apachelogger> shadeslayer:     m_manager->setTimeout(60000); use async communication? < I am, the python scripts more than 25 seconds to reply hence the dbus call times out <- use async communication?10:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: hm, so you mean emit signals from the python script?10:37
shadeslayerand then connect to those signals over dbus?10:37
apacheloggerthat's usually how you are supposed to do dbus anyway10:37
shadeslayerI see10:37
apacheloggerbecause the timeout is completel arbitrary10:37
apacheloggershadeslayer: first fix license business and create new package though10:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: possibly also the qlabel thing, though from what I have seen you'll need to refactor DriverWidget business a bit for that10:38
apacheloggerso perhaps leave that out for now10:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: i18nc would be good though10:39
shadeslayeri18nc everywhere?10:39
apacheloggershadeslayer: oh oh , and mind that ((NAME)) thing10:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: yep reading and fixing things10:47
BluesKajHiyas all10:50
shadeslayerapachelogger: as for indenting, I'm using KDevelop10:50
dp_hi, how can i help. 10:55
dp_hi, how can i help. 10:55
dp_is there any task related to perl.  10:58
shadeslayer<apachelogger> shadeslayer: kcm needs mock data support10:59
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^^ how do you mean?10:59
shadeslayeras in tests for the KCM?10:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: yeah well, right now you can only test it manually if you have proprietary drivers available (and ubuntu-drivers-common detects that at all...)11:05
apacheloggerwhich is bad so I think some simple mock data would be handy where the kcm simply bypassed the dbus thing and showed dummy data11:06
apacheloggerand on that note ... does ubuntu-drivers-common use aptdaemon still because I just wondered how it even knows what packages could possibly be installed?11:06
apacheloggerdp_: I am afraid I am not sure what you mean11:07
shadeslayerapachelogger: /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/UbuntuDrivers/PackageKit.py:    import aptdaemon.pkenums as enums11:12
shadeslayerapachelogger: so yeah11:13
shadeslayerstill uses aptdaemon11:13
ghostcubeapachelogger: but you cant tell muon to purge packages ? its not possible or did i didnt see a field to tick11:13
apacheloggershadeslayer: do we have a timeline when that changes11:13
shadeslayerapachelogger: not a clue, I treat the backend as a blackbox11:13
shadeslayeryou'll have to ask the maintainer11:14
apacheloggerthe reason why this entire gui task came to be because we need to get rid of aptdaemon11:15
apacheloggerghostcube: http://i.imgur.com/I44hXdK.png11:15
shadeslayerno, the entire gui task came because we need to get rid of jockey11:15
shadeslayerand with it another dep of python211:16
shadeslayerbecause jockey is unsupported now11:16
ghostcubeapachelogger: ehm ok....  thx :D ... need new glasses11:18
apacheloggershadeslayer: ok11:18
apacheloggershadeslayer: so who's solving the aptdaemon thing then?11:18
shadeslayerapachelogger: I can have a look at it later todau11:19
apacheloggerfair enough11:19
Riddellrelease team decision seems to be to relase 12.04.4 alternate images despite encryption not working (bug 1276739) and release not it11:35
ubottubug 1276739 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "partman-crypto uses xts by default, yet xts.ko kernel module is not present in 3.2 (original-point-zero stack) crypto-modules-udeb" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127673911:35
* Riddell does more testing11:35
shadeslayerapachelogger: got a moment?11:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: yuz11:57
apacheloggerwell, actually I am going to get coffee, but I shall reply when I am back :P11:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: for some reason bustle says my signal has data, but my C++ side says : kcmshell(14382) Module::driverDictFinished: DBus data corrupted "Unexpected reply signature: got "", expected "a{sa{sv}}"" 11:58
apacheloggerno clue what bustle is ^^12:01
shadeslayer!info bustle12:01
apacheloggershadeslayer: push12:01
ubottubustle (source: bustle): D-Bus activity visualiser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.2-1 (saucy), package size 2140 kB, installed size 9266 kB12:02
shadeslayerapachelogger: fancy dbus thing to see dbus messages12:02
apacheloggershadeslayer: first release12:02
shadeslayerapachelogger: can't release a broken kcm12:02
shadeslayerwill release right after I fix this12:02
apacheloggerdidn't it work before? Oo12:02
shadeslayerapachelogger: it did, but I broken it by trying to make it async12:02
shadeslayerlet's fix async'ness and release12:02
apacheloggerthat's not what I asked for :'<12:02
apacheloggershadeslayer: git stash, prep release, then async please12:03
apacheloggerthe timeout business does not block initial upload12:03
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/kubuntu-driver-manager/kubuntu-driver-manager_14.04ubuntu1.dsc12:18
BluesKajHey gents, is Kubuntu looking at adopting systemd in the near future , or is this just a rumour?12:19
shadeslayerpremature rumour at the momemt12:20
shadeslayerwe'll go with whatever upstream KDE decides12:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: still no COPYING.lib it seems12:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: and on a completely unrelated note, what is the point of the keepalive dbus method?12:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: I thought I'd use the API at some point, but no use has cropped up so far12:21
apacheloggeron that note, I think there's a pice missing of the timer business we discussed a while ago, more on that later12:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: copyright has problems IMO12:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: yep, fixing12:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: says the stuff is gpl2, but it's gpl2 or 3 or whatever suites kde12:22
apachelogger(I always write gpl2 or gpl3)12:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: right, what needs to be done there?12:22
shadeslayerlist both?12:22
apacheloggersee other software? :P12:22
apacheloggerabout-distro for example12:22
apacheloggergenerall you can just write anything into the License field I think12:23
apacheloggerbut you must provide the correct short license12:23
apacheloggercurrently you have a plain gpl2+ which is not correct12:23
apachelogger Driver manager for Kubuntu that uses the ubuntu-drivers-common API12:23
apacheloggerthat description is as useful as a cooling unit in the arctic as phonon-vlc would put it ^^12:24
shadeslayerapachelogger: I don't hear a better solution there 12:24
apacheloggershadeslayer: leave it for now12:24
apacheloggeror maybe I can throw something together12:25
apacheloggerwhat's jockey say12:25
apachelogger Jockey provides a user interface for configuring third-party drivers,12:25
apachelogger such as the Nvidia and ATI fglrx X.org and various Wireless LAN12:25
apachelogger kernel modules.12:25
apacheloggerthere you have a description good sir12:25
apacheloggeralas, still a bit technicy, but I guess the entire thing is just that12:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://paste.kde.org/pd7ec98de12:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: fine with that?12:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: quick12:29
shadeslayereveryone wants to leave for lunch12:29
BluesKajeating is important :)12:30
shadeslayerapachelogger: uploaded, same location12:31
* BluesKaj stares at the bowl of bran buds12:31
apacheloggershadeslayer: why not license the packaging as 2,3,ev?12:51
apachelogger/home/me/tmp/b/kubuntu-driver-manager-14.04ubuntu1/src/Module.cpp:241:6: warning: unused parameter ‘status’ [-Wunused-parameter]12:52
apachelogger void Module::finished(QApt::ExitStatus status)12:52
apacheloggershadeslayer: ^ btw12:52
apachelogger  Uploading kubuntu-driver-manager_14.04ubuntu1_source.changes: done.12:53
apacheloggerSuccessfully uploaded packages.12:53
apacheloggerRiddell, ScottK: kubuntu-driver-manager landing in source NEW soon12:54
Riddellapachelogger: awooga12:55
Riddellqueuebot: awooga12:55
Riddellshadeslayer: going to blog?12:55
apacheloggerthat was the idea anyway12:56
apacheloggerRiddell: also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/Policies#General_Viability_.28.28TBD.29.29 current set of criteria for deciding whether or not to keep a package in the archive12:56
apacheloggeror rather, when to absolutely always remove it when upstream goes AWOL12:56
* apachelogger squints a bit13:33
* Riddell tries mythbuntu for the first time, interesting but plasma mc is cooler :)13:34
apacheloggerRiddell: btw, is calligra done yet?13:39
Riddellapachelogger: yes, are you waiting on it?13:40
apacheloggerRiddell: just wondering if kubuntu-meta is unblocked yet13:40
apacheloggerotherwise we'll have to twiddle the seeds IIRC13:40
Riddellhmm, still in -proposed13:40
* Riddell looks13:40
apacheloggerdaily is still overszied my syncer cron reported13:41
Riddellhmm, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt only talks about "arm64: kubuntu-full"13:41
Riddellnothing much else useful13:41
Riddell"out of date on arm64: libtelepathy-qt4-2, libtelepathy-qt4-dbg, libtelepathy-qt4-dev, libtelepathy-qt4-farstream2 (from 0.9.3-0ubuntu7) "13:42
RiddellI guess 4.12.1 still has lots of fallout13:43
Riddelllike okular not compiling on arm6413:43
Riddellshadeslayer: are you monitoring that stuff?13:43
Riddellmuch blue and red http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kubuntu-buildstatus/kubuntu-buildstatus.html13:44
ghostcube_anyone an idea why my kbuildsycoca4 isnt startet automaticly o.O13:46
Riddell"Error synchronizing after initial wipe"  well there's no need to be rude13:46
Riddellghostcube_: no but I suspect mine isn't either so would be good to find out13:47
apacheloggerbogus mtimes?13:47
apacheloggeractually I think it usually takes a bit until it runs13:48
* apachelogger runs install test13:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: firefox logo looks lovely13:57
shadeslayerapachelogger: awesome14:04
* shadeslayer can only hope that was not sarcasm14:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: yay, more async'ness14:13
apacheloggerkubotu: go away14:16
apacheloggerkubotu: hi14:16
kubotugoodafternoon, apachelogger14:17
apacheloggerwell this is unfortunate14:18
apacheloggershadeslayer: I don't have a single device that ubuntu-drivers-common will detect to require proprietary drivers14:18
apacheloggerand I think it may even be sort of right14:18
apacheloggerlife's weird like that14:19
apacheloggerCompiled for arch: ::Vc::AVXImpl 14:19
apacheloggerFeatures supported:14:19
shadeslayerFOSS is too good14:19
apacheloggerwhere's that output coming from14:19
shadeslayereverything works14:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: I get that too :/14:19
shadeslayerkdelibs I think14:19
apacheloggerevery app14:19
shadeslayeror maybe not ... I didn't have that post upgrading to ninjas14:20
apacheloggerto the grepcave!14:20
apacheloggerBinary file ./libpigmentcms.so.13.0.0 matches14:20
shadeslayerwhy are calligra-libs being loaded 0.o14:21
apacheloggerme@novalis:/usr/lib$ grep -r pig /proc/`pidof kcmshell4`/maps14:22
apachelogger7f9480ff2000-7f9481140000 r-xp 00000000 00:11 12372                      /usr/lib/libpigmentcms.so.13.0.014:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: that's from calligra?14:22
shadeslayercalligra-libs: /usr/lib/libpigmentcms.so.1214:22
* apachelogger blames Riddell14:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: so, regarding aptdaemon14:23
shadeslayerwe want it gone?14:23
apacheloggershadeslayer: yes14:23
apacheloggerwhat kind of question is that :O14:23
shadeslayera "Making sure that is what apachelogger wants"14:23
apacheloggerwhole bunch of kexi actually14:24
shadeslayerwhy are those being loaded14:24
apacheloggerisn't that all calligra nonesnse?14:24
apacheloggershadeslayer: they are not14:25
apacheloggerthey are linking pigments14:25
shadeslayermost certainly looks like it14:25
apacheloggerevery flipping calligra lib links against that thing14:25
apacheloggerwhich in itself seems peculiar14:25
apacheloggerbut oh well14:25
apacheloggerall kritas loaded by kcmshell14:26
apacheloggerkexi is not though14:26
apacheloggeryou know, laptop screens are really very tiny ^^14:27
apacheloggerjust about everything kexi is loaded14:27
apacheloggereh, everything calligra I meant14:27
apacheloggerexcept for kexi ^^14:27
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
apacheloggerthe interesting thing about this is that once you remove calligra-libs it simply doesn't load anything anymore14:29
apacheloggerso it's supposedly a plugin that drags all the nonsense in14:29
apacheloggerand upgrade for calligra available14:30
apacheloggeryou know14:30
apacheloggerkrita is really very big14:30
apacheloggerplus I am not sure it should be on the ISO14:30
apacheloggerGet:2 http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe krita-data all 1:2.7.91-0ubuntu5 [15,7 MB]14:30
apacheloggerand that's supposedly xz -9 compressed14:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: is your system completely up-to-date?14:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: so aptdaemon is Recommended because Ubuntu Drivers offers the functionality of asking packagekit to figure out what package can provide a driver for <modalias>14:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: yep14:31
* apachelogger doesn't get it to load the calligra libs anymore ^^14:32
shadeslayerapachelogger: what magic vodoo did you do14:32
apacheloggerpurge calligra-libs, install calligra-libs14:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: check if you are on 2.7.9114:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://pastebin.kde.org/pll3zaxrj14:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: right14:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: I installed ubuntu5 now14:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: purging / installing doesn't fix it14:34
shadeslayerI don't have that14:35
apacheloggeruse archive.ubuntu14:35
apacheloggermirrors suck donkey balls14:35
apachelogger  * Temporarily disable krita image plugins to prevent global14:35
apachelogger    debugging output14:35
apacheloggerthere, jr fixed it ^^14:35
apacheloggercrime solved14:35
* apachelogger puts away the pipe14:35
ghostcubedamn latest update broke the guest additions in virtual box14:36
ghostcubeno way to get the grafics adapter working14:36
apacheloggerreal men use KVM14:36
* ghostcube hands apachelogger a cookie and a cup of tea14:36
Riddellapachelogger: oh still random debug output from calligra?14:37
apacheloggerRiddell: no14:37
apacheloggerRiddell: daily install had ubuntu4, so I went investigating and end up with ubuntu5 which solves the problem14:38
* apachelogger just realized that he never reviewed printing l10n because he has no printer14:39
apacheloggervery much danger14:39
ghostcubewah.... warning uknown version of the xwindow system installed not installing xwindow system drivers14:41
shadeslayerapachelogger: do you think we can drop python2.7 from the image too14:43
apacheloggershadeslayer: depends on the transition on the ubuntu side IIRC14:44
apacheloggerhplip-data pulled in python2 for some reason IIRC14:44
Riddellshadeslayer: does themeeditor have to be a new package?14:44
shadeslayerRiddell: ask apachelogger14:44
Riddellapachelogger: ↑14:45
shadeslayerhe did that change14:45
apacheloggerRiddell: wutwut, it should be gone14:45
apacheloggerRiddell: kdepim-themeeditors is new14:46
apacheloggerwhich picks up the previous mailthemeeditor (or somesuch) and merges in the new contactthemeeditor14:46
apacheloggeroh, I guess you mean that one ^^14:46
apacheloggerRiddell: yeah that is very much supposed to be new14:46
* shadeslayer looks at trello14:47
* apachelogger throws away tiny laptop screen again14:47
Riddellapachelogger: can't it be part of kmail or something?14:47
apacheloggerRiddell: no14:47
Riddellshadeslayer: fix 4.12.2 packages? http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kubuntu-buildstatus/kubuntu-buildstatus.html14:47
apacheloggerthey are independent applications with their own desktop file14:47
apacheloggerand they are utterly useless to normal people14:47
shadeslayerRiddell: can you poke relevant people for https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/intltool/add-qtdesigner-support/+merge/14511214:48
apacheloggerso we don't want it on the seed and that's why they can't be in the kmail package 14:48
Riddellapachelogger: ok approved!14:48
Riddellshadeslayer: ooh interesting14:48
apacheloggertalking about approvery14:48
apacheloggerRiddell: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/Policies#Handlers is that what you meant in your latest comment on the policies card?14:49
apachelogger(didn't really see that fit in with team descriptions policy, alas also not quite as much a policy on its own, more of a guide really)14:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: I hate your excel sheet with column descriptions at the bottom14:50
shadeslayerplz be fixing14:50
Riddellapachelogger: looks good14:51
shadeslayerany objections on replacing kde-config-touchpad ( synaptiks ) with kde-touchpad?14:56
Riddellshadeslayer: what's the advantage (just to remind myself)15:00
shadeslayerRiddell: move away from a Python2 based synaptiks15:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: needs refreshing anyway15:02
* apachelogger afk walking dog15:03
shadeslayeryou have a dog? :P15:03
Riddellshadeslayer: go for it15:04
Riddell-meta uploaded?15:04
shadeslayerjust pushed branch15:05
shadeslayerI get to upload 1.30015:06
* shadeslayer gets to make the "This is Sparta" joke15:06
shadeslayerRiddell: thoughts on https://trello.com/c/3iBYNZhF15:10
Riddell14:47 < Riddell> shadeslayer: fix 4.12.2 packages? http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/kubuntu-buildstatus/kubuntu-buildstatus.html15:10
shadeslayerRiddell: ??15:11
Riddellshadeslayer: well get everything installing and kubuntu-meta will transition15:12
shadeslayerRiddell: half the things are still building15:12
shadeslayerlike kdepim15:12
shadeslayerRiddell: and how does this relate to kppp?15:13
ghostcubeso xorg core 1.15 broke virtualbox15:13
ghostcube-.- i hate it15:13
Riddellshadeslayer: the link you gave me says "ensure kubuntu-meta migrates from proposed"15:13
Riddellbut on the "kick kppp of the ISO15:14
shadeslayerRiddell: https://trello.com/c/zuKcOID815:14
Riddell" one I'm all for it15:14
shadeslayerk, I'll do it15:15
Riddellalthough worth asking if anyone uses it, for all I know some 3G dongle users use it15:15
Riddellbut I'd guess not, remove then notify mailing list and ask for forgiveness15:15
shadeslayeryeah, asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission ;)15:16
shadeslayerwe can reintroduce it if people shout15:16
apacheloggerwe can reintroduce it if people step up and do the QC15:18
apacheloggerthe main problem with it is that we have no means to make sure it works sensibly15:18
apacheloggerwhich means we can't have it on the ISO15:18
apacheloggerI am so very tried :@15:27
apacheloggerRiddell: all policies written except for what LTS means support-wise15:27
apacheloggershadeslayer: is apol hiding or something?15:28
=== greyback is now known as greyback|away
shadeslayerno, he's infront of me15:28
apacheloggernot here he isn't ^^15:29
apacheloggerno matter tho15:29
* Riddell writes https://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-12.04.415:29
apacheloggerwrong url :P15:29
shadeslayerapachelogger: maybe he doesn't like Kubuntu and prefers the company of Arch users ;)15:30
apacheloggerhow rude.15:30
* apachelogger lagging like mad15:34
apacheloggerwhat you are looking at is featuring a page based navigation in discover, rather than the current infinite bar15:34
apacheloggergood? bad? mad?15:35
Riddellrather than scolling down forever?15:35
Riddellisn't scolling down forever fashionable now?15:36
Riddellphones do it a lot15:36
apacheloggerarguably one should only search ^^15:37
apacheloggerscrolling down forever is hard to implement right in qml1 though15:37
apacheloggeri.e. it's hard to know what stuff is actually currently visible such that you only load that15:37
apacheloggerwhich is why currently when going to browse in a huge category discover will briefly lock up15:38
Riddellmakes send to do as you've done then15:39
apachelogger(not my work)15:39
apacheloggerMOAR OPINIONS PLZ xD15:39
apacheloggerpresented screenshot shows the applications view without tabs15:40
apacheloggercurrently when there are reviews etc. you will have tabs that you can use, the proposed change would put it all onto the same page15:40
apacheloggercreating a more unified experience and preventing people from missing the tabs15:40
apacheloggerupon clicking more reviews: http://i.imgur.com/f2Qfslx.png15:41
Riddellapachelogger: still need testing for qt 4.8.5 backports?16:13
ghostcubegrml... next update will ship xorg 1.15 stuff for vbox16:24
Riddellghostcube: how did you find that out?16:25
ghostcube<klaus-vb> ghostcube: yes... next vbox update will ship stuff for xserver 1.15... finished 2 weeks ago     i asked in vbox channel16:25
Riddellah hah16:26
ghostcubebut the answer that follows was not very satisfactioning :D16:29
ghostcubei asked when the update will be released... answer: when its ready...16:30
shadeslayerapachelogger: much fun, apt:// doesn't work in Ubuntu as well16:34
=== sem_ is now known as Peace--
apacheloggerRiddell: yes16:54
Riddellapachelogger: broken16:54
apacheloggerhow so?16:54
Riddellapachelogger: see mailing list16:54
apacheloggeralso I did notice font stuff at some point go kaboom16:54
apacheloggernot sure if that is a qt thing tho16:54
shadeslayermmm interesting16:54
apacheloggerRiddell: ah on 12.0416:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: qtchooser was not present back then16:55
apacheloggerwe might not want to push to 12.0416:55
apacheloggerthe qtchooser stuff is quite invasive16:55
shadeslayerapachelogger: could try and just update whatever precise has to 4.8.516:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: nah, sounds like a waste of time to be honest17:01
apacheloggerI am not sure it crashes on precise though17:01
apacheloggerbecause AFAIK the crash comes from an upstream "fix" that broke it and us reverting the fix which unbroke it and then upstream fixing the fix making our fix a breakage17:02
apacheloggerso perhaps precise doesn't even have the issue what with being 2 years old and maybe having a qt from the state where upstream's fix broke stuff and we repaired it17:02
lordievaderGood evening.17:03
shadeslayeri see17:03
shadeslayerapachelogger: however surely 4.8.5 has a bunch of fixes17:03
shadeslayercompared to what precise has17:04
apacheloggeryeah, but we are preping a new LTS which makes precise a very uninteresting target to invest time in17:04
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jussiyay for very broken LO... :/17:40
shadeslayerjussi: got a moment?17:57
shadeslayerRiddell: ping18:34
* ahoneybun got Kubuntu to work on his awesome notebook19:53
lordievaderahoneybun: \o/19:54
ahoneybunand it has 2 drives!19:54
ahoneybuna ssd and a hdd19:54
ahoneybunovidiu-florin: are you on?19:56
ahoneybunlordievader: I have the / root installed on the 24gb ssd and the home and swap on a 1tb hdd19:56
lordievaderahoneybun: How much ram do you got in there?19:57
lordievaderahoneybun: No real need for swap then ;), but still usefull to have a few GB.19:58
ahoneybunwell with 1tb I did not really care19:58
lordievaderahoneybun: I see your point.19:59
ahoneybunlol I got a few hundred gbs to spare lol20:00
debfxhttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-12.04.4 says Access denied :(20:20
ahoneybundebfx: might not be ready20:20
debfxwell the release announcement is out now20:21
ScottKdebfx: Fixing.21:04
ScottKdebfx: Should be all good now.  Thanks for noticing.21:12
=== pcwhite is now known as PaulW2U
Riddellshadeslayer: you pinged?23:21
Riddell"I have uploaded KF5 alpha 1, also known as 4.96.0, to the usual location"  gosh23:29

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