clearyI'm doing a bit of work testing remote authentication (kerberos/ldap) on the livecd (13.10), and I'm finding that while the authentication part is working fine, my kde sessions are getting odd behaviour00:06
clearyfor a remotely authenticated user, kded4 crashes, the plasma-desktop doesn't load it's configuration properly, and .xsession-errors is full of qtdbus related errors00:07
clearyI'm wondering if someone is available to assist me with diagnosing the source of the issue? My suspicion is it may be related to some casper live user specific setups00:08
clearyI am able to fork casper/build custom images (takes about 5 mins) as part of the testing00:09
clearyif there is a more suitable channel I should be asking this question on, please let me know00:09
clearyPS the symptoms are very similar on livecds built from 14.04 repos00:11
clearyPPS note that I am attempting to do the authentication while booted "Live" not on a hd install00:12
clearysilence like this in a channel of 220 users is not a comforting feeling :/00:14
clearywould the mailing list be a better idea?00:14
qdataavail yourself of any/all00:15
qdatame, I'd try and see if a fresh virgin install to a real hd still has all same symptoms00:15
clearyI'm just going through the hd install now00:15
qdataI usually use virtualbox for such things, but that is still an approach that introduces many variables00:16
clearyyep, same - I'm also doing the livecd testing in vbox00:16
qdataif a hd install does exactly all the same things I'd look at trying to formalize bug reports in the appropriate venues00:17
qdataand I'm not an expert at all00:17
clearyno worries, I'll have hd results shortly00:17
qdatamain thing you don't get in vbox is real hardware graphics acceleration in the video00:17
qdataand kde needs all the hardware accel it can get00:18
qdatabut that should not directly affect things like kerberos auth00:18
clearyhwaccel has been ok00:18
qdataand I don't know enough about kerberos on linux to be of any use to you00:19
clearythe kerberos bit isn't the issue (one of the beautiful things about it)00:19
clearyI'll be back in half hr or so, sorry00:19
qdatajust wanted to say... something...  the channel goes through 'dead'periods00:20
qdataand on top of that, even if people see your traffic they may stay silent because they know they can't really help, or don't know what to do00:21
qdatacheck ya later  :-)00:21
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clearyqdata: I'm back, sorry that took a lot longer than expected02:06
clearyjust configuring the auth stuff now02:07
clearyre the dead channel comment, that's fair enough02:08
clearymany years ago I used to moderate a similar type of channel, the community there always made a point of helping as much as possible, even if only pointing towards a person/channel that may have a better answer02:09
qdatayup, a late dinner time for me02:09
clearyeven just to say hi02:10
qdataI took a look at fedora 20 for a bit and akonadi server wouldn't start for kdepim02:10
clearynot saying all should be like that, but it feels weird talking into a void02:10
qdataand it was a dbus problem/error02:10
qdatainto the void02:10
clearyhow's f20 looking?02:11
qdataI don't know much about dbus but if you see a lot of them in xsession-errors it might be a starting point to investigate02:11
clearyI can't handle yum myself, but fundamentally I have a lot of respect for what they do02:11
cleary(the fedora team)02:12
qdataf20 initially looked promising but when I saw the trouble with akonadi and dbus I dumped it02:12
clearythat's a shame02:13
qdatahow much of this is distro related and how much is KDE devs all moving en masse to qt5 and not spending enough quality time fixing things is hard to tell02:13
qdataall the latest stuff I looked at eg linux mint16, manjaro, fc20, etc all had problems which should have not allowed them to be branded as "release"02:14
clearykde related?02:15
clearyie were all the problems you saw kde related?02:15
qdatadevs are spending way too much energy getting their ego strokes from "hey look at all the new features I invented" instead of focusing on quality02:15
clearyyeah, I understand that (and have been there)02:16
qdatawell I hate and despise all things gnomish and have been a KDE're since about version 1.45 or so02:16
clearyI'm a notorious agnostic02:16
qdatabut I see the quality in kde spiraling slowly down02:16
qdatait's a slow drift, but it's there02:16
clearyit's spiralling from a peak that happened after 4.0 though02:17
qdataI don't know a while lot about dbus, but I thought there was some kind of diagnostic utility available for it02:17
qdatathe peak was 3.5.1002:17
clearywell, 4.0 wasn't so much lacking quality02:17
clearyit was lacking features02:17
clearythere's a qdbus prog you can query it with02:18
qdataand when I see reports of shaky desktop troubles that aren't exactly clear cut I think dbus02:18
clearyI'm learning a lot about it myself - it seems there's a system daemon and a session daemon02:18
clearyand it may be as simple as environment variables not being passed correctly02:19
qdataI'm a sysadmin by trade, not a dev per se, so al lot is over my head02:19
clearybut there's a complexity in there that I don't get02:19
clearywell, I sort of wear both hats02:19
clearybtw, the kerberos stuff is something new I'm investigating02:20
qdatacharacteristically in the past I recall most dbus related problems as being objects in OO land being 'out of phase'02:20
clearynew to me02:20
qdataenough dependencies around it were advanced, compiled, and somewhere an api mismatch happened02:21
clearywhat do you think this means for 14.04?02:22
qdatadon't know02:22
clearyis it something they're likely to throw resources at?02:22
clearywhere does kubuntu even fit in the canonical community these days?02:22
qdataI wanted to get away from canonical anything, and I tried everything KDE reelated but kubuntu is still the best put together kde desktop currently02:23
cleary-> qdatix02:23
clearyyapkdix (yet another personal kde distro)02:23
clearyfunnily enough, this is not a personal choice for me02:24
clearyI'm building an in-house live distro for our desktops02:25
clearys/building/I build02:25
clearyfor my users, kde is the least disruptive DE in terms of interface paradigms they're familiar with02:25
qdatait took 10 years for the city of Munich to do that02:25
qdatawell I'm a die-hard KDE person02:26
clearyfair enough, it's a good project02:26
qdataI do the mcse thing at work and when I get home last thing I want to see is windows02:26
clearyI'm notoriously agnostic there too :P02:26
qdataI'm a freebsd guy02:27
clearytyping this on win, work desktop is lin02:27
clearymac/win/lin at home02:27
cleary"best tool for the job"02:27
qdatabut made move to linux on the desktop box about 3 years ago; all servers are still freebsd02:27
clearythe bsds I will admit I've never looked at deeper than a cursory glance02:27
qdataneed to use desktop not play around with it02:27
qdatafreebsd is a better server02:28
qdatabut maintaining a desktop on it you spend way too much time02:28
clearyin what areas do you mean better?02:28
qdatapackage management for desktop use is better in the linux world02:28
qdataI did not try linux as a server OS for a long time because there were no packages precompiled for the way I run my stuff02:29
qdatathen ubuntu server started coming with what I needed so I tried it02:29
qdatawas able to set up ubuntu server exactly the same as I do in freebsd and performance was definitely slower02:30
clearyI'm a fan of redhat on the server, but my skills with se linux etc aren't there02:30
clearyshould do something about that, but time is heavily contended here ;)02:31
qdataI think if I had to choose a server path in linux world it would be rhel/CentOS way02:31
clearydid you see centos got brought under the RH family recently?02:31
qdatawell, I'm aging out of the field02:32
qdataI did02:32
qdatasmart move on someone's part, imho02:32
clearyI agree02:32
qdataI'm 56 and started with computers back in the punch card/9 track tape days02:33
clearyI'm 34 and started in 1999... when I started a Computer Science degree at uni02:34
qdatareally, a hatred of computers is growing in me   :-)02:34
clearyI have a similar hatred :P02:34
qdatanecessary evil I guess; it's how I make a living02:34
clearyyou really should start your own distro02:35
clearycement that hatred02:35
clearystart a new career ;)02:35
qdatajust hanging on 'till retire back to the farm02:35
qdatago back into the woods and never look at computers again...   but that's not truly realistic02:36
qdatame hungry, going to go get a late dinner I miised earlier02:37
clearyalright, I need to finish this config02:37
clearyand eat lunch02:37
sunny_how to add network printer04:45
glennwhipi have installed kubuntu 13.10 everything working fine. i added ppa repo for cinammon desktop installed everything, restart laptop and cinnamon won't load only the kubuntu (kde) desktop05:14
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soryy708Something is weird with my Ubuntu running KDE.07:00
soryy708KDE-Plasma is run by KDM (ok.) but KDM is run by lightdm (wtf?)07:01
soryy708Oh, and kdm refuses to run on it's own (without lightdm)07:01
soryy708Anybody capable of explaining wtf is going on?07:01
soryy708Oh, and I have reason to believe that somewhere along the line KDE-Plasma doesn't get the priviliges it needs.07:02
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tan__Всем, всем, всем привет!07:26
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:26
jargonanybody using irssi with split windows on kubuntu? anytime i start up irssi,the split windows (which are saved to config) are there. when i go to another application and then come back, then split window is gone08:26
valoriesounds like something isn't reading the config08:29
valorieor over-writing it08:30
jargonvalorie: that's weird. it's my first time on kubuntu,and i've been using this same config for past 2-3 years on gentoo,crunchbang,debian,mint,ubuntu :-/08:34
valoriejust a guess; I've never used irssi?08:35
jargonlet me see if it's a tmux issue. i'm using it inside tmux in konsole. brb08:36
valorieI've not heard of anyone else mentioning that problem here, though08:36
jargonok seems it's tmux-related,just as i feared.08:40
valoriejargon: konsole can have tabs, if that helps08:42
valorieeven yakuake can have multiple tabs/sessions08:42
yossarianuksledgey: did you dd the wrong drive?09:18
jargonvalorie: yeah it's a workflow issue for me. i'm so used to the Ctrl+Alt+<Num> key combo to switch between tmux windows. even though Konsole's Shift+<Arrow> is a shorter combo :-/09:19
valoriesame reason I hate switching keyboards09:21
valorietypo city09:21
adarmalikhey folks, i have a "little" problem with my kubuntu. I am on ubuntu 12.04 and use the backports ppa. since kde 4.12 was rolled out my window decoration is gone. i can see that kde-workspace and kdm are still 4.1109:21
yossarianukBluesKaj: as one last attempt you could try to parted -> mktable from single mode (i.e in case disk was attempting to be mounted,..)09:21
yossarianukdid you choose msdos or gpt ?09:21
yossarianukadarmalik: try sudo apt-get upadte && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:23
yossarianuk**sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade **09:24
adarmalikyossarianuk: ok, I'll try09:24
adarmalikit tells me it has nothing to due09:25
yossarianukjust see if any updates are there...09:25
yossarianukand you have the ppa still active?09:25
adarmaliki didn't deactivate it09:26
adarmalikhow can i check?09:26
yossarianukok do09:26
yossarianuksudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports09:26
yossarianukthen redo previous apt-get ucommands09:26
yossarianuksudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade09:26
adarmalikdidn't change anything09:27
adarmalikstill nothing to upgrade09:27
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yossarianukadarmalik: check in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/09:55
yossarianukmake sure the kubuntu ppa is active09:55
adarmalikdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu precise main09:56
adarmalikseems active09:56
adarmalikif ubuntu would only have something like zypper :(09:57
yossarianukzypper is pants compared to apt imo....09:58
adarmaliki use suse at home and ubuntu at work, i prefer zypper but it might be personal taste09:59
adarmalikzypper lr09:59
adarmalikand i see what repositories i have and which are active and such09:59
yossarianukcan you give an example on a package stuck on the old version?10:00
yossarianukps - i'm actually on a OpenSUSE 13.1 desktop whilst talking to you now....10:00
yossarianuk(I use kubuntu @ home.)10:00
yossarianukand i'm at work.10:00
adarmalikok, package is e.g. kdm10:01
adarmalikversion is 4.11.310:01
yossarianukok - perhaps because by default lightdm is used ?10:01
yossarianukany other packages?10:02
adarmalikalso 4.11.310:02
yossarianukthere is no 4.12 package10:03
yossarianukmaybe ask in #kubuntu-devel10:03
adarmalikok, thanks :)10:03
adarmaliki currently use kde/openbox to be able to work10:04
yossarianukmaybe its an old package...10:04
yossarianukeven i trusty they only have 4.1110:04
adarmalikyes might be not related at all10:05
adarmalikbut why my window decorations are gone?10:05
yossarianukcan you do win --replace10:05
yossarianukon a command line?10:05
yossarianukkwin --replace10:05
adarmalikthere is no kwin10:06
adarmalikonly kwinactive10:06
yossarianukyou as a normal user?10:06
yossarianuknot root?10:06
adarmalikboth for same10:06
adarmaliksame for both10:06
yossarianukcan yuo get to system settings ?10:08
adarmalikand what to do there?10:09
yossarianukgo to default applications10:09
yossarianuk-> window Manager10:09
adarmalikit's use default window manager (kwin)10:10
yossarianuknot sure then sorry ...10:10
yossarianukask in the devel room10:10
adarmalikis it normal that no kwin is there?10:10
yossarianuktry a reboot (if you haven;t)10:10
adarmalikdid already :/10:10
adarmalikok, thanks10:11
adarmaliki'll try at devel10:11
yossarianukare you using nvidia ?10:11
yossarianukin desktop effects -> Advanced - check the opengl version your using?10:11
yossarianukshould be o.k.10:12
yossarianukif you get no where I would logout of kdm - login via console10:13
yossarianukand move your .kde directory10:13
yossarianukthen re-login and see if win decorations aere there10:13
yossarianukeven better10:13
yossarianukadd a new user10:13
yossarianukand login with that (i.e so its the first time the user has logged in)10:14
adarmaliktried it already :(10:14
adarmalikyossarianuk: @kubuntu-devel they suggested to reinstall the desktop: apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop10:18
adarmalikI'll try :)10:18
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adarmalikworked :D10:21
adarmalikkwin is back10:21
Blinky_ Hi guys, could someone please tell me how to set the permissions on my /var/www directory so that new adding files can be seen on the website?10:30
BluesKajHiyas all10:50
dp_hi, how can i help.11:05
BluesKajno need atm11:08
BluesKajdp_, but thanks11:08
dp_<BluesKaj> just let me know when you need....:-)11:12
yossarianukBluesKaj: did you still have no joy with your USB stick?11:35
BluesKajyossarianuk, looks like it's toast11:36
dbromhello all11:37
dbromHow do I go about adding a line to the end of my source.list11:38
yossarianukBluesKaj: boo11:38
yossarianukdid you try to make a msdos table?11:38
yossarianuk(you mentioned it hung - did you check syslog/dmesg?)11:38
hateballdbrom: open it in your text editor of choice and edit it?11:39
hateballdbrom: What is it you are looking to achieve?11:39
dbromI know that I need to do in inside a script11:39
hateballdbrom: echo whatever >> /etc/apt/sources.list11:40
dbromok thanks11:40
hateballwhy not create a new file under /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ instead tho?11:40
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BluesKajyossarianuk, there's no error in /var/log/syslog, the usb stick is detected etc but that's all.12:41
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jinglescafeI updated, and my firefox will not work.15:14
jinglescafeplease help15:14
yossarianukjinglescafe: have you updated a fair few packages?15:17
yossarianukjinglescafe: try rebooting if you haven;t already15:18
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hateballHe is no longer with us15:18
yossarianukjinglescafe: if you have already rebooted try the following15:18
hateballOr she, as it may well be15:18
yossarianukah yes....15:18
yossarianukif only irc rooms changed the colour of people who have left the room (on the main message area)...15:19
hateballI don't know how you manage to tab-complete someone not in channel, what sort of client does that15:19
rberg12.04 is getting the 3.11 kernel, nifty15:32
rbergI am excited for ssd trim support on software raid15:35
excognachi is there any easy and fast way to copy a dvd-film into and .iso file? dd or devede or k3b?15:37
dbromtry ffmpeg16:09
dbromI have a problm with a restore script16:10
dbromwhat I want to do is run the script from the client and then execute rsync from the server to the client16:13
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Walexdbrom: thanks for letting us know!16:58
ubottuKDE bug 319384 in trash "undefined notification pops up after emptying the trash" [Minor,Unconfirmed]17:02
lordievaderGood evening.17:03
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BluesKajhey lordievader, what's up ?17:57
lordievaderBluesKaj: Doing good, trying to debug why an upstart session job doesn't start on login.18:10
lordievaderBluesKaj: How are you doing?18:10
rberganybody ever hear of kmail marking read emails unread after checking for new mail? I keep getting 12,000 old emails marked unread.. super annoying18:11
BluesKajlordievader, doing fine, finally managed to get VB installed with W7 as guest, seems to be working fine this time around18:18
lordievaderBluesKaj: Nice ;)18:23
aleksejs_Hi, could you help me with enabling microphone on my asus x550c?18:28
LucidGuyUsing kubuntu, performed apt-get dist-upgrade.  System attempted to upgrade to the newest nvidia- driver.  All seemed to go well, restarted, all is not ok.  I've purged all nvidia packages back and forth numerous times and can't seem to get things back to normal. lsmod no longer shows nvidia as installed.  I see a module called "video" looks like nouveau.  Anyone know how i can properly re-install nvidia drivers?18:45
=== kubuntu is now known as Guest26715
geniiLucidGuy: I'd suggest: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic linux-source dkms    .....then after this: sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-current18:51
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LucidGuygenii, I've done that .. nvidia-settings never gives me the configuration settings I want .. lost dual screen settings ..18:55
LucidGuygenii, Just reinstall kubuntu-desktop .. and now trying a reinstall of nvidia-current .. urg18:57
LucidGuyDriving me nuts18:57
geniiLucidGuy: nvidia driver needs the packages i mentioned earlier installed first ( the headers, source, and dkms. Also build-essential but that should be installed)18:58
LucidGuygenii, I have all of those18:59
BluesKajLucidGuy, there is the additional drivers as well, which gives other options besides the default nvidia-current19:01
LucidGuyDone, All looks good.  But nvidia-settings comes up but no GPU info, and I can't do much with it.  lsmod show no nvidia module.19:02
BluesKajmost likely needs a reboot19:02
LucidGuyBluesKaj, this is after a reboot19:03
geniiLucidGuy: But yet lsmod shows no nvidia driver.19:03
LucidGuygenii, correct19:03
geniiLucidGuy: The usual case is that it has to now blacklist the nouveau, this requires a reboot19:03
BluesKajdid the nvidia splash screen show for a split second19:03
LucidGuyI have libkwinnvidiahack4, nvidia-304, nvidia-common, nvidia-current, nvidia-settings19:04
LucidGuyBluesKaj, It did not.  It never did even when the nvidia drivers worked fine.19:04
BluesKajLucidGuy, what's the gpu ?19:04
LucidGuyGeforece GTX78019:05
geniiLucidGuy: You have nomodeset in /etc/default/grub and did sudo update-grub   ...?19:05
geniiMeh, work. AFK19:06
LucidGuygenii, I did not do update-grub .. and I don't know what nomodeset19:06
LucidGuyThis is a sad day for Ubuntu .. performed an update and ruined my system, may be forced to reinstall19:08
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:09
BluesKajLucidGuy, your gpu should use the 331.2019:09
* genii runs back to work19:10
LucidGuyBluesKaj, It was working perfectly without19:10
LucidGuyI think the problem has something to do with the fact that the nvidia module is never listed with lsmod.  lsmod shows the "video" module as installed.19:14
geniiLucidGuy: Do these commands output anything: sudo updatedb &&locate nvidia|grep ko | grep $(uname -r)19:14
geniiThe first one takes a while19:15
LucidGuygenii, one sec .. system is restarting19:15
melkorHow well does gimp and inkscape work with kubuntu?19:16
LucidGuygenii, yes I see the nvidia.ko modules specfic for my kernel19:19
LucidGuygenii, question is how do I tell Xorg to use them.19:20
Poisoned_DragonHmm... maybe with a conf file? I don't have a problem nvidia gpu. So, I can't say with impunity.19:21
Poisoned_DragonI did have to make a conf for the intel gpu on this laptop.19:21
Poisoned_DragonToday's xorg updates seemed to remedy that.19:22
LucidGuygenii, I see the nvidia.ko files19:23
LucidGuyLets try install nvidia-331 .. urg19:24
BluesKajPoisoned_Dragon, yeah I was using the mesa-dri-experimental driver, but now it's no longer needed on 14.04 for 3d and dri19:27
BluesKajalong with the intel i91519:27
Poisoned_DragonThankfully I didn't need the experimental ones. Still, the update "broke" my glx. Then I removed the conf file and all was well. :)19:28
BluesKajmesa-experimental module rather19:28
BluesKajno xconf here19:29
Poisoned_DragonI use conf files on xorg.conf.d. A bit more elegant.19:29
LucidGuyand now its worse19:31
LucidGuyomg, so sad.  Been using Ubuntu for years, never seen this happen.19:31
LucidGuyModule files seem to be there .. but module is not loading.  reset xorg.conf file does nothing.  Now I seem to have horrible blurry resolution.  Thanks Ubuntu19:32
BluesKajLucidGuy, run sudo nvidia-xconfig19:34
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melkorWhat does the + and - mean when I hove over icons in Dolphin?19:36
lordievadermelkor: Add to selection and remove from selection.19:37
melkorGreat thank you.19:37
LucidGuyBluesKaj, thats what causes the horrible output.19:39
sanzantemelkor: so you can add and remove form selection without using  CTRL19:39
LucidGuyIf I remove the xorg.conf Its decent, but only one monitor and obviously the nvidia driver is actually not being used.19:39
melkorOdd, I guild a module for my touchpad. Then I could install it with insmod. I removed it, then I tried to install it again and it says 'invalid format' I rebuilt the module and I could install it again.19:40
melkorI haven't installed yet, I am running from the USB drive. Will I get an option where to put my home directory when I install. I am finaly going to wipe out the windows partition.19:45
LucidGuyShould I attempt to reinstall X?19:46
LucidGuyI would pay for a solution to this... I'm a very unhappy person.19:46
* LucidGuy laughs19:47
LucidGuyThe module is simply not being installed, regardless if which one I install.19:47
Newbiehello guyzzz19:48
=== Newbie is now known as Guest37457
Guest37457i need your help19:48
melkorLucidGuy: is there already an nvidia module install?19:48
=== Guest37457 is now known as _Newbie
_NewbieI've installed skype on my Kubuntu 13.10 x64 and I it looks very ugly19:49
_NewbieWhat should I do to fix that?19:50
LucidGuymelkor, You would think so, I've tried via apt-get, reports no errors.  I can see the nvidia.ko files .. but lsmod does not show it.19:50
_NewbieI think that I need oxygen 32 libs, but I don't know how to install them throw apt-get19:51
melkorLucidGuy: did you uninstall the opensource ones?19:51
LucidGuyopensource ones? Nouveua?19:51
melkorLucidGuy: or are those the ones you are installing?19:51
melkorLucidGuy: Probably Nouveua, I do no use nvidia19:52
BluesKajLucidGuy, run this in the terminal to see which driver is in use, lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga19:52
_Newbiecan anybody helps me?19:54
melkor_Newbie: there isn't much todo. You can check if skype can change the theme to a native theme. Are you on a 64bit os?19:55
_Newbieyea, i'm19:55
LucidGuyBluesKaj, I see a lot from that command.19:56
melkor_Newbie: how did you install skype?19:56
_Newbiefrom ppa repository19:56
_Newbiecanonial partners19:56
BluesKajLucidGuy, look for, Kernel driver in use19:57
LucidGuyBluesKaj, after Kernel modules: I see a bunch of nvidia_XXX versions I've attempted .. including nouveau, and nvidiafb.  Does not indicate which is in use19:57
BluesKajLucidGuy, what about, dpkg -l | grep nvidia20:01
LucidGuyBluesKaj, That will list all the nvidia-xxx packages I've attempted.  including -current20:01
BluesKajnot necessarily20:02
LucidGuyBluesKaj, ?? .. I see many packages I've attempted. for example nvidia-304 and nvidia-current and nvidia-331 nvidia-settings20:03
lordievaderLucidGuy: Could you pastebin the output of "dpkg --get-selections|grep nvidia"20:04
LucidGuyNot sure why common shows purge .. its installed20:07
LucidGuyreinstalled -common .. no longer listed as purge20:08
lordievaderLucidGuy: My two cents: the problem might lie in having multiple versions of the driver installed or common not being installed.20:08
BluesKajLucidGuy,ok,  sudo apt-get install nvidia-33120:09
LucidGuylordievader, This is all due to me troubleshooting .. not the initial cause20:09
lordievaderLucidGuy: But it might now be the reason that the driver fails to load.20:09
LucidGuyBluesKaj, that is in the list of installed packages20:09
LucidGuyOk .. performing --reinstall on nvidia-33120:10
LucidGuyIll bet anything it will not work.  Something more serious is wrong. I think.20:10
LucidGuyAnd of course I have to leave in 10 minutes .. grr20:11
LucidGuyRebooting system for good luck after the reinstall of 31120:11
LucidGuyBefore I forget I want to thank everyone for the advice/tips20:11
BluesKajLucidGuy, the list shows the installable drivers , not the installed ones20:12
LucidGuyRestart .. same.  lsmod shows no nvidia module20:13
LucidGuyand nvidia-settings gives me no options.. lets generate an xorg.conf file20:13
lordievaderLucidGuy: Can you give the output of "dpkg --get-selections|grep nvidia" again.20:14
LucidGuylordievader, nothing has changed20:15
LucidGuyjust reinstalled 31120:15
* BluesKaj sighs20:16
LucidGuybtw nvidia-xconfig .. restarted kdm .. and horrible resolotion with poor font, can't read.  Have to remove xorg.conf file and restart to get anywhere20:16
lordievaderLucidGuy: Try my advice, remove all the installed drivers and install one after that.20:17
LucidGuyBluesKaj, I know .. its bullshit .. i've never seen this.  I maintain a lab of 100 Ubuntu 10.04s and nothing like like this.20:17
lordievaderLucidGuy: And restart after removing.20:17
LucidGuyremove everything .. restart . .then install?20:17
LucidGuyQuesiton is .. what do I install first .. nvidia-current or straight to nvidia-33120:18
LucidGuyI believe 331 is what caused all of this...20:19
BluesKajI'm running 331, on much less capable gpu than yours20:20
LucidGuyWhat version is -current then?20:21
lordievader!info nvidia-current20:21
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.88-0ubuntu8 (saucy), package size 4 kB, installed size 34 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; lpia)20:21
BluesKajwhich kubuntu OS, LucidGuy ?20:21
LucidGuyBluesKaj, 12.0420:22
lordievader!info nvidia-current precise20:22
ubottunvidia-current (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-304): Transitional package for nvidia-current. In component restricted, is optional. Version 304.116-0ubuntu0.0.1 (precise), package size 4 kB, installed size 34 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)20:23
rohanthis page was announced on the devel mailing list: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-12.04.4 -- but it's inaccessible20:23
LucidGuyok .. everything purged via dpkg .. rebooting.  Will try installing 331 tomorrow.  Thanks again everyone.20:23
BluesKajok , maybe 331 is a bit much for 12.04, i assumed you had a more recent OS20:23
LucidGuyIll be online tomorrow bitching some more probably .. heh20:23
LucidGuyBluesKaj, It's a lab need an LTS20:24
BluesKajok :)20:24
lordievader!info nvidia-331 precise20:24
ubottunvidia-331 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-331): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library. In component restricted, is optional. Version 331.20-0ubuntu0.0.1 (precise), package size 50296 kB, installed size 152950 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)20:24
lordievader!info nvidia-33120:24
ubottuPackage nvidia-331 does not exist in saucy20:24
LucidGuy!info libkwinnvidiahack420:25
ubottuPackage libkwinnvidiahack4 does not exist in saucy20:25
* lordievader nvidia is strange20:25
BluesKajGeforce GTX780 is a hi-end gpu. it needs an advanced driver afaik20:26
BluesKajlooks like he might need the xorg-edgers repository, lordievader20:30
lordievaderBluesKaj: edgers is a bit anti-LTS. But yes a recent driver is probably usefull. Also not having multiple versions installed will help, I think.20:32
rohanwhat's the newest nvidia that 12.04 has?20:36
varaugkeep forgetting to ask, did anyone's title bar buttons (minimise & maximise) get spaced further away from the close icon after changing your themes?21:06
geniivaraug: Not here21:12
bradleemy kubuntu very slow not sure how to make it faster21:12
bradleefirefox freezes21:12
bradleeso I start firefox in safe mode now21:13
geniibradlee: If it runk OK in safe mode, gradually enable add-ons until you find the culprit.21:15
geniibradlee: What sort of CPU, amount of RAM, hard drive space, etc you have?21:16
bradleesometimes when I am on firefox and click on one of programs in task manager it takes over one minute to switch21:16
bradleeI am checking now I think I have 1 gig only ram21:16
geniiProbably low ram and it's swapping like nuts21:16
geniibradlee: I'd say that't probably your problem there, then....21:16
bradleeSo I need more than 1 gig ram to run kubuntu21:17
bradleeI had a larger machine but the power supply died maybe I should swap out the ram21:18
geniibradlee: It will run on what you have but it's on the extreme lower end. The more the better of course. Also if you have a drive or partition for swap, make sure the drive is as fast as you can put in21:18
bradleeWhats the bestway to I determine drive speed?21:19
bradleeI have an amd athlon 64 4000 cpu21:20
stmsgebjgdbradlee: how many ram do you have?21:21
stmsgebjgdbradlee: xfce, lxde21:21
stmsgebjgdbradlee: just forget about kde21:21
bradleedoes that mean reinstall or can I just switch desktops?21:22
stmsgebjgdbradlee: just install the xfce or lxde and switch it21:22
bradleewhich is lighter xfce lxde?21:22
bradleeor are they the same?21:22
pietro10Hi. Is there a way I can increase the font size of VTs?21:22
geniibradlee: I'd also recommend going to a lighter desktop. You can install the default package of xubuntu-desktop for XFCE, or lubuntu-desktop for LXDE. LXDE is lightest21:23
stmsgebjgdbradlee: lxde21:23
geniibradlee: If you install only the package lxde or xfce, it will not install the applications which each *buntu team has chosen for their derivative. This is why I recommend the xubuntu-desktop or lubuntu-desktop package21:24
bradleethanks doing that now21:27
sgp667hey guy I'm a noob at linux can someove tell how can I find out in bash the name of my external drive? Like the internal is /dev/sda21:28
BluesKajbet he has file indexer / nepomuk running , which eats some resources21:29
BluesKajsgp667, sudo fdisk -l21:30
pietro10Is there a way I can increase the font size of VTs (control+alt+[1-6])?21:31
geniisgp667: If you just plugged it in, then: dmesg|tail     ...should also say21:31
sgp667Thanks BluesKaj21:31
stmsgebjgdpietro10: you should xterm21:34
pietro10yes I already do, but in the event I need to switch21:34
pietro10for instnace, if X11 isn't responding due to some busy task and I need to kill it21:35
stmsgebjgdpietro10: that is not normal21:35
geniipietro10: I believe setfont can do it, but maybe check the manpage for it or look online for examples21:35
pietro10genii: thanks21:36
geniipietro10: The fonts themselves are in /usr/share/consolefonts/ and with numbers in ther names which indicates their sizes21:37
pietro10is there a way to get the current font? it doesn't seem to be possible with setfont21:38
rbergyou can set the console frame buffer resolution at boot from the kernel command line in grub if you want higher resolution, the differences in the way video cards work will make it hard to advise on though21:40
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geniipietro10: showcfont , but you may need to install that first21:41
genii( package is console-tools )21:42
pietro10...if such package existed21:42
genii!info console-tools21:43
ubottuconsole-tools (source: console-tools): Linux console and font utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.2.3dbs-70ubuntu2 (saucy), package size 257 kB, installed size 699 kB21:43
geniipietro10: Are you on 14.04 ?21:43
pietro10that would probably explain it21:43
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pietro10(13.10 had issues for me that 14.04 didn't)21:43
pietro10oh it seems to have been discontinued, that's why21:44
pietro10I'll change my font another time, thanks anyway though21:45
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pietro10so I set up gtk styles with kde-config-gtk, but fonts are clearly not using the font renderer used by the rest of the system - how do I fix this?22:22
pietro10now in the GUI this time22:23
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