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holsteinjirido: you can use an update manager, or the terminal, or most any package manager you choose.. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:01
holsteinthere is also a few PPAs that are unsupporte that easily offer newer nvidia packages02:02
holsteinjirido: whats the problem with the open driver?02:02
jiridoHi again02:02
jiridoHow are you02:02
holsteinim just fine02:04
jiridowell where did you get the Q from i have droped so many at the last times.. Im in inside my DM now and got nvidas drivers up and running after my try to uninstall them ..02:04
holsteinok.. enjoy!02:04
holsteini was just responding to a ping about "how do i update the driver modules"02:05
jiridoMy problem now is that the screen resolution on my big screen dont update from xorg.conf..02:05
holsteinjirido: how is that problematic?02:05
holsteinjirido: you should keep in mind, the device you purchased came with windows support.. you were promised by a vendor to be able to have full windows support.. a company supplies that.. you have decided to supply your own linux support for the device now02:06
holsteinthe driver support may not be all that great, or may have issue to solve02:06
holsteinjirido: whats wrong with the open driver from the live cd? how does knoppix support the hardware? if knoppix does what you like, then you can grab the xorg.conf from there02:07
jiridoi did pay a movie as sudo mplayer -vo blabla 1024 .. so it sat resolution to 1024 and as root so that was why i could not login.. i did sudo chown -R $USER $USER $HOME and then i could log in again: )02:08
holsteinthe xorg.conf *willL affect your system, but you would have to answer a few questions.. where did you get the xorg.conf? have you asked the person or place that provided is for support?02:08
holsteinjirido: you dont need root access to play movies02:08
jirido Now it seems like that change to 1024 has got stuck someware becauce even if i change resolution in nvidia settings  it does not affect..02:09
holsteinjirido: confirm i its stuck02:09
jiridoNo but i played in consolle02:09
holsteinjirido: played what?02:10
holsteinjirido: you dont need root for that.. and shouldnt02:10
jiridoit is stuck at 1024 even if 1360 in xorg.conf02:10
holsteinjirido: in what xorg.conf? where did you get it? have you asked the person or place you got it from for support?02:11
holsteinjirido: are you able to read all im typing? are you able to understand what im typing?02:11
holsteinjirido: you are assuming 'the xorg.conf is not changing the resolution".. it could be "i incorrectly made an xorg.conf" or "the xorg.conf is bad/broken".. etc02:12
jiridosudo mplayer -vo fbdev -xy 1024 -fs -zoom'  here is the comand i ran / yes its ok it is just now only that it is a wrong resolution /i did render that xorg with nvidia-xorgrender or what it is called02:13
holsteinjirido: if it were "ok", we woudnt be communicating about it02:13
holsteinjirido: the very reason you mention it is to state what is not ok about it02:14
jiridoThe xorg conf is ok i think02:14
holsteinjirido: think?02:14
holsteinjirido: you stated an issue with it02:14
holsteinjirido: anyways. you dont/shouldnt run that command as root02:14
jiridoi cant type so fast as to answer at this speed but ill do my best02:14
jiridoThat command dont work in console without sudo.. i have tried. But it was sweet to be able to play a movie in console02:15
holsteinjirido: you shouldnt be playing videos as root02:16
jiridoi did not know that it would be bad.. i saw it at a forum post and it seemed sweet02:16
jiridohere is my xorg.conf http://paste.ubuntu.com/6882796/02:18
jiridoyou see it has 1360 in the first vga display.. the tru resolution in this hardware is 1366.. but now it uses 1024 even if both arandr and nvidia settings show 136002:20
holsteinjirido: you shouldnt sweat the difference in 1360 an 136602:20
holsteinjirido: have you tried the xorg.conf from knoppix?02:20
holsteinjirido: have you tried the open driver from the live CD?02:21
jiridono and i dont have knopix or cdplayer .. I know there is something wrong someware that i want to fix   here is xrandr.. :http://paste.ubuntu.com/6882815/02:24
jiridostill the screen is 1024 and all program windows are to big when maximized..? strange02:25
holsteinjirido: knoppix, is a distro.. a live linux distro that i suggested, and still suggest you try to see if you can get the card to do whatever resolution you are tring to make it do that its not02:25
jiridoit is among the resolutions in xrandr.. and is marked as beeing used there.  There is a viewport option in nvidias advansed settings but i dont se them in xorg.conf or in nidias settings so i wonder where they can have got stucked if they have..02:27
holsteinjirido: will you please consider trying the knoppix live distrobution? i mention it for this very reason.. several days ago when you said "my machine is not posting a video resolution i expect it should", or basically you asked that i said..02:31
jirido"my machine is not posting a video resolution i expect  it should", or basically you asked that i said..02:32
holstein"try knoppix".. because, when i had an nvidia device that i experienced the *same* issue with, as i stated before to you, i tried the knoppix live distro, and i found the resolution02:32
holsteinthen, also as i stated before, i grabbed the xorg.conf from there and use it, and it worked *great*02:33
jiridoI cant se the last of your sentenses as they are out of viewport and i run irssi in guake :(02:33
holsteinjirido: i dont recall you stating where you had obtained the one you are using?02:33
jiridothe driver?02:34
jirido Its ubuntus nvidia 30402:34
holsteinjirido: no02:34
holsteinjirido: the xorg.conf02:34
holsteinjirido: as i asked above, where did you get the xorg.conf you are using, and have assumed is the issue?02:34
jiridoi/etc/X11xorg.conf made by nvidia-xconfig02:35
holsteinjirido: so, ideally nvidia would support that.. but, as i stated above, and before, and still suggest, i would, and have tried a knoppix live CD and grabbed the xorg.conf from there02:36
jiridoI did remowe the old one that also were made by nvidia-xconfig but that i had tweeked a little .. But the problem with the 1024 wiewport remaind unchanged.. without xconfig i got 640..02:37
holsteinjirido: also, you may *never* get that resolution.. it could be that the card, driver, or monitor, or combonation there doesnt work with linux well02:37
holsteinjirido: you were not promises linux support by the vendor02:37
jiridoohh no promises noware i just try t6o find where this 1024 comes from.. this screen har been running at 1366 long times with this card02:39
jirido It came when i did play that movie in console as sudo02:39
holsteinjirido: a long time in linux?02:39
jirido there is the root of the evil..02:39
holsteinjirido: sure.. you are *not* supposed to do that as root...02:40
jiridoyes i have had this lubuntu for more then a year-- maybe 202:40
jiridoI know that now :) but the big Q remains where can that command have put a 1024 parameter that has got stuck..02:41
holsteinjirido: this is literally the first i have heard of the root command02:41
jiridoso evern xrandr dont se it?02:41
holsteinjirido: you likely just broke it running commands you shouldnd be02:41
holsteinjirido: i would just fresh install, and test commands in live enviroments, or in VM02:42
jiridoyes i know that.. but now i must just understand where it can have put that parameter02:42
jiridoits a resolution problem.. coman its a setting in a file someware that should not be there02:43
jiridoi just dont know where it could be.. that is what i really wonder and i dont think a better xorg.conf is gona help as this parameter/settin someware is obviously overriding xorg.conf02:44
holsteinjirido: you are just asking these quesiton about ever 20 hours or so, and it takes about 8 minutes to reinstall.. and im afraid there are more commands like that that you have ran and dont understand the potential issues02:47
jiridoi have alot installed from suorce and a lot of settings and so on02:48
jiridoit will take longer then 8 min i asure you02:48
holsteinjirido: sure.. and all of that *will* get lost *when* that hard drive fails02:49
holsteinjirido: the other suggestions i have are listed above02:49
jiridowell this is not the subjekt at all..02:49
jiridowell knopix and reinstall..02:49
holsteinjirido: how you broke the system when trying to determine the best course of action to address it *is* the subject02:50
jiridonew xorg.conf..02:50
holsteinjirido: thats the file you are referencing above02:50
jiridobut not harddisk faliour02:50
holsteinjirido: i didnt imply it was02:50
jiridowell i reference it as it is not taken in to acount.. that xorg.conf i mean regarding resolution in the end that remains 102402:51
jiridoso something is overiding that xconf and that is no reason to reinstall02:52
holsteinjirido: that is the tool to address the resolution. its not the tool to address comands you have copy/pasted in and ran as root02:52
holsteinjirido: you can also try logging in as another user to remove your user config from the equation02:53
jiridoI whell that runn as root is done andn now it is to fix02:53
jiridowell i like my user.. thats where i live!02:54
holsteinjirido: well, the place where you got the command would ideally supply support02:54
holsteinjirido: im not implying you should change users, friend02:54
holsteinjirido: thats also a suggested troubeshooting step that would be *very* helpful if, as a volunteer of my time, you would try02:54
holsteinjirido: if you have no issues as another user, that is very telling about where the issue is, or could be02:55
holsteinjirido: im not, and didnt, and didnt mean to imply that you should not like your user, or switch users, OK?02:55
holsteinjirido: how are things with your users config removed from the euqation?02:56
jiridowhell what would i win from logging in as an other user?02:56
jiridowhere is that ?02:56
jiridodo you mean .config?02:57
holsteinjirido: as i said, and referenced above, you would "win" the knowlege of knowing, basically, if the user config is at fault02:57
holsteinjirido: i mean the *entire* user config02:57
jiridook now i se.. I must then make an other user.. right.02:58
holsteinjirido: *everything* in the users /home responsible for settings that can be causing the issues you are having02:58
jiridoyes but could you think of some special places..?02:58
holsteinjirido: no. thats why i suggest the new user so you dont have to blow out the user config for this test02:59
jiridoor could i search true the intire .config folder for a 1024 reference by some command?02:59
holsteinjirido: no02:59
holsteinjirido: if you are not interested in working with my suggestions, thats fine.. just let me know03:00
holsteinjirido: i am volunteering my time here, and you are not following simple suggestions03:00
holsteinjirido: and, thats fine.. just let me know, and i'll leave you alone03:00
holsteinjirido: you can also try #ubuntu since this is not a lubuntu or lxde issue03:00
jiridosome seem ok. i uninstalled the nvidia driversby using jokey and then i could not get back up in for a day.. that was a litle hard03:01
holsteinjirido: sure, and the issue is "seem". you dont *know"03:01
holsteinjirido: anything that "seems", you test, so you know03:01
jiridono i dont need to be left alone..03:01
holsteinjirido: then, try the new user03:02
jiridook but gime a comand to create one ..03:02
jiridoor i have to start studdy for an half oure03:02
holstein"sudo adduser" is the command.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto or anything you find from searching "ubuntu add user".. or, anything in #ubuntu03:05
holsteintypically, this is something that is tested rather quickly.. its not a "fix". its a troubleshooting step.. you would say "things are the same" or "things are better" as the new user, then we would be able to go from there with that information03:07
jirido_holstein: same same.. I made a user.. inn gui and loged in but it was the same03:13
jirido_ill look a litle in xorg log03:14
holsteinok, so the issue is not in the users /home03:14
jirido_Yes that was good to know03:14
holsteinjirido_: i would specify the vesa driver in xorg.conf and test03:14
jirido_would i need to restart x03:15
jirido_yes ofcourse03:15
holsteinjirido_: there is not "need".. just you troubleshooting03:15
holsteinif you want to, you can always just reboot03:15
SonikkuAmericaI have a dumb question...04:24
SonikkuAmericaDoes the Lubuntu AC100 image (the tar.gz) work on any system other than an AC100?04:24
SonikkuAmerica(i.e. has it been tested on a non-AC100 device?)04:24
Unit193Uhh, you could try it? (Nooo, idea.)04:25
SonikkuAmericaProbably worth testing... especially with that "Nexus 7 session"04:26
SonikkuAmericaAnd this guinea pig happens to have one04:26
jinglescafehi, i updated ubuntu.  my firefox quit working.15:18
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antoAnyone here had problems with getting the right resolution? I can only run 640x480.20:05
holsteinanto: yes i have.. i resolved that for someone yesteready by suggesting they remove the /etc/X11/xorg.conf that was there and uneeded20:12
holsteinanto: is this something that has just happened? a fresh install? an update "broke" it? what hardware?20:12
holsteinanto: does it affect the resolution to try and set it with arandr ?20:12
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Mongo44I created a xorg.conf file.20:14
holsteinMongo44: why?20:14
holsteinMongo44: is that what broke it?20:14
Mongo44Started out only 1024x768.20:14
Mongo44Full is 1366x768.20:14
holsteinMongo44: full is whatever is allowed by the driver and your hardware20:15
holsteinMongo44: if you are reading somewhere that your device should have 1366/768 in linux, then ask that entity how20:15
Mongo44After creating the file it is only 640x480.20:15
holsteinMongo44: otherwise, you may *only* have 1024x768 with linux20:15
holsteinMongo44: the "best" place to ask for linux support would be the manufacturer of the hardware.. though, they likely wont support linux officaly.. so the next option is troubleshooting20:16
Mongo44Works in Debian 7.3.20:16
Mongo44Lubuntu is a VM. Same with Xubuntu.20:16
holsteinMongo44: then, make a note of the graphics driver and kernel versions.. and grab the xorg.conf from there if you need it20:17
holsteinMongo44: lubuntu *is xubuntu.. is ubuntu.. etc20:17
holsteinsame repositories.. same drivers, and kernels available and used20:17
Mongo44I created the file hasn't given me any information.20:18
holsteinMongo44: you created what file?20:18
Mongo44xorg.conf for Wheezy.20:18
holsteinMongo44: you will go to the debian install that is working and supporting your hardware.. you will copy that xorg.conf. you will make sure you have whatever driver/module in place that the xorg is referencing20:18
Mongo44That is it there.20:20
Mongo44Do I have the information I need?20:21
draco--__--hi everyone21:01
draco--__--I don't where to write this but there is wrong link on lubuntu main website21:02
draco--__--under this link http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/13.10/release/lubuntu-13.10-desktop-i386.iso there is an 64bit version not 32bit21:02
draco--__--I've just tryied to install it on old dell laptop and it displays an information that kernel is not for that cpu21:03
draco--__--fortunately 32bit version that is available via torrent is working just fine21:04
draco--__--can somebody pass information to people who can fix that link or give me info where I can send that info?21:04
Mongo44I edited the xorg.conf file and now the VM isn't booting.21:21
jarnosWhen I started sylpheed today, all my two mail accounts had disappeared. Why so?21:32
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holsteinMongo44: what VM?21:55
holsteinjarnos: did you do anything in the users /home? are other settings "reset" ?21:55
Unit193Could just remove the xorg.conf file.21:56
Mongo44It works now I just can't get larger than 640x480.21:56
holsteinMongo44: in what? a virtual machine?21:56
Unit193Mongo44: Did you stop x, then  sudo xorg -configure21:57
jarnosholstein, Not that I know. I don't know about the other settings, but I can still see the folders of the mail accounts in the left column.21:58
Mongo44Yes a VBox VM.21:58
holsteinMongo44: do you have guest additions installed? whats the host? windows?21:58
Mongo44My host is Wheezy.21:59
Mongo44Guest additions? Like other users? That would be no.21:59
holsteinMongo44: no21:59
holsteinMongo44: like *guest* *additions* ..nothing to do with any other users22:00
Unit193Mongo44: If you open Software Sources, then go to the additional drivers tab, there should be a virtualbox option.22:00
holsteinvirtualbox-guest-additions-iso - guest additions iso image for VirtualBox22:00
holsteinor, the method that Unit193 is suggesting ^22:00
holsteinMongo44: the host, debian, has the screen resolution set as you want.. the guest, lubuntu in this case, need to have a driver in place to communicate with virtualbox22:02
Mongo44I don22:02
holsteinMongo44: im aware that you dont.. thats why its not working22:03
Mongo44I don't know where software sources is.22:03
holsteinMongo44: you can get to it from synaptic, or "software sources" in the menu, or the sources list file22:03
holsteinMongo44: but, you want the additional drivers menu, not sources necessarily22:04
Mongo44Earlier I had a Debian VM and it worked just fine.22:04
Mongo44I need to vi my sources list?22:05
holsteinMongo44: no22:05
holsteinMongo44: you need to add whatever lubuntu needs to be able to communicate with virtualbox22:05
holsteinMongo44: i use the guest additions.. you can also add the driver as Unit193 suggests22:06
Mongo44How do I do this?22:07
holsteinMongo44: http://askubuntu.com/questions/311161/how-to-install-guest-additions-in-lubuntu-13-0422:08
holsteinMongo44: or, just click "install guest additions" in the menu and run it from the iso that downloads.. or use Unit193 's method22:08
Mongo44All I have to do is install dkms?22:18
holsteinMongo44: i never said that22:19
holsteinMongo44: i said, you need to install the driver for the graphics in the guest OS22:19
holsteinits relatively quick as well, so, if you cant do that in say 8 minutes, let a volunteer here know22:20
Mongo44What is the command?22:20
holsteinMongo44: in the menu, you click on "install guest additions", thats downloads the iso.. then, you mount and navigate to the install.sh on that downloaded/mounted iso provided22:21
holsteini think its actually named "autorun.sh"22:23
holsteinas the link i gave suggested, you will want dkms22:23
Mongo44I am downloading to Wheezy wouldn't let me in the VM.22:26
holsteinMongo44: ok.. im not following that22:26
holsteinMongo44: i suggest, from the guest, installing what is needed for the guest22:26
holsteinMongo44: downloading and installing in the host is not going to do anything22:26
Mongo44Alright now it is working. Don't know what I messed up before.22:27
Mongo44I already have dkms.\22:28
Mongo44After it is finished I will reboot and hopefully it works.22:29
holsteinMongo44: if you install what is needed, it will.. so, if you reboot, and it didnt, then you dont have the driver for vitualbox installed.. there really is little to do with hope here22:30
Mongo44It says it is unable to mount.22:33
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount22:33
holsteinMongo44: i just do whatever it takes.. this shoud be relatively quick, so, if you are having issues there, try something else22:33
holsteinsudo apt-get virtualbox-guest-additions-iso for example22:34
holsteinor, the jockey gtk method that Unit193 suggested eariler22:34
Unit193software-properties-gtk --open-tab=422:34
holsteinMongo44: ^ that lets the system promt you to install the driver we are trying to get you installing22:35
OsmodivsHello. How do I open a window in a Terminal so I can explore it?22:50
OsmodivsSo I can explore my system.22:50
holsteinOsmodivs: your filesystem?22:51
Osmodivsholestein Yes. For some reason, even though I am the administrator, I cant do lots of stuff, like, Open an USB22:52
holsteinOsmodivs: open what USB? how is it formatted? does the USB work on other hardware?22:53
OsmodivsSo, the only way is to open a window like that, in sudo mode, and then open the files, and.if I am.lucky, print them.22:53
holsteinOsmodivs: luck has very little to do with anything here.. this is permission related22:54
Mongo44Ok I still can only get 640x480.22:54
holsteinOsmodivs: your user has sudo rights.. permission to run things as the administrator.. you likely just need to chown the ext partitions stick22:54
holsteinMongo44: then, you dont have the driver you need installed in the guest22:54
OsmodivsI have another disk with Lubuntu 12.10 and works fine, this disk with Lubuntu 13.10 is messed, broken, but is where I have.the photo edition software.22:54
holsteinMongo44: or, you have an xorg.conf in place that is breaking it22:55
Unit193Osmodivs: Did you use the "Check disk for defects" option?22:55
holsteinOsmodivs: doesnt sound broken in anyway22:55
Mongo44What is the command for deleting a file?22:55
ubottuThe Unix 'rm' command removes files and directories from the filesystem. It is an extremly powerful tool, and you should not run 'rm' commands unless you fully understand them. Do not run arbitrary 'rm' commands you see online. For a beginning guide on using terminal commands, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal and for a cautionary story about 'rm' see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL_g0tyaIeE22:55
OsmodivsMy Lubuntu is broken, I have adm and all other options checked, but CANTA connect to a WiFi, open an USB, acces my orher HDD, etc. But I dont want to fix that right now, I need to print something, and I need to open a window in sudo mode so I can acces that stick and photoedit the files to print them22:58
OsmodivsHoe can I open a window via Terminal?22:58
Mongo44Ok done that tried to get 1366x768 with xrandr. Failed.22:58
ianorlinMongo44 are you sure it isn't virtualbox?22:59
OsmodivsI thought it wss sudo nautilus, hut I have Lubuntu ;)22:59
ianorlinpcmanfm is the filemanager23:00
OsmodivsI am in a phone right now, cant acces WiFi. Thx ianorlin.23:00
Mongo44I don't know what to do.23:00
ianorlinthere is an option to open folder as root from within pcmanfm23:02
holsteingksudo pcmanfm if you need is an option23:02
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions23:02
holsteinthough, it sounds like there are other issues.. i would just backup my data, test my hard drives, and reinstall23:02
Mongo44I have guest additions installed.23:02
holsteinMongo44: when you have the driver that supports what you need installed, it will work23:03
holsteinMongo44: lspci -vv should help23:03
Mongo44Run in the VM?23:06
holsteinMongo44: you said you were running lubuntu in vm, and having issue implementing the resolution in the guest you want.. there are virtualbox modules for graphics that you should install to address that23:07
holsteinMongo44: do you have that module installed? you also mentioned an xorg.conf, have you removed or renamed that? you dont need an xorg.conf on the guest in VM23:08
Mongo44I removed the xorg.conf file.23:09
Mongo44Yes I installed the guest additions.23:09
Mongo44I have successfully created 1366x768_60.00 with xrandr now it just won't apply.23:12
holsteinMongo44: you dont need to do that23:12
holsteinMongo44: you just install the module, and the desktop will fit the host23:13
Mongo44I have installed guest additions.23:13
holsteinMongo44: ok.. then, what is happening when you try to make the guest fill the screen?23:14
Mongo44I know I did I had to boot with root priveleges.23:14
holsteinMongo44: what did you do as root? and why?23:14
Mongo44I can only get 640x480.23:14
holsteinMongo44: ok23:15
Mongo44That is how I had to install the module.23:15
holsteinhttps://forums.virtualbox.org/ could help23:15
holsteinMongo44: http://askubuntu.com/questions/311161/how-to-install-guest-additions-in-lubuntu-13-04 should have demonstrated the issue you are having? where you cant get the guest to fill the screen, correct?23:18
holsteinMongo44: undo whatever you have done before installing guest additions that could have broken the correct functionality23:19
Mongo44I downloaded dkms before.23:21
holsteinMongo44: sure.. you'l need dkms. .*and* other things23:21
holsteinMongo44: is the link i gave showing the desktop the same?23:21
Mongo44So I absolutely don't need a xorg.conf file?23:26
holsteinMongo44: correct.. you should have already gotten rid of it..23:28
holsteinMongo44: you can just rename it, and test23:29
Mongo44Of course.23:29
holsteinMongo44: ?23:29
Mongo44I just don't know why it ain't working.23:29
holsteinMongo44: what have you done? why did you have an xorg.conf? what else did you do?23:29
holsteinMongo44: when you run "lspci -vv" is the virtualbox module listed?23:30
holsteinMongo44: did you post your query at the virtuabox forums?23:30
Mongo44Here it is anyway: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6888232/23:34
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Mongo44holstein, you get anything from that?23:48
holsteinMongo44: sure23:49
holsteinMongo44: http://askubuntu.com/questions/23238/how-can-i-find-what-video-driver-is-in-use-on-my-system23:50

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