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jtvbigjools: I'm thinking to address the issue by accepting zero as a vlan tag, but normalising it to None.03:13
bigjoolsjtv: evil, but.... Django03:14
jtvIn a word.03:14
jtvbigjools: by the way, have you seen those over-frequent DHCP config rewrites (and dhcpd restarts) lately?  Or did they go away?03:38
bigjoolsjtv: I have not checked, I can do so in a  bit03:39
jtvI'd be grateful if you could.03:39
bigjoolswill build a new package for my hp03:39
jtvAnd by the way, if you have time for a review... https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/zero-vlan-tag-is-not-unique/+merge/20507303:41
bigjoolsjtv: I don't suppose I can persuade you to go and edit the last migration that set this up?03:57
jtvYou can, if you want to.03:58
bigjoolsHaving multiple migrations for the same new model is ugly as hell03:58
jtvI went with the safer option...  If you want me to play dangerous with the schema, sure.  :)03:58
jtvbigjools: updated.04:10
bigjoolsjtv: cheers04:16
jtvbigjools: one thing I didn't get around to bringing up... vlan tags: hex or dec?04:47
bigjoolsjtv: either I guess, prefix with 0x if you want hex04:52
jtvIf you want to get fancy, I say: separate card!04:57
bigjoolsjtv: your signal fix has not worked05:53
bigjoolsstill getting lease write jobs after probes05:53
jtvNo.  For a moment I was hopeful that I'd simply forgotten to remove something.06:09
jtvbigjools: can you verify that you're running a version where src/maasserver/dhcp_connect.py connects dhcp_post_change_NodeGroupInterface to a _field change_ on NodeGroupInterface, not to a save?06:10
bigjoolsjtv: I was running the daily build06:11
bigjoolsso r189106:11
bigjoolsI powered down the machine now so can't check code easily06:11
jtvFrom trunk, right, not 1.4?06:11
jtvHmm... was there really never a test for "does nothing if fields don't actually change"?06:13
* jtv writes one06:13
jtvNope, nope, that passes.06:15
jtvSo something else is triggering that signal.06:15
* jtv throws some more hate at this use of signals06:15
jtvbigjools: I do see that leases are uploaded every minute as per the celerybeat schedule...06:25
bigjoolsjtv: yes and then it writes dhcp and restarts server06:26
jtvCould you try it with a longer unconditional-dhcp-lease-upload schedule time?06:26
bigjoolscan't today will come back tomorrow06:26
jtvIt's just that this may be a side effect of the leases upload.06:27
jtvWhich happens once a minute.06:27
bigjoolsjtv: I am offski.  Speak tomorrow.06:32
jtvnn bigjools06:34
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rvbajtv: What I'm seeing is that the *DNS* config still gets rewritten every minute.09:10
jtvJulian said he saw the DHCP probe followed by the DHCP config rewrite.09:11
jtvHe was running from package, so he wasn't looking at the "make run" output which combines all logs.09:12
rvbaI don't see that.  I see the DHCP probe followed by the DNS config rewrite.09:12
jtvIn the same log?09:12
rvbaI'm also running from a package.09:12
jtvI'm just making guesses about what he might have seen...09:12
rvbajtv: hang on, I forgot to look at one log file…09:13
rvbaNo trace of the DHCP rewrite.09:14
rvba(I'm using the daily package.)09:14
jtvSo... progress.09:14
rvbajtv: Something else (but related): have a look at the apache log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6884158/.  As you can see, we first query ".../interfaces?op=list" and then we get redirected to "/interfaces/?op=list".  If we could issue the right request from the start (with the '/' at the end), we would avoid one redirect every minute.  This is a detail of course but I thought it was worth mentioning.09:15
jtvYes...  you can always file a tech-debt bug.  :)09:17
rvbaheh :)09:17
rvbajtv: src/maasserver/dns_connect.py says saving a NodegroupInterface triggers a full DNS rewrite…09:21
jtvYes, DNS rewrites are more easily triggered.  I was just looking for a DHCP rewrite...09:21
rvbabigjools: can you double check that you're still seeing the DHCP config being rewritten every minute?09:40
rvbabigjools: I just tested the daily package and I don't see that.  I see the *DNS* config is still being rewritten every minute.09:41
bigjoolsrvba: no I can't, sorry. But I was using the daily and it was definitely doing it on the cluster celery.09:41
bigjoolsprobe » config write » restart dhcp09:42
rvbaI don't see that.  And I've got a DHCP server configured and running.09:43
bigjoolsok I'll check again tomorrow09:44
bigjoolstoo late for me now09:44
bigjoolseating with plate on my lap and the laptop on the arm of the chair here09:44
jtvA recipe for success...10:11
rvbajtv: bug filed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/127698510:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 1276985 in MAAS "The "Edit cluster interface" page shows an undocumented "Foreign dhcp ip" field." [Medium,Triaged]10:14
rvbabigjools: ^ (with screenshot ;))10:14
jtvThank you ubot510:14
bigjoolsrvba: grar, docs10:15
bigjoolsrvba: why do you keep talking about editing it?  You can't edit it.10:15
bigjoolsrvba: oh I see the page10:16
bigjoolsmy bad.  WTF.  That didn't used to be there.10:16
rvbabigjools: :)10:17
* jtv is glad to see that the screenshot was of some use.10:19
rvbajtv: time for a tiny review? https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/fix-none-vlan/+merge/20511910:54
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tomixxx3hi, how can i completely remove maas? i have executed sudo "apt-get purge maas ; sudo apt-get autoremove" and rebooted the server, but after reboot, i am still able to open the MAAS dashboard...13:57
tomixxx3ok, i have it already14:06
tomixxx3hi, after executing "$ maas-cli maas node-groups import-boot-images" i get 'HttpResponse' object has no attribute '_is_string'14:31
tomixxx3does anyone know what's the problem here?14:31
gmbtomixxx3: Can you try running `maas-cli refresh` and see if that fixes it?14:44
tomixxx3gmb: hmm, now i have already started sudo maas-import-pxe-files14:44
tomixxx3gmb: should i abort that?14:44
tomixxx3gmb: furthermore, i have executed sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:tools and sudo apt-get-update before installing MAAS but it seems i always get version 1.0...14:45
gmbtomixxx3: No, just let it run14:45
gmbtomixxx3: What does `apt-cache policy maas` return?14:46
tomixxx3gmb: ah, it says 1.4+bzr16934+14:47
tomixxx3gmb: but i see not the very same output and screens like described here: http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/install.html#post-install14:47
gmbtomixxx3: Okay, what *do* you see?14:47
tomixxx3gmb: slightly different screens and output most of the time ;)14:48
tomixxx3gmb: for example, i cannot enter the IP address at start, i need to call dpgk-reconfigure... afterwards14:48
tomixxx3gmb: on start i get a (wrong) IP assigned14:48
tomixxx3gmb: furthermore, "--password" is missing in the createadmin statement14:48
tomixxx3last but not least, i cannot execute maas-cli maas node-gruops import-boot-images14:49
gmbtomixxx3: Okay, one thing at a time.14:50
gmbtomixxx3: Have you created an admin yet?14:50
tomixxx3gmb, i have done this installation for mulitple times now14:50
tomixxx3gmb: i can create an admin, but i have to add "--password=xxxx"14:51
tomixxx3thats not the problem14:51
gmbtomixxx3: So which of the things that you listed as a problem is actually the problem? :)14:51
tomixxx3gmb: none of them14:52
tomixxx3gmb: ah, when i set the http proxy in the maas dashboard, save, and delete the proxy again, it seems that the proxy does not appear even if it is not displayed anymore14:53
tomixxx3gmb: but that's a looooooooong story14:53
tomixxx3gmb: but the reason why i reinstall maas at the moment14:53
tomixxx3another thing: nodes are not able to download packages14:55
tomixxx3but maybo this is because of my tricky architecture14:55
tomixxx3-appear, +disappear14:56
tomixxx3but i know, we don't live in a perfect world ;)14:56
gmbtomixxx3: I'm not sure that this is something that we can solve easily over IRC — partly because you'll have to explain the whole architecture to me. Can you file a bug for the proxy issue please (https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+filebug) with instructions for reproducing the problem?14:58
gmbtomixxx3: Usually with nodes not being able to download packages that's a routing issue14:58
gmbtomixxx3: (Although they should just use the proxy if they can)14:59
tomixxx3in short the architecute is: 2 nodes + 1 maas server connected via switch. additionally, a 2nd network interface in the maas-server connects the server to an external (university) network which is more or less a black box to me ;)14:59
tomixxx3but i need the connection to the university in order to get internet-access - at least - at the maas-server15:00
gmbtomixxx3: Okay, that's not all that tricky; it's just that the nodes on the private / MAAS-managed network need to be able to get out to the internet *via* the MAAS server.15:00
tomixxx3yeah... i have not achieved this milestone yet15:01
tomixxx3however, i have tried a lot of things, i guess15:01
gmbtomixxx3: Two things you can do (assuming DHCP is set up correctly in MAAS; it should be from what you've said):15:01
tomixxx3yep, dhcp works15:02
gmbtomixxx3: Okay, so, gimme a sec here...15:02
tomixxx3gmb: altough, the problem is, also my university has a dhcp proxy which wants to give all my beautiful nodes some beuatiful IP :-)15:02
tomixxx3therefore, i have two network interfaces15:03
gmbtomixxx3: Ah, okay, so you're *not* having to route all traffic out through the MAAS server then?15:03
gmbThe nodes have two NICs each?15:03
gmbAnd one of those NICs on each node is connected to the university network15:04
gmbThe other to MAAS15:04
tomixxx3gmb: yes, they have fixed IPs from uni15:04
tomixxx3gmb: but the problem is, if they get Ip from university and dhcp from university, they try to download images from university instead from maas server15:04
gmbtomixxx3: So. There's no need to plug them in to the university network *if* we configure the MAAS server to act as a gateway.15:05
gmbThat should solve both that problem.15:05
tomixxx3gmb: that's right. therefore i have 2 network interfaces at the server15:05
tomixxx3gmb: the private network works together with the private maas dhcp15:05
tomixxx3gmb: only problem left: how do the nodes are able to download their packages?15:05
gmbtomixxx3: Well, once the MAAS server is configured properly as a getaway (i.e. IPTables is set up, IP forwarding is turned on and so on) the nodes will be able to connect to the outside world through the MAAS server — essentially as though it were just a firewall.15:06
gmbHave you touched IPTables on the MAAS server already?15:06
tomixxx3i have alredy tried sth with iptables but it did not work15:07
tomixxx3but maybe i just misconfigured sth15:07
tomixxx3i dont know well about iptables15:07
tomixxx3i would appreciate if u could offer me some iptables statements just to put into "interfaces" file ;)15:08
tomixxx3well, i can tell what i ve tried: "post-up iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j Masquuerade"15:09
tomixxx3i put this statement to eth0, which is connected to the nodes15:09
tomixxx3and eth1 is the interface card which connects me to the university network and to the internet15:09
gmbtomixxx3: Okay, just working on a script for you to try.15:09
tomixxx3gmb: kk, thank you, i really appreciate this!15:10
gmbtomixxx3: Try this script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6885719/15:18
gmb(on the MAAS server, run it as root)15:18
tomixxx3kk, i do not have to modify the scrip in some way?15:19
tomixxx3eth0 = private network, eth1 = university network15:20
gmbtomixxx3: I've already put those values in.15:20
tomixxx3gmb: kk, thank you very much!15:20
gmbtomixxx3: No worries.15:21
tomixxx3gmb: i have a question:15:23
gmbtomixxx3: Sure.15:23
tomixxx3gmb: the dhcp packages from my maas-server will not travel to university-network?15:23
tomixxx3gmb: i dont want do destroy university network15:23
gmbtomixxx3: If you've set up DHCP correctly it will *only* work on the private network.15:23
tomixxx3gmb: even if lets say the range is to in my private network but also at the universtiy this range is used=15:24
gmbtomixxx3: Well, I'd suggest using a different IP range — for example — just to avoid confusion.15:25
gmbOtherwise you're going to have sad times if you do get it wrong.15:25
gmbBecause you won't be able to tell which interface was on which network.15:25
tomixxx3gmb: so i have to ask a network admin, if the ip range to 200 is free?15:26
tomixxx3just to clairfy15:26
gmbtomixxx3: No.15:26
gmbtomixxx3: It's a private network15:26
gmbYou can use whatever range you like15:26
gmbtomixxx3: And it won't ever leak out into the outside world.15:26
gmbtomixxx3: Because the MAAS server is NAT'ing all the packets coming through it from the nodes.15:26
tomixxx3and the server is only able to send dhcp pacakgeS WITHIN the private network15:27
tomixxx3but it would be different if i would BRIDGE both interfaces, right?15:28
gmbDO NOT DO THAT.15:29
tomixxx3KK :-)15:29
gmbNAT on university networks is _much_ safer :)15:30
bjfi'm still new enough that i don't understand the stages a system goes through in maas. after i have a working MAAS server up and running and i power cycle a different node, that node netboots from MAAS and is "discovered" correct?16:50
bjfafter "discovery" the node is powered down. next, i tell MAAS to "Commission" the node. the node is powered back up, netbooted from maas; maas runs some things on it and then powers it down again, correct?16:51
bjfi have a node whose status is "Commissioning" and is still powered up and has been this way since last week16:52
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bigjoolsbjf: your understanding is correct. Either the power detection is not working or it didn't PXE boot.23:04
bjfbigjools, ok, thanks23:08
bjfbigjools, it's beta HW so could be several reasons why it's "stuck"23:09
bigjoolsbjf: you can check the power detection worked by going into the edit node page and see if the parameters are correct.  which power type are you using?23:09
bigjoolsah ok :)23:09
bigjoolsbjf: the other possibility is that the commissioning scripts are hung23:10
bigjoolswhich is always possible on new hardware23:10
bjfbigjools, i'm using CDU23:14

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