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trinodehey, I think something's seriously borked01:44
trinodea package has resulted in "too many levels of symbolic links" for virutally every command, and an unbootable system01:45
trinodeany ideas what it could be?01:45
k1lgnome-shell will not help you :)02:41
arielsanfloI do not work correctly when trying to enter the applications that I have install and look for me is half02:43
arielsanflomy english is so so02:44
arielsanfloafter updating the national problem02:44
arielsanflowhen I find some application in flash and comes back on gnome-shell02:45
arielsanflohelp please02:46
trinodehey, timezones are confusing me, how long until the next ubuntu gnome daily build?10:32
BluesKajHiyas all10:50
sandGorgondoes anyone know how to install systemd in ubuntu 14.04 ? I'm not able to find a suitable ppa or anythin11:18
bazhang!find systemd11:20
ubottuFound: dh-systemd, libpam-systemd, libsystemd-daemon-dev, libsystemd-daemon0, libsystemd-id128-0, libsystemd-id128-dev, libsystemd-journal-dev, libsystemd-journal0, libsystemd-login-dev, libsystemd-login0 (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=systemd&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all11:21
bazhangseems to be some packages ^11:21
BluesKajsandGorgon, there are some elements of systemd already installed on 14.04, but Kubuntu isn't fullly commited to systemd yet, afaik11:23
BluesKajor ubuntu11:24
sandGorgonBluesKaj, i'm running on a VM - any chance there is a ppa that provides systemd ?11:36
BluesKajsandGorgon, what makes you want systemd at this early stage ?11:37
sandGorgonBluesKaj, I'm actually building containers on top of systemd - I wanted to see if they work with 14.04 .11:38
BluesKajsandGorgon, the version available I can find is for 13.10, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd11:40
sandGorgonBluesKaj, yup me me too. Even the ppa:ondrej/systemd doesnt have Trusty packages.11:41
BluesKajsandGorgon, it's a bit early methinks, you could ask in #ubuntu-devel11:42
glitsj16sandGorgon: the page BluesKaj linked to has a section on the bottom for trusty, you'll have to manually download all the debs but they are there11:43
BluesKajglitsj16, yeah that looks too much like work for an unknown result11:50
glitsj16BluesKaj: sandGorgon: i see just now that tyey are the same packages that are already in the trusty repos, sorry for the confusion11:53
glitsj16BluesKaj: true, as ubuntu is fully committed to upstart it won't be easy to get full support for systemd anyway11:54
BluesKajglitsj16, I read somewhere that initd was going to be replaced by systemd eventually11:57
BluesKajon ubuntu11:57
glitsj16BluesKaj: really? interesting12:00
glitsj16BluesKaj: if you happen to find a link to that, that would be very helpfull .. i'm trying to put a small forums sticky together on upstart12:01
sandGorgonBluesKaj, I dont think so - Shuttleworth has full support behind upstart and in fact from the way the debian voting is going, it looks likely that the mothership will adopt upstart as well12:11
sandGorgonthe debian irc channels have turned real ugly - just five minutes ago someone logs on with a nick called "F***_Systemd" (I put the stars - not him !) and started screaming obscenities. this has been going for a while now.12:13
k1l_sandGorgon: i would not bet on a decision in the near future12:13
k1l_sandGorgon: the same user got banned in the ubuntu channel, too12:13
sandGorgonk1l_, true - but the votes there added up in upstarts favor before it got cancelled12:14
k1l_sandGorgon: again: it will take long time until they even find a voting system that will fit everyones need. so relax on that topic12:14
k1l_and there is a lot of politics on that vote that we as user cant influence anyway.12:15
BluesKajsandGorgon, perhaps it was Kubuntu that i was reading about adopting systemd. I'll have to ask in kubuntu-devel12:15
sandGorgonoh - not really worrying here. it's a case study of decision making in the open source world - very interesting.12:16
glitsj16sandGorgon: in the context of that it might not be a bad idea to start looking into upstart for your containers project (if you haven't already)12:17
k1l_BluesKaj: well kde and gnome dont like ubuntu/canonical. both desktops have made the paths to the systemd-wayland solution already. so there should be a systemd-ubuntu base when these desktops go heavy on the systemd depencies12:19
sandGorgonglitsj16, <noflamewar> unfortunately systemd is unbeatable there - the leverage over cgroups and everything is miles ahead of upstart </noflamewar>12:19
sandGorgonk1l_, I'm actually hoping (and willing to contribute to any funding) for that. Gnome has jumped all on the systemd bandwagon. I think in a few months time, they are going to leverage systemd-kdbus-X11 for non-root X Windows. I really hope there is someone willing to take on a systemd-ubuntu distro12:21
glitsj16sandGorgon: i'm not into flamewarring either, no worries .. it just might be a lot of work for nothing when you're looking to use it on vanilla ubuntu12:21
sandGorgonglitsj16, sigh... ur right. that leaves just debian12:22
k1l_sandGorgon: the ubuntu flavours like kubuntu, gnomebuntu will need some power to maintain systemd and wayland in the future to ship their desktops. if you are interested ask them directly where they need help with that12:22
k1l_the main ubuntu will focus on upstart and mir for the near future.12:23
BluesKajk1l_, kubuntu has gone it's own way dev wise , so a commitment to a faster session/start system might be in theworks, but atm the kubuntu devs say they'll  "go with whatever upstream KDE decides"12:23
k1l_BluesKaj: yes and we know what upstream decided12:25
BluesKajk1l_, the implication the devs seem to give is that there 's no firm decision on the matter yet.12:27
BluesKajpersonally , arch didn't do much for me, there wasn't anything faster thatI could detect, booting or loading apps12:30
k1l_how much gnome will be in the unity8?12:54
k1l_i mean its based on mir and upstart. that is both not working with gnome. and since its supposed to have the same codebase likt ubuntu-touch, how much gnome will be left there, even needed?12:56
roastedQuestion - my buddy ran a command that he forgets at this point, but somehow lsb-release is saying he's on 14.04. Is there a command that a user can type in terminal to upgrade to the latest (even alpha) state of Ubuntu?13:28
TJ-14.04 is the development version13:29
roastedyes I know13:29
roastedhe installed 12.04 a while back and was trying to fix some sort of wireless issue13:29
roastedhe ran a command with && and force in it that he found on the forums. But now lsb-release says 14.0413:30
roastedso clearly he ran a command that probably wasn't the best to do since now his FOG instance is broken, but for my own sanity I wanted to see if a command like this really exists.13:30
roastedI know you can upgrade to a newer release via terminal but I wasn't sure if that included the latest Ubuntu even if it's in apha state.13:31
TJ-roasted: I'd guess the command was "do-release-upgrade -d"13:33
roastedTJ-: the -d being development?13:34
roastedthank you guys. I had no idea you could upgrade to a dev build like that13:34
TJ-roasted: Yes; from "man do-release-upgrade: "-d, --devel-release              Check if upgrading to the latest devel release is possible"13:34
roastedawesome. thanks again.13:36
roastedTJ-: oddly enough when I asked him if he ran that command, he said "I think so... but I definitely remember the -d"13:38
roastedha! bingo.13:38
TJ-It terrifies me that folks do things like that and "don't remember" - the implications are terrifying... makes me wonder if they'll drive their car over a cliff just because there's road markings!13:39
roastedTJ-: Linux assumes you know what you're doing. This guy isn't a frequent Linux user. He's using it to image Windows systems at work using FOG. He was having wireless issues and went ahead with a random forum post to try to fix it.13:40
roastedTJ-: then asked me when it took a dump. :P13:40
TJ-roasted: You could check the shell history for his user account, there may be other illuminating clues13:40
roastedTJ-: ah true13:40
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soeeis it possible to have 2 separate accounts/sessions where each by default uses different gpu when using nvidia-prime ?18:00
melkorGreetings, what version of mesa comes with 14.04?19:19
melkorokay the bootable usb is done, Ill just restart and see what I got.19:21
BluesKajmelter, version 8.1.0-219:22
BluesKajgreat, he left19:22
BluesKajmelter, disregard that post, it was mean'19:23
BluesKajt for melkor19:23
melkorSo my touchpad doesn't get recognized. This is something of an old problem, with a fix floating around. What can I do to improve the odds of this being included in a kernel?19:50
obsidianAnyone else using 14.04 having trouble using Mozilla (Thunderbird, Firefox)? When I try to launch the apps nothing happens.20:40
bekksWorks fine here.20:40
obsidianI wonder, is there a Mozilla log file that could help me troubleshoot the problem?20:41
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