BobJonkmanGlad it's solved. I know nothing of avconv01:38
willwhBobJonkman: I use it daily :)03:03
willwhif you ever need to, I'm probably a half decent person to prod03:04
willwhbtw - I know I've not been around for a while....03:04
willwhworking 100% in linux nowadays. LOVE IT :)03:04
willwhmy cheif complaint (which is almost funny) - Skype is a steaming pile of crap03:05
willwhbut it's almost a requirement in business03:05
willwhand the latest linux builds are awful03:05
azendI went to a job fair today and everyone is running windows :(04:13
azendeven CSIS04:13
johanbrwillwh: not sure if you know, but there are ways of interfacing skype with SIP, of various quality04:31
johanbrazend: yes, sadly Canada is very windows-oriented04:32
johanbrthe major exception is probably academia04:32
azendI'm a student and I don't agree with that04:32
azendmy program specializes in utilizing obscure windows only programs :)04:33
willwh< scottish sys admin living in Canada04:42
willwhlots of linux out here :P04:42
willwh(west coast)04:42
willwhalso - bugger windows04:43
willwhwindows server just keeps getting worse :04:43
willwhalso - am I going crazy or is everything google broken tonight?04:56
azendwillwh: just you :)07:08

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