asaca house full of green :)08:43
asacgood work!!08:43
asaccjwatson: rsalveti: tvoss: thanks!08:44
tvossasac, yup :)08:44
tvossasac, with that, happy Thursday08:45
asacyou too!08:45
asacogra_: ^^ thanks!08:45
asacand better: we got ten more silo ppas set up :)08:47
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asac09:43 < asac> a house full of green :)09:15
asac09:43 < asac> http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/166:20140206:20140115.1/6473/09:15
asac09:43 < asac> good work!!09:15
asacdidrocks: sil2100: ^^09:15
asac :)09:15
asacmorning :)09:15
didrocksasac: thanks, first things we checked in the morning09:15
asac09:47 < asac> and better: we got ten more silo ppas set up :)09:15
didrocks(even before getting up from bed :p)09:15
sil2100asac: morning! Yes, we saw the test results during breakfast09:15
didrocksasac: yep!09:15
didrockssaw the email09:15
didrocksasac: and it's an image with Mir!09:15
asacthats the best09:16
didrocksno more unity8 cfrash09:16
didrocksthere is just one failure on maguro we need to investigate09:16
didrocks(the messaging-app one)09:16
didrocksasac: we are waiting for the dogfooders though09:16
asacdavmor2: talk to msm about your N1009:50
didrocksasac: FYI, autopilot has some wrong packaging change09:59
didrocksso we reject this landing09:59
asacdidrocks: what was the change?09:59
didrocksasac: dependencies and they removed [!powerpc]10:00
asacdidrocks: can you keep stuff in the silo so they just need to respin?10:00
asaci think we had them long enough in there to justify not throwing them out10:00
didrocksasac: yeah, they need to push one more MP or one more commit10:00
didrocksthat's what I mean by rejecting10:00
asacso yeah. if reject means: cant publish, then thats fine10:00
asac(ratehr than go back to starting point)10:00
didrocksbut it means that they are not following the MP guidelines10:00
asacdidrocks: tell them they should get their MPs that change packages signed off by core-devs10:01
asacduring the MP review10:01
asacthis will prevent such late coming surprises10:01
asac(which is in line with our MR excellence thingy that asks folks to get more reviews from all that need to do that)10:01
asacdidrocks: s/tell/recommend and give hint/ :)10:04
didrocksasac: yep10:05
asacdidrocks: send them a nice mail, explaining them that and give them hint how they can iterate (e.g. update MPs and hit build) and CC jfunk10:05
* asac recommends that :)10:06
didrocksasac: yeah, we're handling that, maybe as well there is another reason, fetching the history10:06
tvosssil2100, I'm confused: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/dbus-cpp/force_gcc_4.7/+merge/204909 builds fine locally with dpkg-buildpackage, debuild and bzr bd10:15
tvosscyphermox_, around?10:27
sil2100tvoss: hi! No symbols mismatch?10:28
tvosssil2100, hang on, still investigating10:28
sergiusenstvoss, could be  a builder issue: dpkg-architecture: warning: Couldn't determine gcc system type, falling back to default (native compilation)10:31
sergiusenssh: 1: i386-linux-gnu-gcc-4.7: not found10:31
tvosssergiusens, where do you see that?10:33
sergiusenstvoss, in the build logs for the failure10:33
sergiusenstvoss, in the i386 build here: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/dbus-cpp/force_gcc_4.7/+merge/204909/comments/47929510:35
tvosssergiusens, hmmm, interesting, don't see it on the amd64 build though10:35
tvosssergiusens, ack, seeing it now, thx10:35
tvosssil2100, with http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6884470/ I get missing symbols10:35
tvosssil2100, that is, that patch applied on top of my branch10:36
sergiusensdpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library libdbus-cpp.so.1 needed by debian/dbus-cpp-dev-examples/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/dbus-cpp/examples/upower/upower (ELF format: 'elf32-littlearm-hfabi'; RPATH: '')10:36
sil2100tvoss: strange, you sure it's using 4.7? Since you saw that in the silo the same modifications (without the name change) had symbols mismatch10:39
tvosssil2100, I'm sure, checked it twice10:41
tvosssil2100, looking at the symbols that are missing, it strikes me that they all refer to libstdc++ types or ctors/dtors/operators. And I would expect those symbols to change with compiler versions10:42
tvosssil2100, I cannot easily diff the symbols as some are reported as missing, which confuses the diff command line on the wiki10:42
sil2100tvoss: ok, this is strange, but maybe something in trunk is causing the symbols not mismatch anymore?10:43
tvosssil2100, not sure how that would cause the issues I'm seeing, I did the same steps that CI did10:44
tvosssil2100, so I would suggest that I revert the chanes to the binary package version I did in that branch, and then see how I can fix the symbol issue. I would appreciate some help with that10:45
davmor2asac: will do10:45
didrocksasac: all new silos taken into account now!10:47
davmor2didrocks: last two images have worked, g+ and facebook links are magically working again I don't know who fixed that :)  everything looks pretty stable need to test the calls and texts and stuff but on the whole pretty reliable so far :)10:48
didrocksdavmor2: maybe a Miry-thingy? :p10:48
didrocksdavmor2: oh please check with omer, he's dogfooding as well10:48
didrocksso just gather data10:48
didrocksand +1 or -1 :)10:48
davmor2didrocks: didn't make the call sorry, emergency at home will try tomorrow once we know what is happening today.10:49
didrocksdavmor2: thanks! just ensure you don't dup work10:49
davmor2didrocks: no worries10:49
tvosssil2100, still around? :)10:53
sil2100tvoss: yes, been moving from one room to another ;)10:54
sil2100tvoss: let me test the branch here though - will you change the package name in the end, or revert it to libdbus-cpp1?10:54
sil2100I mean, is the change to libdbus-cpp1.1 going to stick?10:55
Laneypsivaa: Can you check the work that plars talked about in bug #1275786 happened?10:58
ubot5bug 1275786 in Ubuntu CI Services "Please add ubuntu-system-settings-autopilot to touch smoke testing" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127578610:58
LaneyWe don't see it in the jobs on q-jenkins or the dashboard10:58
psivaaLaney: sure, 1 sec10:58
tvosssil2100, I thought we should keep it at 1.111:11
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: autopilot in release pocket, we kicking a new image?11:12
psivaaLaney: as per the comment on the bug, this is still in the testing branch.11:12
psivaaLaney: i could still not find that in the dev jenkins that we use internally.11:12
Laneypsivaa: Oh, that doesn't mean 'testing' like 'the test results'?11:12
psivaaLaney: no.11:13
LaneyI see11:13
Laneybut it's not there anyway, eh?11:13
psivaaLaney: i could not find it. may be plars is running somewhere that i am not looking at.11:14
Laneysecret testing dungeon11:14
psivaaLaney: heh, i'll wait for him to get the latest. should be online in a couple of hrs11:15
sil2100tvoss: if yes, then I can try helping out with symbols then - it's a pain, and I think we might divide it for clarity into more than one symbols file11:18
sil2100tvoss: but in such a way that we don't duplicate symbols11:18
davmor2didrocks: is maguro now dropped it seems to think that the only upgrade path is to 16111:19
tvosssil2100, appreciate your help, but we should start automating symbol updates asap, they are a huge time sink11:19
davmor2didrocks: meh nevermind11:19
didrockssil2100: done btw11:19
tvosssil2100, pushed11:19
sil2100didrocks: \o/11:19
davmor2didrocks: I'd changed the mode to stable11:20
robrucyphermox_, just a few lines in two differen tpackages there11:25
ogra_sil2100, ah, sorry, was afk for a bit11:28
ogra_but i see didier already kicked one11:28
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didrockssil2100: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6884858/12:18
sil2100didrocks: thanks :)12:19
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rsalvetiI love green, awesome12:43
rsalvetiwith the new mir and so on12:43
sil2100rsalveti: indeed, this really made our day in the morning12:51
ogra_rsalveti, yeah, now we just need to make bfiller fix that darn dislaer-app crash12:52
xnoxdidrocks: http://xkcd.com/1296/12:54
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rsalvetididrocks: do you know if the ci train ppa builds are also respecting components?13:08
rsalvetididrocks: like, giving errors when a package from main starts depending on some others from universe?13:09
rsalvetiprobably not yet13:09
thostr_when do we expect qt 5 packages build on ppc again?13:11
didrocksrsalveti: no, I remember we enabled the components option in the daily-release ppa for a while but there were some issues with it. We tried to remember with Laney but failed13:11
didrockssomething to clearly look at13:11
didrocksxnox: ahah :)13:12
didrocksxnox: there is one commit in unity7 where njpatel put "I made a boo boo"13:12
didrocksthostr_: when we'll migrate on 5.213:13
thostr_didrocks: so, what do we do until then? ignore all ppc builds?13:14
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didrocksthostr_: well, the system is looking at the previous publication of your component13:15
didrocksso, if you already have it built, yeah, you need to do that painful transition until 5.2 is there13:16
didrocksbut if the previous one didn't built one powerpc, the system knows it and ignore the dep-wait13:16
cjwatsonnot just powerpc, also arm64 and ppc64el in many cases13:30
didrockscjwatson: yeah, we are just talking about the jenkins job first, which is using the ppas which don't build arm64 and ppc64el13:45
didrocksbut I'm looking at all arch for proposed->release, don't worry :)13:45
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cjwatsonright, though once we're less hw-constrained those PPAs should be building arm64 and ppc64el too13:49
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plarspsivaa: Laney: ah, my bad. I added it, but didn't create the job for it. I'll do that at the end of the current image run to avoid disruption, and then run it alone so that it gets added to the daily results14:11
Laneyplars: sweet14:13
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robrumhr3_, I have unity-scopes-shell building in https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-003/ , will be ready for testing soon.14:19
mhr3_robru, awesome14:20
sil2100ogra_: ping14:22
ogra_sil2100, answered in the PM14:23
sil2100ogra_: thanks ;)14:24
sil2100didrocks, ogra_, psivaa, davmor2: you know how the dogfooding is going of image 166?14:40
sil2100Can we promote that?14:40
ogra_om265er was doing that14:40
davmor2sil2100: done as far as I was aware didrocks knew about it this morning/early afternoon14:41
sil2100davmor2: you did both mako and maguro?14:41
davmor2sil2100: I did none om26er did them I'm testing qt 5.214:42
davmor2it's really broken14:42
ogra_whats broken with it ?14:42
sil2100davmor2: oh, you mean Omer finished testing14:42
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: are we promoting the image then?14:42
* ogra_ hasnt heard back from omar ... so up to didrocks 14:43
rsalvetikgunn: can we try to land latest mir already? :-)14:43
davmor2ogra_: the dialer, installing click packages, the weather app, the indicators are in a different order (not sure if that is a big issue) etc etc14:43
* rsalveti wants the hwcomposer 1.2 support14:43
rsalvetikgunn: also, were you able to get someone to start working on enabling run-time backend selection in mir?14:44
ogra_davmor2, bah, thats bad news14:44
davmor2and now I can't file a bloody bug grrrrrrrrrrr manually it is then https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjuCdq68GSyVdGI4dGllUUxyZGxhc0tZWFhqNnJaaFE#gid=014:45
davmor2ogra_: ^14:45
kgunnrsalveti: sorry...had to run my kid to school....whole hour...its snowing here, crazy14:45
sil2100ogra_, didrocks: so, Omer finished testing, it looks green for me14:45
kgunnrsalveti: alf is going to look at it today for scope14:45
rsalvetikgunn: haha, no worries14:45
rsalvetimeanwhile I'm melting here14:45
kgunnw/o looking he thot couple to a few days14:46
* kgunn wishes he were melting14:46
rsalvetikgunn: great14:46
* ogra_ has nice spring weather ... 10°C and sunshine ... (while it should be -10 and snowing)14:46
rsalveti10C is fine14:46
ogra_just enough to leave the terrace door open while working14:47
ogra_totally unusual though14:47
rsalvetikgunn: are you first going to release mir 1.5 before we try another landing?14:47
rsalvetior can we already flush trunk?14:47
kgunnrsalveti: just looking...at spreadsheet...i can punch merge now right ?14:48
rsalvetiafaik trunk is already 2/3 weeks ahead of 1.414:48
rsalvetikgunn: already did that yesterday14:48
rsalvetikgunn: we're all good14:48
kgunnrsalveti: oh well...not really... unless you mean trunk == lp:mir/devel :)14:48
kgunnwe're weird14:48
kgunnon mir team14:48
rsalvetikgunn: yeah, devel14:48
rsalvetiwe need to flush things faster for mwc and 4.4 support14:49
kgunnrsalveti: oh, no...the good news is, while pipe was clogged i updated14:49
kgunnrsalveti: oh yeah...i missed that one damn commit by a day14:49
kgunnrsalveti: it went in on devel y'day14:49
kgunnwill queue up another mir quickly...just need to talk to guys to see if anything else will come thru we should "wait" on14:50
kgunnwait == 2 days maybe14:50
rsalveti2 days is fine14:50
robrumhr3_, looks like the build is ready. let me know how your testing goes and then I can publish it if successful14:52
mhr3_robru, i pushed one more rev to the mped branch, and trying to build again doesn't work, what to do?15:02
robrumhr3_, how are you trying to build? I think I need to build it myself...15:07
robrumhr3_, just want to confirm, same MPs right? just a new commit, no new MPs?15:07
mhr3_robru, i just clicked the build button again15:07
mhr3_robru, i knew you need to do reconfiguration if i made a new branch, so thought doing this would be easier15:08
mhr3_apparently i was wrong :P15:08
robrumhr3_, no, I still think this is easier...15:09
robrumhr3_, but something goofy is going on. CSS isn't loading here so the page looks all impossible to read15:09
mhr3_did i break jenkins?15:09
mhr3_yey me!15:10
robrumhr3_, I dunno, restarted firefox and it seems fine. my system is messed lately. ok, I reran the build with 'ignore_step' selected and it seems to be working. I'm not sure why it didn't notice the new commit before15:11
mhr3_oh well.. adding  to train weirdness15:12
mhr3_robru, still can't believe you called it train... trains and nice and cosy :P15:12
robrumhr3_, haha, i didn't come up with the name. despite a few warts, this system is *wayyyy* slicker than what we had before. Now we get packages built in PPA directly from MPs. makes it way easier to install the stuff on the phablet for testing. way easier to automate testing as well15:13
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robrumhr3_, ok it looks like the new commit got built. please test!15:32
davmor2ogra_: is there a nice way to get the crash report off the phone in a sensible format?  Currently apport-cli -c /path/to/crash keeps telling me its not an official app so can't report  grrrrr15:33
robrumhr3_, actually can you check that the new commit made it in? suddenly I have doubts...15:34
ogra_davmor2, hmm, no idea, ask pitti15:34
mhr3_robru, it's in the diff, so yea15:34
robrumhr3_, ok great. still getting the hang of this train thing ;-)15:34
davmor2ogra_: thanks will do :)15:38
sil2100ogra_: so!15:40
ogra_sil2100, still waiting for a word from your boss15:40
sil2100ogra_: didrocks said a +1 on promoting 166!15:40
* ogra_ doesnt want to be cursed at in french if he released without approval15:40
sil2100ogra_: he's busy in a meeting but I poked him personally15:40
ogra_..."Waiting for other process to release the global lock" ...15:46
* ogra_ twiddles thumbs15:46
robrumhr3_, ok just ping me when you're satisfied with the testing and I can publish15:51
mhr3_robru, i'm satisfied15:51
mhr3_robru, all the code it touches doesn't run in the default image so it's completely safe15:51
robrumhr3_, also it turns out that technically you are supposed to click build. for future reference, you have to check 'IGNORE_STEP' to make it rebuild new commits.15:51
robrumhr3_, ok great15:51
ogra_=== Image 166 Promoted ===15:51
mhr3_that's why noone noticed that i'm fixing a possible crash :)15:52
robrumhr3_, ok I published it. once you see it get past -proposed and into the archive, you can go ahead and click 'merge and clean'15:55
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robruthostr_, ok, upstart-app-launch is ready for building in silo 5.16:33
thostr_robru: thanks16:33
robruthostr_, you're welcome! ping me when you're satisfied with the testing and then I can publish it for you16:34
thostr_I'll... will take a while though16:34
robruthostr_, ahhh it looks like we all EOD in an hour ;-) so don't rush, we'll publish it tomorrow morning.16:42
robruthostr_, after this sprint is over we'll have better geographic dispersion for 24h landing-availability16:42
thostr_robru: that will be very handy then16:42
robruthostr_, next week ;-)16:43
robruseb128, looks like settings finished building if you want to start testing16:43
robrumhr3_, scopes-shell is in the release pocket! please 'merge and clean' that landing16:44
mhr3_robru, done, thx16:44
seb128robru, I've tests running for 10 minutes or so16:49
robruseb128, haha, ok.16:50
tedgdidrocks, We're getting an odd failure:
tedgdidrocks, Could that be due to the override version?16:51
thostr_I'm getting an exception of packagemanager in silo1... could anybody check?16:53
didrockstedg: meeting, I'll have a look in few sec16:59
cyphermox_Mirv: https://launchpad.net/~mathieu-tl/+archive/ppa17:00
tedgdidrocks, Who's in the meeting?  Should I ping them so they need to leave too?  ;-)17:00
didrockstedg: we are coming :)17:01
didrocksahah :)17:01
Mirvcyphermox_: merci17:02
didrockstedg: ah, this is expected17:02
didrockstedg: robru did rerun it with the correct parameter17:02
didrocksto tell "don't care about what's in the archive"17:02
didrockswe can explain you more later on17:02
didrocksplars: joining?17:02
plarsdidrocks: yes, one sec17:03
tedgdidrocks, Okay, is there something we should be putting in the landing sheet to signal that?17:03
didrockstedg: no, you can do that on your own17:03
didrockstedg: it's the "ignore destination version" (or whatever it's called)17:03
tedgdidrocks, I can't :-)  thostr_ ^17:04
didrocksyeah, thomas has power!17:04
thostr_tedg: let me try17:04
tedgthostr_, I think that robru already did17:04
tedgthostr_, There's a build 31 running17:04
thostr_tedg: ok17:05
thostr_tedg: if not, just reping17:05
tedgWill do, was more mentioning for the future.17:05
Mirvupdated wpa + nm, restarted network-manager17:05
cyphermox_Mirv: ok17:10
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sil2100ogra_: why didn't you share Didier's post yet?!17:48
ogra_sil2100, sorry, was catfeeding17:50
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davmor2pmcgowan, ogra_: I know the bug reports for the QT5.2 are really short for all of those I can pad them out with steps and so on I've also been grabbing logs and crash reports as I've gone.  Mirv has let me know that the multimedia is still down which I think is the cause for a lot of the high bugs hence no report I'll retest when the qt multimedia fix lands hopefully tomorrow :)18:59
pmcgowandavmor2, thanks19:03
davmor2rsalveti: the QT5.2 qtmultimedia fix is that in the ppa now?  So I can trial it tomorrow :)19:07
rsalvetidavmor2: not yet, sergiusens is working on that19:09
davmor2ah cool thanks19:09
sergiusensrsalveti, right, let me get to it19:11
thomiHi - can anyone tell me who I should talk to to get window-mocker landed in distro? I guess it's still on the old system, since automerger is still running for it19:29
popeyis it known that wifi is broken on latest proposed?19:31
popeynmcli d shows no wifi device19:32
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fgintherthomi, by any chance does veebers know?22:21
thomifginther: otp, one moment22:21
fgintherhe's the "lander" contact for the other components22:21
thomifginther: I'm not sure what you're asking?22:25
thomiveebers is on holiday today, I can probably help though22:25
fgintherthomi, on the ci-train spreadsheet, veebers is listed as the contact for the other autopilot components. I assumed he was versed on the process or at least knows who to talk to22:26
thomiyeah, he knows, but.. does *everything* go through ci-train now?22:26
thomiand if that's the case, how come automerger is still switched on for some things?22:26
fgintherthomi, ah, you weren't asking for it to be added to ci-train.22:27
thomiI really don;t know which process to use to land that component22:27
fgintherthomi, you should be able to get help from the daily release team (didrocks, cyphermox_, kenvandine, robru, sil2100, Mirv)22:29
thomi thanks, will email them22:30
xnoxam I missing something, or do annon users no longer have ability to retry jobs on s-jenkins?23:12
xnoxi need to retrigger merge proposal, now that protobuf/mir is fixed in the archive.23:13
xnoxsince this is just another merge proposal, I should be able to self-service myself.23:13
xnoxwhy can i not click on http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/dialer-app-ci/159/rebuild ?23:13
xnoxcihelp ^23:14
fgintherxnox, I can click that for you, to my knowledge there has never been anonymous access to that ability23:16
fgintherxnox, rebuilding now23:16
xnoxfginther: which is very odd. Given that it's using up your highly valuable time, on trivial button pushing.23:17
xnoxfginther: or is it again the case of not being able to do a per job access control?23:18
xnoxfginther: can we do some kind of generic remote triggers for any jobs on any jenkins, and then put a sensible ACL mediation on top of it.23:18
xnoxcause really, anybody should be able to retry merge-proposal/ci, and the person who propose the merge should be able to self-service.23:19
fgintherxnox, yes, jenkins ACL is not specific enough to cover this. There really should be a REST api that can be triggered to accomplish the same goal23:19
fgintherthat is, we could implement a very basic API to accomplish that task23:19
fgintherand then "just" provide the ability to rebuild given the link23:20
xnoxfginther: hm23:31
xnox"Project-based Matrix Authorization Strategy?23:31
xnoxwith that, you can enable 'Enable project-based security' per job basis, where you can set up the matrix permissions the same way as you set the global ones."23:31
xnoxi'm not sure what half of those words mean, but it sounds good.23:31
xnoxalso https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-150423:32
fgintherxnox, thanks for the pointers, this area has been a hot button lately, I'll talk to ev about getting something worked up23:37
xnoxfginther: i guess i should spin up a jenkins to do it.23:37
xnoxfginther: since all jenkensi are behind VPNs we should be able to allow e.g. any authenticated with openid user to push /some/ buttons23:38
xnoxfginther: e.g. the retry one on adt, or retry one on merge proposal thingy.23:38
fgintherxnox, gotta go, let's pick this up again23:38
xnoxfginther: ta! see ya =)23:39

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