mhall119AlanBell: anything I can help with?03:30
IdleOnemhall119: not really. I think AlanBell just wanted to keep the CC updated with current events (email probably in your box soonish)03:40
pleia2if it's what I think it is, I agree with hggdh :)04:20
nigelbmhall119: Oh, I'm sad you have to leave your uncomfortable pool chairs :P04:30
mhall119nigelb: it's 11:30pm, I'm at home on my couch04:35
nigelbmhall119: :)04:37
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balloonsjcastro: if there's an issue with an ec2 mirror who/where can you report it/14:54
jcastroben howard14:54
jcastroutlemming on irc14:54
jcastroI am close to him14:54
jcastrowhich region?14:54
jcastroclose as in, he's sitting next to me14:54
balloonssoutheast.. someone is having trouble, but I'm guessing it's mirroring delay14:55
balloonsjust thought I would ask anyways, useful to know :-)14:55
balloonshow's SA jcastro /14:55
jcastropretty awesome14:57
dholbachpopey, balloons: http://askubuntu.com/users/94326/dholbach17:05
dholbachpopey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6886357/17:17
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