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pittiGood morning06:46
mlankhorstg'day mate07:43
LaneyThe following packages have unmet dependencies: xserver-xorg-core : Depends: libgcrypt20 (>= 1.6.1) but it is not installable09:14
Laneymlankhorst: ↑09:14
mlankhorstseems more like a libgcrypt20 issue though :p09:17
Laneydoesn't work for the image build09:18
Laneyyou need to get it put into main somehow09:20
mlankhorsthow does it even grab that as dependency..09:21
mlankhorstit should have used libgcrypt11-dev09:22
LaneyE: Package 'libgcrypt-dev' has no installation candidate libgcrypt-dev is a virtual package provided by: libgcrypt20-dev libgcrypt11-dev E: Using libgcrypt20-dev (no default, using first one)09:22
mlankhorstyeah but xorg-server is a main package, it should not be able to build from universe09:23
Laneyci train innit09:23
LaneyI think if you want 11 then build-depend on 11-dev09:24
Laneythe CI train stuff doesn't respect components :(09:24
mlankhorstor nettle :P09:25
mlankhorstis there any planned transition to libgcrypt20-dev?09:26
LaneyI'd just do a rebuild if I were you09:27
seb128mlankhorst, just do a non change rebuild09:28
mlankhorstthe ci train broke my build!09:32
mlankhorstor rsalveti did09:33
LaneyI guess most people don't build-depend on pure virtual packages so it's probably quite unusual?09:33
* Laney shrug09:33
Laneyare you doing the upload?09:33
seb128larsu, Laney: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/165133766/evince%20with%20no%20menu%20in%20xfce.png09:58
seb128current comment on bug #113166409:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1131664 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "The default apps should have standard menubars under Unity" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113166409:58
desrtseb128: http://ur1.ca/gkpgm10:02
seb128xnox, hey, what are /usr/share/upstart/xdg/autostart/ for?10:32
seb128xnox, how is that different from /etc/xdg/autostart?10:32
xnoxseb128: it's an overlay added to XDG_CONFIG_DIRS, if and only if, the given user session is managed by upstart.10:33
seb128what's the point?10:33
xnoxseb128: typically if we convert a .desktop file to an upstart job, we want to override the xdg-autostart one to avoid race/clashes so one drops the override into /usr/share/upstart/xdg/autostart/ such that only upstart job is used10:34
seb128xnox, I see, thanks10:34
xnoxseb128: and if one happens to not have an upstart managed session, normal xdg autostart files are used.10:34
xnoxmaybe i should have just patched all xdg/autostart implementations in the archive to check for the upstart jobs and launch that instead....10:35
seb128xnox, thanks for the explanation, that makes sense to me now ;-)10:35
robert_ancellxnox, is "start on started dbus and starting gnome-session DESKTOP_SESSION=ubuntu" a valid start line for unity-settings-daemon, i.e. is DESKTOP_SESSION defined for gnome-session?10:36
xnoxrobert_ancell: yes, sounds reasonable.10:36
robert_ancellxnox, also, can we do the inverse for gnome-settings-daemon, i.e. "DESKTOP_SESSION != ubuntu"?10:36
xnoxrobert_ancell: i believe we did push back hard on making sure, e.g. Ubuntu Kylin, keeps using DESKTOP_SESSION=ubuntu instead of a custom string.10:37
xnoxbut might be worth checking that.10:37
Laneypretty sure we got them to de-brand that10:37
seb128Laney, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6884550/ wdyt?11:04
tjaaltonsomething broke alt+tab not showing the mouse cursor anymore12:00
tjaaltonmy main desktop doesn't have that bug, but a recently upgraded laptop does12:00
tjaaltonfiled as bug 127228412:01
tjaaltonjust thinking where to reassign it12:01
ubot2`tjaalton: Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1272284 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1272284). The error has been logged12:01
seb128tjaalton, new xorg?12:01
mlankhorstbug 127228412:01
tjaaltonit was filed way before it landed12:01
mlankhorstyeah i heard, but I don't have that issue12:02
mlankhorstI'm on radeon though12:02
tjaaltonhmm ok..12:02
tjaaltonI'm all intel12:02
mlankhorstseems to be intel issue, then :P12:03
tjaaltonbut it was reported on nvidia12:03
tjaaltonso not that12:03
seb128tjaalton, mlankhorst: compiz/unity didn't change for a long time12:03
mlankhorstiirc tseliot had the same issue12:03
seb128but maybe Trevinho knows about the issue12:04
tseliotwhat's the issue?12:04
mlankhorstdisappearing mouse cursor on alt tab12:04
Trevinhotjaalton: not showing or not working12:04
Trevinhotjaalton: there's a ccsm option for that, maybe it got changed12:05
Trevinhofor sure I have it... on trunk12:06
mlankhorstmouse disappears if I explicitly disable it in CCSM :P12:07
tjaaltonwhere's the option?12:07
Trevinhoyes, or12:08
tjaaltonunchecked here12:08
Trevinhoreal_size_ = Style::Get()->MenuItemNaturalSize(entry_->label());12:08
Trevinhogsettings get org.compiz.unityshell:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/ disable-mouse12:08
Trevinhocheck it's not true12:08
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tjaaltonfalse on both12:09
tjaaltonI've ran the updates already, but not booted the machine where I can't repro this12:10
Trevinhomh, weird... I don't know if it was a regression, that is fixed in trunk... and trunk is much different from archive version12:10
tseliotmlankhorst: I've never seen it here12:11
tjaaltonhuh, another machine that was last updated on jan 17th is also affected12:12
tjaaltonguest session works12:12
tjaaltonso it's session specific12:12
tjaaltonyup, also on a machine updated today12:13
tjaaltonso it's not X/hw specific :)12:14
tjaaltontoggling the disable-mouse setting on and off fixed it...12:16
tjaaltonof course that "solution" doesn't scale12:16
tjaaltonmoved the bug over to unity12:20
mlankhorsttseliot: ok was tjaalton then :)12:23
tjaaltonI just bumped into the bug and tried :)12:24
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tseliotxnox: are upstart jobs in /etc/init automatically updated when a package is updated? Or do I need to take care of that in the preinst script?12:48
xnoxtseliot: they are handled normally, as any other conffile. So by default you don't need to do anything.12:48
mptcyphermox_, reported bug 127705712:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1277057 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "network-manager doesn't respond after waking from suspend" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127705712:48
xnoxtseliot: but if you want to remove/delete one forever, you need to use dpkg-maintscripts-helper12:49
xnoxtseliot: see man $ dh_installdeb, package.maintscript -> rm_conffile12:49
xnoxtseliot: ditto mv_conffile to rename one12:49
tseliotxnox: I just want to make sure that the old job (same path, same name) is upgraded to the new one12:50
xnoxtseliot: not sure if .maintscript was already support in precise, otherwise there is a wiki page in debian how to do it with pre/post inst/rm scripts.12:50
xnoxtseliot: yes, it will be.12:50
tseliotxnox: ok, problem solved then. Thanks12:50
xnoxif it's part of the same binary package.12:50
xnoxall good then.12:50
rsalvetimlankhorst: sorry, but indeed, the ci train is not respecting the right components13:06
rsalvetiall I did was a bump :-)13:06
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mhr3_seb128, my tiny issue that i'd love being fixed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash-completion/+bug/568404 :)14:42
ubot2`Launchpad bug 568404 in bash-completion (Ubuntu) "dpkg completion should support ddeb" [Wishlist,Fix released]14:42
mhr3_the status lies14:42
seb128mhr3_, sudo dpkg -i *.ddeb14:43
seb128mhr3_, I see how to fix that, I can do it14:45
mhr3_seb128, \o/14:46
seb128sil2100, didrocks: can I get a setttings silo? ;-)15:18
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sil2100seb128: uh oh! One moment ;)15:41
didrocksrobru: maybe? ^15:42
robruseb128, didrocks sil2100 : yeahhhh what what?15:42
seb128didrocks, I buy my slots from sil2100 usually:15:43
mdeslaurseb128: do you think you or someone on your team could update pidgin to 2.10.9?15:48
seb128mdeslaur, trusty?15:49
mdeslaurseb128: yes15:49
seb128mdeslaur, yeah, it's one of those cases where I would have done it if we didn't get a sponsoring request doing the update15:49
seb128mdeslaur, sponsoring request which is buggy, it's taking me longer to get the contributor to fix those stuff that it would have taken me to do the update15:50
seb128mdeslaur, anyway, I've it on my list since monday, I planned to finish the update myself today, going to do that in a bit15:51
seb128mdeslaur, thanks for the ping :-)15:51
mdeslaurseb128: great, thanks!15:51
mdeslaurah, I see the bug now, sorry for not checking first15:51
seb128mdeslaur, no worry15:52
attente_ChrisTownsend, hi, do you have time to help debug that failing AP test?15:53
robert_ancelllarsu, can you do a no-change commit to lp:~larsu/unity-control-center/wrap-keyboard-label and see if jenkins notices?15:57
ChrisTownsendattente_: I plan on looking at it again this afternoon as I'm a bit tied up working some other AP failure issues?15:58
ChrisTownsendattente_: It's possible I did something wrong, so I'll check it again since you and Trevinho don't have failures on that test.15:59
attente_ChrisTownsend, ok, no problem15:59
seb128bregma, hey, what's up with unity landing in trusty? can we get one?15:59
bregmaseb128, I would like that more than anything15:59
Trevinhoattente_: have you tried to get an unit test instead? As you know... AP is like our enemy right now blocking the releases... So I'd prefer to have more stable tests.16:00
seb128bregma, what's blocking?16:00
Trevinhoseb128: ap ^16:00
bregmaseb128, ongoing issues with autopilot16:00
seb128Trevinho, bregma: are those regressions?16:00
ChrisTownsendOh boy...16:00
bregmaseb128, not in Unity16:01
seb128the current trusty version doesn't even build16:01
attente_Trevinho, a unit test for testing the keyboard accelerators?16:01
seb128we need an update plan, which is not "need autopilot to be fixed"16:01
Trevinhoattente_: I mean you can test the registration of compiz actions... (as they're tested in compiz code to work)... and so just faking the dbus server and trying to register them16:01
Trevinhocheckin you get what you expect16:02
Trevinhoattente_: see the gdbus server tests or gnome-session-manager ones16:02
ChrisTownsendseb128: I've been working on these AP failures for weeks now trying to get them in check.  This is the latest bug entered for this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/127651616:04
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1276516 in Unity "unity trunk failing autopilot tests (02/2014)" [High,New]16:04
ChrisTownsendseb128: The vast majority of those failures are due to either machine issues or a bug in Autopilot itself.  There are a few still tied to the AP test themselves in Unity which I will get fixed very soon, but as you can see from my comments in that bug, the results are not deterministic.16:05
ChrisTownsendseb128: I also have a proposed fix for the AP bug, but it's still waiting to be reviewed.16:06
bregmaor, we could have them ignore the AP failures and release into distro anyway, but I can feel the burn already16:07
attente_Trevinho, i don't really understand what you mean by faking the dbus server, the key grabber is the server in this case16:08
seb128bregma, ChrisTownsend: thanks for the update, I hope you guys get those tests in shape soon, we could use an unity update, blocking the update might be creating more issues than it's solving16:09
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Trevinhoattente_: yes... But you have to use it in test-mode (that you supported) so basically using a test name... THen you just write a glib::proxy that calls it and you can verify that the actions are actually registered16:30
attente_Trevinho, this is just to test the accelerator registration/un-registration, right? how should we test the triggering of the actions?16:32
mlankhorstwhat time's the team dinner?16:33
Trevinhoattente_: well, what you did is fine... but it's not testing that the whole thing works... So I'd suggest to open a window (there's a mocking python feature to create windows with the menus you want, but you can use also a very know window such as gnome-calc)... then you can check if the relative menu will open when an action is triggered16:34
attente_Trevinho, i don't mind adding those extra unit tests, but i think it'd be good if we can keep these AP tests anyways just to make sure the whole thing works16:34
Trevinhoattente_: all this is possible with AP16:34
Trevinhoattente_: fine for me, but they don't have to be unstable...16:35
Trevinhoattente_: so let's wait Chris results16:35
Trevinhoattente_: anyway for testing the whole thing, doing what i said is checking more16:35
attente_Trevinho, those AP tests already exist in the test_panel.py file16:35
Trevinhoattente_: ah... Cool, I forgot I wrote them :D16:36
Trevinhoattente_: so... yes that's fine :)16:36
attente_ok, cool. i'll try to figure out with ChrisTownsend why they seem unreliable on his side16:37
attente_when he can spare some time16:37
mlankhorstjasoncwarner: what time is the team dinner?16:47
jasoncwarnerprobably meetin in lobby at 6:30pm16:47
jasoncwarnermlankhorst: ^^16:48
jasoncwarnerchrisccoulson: NO STEAK FOR YOU!16:48
jasoncwarnerchrisccoulson: errr of course!16:48
chrisccoulsonhi jasoncwarner :)16:48
jasoncwarnerhi chrisccoulson ;)16:48
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Laneycan I have chrisccoulson's honorary steak?16:52
chrisccoulsonLaney, only if you have it uncooked16:52
ogra_geez, brits16:52
ogra_*you don't coock steak!!*16:52
Laneysteak can come cooked?16:53
mlankhorstI can ask for a well done steak >:D16:53
LaneyI know someone who did that and then got thrown out of the restaurant by the chef16:54
mlankhorstand then put curry and mayo on top16:54
Sarvattmlankhorst: get the kangaroo steak! :)16:58
mlankhorstthey're a pest in australia, anyway16:59
ogra_if you go after pest status in .au you need to eat frogs i guess17:07
mlankhorstat least you don't have problems running over frogs in the shimmering light17:18
mlankhorstcan't say the same for kangaroos..17:18
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mlankhorstoff to the lobby..18:23
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ChrisTownsendattente_: Hey, I'm re-running your AP test and still get the one failure.19:26
ChrisTownsendattente_: Here is the output: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/688701619:26
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attente_ChrisTownsend, hey, can you do: dbus-monitor "member='AcceleratorActivated'", then press shift+ctrl+alt+a?22:08
ChrisTownsendattente_: D'oh, give me a few minutes to get my test machine back to running your branch.  I'm about to push a fix for something else, so it'll be a few minutes.22:12
attente_ChrisTownsend, no worries, thanks for your help :)22:13
ChrisTownsendattente_: Ok, I'm running your branch and run I run dbus-monitor, I get nothing.22:22
ChrisTownsendattente_: I'm wondering if Terminator is eating the key combo...22:23
ChrisTownsendattente_: I see it loose focus and come back when I hit that combo.  I'll try this in gnome-terminal.22:23
ChrisTownsendattente_: Nope, that didn't help.22:25
attente_so dbus-monitor reports nothing... weird22:25
ChrisTownsendattente_: Right.22:25
attente_ChrisTownsend, ok, it seems i'm also in a state where none of the tests work22:38
attente_so i'll try to figure it out on my side tomorrow and ping you again if i need help22:39
ChrisTownsendattente_: Ok, sounds good.  Have a good night!22:39
attente_ChrisTownsend, thanks!22:40

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