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Riddellcjwatson: meh I can't work out how to get the log off a virtual machine and need to wait until I'm home tomorrow morning before I can try it on a spare test machine00:50
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Riddellcjwatson: yay got it01:14
Riddelldevice-mapper: reload ioctl failed: No such file or directory01:14
Riddellbug 127673901:14
ubottubug 1276739 in debian-installer (Ubuntu) "kubuntu encrypted lvm install fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127673901:14
* Riddell snoozes01:15
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hallyninfinity: stgaber: around?03:12
infinityhallyn: Ish.  What's up?03:13
hallyninifinty: my qemu uplaod to trusty may have badly messed up03:13
hallyni'm going to retry in a new vm;  it's possible something else messed me up, but given the severity here - it messed up binfmts entirely so i can't run dpkg/ls/etc03:14
infinityhallyn: The one with ~ppa in the version? :P03:14
hallynyeah that one03:15
infinityWhen you say "can't run dpkg/ls/etc", do you mean "in an ARM chroot", or "at all"?03:16
hallynat all03:16
hallyn-bash: /usr/lib/command-not-found: /usr/bin/python3: bad interpreter: Too many levels of symbolic links03:16
infinityYeahp, you sure broke it.03:18
hallyni haven't yet found where03:18
infinityI'd look, but I stupidly broke my machine checking.03:19
infinityCause I used a chroot.03:19
Logan_the archive should reject uploads with a ~ppa suffix03:19
infinitySo, let me reboot and then have a poke.03:19
infinityLogan_: He would have just reuploaded with a proper version and still broken the world. :P03:20
infinityhallyn: I'll delete the binary from the archive after I reboot and can, like, run stuff.03:20
hallyninfinity: thanks.03:20
hallynthat's why it passed all my tests.  apparmor kept me from hosing myself.03:23
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infinityhallyn: So, comparing old and new debs, it looks like you're now shipping binfmts for the native arch.03:36
infinityhallyn: As in, I get binfmts for x86_64 and i386 on amd64 which I didn't before, so qemu is being tripped for native binaries.03:37
hallyni'm not yet seeing *why* that's happening.  first ithought my wrong use of dpkg-verison in postinst was to blame, but nope03:38
infinityhallyn: No, it's actual shipped filed that differ.03:42
infinityWhy that is, however, I'm not seeing immediately.03:44
hallyninfinty: right, that makes perfect sense,given the symptoms;  was just saying it wasn't what i originally expected to be the probelm03:44
infinitySo, filter_binfmts is failing somehow, I guess?03:52
stgraberyeah, that's what the buildlogs indicate03:53
stgraberbut I'm failing to see how03:53
infinityhallyn: Oh, possibly because you went and added a make conditional in the middle of a shell continuation.03:53
infinityhallyn: You can't do that.03:53
infinityhallyn: You need to write that bit as shell too, if it's in the middle of shell.03:53
hallyni see03:54
infinityOh well.  Gives you a chance to fix the version number on the next upload. :P03:54
infinityThere's no reason to have the Ubuntu conditional in there anyway, is there?03:54
hallynsince we're not fully merging the qemu trees i'm going to pull all incidences of the dpkg-vendor for nwo anyway, but <arg>03:54
infinityThe arm64 bit is just a no-op when not building on arm64...03:55
hallynso how long does it take before ppl are no longer exposed to that?03:56
hallyn(testing a new version...  wont' be pushing too soon)04:00
infinityhallyn: It's already gone from ftpmaster, just needs mirror pulses.04:01
stgraberhallyn: we probably want a fix uploaded soonish since until then, none of the binaries infinity removed exist at all (so nobody can install any version of those, which leads to other packages breaking and so on)04:02
infinitystgraber: To be fair, qemu-user-static has nearly 0 rdeps.04:02
stgrabermy guess is that just dropping the ifdef in the middle of that block of shell is the safest bet to have something that builds, that you have already tested and which fixes our immediate problem04:02
infinityBut yeah, a fix would be nice.  Dropping those two lines would fix it.04:03
hallynstgraber: there's another snafu (using dpkg-version in postinst but not depending on devscripts);04:03
infinityYou mean dpkg-vendor.04:03
hallynso yeah i'ts just http://paste.ubuntu.com/6883177/04:04
infinityBut yeah, that should be subsituted in during build.04:04
infinityAs in: if [ "@@VENDOR@@" = "ubuntu" ]04:04
infinityAnd then sed that in at build time when turning postinst.in into postinst.04:05
stgraberthat diff looks safe enough and the real fix for a common source with Debian is indeed to add a new variable that's substituted from debian/rules (as you already seem to be using quite a bit ;))04:05
infinityhallyn: But go ahead and upload you current diff (looks good), and sort out the sed magic later, if you really care about the conditionals.04:06
infinityhallyn: Also, that should be 1.7.0+dfsg-3ubuntu104:06
hallynok then, pushing.  thanks for removing those!04:06
hallynoh heh, right.04:06
stgraberI guess qemu could do with an autopkgtest to try and catch this kind of stuff next time around, can't hurt to have autopkgtest try to run a binary of each arch that are supported.04:09
infinitystgraber: You mean try to run a native binary to make sure the world isn't broken?04:09
infinitystgraber: Trying to run foreign binaries means having some available, which is a bit harder to sort out.04:09
hallynyup, as i need to hack on adt anyway i was going to write a script for that at least locally04:10
stgraberinfinity: well, I'd go with a simple test which grabs the supported core tarballs and try to chroot into them, which would incidently check that the host arch still works as otherwise you'd get an error when calling chroot :)04:10
hallyni was just gonna go with each of the templates which lxc-download supports...04:11
infinitystgraber: Can the adt infra download from cdimage?04:15
stgraberinfinity: I'm not aware of any location it can't download from. The LXC adt tests use gpg from outside servers and then grab stuff from external servers and those passed fine in adt, so it looks like they have unfiltered access to the outside.04:17
stgraberinfinity: oh actually, no, it does seem to be restricted, I guess it was the test adt box I was using somewhere which wasn't... last run of lxc adt had two failures for things using our pre-built images...04:20
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hallyngerman mirror still offering me the broken version.  wonder how long that'll go :(05:05
infinityhallyn: Don't have much (any) control over third-party mirrors. :/05:14
pittiGood morning06:46
tjaaltonfstrim cron spams when the ssd is not intel or samsung07:46
pittitjaalton: oh, oops; can you please file a bug against util-linux with the mail and assign it to me?07:57
tjaaltonyes, on it already07:58
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* zyga wonders if unity startup failure is that protobuf symbol he read about yesterday07:59
tjaaltonhmm actually the spam is from a hdd07:59
tjaaltoni've a raid mirror which it complains about08:00
zygaara: hey08:00
zygaara: are you on 14.04?08:00
arazyga, yes08:01
* zyga wonders why unity crashes and looks at logs08:01
arazyga, I didn't update yesterday, though08:02
arazyga, look at this thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2014-February/004425.html08:03
arazyga, might be related?08:03
* zyga tries to recall how to copy paste in screen08:06
zygahmm, my protobuf is still 2.4.1, no 2.5 in sight08:07
zygaand seb isn't around yet08:07
zygaara: yeah, that is what I suspected, wonder how to fix it now08:08
arazyga, it seems that updating should be enough08:08
zygaara: nope, the 2.5 version isn't out yet08:09
* zyga adds proposed and checks08:09
arazyga, did you apt-get update? protobuf is on 2.5 in trusty08:11
* zyga is depressed by the whole release stuff08:11
zygaara: yes, just a second ago08:11
zygaara: not for me? which package did you check08:11
zyga(and it obviously didn't work which is another thing)08:12
zygaI checked libprotobuf7 it is 2.4.1, libprotobuf8 is at 2.5 (and I have it installed) but it still doesn't work08:12
zygaand it wasn't updated just now so I already had 2.5 when booting this morning08:13
zyga(not ubuntu release)08:13
tjaaltondid we move from dmraid to mdadm?08:17
tjaaltonaccording to the blueprint; not yet08:18
fsvend`i'm creating a ubuntu based distro and have issues due to udev not creating device nodes in /dev, which is because devtmpfs is not mounted. now, there's devtmpfs entry in /lib/init/fstab, and it works when mounting it manually via mount -a, but mountall doesn't mount it. anyone?08:40
fsvend`now i see the same behaviour on raring ringtail, ie. there's no devtmpsfs mounted on /dev.. so i guess you have created the device nodes manually? is that the case for raring?08:40
tjaaltonudev on /dev type devtmpfs (rw,mode=0755)08:46
tjaaltonlooks fine here08:46
fsvend`tjaalton: on raring?08:47
fsvend`tjaalton: whats your udevd version?08:48
tjaaltonno trusty08:48
tjaaltonraring is EOL08:48
fsvend`tjaalton: i'm targeting saucy (for now) on my target (udevd version 204), but i see the same problem on raring (on host, udev version 175)08:50
tjaaltondoing something wrong then08:50
fsvend`tjaalton: mountall --verbose just seem to ignore the devtmpfs entry08:50
fsvend`tjaalton: well, on my target, possibly yes.. but the raring version is as you made it08:51
tjaaltonsame thing on precise and quantal here, so yes it's wrong on your end08:54
fsvend`tjaalton: that's useful info.. btw, i got a quantal server here, and the output from mount doesn't mention devtmpfs. how do you retrieve that info?08:56
fsvend`tjaalton: sorry. bad mad. grep helped me spot it :)08:58
fsvend`s/bad mad/my bad/08:59
fsvend`tjaalton: still no devtmpfs on target though. i have support for devtmpfs in the kernel, and it works when using mount -a09:03
tjaaltonstill not my problem :)09:04
fsvend`tjaalton: right :)09:04
robert_ancellmardy, can you upload the unity-control-center changes in gnome-control-center-signon now? We've switched the seed to u-c-c (bug 1257505)09:42
ubottubug 1257505 in gnome-control-center-signon (Ubuntu) "Create Unity Control Center so can remain on old GNOME Control Center version" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125750509:42
mardyrobert_ancell: cool, will do soon09:43
pittilightdm  23418  0.0  0.0  56520 12088 ?        R    10:56   0:00 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/click pkgdir com.ubuntu.clock09:56
pittidoes anyone know what that is?09:57
pitti(on my amd64 desktop, trusty du jour)09:57
pittiit's been running for a long time already, and eating CPU09:57
loolHmm I have some issue with the lightdm session startup on my desktop09:58
loolit seems racy; I get some vague g_dbus_connection_real error in the log, sometimes it comes up sometimes not09:58
tvosshmmm, interesting, I cannot connect to 5Ghz wifi access points anymore09:58
lool3 different bgus09:59
ogra_tvoss, ChickenCutlass had the same issue09:59
loolso if I stop lightdm + statr lightdm => no luck; if I restart lightdm, it works09:59
ogra_(he just pragmatically changed the channel on his AP though)09:59
tvossogra_, weird09:59
tvossogra_, I have got a devolo network over power thingy here :) need to see if that would work09:59
ogra_tvoss, well, still someone should tell the kernel team :)10:00
tvossogra_, I would think so10:00
ogra_(or cyphermox_, if it is NMs fault)10:00
pittiah, it seems phablet-tools pulls in click now10:00
pitticlick keeps getting respawned with the same command line, indefinitely10:02
tvosssergiusens, ^10:02
ogra_but there were no changes since the 22nd10:03
loolbah and under strace it works 100% of the time of course10:03
ogra_intresting that you didnt notice this before then10:03
ogra_lool, dont you love races ? :)10:04
ogra_lool, btw, restart never worked for me, i always had to stop/start (restart left a hanging lightdm around)10:05
sergiusenspitti, are you referring to th upstart stuff?10:06
pittisergiusens: I don't know; I just heared my CPU fan go wild for 10 mins and checked in top that it's due to that10:07
ogra_pitti, did you upgrade between the 22nd and today (apart from today)10:07
pittiogra_: certainly, I upgrade every day10:07
sergiusenspitti, it might be upstart jobs and rerunning apparmor and checking for clicks10:07
ogra_well, then it cant be phablet-tools itself i'd say10:08
ogra_there was an apparmor-click change tonight10:08
pittiogra_: no, that's just what pulls in upstart-app-launch, click, etc.10:08
ogra_pitti, right, but since the 22nd already10:08
pittiI purged click and its rdepends and reinstalled phablet-tools, seems it's tame now10:09
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* sergiusens has a pending task to split the package into smaller bits10:09
ogra_* apparmor/click.py: adjust to add mock_testenv and honor it to skip10:09
ogra_    checking apparmor_dirs when set10:09
loolso it seems it's gnome-settings-daemon not happy about something10:09
ogra_pitti, might be that your PC has some mock stuff around others dont ;)10:09
loolthis is specific to failing startups:10:10
lool** (gnome-settings-daemon:30698): WARNING **: Unable to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files10:10
pittihm, we don't install a .service for gnome-session as we don't dbus-activate it (and don't want to)10:11
pittilightdm is supposed to just start it; so perhaps gnome-session crashed?10:11
pittilool: do you have a .crash file for something like g-sessin?10:12
loolit's possible, albeit hard to tell10:12
looljust susres, whatever that is10:12
loolah suspend resume10:12
loolpitti: it doesn't even start gnome-session10:15
seb128pitti, your click issue should be fixed by https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/13.10.0+14.04.20140205-0ubuntu110:18
seb128infinity, thanks for fixing libcmis10:18
loolso what I did was replace gnome-session with a wrapper script that calls strace gnome-session.real, and this never created a strace10:19
loolI did manage once to catch a strace of a failed startup of unity-greeter in the same way10:19
loolit never fails if I strace -f though10:19
seb128lool, what's your issue?10:20
seb128lool, greeter one?10:20
loolseb128: lightdm greeter not coming up10:20
loolbut racy10:20
loolsometimes it does10:20
seb128lool, when did it start?10:20
loolseb128: it might have happened rarely previously; it's a new install; it started appearing a lot in the last days10:21
loolyesterday was when I first realized there was something bad going on10:21
Unit193seb128: Just a quick poke, mearly to make sure it hasn't fallen off the radar.10:21
seb128lool, ok, because the new indicator-datetime update from yesterday/the click issue pitti described made the greeter not load for kenvandine10:21
loolI did some changes to my own user session (to start an upstart job as ~lool) but that shouldn't affect greeter10:21
loolseb128: aha10:21
seb128lool, that's fixed in this night update (the one I Just pointed to pitti)10:21
seb128lool, indicator-datetime update that is10:22
seb128Unit193, what is "it"10:22
Unit193indicator-sound pavucontrol alt recommend.10:22
loolseb128: but I dist-upgraded already10:22
seb128lool, did you restart the greeter since and still get the issue?10:23
loolseb128: Yes10:23
pittiseb128: ack, thanks; I got a load of new packages now, I'll reboot10:23
seb128lool, try uninstlal indicator-datetime in case? or maybe you have a different issue...10:23
seb128pitti, yw!10:23
seb128Unit193, I pinged people about it yesterday, let me check10:24
Unit193Cool, danke.10:24
seb128Unit193, approved10:24
Unit193Nice, thanks.10:24
mardyrobert_ancell: can you please create a MP for this? https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/gnome-control-center-signon/unity-control-center10:25
robert_ancellmardy, syre10:25
loolhmmm why dont I see strings in execve but only pointers10:25
loolin my strace10:25
robert_ancellseb128, can you review too https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/gnome-control-center-signon/unity-control-center/+merge/20511010:26
loolhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6884429/ is strace -e trace=process of unity-greeter10:26
robert_ancelllool, do you have lightdm.log10:28
loolrobert_ancell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6884441/10:29
loolsorry had to reproduce the issue10:29
robert_ancelllool, you have the same problem as Ken10:30
loolI have to do a roundtrip to school, brb10:30
loolrobert_ancell: I have latest datetime though10:30
smbapw, Ok, I attached a debdiff for systemd (which contains the udev rules we have to modify) to bug 127700610:57
ubottubug 1277006 in udev (Ubuntu) "[Trusty] Need additional udev rule to avoid efi framebuffer to be primary" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127700610:57
robert_ancellfginther, did those jenkins jobs get set up OK?11:11
robert_ancellseiflotfy__, are you OK with ps-jenkins being added to ~activity-log-manager?11:11
tseliotcjwatson: any chances I can deliver one last fix? (apparently a regression)11:14
loolrobert_ancell, seb128: I replaced indicator-datetime-service with /bin/true and I was still able to trigger the race11:18
loollike one time out of 411:18
seb128lool, ok, maybe a redherring then11:21
seb128or another issue11:21
cjwatsontseliot: !11:21
cjwatsontseliot: um, I'm not sure that's realistic.  details?11:22
tseliotcjwatson: apparently my last upload of fglrx-pxpress keeps on writing "y" to a log file... two users reported this to me this morning11:23
tseliotcjwatson: and the log file keeps growing...11:23
cjwatsonfglrx-pxpress isn't on images, right?11:24
cjwatson(hope not.)11:24
cjwatsonit doesn't seem to be.  so delivering your fix is basically independent of 12.04.411:24
cjwatsonbut yeah, let's get that in11:24
tseliotcjwatson: no but jockey can install it if the fglrx is installed. I assume we don't install fglrx in ubiquity11:24
tseliot*fglrx driver11:25
tseliotok, good11:25
tseliotI'll come up with a fix soon11:25
xnoxtseliot: y would it do that? =) silly driver... =)))))11:25
tseliotxnox: :D it's really an upstart job to handle multiple gpus that does that11:26
pittismb: please don't upload bug 1277006 just yet11:32
ubottubug 1277006 in systemd (Ubuntu) "[Trusty] Need additional udev rule to avoid efi framebuffer to be primary" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127700611:32
pittismb: I applied it to my local git, but that has staged changes11:32
smbpitti, I could not even if I wanted, but stop apw (in case he would)11:33
smbWhich we should have now11:33
pittismb: I'll upload it now11:34
smbpitti, ok11:34
apwpitti, hey .. we probabally want to include vesafb in the list of "non-primary" framebuffers while you are there11:35
pittiapw: hey Andy11:35
* smb notes it would be called vesa-framebuffer11:36
pittiapw: good timing, two seconds away from dput :)11:36
apwheh :)11:36
apwi was lucky11:36
apwpitti, what smb said11:36
pittismb, apw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6884698/ ?11:36
pittiDRIVERS=="nouveau", GOTO="graphics_end"11:37
pittihm, is that still current?11:37
pittioh wait, fun11:37
pittiwe have a first rule11:37
pitti(or set of rules, for i916 and radeon, too)11:38
smbpitti, The vesa line looks good to me (DRIVER=vesa-framebuffer in one of my laptops)11:38
pittiah, so the first set is for DRM, the second set for fb11:38
apwyeah that looks right to me, and smb has the kit to test it11:38
apwyeah two separate things in there11:38
apwto confuse the reader11:38
pitti$ udevadm info --export-db|grep 'DRIVER.*-framebuf'11:38
pittiE: DRIVER=efi-framebuffer11:38
pittiack, adding vesa-framebuffer then11:39
apwsmb, pitti, what about simple-framebuffer, wasn't that one you wanted smb ?11:39
smbpitti, both11:40
apwor am i getting confused11:40
pitti*-framebuffer would be too much?11:40
smbsimple-framebuffer just in case we ever would have it and thats not likely for T... (except arm maybe)11:40
pittithere is never the  case that X would start on such a framebuffer, even if you don't have a "better" graphics card installed?11:40
apwyeah it would as we are only trying to ignore the "fallback franebuffer drivers"11:40
apwpitti, so all this affects is whether it is marked "PRIMARY", and if it is splash is started much earlier to get prettyness11:41
pittiso http://paste.ubuntu.com/6884708/ is the current version now11:41
apwif no PRIMARY is found, we will start splah on whatever it can cope with, which wold include the "excluded" ones you are adding11:41
smbpitti, ack11:42
pittismb: thanks for checking; uploading then11:42
apwsmb, i thought simple-framebuffer was the one at issue in your kvm spot, where it is being replaced11:42
smbapw, Yes, before we flipped the config to not build it at all11:43
apwoh ok11:43
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jdstrandogra_, sergiusens, pitti: I don't have all the context, but... the click-apparmor change ogra mentioned doesn't actually do anything with the installed package-- ie, it will behave the same as it did before the upgrade13:22
ogra_jdstrand, yeah, seems it was indicator-datetime that caused it13:22
Riddellanyone know anything about mythbuntu? (I'm trying to test 12.04.4 candidates)13:25
ogra_its a myth !13:26
* xnox feels thrilled to use: try... except... else... finally... clause in python!13:27
Riddellusing extern c {} can't be far away now13:28
tseliotcjwatson: I've just uploaded the fix in precise-proposed -  fglrx-pxpress (0.6~hybrid0.0.2) for bug #127705813:33
ubottubug 1277058 in fglrx-pxpress (Ubuntu Precise) "Process keeps writing to the log" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127705813:33
cjwatsontseliot: thanks, reviewing13:45
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pittijdstrand: yes, I think the latest indicator-datetime fixed that13:56
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tseliotcjwatson: thanks!14:09
TheNanoHi dear developers, I am loking for a project in C/C++ that needs contribution, the prgraming level I look for is Embdded programming or very close to hardware programming, not necessary hardware driver but things in that style. As I can't rignt now choose a project or part of Ubuntu by my own interest I am open for suggestion and probabaly if someone feels for it a Mentor trough my start. I am a hardware/embdded M.S.c. gradua14:11
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tomreynhi there14:27
tomreynis it still possible to get debian packages into 14.04?14:27
tomreyni thinkt he deadline is today?14:27
cjwatsononly for automatic operation14:28
tomreynwhat's "automatic operation"?14:28
cjwatsonmanual requests will be possible without any particular justification up to feature freeze (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule)14:28
ogra_automatic imports from the debian archive14:28
shadeslayertseliot: ping14:28
cjwatsonup to today we automatically sync changes in Debian to packages we haven't modified in Ubuntu14:28
cjwatson(end of today, I expect)14:29
tomreynso February 20th is the deadline for manual imports on request14:29
tseliotshadeslayer: pong14:35
shadeslayertseliot: I was wondering, is there a way we can prevent aptdaemon from being pulled into the Kubuntu ISO? I believe the reason why it's pulled in right now is due to ubuntu-drivers-common14:35
tseliotshadeslayer: is it too big?14:36
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^^14:36
apacheloggertseliot: it is not used14:37
apacheloggerwe have qaptworker which pretty much is a qt version of aptdaemon14:37
tseliotpitti: any ideas? ^14:37
pittishadeslayer, tseliot: it's being used for mapping modaliases to driver packages14:40
tseliotapachelogger: ^14:40
shadeslayerpitti: I thought that was done internaly in detect.py and the pkkit functionality was only a addon14:40
shadeslayerand not critical to ubuntu-drivers-common14:40
pittiyes, it is14:41
pittii. e. if you don't need that functionality on the PackageKit API level, we can drop it to a suggests14:41
pittiu-d itself just uses python-apt for that14:41
shadeslayerpitti: yep, we don't really need the functionality on the pkkit API level14:41
apachelogger(we are not using any PK API on the KDE side of things)14:41
apacheloggerall hard wired to qapt->libapt-pkg14:41
pittitseliot, apachelogger, shadeslayer: https://github.com/tseliot/ubuntu-drivers-common/commit/2a5380014:43
tseliotpitti: great :)14:43
apacheloggerpitti: thank you14:43
pittihow soon do you need this uploaded?14:43
apacheloggerpitti: can wait, it's just wasting space, as long as it lands before release we should be fine ^^14:45
pittiyeah, still plenty of time14:45
shadeslayerpitti: on that note, could you also have a look at 127460514:46
shadeslayeror maybe poke someone on the firefox packaging team^^14:46
pittibug 127460514:47
ubottubug 1274605 in firefox (Ubuntu) "Please demote xul-ext-ubufox from Firefox Recommends to Suggests" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127460514:47
pittiyeah, not my area I think14:47
dholbachblueyed, happy birthday! :)14:47
pittichrisccoulson: ^14:47
fgintherrobert_ancell, yes, the jobs are deployed and ready14:57
robert_ancellfginther, great, thanks!14:57
rbasakWhat should we do for Vcs-* control fields in merges? Leave them pointing them at Debian? Pull them out?14:59
cjwatsonprepend XS-Debian-14:59
shadeslayerI believe they should be changed to : XSBC-Debian14:59
cjwatsonnot BC14:59
shadeslayeroh, ok14:59
cjwatsonI mean you sort of can but it's redundant, they're source information so just XS-14:59
shadeslayercjwatson: on that note, do you have a document that explains those?15:00
shadeslayergoogle doesn't give me anything15:00
cjwatsonI think ...15:01
cjwatsonshadeslayer: at least it's in deb-src-control(5) under "USER-DEFINED FIELDS"15:02
rbasakUnderstood - thanks!15:03
shadeslayercjwatson: ah, thx15:04
Riddelldobey: could you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~dpm/intltool/add-qtdesigner-support/+merge/145112 ?15:05
dpmRiddell, I think he mentioned you'd have to get hold of danilo to review that one. I tried to get in touch with him for this MP a while ago, but he wasn't around15:06
* Riddell e-mails15:07
dobeyyou need to get danilo to re-review15:07
dobeyi can't change danilo's vote for him on lp15:07
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shadeslayerev: ping, have a moment to talk about errors.ubuntu.com?15:36
josephtshadeslayer: ev is on holidays through the 14th15:37
shadeslayerjosepht: thanks15:37
shadeslayeranyone else whom I can talk to about e.u.c ?15:38
shadeslayerWe have a patch in Kubuntu that has started reporting crashes to e.u.c ( for eg https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/fe95cba8-60c0-11e3-b76d-e4115b0f8a4a ) but the top 4-5 frames of that crash are from the crash handler, which might confuse e.u.c into thinking that KCrashHandler is crashing15:39
shadeslayerwould daisy be need to modified so as to not think that kcrashhandler is crashing?15:40
shadeslayeror is everything fine and it'll work perfectly15:40
shadeslayerpitti:  tseliot: one of the other requests for ubuntu-drivers-common, drivers like nvidia-173 are super duper old and should probably have a key/value pair that says that these should be the least preferred driver15:48
shadeslayerand maybe even have generic labels such as "Wireless Card" so that users don't have to see "Broadcom ABCD a/b/g/n" in the ui15:49
tseliotshadeslayer: I'm going to change the packages descriptions, so that we get better descriptions in the UI15:51
tseliotthat's not hardcoded in u-d-c15:51
tseliotit's in the single packages15:51
shadeslayertseliot: yay \o/15:51
shadeslayertseliot: I use short descriptions in my UI : http://im9.eu/picture/dz762115:52
robert_ancellseiflotfy__, around?15:53
tseliotshadeslayer: I see. I'll take care of that as soon as I'm done with some more work in ubuntu-drivers-common15:54
shadeslayertseliot: anything exciting coming up in ubuntu-drivers-common?15:54
tseliotshadeslayer: a program which handles multiple gpus or configuration changes on boot15:55
tseliote.g. you unplug a graphics card, or add one card15:55
shadeslayerah cool, I'll keep an eye out for those15:55
shadeslayertseliot: something that came up during the development of the KDE Frontend, my ui is all C++ and I'm using a python script to export data over dbus15:56
robert_ancellricotz, I'm trying to find someone who can add ps-jenkins to ~activity-log-manager. I think you could do that right?15:56
shadeslayermight be useful to have a dbus interface by default?15:56
tseliotshadeslayer: this is something you might want to discuss with pitti15:57
seiflotfy__robert_ancell: go crazy16:00
ricotzrobert_ancell, yeah, can do, if seiflotfy__ doesnt beat me to it16:02
robert_ancellit's a race :)16:02
robert_ancellthe prize is.... a beer at the next physical meetup16:02
robert_ancellor alternative drink16:02
ricotzdone ;)16:02
seiflotfy__ricotz: won16:02
robert_ancellricotz, ta!16:03
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shadeslayerAnyone have a clue how firefox knows how to handle apt:// urls?16:06
jussiyeah, theres an ubuntu apt settings or some such package16:07
jussishadeslayer: ^^16:07
shadeslayerjussi: I see, however it doesn't seem to work in Kubuntu16:08
jussialso... http://askubuntu.com/questions/336853/how-to-install-usign-the-apt-url-on-ubuntu-12-0416:08
shadeslayerjussi: yeah tried that, does not work16:08
robert_ancellfginther, I don't see unity-control-center in https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/All/16:09
mdeslaurshadeslayer: the apturl-common package installs a desktop file to /usr/share/applications that contains the mime type for handling apt16:10
shadeslayerit most certainly does, but that doesn't work in Firefox under Kubuntu for some reason16:11
shadeslayernor do I see the protocol registered in Firefox16:11
fgintherrobert_ancell, nothing will show up there until a job is executed and published. You can see the 'real' job here: http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/unity-control-center-ci16:11
mdeslaurshadeslayer: oh, I guess firefox doesn't have kde integration for mime types16:11
robert_ancellfginther, ah, thanks16:11
shadeslayermdeslaur: yeah16:11
mdeslaurshadeslayer: I'm told there used to be a firefox patch for kde integration, but it got dropped as nobody wanted to maintain it16:13
shadeslayermdeslaur: hmm, well, I do maintain patches for Firefox that do KDE integration, however I wouldn't want them in the archive16:14
Logan_mr_pouit: sent you an email - quick question about the xfce4-indicator-plugin merge16:15
shadeslayerapt urls don't even work on Ubuntu?16:32
shadeslayerthis is what I see http://im9.eu/picture/vo762116:32
shadeslayerchrisccoulson: ^^16:33
spineaumterry: hello, as you already approved a MIR of a future checkbox dependency, plainbox (it was bug 1265754). May I ask you to review bug 1276164 and bug 1276183? Both should be easy to do (just about code re-organization)16:34
ubottubug 1265754 in plainbox (Ubuntu) "[MIR] plainbox" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126575416:34
ubottubug 1276164 in checkbox-support (Ubuntu) "[MIR] checkbox-support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127616416:34
ubottubug 1276183 in plainbox-provider-resource-generic (Ubuntu) "[MIR] plainbox-provider-resource-generic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127618316:34
tomreynshadeslayer: i think the "apturl" package needs to be installed (i don't know whether it is by default), also you need to keep the ubuntu firefox extension enabled.16:35
shadeslayertomreyn: The apturl package is installed16:36
shadeslayerthat's from the ubuntu 13.10 live session16:36
mterryspineau, sure, I'll try to get to them today16:36
spineaumterry: thanks a lot16:36
shadeslayertomreyn: http://im9.eu/picture/vl762116:37
tomreynshadeslayer: hmm i had expected that to work. i'm on a 13.10 installation here, using xubuntu (xfce), and clicking apt:// url spawns software center for me (which then displays info on the given package)16:38
mdeslaurshadeslayer: bug 126117816:38
ubottubug 1261178 in firefox (Ubuntu) "apturl links stopped working after firefox 16" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126117816:38
shadeslayertomreyn: I see16:40
infinityseb128: No problem.  It always bugs me when I see something in binary NEW for all but one architecture. :)16:41
tomreynshadeslayer: you could try updating the system you started from this live cd, and to restart firefox in the end of the process16:42
tomreynmight help16:42
shadeslayertomreyn: downloading trusty16:46
shadeslayerto check if I can reproduce it in the latest images16:46
seb128infinity, hey16:50
seb128infinity, since you are an u-a admin, how would we go about adding somebody to the team? ;-)16:51
infinityseb128: We'd need to discuss it with the team internally, and with Laney, and then if all parties are cool with the idea, do a bit of training (if necessary), then add him.16:52
infinityseb128: It's an invite-only thing, for obvious reasons, not a "you volunteer, you get in" deal, but I suspect Laney's got more or less the skill needed.  We'll talk it out on Monday with various members of the team.16:53
seb128infinity, thanks16:53
robert_ancellfginther, still confused about the u-c-c Jenkins job - has it noticed https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/unity-control-center/wrap-keyboard-label/+merge/205201?16:54
tseliotcjwatson: the fix for bug #1277058 has been tested16:54
ubottubug 1277058 in fglrx-pxpress (Ubuntu Precise) "Process keeps writing to the log" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127705816:54
shadeslayerso anyone else have an idea why this is not working? all the bits seem to be there16:55
sarnoldshadeslayer: probably just lacks someone to spend the time to debug and fix it. and refix it every so often? :)16:56
fgintherrobert_ancell, hmm, looking16:59
cjwatsontseliot: released, thanks17:00
tseliotcjwatson: thanks a lot for your help17:00
fgintherrobert_ancell, the logs indicate that ps-jenkins is not authorized to do the review17:02
fgintherrobert_ancell, ps-jenkins is not a member of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop17:03
robert_ancellfginther, it has to be the project maintainer not just a driver?17:03
fgintherrobert_ancell, drivers don't appear to have review/merge privilege17:04
robert_ancellfginther, I'm looking at other projects wondering how they work...17:05
robert_ancellfginther, e.g. for Mir - it is owned by ~pspmteam which ps-jenkins doesn't seem to be involved with and driven by ~mir-team17:09
fgintherrobert_ancell, ps-jenkins is an indirect member of https://launchpad.net/~mir-team17:10
fgintherPS Jenkins bot → Canonical Product Strategy → Mir development team17:10
fgintherrobert_ancell, the original solution for enabling jenknis was that "Canonical Product Strategy" would be a member for all projects17:11
robert_ancellfginther, right, and it is a member of ~unity-control-center-team which is the equivalent17:11
robert_ancellfginther, oh, the branch is in ~ubuntu-desktop - I'll move it17:12
fgintherdoh!, didn't think to look at that17:13
robert_ancellfginther, ok, fixed - do we need to re-trigger jenkins?17:14
robert_ancellfginther, np, we have to move the MPs anywa17:14
fgintherrobert_ancell, in this case it should pick it up on the next poll starting now17:15
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infinitycjwatson: Should binfmt-support perhaps do some hand-holding to make sure you don't install binfmts for formats the running system supports, without some angry override flag?17:24
infinitycjwatson: The oops in qemu-user-static yesterday where it accidentally installed itself as a handler for x86 on x86 was... Fun.17:24
cjwatsoninfinity: maybe; it's been a readme/todo kind of level item for me for a long time.  the trick is figuring out how to express that condition sensibly17:27
cjwatsonpreferably without ridiculous amounts of per-arch maintenance17:27
infinitycjwatson: I suspect a static arch table is going to be nearly unavoidable, unless there's a way to ask the kernel what it supports?17:32
infinity(A static arch table is what qemu-user-static uses, and that's what got broken in the upload :P)17:33
cjwatsoninfinity: really, I think the *kernel* should prevent you shooting yourself in the foot here17:33
cjwatsonI appreciate that's buck-passing ... but it's really very easy to commit suicide via binfmt_misc17:33
infinitycjwatson: Perhaps, though there might be some esoteric reason for testing or fiddling why you might want the kernel to let you do such silly things.17:33
infinityAnd kernel interfaces very rarely have a --no-really-i-mean-it flag.17:34
shadeslayertomreyn: I possibly have a fix17:35
* shadeslayer is testing in a live session to make sure17:35
infinitycjwatson: I suppose /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/ could grow an "unsafe" node, defaulting to 0.17:35
shadeslayerah no :(17:37
shadeslayerso I do have it working, I just don't know how >.>17:40
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dobeyanyone else on trusty with intel video having weird graphic anomolies after updating to the latest kernel/xorg?18:49
mdeslaurdobey: I see some lines in windows from time to time which disappear when I click on them18:50
dobeymdeslaur: yeah, i'm getting that and some other similar things that look like maybe the framebuffer didn't get updated properly, but which "fixes" itself after some interaction18:51
mdeslaurdobey: do you see it on other windows than firefox and thunderbird?18:52
mdeslaurI seem to notice it's only on those windows, but haven't confirmed yet18:52
dobeymdeslaur: yes. am seeing it quite consistently in qt apps, and have seen it in a few gtk+ apps as well18:52
dobeyqjackctl's buttons are always messed up when i start it now18:53
Sarvattdobey: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74327 , it should be fixed in 2.99.910 probably tomorrow19:06
ubottuFreedesktop bug 74327 in Driver/intel "[snb] rendering corruption" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:06
dobeySarvatt: ok, thanks19:08
Sarvattdobey: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+files/xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.99.909%2Bgit20140206.823382d2-0ubuntu0sarvatt_amd64.deb if you dont want to wait :)19:08
shadeslayerpitti: btw ubuntu-drivers-common doesn't list linux-firmware-nonfree as something that can be installed19:09
dobeySarvatt: i'll wait for now, unless i am forced to log out for some reason :)19:09
shadeslayerpitti: because my wireless drivers come from linux-firmware-nonfree but the ones from the Broadcom STA package don't work ( or didn't work last time I tried )19:09
Sarvattdobey: it may actually be monday, uploading it on a friday would be sketchy :)19:10
_nedrWOW.. ubuntu finally gonna ditch nautilus!!!!! HALLELUJAH! DIE IN HELL NAUTILUS, OMG WTF OKTXBAI!!!19:14
dobeywow, someone likes poor journalism19:29
* shadeslayer rages at firefox instead19:30
cjwatsonthere we go, 12.04.4 out19:56
sarnoldcjwatson: woot, thanks :)19:57
argesbdmurray: hi19:57
argesbdmurray: how can I help you today with the sru queue?19:58
mdeslaur\o/ 12.04.4!20:01
bdmurrayarges: I haven't looked at it at all yet.  I'd start with http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html20:01
Noskcajxfce4-weather-plugin plz20:01
argesbdmurray: what would be most useful for me to look at first? should i go through the yellow bugs?20:02
bdmurrayarges: yeah, since there are not any that are all green20:03
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geniiconsole-tools is not installable but referred to by another package, etc...21:44
genii( 14.04 )21:44
Ampelbeingenii: Debian bug 67134221:49
ubottuDebian bug 671342 in ftp.debian.org "RM: console-tools -- ROM; No longer maintained upstream" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/67134221:49
sassynhi all23:36
sassynI'm a new baby when it come to pbuilder23:36
sassynhowerver, I have a question like this23:37
sassynI want to build a pkg from 13.10 to version 10.0423:37
sassynI manage to do so, by someing some changes to the rule/control/compact files23:37
sassynhad to take 5 pkgs and compile then as well in 10.0423:38
sassynso by now I had all deps23:38
sassynpkg seems to be working with no issue23:38
sassynhowerver i want now to make the same for 10.10, 11.04 etc..23:39
sassynso I used pbuilder23:39
sassynconfigure also a local repo23:39
sassynso far so good23:39
xnoxsassyn: backportpackage command part of ubuntu-dev-tools is your friend.23:40
sassynxnox, but I'm kind of lost23:40
sassynlike 4 days until I got how pbuilder works23:40
xnoxsassyn: also #ubuntu-packaging or #ubuntu-motu are usually more appropriate for pure packaging questions.23:40
sassynok sorry23:41
sassynwill swith to it23:41
xnoxsassyn: read $ man backportpackage23:41
xnoxsassyn: no, stay, since you started here =)23:41
sassynthank u23:41
xnoxsassyn: just read $ man backportpackage23:41
sassyni did23:41
xnoxsassyn: it's fairly trivial to operate, and it does all the pbuilder-foo and/or upload to a ppa for you.23:41
xnoxsassyn: if you did changes just point backportpackage at your modified .dsc23:42
sassynnot sure I got u23:42
sassynsay I got ulogd223:42
xnoxsassyn: backportpackage -d quantal hello_2.3-3~sassyn1.dsc23:43
xnoxditto - natty, maverick, etc.23:43
xnoxsassyn: note that 10.10 & 11.04 are long end-of-life so a ppa will not build them for you, and pbuilder needs to be pointed at "old-releases.ubuntu.com" as the archive/url to bootstrap from.23:44
sassynso let me just understand23:44
sassynI install 14.04 for example23:44
sassynthen I just do backportpackage -d quantal hello_2.3-3~sassyn1.dsc23:45
sassynand I get the package for quantal?23:45
sassynjust need to add the /etc/apt/source.list to point to quantal23:45
xnoxsassyn: no, you don't need to modify your own /etc/apt/source.list at all.23:46
xnoxsassyn: why do you say that?23:46
sassyncause 14.04 need to know which pkg are in the dest version23:46
xnoxsassyn: it doesn't need that to start running backportpackage.23:47
sassyni will read again23:47
xnoxsassyn: backportpackage will first build a source package, and then invoke a quantal pbuilder => which has quantal packages only and source, and build the package in pristine quantal chroot.23:48
xnoxsassyn: adding a quantal to /etc/apt/source.list will not make your machine suddently a quantal-capable one =)23:48
xnoxsassyn: invoke backportpackage, and read the log.23:48
sassynto better understand23:48
sassynu are so lucky to know this23:49
xnoxsassyn: then you'll understand. no need to try to comprehend this ahead of trying it out.23:49
sassynsorry I just don't get it23:51
sassyni have a foo.dsc file which some from version 13.10 and I want to port it to work with 10.0423:52
sassynif I go with 13.10 then I can build it localy, if I create a base image using pbuilder for 10.04 then some dep are missing. so what I did is start building one by one for 10.0423:53
sassyncreate a local repo for 10.04 with the dep files23:54
sassynso by the end I could create the foo.sc23:54
sassynthen I say there are some magic way to do it from me23:54
sassynso I can add in 10.04 point to the 13.10 repo23:54
sassynand in some magic way it download all deps23:55
sassynbut then it failed23:55
sassynso I miss here something23:55
sassynwhat do i miss here xnox23:57
xnoxsassyn: backportpackage -> helps automate backporting one package at the time, if you need to backport additional debs, one would invoke it on each missing dependency and indeed create a repository with them somewhere and add it to the pbuilder used.23:59

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