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Ekusheyhello all15:24
Ekusheycan i ask a wiki related question here?15:24
Ekusheyhow do i redirect a wiki page to another?15:29
Ekusheywhat tag do i use?15:29
knome#REDIRECT NewPageName15:32
knomethat should work...15:32
knomeif not:15:32
knome#REFRESH 0 NewPageName15:32
Ekusheythank you very much15:33
Ekusheytrying that15:33
Ekusheyknome: it is taking me https://wiki.ubuntu.com/0 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewPageName instead NewPageName directly15:37
knomehmm... what's the page you're trying to redirect?15:38
Ekusheyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ekushey to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Russell15:39
Ekusheyi'm noob at wiki stuff...15:39
knomeEkushey, fixed it.15:39
knomewait, i didn't, or there's some caching15:40
knomei would imagine caching15:40
Ekusheycleared my browser cache, still seeing the same thing15:41
Ekusheywhat did i do wrong, knome?15:41
knomei've no idea :)15:41
knomei'm looking into it15:42
Ekusheythanks :)15:42
Ekusheylooks like server-side cache15:44
knomesomething like that15:44
Ekusheyare you with the wiki team, or the docu team knome?15:44
knomei'm doing stuff here and there15:44
knomemy main work is done with xubuntu, of which i'm the project lead at the moment15:45
Ekusheywow! it's an honour to talk to you then :)15:46
knomeheh, you're welcome ;)15:47
knomehumph, i deleted the page and i'm still redirected15:47
knomeEkushey, which one did you try first? redirect or refresh?15:48
Ekusheybrb knome, we're having a meeting on #ubuntu-bd15:50
Ekusheyi'm back, knome. looks like all the same...16:59
Ekusheyis it possible to delete the page and create again?17:00
dsmythiesEkushey: You should be able to revert the page yourself and then try again. Go to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ekushey?action=info17:13
Ekusheyok dsmythies trying that17:14
dsmythiesEkushey: Hmmm... Looks as though someone did delete it.17:18
dsmythiessomehow I did not see knone's comment that he deleted it. I was still getting redirected until a few minutes ago.17:23
knomedsmythies, looks like some server side cache maybe :/18:55
pleia2meeting in a few minutes, we'll have it here because #ubuntu-meeting is busy21:54
pleia2meetingology has joined us for the day :)21:54
meetingologypleia2: Error: "has" is not a valid command.21:54
belkinsaFor what?21:56
knomeyay for not having to chair a meeting <321:56
pleia2yeah, who wants to chair? :)21:59
pleia2a resounding echo22:00
pleia2#startmeeting Documentation Team22:00
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Feb  6 22:00:32 2014 UTC.  The chair is pleia2. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.22:00
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* belkinsa is here for the meeting22:00
godbykpleia2's on top of things today! :-)22:00
pleia2#chair knome dsmythies godbyk bkerensa22:01
meetingologyCurrent chairs: bkerensa dsmythies godbyk knome pleia222:01
pleia2in case I get pulled away re: work :)22:01
pleia2we have an agenda!22:01
knomepleia2, sorry, i was following the other meeting...22:01
bkerensaoh I happen to be in my office so looks like I'm in attendance22:01
pleia2#topic Ubuntu Classroom Sessions scheduling22:02
pleia2so we have topics decided, we just need to select a day22:02
dsmythiesI can do the Serverguide classroom session. Sorry, I didn't notice before (or forgot) that I was supposed to sign up.22:02
pleia2thanks dsmythies22:02
pleia2we want to do this at a time when telling people this stuff is still useful for the team if they want to join, so before any kind of freezes22:03
pleia2late february? march? weekday or weekend?22:03
belkinsaWeekend works the best for me.22:03
dsmythiesThe sooner the better, weekday or wekend O.K. for me.22:04
belkinsaThough the week of March 17-23 is free for me.22:04
* pleia2 pulls up a calendar22:04
godbykI'm usually available except for Tuesdays and Fridays.22:04
pleia2I'm out of town that week, maybe the week before?22:04
pleia2or maybe March 1 or 2?22:04
belkinsaSure, but MWF works the best for me.22:05
pleia2that's saturday and sunday22:05
pleia2Sunday, March 2nd would be best for me22:05
belkinsaThat works.22:05
belkinsaEither day.22:05
pleia2(I try to take off on Saturdays :))22:05
godbykI don't have anything scheduled for March 1 or 2 yet.22:05
dsmythiesSunday March 2nd O.K. for me.22:05
pleia2ok, I'll firm up with the other instructors22:06
pleia2#decided March 2nd for Documentation Day Classroom sessions22:06
dsmythiesWe really need people to review docs against 14.04 computers. Should there be a classroom session on how to create and use a virtual computer for this purpose?22:06
pleia2(is that a thing on this bot?)22:06
pleia2dsmythies: I was thinking that would be covered in godbyk's session22:06
pleia2but if we don't think there is enough time, we can do a general "creating a VM for all docs" session22:07
godbykpleia2: try 'agreed'22:07
pleia2godbyk: ah :) thanks22:07
pleia2#agreed March 2nd for Documentation Day Classroom sessions22:07
pleia2#topic Progress on Desktop Docs GNOME documentation sync22:08
pleia2I know there's been a fair amount of discussion on this topic (whether we're even doing it)22:08
bkerensaI will let godbyk start off since he is doing the syncing22:09
pleia2I added this, mostly because I would like to know when it's ok for me to say "ok people, go review docs and submit bugs about grammar+functionality"22:09
godbykI'll take a look at syncing everything this weekend.22:09
GunnarHjWhatever we will decide about the syncing, I think that anybody can start reviewing and correcting the present state of the docs right now.22:09
dsmythiesIn my opinion, we are ready for 14.04 docs review now.22:09
dsmythiesHowever, does anyone know fo some any doc pages that should be put on hold, due to pending changes that would/could make the page obsolete?22:09
godbykI don't think it'll take me too long—especially since I can strip out the conditionals now.22:10
bkerensaGunnarHj: exactly22:10
bkerensathere is no reason that spelling and grammar fixes should not be throughout the entire cycle22:10
godbykdsmythies: I have no idea what changes are coming in 14.04. Have we found good sources for that info yet?22:10
pleia2bkerensa: well if the entire page is going to be replaced with a synced version, eek22:10
pleia2I don't want to waste peoples time22:10
dsmythiesI don't know either22:11
bkerensagodbyk: There are lots of things coming... Some of this is identifiable from watching the package changes in ubuntu-desk22:11
bkerensaothers we would need to ping the ubuntu-desktop team22:11
bkerensafwiw last cycle nobody was very helpful22:11
pleia2bkerensa: have you been keeping an eye on that?22:11
bkerensanobody on the desktop or unity teams22:11
pleia2package changes == reading changelog?22:11
GunnarHjActually I don't think there are a lot of things that affect the docs.22:11
bkerensapleia2: I have not ideally this is something we need desktop team to do22:12
pleia2bkerensa: but they won't, we need to get past this and stop complaining about it22:12
godbykFor a while, I subscribed to the changes lists for packages, but there was entirely too much traffic for me to manage. It was like drinking from a fire hose.22:12
pleia2GunnarHj: yeah, as an LTS I was hoping not a ton of innovative things were happening :)22:12
bkerensapleia2: so ultimately they provide the info to release team22:12
bkerensaso they are doing it22:12
bkerensathey just are not shattering it with us22:12
godbykbkerensa: Just not very early though, right?22:12
pleia2bkerensa: they get this to the release team at day zero22:13
bkerensabecause the info ends up in the release notes22:13
pleia2not early enough for us22:13
bkerensabut they work on it weeks before22:13
bkerensausually a month before release22:13
GunnarHjI think we can simply check out whether the current state of the docs is still applicable by comparing it with an updated 14.04.22:13
bkerensabut we will need to break down areas by components maybe22:13
bkerensaand delegate reviewing components to certain people22:13
bkerensaand hope that no last minute changes happen22:14
bkerensaworst case scenario if a last minute change lands after freeze we can SRU22:14
bkerensaor get a string freeze exception22:14
pleia2let's cross that bridge when we get to it :)22:14
GunnarHjYeah, breaking it down and divide responsibilites is a good thought.22:14
pleia2I know you're frustrated after last cycle, but we need to try to be practical22:14
dsmythiesI was just hoping to not waste time is all.22:15
bkerensadsmythies: +122:15
* pleia2 nods22:15
pleia2it's an LTS, there shouldn't be any last minute surprises22:15
godbykpleia2: famous last words. ;-)22:16
GunnarHjpleia2: Right. (They are all busy with the phone anyway.)22:16
pleia2godbyk: yeah, but historically it actually has been accurate :)22:16
pleia2GunnarHj: heh, there is that22:16
pleia2ok, too much bitterness in this meeting so far ;)22:16
pleia2so, should I start telling people to review the docs?22:17
knomebelkinsa, ping me when it's your turn on the other meeting :D22:17
pleia2or wait until after the weekend and godbyk looks at things22:17
belkinsaknome, sure.22:17
GunnarHjpleia2: Indeed you should.22:17
dsmythiesdid we agree then, conditionals can come out (and already are, actually, and look and feel can deviate22:17
bkerensaI agree reviewing it now is probably good22:17
bkerensaThere is so much to be reviewed22:17
godbykdsmythies: I'm for removing the conditionals so we have one less potential issue to trip over.22:17
pleia2ok cool, Documentation is one of my 5 tasks I'm talking about at an Ubucon later this month and I have a blog post on the topic to write ;)22:17
GunnarHjgodbyk: Wouldn't that break things for UbuntuGNOME?22:18
* bkerensa looks forward to hearing the talk at Ubucon22:18
pleia2I don't know what Ubuntu GNOME does about docs, but this would be the ubuntu documentation package22:19
godbykGunnarHj: The GNOME docs are an entirely separate set of files on Ubuntu. So our changes to ubuntu-docs won't impact GNOME docs at all.22:19
pleia2yeah, that22:19
pleia2ok, anything else on this topic?22:20
GunnarHjgodbyk: Are you sure that UbuntuGNOME refers to the GNOME docs? After all it's an Ubuntu flavour.22:20
godbykGunnarHj: Yep. We've tested it before.22:20
pleia2#action godbyk to look at gnome sync this weekend, conditionals will be/are removed22:20
meetingologyACTION: godbyk to look at gnome sync this weekend, conditionals will be/are removed22:20
dsmythiesGunnar: Yes. we tested22:20
GunnarHjgodbyk: Ok.22:20
pleia2#agreed ok to recruit reviewers now22:20
godbykGunnarHj: If by 'UbuntuGNOME' you're referring to running GNOME shell under Ubuntu.22:20
godbykGunnarHj: If it's a separate distribution, then they're on their own.22:20
pleia2Ubuntu GNOME is a flavor22:21
pleia2(like Xubuntu)22:21
dsmythiesI think, but am not sure, that it what I tested.22:21
bkerensaI would like to add an item to the agenda if we can squeeze it in that being Documentation Release Process22:22
pleia2#topic Guidelines about wiki work22:22
dsmythiesGunnar: can we go off line and make sure we are talking about the same thing?22:22
GunnarHjdsmythies: Sure, after the meeting?22:23
pleia2belkinsa & knome - all yours :)22:23
GunnarHjI brought that item up on the agenda.22:23
pleia2oh, GunnarHj!22:23
pleia2sorry :)22:23
GunnarHjBut more people ought to be interested. ;-)22:24
knomeyeah, i just wanted to read it22:24
belkinsaThe next item is mine though it might need to be only talked about and get used.22:24
knomeand comment22:24
GunnarHjI'm just wondering how we will reach conclusions and actions with respect to those topics.22:25
GunnarHjThinking of discussions about tags and page deletion.22:25
knomeGunnarHj, do you have a clear summary of the current state of the discussion in mind?22:25
knomeor does it look like it's not clear what people want to do22:25
GunnarHjI'm not that updated...22:26
pleia2I admit, I kind of lost track of this discussion :(22:26
GunnarHjAs regards page deletion: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2013-December/018472.html22:26
belkinsaI think the same also.22:26
knomei think there never was a clear conclusion to things22:27
knomewhich is why we're still wondering :)22:27
GunnarHjknome: Right.22:27
knomei think the less tags we have, the better.22:27
GunnarHjknome: Me too.22:28
knomei don't mind if a tag is a bit off22:28
knomeat least people who care *look* at the page22:28
GunnarHjBetter fix than adding tags.22:28
knomeand about deleting pages...22:29
belkinsaYes, but we need to find people that will fix the pages if the info is outdated.22:29
knomei know some people *cough*pleia2*cough* disagree, but we should be braver in deleting22:29
bkerensaSo might I say that I think its worth a thought to consider a migration to mediawiki next cycle to address outdated pages?22:29
pleia2yeah I hate deleting :)22:29
bkerensathe software that wikipedia is powered by22:30
knomebkerensa, how would a migration to another wiki software help with outdated pages?22:30
pleia2bkerensa: have you spoken with IS about this?22:30
pleia2I think the last thing we need is another migration22:30
bkerensaknome: They have a stale content tool22:30
belkinsaWasn't eagles0513875_ talking about this a few months ago and a few meetings ago22:30
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bkerensabelkinsa: yeah22:30
knomeand how does that tool help us update the pages?22:30
pleia2I think he was talking about an entirely new system22:30
GunnarHjI indeed agree with knome that we should be braver as regards deleting.22:30
bkerensaknome:  It gives a list of ones that are outdated22:31
pleia2I don't think rehashing this is productive22:31
bkerensawithout tagging22:31
belkinsaYeah, I only see a easy to see comment thing for that system.22:31
pleia2I can be ok with deleting stuff as long as we aren't too aggressive about it22:31
knomebkerensa, without tagging, but with some more resource usage by mediawiki22:31
pleia2we should make ever effort to redirect pages to proper documentation22:31
GunnarHjThere was an idea on the list with 'soft deleting', i.e. redirect to a special page. See the above link.22:31
knomei don't think migrating software is a solution to our problem, really22:32
knomethe information page about deleted content is ++22:32
bkerensapleia2: but if the proper doc does not exist and we don't know content is outdated then how do we address that?22:32
bkerensaMoinMoin is lacking in identifying outdated content22:32
belkinsaEven in the new versions?22:33
pleia2bkerensa: tagging works fine for us22:33
bkerensa2.0 is supposed to be better22:33
knomebkerensa, we don't have a software problem22:33
pleia2knome: +122:33
GunnarHjbkerensa: People identify outdated contents, software does not.22:33
bkerensafair enough22:33
belkinsaknome, +1 It's how we deal with the stuff.22:33
knome^ my comment on the "soft deletion" / "deletion information" page idea22:33
GunnarHjknome: Yeah, I remember.22:34
bkerensafwiw http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Category:Outdated_pages maintenance pages/stale content tools are win because if a page has not been updated in a release cycle it can be automagically listed22:34
pleia2knome: so perhaps we do our best to redirect to a relevant page, and if not we go to a deleted page info page?22:35
knomepleia2, exactly22:35
GunnarHjpleia2: Right.22:35
knomepleia2, which explains the reason (a tag), then at some point redirects the user to a "where do i go now?" -page22:35
knomei'll need to work on the soft deletion page22:37
knome#action knome to work on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DeletedPageDraft22:37
meetingologyACTION: knome to work on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DeletedPageDraft22:37
knomethat's actually a POC!22:37
knomego to that page22:37
pleia2#agreed Do our best to redirect to a relevant page, and if not send people to DeletedPageDraft22:38
knomeand you'll be shown the reason why a page was deleted, then redirected to the front page22:38
belkinsaThat works.22:38
pleia2thanks knome :)22:38
GunnarHjknome: ;-)22:38
knomepleia2, ....which should have a better name than *Draft later22:38
=== slickymaster_new is now known as slickymaster
pleia2knome: hah, right22:38
pleia2GunnarHj: any more on this topic?22:38
knomebut sure, works for now22:38
pleia2ok cool, thanks for bringing it back up22:38
knomeare we content with the tags we have now?22:38
knomeor do people think we need to reconsider them?22:39
pleia2tags now are good22:39
knomethen i'm all good if pleia2 is content with the tags22:39
pleia2#topic Guidelines about using prefixes in mailing-list22:40
pleia2phew, not belkinsa's turn at the membership board meeting yet ;)22:41
belkinsaOkay, we have the three or four prefixes : [Wiki], [server], [desktop], right?22:41
knomei think using prefixes is sane.22:41
godbykI like the prefixes, too.22:42
knomehelps me filter out my mail :)22:42
belkinsaI think they should be used to differate what we are talking about22:42
pleia2just as long as it doesn't turn into an issue that we yell at people about for not doing22:42
belkinsaI think we need to make a wiki page or have this written down something and use it/22:42
pleia2https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc can be updated to explain the tags22:43
GunnarHjbelkinsa: +122:43
dsmythiesI agree with prefixes (I just have to remember to use them)22:43
pleia2so someone should draft up what each are, and email ubuntu-doc-owner@lists.ubuntu.com to update the list22:43
godbykpleia2: Good idea.22:43
knomeyep, no need to shout22:43
belkinsaI shall do this since it's my item that I brought up.22:44
knomethe basic idea is to be able to filter/moderate the amount of mail one needs to look at22:44
pleia2#action belkinsa to draft up details of tags and email ubuntu-doc-owner@lists.ubuntu.com to update the list info22:44
meetingologyACTION: belkinsa to draft up details of tags and email ubuntu-doc-owner@lists.ubuntu.com to update the list info22:44
pleia2thanks belkinsa!22:44
belkinsaNot a problem.22:44
knomeif something isn't catched in the filter... well, we all get spam anyway.22:44
pleia2my brain is bad at adding tags :)22:44
knomefortunately it's your fingers that type them ;)22:45
belkinsaAye, no program can do prefixes yet.22:45
pleia2#topic Documentation Release Process22:45
pleia2bkerensa: all yours!22:45
bkerensaSo ideally there seemed to be some confusion last cycle as to what the release processes are22:46
bkerensaand I just hoped to see if anyone godbyk or dsmythies had questions about that?22:46
dsmythiesThere were a couple of issues...22:47
bkerensaI'm applying for PPU for the ubuntu-doc package so ideally it won't be as troublesome to get the package uploaded since everyone is busy at that point and not much sponsoring occurs that late22:47
godbykbkerensa: Ah, that's good to hear.22:47
dsmythiesfirst, the translators task list is based on the package and not the project. This cuased greif. So this cycle we need to update the package at doc freeze, otherwise translators complain.22:48
bkerensaOne thing I am also thinking is next cycle I might consider taking on more of just a release management role for docs if thats of interest22:49
godbykIs there a crib page on the wiki that walks someone through the release process?  If not, it'd be great if we could create one.22:49
bkerensathat being handling our release/upload but also tracking our bugs to ensure we square away issues that will impact our users22:49
dsmythiesSecond: and in my opinion, there is a problem in launchpad, where it will back date stuff and it is really really confusing as to who did what when.22:50
bkerensagodbyk: there is a list of stuff to do on mailing list that jbicha left22:50
bkerensaand its basically that + packaging plus doing some tasks on LP that are not documented and as dsmythies points out is troublesome22:50
godbykbkerensa: Could you help me expand that and put it on the wiki?22:50
GunnarHjdsmythies: back date?22:50
dsmythiesThe process for upload, as Benjamin knows, is unlcear to me, and remains so.22:50
GunnarHjdsmythies: I think that could be easily straightened out.22:51
bkerensadsmythies: so the process for uploading is that its packaged and a debdiff is generated22:51
dsmythiesGunner: I'll have to find and example, It is incredibly annoying. But no information is given as to who accpeted something or when, it gets backdated.22:51
bkerensaand a developer with upload rights then uploads it22:51
godbykPerhaps it's only my own ignorance, but I get the impression that a lot of the knowledge of the details of the release process are tucked away in a few people's heads and I'd like to get it written down somewhere public so someone else could go through the entire release process on their own if those knowledgeable people fall off the face of the planet.22:52
bkerensaI don't have upload rights for ubuntu-docs so in this case I have to nag a core dev22:52
pleia2godbyk: +122:52
dsmythiesyes, but the date can be be weeks ago.22:52
dsmythies... wait I misssed a bunch of text...22:52
GunnarHjI have PPU rights for a couple of packages. Can try to get it for ubuntu-docs as well.22:52
bkerensagodbyk: so the release precedes as far as getting the branch ready for packaging and upload are on the mailing list22:53
dsmythiesgobdyk: There is an exact "how to be a doc committor for serverguide page. the same is needed for dektop.22:53
pleia2GunnarHj: I think it would be great to have a couple folks on the team with PPU for docs22:53
GunnarHjpleia2: Yeah.. And we should apparently document this somewhere.22:53
pleia2indeed :)22:53
bkerensagodbyk: in regards to packaging and uploading it I think this is something that should be a pathway for devs22:54
pleia2bkerensa: can you work with godbyk to document some of this process in public?22:54
pleia2s/this process/the release process22:54
bkerensapleia2: which part?22:54
godbykbkerensa: everything. :)22:54
pleia2everything, it's currently scattered in mailing lists posts and brains22:54
GunnarHjLet's not reinvent the wheel now...22:55
pleia2#action bkerensa to work with godbyk to document the release process22:55
meetingologyACTION: bkerensa to work with godbyk to document the release process22:55
bkerensain regards to the packaging bit I think we need to encourage people to follow the developer pathway22:55
pleia2yeah, we can link to docs on that as needed22:55
pleia2but I've been around for a while now, and I still don't have a high level view of how this magic happens22:55
dsmythiesyes, everything. See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository/Members-Serverguide22:55
GunnarHjpleia2: You learn it by doing, basically. ;-)22:56
dsmythiesbkerensa: I spent many many 10s of hours on it last cycle and got nowhere.22:56
pleia2I'd say we start with an outline of everything that needs to be done, and then expand from there22:56
knomei think it would make sense if there was somebody assigned per cycle to make sure (with other documentation 'leaders') doc strings are in .pots on docstringfreeze and later, (help) upload packages22:56
bkerensadsmythies: I spent two years learning packaging ;)22:56
pleia2packaging is hard22:57
bkerensaand still don't have it all figured out22:57
knomeit's not a huge undertaking, but it would be soothing to know there is somebody to do it.22:57
pleia2I landed my first package in debian in 2006 and I'm still lousy at it :)22:57
knomeobviously, this person should be somebody who has PPU for the docs packages.22:57
godbykI haven't packaged anything yet, but I'm willing to learn.22:57
bkerensathats why I think the developer guide and normal pathway is win because giving a watered down course or guide on packaging is going to end in people learning hanky and then dev member board is not going to approve those people PPU because they won't confident in their skills22:57
dsmythiespakcaging aside, I have a pretty good handle on the rest of it.22:57
bkerensaI want people to be successful in that22:58
bkerensaI highly encourage folks to dig up dholbach or slangaseks google hangout videos about anatomy of packaging22:58
pleia2so maybe add some packaging links to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository/Members-Serverguide ?22:58
godbykbkerensa: That's fine, but there's a lot more to it than just creating a deb file. I want to document everything that needs to be done before and after the dev pathway you mentioned. Then we can just link to the dev pathway docs in the middle.22:58
pleia2ok cool22:59
bkerensagodbyk: sure lets nail that down before end of cycle22:59
dsmythiesNo, to the generic page, the serverguide has not package version.22:59
pleia2thanks bkerensa!22:59
pleia2dsmythies: oh, right22:59
godbykbkerensa: Sounds like a plan. I'll send you and email and we can start working on that stuff. Thanks!22:59
pleia2#topic Any other business22:59
dsmythiesthis page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/Repository/Members22:59
bkerensagodbyk: and although I am often gone if you ever want to setup a time/day to learn some packaging I am happy to show you what I know22:59
pleia2Anything else? (I hope not, this rounds up hour 3 of meetings for me today and I may killself)23:00
pleia2((just kidding))23:00
godbykbkerensa: Cool. Yeah, I'm sure we can find a time to get together and work on that.23:00
belkinsaknome, piny and ready23:00
dsmythiesIs ther a "how to do a classroom session" somehwere?23:00
pleia2dsmythies: yeah, sec23:00
godbykdsmythies: Great question!23:00
GunnarHjI posted an application for ubuntu-core-docs. Glad if somebody get it some attention. ;-)23:00
godbykIt's been forever since I've done that stuff.. and I think it's changed since then.23:01
pleia2and you can see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom for links to past classes23:01
dsmythiespleia2: thanks.23:01
pleia2to get an idea of what others folks have done23:01
dsmythiesI like to learn by example.23:01
* bkerensa must depart (epic winter storm here ttyl)23:01
godbykbkerensa: Take care and thanks for coming!23:02
dsmythiesGunnar: I support your application, and was going to suggest it anyhow.23:02
GunnarHjdsmythies: Thanks. :)23:02
godbykI'm glad to see the docs team member roster growing again.23:02
pleia2yes, very exciting :)23:03
dsmythiesYes +123:03
dsmythiesGunnar: I didn't actually see any application though. (?)23:03
GunnarHjdsmythies: On the list - maybe the wrong place?23:04
godbykGunnarHj: Apply to join the team on Launchpad.  Then we can approve it.23:04
dsmythiesI must have misssed it, sorry.23:04
dsmythiesYes, like godbyk said.23:04
pleia2+1 on list would be nice :)23:05
pleia2(like was done for jack)23:05
dsmythiesopps, it went to my junk mail...23:05
dsmythiesyes, I like the idea of some on-list debate23:06
GunnarHjIs that sufficient then?23:06
godbykdsmythies, pleia2: Agreed.23:06
dsmythiesGunnar: Yes, I found out via the one earlier, that we (admins) can add someone without them applying.23:07
GunnarHjdsmythies: Ok, thanks.23:07
pleia2alright, thanks everyone23:08
meetingologyMeeting ended Thu Feb  6 23:08:15 2014 UTC.23:08
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-doc/2014/ubuntu-doc.2014-02-06-22.00.moin.txt23:08
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-doc/2014/ubuntu-doc.2014-02-06-22.00.html23:08
belkinsaNot a problem.23:08
belkinsaThanks for the meeting.23:08
dsmythiesyes, thanks all.23:08
pleia2belkinsa: congrats on membership! :D23:08
pleia2(she just got it, during this meeting)23:08
godbykThanks for chairing, pleia2.23:08
belkinsaThank you!23:08
knomepleia2, thanks for chairing. hopefully it was your last meeting for today :)23:08
godbykbelkinsa: Congratulations!23:08
GunnarHjThanks all, and congrats belkinsa!23:08
pleia2no moar meetings23:09
pleia2now I get to work all night at $dayjob to catch up23:10
godbykpleia2: Time for me to get back to my day job, too. :)23:11
knometime to get to my night job :P23:13

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