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starnixI have messed up my fonts on system. please anyone tell me, how to setup the default set of fonts on gnome 3.809:08
darkxststarnix, use dconf-editor to reset the relevant keys09:11
starnixdarkxst: where in dconf-editor?09:15
darkxstthere are lots of fonts keys09:16
darkxstjust search for "fonts"09:16
darkxstyou didnt say what fonts you messed up, but the main ones will likely be in org.gnome.desktop.interface09:17
mgedmingnome-tweak-tool is perhaps a nicer way to change fonts11:34
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smallfoot-The GNOME Terminal version in Ubuntu is horribly old19:17
smallfoot-its version 3.6.1!19:18
smallfoot-Can you please upgrade it to 3.8, 3.10, or 3.11+?19:18
smallfoot-I am using 14.04 Trusty Tahr19:18
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Noskcajsmallfoot-, Issues with ubuntu, it will be fixed eventually19:22
smallfoot-I see19:40
smallfoot-GNOME Terminal have issues with Ubuntu?19:40
NoskcajJust that we have a pretty big diff and i think ubuntu has an issue with updating it19:40
smallfoot-oh, I see :(19:52
smallfoot-now its gotten very outdated tho19:53
smallfoot-Why do they need to patch it? can't they just use unpatched upsteam gnome-terminal without changes?19:53
NoskcajIt breaks certain things, i'm not really sure19:54
Noskcajdarkxst, Where you going to merge terminal?19:54
smallfoot-I see :(19:56
smallfoot-Also, I noticed 14.04 trusty have outdated Chromium and Firefox19:56
smallfoot-even 13.10 saucy have newer versions of Chromium and Firefox19:56
Noskcajfirefox has a build failure20:00
smallfoot-oh :(20:02
darkxstNoskcaj, there is still the vte sourcing issue for gnome-terminal20:16
darkxstBug 113270020:17
ubot5bug 1132700 in gnome-terminal (Ubuntu) "gnome-terminal requires sourcing of vte.sh login script" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113270020:17
smallfoot-I subscribed to that bug report20:48
smallfoot-I hope it gets fixed soon20:48
smallfoot-being stuck with 3.6.1 sucks :S20:48
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smallfoot-Can gnome-session-flashback be updated?21:34
smallfoot-its still 3.821:34
smallfoot-gnome-applets still at 3.5.92 :(21:36
darkxstsmallfoot-, we don't maintain the flashback stuff21:38
darkxsthowever I don't think there is any release beyond 3.821:38
darkxstsmallfoot-, probably better to try  the edubuntu guys for gnome-flashback questions21:39
smallfoot-I see, thanks21:41
smallfoot-flashback is awesome21:42
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