ClumsyFairyQueenhey IdleOne - can you get CharlesA a cloak05:37
joseCharlesA: what's your launchpad nick?05:38
joseor link05:38
IdleOneonly if CharlesA links me to his LP account and asks nice :)05:38
CharlesABut, but https://launchpad.net/~charlesa05:38
rwwIdleOne: ooo ooo make ldunn do it05:39
* ldunn bounds in and pecks IdleOne on the cheek05:40
IdleOneldunn: Can we please get a @ubuntu/member/charlesa for CharlesA05:40
rwwIdleOne: can I have one too05:41
IdleOneCongrats CharlesA!05:41
rwwIdleOne: can it be ubuntu/annoyance/rww05:42
CharlesAThanks :D05:42
IdleOnerww: no05:42
IdleOnethank you ldunn05:42
rwwIdleOne: what about ubuntu/bot/rww05:42
ldunnno problem05:42
joserww: maybe you can ask for a freenode/weird-exception/network-troll/rww cloak05:43
rwwI wouldn't want the association with AfterDeath05:44
ldunnI'm sure they'd be very hurt to hear you say that :(05:44
IdleOnerww: please submit the proper form to the appropriate governing body (in pen, in triplicate)05:44
rwwldunn: I'm sure they'd be unsurprised.05:44
IdleOneClumsyFairyQueen: let CharlesA know that I am happy to have him be my first :)05:45
* ldunn blinks05:46
IdleOnecharlesa is the first person I have had the pleasure to approve cloakiness for05:46
josecongrats, IdleOne!05:46
IdleOnethank you05:46
IdleOnereading that a second time I now see why I got a wat05:52
IdleOnesorry :/05:52
ClumsyFairyQueenlol IdleOne05:52
rwwIdleOne is Quebecois, he is not good at the englishing05:53
IdleOneI anglesh jus fine tenk you05:54
IdleOnemaudit americain05:54
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LjLFYI: I am presently going to ask the IRC Council to give me permission to share more than just small snippets from #ubuntu-irc-council logs in which I was involved.15:32
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LjLFYI: the mentioned logs have been shared and can be found at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-irc/2014-February/001657.html18:34
belkinsaHello, I would like to get a Ubuntu Member cloak.  Here is proof that I'm one: From https://launchpad.net/~belkinsa, "Ubuntu Members-Joined 12 minutes ago".  Thank you.23:16
Unit193hggdh: Hello, I see you and AlanBell both hiding there.23:17
hggdhI see it ;-)23:17
LjLbelkinsa: i don't believe you, please provide a scan of your passport and driving license, as well as a hand-signed copy of the CoC, and a video of you swearing an oath of allegiance to Ubuntu and its philosophy23:18
hggdhyes, looks good (and, BTW, I only didn't vote because I was slow)23:18
LjLbut also, not really, they'll just cloak you23:18
belkinsaLjL, you are kidding, right?23:18
hggdhstaff -- can we please have an Ubuntu cloak for belkinsa?23:18
hggdhbelkinsa: he is23:19
belkinsahggdh, has proof also.23:19
LjLbelkinsa: yes, i just said as much!23:19
belkinsaI figured.23:19
hggdhbelkinsa: welcome to your Brand New cloak :-)23:20
ldunncloak updated o/23:20
hggdhand congrats23:20
belkinsaThank, ldunn.23:20
AlanBellyay belkinsa \o/23:20
belkinsaThank you everyone.23:21
hggdhldunn: thank you very much23:21
ldunnno worries23:21
LjLsometimes i wish not every new member who joined here parted immediately afterwards :( maybe it's the fault of all those people playing silly jokes on them23:23
slickymasterHello, I'd like to request an Ubuntu members cloak23:44
slickymasterMyLaunchpad ID link is https://launchpad.net/~slickymaster23:45
k1lslickymaster: hey, congrats. looks good so far23:45
slickymasterthanks k1l23:45
AlanBellhi slickymaster23:45
k1lwe just need some IRCC member to confirm and then a staffer to set the cloak23:45
slickymasteris there aynthing else I have to do?23:45
slickymasterhey AlanBell23:46
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/slickymaster cloak for slickymaster please23:46
AlanBellthanks ldunn23:48
slickymasterthanks ldunn23:48
ldunnno worries23:48
AlanBellcongratulations slickymaster :)23:48
slickymasterthanks AlanBell23:48
slickymasterdo I have to gogout and login?23:48
slickymasterok, thanks23:49
AlanBell /whois slickymaster  :)23:49

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