esnyderhi all. i'm struggling to get crashdump working on ubuntu 13.10 running as a virtualbox guest on a mac. trying to follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/CrashdumpRecipe00:53
esnyderi found someone having similar problems at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kexec-tools/+bug/123561600:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 785394 in grub (Ubuntu Saucy) "duplicate for #1235616 Hard-coded crashkernel=... memory reservation in /etc/grub.d/10_linux is insufficient" [Medium,In progress]00:53
esnyderanyone have advice for me? should this work, and i need to just keep futzing, or are there known issues?00:54
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ppisatiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnn... :)07:22
* ppisati goes for a lot of coffee...07:22
* smb joins the cup-ride07:46
apwsmb, so i have simple-f cause i am on -511:44
apwE: DRIVER=simple-framebuffer11:44
apwi'd not see that if i updated you say yes ?11:44
smbapw, yep11:44
apwthen all is good11:44
smbapw, It was the updated kernel that caused me to fight efi-framebuffer (as simple was gone)11:45
apwahh heh11:45
apwanyhow when that version hits, i would like to know if that works ok on your radeon box11:46
apwor whether i need to fix vesafb11:46
smbapw, So I ran with that changed locally and this makes vesafb still load but the idev event has not the primary env var set11:48
smbprobably what we expect11:49
smbStill comes up, got that weird login bug again... but that could be fluke11:49
apwwell thats something12:08
apwrsalveti, hey ... mako, we have just gotten a security team patch set for this kernel, but there is a version just sitting in our PPA for your testing, shuld i just replace it and we reset from there or do you want to do something with it first12:11
smbapw, So a qemu uri for virsh is "virsh -c qemu+ssh://<user>@<host>/system12:24
rsalvetiapw: better to just replace it with the security fix, and rebase the tree with the current changes12:38
rsalvetiapw: as we're not done yet with android 4.412:39
apwrsalveti, this is bringing in yama not a security fix, so i don't need to drop it on wahts in the archive at all12:42
apwrsalveti, i was more thinking shall i update the 4.4 version in the PPA with it12:42
rsalvetiapw: oh, then yeah12:42
rsalvetithat would be better12:42
rsalvetiand easier12:42
apwok ... thanks will do that12:42
rtgjjohansen, I don't think the config patch for bug #1270215 is doing the right thing according to the bug reporter.13:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1270215 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "kernel 3.13.0-4.19~precise1-generic: no internet via ethernet or WiFi" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127021513:17
rtgbjf, did that Trusty AA oops go away in CI testing ?13:51
bjfrtg, don't know for sure http://ci.ubuntu.com/sru/trusty/version/3.13.0-7.26-generic/13:53
rtgbjf, is the dashboard accurate now ?13:54
bjfpsivaa, have you seen that panic with the new trusty kernel?13:54
bjfrtg, no, but it tells you that the tests ran to completion and results got posted13:54
psivaabjf: not yet, there was a temp archive issue and cobbler in the morning. the tests are running on amd64 machines now. 13:55
bjfpsivaa, cool thanks13:55
psivaayw, i'll keep you posted if i see that again13:56
bjfpsivaa, appreciated. you can let me or any of us know in this channel13:56
psivaabjf: ack13:56
DW-10297Does anybody know if the kernel in the netboot package for 12.04.4 will finally have support for the Intel I210/I217 NICs?14:10
DW-10297those drivers have been available forever14:11
DW-10297That would make life soo much easier for folks that have gigantic clusters of boxes with those NICs in them14:13
apwDW-10297, if you can tell us what the driver for that is, we can check14:14
rtgindeed, we ought to be able to netboot an Intel NIC14:17
DW-10297yeah when those nics came out 18 months ago i requested this and i was told to shove it =D14:17
DW-10297and several releases of the netboot package came and went14:18
apwDW-10297, did you file a bug about it?14:18
apwand if so what was the number, so i can see what happeneed to it14:18
apwit might have been helpful to test the beta images a couple of weeks ago, then we could have made sure14:19
DW-10297Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 2.1.4-k in 13.04 sees the target NICs14:20
apwwhat does lsmod say is bound to it14:20
DW-10297it says used by 014:21
DW-10297but in dmesg when the kernel starts its indicating that it's using that driver for the NIC14:22
DW-10297on a supermicro server board that has Intel Corporation I210 Gigabit (lspci) it uses igb 5.0.5-k (in centos)14:25
DW-10297so i guess as long as it has at least 2.1.4-k of e1000e and igb 5.0.5-k (or whatever) it should work fine14:26
DW-10297by the way here is the bug that someone else filed for this a lonnggg time ago14:27
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1182878 in linux (Ubuntu) "i210/i217 unsupported by igb / e1000e driver in precise" [Medium,Invalid]14:27
DW-10297and it was marked invalid14:27
DW-10297for no reason14:27
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DW-10297apparently this should've been fixed in 12.04.314:31
DW-10297but i can confirm it doesnt work14:32
DW-10297at least not in the netboot kernel14:32
DW-10297even the jan 10 release of the netboot package14:32
bjfDW-10297, according to comment 7 of that bug, the person that filed the bug says it is working for him and it's no longer valid14:34
DW-10297it might work if you install it from a cd14:34
bjfDW-10297, that was done june of last year. if you disagreed, you could have commented on the bug or opened your own14:35
rtgDW-10297, it would sure help if you would start a bug and attach a dmesg to it so we can start looking at some specifics. Intel typically has really good support for their drivers.14:35
DW-10297its not a problem with intel's drivers, it's that the kernel in http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/ doesn't have the right driver14:36
rtgDW-10297, a 3.2 kernel likely _won't_ have the right driver. if you have the same HW as in bug 1182878, then you'll need at least a 3.5 kernel, i.e., 12.04.214:39
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1182878 in linux (Ubuntu) "i210/i217 unsupported by igb / e1000e driver in precise" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118287814:39
DW-10297rtg: Okay, i'm not arguing that. I'm trying to figure out why the netboot images aren't kept up to date with whats going on in the actual kernel14:39
DW-10297I asked #ubuntu-installer, they told me to ask you guys14:40
rtgDW-10297, ok, I'm just researching that. I admit I've never net booted 12.04.214:40
rtgin fact, I rarely netboot at all14:40
DW-10297its slightly useful in clouds14:40
DW-10297I just found it odd that there was just a new release of ubuntu installer netboot on Jan 10 and it still didnt include support for Haswell14:44
rtgDW-10297, I'm sure there is a way to do it, but it may require you to configure your own Cobbler or MAAS servers14:44
apwit is likely missing from the d-i configuration, the upstream peeps just love to change the names of their drivers for shits and giggles, and then they get lost14:44
DW-10297I think Debian 7 may actually have the driver in their installer as well. I can check if it helps14:46
DW-10297anyway I will just cross my fingers and hope that the 12.04.4 netboot works =D14:48
apwif you could test that and if it does not file a bug against 'linux' (ubuntu-bug linux) and put all the details in it, which driver it is using etc then we might be able to fix it14:49
DW-10297i will just see if 12.04.4's install fixes it first, if not i'll try it on debian and see how that goes14:50
DW-10297.4 should be out sometime soon i would hope14:50
bjfDW-10297, today is the release day for .414:51
bjfDW-10297, and why a bug report before today would have been helpful14:51
DW-10297yeah I knew that but i didnt want to be like.. if they ever publish it to the mirrors haha =)14:52
DW-10297I guess I just assumed that it would make sense to refactor the kernels used in the installer every once in awhile to add new drivers14:52
DW-10297even RHEL does that14:52
argessmb: hello14:52
argessmb: i'm still unable to reproduce bug 1273386 , i was running those scripts in a loop14:53
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1273386 in neutron "Neutron namespace metadata proxy triggers kernel crash on Ubuntu 12.04/3.2 kernel" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127338614:53
argessmb: i have the devstack setup in a VM i could give access to somebody who may have more experience with setting it up, maybe i'm missing some condition14:55
smbarges, I just started to deploy a devstack setup to one of my VMs. In parallel do you want to remind Salvatore we might have better chances with some independent reproducer he said he may provide?14:59
argessmb: antoher option is to give him access to the VM to get it set up properly15:00
argessmb: cause all we care about is getting a proper crash dump15:00
smbarges, Yeah true15:00
argesi did get to learn a bit about devstack which was fun : )15:00
argessmb: blah my vm got filled up... need to fix that15:02
argesmaybe that's why it never reproduced15:02
chilukogasawara, such charts ... so pretty..  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Support     https://imgflip.com/i/6p4hs15:03
rtgchiluk, makes it pretty clean, huh ?15:05
chilukyeah ogasawara did an awesome job.15:05
ogra_chiluk, you should try her pizza !15:06
ogasawarachiluk: hehe, "very schedule", "so color"15:07
rtgogra_, that was _my_ pizza by the way.15:07
chilukogasawara, glad I could make you smile15:08
ogasawarartg: isn't that was great managers do, take all the credit :)15:08
chiluknow we just need a translation into japanese15:08
rtgjjohansen, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1270215/comments/3315:16
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1270215 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "kernel 3.13.0-4.19~precise1-generic: no internet via ethernet or WiFi" [High,Confirmed]15:16
jjohansenrtg: is he using the lts-backport kernel?15:17
rtgjjohansen, indeed15:17
jjohansenokay, I'll look. I did test that it was working before I sent you a pull request15:18
SarvattDW-10297, apw: pretty sure http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/saucy-netboot/ is what you actually want15:18
rtgjjohansen, I checked that the config option is 'no' and that he has the right kernel15:18
jjohansenrtg: okay, I'm installing it15:19
Sarvattthat should be the enablement stack netboot for 12.04.4 there15:20
Sarvatti've never used it but thats what the release notes say at least15:20
rtgSarvatt, but that will give you a saucy user space15:21
rtgSarvatt, oh, nm15:21
Sarvattrtg: it's in precise, they refresh them for the hwe kernels15:21
Sarvattthat'd be nice to have on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/ eh?15:21
rtgSarvatt, right.15:22
rtgI knew that stuff had to bethere somewhere15:22
psivaartg: bjf: the kernel panic that we saw with trusty kernel in our systems is not occurring with 3.13.0-7.2615:40
rtgpsivaa, cool, thanks for the note15:40
rtgjjohansen, ^^15:40
psivaahttps://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Trusty/view/SRU/ (the green balls knowingly lie because there are test failures in the console logs)15:41
ricotzrtg, hi :), are you aware of the broken headers package of the 3.13 precise kernel builds? "linux-headers-3.13.0-7_3.13.0-7.26~precise1_all.deb (5.2 KiB)"16:42
rtgricotz, broken how ?16:43
ricotzlike being empty ;)16:43
ricotziirc it has been for all 3.13 builds for precise so far16:44
ricotzreferring too https://launchpad.net/~canonical-kernel-team/+archive/ppa/+packages16:44
rtgI could swear I checked them once.16:44
rtgindeed, totally vacant.16:45
ricotzrtg, thanks for looking16:47
sforsheesmb: do you know if it's possible to get crashdumps out of ec2?16:48
smbsforshee, yes ... no16:49
sforsheesmb: that's too bad16:50
rtgricotz, fixed the headers problem. next upload ought to correct it.17:10
rtgguess I'd better check foranything else I've missed17:11
ricotzrtg, great :), may i ask when this upload will happen?17:13
rtgricotz, I imagine 3.13.2 will publish today, so we'll likely upload tomorrow17:13
ricotzrtg, alright, thanks!17:13
rtgapw, I suspect I don't need do_tools_hyperv=true for armhf, right ? (Trusty LTS)17:22
apwrtg, right amd64 only, they don't do 32 bit17:24
rtgapw, tilting at lttng in trusty17:32
apwrtg, heh good luck with that :)17:34
rtgapw, I had the most problems with armhf last time. something about the compiler version that it hated.17:35
apwdeep joy indeed17:35
apwrsalveti, ok the updated -mako is built in the ckt ppa17:39
apwrsalveti, security would like this added to all your 3.4 kernels, so i would like to spin them all, presumably to the PPA as well?17:40
rsalvetiapw: yeah17:45
apwrsalveti, ok cool, i'll let you know when they are in there17:46
rsalvetiapw: great, thanks17:46
apwbjf, am i right in thinking that we have stables outstanding on saucy and raring? that we didn't respin with those in17:49
bjfapw, correct, i only respun with the upstream fix for the critical CVE17:50
apwbjf, ta, trying to make sense of the inbalance in the cve tracker17:50
bjfapw, is LP all better today?17:51
apwbjf, i'd say i have had a regular level timeouts again, so i guess its "ok"17:51
hallynanyone here well-versed in the memory cgroup's memory.swappiness contraints?18:07
hallynDocumentation/cgroups/memory.txt says you can't set it if you have use_hierarchy set and (a) you're not root or (b) you have children.  Seems like that pretty much means you can't set it if you're using hierarchy, at all.18:08
hallynok code confirms it... nm i guess18:09
jsalisburycking, just had a crash due to overheat on my x201.  I'm not sure if thermd had crashed or not though.  I'll apply the latest updates and keep an eye on it.18:11
ckingjsalisbury, i'll email you some more notes on how to tweak this18:11
hallynhm, thermd?  maybe something i could use18:11
jsalisburycking, cool, thanks18:11
jsalisburyheh, cool, no pun intended ;-)18:12
ckinghopefully it will be cool(er)18:13
zequenceinfinity: saucy uploaded, and awaiting build20:10
infinityzequence: \o/20:11
infinityzequence: Let me score those up so we can get some results.20:11
argesrtg: hey20:48
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rtgarges, yo22:29

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