sennni hope mir not blackscreen on my APU soon...07:14
dandraderalan_g, finally got custom messages between qt apps and unity8 through mir_socket working :)10:27
alan_gdandrader: Great!10:27
alan_galf_: I've had to update to track changes on devel - could you recheck before I top-approve? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/refactoring-so-SwitchingBundle-can-control-completion-of-client_acquire/+merge/20424412:10
alf_alan_g: looking12:10
anpokricmm: ping12:12
anpokalan_g: alf_: it got larger than I thought ~3k loc12:12
alan_ganpok: what is "it"?12:13
anpokavoiding includes between subcomponents12:14
anpokfor reports12:14
alan_gI imagine a lot of that is moves and renames?12:18
alf_alan_g: looks good12:18
anpokyes moved header files around..12:19
alf_anpok: alan_g: I still think that moving everything into a report(ing) component is the cleanest way to deal with this...12:20
alan_g"everything"?! Surely just the reports?12:21
alf_alan_g: :)12:22
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anpokalf_: i dont disagree, but just moving lttng/ and logging/ was not enough12:23
anpokwe had a lot of report related stuff cluttered in other places too12:23
anpok== should be simpler now12:23
alan_gI wouldn't expect "a lot of report related stuff cluttered in other places too" - what's that?12:27
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anpokalan_g|lunch: hm probably not a lot of .. just a few report logging implementations being provided within the components itself, and accessing component internals..13:00
xnoxYo =) !13:07
xnoxi've installed mirout on my device13:07
xnoxand when i do "mirout" via adb shell I get13:07
xnox"Could not connect to a display server."13:07
ricmmanpok: hi13:41
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anpokricmm: hi -> look at #mir14:05
sil2100om26er: hi!14:43
om26ersil2100, hello14:43
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chrisccoulsonkgunn, so, I ran this in gdb, and ua_ui_display_get_native_type seems to return NULL (which I verified by setting a breakpoint on eglGetDisplay)15:07
chrisccoulsoni'm just a bit unsure whether this is actually expected, seeing as apps seem to work15:08
kgunnchrisccoulson: sorry...got interrupted...15:10
kgunnyou were saying "remember what we talked about yesterday? (me wanting to get a valid display handle in oxide that I can pass to chromium for creating EGL contexts)"15:11
kgunnand "so, this is what I implemented: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6885671/"15:11
chrisccoulsonkgunn, sorry, xchat crashed there15:13
chrisccoulsonok, so i still get a null display handle, but now i'm not sure if this is actually the expected behaviour, seeing as things seem to work15:14
chrisccoulsonkgunn, i just ran qmlscene in gdb, and set breakpoints on eglGetDisplay and eglCreateContext, both of which seem to succeed, and this is what I see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6885692/15:15
kgunnchrisccoulson: i'll admit i'm not as familiar with the upper stack...but do i read it right that the display id in the qmlscene is null as well?15:16
chrisccoulsonkgunn, that's right. we get a null handle from ua_ui_display_get_native_type(), which gets passed to eglGetDisplay and somehow magically works15:17
kgunnchrisccoulson: so...wondering...shouldn't papi be taking care of all this egl shennanigans ?15:17
kgunn(which is maybe why it works)15:18
kgunnagain i'm not as familiar...15:18
chrisccoulsonkgunn, papi?15:21
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kgunnchrisccoulson: platform api...which in turn is talking to mir15:22
chrisccoulsonaha :)15:22
kgunnchrisccoulson: so i'm just spit-balling...but wondering if maybe, you can ask for egldpy id, but in the end it kind of ignores you and just takes care of some of the binding under the hood ?15:23
* kgunn starts to root around in platform-api15:24
kgunnchrisccoulson: ...right, cause ua_ui_display_get_native_type() is actually from the platform-api i/f15:26
kgunnricmm: is it normal for an app that might query ua_ui_display_get_native_type() to get null back ?? but still operate ?15:26
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chrisccoulsonkgunn, the other thing - even with a valid display handle, libhybris seems to actually ignore it - http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/trusty/libhybris/trusty/view/head:/hybris/egl/egl.c#L17315:29
chrisccoulson(it passes EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY rather than the actual handle)15:30
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kgunnchrisccoulson: true...(altho you could get a egl no display return if hybris ws considers it invalid...)15:34
ricmmkgunn: so that call is pretty transparent, it translates directly to mir_connection_get_egl_native_display()15:34
ricmmso whatever is coming from there, you get15:34
ricmmwhich ultimately will wrap hybris' EGL15:35
chrisccoulsonok, so it seems like what I'm seeing is actually pretty normal15:36
chrisccoulsonso this could be a red herring wrt my original problem15:37
chrisccoulsonkgunn, ricmm, so, IIUC, MirConnection::egl_native_display() will always return EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY on the device?15:42
kgunncertainly appears so15:42
chrisccoulsonkgunn, ok, thanks. so i have another issue then15:42
chrisccoulsonthere are some android specific egl bits in chromium, i wonder whether we should actually be turning these on15:43
kgunnchrisccoulson: it would depend, but quite possibly that may be required...15:51
kgunnthis is on n4 right ?15:51
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kdub_alan_g, with this failure: http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-mediumtests-builder-trusty-armhf/402/console17:42
kdub_for CI on ~alan-griffiths/mir/fix-127656517:42
* alan_g looks...17:42
kdub_did you figure out what was happening on the builder? i see something similar on one of my branches17:43
alan_gkdub: no. But I got the impression that everything was very slow yesterday17:44
kdub_alan_g, okay, thanks17:45
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mhall119kgunn: are there any docs for the mir screencasting feature?19:58
kgunnmhall119: nope19:58
mhall119is there a way to start/stop it from the commandline?19:58
mhall119like phablet-screenshot?19:59
kgunnits not even in archive yet19:59
kgunnright now its just an api on mir for a server to hook into20:01
kgunnits not intended to be something used arbitrarily20:01
kgunnor i guess i should say "server side aware obj:20:02
kgunnso like...shell will do something for AP testing...20:02
kgunnand if you wanted apps to be able to utilize this...we'd have to talk to ricmm about how to expose that out to app world in a trusted manner20:03
mhall119kgunn: I've been tasked with automating the creation of walk-thru videos with autopilot and screen recording, would it be possible for me to use whatever you're using to accomplish that?20:05
mhall119this doesn't need to be in an app, it can be something I launch from the terminal via adb, or however else20:05
kgunnmhall119: ah...yeah...likely20:05
kgunnso, if you're wanting to do something quicker than later....you could use unity8 on desktop that would rely on mir20:06
kgunnas you'd have a mouse20:06
kgunnotherwise...not sure what visual queue you'd have for pointer20:07
kgunnunless AP has some toggle to turn on a visual?20:07
kgunnalso...we've got one bug on desktop in mesa we think we've solve...whereas on android we're running into a driver issue20:08
kgunnfor which we don't have code yadda yadda20:08
mhall119kgunn: what do you mean I'd have a mouse?20:11
mhall119I thought unity8+mir on desktop didn't have non-touch input devices working yet20:11
kgunnmhall119: oh no...i think its _some_20:12
mhall119my plan was to have Autopilot dump a log of events and x,y coordinate for them, then programatically over-lay some visual on the video in post-production20:12
kgunnlike some specific hw bewteen certain years20:12
kgunnmhall119: oh ok...sounds cool20:12
mhall119bregma: kgunn: so will the Unity8+Mir desktop session preview still happen for 14.04, with enough input device support to actually use it?20:15
bregmamhall119, that's the aim...  I already have enough devices :)20:16
bregmait really just needs cursor-relative device support and improved out-of-box touchscreen device recognition20:17
bregmakeyboard works OK at the Mir level, but there are no keyboard shortcuts in the shell20:19
bregmamouse and trackpad are a problem because there's no cursor, could be a configuration problem?20:20
anpokgreyback: any clue why we would permanently recomposit everything when the launcher is displayed?20:24
greybackanpok: not off hand, lemme see what unity8 is doing..20:24
greybackanpok: well I checked in case unity8 was continually rendering with the launcher open, but no. As a result, I've no idea why compositing hasn't stopped20:44
greybackanpok: I used "QML_RENDER_TIMING=1" to find out by the way, it prints frame stats for each frame20:47
anpokah so it does not render20:48
anpokhow is the fading of the phone shell implemented?20:48
anpokhm alpha value?20:48
greybackyeah,  t draws black rectangle with alpha on top of app surface20:49
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bregmaso, I grabbed the latest Mir 0.1.4 source package from Ubuntu and built it in a clean pbuilder (OK), then pushed it to a PPA where it failed on every single udev test ... has anyone else seen that, and is there a workaround?21:30
anpokbregma: did you run make test?21:31
bregmaI ran dput -- it's a PPA and it's a source package from Ubuntu21:32
anpokgreyback: hm worst case is now three blended buffers, i.e. if you launched camera, then some app .. then it will render Cam|APP|Phone Shell21:32
anpokbecause camera has larger buffer..21:32
anpokbregma: it sounds like tests being run without libumockdev21:46
bregmaanpok, that would mean the package is broken21:46
bregmanope mir-0.1.4 build-depends on lubumockdev-dev, and it _did_ pass the tests in a pbuilder chroot, it only fails in a PPA sbuilder21:50
anpokis a libumockdev-preload.so accessible there? maybe there is an error message comaplaining about not being able to preload the library?21:54
bregmaevery unit test fails with "libudev: udev_monitor_new_from_netlink_fd: error getting socket: Invalid argument"21:58
greybackanpok: sounds good to me!22:22

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