bazhangtime for +r?00:13
bazhangmore of that hacked website denizens have arrived00:13
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k1lgnah, tabfail while multitasking :/00:29
k1lbtw: floodbot would have set a mute on the user, again00:29
k1lso, imho, the testing has failed after one day.00:30
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IdleOneyou kicked a staffer01:24
IdleOneah I see. probably a tab fail01:24
LjLIdleOne: the day i kick a staffer, i hope it will be 100% intentional01:25
IdleOneme too :)01:26
rwwpsh, i kick staffers all the time01:30
* rww kicks ldunn01:30
k1lseems like no chance to set -r without the idiots coming back01:51
ldunnit will probably be a while, yes01:51
rwwk1l: next time, can you /ctcp nick website before nuking them?01:52
k1lwhat is this all about?01:52
rwwshould tell us where they're from01:52
k1lrww: yes, i try01:52
ldunnrealmofthemadgod.com has been hacked and someone's put an iframe to fn webchat there instead, as far as I can make out (I do not particularly advise visiting that site)01:53
rwwwhy is that URL familiar01:53
k1l-teddybaersawesom- WEBSITE http://realmofthemadgod.com/    << ctcp website01:59
k1lcan we ban that somehow? or is this a task for staff?02:01
ldunnI don't think there's a particularly nice way of handling this02:03
rwwnot unless you want to drop a bot in #ubuntu, no02:04
Piciis it hitting #ubuntu specifically? or02:05
ldunnat the moment, yes02:05
ldunnit's been moving around02:05
k1li dont get aynthing at that url.02:06
Picime either02:06
ldunnit's a bit temperamental, it seems02:06
LjL-Cardso wait why am i not seeing any CTCPs anyway02:08
Piciso.. setting +r right now is shoving people into #ubuntu-unregged02:08
Pici(aside, my flood detection test seems to have caught at least some of this)02:09
LjL-Cardmaybe my ZNC caught it too and filtered the CTCPs out, because i didn't really notice a thing02:09
LjL-Cardalso are you quite sure not letting *any* unregistered user join is better than just setting a ban or mute on the webchat02:11
Picik1l: #ubuntu-unregged is +m, so no one except ops can see what others are posting, so theres no real need to kick people out02:52
k1lPici: yep, i saw that its +mz. but it annoyed me02:53
Piciokay ;)02:53
PiciI've never heard of rotmg until today02:56
hggdhwell, they seem to have some faithful following, albeit slightly deficient on communication02:57
k1l<zsw_> im zack from yesterday02:58
Piciupdated the topic in -unregged, no idea if it will be read03:02
LjL-Cardtopics exist to be read03:02
k1lno one ever reads topics. that should be clear03:02
hggdhprolly not, but it is always worth a try03:02
k1lat least not the ones, that should read it03:03
PiciI put the Ubuntu stuff in the front03:03
Picithats really all I'm worried about03:03
LjL-Cardsorry, i typoed... i meant to say, topics are there to be able to say people should have read them03:03
LjL-Cardlet me understand something, if i understood this correctly that you said these are CTCPs03:11
LjL-Card(though i didn't see any)03:11
LjL-Cardisn't chanmode +C supposed to stop them?03:11
PiciI never saw a CTCP03:11
Pici(also, now these people in -unregged are pm-ing me for some reason)03:12
LjL-Cardso wait what *was* happening03:12
PiciLooks like some flash game's website was hacked and they put a freenode webchat widget on there pointed at #ubuntu03:12
rwwdo we perhaps want to set #ubuntu +f #ubuntu-unegged?03:13
rwwunregged, even03:13
LjL-Cardyou mean it isn't?03:13
rwwnot according to my client..03:13
k1lrww: i set a forward already03:13
Picirww: a forward was set on the webchat alone03:13
LjL-Cardrww: in that case, it would be hard to explain why apparently so many people are in -unregged03:13
IdleOneI don't think we need to forward all unregged users to -unregged03:13
k1l* k1l setzt einen Bann auf *!*@gateway/web/freenode/*$#ubuntu-unregged03:13
LjL-CardPici: well, #ubuntu should generally *always* be +f #ubuntu-unregged though03:13
k1li banned all webchats to -unregged. but since the liveops are online right now i can go to sleep. gn803:14
LjL-Cardthe what03:15
LjL-CardPici must be the one he's talking about03:15
Picirww: its like watching a train wreck03:16
rwwPici: it's kind of hilarious03:18
Picianyway, my flood detect stuff is hooked into irssi at the moment, since I didn't feel like spooling up a new supybot03:22
Pici#ubuntu-unregged, teaching people to not read the topic since uh.. a few hours ago03:40
phunyguyMaybe we need to actually mute the channel (-z) and put an onjoin message.03:55
rwwphunyguy: IRCC needs to do that, it's mlocked03:55
* phunyguy nudges Pici03:55
LjL-Cardi'm not entirely sure who -z would benefit aside from making ops see slightly less noise03:55
phunyguyLjL-Card: it would force them to stop what they are doing, and read03:56
phunyguywhat good is the noise doing?03:56
Piciit would just give people a messsage that they couldn't talk and they'd still probably be writing in the chat03:56
rwwLjL-Card: because every time they type they'd get an error03:56
LjL-Cardah, that'd help them so much03:56
phunyguyis there a form of on join message that only speaks to them?03:57
phunyguy/notice maybe?03:57
rwwphunyguy: ChanServ entrymsg03:57
LjL-Cardi don't even understand what you're asking03:57
phunyguyor is that the function of a bot?03:57
rwwdunno where webchat puts it tho03:57
phunyguywe can try it out03:57
LjL-Cardit's a NOTICE so probably the same place it puts the error03:57
IdleOneprobably puts the /notice in the server tab03:58
phunyguyoh... :(03:58
phunyguyso noise it is.03:58
IdleOnethis way it only annoys us if we are actually looking at the channel03:58
phunyguywell yeah I wasn't worried about that, I was more worried about them not realizing what is going on and just talking instead of listeining03:58
IdleOnetechnology rarely helps people pay more attention03:59
LjL-Cardphunyguy: the only way they would possibly realize what is going on is someone interacting with them about it. they look like they're the least IRC-savvy kind of people imaginable. they won't take some automated message in the wrong color as an answer.03:59
IdleOnewe are going to have to ride this out.03:59
phunyguyguess so.03:59
phunyguywas just trying to think outside the box a bit03:59
rwwphunyguy: go write a bot that kickbans people who reply to CTCP WEBSITE with the wrong response, +e's the rest in #ubuntu, and then sends them a PM telling them to join04:00
phunyguysure, give me about a month.04:01
IdleOnegive it some voice recognition while you're at it please04:02
IdleOneI want to be able to telnet to it and speak my commands04:03
* rww recognizes that IdleOne has +v04:04
Piciphunyguy: I wouldn't waste too much time on them. I've had a hard time explaining things to a few people before04:19
phunyguyI am waiting for sleep anyway04:20
phunyguyso I don't mind04:20
Piciy u do this?04:21
Picildunn: nothing that can be done on the webchat end for this?04:23
IdleOnewhy you*04:23
ldunnPici: not at the moment - there's no one around who can delve too deeply into looking at referers or similar04:24
Piciok :)04:24
IdleOneldunn: y we pay you for04:24
ldunnIdleOne: to feed my crippling addiction to money04:25
IdleOneyou suck PICI DIE!04:25
PiciI make friends wherever I go ;)04:25
phunyguyI still ate your cookie04:25
IdleOneI am out of smokes04:25
phunyguyIdleOne: good.  Don't buy any more04:25
IdleOnethis is like phunyguy being out of beer04:25
phunyguyI am out of beer :(04:25
IdleOneso you know how I feel04:25
phunyguyI need to start only drinking on weekends04:26
phunyguygetting too fat04:26
phunyguymaybe you should only smoke on the weekends04:26
IdleOnelike my life isn't miserable enough as it is04:26
ubottulordievader called the ops in #kubuntu ()06:34
rwwheh, haven't seen that copypasta in a while06:36
k1l_there is still the rotmg issue?08:54
ldunnit seems to have mostly calmed down08:55
ldunnthough that's perhaps just a timezone thing08:55
k1l_yes, in the usa its early in the morning. and still no issue handling on the rotmg website :/08:59
IdleOneit could take them days..who knows.08:59
IdleOneright now I think we have a semi acceptable solution with forwarding them to -unregged09:00
IdleOneikonia: cousteau rings bells09:06
IdleOneok :)09:06
k1l_@mark linuxearth again mint support questions because the mint channel is not responding fast enough for him11:46
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:46
k1l_i dont know if rwws spam works or if the hacked site doesnt forward to #ubuntu anymore :)13:02
phunyguyahahahaha, awesome spam14:04
k1l_had to set the unregged forward again since there are again users coming asking for rotmg15:29
LjLFYI: I am presently going to ask the IRC Council to give me permission to share more than just small snippets from #ubuntu-irc-council logs in which I was involved.15:32
* genii makes more coffee17:39
tonyyarussoLjL: Remind me again why the Floodbots are still closed-source?17:47
LjLmostly because of people like... most people here at this point, really.17:51
tonyyarussoLjL: I'll admit that I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention lately, so I honestly don't know what you mean by that.17:52
LjLtonyyarusso: the email i'm about to send to the list may help, additionally, if you can get hold of the -ops-team logs from the last couple of days, that would likely shed some light on at least the recent attitudes17:53
geniiPeople should be able to use whatever license they want for their own code, is my view. I think we just got too used to having the bots around and took them for granted.17:56
rwwgenii: indeed17:57
rwwoh well, good example of why to not use closed-source stuff in future. good to have that reminder every so often :)17:58
tonyyarussoCertainly LjL can use whatever license he wants - it's just helpful to understand the rationale if one exists :)17:58
LjLrww: you don't lose a single chance to shut the hell up, do you?17:58
* rww raises an eyebrow17:59
LjLtonyyarusso: fwiw, rww is part of the rationale (at least, was the practical reason why i recently determined to withdraw the bots)18:00
LjLtonyyarusso: the relevant logs are in the first email i sent18:00
k1l_where are the users from that are now joining -unregged? the webchat forward is off and they are not even using webchat18:01
LjLwhich users, all 3 of them?18:02
LjLyou realize the channel is +j, right?18:02
rww#ubuntu's not +f though, so it's not +j. I think they're just the random folks who like hanging out in all the things.18:05
rwwThere's always some people wandering in and out of there *shrug*18:05
k1l_was just curious if another channel got a forward running.18:06
rwwnot as far as I know, but it's +F, so who knows18:07
phunyguyit's funny to see IRC nicks sometimes... like the one in -unregged "ShooterMG".  I wonder if that is a Happy Gilmore reference.18:13
LjLrww: oh, right, i forgot again that it somehow managed to lose its +f. but... it *is* +j. so, wouldn't that mean that "extra" people just get denied entry? i did think so18:19
phunyguyThat was my impression18:21
phunyguy+j and -f means they get denied18:22
LjLi'd be wondering how #ubuntu happened to be set -f since it was always supposed to be +f #ubuntu-unregged... if i cared18:23
phunyguyI am not an op there.  I don't know.18:24
rwwLjL: yep, exactly18:25
rwwIt's fun. #kubuntu is (now) +f and -j, and #ubuntu is +j and -f18:29
LjLwell, i often find myself thinking that people who happen to be denied entry into #ubuntu because of reason like those are probably better off at the end of the day, anyway18:33
LjLtonyyarusso: fyi i sent that email18:33
Picihoverboard is a bit of a troll, fyi.21:42
phunyguyahh, thanks21:53
k1lctcp website is quite interesting: -photocopy- WEBSITE http://elementaryforum.org/IRC22:01
rwwyeah, it's one of my favorite little IRC tricks22:03
ubottuIn #ubuntu, altcoin_ said: ubottu: I try, but my english is really bad.22:13
k1l@mark #ubuntu Cool797 reflink spam22:29
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:29
derpHi! I wonder why i got banned from #ubuntu?22:36
k1lhi derp22:37
k1lwell you were joining the #ubuntu channel over and over again and disturbing the support during the rotmg hack incident22:37
derpk1l: what?22:38
derpI had no idea it was going on22:38
rwwohai derp22:39
derpohai rww22:39
derpk1l: i had no idea what was going on #ubuntu to be honest22:40
ikoniayet you just evaded a ban22:43
ikoniaso you seem to be clear on how to do that22:43
ikoniaso how about you leave and just waste other peoples time22:43
derpikonia: wait22:43
derplet me bring you up to speed22:43
derpon what happened22:43
LjLban evasion is bad, mmmkay?22:44
LjLi know because it's the second thing i ever did on freenode22:44
LjLthe first being joining a botnet22:44
k1li was willing to remove the ban. was just reading the backlog to be sure on the circumstances. but evading a ban while in here talking about that is just plain dumb22:46
rwwso where does one go for ban resolution of an #ubuntu-ops ban?22:47
derpI just noticed this22:48
derpBanning my account while banning these other users22:48
knomerww, appeals.22:48
ikoniaderp: enough22:48
rwwknome: so IRCC?22:48
ikoniaderp: you where banned by account22:48
k1lderp: yes22:48
ikoniayou then changed account22:48
knomerww, pretty much so22:48
derpikonia: yes, i see that22:48
derpbut i had NO idea it was going on22:48
ikonia01:37 -!- mode/#ubuntu [+b $a:derp] by k1l22:48
ikoniaso you evaded the ban22:48
derpi'm just a collateral victim22:48
ikoniaby changing to stupid22:48
derpof what happened22:48
ikoniano - you are not22:48
ikoniayou got banned by account, and evaded, conversation is now done22:48
k1lderp: i was just about to solve that. but evading the ban while talking in here about the ban is just not how the thing workd22:49
derpikonia: no22:49
derpk1l: i'm sorry :(22:49
ikoniafor the record he's sending me stupid pm messages22:49
ikoniasuch as "conversation under"22:49
ikoniait's clear he's trying to provoke a problem,22:49
knomesounds like the sequel to a johnny english movie22:50
knome*a sequel, not the22:50
ikoniaI'll send him the links to the appeal process via the bot22:50
rwwalready pointed him to the IRCC channel22:50
ikoniaremove the ban in a few days22:50
ikoniathanks rww22:50
LjLrww: is this guy as good as hfsplus, because i'd like to play with him if so22:59
rwwLjL: derp? I like him, he has flagrant disregard for authority and Wikipedia, and the three of us have something in common.23:00
LjLthe three meaning...? you him and me? but i like Wikipedia23:01
rwwyep, and I know23:01
LjLauthority tends to be pretty meh, tough, i should probably write an unsourced originally researched Wikipedia article about that23:02
AlanBellso, searching bantracker for derp, how much of that do you think is this derp?23:04
LjLderped if i know23:05
ikoniadon't really care how much it was him23:05
ikoniait's clear he knew what was going on and how to evade23:05
ikoniaand smart comments to me in pm23:05
ikoniawho cares if it's the same guy, it's a guy that is just going to cause problems, so he can go away23:06
ikoniaand not have any more time wasted on him23:06
ikoniabased on the fact he knew this channel and how to evade, has multiple accounts/cloaks suggests "it's the same guy" though23:06
rwwAlanBell: probably most of it, but I don't do BT from work23:06
LjLthat's a new definition of NSFW to me23:07
LjLbut i guess i can't argue it's invalid23:07
rwwwell, my work connection's not safe for bantracker, more :)23:07
rwwAlanBell: (I was just making sure he got to the channel, I didn't want anything, if that was confusing.)23:13
hggdhrww: ah, OK23:14
LjLrww, maybe someone informed them that when someone comes to the council channel, it's usually something serious, and they took that literally as to include $random_known_troll in "someone"23:15
rwwLjL: I will go in there with cat pictures every day to disabuse them of that notion :)23:17
AlanBellcat pictures are always serious23:17
IdleOneI have some I can share23:17
rwwi would like to appeal a ban right meow23:18
IdleOneprrrrrfect, we are at your disposal23:18
LjLAlanBell: not really serious, but certainly srsbzns23:21
hggdhwhat is it with cats? Dogs are much more fun23:27

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