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pittiGood morning06:46
davmor2Morning all11:08
elfymorning davmor211:12
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tom_afhi should i report a failing package mirror for Amazon EC2 here?14:16
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balloonstom_af: #ubuntu-server is also a good spot14:37
balloonserr.. hmm14:37
elfydefinitely probably somewhere else as well then14:38
tom_afI'm getting:14:40
tom_afFailed to fetch http://ap-southeast-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/v/varnish/libvarnishapi1_3.0.4-1_amd64.deb  403  Forbidden14:40
tom_afalso on varnish14:40
tom_afchanging to ftp doesn't help14:40
knometom_af, i would try http://archive...14:44
tom_afi.e. without the subdomains?14:46
knometom_af, yep, that should try to get from the main mirror14:48
knometom_af, if the problem persists there as well, it's not a server-related issue14:49
knometom_af, if not, then you should be in touch with the server admins14:49
tom_affor whatever reason when I change it to a non-ec2-specific server it just can't find the package14:50
tom_afso who should i mention this to?14:51
tom_afok. no problem. I needed to apt-get update14:53
knomewas thinking that, there's a newer version in the archive14:54
knomeso looks like it's specific for the ec2 server14:54
knomemaybe just not propagated the changes14:54
knomei'd wait some hours14:54
knomeand try again14:54
tom_afok thanks for your help14:54
balloonshttp://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/universe/v/varnish/libvarnishapi1_3.0.4-1ubuntu2_amd64.deb is current14:54
senanGood Evening All15:42
senanDanChapman, Hello15:42
alex-abreujibel, can you paste me just the error w/ the "requires...: false" missing15:43
jibelalex-abreu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6885528/15:44
senanDanChapman, In path bar, the selected directory is not displayed..16:02
alex-abreujibel, yeah the package unity-webapps-qml should be released ...16:04
jibelalex-abreu, Good, thanks!16:05
jibelalex-abreu, I'll review the autopkgtest again once the test passes then it can be released too16:05
alex-abreujibel, ok thx16:06
AlbertoSNI wanted to talk about the Ubuntu Bug Week.16:07
AlbertoSNAre you reading this?16:08
elfypeople will :)16:10
balloonsAlbertoSN: allo16:10
AlbertoSNSpecially Balloons, because he has been the one suggesting me to pospone the Bug Week16:10
AlbertoSN; )16:11
AlbertoSNWell, this is what I wanted to say:16:11
AlbertoSNNext week I'll be out on Friday afternoon and on Saturday the hole day, so if the event is postoned I wont be able to manage it half the time.16:12
balloonsahh, that's no good16:13
balloonsAlbertoSN: I think it would be good to properly announce and set it up16:14
balloonswe'd get much more press, etc16:14
balloonswe could delay an additional week16:16
balloonsit would still be before beta16:16
DanChapmansenan hey if you select the pathbar then select all the labels 'home' will be at index 1, it's hidden by default but it is there :-) if you click the little arrow on the left of the pathbar it will appear.16:17
senanDanCHapman, but the label is always showing as home16:19
AlbertoSNI'm unsure. I think we can get much more press if we wait one week; on the other hand, it appears to me the further the event is from beta the best. This is because setting bug importances appears to the most important task on the week, and every bug discovered as important in this list will need extra time to be fixed.16:20
senanDanChapman,GtkLabel is showing home even if I select some othe directory16:21
AlbertoSNBalloons, what do you think it will be a proper announce?16:23
balloonsAlbertoSN: no worries. how do you plan to track it?16:23
balloonsAlbertoSN: I want to make sure everything is setup is all.. I'm new to the idea of a bugweek, so it might be second nature to you16:24
balloonsbut, others on the team are like me, and it would be good to have a good first impression16:24
DanChapmansenan only if your in the home directory. So to be sure we are currently in home and not one of its sub dirs (Docs, DOwnloads etc), there should only be three labels in the path bar. The HDD stock icon at index 0, 'home' at index1 and current username at index 2, we cant use the username label as that is environment specific. So if there is more labels say at index 3/4/5 etc we are not in the root home directory but probably a sub dir16:27
AlbertoSNI have a draft in "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Ubuntu%20Bug%20Week". It just needs a list of participants and some graphs like these in "https://wiki.ubuntu.com/One%20Hundred%20Papercuts/".16:27
AlbertoSNWhich I will do now.16:28
AlbertoSNAny other idea?16:28
AlbertoSNAh, yes...16:29
AlbertoSNHow I will track user contribution16:29
AlbertoSNUsers will put in a list in which bugs they have worked on16:30
AlbertoSNAnd after the bug week, we will check for errors16:30
* DanChapman waves to balloons 16:31
AlbertoSNAny error will count, for example, as having managed -5 bugs16:31
balloonshey DanChapman :-)16:31
DanChapmanballoons, how's the sprint been going?16:33
balloonsAlbertoSN: i think this should be written up and communicated. I believe there are tools to check bug counts by user.. Bug hug days used to be run this way16:33
balloonsDanChapman: quite well. I haven't spent time with my team in a long time, maybe a year16:34
AlbertoSNOkay: I'm writing it up for review, asking for tools, and posponing it to next week. Okay?16:35
AlbertoSNOr perhaps I can postpone it one day, and having it two days.16:37
AlbertoSNSo tomorrow is for review.16:37
balloonsAlbertoSN: :-) I know you really want to get this out there.16:38
AlbertoSNWhat I want is Ubuntu Quality  : D16:39
AlbertoSNOr Quality in Ubuntu16:40
balloonsAlbertoSN: I agree. I want to make sure there is a good turnout16:40
balloonshence my feedback for you16:41
jibelroadmr, Hey, someone added a header "XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest" to checkbox in trusty-proposed but there is no dep8 test (no debian/tests at all) which means that this package will stay in -proposed forever16:41
balloonsAlbertoSN: I'm sure you can run more than one over the cycle :-)16:41
roadmrjibel: yes! I saw that :( it's on my list of stuff to fix today16:41
roadmrjibel: to confirm, is it valid to just remove that if I have no valid dep8 tests?16:41
balloonsjibel: roadmr, a subtle hint for someone perhaps to add it?16:41
roadmrballoons, jibel : we do have some autopkgtests but I need to ensure they're relevant to the binaries being built by that package16:42
jibelroadmr, yes, tell me or pitti once you removed the header so we'll remove the test from jenkins16:42
AlbertoSNOkay, so I'm going to work. And thank you ; )16:43
roadmrjibel: ok, I'll do that. Alternatively, if I add some dep8 tests, what would I need to do? just upload a new package (0.17.4ubuntu2) or does it need manual intervention?16:43
balloonsAlbertoSN: sounds fine. Don't let me change your plans16:43
jibelroadmr, better solution :) no manual intervention, just upload a new version16:43
balloonsAlbertoSN: I will add it to the calendar for you when you send the date16:43
senanDanChapman,Now I got it16:43
roadmrjibel: OK, let me try that, if I get stuck I'll send a plea for help :D16:44
roadmrjibel: thanks for letting me know, I was wondering how that had happened16:44
AlbertoSNThe date: Saturday and Sunday!16:47
AlbertoSN(time zone sensitive)16:48
pittiroadmr, jibel: hm, I already removed it once, why does it keep coming back? :-)16:55
roadmrpitti, jibel : hey, I'll just upload without the autopkgtest and add that later, once I'm sure it's working. I've never used that before and I fear I'll break something else in the process :(16:59
senanDanChapman, How do I assert the path label ?17:03
roadmrpitti: hey, I just uploaded checkbox_0.17.4ubuntu2 fixing the autopkgtest stuff (just removed XS-Testsuite from debian/control). Do you need to change something now, or only after it builds?17:16
pittiroadmr: yes, but I can't do it right now yet, but in an hour or tomorrow morning; I'll deal with it17:17
pittiroadmr: thanks17:17
roadmrpitti: ok, I'm in no rush. Thank you and jibel, and apologies for creating extra work for you folks :(17:17
pittino worries17:17
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* elopio exits. bbl.18:21
balloonsom26er: do you understand cmake?19:58
om26erballoons, no, not really. unless i get myself to a situation where i can only progress by touching cmake only then i play with it19:59
Letozaf_balloons, hi21:12
balloonsLetozaf_: hello21:17
balloonshow's things?21:18
Letozaf_balloons, I think I have fixed bug 127299621:18
ubot5bug 1272996 in Ubuntu Music App "test_music.TestMainWindow.test_create_playlist_from_songs_tab fails on build 147 and 148" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127299621:18
Letozaf_balloons, I have tested several times on my device and had no failures, so I proposed a merge.21:18
balloonsLetozaf_: wonderful!21:18
balloonsLetozaf_: where is the latest code for reminders from you?21:19
Letozaf_balloons, https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/reminders-app/new-reminders-app-tests21:19
balloonsLetozaf_: elopio has added a textfield emulator to the toolkit, I think you could convert the test to using that as well if desired21:20
balloonsLetozaf_: ok, so I've got the proper branch, perfect21:20
Letozaf_balloons, how does that work ? the textfield emulator..21:21
elopioballoons: Letozaf_: it's not yet released.21:23
Letozaf_elopio, oh! :D21:23
balloonselopio: I wasn't sure.. I was building from trunk :-) Regardless I didn't mean you should change your mp21:24
balloonsLetozaf_: ^^21:24
elopioLetozaf_: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/ubuntuuitoolkit/tests/test_emulators.py#L91821:24
elopioyou just call the write method, and it does all the magic.21:24
Letozaf_elopio, sound wonderful21:25
Letozaf_elopio, can't wait to try it out21:26
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