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axisys_getting this error ...01:45
axisys_getopt unrecognized option --fstype=ext201:45
axisys_so kickstart config is wrong?01:46
axisys_raid /boot --level=1 --device=md0 --fstype=ext2 raid.01 raid.0301:46
axisys_trying to boot lts01:46
axisys_not much help from google01:46
jrwrenkickstart or preseed?01:49
axisys_jrwren: kickstart01:52
axisys_ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg in the append line01:52
jtrananyone know why after a fresh install of precise on a 4tb /dev/sda I always get grub console>  ?02:19
jtranthe only way i can get it to work is if prior to installation i boot from livecd and use parted to create a msdos label02:19
jtranthen install then everythign works.  However, if i need to reinstall (guided partitioning use entire disk without lvm) , it always ends up w/ the same grub console> instead of booting into the os02:20
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Kei1chHey, I'm new to setting up webservers, and was wondering what I need to get to run my PHP scripts03:03
bwk1does ubuntu server 1310 come with php servers sql server ruby etc?03:03
bwk1is there a list of the type of daemons you can get for ubunter server?03:04
Kei1chI don't think so03:04
bwk1I don't really know what they're called, but I want support for them on a web server.03:04
Kei1chohh nvm I03:05
Kei1chve got it03:05
bwk1nvm I'll just get LAMP :)03:05
Kei1chMy PHP script won't receive input from a form and send it to my email03:16
Kei1chis it because I am using gmail? what should I use?03:16
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jrwrenaxisys_: allow me to discourage use of kickstart and encourage use of preseed?03:50
axisys_jrwren: lot simpler to define raid/lvm/parition size is lot simpler with kickstart .. let me know why you are discouring..04:11
jrwrenpreseed is better for ubuntu/debian IMO.  kickstart is some redhat stuff04:12
axisys_jrwren: if you worked with preseed to define raid/lvm/size.. you know how scary the config looks like..04:12
jrwrenits a pain04:12
axisys_which is super super simple with kickstart04:13
jrwrencept it don't work04:15
bwk1is ther a command to free all cached ram?04:16
jrwrenno, why would there be?04:17
bwk1cached ram means?04:17
bwk1that it is just on reserve?04:17
bwk1I just don't understand why my comp is using all 8 gigs of ram.04:18
jrwrenwoudl you rather it NOT use all the resources it has at its disposal?04:18
jrwrengoogle for linux bufcache04:18
bwk1jrwren: just confused abotu it.04:19
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jamespagezul, how would you feel about taking the haproxy from experimental for trusty? its still a dev release but includes the SSL termination stuff08:26
jamespagewhich I think neutron is going to rely on08:26
makarahi. I'm trying to set a static IP, following this: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/ubuntu/change-ubuntu-server-from-dhcp-to-a-static-ip-address/09:25
makarait says to remove dhcp-client, or dhcp3-client09:25
makarai don't have those. But I see from `ps aux` dhclient309:25
makarai've uninstalled isc-dhcp-client, but when I restart networking I still see dhclient309:28
makaraproblem is solved, but what's up with dhclient3?09:28
Blinky_ Hi guys, could someone please tell me how to set the permissions on my /var/www directory so that new adding files can be seen on the website?10:29
PricelessTalkchmod a+rx * -Rf10:40
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rbasakzul, jamespage: did you get anywhere with a micro-release exception for mysql-5.5? I spoke to upstream about it at FOSDEM, and they've kindly drafted an application. Shall I send it on to the tech board?12:07
rbasakAlso, we've not previously applied for mysql-5.5, right? Or have we?12:08
rbasakjamespage_: did you get anywhere with a micro-release exception for mysql-5.5? I spoke to upstream about it at FOSDEM, and they've kindly drafted an application. Shall I send it on to the tech board?12:08
jamespage_rbasak, I've not done it yet - can I take a peek?12:09
rbasakjamespage_: I'll forward it.12:09
jamespagerbasak, looks good12:10
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rbasakjamespage, jamespage_: thanks. I'll sort out the application then.12:40
NeverHereI have been to httpd and they told me to come here, im trying to reinstall apache2 on ubuntu 12.04 but for some reason its not installing into /etc/12:40
jamespagerbasak, that would be much appreciated - thankyou!12:40
jamespageNeverHere, did you delete your /etc/apache2 files manually?12:42
NeverHerejamespage, yes12:43
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NeverHerejamespage, is it possible to get the files from somewhere?12:46
jamespageNeverHere, yes12:50
jamespageNeverHere, I think its : apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss" install --reinstall <pkgname>12:52
jamespageNeverHere, for furture reference "apt-get remove"  does not drop files from /etc12:53
jamespageapt-get purge does12:53
jamespage(and leaves the system in the right state afterwards)12:53
NeverHerejamespage, someone messed up the config files12:54
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NeverHerejamespage, I got it, but now i need to load its modules do i just mv them to the mods-loaded dir?13:10
w0rmieisc-dhcp-server restart: job failed to start (under 12.04 LTS)13:21
w0rmieany ideas?13:21
TJ-w0rmie: Check the syslog13:21
w0rmieTJ- : init: isc-dhcp-server pre-start process (2832) terminated with status 113:24
TJ-w0rmie: Very helpful :)13:24
w0rmieTJ- : me or the syslog lol13:24
TJ-w0rmie: Have changes been made to the dhcp configuration recently?13:24
w0rmieyes, i am making a configuration for pxelinux.013:26
TJ-w0rmie: OK, do "sudo dhcpd -t" which will test the configuration and report errors13:27
w0rmieTJ- : ok it shows that there are some errors, i am fixing them, hope i can test after couple minutes.13:36
TJ-w0rmie: most daemons have some way of doing an offline test of the config file before you deploy it, and some (like dhcpd) allow you to specify a different file to test (so you avoid making edits to the live config)13:37
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tom_afhi is this where I should post something about a failing package mirror for Amazon EC2?14:11
sarnoldtom_af: #ubuntu-mirrors may be better; check the /topic to see if there is a vanguard at the moment, if so, use their nickname in the report14:13
tom_af@sarnold yes, I'm trying there too, though there isn't a vanguard14:14
sarnoldtom_af: darn. hopefully one will arrive eventually.14:15
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tomixxx3hi, i have two network interface cards plugged into my ubuntu-server, now i have rebooted and one card is not working anymore, if i type "ifconfig" i cannot see it anymore15:57
gammalgettomixxx3: dmesg says?15:59
hallynjdstrand: hi, bug 1276719, I suppose to handle that safely we would need to have virt-aa-helper detect VFIO?15:59
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1276719 in libvirt "apparmor denies VFIO passthrough: RLIMIT_MEMLOCK and /dev/vfio/XX" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127671915:59
tomixxx3gammalget: a lot of entries16:00
gammalgettomixxx3: ah, truth..16:01
gammalgetIf you do.16:01
gammalgetdmesg | grep eth116:01
tomixxx3gammalget: it says link is not ready16:02
rbasaktomixxx3: have you tried "ifconfig -a"? "ifconfig" only shows you configured cards.16:03
rbasaktomixxx3: also look at mii-tool and/or ethtool to see connection status.16:04
tomixxx3rbasak: y, ifconfig -a shows me eht1 but the interface gets no ip16:04
tomixxx3rbasak: it should get one from the dhcp16:04
tomixxx3rbasak: and now, i always get a dialog after reboot indicating some "system problem detected"16:07
gammalgethave you changed the "mac address" if virtual?16:07
gammalgetThen udev rule 70-net kicks in.16:07
rbasaktomixxx3: a dialog? Are you sure this is a server?16:07
tomixxx3rbasak: i ve installed gnome as a GUI :-)16:07
gammalgettomixxx3: oh.16:07
rbasaktomixxx3: then you could have interesting interactions with NetworkManager. Out of scope for me now, sorry.16:08
gammalgetdid it install "network-manager" too?16:08
gammalgetrbasak: :)16:08
tomixxx3gammalget: "network", "network tools" are listed as applications16:10
sarnoldtomixxx3: "dpkg -l network-manager"16:10
gammalgettomixxx3: dpkg -l | grep network-manager16:10
gammalgetI'm slow nowdays.. Starting to get old :D16:10
tomixxx3gammalget: 4 red words listed16:11
tomixxx3i guess this means "yes"16:11
tomixxx3eht1 worked yesterday perfectly16:11
gammalgetdoes it say ii - network-manager16:12
gammalgetor rc - network-manager16:12
tomixxx3the problem dialog says "system program problem detected" but WHERE can i see details to the problem?16:13
cyphermox_tomixxx3: ls -l /var/crash16:13
cyphermox_you'll know what failed.16:13
tomixxx3ahh, some problems with maas16:13
tomixxx3but i guess this has nothing to do with a working ethernet card?16:14
cyphermox_if you don't care you can just remove all files in that directory, but I encourage you to file the bugs for those16:14
cyphermox_tomixxx3: you can't know just from the file name16:14
cyphermox_(hence why I say file the bug)16:14
cyphermox_ubuntu-bug /var/crash/<.crash file>16:14
gammalgetgammalget: What is the last thing that you installed?16:15
gammalgettail /var/log/apt/history.log16:15
rbasakjamespage: see bug 1276909 - arm64 in juju-core. Do you want a distro patch for this?16:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1276909 in juju-core "error detecting hardware characteristics: unrecognised architecture: aarch64" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127690916:15
tomixxx3"sorry, ubuntu 12.04 has experienced an internal error."16:15
gammalgettomixxx3: when you did the tail?16:16
tomixxx3gammalget: i have done this tail16:17
gammalgetthere you see the last installed/updated packages.. Anything "big" installed before the last reboot?16:17
tomixxx3gammalget: yeah, i have installed some images for maas-server16:18
tomixxx3i _will_ uninstall maas agbain.... sth strange going on here16:21
gammalgettomixxx3: Humm, I am not familiar with maas. I'm sorry.16:21
sarnoldI suspect maas will not expect network-manager16:22
gammalgetNever messed with it on physical servers, only virtual and only boot up and try :)16:22
tomixxx3i could cry these days ^^16:23
sarnoldtomixxx3: your network configuration is special enough that you might do much better to purge network-manager and related stuff and manage your NICs yourself. Dunno how well a MAAS headend will handle also being a NAT system if you're doing that for your other machines16:23
tomixxx31 step forward, 2 steps back all the time16:23
sarnoldtomixxx3: (or did you find out from your IS staff if you can plug multiple machines right into a switch?)16:24
tomixxx3sarnold: i got a routing-script from #maas-guys which should solve some problems16:24
tomixxx3sarnold: however, first i need to get eth1 work again...16:24
sarnoldtomixxx3: oh, nice!16:25
gammalgettomixxx3: well, I guess that just like sarnold says.. maas is not used to work in a network-manager enviroment.16:25
tomixxx3kk, so i sould remove network-manager?16:25
tomixxx3k, i have purged this network-manager16:27
sarnoldtomixxx3: maybe. it'll be a huge change for your local networking, so I suspect it'll feel like four or five steps backwards. But I think the end result will be more predictable.16:27
tomixxx3:( hope so16:28
tomixxx3how can i activate a ethernet card? eth1 is in state "inactive"16:36
tomixxx3i dont understand this: i do "sudo ifup eth1" it says" interface eth1 already configured but if i do "ifconfig" i cannot see eth116:40
sarnoldtomixxx3: ifup is a nice wrapper around e.g. /etc/network/interfaces16:40
parallel21ifconfig -a16:40
tomixxx3yeah, i can see eth1 with ifconfig -a16:41
tomixxx3but it gets no ip16:41
parallel21dhclient eth1?16:41
sarnoldtomixxx3: you will probably want to use lower-level tools like ifconfig or ip to configure the interface before converting that into /etc/network/interfaces configuratoin16:41
tomixxx3parallel21: commant not found16:42
parallel21oh... because you purged network-manager maybe16:42
tomixxx3k, i will reinstall it16:42
tomixxx3damn, i have no access to inet16:43
sarnoldtomixxx3: what do you intend to do with eth1? will it be your dhcp server for your downstreams? or is that how you connect to your uni?16:43
tomixxx3sarnodl: connection to uni16:43
parallel21set ifconfig ip manually16:44
tomixxx3for eth116:46
parallel21yeah, I mean do you know an ipaddress and netmask and the like?16:47
tomixxx3ive only ip and subnet16:47
parallel21I imagine you can guess the gateway16:48
tomixxx3nothing works here - ah - it makes me crazy! even things, EVER worked, does not work anymore...16:49
sarnoldtomixxx3: you've got old packages in /var/cache/apt/archives/16:50
sarnoldtomixxx3: but I think you'd be better off using a standard dhcp client rather than relying upon network-manager scripty things.16:51
parallel21sarnold: Doesn't --purge remove the packages?16:51
sarnoldparallel21: --purge uninstalls the package and deletes the configurations16:51
parallel21I did not know that.16:52
sarnoldparallel21: --purge leaves alone the apt cache, that is managed via apt-get clean16:52
sarnoldlook into /var/cache/apt/archives/, you probably have a few hundred packages in there :)16:52
parallel21I'm taking a look see now16:52
tomixxx3yeah, there are a lot of packagesf16:52
sarnoldit'll get you out of some seriously inconvenient situations, and if you ever need to free up a few gigabytes in a hurry, there you go :)16:53
tomixxx3so, maybe i should execute "apt-get clean" ?16:53
sarnoldtomixxx3: no.16:53
sarnoldtomixxx3: you can dpkg -i one of those network-manager packages if you wanted it badly enough..16:54
parallel21I have a whole gig of packages, who knew?16:55
tomixxx3hmm, now i switched the cables and now eth0 does not work so i guess it has nothing to do with the ethernet cards17:01
parallel21did you get dhclient back?17:04
tomixxx3no, i have no internet-access17:05
tomixxx3because eth0 now gets no ip17:05
tomixxx3instead of eth117:05
tomixxx3what the hell is going on here, maybe some admin locked the MAC addresses?17:06
sarnoldcould be, especially if you exposed a DHCP server to their network.17:07
tomixxx3hmmm, now i did "sudo ifup eth0" and i get the following response: "RTNETLINK answers: Network is down"17:09
sarnolddid you configure /etc/network/interfaces correctly for eth0?17:09
parallel21looks like it is part of isc-dhcp-client17:10
tomixxx3sarnold: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp17:10
tomixxx3sarnold: and there are some other statements but commented17:10
sarnoldtomixxx3: and ethtool or mii-tool?17:11
tomixxx3ok, it seems one comment sign "#" was not separated with whitespace from one line17:12
tomixxx3now the message is gone but it says "run-parts: /etc/network/if-up.d/avahi-autoipd exited with return code 217:12
tomixxx3"please enter your password to access problem reports of system programs"................... which _password_ do i need here?17:17
sarnolduser password17:17
tomixxx3does not work17:17
tomixxx3i swear17:17
sarnoldcheck capslock?17:18
tomixxx3no capslock17:18
tomixxx3i have tried it all the time, on multiple reboots, never worked17:19
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semiosisjdstrand: ping18:54
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tashanyone in here using Ubuntu MAAS to pxe boot servers on the network? I'd like to use something to deploy Ubuntu Server via pxe19:00
tashseems like it might work, but looking for opinions19:00
sarnoldtash: I've used it in VMs, it looked neat, but I suspect a simple pxe bootserver would be easier to configure and use you're not using the rest of maas19:02
zulhallyn:  ping19:27
hallynzul: hey19:27
zulhallyn:  im going to move pm-utils from suggested to recommends for libvirt ok?19:28
hallynzul: sounds good19:28
hallynis it currently included in the server seed?19:28
hallyn(wondering if we're going to grow the server iso)19:29
zulhallyn:  its in main so should be ok19:29
med_jamespage, zul, why do all of the openstack docs say to remove the ubuntu dashboard as it is broken (upstream github openstack-manuals which also appear online as OpenStack docs)19:53
med_  apt-get remove --purge openstack-dashboard-ubuntu-theme19:55
med_(claims are that it is broken in Grizz and Havana)19:55
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hallynsmb: mjt points out that commit 360e607b88a2 in upstream qemu should be needed for xen using qemu (since 1.6).  have you run across anything likethat?21:33
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