rwwWoot, finally got this dang Nexus 7 2013 to boot Ubuntu02:00
rwwhad to go back to basics and wipe *everything*, userdata and cache and all02:00
FuLgOrE_bug 127690104:28
ubot5bug 1276901 in android (Ubuntu) "alsa-lib: UCM - hammerhead sound doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127690104:28
shahihello there!04:38
shahihi! can i install ubuntu on this phone04:45
shahi    symphony xplorer w20  2G Network     GSM 900 / 1800     GPS     No     SIM     Dual SIM (Dual stand by)   Display  Type    TFT Capacitive Full touchscreen     Size   3.5 inch, (320x480) HVGA, (~171 ppi pixel density)     Multitouch    Yes, up to 2 fingers      Primary   2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels     Video    Yes, 30fps@D1     Secondary     No        OS     Android 2.3 Gingerbread     CPU     1 GHZ     GPU     PowerVR SGX531     S04:45
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phommataawesome rww05:27
divxclubHi guys ! One quicky if anyone knows. I see that original Nexus 7 no longer supported and initial release of UT will support  new Nexus 7 (VERY GOOD IDEA). On official Wiki I do see old installation instructions for original N7. Any idea when we'll be able to see a UT build designed for new Nexus 7 cause release day of 14.04 is not that far away (in relative term speaking). Thank you.05:47
FuLgOrE_one question regarding the "lock-screen". what does the dot's in the circle mean/stand for?06:46
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FuLgOrE_I made a little mistake while filing bug 1276901 I wrote in the wrong version (12.04). I corrected it to 14.04. I hope the status can be changed back from "invalid"08:57
FuLgOrE_bug 127690108:57
ubot5bug 1276901 in android (Ubuntu) "alsa-lib: UCM - hammerhead sound doesn't work" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127690108:57
ogra_FuLgOrE_, try to also attach "amixer scontents" ... scontrols only lists the devices but not the mixer levels09:18
ogra_om26er, https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au6idq7TkpUUdGNWb0tTVmJLVzFZd0doV3dVOGpWemc#gid=109:31
didrocksom26er: just saw you leaving!09:34
FuLgOrE_ogra_: amixer: Mixer default load error: Operation not permitted09:36
FuLgOrE_as root (adb shell)09:36
ogra_seems it isnt initialized at all then09:37
FuLgOrE_alsa-info shows me: no modules loaded :-/09:38
mhr3_ogra_, more trouble with my mako, ran phablet-flash couple of minutes ago, and it did stuff, now it's telling me that it's waiting for the install to finish, but nothing's happening on the device, just black screen09:43
FuLgOrE_damn:   1.952204]   No soundcards found.09:44
FuLgOrE_from dmesg @ ogra_09:44
mhr3_ogra_, and just now phablet-flash exit with an error09:46
didrocksom26er: disconnected or you ran away when hearing dogfooding? :)09:49
FuLgOrE_rsalveti: last month you created new images to fix the brightness control for hammerhead. I tried it but for me I cannot adjust the brightness. Is it working on your N5?10:04
ogra_FuLgOrE_, he doesnt have an N510:05
ogra_(he does all this by flying blind)10:05
FuLgOrE_ogra_: he bought one :)10:07
FuLgOrE_ogra_: but I'm not sure if he had time to flash UT up to now10:08
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ybonAnyone has OSMTouch installed and can test something for me?10:26
FuLgOrE_ybon: I'm trying to install my first click package. I clicked on "install" but at the moment nothing happens10:34
FuLgOrE_ah, now it installs10:35
ybongreat :)10:36
FuLgOrE_so, what can I do for you10:37
FuLgOrE_I have no gps. I don't know if it works on my hammerhead and I'm inside a building10:37
FuLgOrE_in portrait scrolling with touch works fine, in landscape it scrolls in the wrong direction ;)10:38
ybonyeah :s10:39
ybonFuLgOrE_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/osmtouch/+bug/127698610:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1276986 in OSMTouch "StateSaver doesn't work on mobile" [Critical,Confirmed]10:39
yboncan you test this?10:39
yboni.e. pan to a specific location, then close app, then reopen10:40
ybonit should open in the same location10:40
ybonbut it's not working anymore for me, and I'm just not sure it has ever worked :s10:40
ybonit works when I run the app from QtCreator, but not from the app I've installed (from QtCreator, because WiP)10:41
FuLgOrE_I tried it twice and it worked10:42
ybonok, great10:43
ybonthanks FuLgOrE_ :)10:43
ybonso, either I've broken something, either when the app has been installed from QtCreator something goes wrong :s10:43
FuLgOrE_your welcome10:43
FuLgOrE_even after a reboot it worked10:45
ybonthat's a little bit weird10:46
FuLgOrE_but my phone always switches off gps and location detection10:46
ybonyep, same for me10:46
FuLgOrE_my phone is not officially supported10:46
FuLgOrE_which phone do you use?10:46
FuLgOrE_I try to keep it switched on and don't start osmtouch10:46
ybonbut I'm not sure it's not only the switcher that is bugged, because the GPS works after some time10:46
FuLgOrE_lucky you. I don't have sound :D10:47
FuLgOrE_I hope Nexus5 will be supported someday!10:47
davmor2Morning all11:08
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shoniI have nexus 4, android 4.4.211:51
shoniwhen I install ubuntu, I have problem with wi-fi, mobile data11:51
FuLgOrE_shoni: you need to flash the modem firmware from ubuntu 4.311:53
FuLgOrE_ubuntu 4.4.2 is at the moment not officially supported11:53
shoniunderstand, thank11:53
shoniyou have any ideea when ubuntu phone is relased date?11:53
shoniand when is done, can run with 4.4.2 ?11:53
FuLgOrE_I'm not from canonical but I guess it will be supported with ubuntu 14.04 (april this year)11:54
shonithanks FuLgOrE_ , have a good nice day.11:55
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didrocksdavmor2: om26er: everything's looking fine in dogfooding?12:11
om26erdidrocks, yes, things are fine, found one bug, but its probably not new.12:12
ubot5Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1277050 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1277050). The error has been logged12:12
davmor2didrocks: om26er is all over that I'm steadily working on the qt5.2 stuff instead.12:12
om26erdidrocks, will take 10 more minutes for the test plan to be completly tested12:12
didrocksom26er: I heard that one already, not a blocker IMHO12:13
didrocksom26er: excellent!12:13
ogra_sergiusens, rsalveti http://paste.ubuntu.com/6884869/... seems we need to fix adb a bit for the new devices12:21
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seepacan someone paste me a link to the ubuntu touch build system website? like jenkins... I can't seem to find it.12:42
om26erdidrocks, davmor2 i have done testing the cases from the manual test plan, only couldn't test location because where I am sitting right now does not have access to windows12:44
davmor2om26er: I can do that12:44
om26erboth mako and maguro image 16612:44
om26erdavmor2, great, thanks12:44
om26erdavmor2, we would need wireless headsets if we really want to test wireless playback when it finally gets fixed12:45
davmor2om26er: I have wired and wireless for that reason :)  and cyphermox_ used my headset in London to try and resolve the issue.  Minor tweaks needed for the audio which currently loops and then I guess he'll release the fix12:47
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om26erdavmor2, super, you have them, do you think I may need wireless as well for future substitution ?12:49
davmor2om26er: I think it is advisable bt is a requirement for most cars and phone use in Europe and else where so it's important that it works.12:51
didrocksom26er: davmor2: thanks guys! :)13:05
davmor2didrocks: location works all be it slowly ;)13:06
didrocksyeah, not that new unfortunately :p13:06
davmor2indeed but it does work13:06
ogra_seepa, there are multiple parts involved ... the rootfs is rolled from .deb packages from the ubuntu archive, the android builds are built as a .deb from the phablet.ubuntu.com git tree, rootfs images are created by the cdimage build system to then be converted to signed ubuntu touch system images by the system-image system13:08
seepaogra_, I remember being on a website which showed the pass rates etc. for each build. Maybe that was for image testing /integration testing not sure13:11
ogra_seepa, http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/ this one ?13:12
ogra_that is indeed for testing the image before we promote it from trusty-proposed to the trusty channel13:12
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seepaogra_ yes thank you, that is the one. Been trying to find it for the last hour^^13:15
barakydaкак скачать ubuntu на android   ?*  она   в  google play есть ?13:26
ogra_barakyda, if you want an answer, english is the better langauge to choose13:27
barakydaсук вы заипали ((13:28
WebbyITWhat is the best book to study QT5?13:36
timppaogra_: Hi, will you fix the changes page?13:45
ogra_timppa, whts broken ?13:45
timppaogra_: http://people.canonical.com/~j-lallement/touch/changes/ it does not update anymore. Or is this your page?? :)13:46
ogra_timppa, thts jibels13:46
timppaogra_: uh, ok :)13:46
ogra_this is mine13:46
timppaogra_: thanks!13:47
k3lthello, does anyone know where can i find images for nexus 7 2013 (flo) ?13:47
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k3lti heard first alpha images was released on some ubuntu mailing list13:48
k1l_when ubuntu-touch and unity8 will share the same code for running on mobile and desktop on mir. will unity8 still depend on gnome base?13:50
ogra_k3lt, flash these three images with fastboot: http://people.canonical.com/~rsalveti/aosp/flo/, then boot into recovery, select "install zip from sideload" in the menu and sideload http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-touch-4.4.2-mir.rootfs-armhf.zip via adb ...13:50
k3ltbut these are not official?13:50
ogra_k3lt, on first boot nothing will come up, do: adb shell touch /home/phablet/.display-mir ... adb reboot ... and you should get ubuntu touch13:51
ogra_k3lt, as official as it gets atm ..,. we are working on finishing the android 4.4 port, only then there will be actual official images13:51
k3ltogra_: ok thanks13:51
ogra_k1l_, unity8 is all Qt ... and a desktop version is expected earliest with 14.1013:52
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k1l_ogra_: yep i know its scheduled after the LTS. so there will be no gnome used in the mir-unity-qt setup13:55
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ogra_k1l_, well, depends, there might be some gnome apps left in 14.10 ... but i would expect us to replace them over time14:03
k1l_ogra_: well yes, that is what i mean. i was under the impression that with mir and the unity rewrite the path was dividing from the wayland-systemd path that gnome is going.14:05
ogra_but we might not be able to replace all at once ... so i would expect 14.10 to still have gnome apps alongside14:06
k1l_alright thanks14:08
garrettmhi i was wondering if someone could help me.  Im trying to install ubuntu on my tablet and when i start to run the install this is what I get: INFO:phablet-flash:Device detected as NX008HD8G ERROR:phablet-flash:Unsupported device, autodetect fails device14:08
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k1l_garrettm: is the wallmart nextbook 8 listed as community supported device?14:10
garrettmim extremely new to this but no I dont believe it is.  I was just wondering if there was a way around it or if there was anyone that could make me a build for it. Id be willing to pay if necessary14:11
k1l_garrettm: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices its not listed so far. look into the porting guide, maybe you could start something14:13
garrettmi took a quick look. can you point me to where i can see the instructions for porting please.  I really appreciate the help.14:15
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mhall119cjwatson: does the current click release support multiple "framework" values as discussed in the ML last month?14:24
mhall119and are the in an "or" or "and" relationship?14:25
cjwatsonyes; and14:26
cjwatsonfor values of "support" qualified by https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-appstore-developers/msg00741.html14:27
mhall119so....only a single framework value is being forced right now, even though there is support in the code for multi-value?14:29
mhall119actually, this doesn't even need work in click packages, I just need the device images to say "You can install click packages for frameworks ubuntu-sdk-13.10 *or* ubuntu-sdk-14.04-dev"14:32
mhall119does the click installer support that currently?14:33
mhall119alecu: ping re: Click store scope14:38
alecumhall119: pong14:40
mhall119alecu: hey, is the framework value used in querying the click store hard-coded in the scope, or does it read the files in /usr/share/click/frameworks?14:42
alecumhall119: the current click scope has "ubuntu-sdk-13.10" hardcoded. It is being rewritten from vala into C++, so that will be a bug to fix after the rewrite14:42
mhall119alecu: who is doing the re-write and how far along is it?14:43
sil2100om26er: I mean, here... hi! How's the testing? You finished it?14:43
alecumhall119: in fact, that bug already exists: http://pad.lv/126719014:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1267190 in unity-scope-click (Ubuntu) "list of supported SDK frameworks is hard-coded in ClickWebService" [Undecided,New]14:43
om26ersil2100, yes, I tested on both mako and maguro, did extensive calling from both devices as well14:43
om26ersil2100, https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ai33BkOcORLLdE4xLTFtSE80ZkpITXZ3aV85cWtPX2c&usp=drive_web14:44
alecumhall119: it's being done by a swat-like team of about 5 people, and it's currently very green but moving forward14:44
sil2100om26er: looking good14:45
om26erdavmor2, where are we having the call with jfunk ? mumble or hangout ?14:48
davmor2om26er: hangout the link is in the calendar14:49
om26erdavmor2, couldn't find14:49
garrettmis there anyone here that would make a build for my tablet for me?  Id gladly pay to have it done but Im not able to do it.14:50
sil2100om26er: thanks ;)14:54
chrisccoulsonkgunn, you around?15:04
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kgunnchrisccoulson: yo!15:04
chrisccoulsonkgunn, remember what we talked about yesterday? (me wanting to get a valid display handle in oxide that I can pass to chromium for creating EGL contexts)15:05
chrisccoulsoni implemented what I need in qtubuntu, but I'm slightly confused about the behaviour15:05
kgunnchrisccoulson: ok...15:06
kgunnlay it on me15:06
chrisccoulsonkgunn, so, this is what I implemented: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6885671/15:06
chrisccoulsonbut the display handle is always null15:06
kgunnactually...mind doing it in #ubuntu-mir15:06
kgunnjust in case...there's smarter people than me in there :)15:06
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popeybfiller: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/1258129 is the bug you're talking about now15:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1258129 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "Audio on phone is a mess when receiving calls" [Medium,Confirmed]15:20
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mterrydidrocks, so...  all the regressions from trying to land nested mode are fixed in trusty now.  But AP tests to cover the gaps aren't landed yet (they are causing us some issues).  You had said that those would be a gating factor to landing again?15:25
ogra_mterry, hey15:26
ogra_i was about to ask :)15:26
mterryogra_, hi!  Do you have a highlight for 'nested'  ?  :)15:26
ogra_but i would actually like to land it this week :)15:26
ogra_though if AP is blocking i guess thats another week15:26
bfillerpopey: thanks15:27
mterryAP tests are causing no end of problems15:27
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dholbachkgunn, do you know if https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-mir/+bug/1230091 is of any priority right now?15:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1230091 in unity-mir "[enhancement] Window reparenting (required for appstore app trust model)" [High,Triaged]15:33
kgunndholbach: so, the answer is nuanced....15:35
kgunnafter some discussion with tvoss all of our use cases right now actually don't require reparenting windows15:35
kgunnso we are working with priority on the trusted session portion that the shell will own...15:36
popeybfiller: do you have someone who can help us with some merge requests on calendar? https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+activereviews - some active reviews which need some love there.15:36
kgunnmeaning you'll be able to have reliable secure content picking etc15:36
dholbachkgunn, hum... will that allow online accounts to be used in a confined and safe fashion?15:36
bfillerpopey: I'll ask the guys, I'm sure we can help15:37
popeythanks bfiller15:37
kgunndholbach: yes, this is my understanding...we went over the uc's with kenvandine, tedg & tvoss...15:37
dholbachkgunn, thanks15:38
dholbachkgunn, do you know if there's a bug open for that somewhere?15:38
dholbachjust so we can update the click package reviewers tools with a message that mentions the correct bug report15:38
kgunndholbach: it is effectively that bug....minus the window reparenting15:38
dholbachand let app developers know that they can't use online accounts yet15:38
dholbachso maybe the title and description just needs updating15:39
tedgbfiller, So I have two URL dispatcher URL branches still open, do you know the status of those?15:40
tedgbfiller, https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/address-book-app/url-dispatcher and https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/dialer-app/url-dispatcher15:41
didrocksmterry: sorry, in meetings. So if you really commit to have the AP tests in15:41
bfillertedg: let me check15:41
tedgbfiller, thanks15:41
didrocksmterry: I'm happy if we switch the nested mode15:42
bfillertedg: is there a MR for the second one? don't see it15:43
tedgUhm... no.15:43
bfillertedg: I'll request the address book release today, branch has been approved already15:43
tedgbfiller, Oops, seems I forgot that.15:43
tedgbfiller, Turned into an MR.  Sorry about that.15:44
bfillertedg: np15:44
tedgbfiller, Cool, thanks for checking.15:44
tedgReally want to switch to the new URL Dispatcher.  I hate maintaining my own lists :-)15:44
bfillertedg: do we need this for gallery too?15:45
tedgbfiller, There wasn't one previously registered for gallery.  I think people were just using the appid:// to launch it.15:45
tedgbfiller, But if you guys want one, you can add it real soon now :-)15:45
bfillertedg: ok15:45
tedgbfiller, It should be interesting, kenvandine keeps talking about all the URLs he wants to add.  Be careful and don't talk with him too much.15:46
bfillertedg: haha15:46
bfillertedg: we do actually need the x-callback stuff :)15:47
tedgOnce the configurable branch lands, I can't stop you :-)15:47
bfillertedg: yeah!15:47
tedgThough I'd argue against "need" :-)15:48
mterrydidrocks, sorry, jumped in shower  :)15:50
mterrydidrocks, I'm committed to getting these AP tests in.  One works on phone, but not desktop.  fginther is helping me with that15:50
didrockscleaned mterry? :)15:50
didrocksmterry: ok, trusting you then ;)15:51
mterrydidrocks, the other is very cross-component.  We know how to test it, but making it fit in somewhere and work has been tougher than it should.  elopio is helping me with that15:51
mterryogra_, ^15:52
mterryogra_, I'm going to do some more testing, now that everything is landed15:52
ogra_i will as well ... just not today15:52
Boyanghi, i install Ubuntu-touch fail.how can i reinstall15:58
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ybonFuLgOrE_: I've pushed a new version of OSMTouch, can you update and tell me if StateSaver still work for you? Thanks! :)16:05
FuLgOrE_ybon: because OSMtouch is my first click package, I first have to find out, how to update :D16:08
FuLgOrE_ah found it16:08
ybonhehe :)16:08
FuLgOrE_hmm I get a white screen. maybe something else crashed. when I finished my sudoku session I will make a reboot and try it again16:10
mterryogra_, is lp:session-manager-touch not up to date?  it has 92, but trusty has 9416:11
ogra_mterry, i'll check (in a meeting, will do afterwards)16:12
FuLgOrE_ybon: tried it twice. it works fine16:18
FuLgOrE_ybon: but wait a moment16:19
FuLgOrE_my phone crashed again16:19
FuLgOrE_I'll repeat these tests16:19
ybonFuLgOrE_: thanks :)16:21
FuLgOrE_ybon: also after the reboot it showed the last location. I tried it 3 times more16:21
FuLgOrE_now without crash16:21
FuLgOrE_but connected via usb16:22
ybonI can't get it to work myself anymore, that's weird16:22
FuLgOrE_hmm, 3 times more, everyhing fine16:23
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mterryogra_, nested seems fine in manual testing16:38
ogra_mterry, session-manager-branch fixed16:48
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bfillerMirv: we have a fix for the dialer and messaging app crash under qt5.2: https://code.launchpad.net/~tiagosh/history-service/fix-qt52/+merge/20472817:11
bfillerMirv: it's in CI Train now and will need a rebuild uploaded to qt5.2 ppa17:12
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JamesTaitdpm, I'm looking at http://davidplanella.org/ubuntu-emulator-quickstart-guide/ and trying to install the emulator on Saucy amd64, but there are no amd64 builds of ubuntu-emulator-runtime.  Do I just need to build it from source as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Emulator ?17:30
dpmJamesTait, hm, I'm on amd64 and saucy on this laptop. Did the installation not work for you?17:31
dpmI definitely did not attempt to build from source :)17:31
JamesTaitdpm, then I may be doing something wrong. :)  When I go to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/android I only see i386 packages.17:33
achiangplars: poke17:33
JamesTaitdpm, is that right, and I jusst install the i386 .deb?17:33
dpmJamesTait, dholbach tells me that's fine17:34
Mirvbfiller: awesome! I'll upload it manually to the PPA, and when it's uploaded via CI Train it will autobuild again in the PPA too17:34
JamesTaitdpm, then I'll try that, thanks. :)17:34
bfillerMirv: cool, thanks17:34
dpmJamesTait, cool, I'll update the instructions to make that clear, thanks for the heads app17:34
plarsachiang: hi17:35
achiangplars: hey, just hoping you could chime in on that email we sent last night re: one more refactoring in our savilerow tests17:35
plarsachiang: sure, give me just a bit -fighting some juju stuff at the moment17:36
achiangplars: ack, thanks!17:36
plarsachiang: did this change already happen?17:39
achiangplars: no, we wanted to check with you first17:40
achiangplars: about the proper way to do it17:40
plarsachiang: the output of your autopilot-list *looks* like it's picking them all up at least. If you'd like we can just try it and do a one-off run and see if we need to tweak anything. But what Chris suggested sounds likely17:42
achiangplars: mmm... ok17:43
achiangplars: we'll hook up with you in about 15 or 20m?17:43
achiangto try it17:43
plarsspeaking of...17:43
plarsI'm going to regenerate everything now17:43
Mirvwhere did bfiller ago..17:44
achiangcwayne: ^^17:44
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cwayneachiang, what are we doing? kicking off touch_custom?18:10
achiangcwayne: i think plars suggested we just land our branch and see what happens? ;)18:11
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
cwayneachiang, ah, well im ready when you are then18:12
plarsachiang: I can try it at home and make sure it works18:13
* cwayne would be surprised if we don't have to change it to customization_tests.{}18:14
plarscwayne: me too, but it'll be easier to do this way I think18:15
achiangcwayne: so should we just land our branch then?18:15
plarsI'm provisioning with the touch_custom imgae at home right now18:15
cwaynelets wait for plars to test at home and see how that goes18:16
achiangcwayne: but... he won't have our branch18:16
plarscwayne: well isn't it.. right :)18:16
mhall119Kaleo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1277195 I can't change the priority, could you set it to wishlist?18:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1277195 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Need to support theme customization via click package" [Undecided,New]18:17
plarscwayne: worst case scenario, if you land a new custom image while we're testing this and it fails, I kick off one job after fixing it18:17
cwaynefair enough18:17
cwayneachiang, lets land it then18:17
achiangcwayne: ok, landing then, one sec18:17
achiangcwayne: plars: landed. i think we need to wait a bit for the jenkins job to run, then plars can test18:22
plarsachiang: I need a few more minutes to provision the image anyway, should be done in 3-4 more minutes18:22
achiangplars: great18:22
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achiangplars: any updates?19:17
plarsachiang: we're working on it19:17
plarsachiang: your tests present some special challenges19:17
cwaynehow so??19:18
achiangplars: ah, ok. please let me know if i can help by explaining or whatever19:18
plarsachiang: we think we got it working, but I'm only seeing 3 tests pass?19:31
plarsachiang: is that expected?19:31
achiangplars: no, we should have 17 in there19:32
plarsachiang: right, 14 fail19:32
plarsachiang: let me rerun to double-check and I'll pastebin the output19:32
achiangoh yikes19:32
plarsachiang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6887065/19:34
achiangplars: that looks like you may have run on a non-customized device?19:35
plarsachiang: you may be right, though I could swear I told it to install the custom image19:36
achiangplars: i mean, some really basic stuff is failing19:38
plarsachiang: yeah, checking on the image I have here19:39
achiangplars: see lines 120 and 121 from your pastebin19:39
achiangif that test fails, we are dead19:39
plarsachiang: these customizations are not something that can be click installed can they?19:43
achiangplars: no19:45
achiangplars: they live in this sort of weird area... not part of the ro-rootfs, but not easily confined into a click architecture either19:45
plarsachiang: that's unfortunate. It just means that we have to sort of handle this one as a special case since it doesn't behave like the other stuff that runs with autopilot19:45
cwayneit's a whole separate phablet-flash channel19:46
plarsachiang: or even as a deb, with a -autopilot package for testing?19:46
achiangplars: the customizations are the sanctioned way for people to make modifications to the OS that can't live in a click and at the same time, we do not want to modify the base OS19:46
plarsachiang: especially after we make the changes coming on friday - all other autopilot tests will run directly from phablet-test-run (except the customizations one)19:47
plarsachiang: I'm just installing the customized image (for real this time) to make sure it all works and we can push this19:47
achiangplars: can you explain more about why customizations need to be a special case? because they're not packaged as a deb?19:48
plarsachiang: all the other ap tests we have can either work by installing a .deb, or by pulling a bzr branch associated with a click package (handled by phablet-click-test-setup)19:49
plarsachiang: this falls into neither category19:49
plarsachiang: it's nothing to lose sleep over, biggest issue is really just that anyone wanting to run these outside of CI would need to (obviously) jump through a few more hoops19:52
plarsnamely, pulling our tests from the branch, sticking them in a reasonable place, etc19:53
achiangplars: hm...19:53
achiangplars: i do think 'design for test' is a good goal to have19:53
achiangplars: do you have the architecture/design written up somewhere that we could look at, and see about how to adapt our suite to play better?19:53
cwayneplars, but isn't that already true now?19:54
plarscwayne: yes, it is19:54
bregmaricmm, would you be able to review https://code.launchpad.net/~bregma/qtubuntu/lp-1274763/+merge/204137 for me? it's one of my blockers19:55
achiangplars: so basically, we should go look at phablet-click-test-setup to see how to integrate better with AP?19:55
plarsachiang: probably not, since as you say, it's not a click19:56
ricmmbregma: I can, but not right away19:57
bregmaricmm, thanks19:58
achiangplars: where does phablet-click-test-setup live anyway?19:59
achiangplars: i don't see it in lp:ubuntu-test-cases/touch19:59
plarsachiang: no, it's not ours. That's part of phablet-tools20:00
achiangplars: ah, ok20:00
achiangplars: fwiw, the customization tarball is an official part of the overall touch architecture... so i do think that it needs to be a first class citizen all around20:02
achiangplars: so i think the first step is to just finish out doing what we're doing now, which is getting our test cases running again20:04
Naglfarat https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices, what WIP Unlocking instructions 20:05
achiangplars: but longer term, i'd be happy to work with you to figure out how to reduce maintenance for everyone, which could involve us refactoring our tests again or it might involve some more changes to the CI infrastructure20:05
Naglfarstands for ?20:05
achiangor most likely, some combo of both20:05
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Naglfarat https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices, what "WIP" stands for ?20:34
rwwNaglfar: Work In Progress20:34
Naglfarthank you rww20:34
popeyThatRandomPerson: you should fix your fart app ☻20:44
ThatRandomPersonIt's hard to do20:50
achiangplars: just to close out, from your POV, are we good to go on our test suite?21:13
plarsachiang: yep, it's all set21:14
achiangplars: \o/ thanks!21:14
achiangplars: do you have an HTML dashboard page i could look at just to set my mind at ease? :)21:14
cwaynei'd say not this one: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch_custom/mako/176:20140206.2:20140115.1/6489/21:15
achiangderp. what happened there?21:17
plarsachiang: odd, I thought I had checked it in before that ran, let me look21:17
cwayneAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'tests'21:17
plarscwayne, achiang: I see it - it ran right before I checked in the change21:18
plarscwayne, achiang: once it's done running the other tests, I'll rerun the customization tests and it should "just work"21:18
achiangplars: perfect, thanks21:18
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chrisccoulsonrsalveti, around?22:45
rsalvetichrisccoulson: yup22:45
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, hi. we're trying to get oxide running on the N4 at the sprint this week, and hitting a bit of a blocker that you might be able to help with (or at least suggest how to debug)22:46
chrisccoulsonbasically, chromium tries to create an EGL context, but eglCreateContext fails without setting any error code at all22:46
chrisccoulsonand it works ok on the N1022:47
rsalvetichrisccoulson: hm, weird, how can I try that?22:48
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, aha, you'd need to build it. how fast is your machine and are you on a metered connection? (i can help you to cross compile it if you've got enough bandwidth to check out the source)22:49
rsalvetichrisccoulson: sure, that's fine :-)22:50
rsalvetigot a fast machine to cross compile it22:51
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, so, first you'll want to check out the source as described in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Oxide/BuildInstructions22:51
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, i cross compile in a dedicated chroot because some of the dependencies aren't multi-arch yet22:52
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, i started some instructions here, which detail the build dependencies for cross compiling https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Oxide/ArmCrossCompiling22:53
rsalvetichrisccoulson: then how to tell cmake to cross build it?22:55
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, once the source is checked out and you have a build environment, you can compile by running "mkdir objdir-armhf && cd objdir-armhf && cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../build/toolchain_configs/ubuntu-arm-linux-gnueabihf.cmake -DENABLE_OXIDEQMLSCENE=1 ../"22:55
chrisccoulsonand then make22:55
chrisccoulsonit should work :)22:55
rsalvetichrisccoulson: hm, getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/6888085/22:57
rsalvetichrisccoulson: nice22:57
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, oh, i've not seen that before :/22:58
chrisccoulsongclient.conf is there isn't it?22:58
rsalvetichrisccoulson: yup22:58
rsalvetilet me check if this could be an issue with repo22:59
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, also, any chance you have another gclient script in your PATH?23:00
rsalvetichrisccoulson: -gclientfile = os.path.join(TOPSRCDIR, "gclient.conf")23:06
rsalveti+gclientfile = "gclient.conf" #os.path.join(TOPSRCDIR, "gclient.conf")23:06
rsalvetiworked fine then23:06
rsalvetigetting the code with svn23:07
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, ah, that's a recent change in depot_tools. but that's weird, because we actually peg the depot_tools checkout to a specific revision23:08
chrisccoulsoni've just checked head, and i get the failure in the same way23:08
rsalvetiat least it's not an issue with my env23:09
rsalvetichrisccoulson: do we have a package or something as well which I could try?23:09
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, there isn't at the moment23:10
rsalvetialright, let's build this thing then23:10
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, we're going to pop out for dinner soon. if it's built before i get back, you can create a tar.bz2 of files to push to the device with "make package", which you can extract anywhere and contains a script (run_qmlscene.sh) to configure the environment for running qmlscene23:12
rsalvetichrisccoulson: alright23:12
rsalvetithis is going to take a while I believe23:13
chrisccoulsonit basically just sets up LD_LIBRARY_PATH, tells oxide where to find the renderer and passes -I to qmlscene23:13
chrisccoulsonyeah, it takes around 1 hour on my machine23:13
chrisccoulson(to build)23:13
chrisccoulsoni haven't timed checking it out ;)23:13
rsalvetialright, will ping you once I get something23:15
chrisccoulsonexcellent, thanks23:16
chrisccoulsonright, i'm going to pop out for a bit23:16
OstrichDoes anyone have it working for Galaxy SIII i737]23:22
OstrichDoes anyone have it working for Galaxy SIII i73723:24
Wellarkhi guys! How do I increase the size of root partition (dev/loop0) on nexus4 when running ubuntu-system image?23:28
WellarkI've made the image writable and need to install dev packages, but I'm running out of storage23:29
Wellarkas / is by default just 2GB23:29

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