mappsso windy outside00:49
mappsneed a new series to watch hm00:51
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mappseveryone sleeping?00:54
mappscant figure out this openVPn thing..it drops connection on iOS pause (network unavaliable)_ but its not i can discnnect/reconnect immediately01:01
mapps it doesnt even make sense :D it seems to lose connection ..openvpn ios app will say pause (network unavliable) even though my server is up and i can reconnect..but get this..its done that and i cant access the net..but im getting whatsapp notifications? wich needs net..when i go on whatsapp it cant connect01:01
popeypip pip05:33
jussioooh... I spy, with my little eye, 1 little... err.. popey :D06:07
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[1]MooDoomorning all06:59
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MooDoomorning you two07:34
jussimorning MooDoo07:35
jussiwhat is everyone having for breakfast today?07:36
jussiIve got Tea, rye bread with butter, cheese and vegemite...07:36
jussiand some yoghurt (not on the rye bread)07:37
MooDoosounds lovely07:37
MooDoojussi, how was fosdem?07:37
jussiMooDoo: no idea, wasnt there07:37
MooDooah hmmm wonder why i thought you went lol07:38
MooDoojussi, ah one of the speakers was a jussi, i added 2+2 and got 1007:38
jussiMooDoo: in finland, jussi is about as popular as john is in the UK07:39
MooDoothat explains that then07:39
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:26
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon08:27
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS08:27
MooDoohello brobostigon08:27
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:28
jussimoar tea!!08:31
* brobostigon points at his mouth and says "insert coffee here, please."08:32
jussibrobostigon: whats for brekkie?08:39
brobostigonbuttered toast08:39
jussino vegemite? :D08:40
* jussi grins08:40
MooDooyuck.....now bovril on the other hand ;)08:41
jussimy wife cant understand why I like vegemite...08:41
MooDoojussi, it's coz your nuts?08:43
jussiMooDoo: maybe... I am an aussie...08:44
jussihrm... you know how android has each program in its own sandbox/user?  would it be impractical to do that on linux? does it already exist?08:50
brobostigonits already done, for things like apache and those kinds of things.08:52
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Busby Babes Day! :-)08:54
MooDoohello JamesTait08:56
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:06
JamesTaitMooDoo, o/09:09
jussibrobostigon: yeah, Ive seen it for somethings, like apache, like openerp. but what about desktop apps?09:21
brobostigonit should be possible, i dont see why not.09:22
jussiwould it be useful do you think?  would it add security ?09:22
brobostigonpossibly for things like chrome or FF, however chrome sandboxes its tabs already in that way.09:23
bigcalmAnybody here using nvidia-331 with nvidia-prime and get this bug 1276816 ?09:23
lubotu3bug 1276816 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-331 (Ubuntu) "Unable to select Intel in PRIME Profiles within nvidia-settings" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127681609:23
bigcalmI'm guessing not09:35
MooDoodidn't you uninstall it?09:36
bigcalmdavmor2: convinced me to give it another try09:37
bigcalmThis is the sort of fun we get up to at our fortnightly LUG meetings in the pub09:38
foobarryif android has a sandbox, how can certain apps crash my phone?09:39
dwatkinsdo you give them root, foobarry?09:41
MartijnVdSalso, which apps?09:41
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foobarryno dwatkins09:45
foobarrytwitter, adobe reader,09:46
foobarrymaybe the phone got bored waiting for something to happen09:46
foobarry"All stop errors due to problems with NTFS or FAT have encoded in their first parameter the source file and the line number within the source file that generated the stop error. The high 16 bits (the first four hexadecimal digits after 0x) identify the source file number, and the lower 16 bits (the last four hexadecimal digits of the parameter) identify the source line in the file where the stop occurred."09:47
foobarryanyone know how to find the file name from a stop error?09:47
foobarrybrother has a 0x24 BSOD when he tries to boot windows09:49
dwatkinsit's shown on the BSOD09:51
dwatkinsiirc there's an app which will recreate the screen based on the dump file it created, can't remember what it's called, though09:52
dwatkinshere it is, foobarry - http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/blue_screen_view.html09:53
foobarryexcept pc won't boot :(09:53
dwatkinsoh bah09:53
dwatkinseven in safe mode?09:53
dwatkinsit's hosed, then09:53
foobarryneeds a chkdsk09:54
dwatkinsperhaps it was just that the disk failed09:54
foobarryhe has kids09:54
foobarryso i'm thinking maybe corrupt fs.09:54
dwatkinsseems logical - the presence of a child's magnetic field can easily corrupt any hard disk if the child is supplied with enough biscuits and milk.09:56
dwatkinsdo you have a CD to hand which you can do a repair installation from, foobarry?09:59
dwatkinsi.e. OS install CD09:59
foobarryi was gonna text him to ask that.09:59
foobarrywonder if ubuntu can fix it09:59
foobarryi have access to wixp disks somewhere10:00
bigcalmIs there a device I can hook up to my desktop so that it'll make a noise when I get a skype call? I appear to have missed a few calls due to not having my headset on10:02
foobarrya usb phone?10:03
bigcalmAnd works in Linux10:03
jussibigcalm: skype has (or used to have) a config option to have it ring on your speakers, regardless of headset10:03
dwatkinsbigcalm: just plug a normal phone into the PC: http://www.echostore.com/skype-phone-adaptor-usb.html10:04
jussibigcalm: alternately, do youhave a smart phone? just run skype there all the time and it will ring...10:04
bigcalmjussi: I don't have speakers :)10:04
foobarrygo to the dump10:04
foobarryusually some lying around10:04
bigcalmHaving skype on my phone is not something that appeals to me10:04
bigcalmI have a skype-phone-adaptor, but I don't think it works in Linux. I don't know any that do10:05
dwatkinsbigcalm: see link above ;)10:05
* bigcalm reads10:05
foobarrycute. looks...old10:06
foobarryfedora core 3 driver only10:07
dwatkinsthere are probably newer ones10:08
bigcalmSod it, I'll put skype on my phone :(10:09
foobarrythe war of attrition10:10
foobarrywe always yield in the end10:10
foobarry(except RMS)10:10
jussibigcalm: you could just stop using skype :P10:13
foobarryor does cyanogen/android just handle it all now10:13
bigcalmjussi: get my clients to do the same10:13
directhexSIP doesn't work.10:14
foobarrywhich asepct specifically directhex ?10:14
directhexfoobarry, the "IP address is burned into the SIP packets so it can't be NATted successfully without use of a proxy server or a router which rewrites every incoming & outgoing packet" aspect10:15
foobarryisn't that why you sign up with a sip gateway provider?10:15
foobarryi think you can even dial skype contacts too10:21
dvrrHiii good morning all10:27
dwatkinsI use sipgate.co.uk, I can log in from my phone and accept calls at an 0118 number10:27
foobarrydwatkins: how much u pay?10:28
dwatkinsif you're behind a NAT router, you'll need a device outside the router to log into, I think it's called a SIP endpoint10:28
foobarrywhat's the battery drain like to allow ur phone to receive calls?10:28
dwatkinsfoobarry: nothing, I never make outgoing calls with it, just have it as an alternative number for people to call10:28
dwatkinsI don't notice any extra battery drain.10:28
Blinky_ Hi guys, could someone please tell me how to set the permissions on my /var/www directory so that new adding files can be seen on the website?10:31
foobarrydwatkins: or referred to as a pbx i assume10:31
dwatkinsfoobarry: not necessarily, a pbx tends to be one connected physically to phones10:32
foobarryor a virtual pbx10:33
dwatkinsalso known as a proxy server in the SIP world, I think10:33
foobarrybeware oboxious flash movie10:33
dwatkinsoh? I have adblock and other such things so I don't see silly things like that10:34
foobarryon the pbxes site10:34
MooDoooh blinky didn''t stay long10:36
foobarrydon't blink10:37
MooDoono statues in here is there?10:38
MooDooAlanBell, sounds like your having bot issues.....10:48
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TheOpenSourcererWhat's the clock indicator thinggy called again? Has disappeared from the bar? :-(11:05
jpdsTheOpenSourcerer: indicator-datetime?11:07
davmor2Morning all11:08
TheOpenSourcererOK - how do I restart just that then?11:08
bigcalmMorning davmor211:09
jpdsTheOpenSourcerer: Seems to be /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-datetime-service here.11:09
TheOpenSourcererSo how do I restart it without killing Unity?11:10
TheOpenSourcererkillall unity-panel-service perhaps?11:11
davmor2bigcalm: why you been banding my nick around now?11:11
TheOpenSourcererYep. That worked.11:11
MooDoodavmor2, he wanted to know who is the best person to stab, and that would be you ;)11:11
davmor2MooDoo: oh well that goes without saying just ask czajkowski11:12
MooDoodavmor2, I've not spoken to her in awhile, don't think I dare any more ;)11:13
xalyyHello everyone11:22
xalyyI have a question is ubuntu 13.10 good for KVM I mean opening a VPS hosting? I would like to open a reliable host, but need to know which OS would be good for a virtualization11:23
MooDooxalyy,so you want to use ubuntu as a kvm host?11:25
xalyyYes if possible because I can't configure CentOS and I used ubuntu before and thats fit better for me11:25
kvarleyAnybody know how I can find the cause of an "Unresponsive script" message in firefox11:26
kvarleyIt says it's a library file causing it but I want to see the parent call11:26
kvarleyNothing shows in the web console11:26
davmor2xalyy: then you want the lts not 13.10 there is no support life on 13.1011:26
MooDooxalyy, I don't see why you can't use it :)11:26
xalyySo its possible without any problem? :)11:27
davmor2kvarley: Does ps aux show anything?11:27
MooDooxalyy, well I can't comment on that as i've never used it, but the server is used for cloud hosting so I don't see why it should give you any problems11:28
kvarleydavmor2: Well it's a javascript loop taking too long to run, I want to see what loop it gets stuck in :)11:28
xalyyI am asking this because if the KVM runs better on CentOS then I have to solve my problem on it but if it runs the same then I install again ubuntu11:29
MooDooxalyy,if you have the hard ware, then try it :D11:29
xalyyBut I have to know it exactly because I suck with CentOS for like three days, and renting a dedicated is not cheap :(11:30
davmor2xalyy: Ubuntu was the first distro to officially support and ship kvm as a default vm mechanism.11:30
xalyyWow :D11:30
MooDooah right, well then I'm not sure of the differrence with centos and ubuntu for virtulisation11:30
xalyyThen no problems :)11:30
MartijnVdSthere isn't much difference, I think11:30
MartijnVdSboth prefer libvirt and kvm11:31
xalyyAnd I heard 14.04 is just released few days ago what are the new featerus? Do I give a shot for it?11:31
MooDooxalyy, 14.04 is released in april11:32
davmor2xalyy: I would recommend 12.04 over 13.10 due to the support though.  13.10 only has 9 months support.  12.04 is nearly 2 years old and has another 3 years of support11:32
foobarryxalyy: the .04 means the fourth month of teh year11:32
xalyyBut look it says febr 511:33
foobarrythat's not the release ver.11:33
MooDooxalyy,is that beta?11:33
foobarryjust the wonder of open source let you kick the tyres and report bugs11:33
xalyyOhhh ok :D11:33
xalyyI stay with 13.1011:33
lubotu3Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+111:33
davmor2xalyy: Current mean the current daily testing release not the current released version for general use11:34
xalyyBut I can download here the 13.10 nah?11:34
davmor2xalyy: if you plan on doing this for a server use 12.04 not 13.1011:34
xalyyServer use?11:35
xalyyWhy would I use the older verison11:35
MooDooxalyy, it's LTS long term support11:35
xalyyCan you give me a link then where to download?11:36
davmor2xalyy: it's been tried and tested for 2 years so a lot of the bugs are closed, it is designed for server and business and it has another 3 years of support over the 9 months that 13.10 has11:37
xalyyOhh ok11:38
xalyyAnd this is without desktop enviroment?11:38
MooDoobut you can install it if you wanted but why would you do that on a server :D11:38
xalyyLol how would I manage my vps?11:39
MooDooxalyy, SSH?11:39
xalyyWithout DE11:39
xalyyNo no its too messy :D11:39
xalyyIts easier in VNC11:39
MooDooxalyy, then you'd have to think about installing a desktop environment and use VNC or something else11:39
MooDooxalyy, kits of tutorials on the web about doing this - http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-gui-on-ubuntu-12-04-precise-server.html11:40
MooDooas an example11:40
xalyyI know how to install11:40
xalyyI said I used before :D11:40
xalyyBut ty11:40
MooDoofair enough :D11:40
foobarrywhat do you mean "manage your vps"11:40
xalyyKVM VPS management?11:41
foobarryprovision vms?11:41
foobarryyou can remote display an app over ssh11:42
foobarryalso there's lots of good commind line tools11:42
dwatkinsyeah, but it's hideously slow11:43
foobarrynot worth using vnc for this11:43
foobarrydesktop on a server = not best practice11:43
dwatkinsI tend to use NX for remote display via ssh, as the old ssh -X redirection of just the window isn't very well optimised11:43
foobarrynx is nifty11:43
xalyyIt can handle it, its not an intel atom dedicated server11:44
xalyyNo worries11:44
davmor2xalyy: http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Management_Tools11:44
foobarrygot enough RAM ?11:44
xalyy24 gb11:45
xalyyBut whats that?11:45
foobarryinstalling and running desktop environment on a server is the windows approach to things11:45
foobarryyou add unnecessary overhead11:46
foobarryCLI tools are quicker11:46
dwatkinsyeah, thin clients aren't really worth the hassle11:46
dwatkinsI have a friend who is a teacher, it can take longer than the length of the lesson to log in to the thin client to do the register11:46
foobarryit pains me when i see windows admins rdesktop to server to get things done11:46
bashrcthin clients were an idea whose time never came11:46
foobarrytakes 10x longer11:46
dwatkinsfoobarry: that's because Windows doesn't tend to allow command line stuff for most things11:47
directhexif you're using kvm, you should be managing it with libvirt11:47
directhexif you're managing it with libvirt, you can use virt-manager on your local desktop to manage things remotely - vm creation & monitoring, etc11:47
directhexi use virt-manager for gui access to virtual machines on hosts in london11:47
xalyyhttp://www.howtogeek.com/117635/how-to-install-kvm-and-create-virtual-machines-on-ubuntu/ is this a good guide?11:48
foobarrydirecthex: does it use port 22?11:49
directhexfoobarry, it uses whichever port you run your sshd on11:49
directhexxalyy, seems reasonable, for a local desktop/laptop11:50
TheOpenSourcerervirt-manager FTW!11:50
foobarryugly tool though innit11:50
foobarryeven cli is prettier11:50
TheOpenSourcererIt works though.11:50
dwatkinsI use irssi because I prefer the command line for everything possible.11:59
MooDooyay irssi11:59
xalyyThen guys can you show me an example which would a starting VPS business guy use?11:59
xalyyI mean why this isnt good for business use?11:59
directhexbasically the same guide, but do the "virt-manager" install only on your local laptop - the rest should be on the server.12:00
directhexthen run virt-manager locally, File, Add Connection, Connect to remote host, fill in the boxes12:00
directhexnow virt-manager on your laptops talks to remote VPS host12:00
xalyyUgh :D12:00
foobarryyou mean yay :D12:01
MooDooxalyy lol you want to start on this rocky road :D12:01
foobarrythis is the best advice you could get on the subject12:01
xalyyYes but I only start a VPS business if my method will fail12:01
foobarryi suggest you take it12:01
xalyySo first I test for myself then if not works what I planned then open business or sell the dedicated12:02
xalyythats it :P12:02
xalyyDo I get a fresh install if I install this server.iso?12:02
xalyyI messed up centos a little12:03
foobarrynot being funny but i wouldn't buy a service from someone who isn't expert12:03
foobarryi'd use bytemark or rackspace etc12:03
dwatkinsI'd just use AWS.12:03
xalyyWhere I will sell its not really matters are you an expert or not :P12:04
xalyyThey just buy if it's not good for them then I will refund if good they keep it, thats it12:05
foobarryi have a nuclear reactor i made in my shed,. wanna buy?12:05
MooDoofoobarry, only if I get to play with the good stuff :)12:06
bashrcfission or fusion?12:07
foobarrybashrc: i am not an expert, i just followed online guide12:07
xalyyNo no I talked seriously :P12:07
foobarryif it doesn't work, i'll refund u12:07
bashrchow many megawatts?12:08
xalyySo does this give me a fresh install? :D12:09
foobarryi am sitting at my desk about 100 yds away from the site of a nuclear reactor12:13
foobarrytrue story12:13
foobarry*old site of nuclear reactor12:13
TheOpenSourcererI create fusion reactions in my stomach... Just eat some superhot chillies ;-)12:14
MooDoohmmm superhot chiilies12:15
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: Mr Fusion is you? :)12:15
TheOpenSourcererThis year's season so far: https://plus.google.com/photos/104060033182234025482/albums/597538769577942297712:16
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: looks a bit like what the police took out of the house when my upstairs neighbor was forced to leave ;)12:18
TheOpenSourcererSome of my chilli growing friends have been visited by the Police recently... The Coppers find it all rather strange.12:18
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mappshm get so many leaflets for fast food through my door12:44
MooDootell me about it, the posties get paid for delivering crap12:48
neuroor ... ubunters?12:48
neurospeaking of virtualisation ...12:48
neuroanyone tried doing that on a host from OVH?12:49
neuroaka kimsufi aka soyoustart12:49
neuroi think you have to do some tomfoolery with virtual MACs to assign to their "failover" (additional) IPs, but I've never tried it12:50
mappshey neuro12:51
neurolo mapps12:53
neurosounds like a "no" then :)12:57
MartijnVdSneuro: it *is* a very specific question :)12:58
foobarryare sony stopping making laptops?12:58
davmor2foobarry: sounds like it from the news12:59
neurothere's chat about them selling the business a la ibm to lenovo12:59
davmor2neuro: I thought they were just going to concentrate on tablets and phones so they would still want people there I guess13:00
neurothe vaio and xperia business units are separate iirc13:00
davmor2neuro: fair enough then :)13:03
neuroi had a vaio Z600-LEK13:05
neurowas my first ever laptop, loved it to bits13:05
foobarryi had a vaio cckkkakzkxkxkccr13:05
foobarryworst model names ever13:05
neuroah, thought i had some pics somewhere13:10
MartijnVdSvaios look nice, but they're plastic and break easily13:10
MartijnVdSmine does anyway13:11
dwatkinsI used to have a Nokia phone like that13:11
neuroyeah, they always have been13:11
foobarryi had a purple alu one13:11
neurodwatkins: nokia 621013:11
foobarrylogin to server m.outlook.com failed13:11
neurogreatest phone i ever had13:11
dwatkinsyeah, nice fast menus, none of the extraneous crap you don't need13:11
neurodual band, wap, all kinds of awesome13:13
dwatkinsI knew someone with a similar phone that had two SIM cards13:14
dwatkinspossibly the type used in the film The Matrix which flips out13:14
foobarrythe nokia banana phone? i had that13:15
foobarryfirst company phone13:15
dwatkinsthey were great, until they seized-up13:16
directhexthe matrix used a phone with no click mechanism13:17
dwatkinsaha, I wondered why it was slightly different13:17
neurothey modded the 8110s for the movie13:17
directhexyep, what neuro said13:17
directhexthe 8110 was an *old* phone13:17
directhexthe 7110 was modern - big screen, wap, etc13:17
directhexi've owned both13:18
neuroi had a mate who had one13:18
neurothe only good thing about the 7110 was the 'snikt' matrix action13:18
directhexthat was amazing though13:18
neurohaha, reference 5 on that 7110 wikipedia page13:18
ali1234so who actually came up with the idea of putting a spring inside the cover?13:20
ali1234nokia, or some prop designer?13:20
neuroprobably the latter13:21
ali1234hmm... i know who would know13:21
neurowhich reminds me, i've let a domain lapse ...13:21
MooDooneuro, you mean your isp doesn't auto renew domains for you?13:21
MartijnVdSMooDoo: you mean, you trust your ISP? :)13:22
neuroISP? domains?13:22
neuroi am my own registrar13:22
MooDoosilly me13:22
neurowell, an opensrs reseller at least13:22
* jussi grumbles ion the general openerp direction13:23
MartijnVdSjussi: anion or cation?13:23
MooDooit's not that hard to be a reseller iirc13:23
neuronever said it was13:23
jussiMartijnVdS: mrghrghrhg13:23
neuroiirc it was 90 bucks and done13:23
MooDoosorry wasn't having a dig :D13:23
foobarrylooks like my 80 chrome tabs have come to bite me13:23
* jussi bites foobarry13:23
dwatkinsI save my tabs with tabcloud13:24
foobarrymy window manager crashes when i get to 0MB RAM free13:25
foobarryusually its a facebook tab that pushes over the edge13:26
MartijnVdSwhy would you need 80 tabs though?13:26
foobarryresearching a problem13:27
foobarrywork in progress13:27
foobarrybookmark managers in browsers are very poor13:27
neurowell, that was quicker than i thought13:27
foobarryyep, had that phone13:28
foobarryi was accidentally cool for a while13:28
neurohad my mod_proxy config all wrong, and had let the domain name lapse a while back13:28
neurosurprised it wasn't snarfed by squatters13:28
MooDoolol I have one of them at home, but my sim doesn't fit it :D13:29
MooDooand you have to manually pull down the phone cover lol13:29
foobarrywas relieved to find my giffgaff sim turns into a micro sim very easily13:30
dwatkinssnip snip13:30
neuromost mini sims do13:30
foobarrypoke poke13:30
* neuro has a cutter somewhere13:30
foobarryyou just flex teh giffgaff ones13:30
foobarryand the micro sim pops out of the daddy sim13:30
neuroah, that kind13:30
foobarryyeah, sweet13:31
neurountil you want to use the sim in a mini-sim device13:31
dwatkinsdaughter sim13:31
neurothen you need to buy one of those stupid plastic holders13:31
foobarryi kept it13:31
neurothat Galaxy SIIs hate13:31
foobarrydwatkins: your dad has the moto g?13:31
neuroi powered up my SII last night13:32
neurowon't go any higher than 4.1.2 without being rooted13:32
dwatkinsI keep a Nokia 3510i just in case.13:32
neurowhich in my mind defeats the point13:32
neurogod i hate android phones13:32
foobarryturned on the moto g last night, and offered a android 4.4.2 update13:32
* neuro has a backup iphone 4, just in case13:32
dwatkinsTry supporting Android on tablets...13:32
MartijnVdSneuro: at least they're not Apple phones13:32
neuroMartijnVdS: nothing wrong with apple phones13:32
dwatkinsI actually prefer iOS to Android.13:32
neuromoi aussi13:32
foobarrywill apple ever sell a non premium device?13:33
dwatkinstrés bien13:33
dwatkinsI thought they mad echeap versions of the iPhone 513:33
foobarrythen the applefans are locked in forver13:33
dwatkinsiPhone 5C13:33
neurothe C in iphone 5C is for "colour"13:33
dwatkinsC for colourful13:33
neuroit's basically an iphone 5 in a polycarb shell13:33
dwatkinsoh, they're not actually cheaper?13:33
neurosame guts13:33
dwatkinsI thought they had less powerful processors etc.13:34
neurothat was just the apple rumour mill making stuff up13:34
MooDooC is for cheaper model lol13:34
neurocompared to the 5s, yeah13:34
dwatkinsshame, my iPhone 3GS is still fine for a lot of stuff13:34
neurothey still tier the models though13:34
shaunoreally?  I thought it'd be a bit slim to make a good doorstop13:34
neuroyou can get an 8GB 4S for $cheaper13:34
dwatkinsI miss having a 32GB phone to put my entire music collection on to.13:35
DJonesHas any indication been given on when an UBuntu phone will be released without needing to install yourself13:35
MartijnVdSshauno: maybe you can use it to stop the desk wobbling13:35
foobarryDJones: i'm sure popey offers a personal install service too , for a price13:36
neurohornet:~ neuro$ du -sh /Volumes/Storage\ Bay/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Music13:36
neuro135G/Volumes/Storage Bay/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music13:36
foobarrydelivered by drone13:36
neuroand by "drone", we mean an MQ-9 Reaper13:36
* DJones ducks13:36
dwatkinsnot an owl13:37
neuro"here's your package ..."13:37
foobarrydoes anyone know about zram/compcache? https://code.google.com/p/compcache/13:37
neuro"... and here's a Hellfire"13:37
jussieverything is driving me crazy today. Libreoffice crashing, openerp being evil, its just not fun anymore!!!13:39
foobarrysomones dad on facebook is called stalin13:44
foobarryreal name13:44
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jussihey! its a popey!13:50
dwatkinsI have an annoy-a-tron in my office, but no-one's noticed it makes random creaking noises, probably because the building does that anyway.13:53
MartijnVdSdwatkins: have it make the same noise as the evacuation alarm ;)13:54
ali1234friend of mine had one of those whistle keyring things and then lost his keys13:54
ali1234it would not trigger no matter how much he whistled13:54
ali1234but it would activate at random times and we'd all start looking behind the couch etc13:54
ali1234took us like a week to find it13:55
dwatkinsI had a keyring thing which I didn't know made a noise when you squished it, then we started hearing this random "boing" noise, and assumed a neighbor was playing computer games, turned out the keyring toy was under a box and got activated whenever we walked around,13:55
foobarrywhat's the last kernel that 12.04 will get?14:13
foobarry(barring security updates)14:13
DJonesfoobarry: I think its getting the 3.5 kernel14:19
DJonesfoobarry: http://askubuntu.com/questions/279391/quantal-backported-kernel-in-12-04-2-whats-going-on-there14:20
MartijnVdS12.04.3 even has raring14:20
MartijnVdSand .4 has saucy backports14:20
MartijnVdSSearch for the "LTS enablement stack"14:20
DJonesMartijnVdS: Yeah thats what I was working up to, basically, it gets the latest kernel released for the most recent Ubuntu release14:21
DJonesfoobarry: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack14:21
foobarryneed 3.11 or 3.14 :(14:22
foobarrythey probably stop 14.04 though?14:22
foobarryfor 12.04 backports14:22
MartijnVdSfoobarry: popey knows.14:28
MartijnVdSfoobarry: would be likely though -- by that time you shuold just install the new LTS instaed14:29
foobarrywhat's 14.04 getting kernel wise?14:29
foobarryso zswap but not zram14:29
MartijnVdS+ potentially LTS enablement from later kernels14:29
popey3.13 + stuff backported from 3.1414:29
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=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
* neuro gets some more money from second life15:33
neuros/more money/more free money/15:33
MartijnVdSthat still exists?!15:34
neuroi have a complimentary premium account15:34
neuroand premium accounts get a weekly stipend in L$15:35
neuroso every few months I empty it out and bank it to paypal15:35
neuroand between june and today, I "earned" about L$15K15:35
neurowhich is about US$5515:36
MartijnVdSinvest in btc ;)15:36
neurosod that15:36
* popey wonders what to spend his 0.00220293BTC on15:37
MartijnVdSpopey: a new car?15:40
neuroa matchbox car maybe15:40
* neuro works that out at approx $17.7715:42
neurodecimal place15:42
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neuroannoying things about the planet #15,691,642: having to wait til 6pm for a sales call from a potential supplier because it's 10am in san francisco :P17:48
mappshmm annoying..my router restarted and now my ubuntu machine wont connect17:49
daftykinsmapps: is it set to DHCP?17:56
mappsdaftykins,  thing is..my router restarts it gets cutoff as expected but then if i select my wifi from the list..it fails connecting? yet if i disable networking and re-enabl;e it'll connect??17:57
daftykinsoh wireless17:57
mappsi just don't see why when i select it it cant connect after being dc but it works if i disbale?|17:58
daftykinsyeah that's quite odd. beyond my experience though i'm afraid as i don't use desktop ubuntu with wireless17:58
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daftykinsanyone ever dealt with autodiscover SRV records in their DNS?18:13
shaunodeja vu18:14
daftykinshaha yeah i never did get around to sorting it18:15
daftykins*** No Service location (SRV) records available for _autodiscover._tcp.cisa.gg18:15
daftykinsthats all i get18:15
daftykinsusing openDNS18:15
daftykinsso i presume i'm setting it wrong18:16
daftykinsah well i gave the email provider a shout so perhaps they can steer me right :)18:19
shaunoyeah I don't see it either.  but I do see an autodiscover.cisa.gg, so it should try the http-post to /Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml first?18:23
diddledan__daftykins: doing it via dig I get : _autodiscover._tcp.cisa.gg. 3600 INSRV0 5 443 exchange.mse2010.com.cisa.gg.18:24
shaunoooh really?  I don't.  oddness18:24
diddledan__shauno: I ran the following: $ dig srv _autodiscover._tcp.cisa.gg18:24
daftykinsi did just this second create another18:24
daftykinswell, 8 mins ago18:25
daftykinstheres how my provider looks18:25
daftykinsalthough i figured the trailing "." was probably wrong, so i removed it18:26
daftykinsthere seems to be no place on my provider to set that it's TCP, so i created a second SRV that has "_autodiscover._tcp" as that first column field18:27
diddledan__a trailing . indicates that the name it's attached to is fully-qualified18:27
diddledan__without the . will cause the name to be relative to the parent it's defined within18:27
daftykinsah yeah, doesn't belong that early on then perhaps18:27
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* neuro just confused a US sales person by having a Scottish accent, but a 415 area code phone number18:29
daftykinsperhaps if i wait an hour and test again18:29
bigcalmMy regexing is arse. How do I test that a string has 'accont1' to 'account5' ?18:29
bigcalmIs it /account[1-5]/ ?18:29
MartijnVdSmapps: yes18:29
MartijnVdSbigcalm: yes18:29
bigcalmAmazing, okay :)18:30
MartijnVdSbigcalm: except it won't match "accont" ;)18:30
MartijnVdSin that case, you need "accou?nt" :)18:30
neurodaftykins: that's an awful looking DNS interface :)18:30
* bigcalm tickles MartijnVdS :P18:30
daftykinsneuro: eh, i chopped the view down a lot18:30
neuromine looks like this https://www.dropbox.com/s/88hy6c424nsc48q/Screenshot%202014-02-06%2018.32.06.png18:32
neuroi makey ze change to mister bind zone file, i run an update script to push it out to my nameservers and i sit back and grin18:33
neuronah, i do a sanity check before hand18:34
neurousually the only problem i have is forgetting to update the SOA serial18:34
shaunoour method seems to be; push update; put phone to silent18:34
bigcalmOK (2 tests, 5 assertions)18:34
daftykinsi get the response if i pick my provider's nameserver as the one i'm querying18:34
bigcalmYay, thank you MartijnVdS :)18:34
daftykinsshauno: 8D18:34
neuroshauno: hehe18:34
shaunoI gotta say though, the only ns issues we've really had are well-meaning people "fixing" our mx record18:37
shaunowe still use mail.ouroriginaldomain for a specific purpose, because it's hardcoded in legacy equipment.  we keep getting people spotting it and pointing it to messagelabs18:39
shaunothen we have to panic and explain to them yet again that it's broken on purpose18:39
neurobeen there18:39
neurooldname.biz -> newname.com18:40
neurobut loads of stuff using the .biz for auth, and an exchange/bes using it too18:40
shaunoeven funnier is that we still haven't found anyone who can login to mail.legacy.  so it's just the little linux box that could now18:40
daftykinsooh hang on i broke it taking out that one i created18:40
neuroit's going to be that novell box plastered behind a wall, isn't it18:40
mappsanyone use squid guard?18:40
daftykinsdiddledan__: has your 'dig' of my domain also changed to have no entry now?18:40
shaunooh no, we know where it is.  "could you turn that back on" has been another issue18:41
diddledan__daftykins: it's still cached at what I reported just now18:42
daftykinsah ok, i think i spotted what works18:42
ali1234shauno: how's the wefax going?18:42
diddledan__daftykins: upstreaming to gives me an empty response18:43
daftykinsdiddledan__: roger that ty18:43
shaunoI haven't touched it for a few days .. it's been a weird week18:43
ali1234i tried using the "mobile" version of websdr and i noticed a few things18:44
ali1234it has an option to increase the audio buffer, which helps. it also have a ppm error estimation right on the page, which seems to follow the skewing18:45
ali1234i managed to get this: http://imagebin.org/29131018:45
shaunohm, that's a lot more convincing.  wobble but less so18:45
ali1234so i would say, try to eliminate the soundcard loopback, and make sure that everything is well buffered18:46
daftykinsdiddledan__: thanks to your output i also saw i had to put a trailing '.' after the domain it needed to forward to \o/18:53
diddledan__although do you think discussing my output is appropriate for a family friendly channel? :-p18:53
daftykinswere you to do it again it should just report exchange.mse2010.com ?18:54
daftykinsinstead of that .cisa.gg18:54
diddledan__yes, it does18:54
diddledan__well done18:54
daftykinsso putting in _autodiscover._tcp was the answer18:54
daftykinsbut if you try and do it via google @ it just returns the pointer to my provider's DNS18:55
daftykinswhich would probably still get the answer, just later? *shrug*18:55
diddledan__lol @ email from netflix: Career criminal Milton breaks free from hell to pursue the cult that killed his daughter and abducted her baby, racing to save the infant before the group sacrifices her. Milton in turn is chased by Satan's right-hand man, a determined accountant.19:03
diddledan__there's nothing worse than a determined accountant!19:03
diddledan__that's about the movie "Drive Angry"19:04
diddledan__with nick cage19:04
daftykinsi wish people didn't :(19:04
daftykinsas it causes me to "Cycle Angry" :(19:04
MartijnVdSdaftykins: come to Amsterdam! We have lots of those ;)19:06
diddledan__MartijnVdS: angry cyclists?19:06
MartijnVdSdiddledan__: yeah, especially after work they seem to be in such a rush to get home, traffic rules stop existing19:07
daftykinsi find that's accurate for car drivers more here, probably down to how many cyclists i hear you have!19:10
MartijnVdSdaftykins: a few ;)19:11
DJones***%$£^&*^$ Currys ripoff thieves, dad bought a new laptop, paid for the setup & training session and they haven't done half the things he paid for....Explanation was that they didn't have wifi19:16
daftykinsthey do? or they have wired?19:17
DJones.... daftykins Your guess is as good as mine, major high street store with no internet...MY ARSE19:18
diddledan__DJones: if they didn't have the facility to do the job they shouldn't have advertised that they can do the job, methinks19:18
DJonesI can see a visit on Sunday with me going ballistic19:18
daftykinsDJones: oh the session was at their shop, ok19:19
DJonesThey didn't install the windows updates they're supposed to19:19
MartijnVdSmaybe they hit their monthly bandwidth allowance 8-)19:21
daftykinshave your parents got dial-up or something?19:22
neurooh god19:23
MartijnVdSneuro: DIAL-UP19:23
neuroi'm watching this daft woman on tuesday night's newsnight try to talk about coding19:23
diddledan__neuro: oh? is it bad?19:23
neuroit's THAT BAD19:24
neuroshe claims a teacher could be trained to teach code "in a day"19:24
DJonesdaftykins: They have broadband, which is obviously more than than the Currys store has19:24
MartijnVdSneuro: sure, I can teach them "Hello World" in a day19:24
neurooh god19:25
neuropaxman just asked "what is code"19:25
ali1234a competent secondary maths teach *could* be train to teach coding in a day19:25
MartijnVdSneuro: probably even simple loops (while true; do echo "Hello World; done)19:25
neuroresponse: "it's how you make computers do things"19:25
daftykins"you can build a website in an hour"19:25
daftykinsyeah 'cause websites count.19:25
neuroMartijnVdS: there are specific fundamentals that i'd want a teacher to know before teaching19:25
neurodaftykins: it gets worse19:25
ali1234why wouldn't websites count?19:26
neuroit gets so much worse19:26
daftykinsi don't think they ever should19:26
MartijnVdSneuro: yes, because of the dreaded "Why?" from the children :)19:26
neuroali1234: a "website" is constructed from a markup language19:26
neuroif you just sit in an IDE and type in HTML, it's not "code"19:26
neuroneither is css19:26
ali1234markup language which is quite likely to have been generated by code, and will then be further modified by javascript19:27
neurogranted if you move into JS/AJAX/et al, or dynamically construct the page in PHP/Perl/Python/Ruby/Go/etcetcetc, *then* you're coding19:27
neurobut if you're building a website "in an hour", you're not coding19:27
ali1234any why isn't html considered coding?19:27
neurobecause it's a markup language19:27
ali1234coding isn't just about instructions. it is also about data. in fact data is arguably more important19:28
neuroit's about as much coding as making a word bold in MS Word is coding19:28
MartijnVdSneuro: no, in WP 5.1 with the Alt+F3 screen open19:29
neuroMartijnVdS: please, not to be triggering my PTSD, thanks19:29
MartijnVdSneuro: You have WordPerfect-related PTSD?19:29
shaunoI think 'coding' is way too vague to argue about what counts and what doesn't19:30
neuro"coding" == "programming"19:30
diddledan__why aren't those youtube clips working for me?19:31
daftykinsi don't find the word programming so apt these days19:31
neuroyeah, i was just clarifying the term19:31
daftykinsmine was an aside19:32
neurothing is, i don't consider myself a "coder"19:32
neurobut i can knock out some bash or php pretty easily19:32
MartijnVdSr u l33t h4x0r?19:32
neuroI R19:32
neurohack the planet19:32
diddledan__I consider myself as a "developer" usually19:32
neurogood alternate term19:32
ali1234coding is literally "encoding"19:33
neurooh jeez19:33
neurohtml is not code19:33
MartijnVdSali1234: UCS-219:33
neuroit's not programmatic, nothing is executed or interpreted19:33
MartijnVdSneuro: it is interpreted, or web browsing would be *annoying*19:33
diddledan__my colleague refers to himself as "coding mage" as part of a much longer job title19:33
neuroit's rendered19:34
neuroheh nice19:34
MartijnVdSneuro: it's parsed19:34
MartijnVdSdiddledan__: "Bit wizard"19:34
shaunoit is interpreted19:34
diddledan__MartijnVdS: bits are so old fashioned19:34
MartijnVdSdiddledan__: "Byte Bamboozler"?19:35
MartijnVdSdiddledan__: Megabyte Mage? Gigabyte Guru?19:35
diddledan__garbage collector?19:35
diddledan__terabyte titilator?19:36
shaunofind me a dictionary and tell me that an interpreter doesn't render one language into another19:36
diddledan__shauno: english19:36
MartijnVdSdiddledan__: refcount or mark&sweep? ;)19:36
diddledan__in french19:36
ali1234+1 shauno19:36
diddledan__I've yet to see an interpreter that renders assembly into german19:37
ali1234diddledan__: but there is the opposite19:37
neuroshauno / ali1234: the words you're throwing around have very specific terms in the computing field19:37
shaunoright, parsing is to render it into it's constituent parts.  that's the first part to interpretting19:37
diddledan__ali1234: I'm being facetious19:38
diddledan__ali1234: I'm playing both sides off against one-another19:38
shauno"To split a file or other input into pieces of data that can be easily stored or manipulated."   is what you just linked19:38
daftykinsneuro: btw if you revisit your link to politicalscrapbook.net there, i like the way the upper-right link to "Arrogant IDS..." with the guy holding up a blurred hand looks like he's throwing the above envelope \o/19:38
diddledan__shauno: I prefer the term Grok19:38
neurodaftykins: nice spot, like it :)19:38
shaunoa browser doesn't split html into data that can be easily manipulated, and then throw them into your lap.  so parsing is one part of a wider task19:38
neuroi LOVE the word grok19:38
ali1234diddledan__: http://esolangs.org/wiki/German19:39
neuroshauno: you're splitting hairs, HTML is NOT a programming language19:39
shaunoI never said it did.  but I don't think coding==programming19:40
ali1234neither did i, for the record19:40
neuro"To write software programs"19:41
neuroand suddenly it goes awfully quiet :)19:42
ali1234well wiktionary is wrong19:42
neuroi didn't realise debate worked that way, but sure, let's do that instead19:43
shaunoI think there's a very good reason 'coding' has appeared as an umbrella term19:44
daftykinsyeah, it probably aims to encompass all the grey areas19:44
neuroOED says "code (verb): write code for (a computer program)"19:44
shaunoespecially where it comes to education, where getting anything in the door is a lot more constructive than picking them apart over what your idea of a language is19:45
ali1234but you're ignoring the second definition there on wiktionary, which says "To categorise by assigning identifiers from a schedule" which is literally what you are doing when you markup a document with html tags19:45
neurooh, but i thought wiktionary was wrong?19:45
ali1234i guess it's not wrong after all19:46
daftykinswhere does 'schedule' enter in?19:46
shaunothat's your dtd19:47
neuroit still doesn't change the fact that HTML is a markup language, not a programming language19:47
neuroA DTD is written in XML which is a markup language19:47
shaunoI mean the dtd would be an example of the 'schedule' from which the identifiers are chosen19:47
daftykinsthe third (cryptography) definition seems odd - would any of you really use that?19:49
daftykinsi'd have thought 'encrypt' replaced that if it ever was in the common lexicon19:49
ali1234sure. if i said "coded message" you would know what i meant19:49
neuroit's still valid though19:49
shaunocode and crypt have specific meanings in cryptography19:49
diddledan__an ecard? that's their initiative? to teach kids to make an ecard?19:49
daftykinsali1234: 'coded' != "we should code..."19:49
ali1234maybe, but this is only wiktionary19:50
daftykinsyeah code = encrypted message, iirc?19:50
shaunoin a 'code' you replace one given with another.  with a cypher you modify each given according to a process19:50
ali1234if i say "talking in code" you will also know what i mean19:50
diddledan__ali1234: you're spouting html verbally again?19:51
daftykinsright but again you're trying to compare by using different contexts19:51
ali1234right, the example given on wiktionary is quite awkward19:51
ali1234but it is still in common use with that meaning19:51
neurofocusing on wiktionary specifically is a bit daft19:52
neuroit's just the first source i went to for a dictionary definition19:52
neuroyou're handwaving away from the key point: HTML is not a programming language19:52
daftykinssorry yeah i was discussing a bit of a tangent there19:52
neuroi'm not saying there's no skill to it19:53
daftykinsi agree, they're not the same thing19:53
shaunoit can't be, it doesn't even have <!-- if IE conditionals ;)19:53
neurobut it's a language of design, not of programming19:53
ali1234i don't think anyone ever said it was a programming language19:53
ali1234specifically, it's not turing-complete19:53
diddledan__actually I'd say CSS is a language of design19:54
neuroit definitely is19:54
diddledan__HTML is a language of structure19:54
neuroand the if IE conditionals are CSS hacks dependent on HTML structure, not part of HTML themselves19:54
shaunothey're not css, but they are hacks.  that was intended in jest.19:54
neurothey're not part of HTML at any rate19:55
shaunoI used one of those little smiley faces and everything!19:56
neuroi thought it was part of your markup19:56
shaunooh that wouldn't parse at all19:56
ali1234there's no point teaching "programming" before data, encoding, and so on19:57
ali1234it's like teaching writing before speaking19:57
neurolol wut19:57
ali1234or algebra before arithmetic19:58
diddledan__or even programming before algebra19:58
ali1234well, quite19:58
ali1234that's the real problem with this "everyone must learn to code!" stuff19:58
ali1234how about teaching everyone basic mathematics first?19:59
neuroi'm pretty sure basic mathematics is already part of the school curriculum19:59
neuroand gets taught before electives like computing studies20:00
ali1234currently it does20:00
neurook, so?20:00
neurodo you think they're going to plonk five year olds in front of Eclipse screaming CODE, CODE NOOOOWWWW! at them?20:00
ali1234pretty much, yes20:01
ali1234except it won't be eclipse, it will be scratch20:01
ali1234probably running on a raspberry pi20:01
neuroon day one20:03
ali1234well, what do you think they'll do?20:04
diddledan__I think the point is the initiative seems to be focusing on "code" rather than "fundamental computing principles" so they're not going to teach the why, just the how20:05
shaunothat's not always a bad place to start20:05
neuro    EUROPA20:06
neuro  ATTEMPT NO20:06
diddledan__yeah we know how that ends. eve eats the apple and convinces adam to also20:07
shaunoa friend was translating a script for something recently.  she asked me "can I use the present continuous tense, or should I use present simple"20:08
shaunoat this point I realised I don't know jack about grammar20:08
daftykinsi only know what sounds right, not all the technical mumbo jumbo =|20:08
shaunoI think "just the how" isn't a bad place to start.  leave the 'why' to those that want to continue into CS20:09
neurostandard education fare20:09
ali1234i disagree with you there20:11
neurosurprise :)20:11
ali1234if you want them to continue into CS, you have to give them a reason why20:12
neurothat's why schools have career counsellors20:12
shaunoI'm not sure you do.  I think you have to dangle enough into them that those who realise it's "their thing" will grab hold.  and the rest can go get sociology degrees20:13
shaunoerm, in front of them20:13
diddledan__the kind that think that plumbing is suitable for someone who suggests that they want to be an electronics engineer?20:13
shaunodon't dangle things into them.  that gets you removed from schools.20:13
diddledan__(that's a truism, btw. it actually happened to someone I know!)20:13
shaunoI'm failing at multitasking :/20:14
ali1234consider that knowing what a for-loop is will be completely useless to anyone who does not continue in that field20:14
daftykinswell it's pretty standard that those students you see take an interest you push harder20:15
daftykinswhen i had students that thought they were pretty set at something i tried to trip them up with extra challenges as much as possible20:16
diddledan__yeah, that didn't happen for me20:16
diddledan__I found my own challenges20:16
daftykinswell this was at further education level, so they'd already chosen that path really20:16
daftykinspotentially dropped out of GCSE etc.20:17
ali1234i'm not worried about those people. my question is what will all the rest get from this?20:17
diddledan__it's amazing how many of our brightest people were actually school drop-outs (presumably because they weren't challenged in the right way)20:17
diddledan__ok so alot of them had got as far as college (americans)20:18
diddledan__but they failed to finish20:19
daftykinsi like to see it that school taught me to read and write, the rest was pretty much useless as i worked with computers at home myself :)20:19
ali1234school pretty much failed to even teach me that20:19
daftykinsthe acorns we had at secondary school very much did not count20:19
diddledan__yeah the "educational" acorn apps were poor20:20
shaunoI didn't do computing at school.  I wasn't allowed to use anything that was connected to the network, which just left me the bbcs in the maths lab20:20
diddledan__shauno: you haxx0red them?20:20
diddledan__the school*20:20
shaunoI apparently did something completely by accident20:20
shaunoanyway.  wish me luck, it seems I'm going to install centos :/20:23
diddledan__you WHAT?!20:23
diddledan__that's masochism for ya I guess20:23
daftykinsno, that's gentoo20:30
shaunoI just want a peek at how the other half live.  especially since I'm taking another stab at openstack, and they have a one-liner instead of half a realm of outdated docs20:32
daftykinsyou made me interested enough to try a VM20:34
daftykinsmooching 6.5 64-bit from a .se mirror now20:35
daftykinsi think i was going to try the latest fedora too20:35
shaunolol, don't blame me20:44
daftykinsah VM'ing is fun20:46
daftykinsjust waiting for this 4.2GB DVD to come down O_O20:46
daftykinsmakes even my 40Mb seem slow20:46
shaunopft, there's a 'minimal'.  I always go small20:47
daftykinsi should've read, heh20:47
shaunoreminds me, I really wish ubuntu would do something clever with squid-deb-proxy during the install20:49
neurowhat would that do?20:49
daftykinsyeah how'd that benefit a single install?20:50
shaunoit wouldn't benefit a single install.  but I can't see how it'd hurt to pick it up if it sees avahi announcing a deb mirror on the lan20:50
neurosounds like an edge case to me20:51
shaunoeh, at least on -server the installer still asks if you want to use a http proxy.  I can't see why it's a huge leap to not have to ask if the answer's already there20:53
daftykinsthink i spotted a typo in Anaconda20:58
diddledan__well done20:59
neurobug report ;)20:59
daftykinsheh - yeah i'll try once i confirm it20:59
daftykinsi hit next as i saw it20:59
diddledan__do we really want to help the enema?20:59
daftykinsi wouldn't say i was even firmly in camp ubuntu if i'm honest20:59
neurotsk ;)21:00
diddledan__ooh, you blasphemer!21:00
daftykinsthat's dan's humour for you21:00
neuroba dum tsh21:00
diddledan__I feel I'm too well known around these parts :-D21:01
daftykinsyou'll have to come up with a new nick21:01
shaunono no don't21:01
shaunoyou'll end up with the honey monster ruining the last vestiges of your childhood21:01
diddledan__or would that be too obvious?21:02
diddledan__yes, the honeymonster is a fave21:02
* diddledan__ monster mashes shauno 21:02
neurospock beats monster21:03
diddledan__oh myyy21:03
diddledan__is that a pon fhar thing?21:03
neurocan't help but hear that in takei's voice21:03
neuropon farr21:04
shaunoI didn't realise quite how loud this server is, until I turned the TV on and couldn't hear it :/21:04
diddledan__shauno: you have a server at home? that's almost on my level (I still have three proliants in the other room, just dormant)21:05
shaunoa 1950 and a 2950, supposedely temporarily21:05
diddledan__I really should fire them up at some point to see if they still work21:05
diddledan__the Gentoo on there must be ancient and a bit now21:06
shaunobut they're just under my desk, because my other room has a bed in it.  and poweredge & sleep don't go together well21:06
diddledan__I wonder if I could bring the install up-to-date21:06
neuroi wouldn't bother21:06
neuroime upgrading gentoo is a proper pain21:06
diddledan__I've got a walk-in cupboard which serves nicely as a serverroom21:06
shaunoI've got a walk-in cupboard that some joker installed a bathroom in.  but hey, the cheapest rent around21:07
diddledan__cheap ftw21:07
diddledan__can you not dual-purpose it?21:08
shaunonot easily.  ireland frowns on putting electrical outlets in the bathroom21:08
neurowould lead to an interesting redefinition of "bog standard server"21:08
shaunoI don't fancy the humidity from the shower either21:09
diddledan__the handles on the proliants I have would make for a useful straining bar21:09
shaunookay, 20 minutes sat at 'Testing if puppet apply is finished'.  This is not going as advertised21:11
diddledan__I think it broke21:12
shaunoI really need to turn this stuff on more often.  the server came up quicker than the dhcp server, the router's booting into romon ..21:15
shaunorommon, remote monitor I think .. it's where a cisco router lands you if it didn't boot the OS21:23
=== chrisccoulson_ is now known as chrisccoulson
bigcalmWhat's happening kids?21:38
daftykinsjust reminded myself of how ugly a default CentOS looks!21:39
shaunoyou have gnome?21:40
daftykinsyeah, all defaults21:41
shaunonot sure I'm quite *that* bored ;)21:42
=== pcwhite is now known as PaulW2U
brobostigonvery cool, a pebble twitter client, :)21:51
shaunoawwww.  don't try to netinstall on ipv6-only.  it never asks for a dns server, and then dies22:05
ali1234shauno: i cracked it. recording the websdr (with the record button on the page) and then playing the result back through mplayer doesn't warp22:06
ali1234even though the audio it actually played during recording did come out warped22:06
ali1234identical pulseaudio path too22:06
shaunohm, I think I really need to be not using a loopback cable for this then22:07
ali1234you need pulseaudio so you can route direct :)22:07
ali1234or you need to just record to a file instead of pumping it out the sound card22:07
shaunoI need linux's sound systems like a hole in the head22:07
ali1234i know right, who ever thought this thing would actually turn out to be useful for something?22:08
shaunosorry, that's been a sore spot ever since oss & esd starting playing fisticuffs, and then alsa came along and started stabbing them in the back while they were distracted22:09
shaunoand I've never been given the impression it's got much better22:10
ali1234then pulseaudio showed up and started throwing poop at everyone, lol22:10
ali1234btw, am i infringing copyright by uploading these maps on imagebin?22:13
shaunoI don't believe so; they're intended for public dissemination22:14
shaunoand they're usually pretty good at stamping 'crown copyright' on anything and everything otherwise22:15
shaunoand that is pretty decent.  interesting22:15
shaunofwiw, ubuntu's install seems to handle ipv6 much better than centos'.  I still had some issues last time, but .. not quite this silly22:16
ali1234i was surprised when it detected our printer on ipv6... i didn't even know the printer had ipv622:17
ali1234i didn't even know ubuntu had ipv622:17
shaunoif I tell it to go ipv6 only, it never gives me a chance to give it dns info.  if I let it go dual-stack, it can't find the server the images live on because that name only resolves to v622:18
ali1234http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/wefax.png http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/wefax.wav for reference22:25
ali1234you'll need to skip the first 5 minutes or so of the wav. don't want to even edit it in case it resamples or something22:25
ali1234hmm, really?22:26
shaunothe image works fine, not the wav22:26
ali1234that's odd, i copied them both with scp at the same time22:27
ali1234but they have different permissions on the server22:27
shaunoheh, fldigi needs a fast-forward button22:29
ali1234also for reference, this is what fldigi made of the live playback through firefox, of exactly the same thing: http://al.robotfuzz.com/~al/random/wefax-bad.png22:30
shaunoright; that looks familiar22:30
ali1234so yeah... temporal jitter caused by something inside html5 or firefox in my case, perhaps just too high cpu load, who knows22:30
ali1234i might try chrome... or maybe write my own UI for the websdr stream :)22:31

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