cmaloneyWent to CHC and didn't see anyone there, so I came home01:26
cmaloneysorry if I missed anyone who did show up but I've had a day and frankly need some away from people time01:27
gamerchick02i'm in my pjs and spent a lot of the day dealing with ornery systems and then snow, so yeah01:29
gamerchick02switching to the laptop, bbiab01:30
widoxcmaloney: I'm not there01:31
gamerchick02i'm back. and xchat is working now, so that's good01:35
cmaloneyGood morning12:46
cmaloneyWhatever. :)12:49
cmaloneyrick_h_: When are you back state-side?12:49
rick_h_cmaloney: sunday I get back12:50
rick_h_leave sat noon, get back around sunday noon12:50
rick_h_and then lose the tan I've picked up this week12:50
cmaloneyCool. Needed to know when to have the brass band outside your bedroom window. :)12:51
rick_h_lol, or the snow ball throwers?12:51
cmaloneyThose come when you try to shoo away the band.12:51
cmaloneySeriously though, I'm really happy you guys are out there having that experience.12:52
cmaloneybut I'm sure you're ready to come home12:52
cmaloneyespecially after being downwind of Mark's 100,000ft visions. ;)12:53
rick_h_yea, I've got back to back Mark S meetings < 1hr and then tomorrow I have to get sign off on wtf we're doing coming up12:53
rick_h_so wish me luck and cross your fingers12:53
cmaloney Hope it doesn't morph too much in-between those meetings. :)12:54
cmaloneyAnd remember: Steve Jobs insisted that the robot be a certain shade of blue. :)12:55
cmaloneyso be prepared to paint it auburgine. ;)12:55
cmaloneyaubergine rather. :)12:56
rick_h_crap, I'm in chrome so much that I've got lcd burn in on this laptop display :/13:24
brouschYou're living like a Chromebook!13:26
rick_h_with a nice urxvt terminal for everything else13:28
cmaloneyrick_h_: Hah13:57
brouschWe (the company) sold a used Thinkpad T61 to an employee. Today (about 1 week later) he brings it to me and says it won't boot. I pull the battery, plug it back in, and get "Critical Low Battery". Apparently he doesn't know how to charge it14:03
cmaloneyMaybe he thinks it's one of them nuclear batteries that runs until the heat-death of the universe.14:04
cmaloneyI mean they have Lithium and Ion in there.14:04
cmaloneyThat should be something14:05
jrwrenrick_h_: are you serious about the lcd burn in?14:07
brouschShould have gotten the Seiki!14:07
brouschEast Siders: http://www.python.org/community/jobs/index.html#kdmm-corp-agency-ann-arbor-michigan-usa15:15
cmaloneyNo telecommute = no dice.15:18
cmaloneynot after this winter.15:18
brouschMan-up! Buy a snowblower!15:19
cmaloneybrousch: I'm so much of a chicken I think I'm starting to lay eggs.15:19
brouschYopu need to change the name of your show to OpenWussieCast and start playing New Age hippie crap15:20
brouschReally I'm jaelous of your telecommuting15:21
cmaloneySony's getting out of the VAIO business.15:22
cmaloneyNow I'm starting to get worried that the laptop market is really going to turn to crap.15:23
cmaloneyNot that I'd buy a VAIO anyway15:23
brouschTablets are the future15:24
cmaloneyYeah, I look forward to developing on a 17" tablet.15:24
brouschNo. Your 10" tablet will have a keyboard dock and wireless mirroring to your 50" TV15:25
cmaloneyI already live one ergonomic nightmare, I don't need another. ;)15:25
brouschEmbrace the futuree15:26
brouschI'm going to blame today's many typos on my fingers not working well due to being so dang cold15:27
jrwrencmaloney: taht looks like an interesting job15:27
brouschrick_h_: Going to the LEGO Movie tomorrow?15:59
cmaloneyNot sure if it's playing in South Africa. :)16:03
brouschAh, I thought he was back16:05
cmaloneyNot yet.16:27
cmaloneyRead scrollback16:27
brouschMy scrollback extends to 7:55AM :P16:29
greg-gget a bouncer :P16:33
brouschI really don't care what is said when I'm not on16:34
cmaloneyI tried to save this.16:34
cmaloneyIt has a CC license on it16:35
cmaloneybut the author has disabled saving16:35
greg-gbrousch: unless I want to leave you a message!16:35
brouschgreg-g: You have my email :P16:35
cmaloneyand worse: I found this out after it told me I needed to create a slideshare account in order to save it16:35
greg-gbrousch: that's hard!16:35
greg-gcmaloney: yeah, the worst offender of that is scribd16:35
cmaloneySo now my slideshare account is "findafireanddieinit"16:35
cmaloneyIm surprised that wasn't already taken16:36
greg-gcmaloney: you have a way with words :)16:36
greg-gyay, this is my morning:16:43
cmaloneygreg-g: Stop pegging the servers. :)16:49
greg-gwe killed a good number of them, not sure how yet :)16:50
cmaloneyThis feels like my morning:L http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view5/4806311/shit-hit-the-fan-o.gif16:50
cmaloneyalso I hate those mornings where things are going haywire and then stop for no apparent reason.16:52
greg-gthat's what going on here, though, I have my suspiciouns16:52
greg-gno, someone porting our deploy scripts from bash to python16:53
cmaloneydefinitely aliens.16:54
greg-galso, just looked at that preso "Creative Commons License" fucking gah!16:54
cmaloneygreg-g: I'm assuming it's CC0. ;)16:56
jrwrenfun! http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6887110/19:47
cmaloneyjrwren: I see the text but I'm not seeing the idea behind it.19:49
jrwrenhow do you randomize a list?19:50
jrwrenis that a thing?19:50
jrwrenso... this is the stupid fun way19:51
cmaloneyYou might say that. ;)19:51
jrwrenyou sort the list by passing a random comparer19:51
jrwreni always thought it was funny19:51
jrwrenimport random ; random.shuffle(l)19:51
jrwrenbut this is FUN19:51
cmaloneyI acknowledge that you find this fun. ;)19:52
rick_h_jrwren: seriously, have a chrome address bar, star icon, and google voice icon burned in on a blank screen21:02
rick_h_brousch: no, fly home sat and back sunday so not on my radar atm21:02
widoxrick_h_: wow, that's crazy21:38
widoxfeel like i haven't seen burned in screen in awhile21:38
krondorwow, I think slashdot finally is done for me.  If this beta is an indication of how things will go...23:23
krondorsyndicated content in the feed?  https_everywhere plugin goes bonkers on geek.net http redirects to https, and more... sigh23:31

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