Unit193lukjad_: \o/00:43
paultaglukjad_: \o/00:47
lukjad_paultag: !00:47
lukjad_Unit193: !00:47
lukjad_I royally messed up xorg thanks to steam00:48
paultaghaha oh no00:48
lukjad_And, in fairness, my own stupidity00:48
jrgiffordbelkinsa: what channel is your Ubuntu membership meeting?21:58
jrgiffordAnd when? All I know is its today.21:58
belkinsa#ubuntu-meeting and now21:58
Unit193Now, today, #ubuntu-meeting ?21:58
jrgiffordOK. There now.21:59
belkinsaSee ya22:00
jrgiffordCongrats belkinsa, the states newest Ubuntu member!23:03
belkinsaThank you!23:03
jrgiffordSo get your IRC cloak and then I'll figure out how to make you autovoiced here.23:04
belkinsaI will.23:04
jrgiffordBecause with membership comes perks of meaningless voicing.23:04
Unit193jrgifford: That's for reloco leaders, actually.23:05
jrgiffordUnit193 thats not what Paul told me... But ok.23:05
Unit193/msg chanserv flags #ubuntu-us-oh belkinsa +AV   if I remember correctly.23:05
Unit193jrgifford: Yeah, canth isn't a member, but is reloco.23:06
belkinsaThat needs to go to skellat and see what he says.23:06
Unit193jrgifford: But, she is acting LoCo lead, so still correct technically. :P23:07
Unit193Perhaps thinking that ubuntu/member cloaks get OPs in this channel?23:11
belkinsaThat might be a good idea.23:11
belkinsaSince we have no reLoCos23:11
Unit193(ubuntu/member cloaks already have +o, and have for a while.)23:12
* belkinsa is working on getting cloak23:16
Unit193So I see.23:17
belkinsa ubuntu/member/belkinsa23:21
belkinsaAfterthought.  I think only true members of the LoCo that have Ubuntu Member cloaks should have voice.23:31
Unit193I'd disagree.23:32
Unit193You know we can disagree, right?23:59

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