tencGood morning wrst, cyberanger, twayneprice, Unit193.14:38
wrsthello tenc14:42
twaynepricemorning tenc14:47
wrsthellow twayneprice, all going well14:57
twaynepricewrst: yea pretty well.  Cold.  :)14:59
wrstwarmer days aren't too far away :)15:01
twaynepriceI'll believe it when I see it.  :)15:01
wrstha ha15:02
wrstwell mid march?15:02
twaynepriceI'm going to Chicago for a week and Protland Or for a week in mid March.  No warmth for me.  :)15:03
wrstno warmth there :)16:42
twaynepriceNot unless I bring it with me.  :)16:45
Unit193Late howdy.19:20

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