magespawngood morning05:47
bduk1Morning everyone05:53
Kilosmorning all06:20
Kiloshi magespawn 06:20
Kilosand psydroid and inetpro 06:21
Kilosohi ThatGraemeGuy too06:21
ThatGraemeGuymorning :-)06:21
Kiloshi bduk 06:46
bdukHoe gaan dit Kilos 06:47
Kilosgoed dankie en self06:47
bdukook goed dankie. Klink my ons krag gaan nou weer af wees so sal later weer sien06:49
magespawnhi Kilos 07:09
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:15
Kilosi go "broek" an ewe or 207:15
Kiloswill explain later07:15
magespawncool Kilos, good luck07:25
magespawnhi Vince-0 07:27
Kiloslol ty magespawn one done now head bursting08:00
Kilosso rest time is called for08:00
Kiloshi mazal Xethron 08:00
Kilosohi superfly psyatw 10:30
superflyhi Kilos10:31
psyatwhi Kilos10:32
* Kilos looking for a manual for http://www.radiomuseum.org/r/belco_signal_generator_sg_2030.html but they dont have manuals in museums10:32
psyatwhi superfly10:32
superflyhi psyatw10:33
Xethronhi Kilos11:31
plustwogud afternoon all o/12:33
Kiloshi plustwo 12:39
plustwohi oom o/12:39
Kilosi need some advice please. running 12.04 unity and kde in 32bit, how do i use a 64bit graphics card that uses nvidia-319 drivers on my 64bit unity12:51
Kilosgoogle talks about bumblebee and nvidia-cuda but i dunno if that will make the 32bit os use a 64bit card12:52
Kilosi dont want to mess up first then need help fixing afterwards12:54
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: ummmmm.... huh?12:57
ThatGraemeGuyjust install the nvidia drivers12:58
ThatGraemeGuybumblebee is for hybrid intel+nvidia graphics like you find on newer laptops12:58
Kiloswhen i plug in the 64bit graphics both 32bit systems boot to command line12:58
ThatGraemeGuyif you just have an nvidia card, you install the drivers12:58
ThatGraemeGuynot sure what you mean by "64 bit graphics"12:58
ThatGraemeGuyit's a card12:58
Kilosits a 64bit card12:59
ThatGraemeGuy32/64 bit is a software distinction12:59
Kilosthats where im lost ThatGraemeGuy 12:59
Kilosrunning 64bit unity in additional drivers it installs nvidia-319\12:59
ThatGraemeGuythat ought to be all you need AFAIK13:00
Kiloson the 32bit systems i dont get any gui to look for additional drivers13:00
Kilosthey both boot to the prompt13:00
ThatGraemeGuywell it's not really a solution as such, but my answer would be, stop installing 32-bit OS in 2014 :-)13:00
ThatGraemeGuybut you can try 'sudo apt-get install nvidia-319' and reboot perhaps13:01
ThatGraemeGuyif you're lucky maybe it just magically comes right13:01
Kilosill try it or i can install it now then plug in the card13:02
Kiloshmm... ty ThatGraemeGuy 13:02
ThatGraemeGuythere's really no good reason to be sticking with 32-bit though13:02
Kilosonly data13:02
ThatGraemeGuyeh? o_O13:03
Kilosgot 9.1g of 32bit packages and 1g of 64bit13:03
ThatGraemeGuyai tog13:04
Kiloslike i can install 32bit and only use data for apt-get update13:04
ThatGraemeGuyok, that's a problem i can't fix :-)13:04
Kiloshaha ty for your help ill give it a go13:04
ThatGraemeGuyyou're trying to use 2014 software with 1999 internet infrastructure ;-)13:04
Kilosnext week will get more airtime13:05
Kilosbut ill try install the 319 packages here now then plug in card and see\13:06
Kilosnope just came to see if there is a way to do the additional drivers thing from cli13:16
Kilosbut google dont find such an option13:17
Kilosive installed them so lets see13:17
nlsthznhello all you sexy people...17:17
Kiloshi nlsthzn 17:20
nlsthznhow are you uncle Kilos ?17:20
Kilosgood ty and you17:20
Kilosdid a reinstall update/upgrade in under 1 hour17:21
Kilosyou at home?17:22
nlsthznI have done three installs and updates etc. today...17:23
nlsthznyup I am at home currently17:23
nlsthznxubuntu, switch to mageia back to ubuntu17:23
Kiloswhew what are you installing so much of?17:23
nlsthznchronic distro hopper I fear :'(17:24
nlsthznI messes up installing libre office in Xubuntu and then tried mageia and messed up installing the nvidia drivers so I went back to ubuntu...17:24
nlsthznwill use it until unity crashes and I get miffed and then hop again17:24
Kilosi enjoy unity in 12.04 shape17:27
nlsthznsome good improvements on the back end for 13.10... and some new annoying additions too :/17:36
Kilosah you havent looked at 14.04?17:43
nlsthznI downloaded it but decided not to install it and then get frustrated when a PPA I want to use doesn't work etc...17:44
nlsthznperhaps I should just have installed it :/17:45
nlsthzncan always do a release-upgrade ...17:45
Kilosif it is stable i might get that rather than go 64bit 12.0417:45
nlsthznwell it releases in April so not long to wait...17:46
Kilosis there a way to get just a minimal install and then add your own gui?17:47
Kilosyou know what i mean?17:47
nlsthznthere is a minimal CD.. when I tried 12.04 it ended up never booting from the intall >.<17:48
Kilosthe working os like in server mode so its only the kde and unity guis to add17:48
Kilosbecause i want it in both guis17:48
Kilosbut 2 full downloads is too much17:48
nlsthznyou can install ubuntu and add kde17:48
nlsthznor install kubuntu and then add unity17:49
nlsthznI would not do it personally17:49
Kilosna i had bad things in kde onto unity17:49
nlsthznlike I said I wouldn't do it personally and bad things will happen any which way17:49
Kilosisnt getting the minimal and then adding the gui a better way17:50
nlsthznI don't know... there is always small things that is done on the primary install to make sure it works well that can get missed... perhaps17:50
Kilosand adding gui to server installs?17:51
Kilosinetpro, you learning to program in python?17:52
KilosGustav H Meyer @inetpro ยท Feb 4 17:52
KilosLearn programming in Python faster with support and guidance from experienced developers #python #programming http://bit.ly/1lyP1uz 17:52
nlsthznI still want to check that link... I was at work and couldn't open it17:56
Kiloshi psydroid 18:02
psydroidhi Kilos 18:07
Kiloshi theblazehen 18:07
theblazehenhey Kilos 18:08
inetproKilos: no, not exactly18:27
inetprogood evening18:27
nlsthznhiya inetpro 18:29
Kiloswhat does not exactly mean18:29
* nlsthzn removed everyone and everything from circles in G+ ... now needs to put people in again in better circles... and now I am too lazy :p18:29
inetproKilos: price is excessive18:30
Kilosprice to learn python inetpro ?18:30
inetprothat guided course yes18:30
Kilosbyteofpython is free18:30
Kilosyou will understand it easy because you know vim18:31
nlsthznI can imagine having some more direct mentoring will be pricey18:31
nlsthznvim != programming language 18:31
inetproguided training could be nice though18:31
Kilosno man you can do it18:32
Kilosget byteofpython and try18:32
* inetpro is to lazy18:32
nlsthznI started reading it... very boring18:32
Kilos too also as well18:33
inetproja ja, that one18:33
inetpronlsthzn: if you had to choose a decent mobile phone now what would you choose18:35
* inetpro waited long enough now18:35
nlsthznI haven't been looking recently... but as of 6 months ago it was a toss-up between the S4 and the HTC 118:35
inetprowanted the Note 3 since November, now time to choose18:36
nlsthznbut I must imagine there are newer ones now18:36
inetproapparently the S5 is coming soon, but I'm not waiting for that18:37
nlsthznif I could choose again I might have gone for one of the nexus phones18:39
nlsthznjust for getting latest released android as well as installing ubuntu touch18:39
inetprohmm... still think is too early days for ubuntu touch18:42
inetprobut we will get there eventually18:42
inetproespecially with today's news, "Vodafone joins Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group"18:44
Kilosoh inetpro my 8ta is getting faster18:44
Kilospeaked at 620 kB/s last night18:44
inetproKilos: that is nice18:44
inetprojust be more careful then18:45
inetprodata will be depleted quicker18:45
Kiloshaha i downloaded the boot-repair cd images and then the 500g drive crashed and i lost all my isos18:46
Kilosabout 8 of them18:46
Kilosnow ive zeroed it and installed 64bit 12.04 and will update when i get data monday18:47
superflyinetpro: the CAG is nothing to actually speak of. It just means they have input on what Ubuntu does, it has no effect on whether or not they will have Ubuntu phones18:47
Kilosmuch better clean installing and not to a 32bit /home18:47
Kiloshi superfly 18:48
nlsthznmore likely to bite of they are part of CAG18:48
superflyhi Kilos18:48
inetprosuperfly: may be, but I'm sure there will be an impact even if it is very small18:48
nlsthznand the note 3 is a fine phone inetpro :)18:48
inetproit might just boost the confidence of a few developers18:49
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:47
superflynlsthzn: I'm currently eyeing what LG is doing. After all the Nexus phones are all made by LG21:16
nlsthznYup :)21:16

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