eri_hello i have a lite problem with apt-get and kernel 3.1000:00
eri_on ubuntu 12.0400:01
AlanBellsudormrf: so you are inserting fields?00:01
sudormrfikonia, I am in there, it's dead.00:01
k1leri_: why do you have kernel 3.10?00:01
sudormrfAlanBell, sort of.  these fields autoupdate and have placeholder text.  I found something that said it was supposed to do it in LO and tried it, but the behavior wasn't really close to what I was looking for.00:02
eri_but the thing is the apt-get doesn't complete the instalation i dont know why00:03
van77 /msg NickServ IDENTIFY van77 11111100:03
eri_and i have block apt-get00:03
AlanBellsudormrf: so, insert-fields-other, give it a name and a value and insert it, then go somewhere else and insert the same field00:03
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eri_and dpkg00:03
RockaRollahow can I tell if my ram is running in dual channel mode?00:03
ahoneybunvan77, opps00:03
van77ahoneybun: )))00:03
k1leri_: raring got 3.08 and saucy got 3.11. so what ubunut is that exactly?00:03
AlanBellsudormrf: double click the field to pop up the window to edit the value and they all change00:03
eri_i cand do the dpkg --configuration -a00:03
sudormrfAlanBell, Let me try it and see if the behavior is what I am looking for.  brb.00:04
k1leri_: put all your commands and output into a pastebin please00:04
anton02is there a way to install gcc 4.7.3 in ubuntu 13.10?00:04
souredfroganton02, yes00:05
eri_im not in the machine allready00:05
eri_not irc intalled00:05
eri_but let me try00:05
souredfroganton02, http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/core/saucy/main/base/gcc-4.700:06
Somelauw_ikonia: oh, i meant, it's a debian package that got imported by ubuntu. i wasn't able to answer because i lost connection on that other laptop00:07
sudormrfAlanBell, so just trying that, I don't think that is what I am looking for.  I wasn't able to set a value in the field, double clicking it didn't present me with the option to modify anything.  IIRC the last time I was looking at this people were talking about cross-references and bookmarks00:07
sudormrfcontemplating trying WPS by kingsoft to see if it has this functionality, but the functionality of WPS is pretty crippled at the moment.00:08
AlanBellsudormrf: well I have just done it in writer, just inserting the same custom field multiple times and changing them00:10
Romerolalguien habla cristiano00:10
sudormrfAlanBell, when you did insert - field - other, what option did you selecT?00:10
fierannasudormrf: You might be able to try ipython notebook as well00:10
eri_eso quisiera yo00:10
AlanBellsudormrf: when you insert the field, you want to be on the variables tab and have user field selected in the first box00:11
AlanBellgive it a name and a value and format of text and you are done00:11
k1l!sp | Romerol eri_00:11
k1l!spanish | Romerol eri_00:11
ubottuRomerol eri_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:11
zok_Halsenhehey, I'm having some issues with my i210 ethernet adapters they seem to be missing their drivers, running 13.1000:11
Romerolmuchas gracias00:11
eri_k1l: this channel is dead bro00:12
eri_you want to play ping pong over there00:12
ubuntuaddictedanyone good with scripting? i want to parse xinput, then if it a certain name, can i disable it?00:12
k1leri_: if the channel is not active keep it to english in here.00:13
zok_HalsenI'm having some issues with my i210 ethernet adapters they seem to be missing their drivers, running 13.1000:13
eri_im try it00:13
eri_bad enlgish but im still here00:13
zok_HalsenCould anyone by anychance help me00:13
SlidingHorn!ask | zok_halsen00:14
ubottuzok_halsen: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:14
SlidingHornoh hell..you did ask, I'm sorry00:14
zok_Halsenhaha its okay :D00:14
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Lofde_what command can i use in terminal to copy from /media/storage to /media/storage2  and copy everything it can off a dying hard drive while skipping blocks it cannot read and showing the progress of a 300GB copy?00:15
sudormrfAlanBell, I am not getting the same behavior as you are describing00:16
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ffffshould i install nginx through apt-get or manually compile it?00:16
sudormrfAlanBell, nm.  got it.00:16
sudormrfnow to see how it works in word.00:17
fierannaffff: that depends which modules and version you need for nginx; refer to their docs00:17
* ffff is referring to nginx's docs00:17
Flat4ForLifeCan anyone help figure out why my Ubuntu won't load through grub, but through refind it does? I haven't modified the files so I don't know why it shouldn't work when it built its self00:18
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Mongo44Anyone know how to modify this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6882377/ so that I can get greater than 640X480 resolution?00:18
k1lMongo44: wasnt that a vm guest?00:19
Bashing-omSomelauw_: I am back, what now is your status with the graphics driver ?00:19
Mongo44I am logged as root.00:19
Somelauw_Bashing-om: only need to change the resolution00:19
Somelauw_using xrandr00:20
chamunksIs there a good utility for handling multibutton mice?00:20
Mongo44xrandr don't work.00:20
eri_thanx have some one in the ubuntu es00:21
sudormrfAlanBell, docx (word 2007/2010) didn't display properly, doc displayed properly but they weren't fields, the second docx option (open office doc x?) didn't display properly, odt file displayed properly, but didn't work.  weak.  I wonder if I can export to PDF and have it be fillable.00:21
ffffwhere can i find what v of nginx apt-get is currently servicing?00:21
Bashing-omSomelauw_: The kernel should hace set the correct resolution native to your monitor . There should be no "xrandr" involved.00:21
Somelauw_Bashing-om: but that laptop lost wireless connection, so I can't really give error messages or something00:21
Mongo44I don't even know why there are three monitor sections.00:21
ffffis there like a npm site for apt packages?00:22
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Somelauw_Bashing-om: in theory of course00:22
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k1lsudormrf: well, docx is a prop format form ms. there is just limited compatibility. best is to talk to the open/libre guys what to do00:22
jmaradinI am looking for some information about ubuntu and running on mac laptops in specific. I am thinking of installing ubuntu on my macbook air and just am curious as to what may not work before I go for it.00:22
fierannaffff: http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/nginx00:22
jmaradinI do run ubuntu on my desktop at home and it works just great but I am thinking of the laptop and the ways it may be different.00:23
Somelauw_Bashing-om: or maybe if i download the drivers from the manufacturers website instead of using ubuntu's propierty drivers tool00:23
anton02how do you set the default version of gcc you wish to use?00:23
Flat4ForLifeJmaradin : it can be a pain, I'm on a Mac laptop00:23
fierannajmaradin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir00:24
fffffieranna: ah, thank you. so basically the stable v.00:24
fffffieranna: much appreciated.00:24
jmaradinsomething to look at00:25
ffffoh not the stable v actually. but i get it.00:25
davimy name is Davi in Brazil00:25
davi:speak potuguese?00:25
Bashing-omSomelauw_: Intel is not in my sphere of knowledge, and looks like "xrandr" is no longer available . -> apt-cache policy xrandr <- .00:25
k1l!pt | davi00:25
ubottudavi: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.00:25
fierannajmaradin: it has a list of what does and doesn't work00:25
jmaradinyep i am looking at that :)00:26
Bashing-omSomelauw_: let me go ahead and research what I can find on your controller. I will be back .00:26
davirola rola00:27
davichupa meu pau porra00:27
knomek1l, oops.00:27
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Mongo44https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Monitor_or_Screens#Screen_resolution_is_wrong.2C_no_matter_what_I_do, this doesn't work.00:28
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jmaradinhrm. seems like alot of work :(00:28
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Mongo44I did learn how to make a xorg.conf file though.00:29
Bashing-omSomelauw_: We may have a problem ! I am looking -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2173726 .00:30
fierannajmaradin: the only non-apple thing apple hardware  is seamlessly compatible with is the alien mainframe computer from the ID4 film ... jeff goldblum plugs in his macbook and is able to hack their shield generator00:31
jmaradinI may just continue remoting into my remote system for the tasks I need.00:32
jmaradinIt was really only for gdb which seems to be missing in the mac.00:32
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eli_i have a computer with a built in subwoofer i installed ubuntu 12.04 and cant seem to get it to work. any ideas?00:38
eli_i have a computer with a built in subwoofer i installed ubuntu 12.04 and cant seem to get it to work. any ideas?00:39
chaotixhi...  i need help compiling tibesti from source for ubuntu 13.10...   i downloaded it from https://launchpad.net/tibesti00:41
chaotixbut there is no configure, or make files in there00:42
chaotixcan someone help?00:42
Somelauwchaotix: there is a setup.py00:43
chaotixSomelauw, heres the output of ./setup.py00:45
chaotixafter i enabled execution00:45
jiridoHi I got some help here before from a guy called hitsumoto something.. but he seems to have gone to bed.. So i ask avay.. i have this one screen that has all wrong resolution and it does not get it from the xorg.conf I run mplayer as sudo ones and with parametres 1024.. so i think it set some "Thing" somewar00:48
jiridoWhere could that be?00:49
glitsj16Bashing-om: hi, i think the intel haswell hardware is too recent to be supported on older kernel/X stack .. just started following the channel so i haven't seen all info you have on Somelauw's situation, but might need to look at either a PPA like xorg-edgers or if he's on 12.04 adding the LTS stack from saucy00:51
aurynnHi. I'm running 13.10 on a desktop machine, with a USB wireless adapter. Adapter is being detected, but it's telling me it's forced-off by a hardware switch.00:51
aurynnThere's no switch.00:51
aurynnMy google-fu is lacking here00:51
Somelauwglitsj16: everything seems to work except i can't figure out how to get xrandr to do what i want00:52
Beldaraurynn, rub lsusb in the terminal to get the actual name to google with.00:52
Somelauwglitsj16, Bashing-om: the screen is fine, but the resolution is wrong00:52
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Bashing-omSomelauw: Maybe: what returns -> for p in /sys/class/drm/*/status; do con=${p%/status}; echo -n "${con#*/card?-}: "; cat $p; done <- .00:53
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Bashing-omglitsj16: Yeay, I am in a learning mode. Integrated graphics and what is going on. Looks kije there is some hope to get the OPs graphics working.00:54
glitsj16Somelauw: Bashing-om is on top of it, i only noticed the haswell part, don't even know on what version of ubuntu you are seeing this to offer sound help ..00:54
SomelauwBashing-om: xrandr shows that output as well. It says everything but eDP1 is disconnected00:56
SomelauwBashing-om: here is my messing around with xrandr: https://pastee.org/ruuet00:57
Bashing-omglitsj16: Somelauw I can use all the help here I can get ! .. In new territory for me .. no Intel experience at all !00:57
Bashing-omSomelauw: Not a -> DVI-I-1: connected <- event ?00:58
glitsj16Bashing-om: me neither, but if i can throw in anything usefull i will :) .. is there a pastebin somewhere on the exact hardware Somelauw?00:58
aurynnLooks like a driver issue00:58
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SomelauwBashing-om: here the exact output of what you requested https://pastee.org/d95tt00:58
aurynnAnd the advice is grab drivers from Realtek directly00:58
aurynnwhich I shall attempt!00:58
Somelauwglitsj16: i can pastebin my lspci if you like00:59
Bashing-omglitsj16: https://pastee.org/n7b35 , https://pastee.org/7xbur ..:D00:59
Somelauwglitsj16: https://pastee.org/gkar900:59
glitsj16ahh thanks, having a look at those01:00
Bashing-omSomelauw: Yikes ! I have no clue what " eDP-1: connected " even is !01:01
SomelauwBashing-om: me neither.01:01
Somelauwbut it seems to be the only screen i got01:01
Somelauwit's shiny new hardware01:02
wolfy1339whenever i try to build a deb package using bazar i get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6882531/01:02
Bashing-om Somelauw: Yes indeed. We will get out feet wet !, If it were DVI , I maight have had a solution, now I just do not know !01:03
glitsj16Somelauw: can you pastebin: lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A 2 please? need some extra info on the driver and i can't see it in the first paste link Bashing-om referenced01:03
Somelauwglitsj16: https://pastee.org/etuvw01:04
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glitsj16Somelauw: thanks for the paste, the shiny new hardware probably is the issue if you're on 12.04 or anything below 13.10, haswell should work great, but it needs very latest kernel/Xorg stack .. are you on 12.04?01:06
mojtabaHi, My laptops HDD has some bad sectors and I want to replace the HDD, Does anybody know what is the best solution for backing up? ( I want to use a third HDD to transfer files to the new one.)01:06
mojtabaBen64: Is that for me?01:07
Ben64yes, sorry01:07
mojtabaBen64: Should I boot with a live CD?01:07
shadow0861Hello.  I am new to IRC in general, and Ubuntu IRC specifically.  If I were to have any issue with Ubuntu, is this where I would ask?01:08
k1lshadow0861: yes, just ask away01:08
Ben64mojtaba: yeah. check here for info on ddrescue. http://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/  and theres a section on it here... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery01:08
daftykinsshadow0861: it's *a* place yes01:08
mojtabaBen64: I will check that, thanks.01:09
shadow0861Yeah, I use the forums too.01:09
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Bashing-omglitsj16: Somelauw Maybe something like this ? video=eDP-1:1024x768@85 <- as a boot paramater ?01:10
mojtabaBen64: something like Redo backup is not working?01:11
Somelauwglitsj16: 13.1- here01:11
Ben64mojtaba: never heard of that01:11
shadow0861Ok, here is my question right now.  I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7.  My wife uses Windows, and I want to make that show up at the top of the Grub list and be default.  There used to be Grub Customizer, but it is gone..?  I have found a bunch of solutions but each are different and some seem to only work until an update.  Can someone point me to a good permanent solution?01:11
SomelauwBashing-om: where did you find that?01:11
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=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
Bashing-om Somelauw: adapted from : https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Intel_Graphics01:12
daftykins!grub | shadow086101:13
ubottushadow0861: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:13
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glitsj16Bashing-om: Somelauw: don't know, but it's a quick edit to test and can't break anything so i'd go for it01:14
tapoutI want to make a youtube video on a small 'tutorial' on how to do something.  what app do you guys use to record the desktop?01:15
Bashing-omglitsj16: Somelauw : Yeah my thoughts.. boot to the grub menu and make the edit as a one time booting thing.01:15
Somelauwwell it's spelled eDP1 (without the -) by xrandr01:16
chaotixhi...  i need help compiling tibesti from source for ubuntu 13.10...   i downloaded it from https://launchpad.net/tibesti01:16
Somelauwmy res should be 1920x108001:16
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chaotixit has no makefile, but it does have a setup.py01:16
Somelauwand i don't understand the @8501:16
chaotixcan anyone help?01:16
Bashing-omSomelauw: But you would have to substitute your known resolution and refresh rate.01:16
Somelauwi don't know my refresh rate01:16
Bashing-omSomelauw: Oh mercy... will have to do my home work to see what comes befor "cvt" is applied to find a resolution to use !01:18
Ben64Somelauw: likely 60hz01:18
Bashing-omBen64: Maybe, but spanking new hardware, might run at a real high refresh rate (??).01:19
glitsj16tapout: there are a few screenrecording apps in the repos, like kazam, gtk-recordmydesktop and simplescreenrecorder (you'd need a PPA for the latter i think) .. probably others, just putting out a few possible candidates01:20
ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are Kazam, Vokoscreen & Simple Screen Recorder. Also ffmpeg/libav with x11grab option on the command line. Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.01:21
Pici(the wiki link is a bit outdated)01:21
Joe_knockHello. Is adding postgres to the subdoer file safe?01:21
SomelauwBashing-om: i guess i'll try with 60 cause i can't find anything on it01:25
xenoI just upgraded from 12.04 to whatever it allowed me to upgrade to, and I have the errors in this pastie:  http://pastie.org/870322301:27
xenoThat being said, I don't see any failings yet, and I do need to get back to work.  Do email me at xeno.campanoli@gmail.com if you want me to suplement this information.01:28
Joe_knockxeno: why would you upgrade the actual version itself like that?01:30
Bashing-omSomelauw_: I realy do not see that 60 could hurt, but how to tell if we need a higher refresh rate ?01:30
SomelauwBashing-om: it did nothing01:30
Bashing-omSomelauw: try the alternate "eDP-1" ??01:31
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SomelauwBashing-om: i tried with - because archwiki also did that with VGA101:32
Joe_knockhas xeno left? I can close your pastie then01:32
Somelauwthey made it VGA-101:32
k7jkzicons on left of screen won't hide01:33
Bashing-omSomelauw: Do not know ! .. are you editing grub boot parameter; boot to the grub menu and 'e' to edit the parameter ?01:33
SomelauwBashing-om: yes01:34
Somelauwand F10 or ctrl+x to boot01:34
Joe_knockNatalie are you female?01:34
Bashing-omSomelauw: I would have expected to see some change, presently I do not know where to look to see what the system has to say about it .01:35
Bashing-omSomelauw: all I know is to look at the log and see if anything is reflected there : /var/log/Xorg.0.log .01:38
glitsj16Somelauw: do you already have a paste online of your /etx/X11/xorg.conf?01:38
Somelauwglitsj16: doesn't exit01:39
Somelauwthere is conf.failsafe01:39
SomelauwBashing-om: i'll take a look01:39
glitsj16Somelauw: i see, maybe you need to manually create one to put the correct resolution modes in01:39
ffffi need a name for my app, i'm having such a hard time coming to a name. someone give me one and i might just use it.01:40
k7jkzokay fixed the icon hide feature01:40
ffffit's a clone of chatroulette.01:40
k1lffff: better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic01:40
ffffk1l: perfect ty.01:40
ffffthanks hilarious that's actaully a chanenl.01:40
Nikola_wgats ig01:41
SomelauwBashing-om: i don't see anything in the file reflecting that line. Here is a paste: https://pastee.org/ngnsp01:41
lol_sup guys01:41
HoIyMageswatsec sucks01:42
realmwhen is the game coming back?01:42
Chiyorealm, freenode has nothing to do with that01:42
Chiyok1l, poke?01:42
k1lChiyo: ?01:43
Chiyoseeing if you were a bot or not :)01:44
eodchopI am running 13.10 on Vmware Workstation 10. I have installed the tools. My keyboard randomly stops working. I have to release the mouse and keyboard then go back to my vm to get in to work again. Any ideas?01:44
Bashing-omglitsj16: Somelauw : There is this for 1 solution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2178676 post #7 .01:44
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mossykyswatsec u on?01:49
taco_fuck you swatsec01:49
taco_fuck you swatsec01:49
skillouisso are u guys fixing rotmg soon?01:50
somejim11So is Realm like totally finished01:50
supremo13Hey guys, I have an old program installed in a directory under /usr/bin. I downloaded a new program and complied it from source. What do I so with the old program in /usr/bin? Can I just remove the directoy and mv my new program to that directory?01:52
Bashing-omSomelauw: Looking at the log, I never see where the monitor is found, there is this for the resolution and refresh rate -> "1366x768"x0.0   75.45" . Thoughts ?01:54
anton02distccd in ubuntu is a bit annoying01:54
xenoJoe_knock Because I am developing at home on a machine of higher Ubuntu, and I want the other machine to match as much as possible to save hassles.01:55
SomelauwBashing-om: i'll try do i need VGA1 or eDP1?01:55
Bashing-omSomelauw: I would suggest "eDP-1" .01:56
xenoJoe_knock and because it is usually pretty dependable.01:56
xenoto upgrade that is.01:56
FishermanWhat the hell is this.01:59
Chiyohello teddybaersawesom :)01:59
Flat4ForLifeIs it normal for 13.10 with nouveau on a Nvidia card to not resume after closing lid on a laptop? If I wait a few mins, the login screen comes up. But once I login it freaks out again01:59
teddybaersawesomwhen is it coming back???02:00
FishermanYo, why is realmofthemadgod.com sending me here...02:00
ChiyoFisherman, if you're here about RotMG, freenode/ubuntu has nothing to do with it02:00
ClumsyFairyQueenwelcome to the world of irc botnet spam :|02:00
Chiyoteddybaersawesom ^02:00
ClumsyFairyQueenFisherman, its hacked02:00
FogestFisherman, hacked.02:00
ClumsyFairyQueendont visit it02:00
FishermanWell shit.02:00
ClumsyFairyQueenit has a java irc client on there that acts as a botnet02:00
somsip!language | Fisherman02:00
ubottuFisherman: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:00
Chiyoplus, you should have read the channel said "unbutu" ;)02:00
FishermanI am just angered by the situation.02:01
kecwhat happened02:01
FishermanHave a lot of time on the game.02:01
ChiyoFisherman, maybe see http://redd.it/1x4mis02:01
k1l!ot | Fisherman02:01
ubottuFisherman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:01
FishermanAlright, thanks.02:01
FishermanSorry to bother you all.02:01
FishermanHave a good eveing!02:01
Flat4ForLifeYes no maybe so?02:02
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: hi again, no it is not normal .. i'd go over the /var/log/pm-suspend.log to check if you see anything out of the ordinary there02:07
wolfy1339i have a problem building a deb package, i get an error like this: ERROR: There was an error parsing the changelog: Could not parse changelog: Unexpected line while looking for more change data or trailer:  -- Wolfy1339 <wolfy1339@hotmail.ca> Tue, 4 Feb 2014 21:41:0902:08
Flat4ForLifeHi Glitsj16 OK I'll check. I reinstalled yet again and gave up on the drivers. Kinda bummed about that though I wanted it to work!02:09
ClumsyFairyQueenwolfy1339, is there a blank line before that02:09
SomelauwBashing-om: that video line might have has some effect because in a tty the font was very small02:09
Somelauwhowever in X i didn't notice anything02:09
ClumsyFairyQueenwolfy1339, also - is thtat one space in front of -- or two02:10
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: understandably so, i still don't get why you're having so much trouble running the nvidia driver .. but for the resume issue, if you pastebin the /var/log/pm-suspend.log we can have a look02:11
ClumsyFairyQueenand you might want to remove your email before posting next time02:11
ClumsyFairyQueenyou just sent out your email to 1474 people...02:11
wolfy1339ClumsyFairyQueen, there is one space02:11
ClumsyFairyQueentwo spaces between your email02:12
ClumsyFairyQueenand the date?02:12
Bashing-omSomelauw_: Well, I do not know (getting old saying that ). We know a driver is not loaded not is the disply detected. Why I have not the foggiest.02:12
wolfy1339ClumsyFairyQueen, yes02:13
ClumsyFairyQueendoes adding the timezone help02:13
ClumsyFairyQueenshould be a -0800 or something behind the date02:14
ClumsyFairyQueendepending on your timezone02:14
oinkersawesome we got fairy's in here02:14
pantheralwhat the hells happening!!!!?!?!?????02:14
SomelauwBashing-om: replacing xorg didn't work.02:15
Chiyok1l, the website is still pointing here02:15
SomelauwBashing-om: i think i'll give up02:15
wolfy1339ClumsyFairyQueen, tried that and still the same error02:15
Bashing-omSomelauw: New hardware, must be a solution, but this is much beyond my experience. More than willing to keep at it, see what I can come up with. Will you return later to this ?02:17
SomelauwBashing-om, glitsj16: thanks for trying to help so far02:17
ClumsyFairyQueenwolfy1339, not sure then - looks the same as mine by any case02:19
Bashing-omSomelauw: I am just mortified I can not be of more help .02:19
Flat4ForLifeGlitsj16 looks fine to me, do you see anything odd?02:21
n0tryank1l you sure banning the web gateway is a good idea?02:22
k1ln0tryan: best idea atm due to the rotmg hacking issue02:22
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: around line 330-337 there's mention of hdparm setting a timeout of 3 minutes, looking at some more background on how you could test without that delay02:23
n0tryanI'd imagine the webchat would be used by the very people who'd come here to get help02:23
ClumsyFairyQueen'not really other choice n0tryan02:23
Chiyo+r / +q $~a?02:24
k1ln0tryan: this is an temporary issue. please read about the incident. the channel is flooded with users complaining about rotmg if the ban is not set. please complain at rotmg for them to get their page hacked02:25
Flat4ForLifeWhat irc program is recommended for Ubuntu? I looked at the list and tried smuxi and it won't authenticate me02:30
glitsj16Bashing-om: do you happen to know if there's a tool to generate an xorg.conf for those intel GPU's? would be handy when trying to help out in situations like the one somelauw was having, nothing i need in a hurry, just a question :)02:31
k1lFlat4ForLife: xchat is fine as long as you dont use the xchat-gnome02:31
Flat4ForLifeOK thanks02:31
=== Fomina is now known as c_j
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: ah, i lost you for a sec, would you pastebin /etc/hdparm.conf?02:32
ClumsyFairyQueenhexchat is nice too02:32
Flat4ForLifeYea sorry, tried smuxi and didn't work haha.02:32
ClumsyFairyQueenkonversation if your using kde02:32
Bashing-om glitsj16: TBH, integrated graphics is a whole new world to me .. and - I have very limited experience with Intel, This will not be forgotten and I will continue to see what I can learn.02:34
glitsj16Bashing-om: thanks, appreciate the situation, am in that same boat when it comes to those integrated chips, if i stumble on something usefull and our paths cross here, i'll share whatever i have02:37
Brogeldafuq is this?02:38
ClumsyFairyQueenthose from RotMG - site is infected, and is redirecting you here02:38
wolfy1339Flat4ForLife, try hexchat (hexchat.github.io)02:38
Flat4ForLifewolfy1339, just installed it and thats what I'm on now. thanks!02:38
Bashing-omglitsj16; One thing for sure, if one wants to know it is a never ending process ! Pick your target.02:39
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: hdparm conf looks clean, do you have any other tools installed to change disk spindown params ?02:40
Flat4ForLifeglitsj16, not that im aware of. its a clean install with updates/ java JRE/SDK, android studio, and now hexchat.02:41
glitsj16Bashing-om: lol, that's what's so nice .. keeps me from boredom, but would be nice if i could upgrade my braincell once in a while, so much happening lately on the GPU driver side02:41
SchrodingersScatzsw_: word.02:42
zsw_im zack from yesterday02:43
Flat4ForLifeglitsj16, ill be back in a few02:43
Bashing-omglitsj16: The last 2 years has been a wild ride, changes in grub, upstart, dkms .. and the list goes on. And yes ! Agreed, this system sure keeps me occupied.02:43
k1l!cn | Zhaoliang02:44
ubottuZhaoliang: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw02:44
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: okay, you could try editing the /etc/hdparm.conf and putting in a lower timeout (look at line 65 of your paste) .. you need to remove the # to overrule the default there, but keep a close eye on that before you keep it, messing with HDD params can cause damage .. to be honest i don't think your resume issue is caused by that02:46
Flat4ForLifeglitsj16, ok then lets not mess with that. no point in screwing something up02:46
Zhaoliangk1l: what do you mean?02:47
k1lZhaoliang: that there is a special channel for chinese language ubuntu support02:47
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: not much risk in trying to edit it once to something like 12 instead of the default 24, just to see if it improves your resume, so at least you can rule it out if it doesn't .. edit it back to defaults afterwards02:49
Zhaoliangk1l: are you chinese?02:49
k1lZhaoliang: no, you stated chinese in here. and now please stick to technical ubuntu support in here. we have #ubuntu-offtopic for chat02:50
Zhaoliangk1l: ah. Sorry02:51
Flat4ForLifeglitsj16, the line #spindown_time = 24, remove the comment and change to 12?02:51
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: you also mentioned that after login 'it freaks out again' .. can you elaborate a bit on what happens exactly after login?02:51
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: correct02:51
Flat4ForLifeafter login, it shows the mouse but no desktop. then after a few seconds it flashses the screen, goes to a black screen with a flashing cursor, then a bit later it goes back to the login screen02:52
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: i'll let you do the edit and run a test suspend/resume .. we can pick things up after that02:52
Flat4ForLifedo i need to do anything for this to take effect such as a reboot, or does it read it upon suspend?02:53
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: no reboot needed no, it should read the conf02:53
Flat4ForLifeok. ill try it now...02:54
=== sysadmin__ is now known as VLanX
j4nkrikping me!02:56
=== Sleepnbum is now known as Guest59153
Flat4ForLifeglitsj16, thats a no go02:59
glitsj16Flat4ForLife: well, undo the edit and set things in hdparm.conf back to defaults .. could i bother you one sec in PM?03:00
Flat4ForLifehowever, when trying to resume it flashed a fast/long list of nouveau lines that looked like it said error03:00
Flat4ForLifebut it was going too fast to read03:00
docmurI accidently formatted a disk that was part of a LVM2 group, now I can't seem fix the LVM2 volume, pvdisplay is giving me an error that it can't find a device with UUID ... , is there a way to remove that disk?  It was /dev/sdb1 and now it tells me PV unknown device03:03
snufftdoes anyone have suggestions on why setting weight to a #mark form element, wouldn't change where it appears in the form?03:03
=== jacky is now known as Guest74913
snufftwhoops, wrong wind,w haha03:03
hekzloafhey guys, i just installed ubuntu minimal, and, added cinnamon ppa. slim, however, will not boot when set to default session. it says could not load the cinnamon session. how can i fix this?03:05
k1lhekzloaf: ask the PPA guys please03:05
=== Fast[BDC] is now known as pcdummy
hekzloafwhere would be the best place? cinnamon?03:06
Mongo44I can't figure out how to set the resolution for Lubuntu, so I will try Xubuntu. Hopefully that will be better.03:13
=== jackyalc- is now known as jackyalcine
chamunksIs there a good utility for handling multibutton mice?03:18
Mongo44How many buttons we talkin'?03:20
Flat4ForLifeanyone have an idea as to why choosing the default Ubuntu from grub wont boot, but choosing the generic file from rEFInd will boot?03:25
FuuqUmistFlat4ForLife maybe try asking on #grub too03:27
Flat4ForLifeok will do03:27
greeterdoes anyone here have experience in installing nokuntusp by any chance?03:33
=== e^0 is now known as sudo
greeteri tried installing it with apt-get but a number of dependencies come back as "not installable" and i was just wondering do i just need a different repo or do i have to install them all from source?03:35
=== duoi_afk is now known as duoi
tapouti'm using ubuntu with Qt Creator.  Whenever I run my application, it always defaults to 0:0 ... how can I make the window always open near the center of the window?  Is this something that the app has to call for X or ... is there a way to specify this in X foreach app?03:38
xanguagreeter: are you using a third party repository for that package¿03:40
greeteri'm not certain to be honest... i'm not all that bright when it comes to computers i'm afraid. i might be though03:40
chamunksMongo44, I think like 1103:40
chamunksLogitec G700s03:41
chamunksMongo44, If you toss me back a Response pls highlight me I've got irc buried behind a few windows.03:41
greeterhmm i did a quick search and it seems if i want gambas2 i won't be able to install it using apt-get03:43
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
greeterhmm it seems nokutu is no longer maintained, so i guess installing it will just be plain difficult, if it's even possible03:52
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
superbootHi all. Does anyone know of a way to change all colors to shades of red for X?03:57
xanguasuperboot: do you have tired eyes¿04:02
cuzzoIf /usr/share/checkbox/scripts are missing, how do I install those? Is there a package for that?04:02
xanguasuperboot: something like this¿ http://jonls.dk/redshift/04:03
superbootxangua: Yeah, haha. Oh, cool. Thanks!04:04
greeternope, i guess there's no way to install it unless i compile everything from source. oh well04:14
zoidfarbI'm running Ubuntu 13.10 on a Macbook 10,1. I tried to install the nvidia drivers, and now the GUI won't start. When I boot, the keyboard backlight comes on, and it gets as far as "Stopping Restore Sound Card State" but then it just sits there. If I press the power button, it shuts down fine. I can add "nomodeset" to the boot options to get to a TTY.   What can I do to restore my GUI???04:15
Flat4ForLifezoidfarb, you will probably have to remove/purge the nvidia drivers and go back to nouveau04:16
Flat4ForLifeive been fighting it myself on an older macbook and it just simply wont work04:16
zoidfarbFlat4Life. I tried that already. I did `apt-get remove —purge nvidia*`04:16
Flat4ForLifezoidfarb, did you check your blacklist files? and your xorg.conf?04:16
zoidfarbFlat4ForLife, I haven't checked the blacklist file, where is it? I tried deleting all the xorg.conf files except the fallback one, to see if it would at least give me low graphics mode.04:18
Flat4ForLifecheck in /etc/modprobe.d04:18
Flat4ForLifethere might be a blacklist.conf and a nvidia one as well04:18
zoidfarbokay. In older Ubuntu, you could do dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg … but that doesn't seem to do anything on 13.1004:18
Flat4ForLifeit usually blacklists nouveau upon install04:18
zoidfarbFlat4ForLife. That's a good thought, I'll check there.04:19
Flat4ForLifewhen booting, if no xorg.conf file is found, it should generate a default/basic one.04:22
Flat4ForLifeis it generating one at all?04:22
zoidfarbit didn't seem like it was. I'll try agin in a minute (I'm in OSX now)04:22
Flat4ForLifeok, you may need to make a basic xorg.conf file04:23
h6w1I'm trying to debug ntp, but if I stop the ntp service and run ntpd -gq it just hangs there forever.  Where should I look?04:29
h6w1If I start the ntp service, syslog says it starts ok and listens on all interfaces, but the time never updates.  It's still 20 minutes ahead.04:29
zsw_i need instructions on useing an app called aircrack.ng04:31
Flat4ForLifethere are many tutorials on google/youtube04:31
zsw_i tried to look at one or two only thay were on to install04:33
Flat4ForLifeyou need to look at more than "one or two", however this channnel is for ubuntu04:34
zsw_im usein ubuntu04:35
somsipzsw_: you won't get any advice here. You need an aircrack channel04:35
zoidfarbzsw_: Are you trying to break into somebody's wifi network? This isn't the right channel for that.04:35
zsw_yes my frends as a dare04:35
Flat4ForLifethis is for ubuntu install/issues, not aircrack/airmon/pentesting or anything of that sorts04:35
Flat4ForLifeand that is illegal, btw04:35
zsw_not if i have permition04:35
somsipzsw_: well, if you need help from us you failed your dare. Please take this your request elsewhere04:35
zoidfarbFlat4ForLife: If his friend gave him permissions it's not04:36
agiwornillegal and next to impossible if he's using WPA204:36
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:36
Flat4ForLifezoidfarb, true. i was assuming he was meaning to try a random one, not his friends. my bad04:36
agiwornwith WEP, you may be able to since aircrack_ng uses dictionary attack and other such common ones04:36
somsip!ot | agiworn04:36
ubottuagiworn: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:36
hfpHi, I am having an issue with ufw on an OpenVZ VPS. If I enable ufw, then the system resolves hostnames to IPV6 hosts and hangs because it cannot contact them. If I disable ufw, it resolves using IPV4 addresses and everything works fine. What gives?04:37
hfp(on Debian 7 32 bits)04:37
somsiphfp: you need the ##debian channel. This is ubuntu support only04:37
Psil0CybinFlat4ForLife, Pen testing is not illegal if you have permission and are getting paid for it.04:37
Flat4ForLifePsil0Cybin, refer to my last message04:37
zoidfarbWith WEP, you don't need a dictionary attack, you can do an ARP replay attack directly04:38
hfpsomsip: Ok thanks I was under the impression this was also the channel for ufw04:38
h6wHi.  I'm trying to debug ntp, but if I stop the ntp service and run ntpd -gq it just hangs there forever.  If I start the ntp service, syslog says it starts ok and listens on all interfaces, but the time never updates.  It's still 20 minutes ahead.  Where should I look?04:38
somsiphfp: no. It's the ubuntu support channel04:38
zsw_im a white hat hacker aka non malicious only looking for security breaches04:38
somsipzsw_: this is offtopic. Please go elsewhere04:38
zoidfarbzsw_: There's lots of docs online. Go read them.04:38
Flat4ForLifeh6w, are you sure your NTP server is set up correctly?04:39
h6wFlat4ForLife: It's a default install of 12.04.4 LTS, so yes.04:39
somsiphfp: does adding a log help any? -l {file}04:40
=== duoi is now known as duoi_afk
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
somsipzsw_: stop04:47
zsw_ok bud04:49
PFDWIt's amazingly quiet in here04:50
greeterhmm it has been quiet. i guess nobody has problems they want to discuss right now :-)04:50
zsw_ello govener\04:52
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
zsw_what mean04:52
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
PFDWAnyone try ubuntu for mobile?04:53
BeldarPFDW, you want #ubuntu-touch04:54
* h6w is still stuck with his ntp problem.04:54
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
* Flat4ForLife doesnt know much about 12.04 and ntp 04:54
PFDWWhat is the ntp problem?04:54
PFDWnormaly you have to service ntpd stop then ntpdate pool.ntp.org04:55
PFDWthen start it back up.04:56
PFDWBecause it's not ment to deal with serious drift04:56
=== e^0 is now known as e^0_
PFDWh6w: get that?04:58
greetermy isp is going to complain to me about using apt-get too much04:58
h6wPFDW: The manuals now say not to use ntpdate but to use ntpd -gq04:59
h6wBut ntpd -gq seems to hang.04:59
somsiphfp: did you try add ing alogfile?04:59
h6wgreeter: Does your ISP have an ubuntu mirror?04:59
PFDWyah just use ntpdate04:59
greeteri doubt it. they didn't even offer support for linux until last year05:00
PFDWgreeter must be joking.05:00
justin__Anyone willing to help me out?05:00
hfpsomsip: I enabled logging, yes, but I don't see anything in the logfile05:00
greeterno. in canada most people it seems have never heard of linux05:00
h6wPFDW: "no server suitable for synchronization found" :-(05:01
PFDWgreeter:you should use start.ca05:01
h6wPing ntp.pool.org seems ok.05:01
h6wSorry, I meant pool.ntp.org05:01
greeterPFDW: what's that?05:02
justin__I can't get my mic to work in Ubuntu 12.0405:02
PFDWh6w: google the corect usage of ntp.org + ntpdate, it works05:03
=== Guest73201 is now known as mfisch
=== mfisch is now known as Guest18735
PFDWgreeter; it's one of the best ISPs in canada (techsavvy beeing the other)05:04
greeteri just saw someone using a techsavvy address and i was about to go look up where that person would be based05:05
linelevelHi guys. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. For some reason whenever I attempt to copy a file from any ext* partition to any of my FAT32 USB drives, the transfer almost finishes (gets to 100% or close), but then hangs without finishing. If I yank the USB drive and plug it back in, the file appears to have copied perfectly, but I can't figure out why it hangs like that and forces me to yank the drive without a safe ejection. Can anyone help?05:05
linelevel^ It also hangs when I use other copying tools like rsync.05:05
linelevelIf I boot into Windows (I have both OSes installed), the problem is nonexistent (but of course, then I have to boot into Windows...).05:06
PFDWgreeter;  they both offer unlimited and both have good support and both are small so you can chat with the ceo's on dslreports05:06
PFDWLinelevel; dmesg?05:07
greeteri wonder if they offer internet service here05:09
justin__Hello my fellow ubunters I can't seem to get my Xonar DG to detect a mic the back or front port, on board audio detects the mic, any help?05:09
justin__I have used aslamixer and tested every single input05:10
PFDWgreeter; http://compare.wikia.com/wiki/ISPs05:10
greeterit will take me a while to read that. i was just asked to pick through a 100 kb log file :-S05:13
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
lucasredsn0wgreeter: use search05:14
PFDWor grep05:14
lucasredsn0wbh bh bh gedit05:14
=== justin__ is now known as Helpmepls
greeterhmm that page only shows isp's in ontario i'm afraid. although it will come in handy if i ever move there05:18
Psil0Cybinhey guys this is my startup screen (http://imgur.com/DEMApJX) I was wondering if I can double check that Guake is not being runned twice, I know that it is unselected on the second line, but would it show in the taskj manager? or what would be the easiest way to make sure I am only loading one script sionce I cannot delete the default guake setting05:21
halfburnttoast_Psil0Cybin, if 'Guake' is the process name,  try running 'pgrep Guake'05:24
babinlonstonHi All , Mounting samba share from centos in Ubuntu 12.04 gives this error  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6883434/ how can i fix ?05:25
treehouseSince Ubuntu is a registered trademark, can I sell Ubuntu books?05:25
treehouse(write and sell)05:25
Psil0Cybini get nothing]05:25
halfburnttoast_try it lower case as well05:25
Psil0Cybinnadda in both05:26
roscareyesfuck niggers05:26
halfburnttoast_if you have a guake instance open, it'll show you the process ID's for it05:26
Psil0Cybini do05:26
rwwsigh, i continue to fail at bans05:26
Psil0Cybinfast eye05:26
Psil0Cybinlike a sharif05:26
halfburnttoast_well, if you have htop, you can search by name as well05:27
halfburnttoast_i dunno what the process name for guake is off the top of my head05:27
Psil0Cybindarn just confused where i find my startup scripts hmm05:28
Psil0Cybinfor xubuntu05:28
Psil0Cybinwhat ever the GUI does05:28
halfburnttoast_settings -> session and startup05:28
halfburnttoast_then application autostart05:28
Psil0Cybinyea now then where does it place all that information4that is done in that GUI05:28
halfburnttoast_if I can ask though, why guake?05:29
sai108can i upgrade the ubuntu precise kernel 3.2.x.x to 3.8.x.x as offered by linux-current-generic in Synaptic package manager ? without upgrading the distro ?05:29
halfburnttoast_xfce4-terminal has a quake mode as well05:29
halfburnttoast_and it can just be bound to a shortcut05:29
=== robert_ is now known as Guest89050
Psil0Cybinhalfburnttoast_, not half down the screen in 12.04 maybe i am wrong i just made another script to start guake five seconds later because it loaded before compiz thus taking away transparenc my fix solved the issue i just want to make sure although i am unchecking it within the startup GUI4that it is not 4loading05:30
babinlonstonHi All , Mounting samba share from centos in Ubuntu 12.04 gives this error  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6883434/ how can i fix ?05:30
Psil0Cybintwo instances of Guake05:30
SenorI have installed perl at /tools/bin/perl ,but when running it , this error is reported05:30
Senorbash: /tools/bin/perl: No such file or directory05:30
Senorbut ls command can list it out05:30
sai108can i upgrade the ubuntu precise kernel 3.2.x.x to 3.8.x.x as offered by linux-current-generic in Synaptic package manager ? without upgrading the distro ?05:30
fklI recently upgraded my video card and ,as expected, X fails to start.  How can I start X forcing it to autodetect video hardware?05:30
halfburnttoast_well, I'd use htop personally and look for the processes05:31
Psil0Cybinhalfburnttoast_, what is the command to use htop properly to look for the processes405:31
Beldarsai108, You in 12.04?05:31
halfburnttoast_use / to enter the search field05:32
halfburnttoast_when htop is up05:32
Beldarsai108, Do you mean this basically?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack05:32
fklI recently upgraded my video card and ,as expected, X fails to start.  How can I start X forcing it to autodetect video hardware?05:33
sennnstarting the f**king X,oh yeah...05:34
halfburnttoast_babinlonston, are you able to mount the  samba share manually?05:34
Psil0Cybinhalfburnttoast_, htop lets me see processes I am confused05:35
alumnoola a todos05:35
halfburnttoast_Psil0Cybin, well if you're looking for multiple instances of guake, you're pretty much just looking for multiple processes under it's name05:35
berxxanyone assistance to create a livecd ubuntu on CD, no dvd available...05:36
sennnhow are steam doing?05:36
Psil0Cybinhalfburnttoast_, oh that is so cool so if I only see the ONE string I want, then I am in the Clear :D05:36
halfburnttoast_speaking of that, I'm not even sure if guake runs as a daemon or it's just called on the fly05:37
Psil0Cybinwow I just discovered htop halfburnttoast_05:37
halfburnttoast_i'd say you're probably fine05:37
halfburnttoast_and yeah, htop is pretty much the best thing in the world05:37
Psil0Cybinhalfburnttoast_, I am going to keep it running in the background of screen :D05:38
halfburnttoast_I've got mine bound to a keyboard shortcut heh05:39
sennnyou'd better do05:39
Beldarberxx, use the net install it is tiny05:39
Psil0Cybinlol goddd as the time goes on i fall more and more in love with linux with the help of you fellas.05:40
Psil0Cybinevery new laptop i get gets nuked, I never even used windows 8 once :D05:40
sennnlaptop will down05:41
sennnlet's cut down simalaya05:42
sai108can i upgrade the ubuntu precise kernel 3.2.x.x to 3.8.x.x as offered by linux-current-generic in Synaptic package manager ? without upgrading the distro ?05:42
sennn4.0 will do better less bugs,you know05:44
berxxbeldar sent you couple pm's05:44
Psil0Cybinsennn, comes in now and again with useful tid bits05:45
Beldarberxx, I don;t do pm's it's off.05:45
sennnnone of my bisness05:46
sai108for a shortwhile my net was down. & i am new to irc chat as well. how can i see the pm's please?05:46
berxxthanks.. anyways need to drop a cd onto her old windoz laptop try to recover data, then convert her to ubuntu05:46
Beldarberxx, lubuntu or xubuntu may be small enough to fit a cd.05:46
berxxbeldar hey of course, doh! thank you..05:47
berxx,--clunks head :D05:47
RPG-MasterY'all, I don't know how it happened, when it happened, or how to fix it, but my bluetooth daemon doesn't want to start anymore. :(05:47
sennnwhat about my ReactOS,oh...05:48
sennnmy xp05:48
sennnhurry up guys...05:48
=== barrett is now known as gunarm_
RPG-MasterI tried installing blueman manager, and it just throws up an error about not finding a daemon or detected device. Trying to flip the switch of the bluetooth settings in the settings panel does nothing.05:49
jeffrey_fRPG-Master: Does it work after a fresh boot from power-on?05:49
RPG-Mastertried rebooting after an update just a moment ago, it didn't fix anything...05:50
sennnGCC 4.9 not good enough i thought05:50
Psil0CybinAlright guys I am off to bed, good night everyone!05:50
sennngood dreams05:51
babinlonstonhalfburnttoast_: not yet tried let me now05:52
Guest96645what would this command do? sudo apt-get purge php*05:53
Guest96645I ran it from a troubleshooting guide online05:53
Guest96645then it started saying stuff like05:53
Guest96645Removing wine-silverlight5.1-installer ...05:53
Guest96645Purging configuration files for wine-silverlight5.1-installer ...05:53
sennnperformance,performance,performance,that's what we need ,oh yeah...05:53
Guest96645I cancelled it05:53
Guest96645But I'm worried I just trashed alot of programs05:54
sennncheers,guys with coffee05:54
babinlonstonhalfburnttoast_: same error while using  mount -t cifs -o username=sysadmin,password=admin123$ // /home/sysadmin/samba/05:55
babinlonstonmount error(13): Permission denied05:55
jeffrey_fGuest96645: Was it starting to remove stuff or telling you it was going to remove stuff?05:55
sennnbe careful ,Oracle05:56
halfburnttoast_babinlonston, can you get into it with smbclient?05:59
witheld1Okay I have a big issue05:59
witheld1I'm trying to connect to a IPv6 with Java 7, I'm getting java.net.SocketException: Protocol family unavailable06:00
jeffrey_fBluetooth - Have an issue with bluetooth after hibernate/sleep.  I was given a script from someone on here, not to long ago that fixed the issue but I had to re-load this system.  Does anyone know of this script and where it goes.  I will be writing it down this time.....Thanks06:00
babinlonstonhalfburnttoast_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6883573/06:02
babinlonstonsmbclient too tried same error06:03
halfburnttoast_what was the command you used for smbclient?06:03
aneksI've changed my hostname after installing Ubuntu and now both my old PC name and new one show up in browse networks.. does anyone know how I can delete the old name?06:04
sennnyes,you just reinstall the system06:04
sennnsimple,enough right?06:05
halfburnttoast_babinlonston, try 'smbclient \\\\\\public'06:05
anekssennn, if you're talking to me and having nothing smart to say, then don't say anything..06:05
sennnok, i'm quiet06:06
hewhomustaneks, do you just want to change the name of the computer?06:06
babinlonstonhalfburnttoast_: tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED06:06
anekshewhomust, I've already changed it, the thing is that when I go to browse networks, both my old PC name and new one show up.06:06
halfburnttoast_babinlonston, how is that share defined? is it listed as a public share in the config?06:08
babinlonstonhalfburnttoast_: yes let me give the configuration 1 sec pls06:09
babinlonstonhalfburnttoast_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6883589/06:10
halfburnttoast_add 'guest ok = yes'06:10
halfburnttoast_and see if it connects that time06:10
jeffrey_faneks: gksudo gedit /etc/hostname   <--where the host name is kept.  Edit, save and reboot.06:10
aneksjeffrey_f: I have already changed my hostname, the thing is that my Ubuntu computer is part of my home network, so now when I browse the network my old hostname and the new one show up. I want to delete the old name so it doesn't confuse anyone.06:14
sennni don't like balls too,it always caused trouble,ha06:14
sai108can i upgrade the ubuntu precise kernel 3.2.x.x to 3.8.x.x as offered by linux-current-generic in Synaptic package manager ? without upgrading the distro ?06:15
babinlonstonhalfburnttoast_: tried using guest same error presesnt06:16
halfburnttoast_aneks, check your hosts file too06:17
jeffrey_faneks: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-change-hostname/06:17
halfburnttoast_babinlonston, even after restarting the samba service? dang06:18
babinlonstonhalfburnttoast_: yes now i can login get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/6883620/06:18
halfburnttoast_ah, permissions issue06:20
halfburnttoast_I thought it wasn't connecting at all06:20
halfburnttoast_babinlonston, what's the permissions on the /public folder?06:22
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
babinlonstondrw-rwx--x+ sysadmin sysadmin unconfined_u:object_r:samba_share_t:s0 .06:22
sennnbye guys,switching to Darwin kernel chat room06:23
halfburnttoast_well shoot06:26
halfburnttoast_babinlonston, sorry man, I gotta run. I'm pretty sure there's some smb config thing I'm missing06:31
babinlonstonlet me check, but till yesterday its worked good06:32
halfburnttoast_Personally, I'd set the the smb.conf logging level to 3 and try to see if you can capture the authentication process06:32
halfburnttoast_the log for it should be in /var/log/samba/...06:32
halfburnttoast_good luck!06:33
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RubasHello, how do I change the time on my server to reflect my own time in my country?06:43
rwwRubas: sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata06:43
Rubasrww: thanks :)06:43
ompalhow to change dhcp to static using cmd  not to edit any file06:45
jony_easyriderwhen I try to install libv4-0, it tells me, that the package cannot be found, please help06:48
hateballompal: ifconfig, but your config files will override any changes on reboot06:48
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=== pers3us is now known as 17WAA02XA
obsidianAnybody using 14.04 having trouble with Thunderbird?06:58
obsidianOr should I say .. anybody ELSE having trouble loading Thunderbird?06:59
ompalcan anyone help me to provide pre-commit script for Reviewboard-avn intigration06:59
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Wiz_KeeDI swear to got dejadup is the most retarded backup system ever invented07:36
interwebHow do I can download youtube videos on ubuntu ?07:41
somsipinterweb: http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/07:42
interwebsomsip, Is it safe to use it ? I mean how do I can know is it a malware or somehting07:42
somsipinterweb: check the source code07:43
interwebsomsip, There is a youtube-dl package for ubuntu , Is it that one you've linked to ?07:44
somsipinterweb: is there? I didn't know. Yes - use that if you want official-safe packages07:44
somsip!info youtube-dl07:44
ubottuyoutube-dl (source: youtube-dl): downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites. In component universe, is extra. Version 2013.08.29-1 (saucy), package size 156 kB, installed size 613 kB07:44
ytoanyone help me to send email via PHP07:46
somsipyto: you should really ask in ##php. What is the general problem?07:47
=== GTB3NW is now known as GTB3NW_AWAY
ytosomsip, i do config php.ini file and run my script to send email but when check email nothing send07:48
somsipyto: what MTA are you using?07:49
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
ytosomsip, i try yahoo07:50
tomreynhi! is there a way to reliably and permanently blacklist modules in ubuntu?07:51
somsipyto: no. What mail transport agent are you using in php.ini?07:51
somsip!blacklist | tomreyn07:51
ubottutomreyn: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist.conf and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »07:51
tomreyni've added the bluetooth modules to a custom files in /etc/modprobe.d/ a couple times, unfortunately these files seem to get cleared out occasionally07:52
tomreynwithout notifying the user sadly07:52
somsiptomreyn: what is the trigger for them being cleared?07:53
tomreynyes that'd be nice to know07:53
tomreynmaybe it's a modutils upgrade, maybe a distribution upgrade07:54
ytosomsip, see my php.ini file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6883892/07:55
somsiptomreyn: maybe you need to re-blacklist them, and monitor for when they get removed. I don't know much about blacklisting so can't offer you definite advice07:55
somsipyto: so is sendmail installed and working okay?07:56
ytosomsip, not working07:56
tomreynsomsip: thanks for trying. i guess i could install a HIDS or a custom inotify rule to get notified.07:56
somsipyto: then php can't use it to send emails.07:57
somsiptomreyn: yeah. Faffy though07:58
ytosomsip, how to find php use what php.ini file?07:58
tomreynabout php not sending mail, you might want to  that this doesn't necessarily need to be provided by the _sendmail_ package, but there are other and probably better options07:59
tomreyn*want to add07:59
somsipyto: when running from the browser it will (probably) use /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and when running from command line it will use /etc/php5/cli/php.ini07:59
somsiptomreyn: his php.ini is currently setup to use sendmail. He needs to configure an MTA though, as you say07:59
ytosomsip, i need to install mail server on my linux?08:00
tomreynif you want to send mail, a mails erver would be handy08:00
somsipyto: you need to install a MTA08:00
somsip!mta | yto08:00
ubottuyto: A Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA08:00
ytoubottu, somsip, i install postfix. i need to  to config main.cf file?08:02
ubottuyto: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:02
hyperairdoes anyone know what bootloader amazon ec2 uses?08:03
hyperairis it typical grub?08:03
onltyAnyone who can solve this problem?08:03
hyperairi'm helping someone on ##linux, but his machine keeps booting into an older kernel eventhough grub shows the later kernel08:03
CandypinkHI ubuntu running from a live cd on macbook & the trackpad is very unresponsive. Anyone any ideas on how to fix this :?08:04
hateballhyperair: did you edit the boot entry? I mean it could well say WinNT-kernel 2.0 and still point to a linux kernel08:05
hyperairhateball: wat?08:05
hyperairhateball: no it's an ubuntu 13.10 installation08:05
hyperairhateball: and this is on ec208:06
hateballhyperair: I mean, what the entry name is and what it actually does boot need not be the same thing08:06
hyperairno it's not edited08:06
hyperairit's a standard sane looking grub.cfg08:06
hyperairthe vm's booting into -12-generic08:06
hyperairbut -15-generic is installed and is the first entry in grub.cfg08:06
hyperairdefault is set to 008:06
hyperairgrubenv has nothing08:06
hyperairi'm thinking that there's some weirdass bootloader it's using that you can't touch from inside the guest08:07
onltyhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/407752/xorg-uses-only-my-integrated-card-intel-and-ignores-my-discrete-radeon-card please08:10
TagoMagolooking for some help with my trackpad on a T40008:12
TagoMagoCant seem to get 2 finger scrolling to work all the time08:12
ttalhi guys. Does anyone know what to do on the "Additional Drivers" screen that comes up? I have 4 Nvidia options available. The top 2 are "NVIDIA binary Xorg" drivers, and the bottom 2 are "NVIDIA accelerated graphics" driver. Which one do I choose?08:16
TagoMagottal: what kind of graphics card do you have?08:17
ttalI have the GeForce 46008:17
ttal1024mb (1 gb)08:17
junior_i have an opteron cpu08:17
TagoMagoignore the accelerated graphics08:17
seronisis there anyway to make it so that plugging in additional mice will have addition on screen cursors ?08:18
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ttalTagoMago: Ok, why disregard accelerated graphics option?08:24
Ben64ttal: can you post a screenshot of the options08:25
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
ttalBen64: This is the screenshot: http://pbrd.co/1nW5GqO08:27
ttalThere is no recommended option.08:27
witheld1seronis: effectively, no08:28
Ben64ttal: what are the descriptions of the top two, and which version of ubuntu are you running?08:28
seroniswitheld1, darn.  ty for response08:28
AndroidLoverInSFdoes ubuntu and openshot support cuds cpu for encoding videos yet?08:28
AndroidLoverInSFon latest kernel08:28
AndroidLoverInSFor next lts08:29
ttalBen64, Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS08:30
=== steffen is now known as Guest35837
madridsu primo08:30
ttalBen64, This is the description of the top option: http://pbrd.co/1nW620H08:31
Ben64ttal: that should be the one you want, nvidia version 33108:33
ttalBen64, So which of the four? the 3rd from the top?08:33
Ben64ttal: whichever one you just posted, has 331 in the description08:34
=== esven is now known as sven041
ttalThey all do.08:34
ttalok see how I go. restart now.08:36
Ben64ttal: no they don't... the first screenshot you posted didn't08:36
godzilla8njWhen running xbindkeys and xcreensaver in xsession the keyboard locks after xscreensaver runs and the screen wakes again. mouse still works. google has failed me for an explanation. help.08:37
clouder`grrI upgraded a server from 13.04 to 13.10 and apache can't find /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_suphp.so  it's not in the directory08:38
clouder`grrwhere did it go?08:38
clouder`grri tried removing and reinstalling suphp-common through aptitude08:39
MarkUpperHi guys. I've a problem: I can login via terminal but not via GUI-Login-Manager in Ubuntu 13.10. Can someone help please?08:39
rp2hello word08:41
clouder`grrahh nm, need to install libapache2-mod-suphp08:41
rp2does Ununbu come with some kind of GUI automation technology? I want to write a script that tells a running Audacity to open a file08:42
rp2'Ununbu'? I mean Ubuntu of course08:42
varunendraMarkUpper, what are the outputs of "ls -l ./.{IC*,X*}" .... and .... "df -h" ?? Give us the pastebin links please.08:42
MarkUppervarunendra: ok wait a second08:43
rp2... and I don't think Audacity itself offers any sort of scripting, although there is an experimental plugin for it08:43
clouder`grrI really need to upgrade my scripts. been making changes to my server without making same changes to my setup/utility scripts and I'm paying for it now08:43
MarkUppervarunendra: http://pastebin.com/xFEs2jDb08:45
MarkUppervarunendra: Before that problem I had done "DISPLAY=:0 gnome-shell --replace". There was no problem that day. But on the next day, where I had to relogin, this problem occured.08:47
=== duoi is now known as duoi_afk
varunendraMarkUpper, I needed to see the permissions on the .Xauthority and .ICEauthority files. Are they owned by you? (user:group). And are they r/w ?08:49
MarkUpperAll these files are owned by me and all are "rw"08:50
MarkUppervarunendra: When I try to do GUI-Login it fails and when I try to login as another user then I can't type anything as username.08:50
starnixHi everyone08:50
starnixmy display fonts messed up is there any way around to setup the default fonts on gnome 3 ?08:51
varunendraMarkUpper, is Home on a separate partition or everything within the root (/)?08:51
MarkUppervarunendra: /home is a seperate NFS-directory08:52
varunendraMarkUpper, and the available space on / or /boot ?08:52
MarkUpperBoth are "91%" but that's normal on all machines in my company08:53
varunendraMarkUpper, then it's beyond my knowledge or experience, sorry. I'd wait for others who may have a better understanding of such issues.08:54
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MarkUpperSo can noone help?09:00
ikoniaMarkUpper: have you actually looked at the log files09:01
=== odyssey4me2 is now known as odyssey4me
ikoniaMarkUpper: you're running a reasonably profesional setup with things like NFS home directories set to automounter (I assume), you've then made a significant change to the desktop by using gnome-shell, so what have you done to actually understand what's failing09:02
cousteauhow do I make the dash menu to not show all the **** I don't care about on the ubuntu shop?09:02
ikoniacousteau: you can start by not using language you have to star09:02
cousteauand, if possible, show me something more useful, such as more apps/files/bookmarks I have, applications I could install, etc09:03
MarkUpperikonia: I did a "gnome-shell --replace --display=:009:03
ikoniayes, you said that09:03
cousteauikonia, it wasn't a swear word, but it was my password and it got automatically starred09:03
ikoniacousteau: really all the "password" you don't care about09:04
MarkUpperikonia: Yeah. But how can I fix this problem?09:04
ikoniacousteau: please don't lie,09:04
ikoniaMarkUpper: read what I said to you09:04
cousteauok, it was a joke, sheesh09:04
cousteauhow do I make the dash menu to not show all the stuff I don't care about on the ubuntu shop?09:04
MarkUpperikonia: Reading log files?09:04
ikoniaMarkUpper: read properly what I asked you09:04
cousteau(and understand how I don't like getting advertisements in my own computer)09:05
somsip!adlens | cousteau09:05
ubottucousteau: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ09:05
cousteau(and more importantly, I think nobody should unless they explicitly asked for them)09:05
MarkUpperikonia: You asked whether I've looked at the log-files09:06
ikoniaMarkUpper: I asked what you'd done to get an idea of what was going on09:06
starnixPlease someone help meup with gnome3 fonts09:06
MarkUpperikonia: Like I said I did "gnome-shell --replace --display=:0". Then everything worked fine. But on the next day, when I tried to relogin via GUI, it didn't work.09:06
ikoniaMarkUpper: that is nothing to do with what I asked you09:07
cousteausomsip, that package doesn't even exist in ubuntu 13.10 apparently09:07
MarkUpperikonia: Then please ask again, I don't get your question09:07
somsipcousteau: try the preferences thing then.09:07
ikoniaMarkUpper: what have you done to debug the problem, get information about the failure09:08
k1l_cousteau: go to systemsettings and then privacy settings and turn them off globally, of turn the ones off you dont like in the dash itself09:08
starnixI have messed up my fonts on system. please anyone tell me, how to setup the default set of fonts on gnome 3.809:08
MarkUpperikonia: I looked into $HOME/.xsession-errors09:09
ikoniaok, and what's it showing you ?09:10
ikoniawhat does it suggest the failure is ?09:10
MarkUpperikonia: That it couldn't find "source /mount..."09:11
MarkUpperikonia: Which sources ".xprofile"09:11
ikoniaMarkUpper: ok, so there you go then09:11
cousteauand about the shop itself, I'd disable it by default unless the users explicitly state that they want it in the jome lens09:12
MarkUpperIs that the problem for login failure?09:12
ikoniawhy is /mount not there09:12
Rory!pm > YoLtA09:12
ubottuYoLtA, please see my private message09:12
MarkUpperikonia: But I had never problems with that. Login always worked until I did "gnome-shell --replace".09:13
k1l_cousteau: file a wishlist bug09:13
k1l_cousteau: just ranting in here doesnt help anyone09:13
cousteauit will get ignored09:13
cousteauk1l_, I just wanted to see if others thought the same thing09:14
MarkUpperikonia: And the mountpoint does exist.09:14
k1l_cousteau: this channel is not for ranting and seeing. stick to actual technical ubuntu support please09:14
cousteauok, well, thanks for the help09:14
ikoniaMarkUpper: it doesn't matter if this didn't happen before, it's happening now09:19
rp2as_: https://koding.com/Activity/fyi-theres-koding-irc-channel-freenode-realtime-chat-koding-many-people-right-only-309:21
MarkUpper2Hey guys. I lost connection. So how can I solve my Gnome-GUI-Login Problem?09:22
lucasredsn0wMarkUpper2: What's up?09:22
rp2does CPAN have something to control GUI application in Linux? more specifically, Audacity?09:22
rp2hmm there's an -s missing there09:22
MarkUpper2lucasredsn0w: I can login via Terminal but not via Gnome GUI. This problem occured after I did "gnome --replace --display=:0"09:22
lucasredsn0wOkay... Can you start X?09:23
ompalhow to use pre-commit  in Reviewboard-svn on ubuntu09:23
lucasredsn0wBut I'm really not quite sure about what this command can do09:23
lucasredsn0wI prefer Unity09:24
MarkUpper2lucasredsn0w: Yes I can do "start x".09:24
lucasredsn0wAnd then what happened?09:24
MarkUpper2lucasredsn0w: Another kind of Desktop-environment with a simple green terminal occured.09:25
lucasredsn0wI've got a temporary solution09:26
lucasredsn0wSeems the gdm can't work09:26
MarkUpper2lucasredsn0w: What is it?09:26
lucasredsn0wHow about installing a new DM? like kdm, lightdm.. etc09:26
lucasredsn0wgdm is the Gnome Greeter09:26
lucasredsn0wGnome Desktop Manager09:27
lucasredsn0wYou can perform the install by typing "sudo apt-get install lightdm"09:27
lucasredsn0wIf you've already installed it, type "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm" and set lightdm.09:27
lucasredsn0wThen reboot09:27
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makarahi. Tell me more about dhclient process?09:33
makarahow to get rid of it for one09:33
rp2dhclient is used to obtain an IP address so your computer can use the Internet09:35
rp2get rid of it => no Internet for you09:36
rp2why would you want to get rid of it?09:36
makararp2, i'm running a server and I need to set a static ip09:36
rp2there's two ways: 1) get rid of dhclient 2) (if you control the DHCP server) configure the DHCP server to serve a static IP address for your client09:37
rp2if possible I'd go with 209:37
makara"Virtual packages like 'dhclient' can't be removed"09:37
rp2you only need to disable it09:38
bibi234hello, I have a ubuntu computer, an ESC/POS compatible  thermal printer and an example file with some ESC/POS commands, how can I print this file to the printer? I don't necessarily need a driver right?09:38
makararp2, how to disable?09:39
cfhowlettbibi234, have you tried to add a printer?09:41
rp2makara: https://encrypted.google.com/search?tbs=li:1&q=ubuntu+disable+dhcp+client09:42
makararp2, I've done that. dhclient still runs in the background09:44
bibi234cfhowlett: through the interface? yes, I had already done that before for another printer and it worked, but this one is a special printer (ticket printer), it doesn't get detected, however when I plug it, I can see the /dev/ttyUSB0 file getting created, I think it means at the hardware level it's ok?09:44
rp2you've done what exactly?09:45
cfhowlettbibi234, it's sees - something but if it saw "printer" it would ID it as such ...09:46
rp2makara: it is a really really bad idea to just disable dhclientif the DHCP server still thinks it is providing a dynamic IP to your machine09:47
rp2make sure you agree with the DHCP server's administrator, whether that's you or someone else09:48
bibi234cfhowlett: do you mean this? /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Prolific_Technology_Inc._USB-Serial_Controller_D-if00-port009:48
=== esven is now known as sven041
bibi234it's a symlink to /dev/ttyUSB009:49
jpjacobsHey guys! Does anyone have experience with Intel Rapid Start and Ubuntu? Does it work? How do I install a dual boot (with windows 8) without wrecking it?09:49
cfhowlettbibi234, yeah, so it seems the device is registering as a USB but not a printer.  Over my head I'm afraid - ask in the channel.  Lots of smart-er users than I ...09:53
threesomeWhere can I find the script that in Ubuntu 13.10 causes the screen to start to dim before the screensaver turns on?09:53
MarkUpperSo I'm not able to do GUI-Login in Ubuntu 13.10. Can someone help?10:01
k1l_MarkUpper: does the loginpage come up?10:02
=== Koma-AFK is now known as Koma
MarkUpperk1l_: yes10:07
MarkUpperk1l_: The login page is coming up10:07
k1l_MarkUpper: then look into the .xsession-errors in the users home. it gives a hint whats going wrong10:07
Kdworak841hello guys10:10
MarkUpperHow can i turn off the message "very large maximum_object_size_in_memory settings can have negative impact on perfomance" error message?10:10
MarkUpperof squid10:10
Kdworak841I am new to linux and i have a problem with 13.10, after suspend, i get the black screen and blinking lights10:10
zykotick9Kdworak841: blinking keyboard lights = kernel panic.  best of luck.10:15
MarkUpperHow can I disable a special error message of Squid?10:15
Kdworak841zykotick9: only after starting comp after a suspend10:17
trinodehey, freenode webchat is banned from the channel, this made me sad when I couldn't boot my pc10:20
=== thomas is now known as Guest68229
=== nightmare365 is now known as zz_nightmare365
dz2using digital ocean command line account; terminal window locks up after 5-10 min of non-use; how to prevent this?10:21
AndChat|477609Hello. I'm running an Ubuntu live cd to try to move someone's stuff over to a new harddrive (from one that is dying). If got them both in the computer now but the problem is that the old hard drive is 640gb where the new is only 500gb so a full dd is not possible. Can I just make a new nstf partition and reclusively copy all files? (will windows still boot?) Or otherwise they have windows on a 320gb partition (and some dell backup(?) on the rest) S10:21
k1l_trinode: use any other irc client, there are plenty of it. webchat is banned because of the rotmg site is hacked and directing users in here with webchat. so letting webchat in would disturb this channel and make suppor impossible10:21
rp2AndChat|477609: I'd copy the files changed by the user somewhere asap (using rsync) then install Ubuntu on the new disk and copy the files over10:23
cfhowlettAndChat|477609, adding a new partition will confuse windows - not necessarily fatally but first time boot would surprise me10:23
AndChat|477609rp2, it's windows sadly and not my own. Also I don't have a windows 7 CD for it so if I can copy over without reinstalling that would be best.10:26
AndChat|477609cfhowlett, so would it be best to just copy this 320gb partition over unchanged? Do you think it would boot then?10:27
cfhowlettAndChat|477609, so long as you don't muck with partitions, simple copy should work - dd is the command you want IIRC10:28
rp2no idea how much info on which disk it is on is present in a Windows installation10:29
rp2it should probably be fine but I never tried this10:29
AndChat|477609cfhowlett, I have to muck with them as the new hard drive is smaller than the last one. So a full copy is not possible. But will copying a single partition with dd work?10:29
cfhowlettAndChat|477609, but not rp2's suggestion10:29
AndChat|477609to reinstall?10:30
rp2create a partition on the new disk that is exactly the same size and dd the old partition to the new one, yes that should work10:30
cfhowlettAndChat|477609, I wouldn't copy the partition, I'd copy the data!  In fact, I'd zip it first  - I had to copy my 60 gigs of music between ubuntu/win7 - painful10:30
rp2but it should probably be the *same* partition as well10:30
=== Kryptron_ is now known as Kryptron
rp2ie the same partition number once you swap out the two disks10:31
zykotick9rp2: you don't need to create a parition (on new drive) if you are using dd...10:31
rp2zykotick9: you do if you can't copy the whole disk10:31
rp2but I've never done this myself!10:32
AndChat|477609Ok. So I can probably just copy the whole partition over with gparted. I hope I'm right in thinking that that is what you suggested? I think I'll try that.10:35
iebJust testing10:37
varunendraAndChat|477609, would the source and cloned drives be used simultaneously in the system?10:37
ubottuieb,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )10:37
AndChat|477609varunendra no, the new one will replace the old10:38
varunendraah, no issues then :)10:38
rp2if a partition managed can do it, use that10:41
CountryfiedLinuxIs it likely for a bug report requesting the shopping lens be an "opt-in" feature would get much attention?10:42
ment0rb0m dia meu povão .10:43
ubottument0r,: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.10:43
AndChat|477609It's all copying. Thank you everyone. Wish me luck. :)10:44
ment0rah only english :s10:44
ment0rsorry :)10:44
ment0ri think i connect ubuntu-br :l10:45
zykotick9CountryfiedLinux: i'd suspect, none.  that's a "won't fix" issue.10:46
rp2pt or pl, hey it's only one character10:46
ment0rokey :)10:47
=== esven is now known as sven041
CountryfiedLinuxThat's bad for business on their part zykotick910:56
haytham-medhi guys, is there a channel concerning gparted10:56
CountryfiedLinuxI trust Canonical with my IP logs and to properly encrypt them, but not everyone else does, specifically those that left Ubuntu because of it.10:57
zykotick9CountryfiedLinux: it's an offtopic discussion...10:57
CountryfiedLinuxNo, it's directly related to Ubuntu zykotick910:57
cfhowlett!ot|CountryfiedLinux, off-topic for this channel.10:57
ubottuCountryfiedLinux, off-topic for this channel.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:57
zykotick9CountryfiedLinux: it's NOT a support issue.10:57
k1l_CountryfiedLinux: lookup if there is that bug already and state your comments there10:58
cfhowlettMAD_51, not here in Beijing - greetings10:58
geirhahaytham-med: /msg alis list *parted*    says yes, but doesn't look like it has that many visitors10:58
MAD_51morning in Spain10:59
bogulacMEGA KANAPKA10:59
cfhowlettMAD_51, what's your ubuntu question?10:59
bogulacmega kanapka!10:59
MAD_51No questions11:00
cfhowlettbogulac, this is ubuntu support.  Do you have a question?11:00
MAD_51everything goes right11:00
chemist^Hello everyone11:01
CountryfiedLinuxok fine, then I'll file the spyware issue as a bug11:01
starratslittle help please, just installed ubuntu 12-4-3LTS and I thought xchat would be loaded as it is in xubuntu, it wasn't and tried to use the terminal and that didnt work, what did I do wrong?11:09
Round2Hi guys. Can someone help please. I want to disable a special warning which occurs during the start of squid via terminal.11:10
chemist^starrats, first of all...you need to update your system11:10
chemist^starrats, sudo apt-get update   -   sudo apt-get upgrade   -   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:10
chemist^and then do: sudo apt-get install xchat11:11
starratsah okay  chemist11:11
chemist^although i would use hexchat instead of xchat11:11
chemist^it's better :)11:11
chemist^the GUI looks almost exactly the same11:12
haytham-medi want to resize an ntfs partition, can i avoid the move step ?11:13
AndChat|477609After copying the partitions from the windows 7 hard drive across sadly it doesn't want to boot. I just get a white blinking cursor on boot. Is there a Linux programming to try to repair a non-booting windows?11:13
MAD_51 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ????11:13
MAD_51why should chemist^ do that?11:13
k1l_!apt | MAD_5111:13
ubottuMAD_51: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)11:13
chemist^haytham-med, the move step?11:13
k1l_MAD_51: that is not bringing to a new ubuntu release, see the documentation on apt-get11:14
chemist^MAD_51, why shouldn't he?11:14
starratsquestion chemist you had 3 sudo apt-get update upgrad and dist upgrade , do I do all threee?11:14
haytham-medmoving filesystem to left/right11:14
chemist^yes in that order11:14
starratsah okay11:14
chemist^first you update your updates list (sudo apt-get update)11:14
chemist^then you upgrade11:15
chemist^(actual updating)11:15
chemist^and then you do dist-upgrade which will bring you on 12.04.411:15
zykotick9MAD_51: dist-upgrade is same as full-upgrade - it means upgrade EVERYTHING, a typical "apt-get update" does not.11:15
starratsand then xchat11:15
starratsokay got it11:15
chemist^starrats, every time you do "sudo apt-get update" ... your "Available updates list" gets updated11:16
chemist^then you can sudo apt-get upgrade11:16
chemist^to install available updates11:16
starratsthanks you very much chemist11:16
zykotick9MAD_51: sorry, a typical "apt-get upgrade" does not.11:16
chemist^no problem11:16
rp2upgrade keeps you on the same release, dist-upgrade doesn't, if I recall correctly11:16
chemist^starrats try and google for hexchat11:16
chemist^starrats, i think you'll like it better than xchat11:17
zykotick9rp2: wrong11:17
starratsok hexchat for linux11:17
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.11:17
chemist^rp2, wrong :)11:17
cfhowlettrp2, nope11:17
starratsI had hexchat for windows11:17
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
starratsagain thank you chemist11:17
chemist^starrats, no problem :)11:18
starratshere goes nothing, lol11:18
chemist^starrats, there is a way to do both commands at the same time like this: "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" ... without the quotes ("")11:19
chemist^he left11:19
rp2hmmm ... I learnt something new11:20
rp2if it never upgrades to a new release, I should be using dist-upgrade!11:20
chemist^rp2, yes11:21
chemist^(i believe) the dist-upgrade, upgraded my system from 12.04 LTS to 12.04.4 LTS11:22
chemist^so it's still the same release11:22
k1l_apt-get upgrade cant install new kernels or other packages which need to install new packages (every kernel is a own package and not just overwrites the old one)11:23
rp2there is a webpage on this: http://ubuntulinuxtipstricks.blogspot.nl/2010/02/dist-upgrade-misnomer-confusion.html11:26
eginonHi, can anyone help me with duplicity?11:28
interwebDoes anyone has google fiber ?11:29
interwebI want to know could anyone use it on ubuntu ?11:29
chemist^eginon, you should just ask your question....11:30
eginonI'm using the backup utility in Ubuntu to maintain my backups. It's reporting that I'm running out of space and I'd like to purge old backup files11:31
eginonsince the gui has no feature to do that easily, I'd like to do it with duplicity but can't find any information on how to connect with ubuntuone through duplicity11:31
eginonSo, how do I purge old backups on UbuntuOne with duplicity...I suppose is my question11:32
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:32
chemist^That's the way to ask a question yes :) now hopefully someone will reply :P .. i have no experience with backups - don't really need them11:32
TinoDidriksenGot a Raring machine that refuses to do-release-upgrade with "No new release found", even with -d. It did work once, but it aborted itself due to missing space on /boot, and now simply refuses to do anything. How do I fix that? Another machine that also aborted due to /boot space did not run into this dead end.11:34
glitsj16eginon: in man duplicity there are specifics on how to connect to UbuntuOne11:34
k1l_TinoDidriksen: what does "lsb_release -a" say? and "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" put them in a pastbin please11:35
TinoDidriksenIt's raring all the way - already checked that. http://codepad.org/mVPhdAtN11:37
linuxearthhttp://www.linuxmint.com/edition.php?id=143 is live dvd or not?11:37
cfhowlettlinuxearth, ask in the mint channel11:38
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:38
rackislandI have successfully installed apache on Ubuntu, and got it running and check when opening localhost from the browser and everything is set up. But I can't access my machine IP from outside the network and get the web server responding. Any ideas why?11:40
ubotturackisland,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server11:41
rackislandcfhowlett: I am running a simple project, do I still have to use Ubuntu server edition?11:41
cfhowlettrackisland, you do not.11:42
linuxearthhttp://www.linuxmint.com/edition.php?id=143 is live dvd or not?11:42
ubottulinuxearth,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:43
cfhowlettlinuxearth, still not supported on this channel.  sorry11:43
k1l_linuxearth: stop that. you know that mint is not supported in here11:43
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daliti installed xfce-desktop on my ubuntu12.04 and then removed it. But during boot xubuntu startup appears with a bar movinf to-fro while opening. I want to remove this with ubuntu's default. HELP !11:44
daliti installed xfce-desktop on my ubuntu12.04 and then removed it.11:46
dalitBut during boot xubuntu startup appears with a bar movinf to-fro while opening. I want to remove this with ubuntu's default. HELP !11:47
cfhowlettgreg_, greetings11:47
greg_fsck systemd11:47
ubottudalit,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:47
greg_for some reason, allll around the net, systemders don't want anyone to have choice. It's always the same crap they say, and if you want to do things a diff way, they yell at you.11:47
greg_Fuck those reich-wanna-be shitheads. I hate their additude.11:47
DJonesgreg_: Do you have an ubuntu support question,11:47
k1l_!ot | greg_11:48
ubottugreg_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:48
cfhowlettzero tolerance for bad behavior - I like it11:48
eginonrackisland, are you setting up apache on your home network?11:48
NeverHereIm trying to re-configure apache to work on ubuntu but i can't seem to get to the It works page, does anyone know how to configure apache or what the new apache support channel is?11:49
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
rp2never: you don't need to configure anything, uyou need to make pages!11:55
Rory!apache | NeverHere11:55
ubottuNeverHere: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.11:55
starratschemist I'm on ubutnu now and also xchat at the moment and I did not have to do asll those sudo apt-get because the upgrade manger popped in and did for me, lol11:56
NeverHereRory, i can't get apache to start, i may have broken it while trying to test something else in the past, when i try to get it to start it says that it fails the config test11:56
glitsj16NeverHere: what version of ubuntu are you running apache on?11:56
mariannehello group - running 12.04 64 bit and I'm having issues streaming video through Flixster. I'm working with their support, but I have a feeling they are clueless. Anyone else have this issue? Other sites work fine for streaming content.11:56
RoryNeverHere: Can you please show me the output of the command "sudo service apache2 reload" ?11:56
NeverHere12.04 LTS11:56
RoryNeverHere: Please paste the full output onto http://paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL in this channel11:57
cfhowlettmarianne, "issues"?  very undetailed, unhelpful, untechnical description11:57
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:57
glitsj16NeverHere: ow ok, 13.10 has apache2.4 so you'd need some extra changes in the configs, but i assume you're still on apache2.2 on 12.0411:58
NeverHereRory, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6884800/11:58
rp2NeverHere: sorry I misread11:58
mariannecfhowlett: when I log in and click on a movie it shows it's loading but nothing plays... no sound no video. I have tried all three browsers Chrome, Chromium and firefox11:59
cfhowlettmarianne, have you installed the restricted codecs?11:59
rp2NeverHere: who edited /etc/apache2/apache2.conf ?11:59
NeverHererp2, it may have been webmin >.>12:00
RoryNeverHere: You should read the words in the pastebin you just sent to me, it tells you exactly what file and what line the error is12:00
mariannecfhowlett: yes restricted codecs are installed12:00
RoryNeverHere: You're trying to include a file /etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default but it doesn't exist12:00
=== AntiSpamMeta_ is now known as AntiSpamMeta
NeverHereRory, i read it i just don't want to mess it up further :P12:00
RoryNeverHere: you may have to "sudo a2ensite 000-default"12:00
rp2webmin is not a person. talk to the person who did it (probably you) and ask them why they edited that file and what they were trying to accomplish12:00
cfhowlettmarianne, by chance are you in country which limits/blocks content?12:01
rp2hmmm ... judging from Google I'm wrong and nobody may have edited it ...12:01
k1l_!webmin | NeverHere12:01
ubottuNeverHere: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.12:01
NeverHereRory, is there a way to just reset apache back to default? completely purge it and reinstall?12:01
rp2Google produces a score of pages on this problem12:02
mariannecfhowlett: nope Southeastern US12:02
RoryNeverHere: sudo apt-get purge apache2 && sudo apt-get install apache212:02
heinvdHi guys12:02
heinvdhave 13.10 running on one box, and 12.04 on another12:03
heinvdneed to get ralink RT3062F working on both of them12:03
NeverHereRory, still gives the same error. I suppose i have to edit that config file12:03
RoryNeverHere: You should try this: sudo apt-get purge apache2 ; sudo rm -rf /etc/apache2/; sudo apt-get install apache212:04
RoryNeverHere: careful with that "sudo rm -rf" don't make a typo12:04
heinvdtried various drivers... anyone have some tips?12:04
RoryNeverHere: That will totally, irreversibly remove all your apache configs12:04
NeverHeresudo -rf /12:04
Rory-rf are arguments to rm not sudo12:05
NeverHereright i forgot the rm12:05
Rory-r means remove directories, and -f means not to ptompt for deletion of each file12:05
k1l_NeverHere: dont make jokes about that in here. many beginners reading12:05
RoryYeah NeverHere one time I jokingly told my friend to remove his /var/ directory to free up disk space, and Iw as banned for a week12:05
NeverHeresorry k1l_12:05
rackislandcfhowlett: How can I enable my machine to be SSH server?12:06
Roryrackisland: sudo apt-get install opsnssh-server12:06
chemist^install sshd12:06
Roryrackisland: openssh-server12:06
Rory!ssh | rackisland12:06
ubotturackisland: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)12:06
Rory!sshd | rackisland12:06
ubotturackisland: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, sshd is the server (or daemon) of SSH. For setting up the SSH server, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Advanced SSH uses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced . For SSH client information, see !ssh . Related: !scp (Secure CoPy)12:06
chemist^then just do "sudo service ssh start"12:06
k1l_rackisland: install openssh-server12:06
cfhowlettRory, thanks.  all that type stuff is completely over my head12:07
chemist^and edit your config file in /etc/ssh/ssh_config or something like that12:07
Rorychemist^: AFAIK services start automatically on Ubuntu. It's Debian where they don't12:07
rackislandRory: k1l_ thanks :)12:07
chemist^Rory, yes, you're right12:07
chemist^i have a laptop running debian, and a desktop running ubuntu... i sometimes mix the two :P12:08
daliti installed xfce-desktop on my ubuntu12.04 and then removed it. But during boot xubuntu startup appears with a bar movinf to-fro while opening. I want to remove this with ubuntu's default. HELP !12:08
naka_chanHello, im Ubuntu User from Indonesia, nice to meet you :)12:08
cfhowlettnaka_chan, greetings12:08
NeverHereRory, now it says Can't open /etc/apache2/envvars when i use sudo service apache2 start12:08
dalithi naka_chan , any questions?12:08
chemist^dalit, just edit your splash screen image12:09
RoryNeverHere: Can you run "sudo service apache2 stop; sudo apt-get install --reinstall apache2"12:09
naka_chanFor Now, i dont have a questions12:09
dalitchemist^ : how can i edit my splash screen image?12:10
chemist^dalit, try looking for a folder: /usr/share/images/xsplash12:10
NeverHereRory, same error on attempted stop12:10
naka_chandalit : plymouth ?12:10
dupingpinguser245239: ?12:10
chemist^just replace or edit the images that are there, you should see the one that is currently used during boot12:10
dupingpinguser245239: who is lost partition while install ubuntu11.0 ? may i help you?12:11
dalit naka_chan ,  whats plymouth?12:11
chemist^although i am not sure, i think there is a GUI way of changing the splash screen image in ubuntu... have you tried looking in the "appearance settings" or smth similar?12:11
cfhowlett!info ubuntu-tweak12:12
ubottuPackage ubuntu-tweak does not exist in saucy12:12
dalitchemist^ : no , will just try it out12:12
glitsj16dalit: there is no package called xfce-desktop, but you're likely refering to xubuntu-desktop .. if so, there's a nice howto here on how to get back --> http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntuprecise12:12
dalitglitsj16 : oh sorry, surely its that way12:13
chemist^dalit, http://askubuntu.com/questions/228041/how-to-change-the-splash-screen12:13
=== esven is now known as sven041
naka_chansplash screen = plymouth :) maybe..12:17
rackislandI have set path for apache server to /home/rackisland/default and set permissions for default 775 and I get 403 error check rackisland.servebeer.com any ideas why?12:28
=== esven is now known as sven041
fidelrackisland: what happens on servebeer.com itself?12:30
fidelor in other words: is the subdomain rackisland.servebeer.com defined?12:30
chemist^rackisland, maybe some dns settings set up wrong?12:30
rackislandfidel: servbeer is just dyanmic dns for my host. localhost in my browser gives the same result12:31
chemist^lol :)12:31
rackislandchemist^: It was working fine until I have set custom path for my site from /etc/apache2/apache2.conf12:31
chemist^rackisland, have you restarted your apache after applying changes to your configuration file?12:31
rackislandchemist^: <Directory /home/rackisland/default>12:31
rackislandchemist^: Yes12:31
=== Tux` is now known as NeverHere
chemist^maybe you misspelled the path?12:32
glitsj16rackisland: might be directory listings .. are they enabled for that new path?12:33
rackislandrackisland: I don't know, it should be in the apache2.conf?12:34
Ben64make sure apache can read in the directory12:34
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
Ben64and check apache's error log for more info12:35
glitsj16rackisland: no, would be in your VirtualHost section at sites-enabled/...12:36
rackislandglitsj16: Can't find it in the file, what should i add exactly?12:37
rackislandglitsj16: The problem is that i have an index file in that directory so i wouldn't need directory listing anyway12:38
Ben64rackisland: make sure apache can read in the directory, and check apache's error log for more info12:38
glitsj16rackisland: best to follow Ben64's advise and check your logs, they're usually very verbose12:38
rackislandBen64: [Thu Feb 06 14:39:56.265488 2014] [core:error] [pid 3226] (13)Permission denied: [client] AH00035: access to / denied (filesystem path '/home/rackisland/default') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path12:41
Ben64there you go12:42
JamesKZOOhi everyone12:42
pckes ulan orospunun çıkarttığı12:43
cfhowlettJamesKZOO, greetings12:44
cfhowlettpc, ?english?12:44
fidelpc: what language are you speaking?12:44
pcamuna godumunun12:44
cfhowlettpretty sure it ain't English ...12:44
pcsiktirtme ingilizceni it12:44
pccinsini siktiminin12:44
pctamam sakinim12:44
fidelpc: we can NOT read / understand that ;=)12:44
DJonesfidel: Don't bother trying12:45
Ben64he was being very vulgar in turkish12:45
Ellipsis753_has 3 partitions, PQSERVICE, SYSTEM RESERVED (set with the boot flag) and finally "Packard Bell" which is the main install. When I try to boot it I just get a blinking white cursor and no error. Is there a way I can get this to work? Is it worth me installing grub? Sorry for the long question and thank you.12:45
pc_çekerim emaneti sikerim adaleti12:45
pc_adam olcan12:45
Ellipsis753_Hello. I've got two harddrives in a computer and I'm hoping to move a windows 7 install from one drive (the dying drive) to the other. However the situation is made more complex because the new drive is a little smaller than the old so a full copy with dd won't work. I've copied the partitions over for windows 7 with gparted. However the system won't boot. Is there a way I can fix this from this live CD? The new drive now12:45
Ellipsis753_has 3 partitions, PQSERVICE, SYSTEM RESERVED (set with the boot flag) and finally "Packard Bell" which is the main install. When I try to boot it I just get a blinking white cursor and no error. Is there a way I can get this to work? Is it worth me installing grub? Sorry for the long question and thank you.12:46
pc_yan yatır kanki12:46
ubottuEllipsis753_,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/12:46
Ellipsis753_(Sorry, flipflopped the two halfs the first time)12:46
rackislandBen64: I had to set file permission to 644 all the way up to the /home12:46
rackislandBen64: Does that have any security threat?12:46
Ben64rackisland: you can't have the folders as 644 and work12:46
Relianthello. I just replaced my Motherboard, CPU, and GPU and now Ubuntu won't boot. I've been trying in recovery mode, but the line that everything stops on isn't the same each time12:46
rackislandBen64: I don't get you12:47
cfhowlettReliant, you've changed the internals.  reinstall12:47
Ben64rackisland: folders need to be 75512:47
ReliantI asked in here before doing it, and I was told that it'd work just fine :(12:47
cfhowlettReliant, all the settings are for a specific gpu/cpu and configuration which you've changed... and you expect it NOT to hiccup?12:48
Ben64Reliant: it does work just fine in most circumstances12:48
rackislandBen64: OK I have set /home/rackisland -R to 75512:48
Ben64rackisland: no....12:48
Ben64rackisland: folders are to be 755, files 64412:49
rackislandBen64: Ah, ok. thanks :)12:49
interwebhow do I can install .deb file using temrinal ?12:50
Ben64Reliant: what was your specs before and now12:50
ReliantAMD 64-bit NVIDIA -> Intel 64-bit NVIDIA12:50
Ben64interweb: dpkg -i file.deb, but you should make sure you want to install it. some packages from outside ubuntu can cause problems12:50
k1l_Internet13: use dpkg -i but be aware you loose the updates and support from ubuntu when doing so12:50
Ben64Reliant: ah, i bet its the amd->intel switch, i've never tried that, i'm an amd guy.12:52
ReliantIt's my first Intel since the pre-Ghz Celeron12:52
=== esven is now known as sven041
ReliantI thought AMD -> Intel would be an issue, which is why I was in here about a week ago or so asking in advance12:53
hateballReliant: can you get to a recovery console?12:54
hateballthat way you could remove the nvidia drivers12:54
ReliantI have a "Grub Recovery Disc" and my 13.04 install disc12:55
hateballReliant: I mean if you hold shift when you boot, you should be able to choose recovery console12:55
Reliantthe (Recovery) option for the various kernals already installed all fail12:55
hateballhmm alright12:55
tomreyn13-04 is EOL since January 27, 201412:55
hateballReliant: So the boot halts altogether?12:56
ReliantI'm at the Grub bootloader where I can choose my kernel12:56
=== Tux` is now known as NeverHere
Relianthateball: yes12:56
Reliantand it doesn't always halt at the same spot12:57
Reliantholding shift doesn't seem to do anything12:57
tomreynyour initrd will lack some components required for the new hardware to work properly. or you moved your disks around and partitions are not referenced by UUIDs in your fstab12:58
Relianttomreyn: wouldn't that give a very specific and predictable error? I've had that issue before12:59
hateballReliant: Well that is just to get you to grub menu if it normally "just boots"12:59
Relianthateball: ahh. well, I don't need shift in that case. Grub comes up normally12:59
tomreynor it's the wrong grub variant or an outdated grub. and there are a buinch more options. reinstalling sounds like a good idea. you don't need to loose your data that way12:59
hateballStill think you should be able to boot to a tty with VESA support without any problems13:00
Relianthateball: how do I do that?13:00
hateballReliant: you can edit the grub bootline and add "nomodeset" to it, without the "" ofc13:01
hateballas well remove "quiet splash" should it be present13:01
Reliantthe edit gives me many lines. I added nomodeset to its own line, and got a bad command error13:02
hateballReliant: should edit the line that starts with linux. if you have a recovery line selected that should also be on the same line13:03
Reliantahh, ok13:04
hateballhowever looking at my own grub.cfg I see the recovery options already have nomodeset set by default13:04
Reliantyes, mine too13:05
Reliantit could be related to NVIDIA's binary drivers since, while it doesn't always stop at the same line, it does always stop very shortly after the drivers are loaded13:05
Reliantis there a grub command line to avoid loading modules?13:06
hateballReliant: you could try adding "modprobe.blacklist=nvidia-current"13:06
hateballI don't recall if that is indeed the module name...13:07
Reliantas a parameter to linux?13:07
hateballReliant: Yes13:07
hateballReliant: I don't have any nvidia machine nearby, it might be the module is named just nvidia and not nvidia-current13:08
ReliantI've tried both. Seeing if Google has ideas on the module name13:08
xforks_I just noticed that running sudo apt-get update doesnt yield any found new updates whereas muon update manager does. Is this a bug?13:10
TJ-Reliant: You could also edit the grub Recovery menu item to have "init=/bin/bash" ... that'll prevent the upstart init deamon from starting and give you a bash shell. That may be enough to then read the log files from the failed boot attempts, I'd be looking at "/var/log/kern.log", "/var/log/dmesg", and "/var/log/syslog"13:11
starratschemist not sure at this point if I like the install I made.  Ubuntu 12-4-3LTS with all the updates.13:11
glitsj16xforks_: it is sudo apt-get upgrade that reports on possible new updates, the wording might be confusing you here13:11
hateballReliant: hmmm, perhaps my syntax is wrong.... I googled a bit, it could be "nvidia.blacklist=yes"13:13
hateballReliant: or whatever the module name is13:13
xforks_glitsj16, i ran the command and it didn't find anything new. Then when i open muon update manager, there's a whole load of updates :(13:13
Relianthttp://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/24670/choose-at-grub-menu-whether-nvidia-driver-should-be-used   matches with what you said, but doesn't work. I'm trying the init=/bin/bash13:13
=== mint_ is now known as Filar
borisetoHi, can somebody please direct me how to order the execution of startup applications in Ubuntu 12.04?13:15
hateballReliant: if you get some form of shell, hopefully you can remove the nvidia-drivers and have the kernel rebuild. good luck :)13:15
ReliantI couldn't get init=/bin/bash to work13:16
FilarI'm trying to test my hdd for errors with GSmartControl, but it has stopped at 90% with ETA 0 sec. Should I wait or has it frozen for ever?13:16
FilarI'm not happy with doing 3-hour test again.13:16
Reliantthis is a strange one. I put in my 13.04 install disc, choose to install, and that doesn't work either13:17
glitsj16xforks_: not familiar with muon, what does "sudo apt-get --dry-run dist-upgrade" do?13:18
gordonjcpFilar: do you suspect the disk is failing?13:19
Filargordonjcp: yes, I am. My system doesn't start and returns some "ata1.00" errors (I can show a photo). I have to check if it's hdd error for sure, because the warranty service may charge me with the costs of transport and diagnostics. The computer runs well from flash drive, though.13:22
Filaryes, I do*13:22
Filargordonjcp: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zwaevtarwmglgu/2014-01-28%2009.10.38.jpg <- this is the photo of the errors13:24
tomreynlinux mint != ubuntu13:25
tomreynand yes looks like a hardware error13:25
gordonjcpFilar: stop wasting time, the drive is knackered13:26
gordonjcpFilar: buy a new one and back up *now*13:26
cfhowlettFilar, and got to mint for mint support13:27
Filargordonjcp: thank you for help, the data is not so imprtant for me now, I just wanted to know for sure that it's a hardware error13:27
=== esven is now known as sven041
Filarcfhowlett: can you tell me the difference between mint and ubuntu other than gui?13:28
gordonjcpFilar: that is an absolutely classic example of a hardware error13:28
cfhowlettFilar, great question!  for the #ubuntu-offtopic channel.13:28
gordonjcpFilar: textbook stuff right there13:28
Filarok :P13:28
arcskyhow do i check if my serverr are in 64 bit or 32bit? does it shows in /proc/cpuinfo?13:32
gordonjcparcsky: uname -a13:32
gordonjcparcsky: /proc/cpuinfo will tell you if your CPU can do 64-bit13:32
geirhaarcsky: if you want to know if the system installed is 64 bit or 32 bit, I usually run: file /bin/bash  and see if bash is a 32 bit ELF or 64 bit ELF13:33
ReliantThe 13.04 install disc doesn't work for me at all. Can't install, and can't even "try without installing". I'm downloading 13.10 to see if that one will work13:34
arcskygeirha: i /bin/bash does show any elf13:34
geirhaarcsky: ''file /bin/bash''   file is a command that gives you information about the content of a file13:35
funtableReliant, your desktop is new ? some desktops runs better with 64bits. and old ones (less then 2gb mem) just run 32bit install.13:36
fierannaReliant: can we a get a bit more information? "doesnt work" isn't enough information required to determine the problem13:36
bumbaris it possible to show video thumbnails in ubuntu on a mounted (windows) disk?13:37
fierannabumbar: the disk type won't matter; it's probably set to not show thumbnails on network drives . there is a settng for that in file manager13:37
SwervzHi I changed a setting in the compiz manager from ubuntu to fooo and now unitys crashed and i cant get a terminal window open to reset it13:40
bumbarfieranna, i'm using nautilus and under preferences > preview (tab) i've set to always to show thumbnails for files but doesn't seem to be working13:40
Reliantfieranna: all I get is a black screen13:41
fierannabumbar: Have you checked you can read/play the files? It might be a video codec problem or somesuch that is related to the file itself, or file permissions13:41
TJ-Reliant: This is with a new motherboard, CPU, GPU? Are you starting to suspect bad hardware (configuration) yet?13:42
ReliantTJ-: No. It boots into Windows just fine13:42
ReliantI'm suspecting that maybe something is too new for 13.04 to support it.13:43
TJ-Reliant: It is *very* unusual for Linux not starting at all, even hobbled, in Recovery mode.13:43
fierannaReliant: So whenever you boot from the ubuntu ISO, you get a black screen. that is quite unusual?13:43
Reliantthe OS in recovery mode gets part way. The install disc gets nowhere13:43
fierannaReliant: is this haswell?13:43
Reliantfieranna: yeah13:43
fierannaReliant: i've had some problems with haswelll, yea. as you say try the 13.1013:44
TJ-Reliant: When you said earlier that "init=/bin/bash"   "didn't work"... did it not get to a bash shell? did it seem to ignore the setting? or something else?13:44
ReliantTJ-: It produced an unusual error message. I don't remember what exactly.13:44
OerHeks!nomodeset | Reliant13:44
ubottuReliant: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:44
tatomaTrying to use ./configure and it says permission denied?13:45
Reliantnomodeset is already there as part of (recovery) in grub13:45
Relianttatoma: I haven't gotten to a command line13:45
fierannaOerHeks: have you ever seen the livecd require nomodeset?  isn't it set by default?13:45
TJ-tatoma: We don't do "configure" on Ubuntu; it's "debian/rules build" :)13:45
OerHeksfieranna, sure, it is not default, but an option under F6 key13:45
tatomaIt is in the tutorial for ubuntu though13:46
bumbarfieranna, i can play files just fine, seems i was missing some packages, listed in the anwser here http://askubuntu.com/questions/160971/cant-generate-thumbnails-in-nautilus13:46
fierannaOerHeks: Ah my mistake, it was under the older liveCDs. I had to nomodeset after installing 12.04 LTS13:46
arcskygeirha: ok it was 32bit, but how do i know if it can be installed with 64bit?13:46
bumbarfieranna, working now, thanks for your time13:46
fierannabumbar: Ah as i said, codecs. INice to see it's working ow13:47
TJ-tatoma: What are you trying to build?13:47
tatomaSDL2 dev libary13:47
OerHeksarcsky, try " lscpu "  for 32/64 bit details13:47
arcskydidnt find that command13:48
TJ-!info libsdl2-dev | tatoma You know it is already in the archive?13:48
ubottutatoma You know it is already in the archive?: libsdl2-dev (source: libsdl2): Simple DirectMedia Layer development files. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.0+dfsg1-2 (saucy), package size 1114 kB, installed size 3132 kB13:48
tatomaI wasn't aware13:49
arcskyintel xenon 2.8hz13:49
arcskycflsuh size 6413:49
SwervzHi I changed a setting in the compiz settings manager and now unity haa crashed and I cant open a terminal session to reset it13:50
dupingpinghelp me13:50
dupingpingi want to find an askubuntu.com user:user24523913:50
ubottudupingping,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:50
dupingpingi can help him.13:51
cfhowlettdupingping, this is not askubuntu.com13:51
PlaceNullHey guys. How can I restart gnome-shell with a special mode "Gnome Classic"?13:51
DJonesdupingping: This channel doesn't have anything to do with askubuntu, all you can do is reply to the message they've posted on the website13:51
dupingpingoh yes13:51
tatomaI can't find libsdl213:52
dupingpinghow can find him in askubuntu.com?13:52
PlaceNullCan anybody help?13:52
cfhowlettdupingping, go to askubuntu.com for support with their website13:52
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rogue_türkçe dilinde problem var13:55
ClumsyFairyQueen!tk | rogue_13:56
ClumsyFairyQueenthats not turkish13:56
k1l_!tr | rogue_13:56
ubotturogue_: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.13:56
rogue_turkish language is problem. any words are english13:56
VozivHow can I check what version of ssmtp is installed? dpkg says that no packages with that name exists13:57
geirhaVoziv: apt-cache policy ssmtp13:58
Vozivgeirha: Thanks, that helped alot. Turns out it's not installed (next step for me to figure out why D: )13:59
=== esven is now known as sven041
=== bruno is now known as Guest19446
SwervzI managed to get xterm open and tried to run unity --reset but it says Unity panel service: no process found, checking if settings need to be migrated ...no , checking if internal files need to be migrated ...no , backend: gconf , intergration: true , profile: fooo addming plugins ,  initializing core options... done14:02
Swervzplease help?14:04
hitsujiTMOSwervz: cat /etc/issue14:05
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
SwervzUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \114:06
=== halfburnttoast_ is now known as halfburnttoast
hitsujiTMOSwervz: try: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools && dconf reset -f /org/compiz/14:08
=== scottb is now known as zz_scottb
Swervzit set up dconf tools then stopped14:10
hitsujiTMOSwervz: try relogging then14:11
Swervzok brb14:11
guenhaelHello everyone14:12
guenhaelIn the properties of a file, how to associate the file's type with a given script14:13
guenhaelin the list of "open with" there are only programs14:13
Swervzrebooted but didnt work :(14:14
hitsujiTMOguenhael: try creating a .desktop file for the script in your apllications14:14
hitsujiTMOSwervz: why exactly are you trying to reset unity?14:14
SwervzhitsujiTMO Unity isnt working after i went into the compiz settings manager a nd changed a setting from unity to fooo14:15
rishabhhello ,does any1 know good place to start learning javascript14:16
hitsujiTMOSwervz: hmmm, this "should" fix that, but not sure why it didn't work for you. any error?: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/14:16
halfburnttoastrishabh, try codeacademy.com14:17
hitsujiTMOrishabh: ##javascript maybe14:17
Swervznothing happens after entering a command just a new line liek when perssing enter14:17
shifuhello people14:17
rishabhthanks halfburnttoast14:18
Swervzapprently the profile is Fooo14:18
shifui am novice hoping to get some help from experienced users :)14:18
hitsujiTMOSwervz: have you tried getting back up ccsm and changing the param?14:18
SunTsushifu: then just go ahead and ask what you want to14:19
SwervzhitsujiTMO: I dont know what that means D:14:19
=== jack is now known as Guest38585
shifui want to know how to add firefox 27 to bodhilinux 2.4.0 which uses ubuntu?14:20
hitsujiTMOSwervz: you said you got up xterm before right? try running: ccsm                  to get up the config manager and change the param you modiefied14:20
hitsujiTMO!bohdi | shifu14:20
SwervzHitsujiTMO yeah i just realised what you meant second after i said i didnt, lol,14:20
hitsujiTMOshifu: bodhi linux is not supported here14:20
Swervzccsm doesnt do anything, just empty lines afterwards14:21
=== arjun is now known as Guest24985
hitsujiTMOSwervz: how did you get xterm up exactly?14:22
instigatorI want to convert my FAT32 usb to linux file system. Wanted to know..for usb flash drives which file system is best? ext, ext2, ext3 or ext4?14:22
SwervzhitsujiTMO: the .sh file in /usr/bin14:22
shifuokay thank you guys :)14:23
hitsujiTMOSwervz: ok, better question, when you try to log in, what exactly happens?14:23
halfburnttoastinstigator, that depends if you want it to be openable by non-linux machines14:23
adacx11vnc remains black when I connect to the server. Any ideas what might be wrong?14:23
compdocadac, I think vnc requires a 2d desktop, which no longer exists in 13.10. Vino seems to work, though14:24
instigatorhalfburnttoast: yeah I would also like it to be openable in windows14:24
ActionParsnipadac: what are you intending to use VNC to achieve? Why do you want to see the remote desktop?14:24
SwervzhitsijiTMO: the desktop loads but unity doesnt14:24
halfburnttoastinstigator, unless you want to partitions, I'd just stick with vfat or ntfs then14:25
halfburnttoastwindows won't be able to open the ext systems out of the box14:25
instigatoroh ok thanks14:25
Swervzwould this work: gonftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz-114:25
hitsujiTMOSwervz: ok. so, from there how do you get up xterm? ctrl + alt + t?14:25
adaccompdoc, ActionParsnip I have 12.04 installed stil. Yes ActionParsnip I want to see the remote Desktop of my buddy to help him with stuff. I was asking myself If maybe the upload on his side is to low?14:26
SwervzhitsijiTMO: I had to topen a folder on the dektop14:26
ActionParsnipadac: ahh I see, thats cool :)14:26
Swervzthen navigate to /usr/bin and run the xterm file14:26
ActionParsnipadac: possibly, have you tried with a non-compoziting desktop session like LXDE?14:27
compdocadac, for desktop sharing it uses vino, which should just work14:27
hitsujiTMOSwervz: ok, try using: ctrl + alt + t      to get up gnome-terminal. try running: unity --reset     there or: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/14:27
hitsujiTMOSwervz: i wonder if xterm isn't loading some particular envvar14:27
SwervzOh i cant get he gnome terminal up, it was the first thing i tried but the terminal shortcut isnt working14:28
JenZbehi peeps, i've been trying for a few days to get fog-server running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS14:28
Swervzits why i was using xterm14:28
JenZbeit runs, but i can't resolve external DNS names14:28
JenZbei mean like www.google.com and stuff14:28
JenZbenslookup works14:28
hitsujiTMOSwervz: another question: did you run ccsm with sudo?14:28
JenZbeit gives the correct ip14:28
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
JenZbebut ping is not working. it's driving us crazy over here14:29
ActionParsnipJenZbe: try:  echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf > /dev/null14:29
ActionParsnipJenZbe: then try the web14:30
adaccompdoc, ActionParsnip tried out vino as well. was the same problem. No I havent tried LXDE or similar yet only gnome14:30
TinoDidriksenGot a Raring machine that refuses to do-release-upgrade with "No new release found", even with -d. It did work once, but it aborted itself due to missing space on /boot, and now simply refuses to do anything. How do I fix that? lsb_release and sources.list were correctly reset to raring by the abort: http://codepad.org/mVPhdAtN14:30
hitsujiTMOSwervz: in the terminal: cat ~/.dmrc | grep Session14:30
Swervznothing :o14:31
Swervzsudo ccsm14:31
k1l_TinoDidriksen: what does "sudo do-release-upgrade" bring you?14:31
ActionParsnipadac: worth a try :)14:31
ActionParsnipSwervz: why sudo?14:31
k1l_TinoDidriksen: ah nvm14:31
Swervzi tried ccsm and it didnt work14:31
ActionParsnipSwervz: sudo is not to be used for GUI apps, use gksudo14:31
JenZbeActionParsnip, tnx for the input but it doesnt work :(14:31
hitsujiTMOSwedeMike: don't sudo ccsm. i was just wondering if you ran that as it could have caused the break14:32
ActionParsnipSwervz: if you use 'sudo ccsm' it will edit root's settings, not yours14:32
JenZbeunknown host14:32
=== stephen is now known as Guest41704
adacActionParsnip, kk :) How much upload speed would you say is needed at minimum?14:32
ActionParsnipSwervz: also ccsm is KNOWN to break things, there is even a warning when you first run it14:32
hitsujiTMOSwervz: any output of: cat ~/.dmrc | grep Session14:32
TinoDidriksenk1l_, oh crap, I just figured it out...the reboot to clean up /boot knocked out the NS resolver settings...14:32
ActionParsnipadac: if you connect to the server with the lowest visual settings it may help speed things up14:32
JenZbeActionParsnip, shouldn't i use 'dns-nameserver' instead of nameserver?14:32
ActionParsnipadac: are you using vnc over the web?14:32
ActionParsnipJenZbe: not in resolv.conf, no14:33
SwervzhitsijiTMO: no14:33
adacActionParsnip, I did that as well setting the lowest settings via remmina but no luck. Yes via web14:33
ActionParsnipadac: I hope you are doing it through an SSH tunnel14:33
hitsujiTMOSwervz: nano ~/.dmrc      anything in that file at all?14:33
SwervzI reenabled unity, oppengl, compiz, and some other things let me reboot14:33
ActionParsnipadac: VNC has zero security14:33
PlaceNullHow can I set the default mode for gnome-login. I want to set "gnome-classic" as default.14:34
hitsujiTMOSwervz: or: cat ~/.dmrc14:34
k1l_PlaceNull: choose gnome-classic once, it will take that as default then14:34
Swervz[Desktop} session=ubuntu14:34
Swervz[Desktop] session=ubuntu *14:34
PlaceNullk1l_: But when I 1) Set .dmrc to [Desktop]Session=gnome-classic or select "gnome-classic" manually when I do login, then it always selects another mode when I restart the PC.14:35
guenhaelhitsujiTMO: I don't know what is a desktop file14:37
hitsujiTMOSwervz: whats the output of: find ~ ! -user $USER14:37
hitsujiTMOguenhael: plenty of examples in: /usr/share/applications14:38
Swervzalot if file paths14:38
hitsujiTMOSwervz: that suggests a lot of files in your $HOME are not owned by your user14:39
PlaceNullSo why doesn't it work?14:39
hitsujiTMOSwervz: run: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME14:39
=== chaos__ is now known as soahccc
hitsujiTMOSwervz: then relog14:40
PlaceNullHow can I set a default mode like "Gnome-Classic" ?14:41
Swervzmissing operand after 'user:user/home/user'14:41
=== zz_scottb is now known as scottb
somsipSwervz: missing space between user and /home14:42
hitsujiTMOSwervz: theres a space between $USER:$USER and $HOME      all caps for those btw14:42
Swervzcannot access '/home/user/.gvfs': permission denied14:44
hitsujiTMOSwervz: did you run it with sudo?: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME14:44
Swervzand the unity profiles dissapeared from the ccsm preferences14:44
hitsujiTMOSwervz: relog again14:45
SwervzIts still the same D:14:49
hitsujiTMOSwervz: once more try to run: ccsm14:49
Swervztheres no profile , "default"14:50
Swervzis there anywhere i could download a files to import?14:50
hitsujiTMOSwervz: try running: unity --reset     or: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/14:51
Swervzneither work14:52
hitsujiTMOSwervz: is the guest account working?14:53
AnaxandridasHi, guys, dumb question. I have managed (no clue how) to break my access to software center, and a few other things. So, I have to reinstall Ubuntu.Is there a way to do so without a CD or thumbdrive? So I don't have to run out and buy any.14:53
power8Hi, we are using Ubuntu 12.04 x64 on Amazon EC2.  Our issue is that in the vpc instance when we add a second ENI (network adapter) we loose connection to the instance at times when we reboot the instance or start from shutdown.  In the boot log it appears the instance fails to obtain an IP from dhcp for either of the adapters.  The only solution we have to gain access to the instance is to remove the second ENI and reboot the server....  Some14:53
SwervzhitsujiTMO no but i have a second account14:54
power8We are contacting Amazon for support but I also want to reach out to the Ubuntu community for any help on this matter. I know it is really odd to explain and understand that is why we are stumped by this14:54
hitsujiTMOSwervz: is that second account working?14:54
power8it is repoducalbe also... as it is not happened with a specific instance .. we have a Windows server with two ENI adapters that is not having the same problems in the same subnet14:54
AnaxandridasI realize it's an absurdly low level question, but it would be great if someone could give me a pointer ;)14:57
SwervzhitsujiTMO, yes it is14:58
hitsujiTMOSwervz: all I can think of is recreate your home directory then: from your effected account: sudo mv $HOME /tmp/oldhome; sudo mkdir -p $HOME; sudo chown $USER:$USER $HOME; sudo mv /tmp/oldhome $HOME/oldhome14:59
hitsujiTMOSwervz: wait soory14:59
heinvdhi all15:00
heinvdsorry, noob again15:00
hugosantiago_hola que tal?15:00
Vivekanandawhy do I get directory not empty for rm -r dir/15:00
VLanX-f ?15:01
Vivekanandastill same result15:01
hitsujiTMOSwervz: all I can think of is recreate your home directory then: from your effected account: sudo mv $HOME /tmp/oldhome; sudo cp -r /etc/skel $HOME; sudo chown $USER:$USER $HOME; sudo mv /tmp/oldhome $HOME/oldhome15:01
heinvdi need to install my new intellinet 300n pci card on 12.04, but can't get it to work15:01
VLanXsudo rm -rf?15:01
Swervzwill that wipe my files?15:01
Vivekanandastill same15:01
heinvdanyone that can help?15:01
SunTsuVivekananda: probaby domething not owned by you or something with the wrong permissions along the way. try -rf15:01
hitsujiTMOSwervz: no your files will be in ~/oldhome   you just need to migrate them back15:01
VivekanandaSunTsu: I tried all three : rm -r , rm -rf , sudo rm -rf  all give the same error15:02
SunTsuVivekananda: then either do ls -lR <directory> or find <directory> -exec ls -l {} \;15:03
Swervzone thing is i cant remmeber how you set profiles in ccsm15:03
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: does a file in that directory hane an undeletable attribute?15:03
VivekanandahitsujiTMO: I dont know . How do I find out ?15:03
SunTsuVivekananda: lsattr -R15:04
yaccAny idea how to change the default cursor in Unity?15:04
frybyehi - I changed my ubuntu pw a few weeks back and then landed in hospital... now I cant remember the pw - but am in the account as it dosent requirte eh pw for logon.. not for a lot of other stuff... what can I do?15:04
heinvdsweet, ne3ver mind, got it working15:05
VivekanandaI never faced such a problem in linux where sudo did not delete something15:05
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: normal attributes are -------------e-... undeletable files will contain a u in that list15:06
VivekanandahitsujiTMO: what command will tell me that ?15:06
Vivekanandaand also why do I get directory not empty ?15:06
Psil0CybinHey guys anyone that uses Xubuntu 12.04 by any chance know where the file is saved that is taken during the initial install with the webcam..someone suggested that it is located within ~/.face but I do not have that file...thus am confused, but am almost certain that the installer took a picture from the webcam I would like to remove.15:07
SunTsuVivekananda: I told you already: "lsattr", and if a file still exists the directory is not empty, right?15:07
yaccVivekananda: simple, immutable and append-only extended attribute => man chattr15:07
frybyeperhaps somebody who knows me on here is prepared to help with this...15:07
frybyelocallly I only know windows wizz ppl....15:07
yaccVivekananda: and don't let's talk about all the security enhanced designs that castrate root, ...15:07
somsip!ask | frybye15:08
ubottufrybye: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:08
VLanXyou guys know of any free open source ticket manager for linux?15:10
frybyei am auto-logged tnto my account but have forgotten the pw... ?15:10
VivekanandaSunTsu: hitsujiTMO  https://gist.github.com/vvikramjhu/884597115:10
jinglescafeI have a problem, firefox will not load after update15:10
SunTsuVivekananda: again: "lsattr".15:11
Vivekanandayacc: so security enhanced designs have castrated root ? I did not know that . so how then should I delete such files in the future if I want to ? if even root cannot do it ?15:11
hateballVLanX: I am using OTRS15:11
dennis_vlanx have you heard about osticket?15:11
VivekanandaSunTsu: I ran lsattr and it goes in non ending loop15:11
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: lsattr not ls. looks like .fuse_hidden0001620d0000000d is locked, open, undeletable, immutable or somethign else15:11
VivekanandahitsujiTMO: so I do lsattr .fuse ...  is it ?15:12
Vivekanandawhat is the argument is give to lsattr ?15:12
jinglescafeCan someone help? Ubuntu broke my firefox.15:12
SunTsuVivekananda: do lsattr -a adt-bundle-linux-x86-20131030/sdk/platform-tools/15:12
=== reeed_ is now known as reeed
VLanXhateball: is OTRS free?15:13
power8I have more information on what is going on but not wanting to flood the channel.... msg me if anyone has experience with amazon EC2 that might be able to help figure out what is going on and why we can't reliably boot Ubuntu 12.04 with two network adapters attached set to dhcp.  the boot log will show that the interfaces fail to obtain an IP .. sometimes it boots other times it will not..15:13
VivekanandaSunTsu: https://gist.github.com/vvikramjhu/884597115:13
VLanXdennis_: never heard of it15:13
SwervzThat fixed it thanks.15:14
VivekanandaAlso what does lsattr do and what should I do for such problems in the future ?15:14
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: also try: sudo lsof adt-bundle-linux-x86-20131030/sdk/platform-tools/15:14
Ownerikonia, wtf15:14
ikoniaOwner: ?15:14
ikoniaplease tone down your language15:14
VivekanandahitsujiTMO: https://gist.github.com/vvikramjhu/884597115:14
dennis_VLanX>  osticket.com I am using it since one yoear - its great15:15
hateballVLanX: It comes in a paid version too, but we're using the free one. This is !ot tho, so you might want to ask in #otrs if you wonder more about it15:15
Ownerikonia, power tripping much?15:15
ikoniaOwner: not at all15:15
ikoniaOwner: if you have a problem you want to discuss please join #ubuntu-ops15:15
VLanXdennis_: ok thanks I'll take a look at it15:15
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: lsattr lists the attributes of files, i.e. if they are immutable or undeletable, etc.       https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/File_Permissions_and_Attributes#Extended_file_attributes15:15
SunTsuVivekananda: you wouldn't have some fuse filesystem mounted?15:15
Ownerikonia, you shouldnt be an op15:15
k1l_Owner: if you have concerns about how the channel is run please go to #ubuntu-ops and keep this channel clear for support. thanks15:15
ikoniaOwner: take it to #ubuntu-ops if you want to complain15:16
VivekanandaSunTsu: not sure what that is but this delete is a part of eclipse and also I was running an emulator for androind from inside eclipse15:16
RoryHow can I (in one ssh command) connect to a machine, run command "foo" in a new screen session, and then return to my terminal? "ssh hostname screen foo" says "must be connected to a terminal."15:17
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: looks like you have some sort of service mounted causing the issue15:17
=== Guest41704 is now known as dahukish
VivekanandahitsujiTMO: so I logout and login then ?15:17
SunTsuVivekananda: run "mount", maybe that mounted some image15:17
=== digiv is now known as mlhess
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: in Nautilus, is there any mounts under "Network"15:18
=== 31NAAEEG9 is now known as itaddercloud
VivekanandahitsujiTMO: https://gist.github.com/vvikramjhu/884597115:18
VivekanandahitsujiTMO: It only has "Browse Network" under network15:19
Vivekanandabut no one told me what happend to sudo rm -r ?15:19
SunTsuVivekananda: you see those lines saying "fuse"?15:19
SunTsuVivekananda: unmount those and things should be working15:20
=== Guest18735 is now known as mfisch
=== mfisch is now known as Guest93890
VivekanandaSunTsu: but my file to be deleted is located on /media/Yojimbo15:21
Vivekanandaif I unmount that then how do I delte the file ?15:21
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: Unmount everything else15:21
VivekanandahitsujiTMO: I have only two partitions and they are mounted15:24
fungirl85Hi, I have no sound after i updated ubuntu15:24
VivekanandaI unmounted this one15:24
hojurukui'm going to give ubuntu another crack. i think it's the only OS that supports the pcmcia on the kohjinsha sa5. I was suprised when it worked in that and i never managed to get it to work in gentoo.15:24
hitsujiTMOVivekananda: do you have an android device connected atm?15:24
hojurukuright now i need to find the latest non-pae kernel for the i686 platform15:24
glippiversion for no sound issue?15:24
Vivekanandanope but I am not sure if the emulator is running though I crossed it out15:25
fungirl85I am on 13.1015:25
Vivekanandalet me just relogin15:25
glippialsa sound?15:26
fungirl85what sound?15:26
glippiok :)15:26
glippitry these 2 steps first.... I am assuming things, so here is a link! ;)15:27
glippi13.04 and 13.10 will not matter in this case15:27
glippielse shout out again15:27
fungirl85everytime i update ubuntu it breaks something :(15:28
Psil0CybinHey guys I have a wierd issue, when I have my head phones into my laptop my laptop plays music from the headphone jack (so I can listen to through the head phones) and the computer speakers...is that a hardware thing or a software thing?15:28
glippiI would advice you to stay on 12.04 for now :)15:28
hojurukuso only 12.10 supports non-pae cpus (mine is a geode) ...  which image do i use..15:28
glippibut since you are already up :P15:28
TreenippleENyone here know why rotmg is down?15:29
Xentinelanyone know how to move a computer associated with one Landscape account to another?15:29
hitsujiTMO!language | Treenipple15:29
ubottuTreenipple: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:29
glippiI am still running 12.04 with gnome :D15:29
Vivekanandamy gosh deleting a file has become an ordeal!! only linux can do this. I hope I am not going to waste a whole day trying to figure out how to delete afile15:29
glippidelete file?15:29
VivekanandaI relogged in and still giving me the same error15:29
glippirm -rf *filename*15:29
Vivekanandadirectory not empty15:29
Vivekanandaglippi: I already tried all sort of rm -rf15:29
glippisudo can help with command ;)15:29
glippidirs error?15:30
hitsujiTMO!ot | Treenipple rotmg has nothing to do with ubuntu15:30
ubottuTreenipple rotmg has nothing to do with ubuntu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:30
PlaceNullHey guys. How can I make "gnome-shell --replace" to use the "gnome-classic"-session-type?15:30
fungirl85Ok, now the sound is looping15:30
Vivekanandaglippi: https://gist.github.com/vvikramjhu/884597115:30
SunTsuVivekananda: kill the gvfs-fuse-daemon15:30
Vivekanandahow do I do that15:30
Vivekanandahmm okay I guess15:30
PlaceNullHas anyone an idea?15:31
glippi@Vivekananda what do you want to accomplish?15:31
glippisound looping? :)15:31
glippiAll kinds of weird sound loops are going through my mind15:32
Vivekanandaglippi: delete the stupid directory. adt ... / in the gist15:32
glippisound loop, what did you do to get this?15:32
VivekanandaSunTsu: I deleted the fuse daemon by trying ps ax | grep gvfs and then deleting the one which says gvfs-fuse ...15:33
Vivekanandakilling sorry15:33
fungirl85I will reinstall.15:33
Vivekanandastill the same error what do I do next ?15:33
fungirl85I will not update.15:33
fungirl85it keeps breaking my dell15:33
glippiVivekananda: if you would do "sudo rm -R -i *directory*"15:33
glippiVivekananda: the -i will prompt you y/n on child dirs15:34
glippior every15:34
demophobiaHow can I tell if there are any compatibility issues between my comp and printer? It installed the printer without any trouble, and send the print job to the printer, but the first time now I'm trying to print something, I have the status "Processing - Not connected?" and the printer is sitting connected to the network turned on in another room not doing anything, suggesting a communications error?15:34
glippican't remember, but if that does not work..... you have no power there :D15:34
demophobiaIt's an EPSON WorkForce 600 type printer.15:34
glippidemophobia, installing a printer and defining the correct printer are too different things15:35
demophobiaSo I may not have installed the printer correctly? It seemed to have detected it automatically so I just "went with it" ...15:35
glippiI think you might want to look where it automagically fucked up ;)15:35
demophobiaviewing attributes, 'job-printer-state-message' is "Unable to find printer."15:36
SunTsuVivekananda: lsof /media/Yojimbo | grep fuse15:36
Vivekanandanope not helpful15:36
glippitoo much text, and too many screens, getting dizzy15:37
Psil0CybinHey guys I have a wierd issue, when I have my head phones into my laptop my laptop plays music from the headphone jack (so I can listen to through the head phones) and the computer speakers...is that a hardware thing or a software thing? I am looking around in pauvucontrol but i cannot find a way to just mute the computer speakers and not the audio jack.15:37
VivekanandaSunTsu: lsof: WARNING: can't stat() fuse.gvfs-fuse-daemon file system /home/varun/.gvfs  Output information may be incomplete.15:37
Vivekanandasame with sudo15:38
PlaceNullAfter I did "gnome --replace" I can't do a relogin. Re-Login fails. Why is that?15:38
glippiSound issue? We were at looping right?15:38
glippiDir remove issue? What message are you getting when running the rm -R command?15:39
glippiI am not good with names and all.... sorry if I offend anyone15:39
SunTsuVivekananda: very strange. I'd probably boot into single user runlevel and kill that pesky thing from there15:40
DJonesPsil0Cybin: This may help http://askubuntu.com/questions/135804/want-sound-only-to-headphones-when-it-plugged-in-and-in-speakers-else15:41
glippisudo su then run remove dir command15:41
glippiif that does not work, you are doing something wrong :D15:41
VivekanandaSunTsu: how do I do that ?15:41
SunTsuglippi: we did all that, some really long time ago15:41
Vivekanandaboot into single user runlevel ?15:41
Vivekanandashould I try booting from a live usb ?15:42
excognachi is there a way to tell how long a "dd " command will take?15:42
Psil0CybinDJones, my problem is just slightly different the speakers work but always, even if the head phones are in.15:42
SunTsuVivekananda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlA1vmEn3UY15:42
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
glippiif you have no powers on root level removing dir, you are kinda fucked in a way15:42
glippibut you can try running live boot, mounting hard drive and then try to remove15:43
SunTsuglippi: please, read the backlog15:43
Psil0Cybinhe cannot do sudo rm -r glippi ?15:43
glippino sudo?15:43
glippiwell...  there is your problem15:43
Psil0Cybinnono asking if he can or cannot15:43
SunTsuglippi: please stop assuming, because there's a sentence about assuming15:43
glippiI know15:43
glippithere is also something said about being an ass15:43
hitsujiTMOexcognac: kill -USR1 `pidof dd`15:44
Psil0CybinDJones, my problem is like this http://askubuntu.com/questions/150887/sound-from-both-headphones-and-speakers I just do not like using PPAs to solve my issue.15:44
SunTsuglippi: read the backlog, thanks. And until then stop assuming15:44
glippihave you actually read the art of war? :D15:44
DJonesPsil0Cybin: Thats linked from a bug report about the same problem, suggest to add the line to alsa-base.conf and then run alsa mixer & there should be an auto-mute mode setting15:44
excognachitsujiTMO: but it won't kill dd itself, right:15:44
VivekanandaSunTsu: that is complicated a bit15:44
Vivekanandaalso even if I boot in what do I kill15:45
Psil0Cybinalright i will try it is that explained in the tutorial you linked? DJones15:45
hitsujiTMOexcognac: no sends USR1 signal, not kill signal15:45
VivekanandaI guess I will try live cd15:45
DJonesPsil0Cybin: yes its explained15:45
Vivekanandabut gosh this is too much. a simple rm -R requiring all this !!15:45
SunTsuVivekananda: mount that partition and do rm -rf as root again15:45
excognacty a lot15:45
glippiwhat I said not so long ago....15:46
Pici!who | glippi15:46
ubottuglippi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:46
excognachitsujiTMO: well, it showed nothing15:46
SunTsuglippi: welcome to ignore15:46
hitsujiTMOexcognac: whats the output of: pidof dd15:47
Psil0CybinDJones, will that command work even if im using something other then alsamixer?15:47
Psil0Cybinto get more options?15:47
glippiubottu: thanks m8... ;) I know..... been a while since I went on IRC for finding a sollution :)15:47
ubottuglippi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:47
excognachitsujiTMO: nothing15:47
hitsujiTMOexcognac: has dd finished?15:47
DJonesPsil0Cybin: That I don't know, I only had the issue once a while back & that was sorted it for me15:47
excognachitsujiTMO:  nope15:47
glippisuntsu: I know, but it is much more fun seeing you thinking too much of yourself on the internet15:48
excognachitsujiTMO: sorry lol, it did15:48
SunTsuexcognac: you can't kill something that is in IO and has D as Flag in ps15:48
glippisuntsu: let me enjoy that....15:48
hitsujiTMOexcognac: ps ax | grep dd15:48
hitsujiTMOexcognac: ahh that explains it :P15:48
Vivekanandacannot unmount that drive15:48
excognachitsujiTMO: well, with a very unpleasent result: i wanted to copy a dvd movie into an iso file to make it easy to sent to colleagues but it's bloody 7gb15:49
SunTsuVivekananda: probably because something (fuse) is accessing it. Sounds quite fubar.15:49
glippiThis is fun.... irc changed so much :)15:49
=== gjohnson__ is now known as gjohnson
glippino the IRC it self, the people15:49
SunTsuVivekananda: you probably need to turn off power and restart it15:50
lcnflash player15:50
=== GTB3NW_AWAY is now known as GTB3NW
Vivekanandaokay doing it now15:50
Psil0CybinDJones, i did that15:51
Psil0Cybinbut nothing changed15:51
lcnHow down new flash player and15:52
DJonesPsil0Cybin: That was my only suggestion, hopefully somebody else will have a few suggestions15:52
Psil0CybinDJones, okayu this is my problem exactly http://askubuntu.com/questions/325314/sound-in-speakers-and-headphones-at-same-time15:55
Psil0Cybinwith my laptop model15:55
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: what is the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload15:59
glippino one by any chance know anything of cantivo... no?16:00
Vivekanandafinally was able to delete it16:00
Vivekanandaon a restart rm -R worked like a charm16:00
ActionParsnipglippi: in what way?16:00
glippivm deployment16:01
SunTsuVivekananda: there was some stray fuse process accessing it16:01
ActionParsnipglippi: site only has RPMs16:01
VivekanandaSunTsu: yes but I am not sure how that happenned16:01
glippi!ActionParsnip: I know, cantivo has no KB, FAQ or anything like that :)16:01
ubottuglippi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:01
Vivekanandathe only thing out of ordinary that happenned was the eclipse had force closed once or twice16:01
glippiActionParsnip: I know, cantivo has no KB, FAQ or anything like that :)16:01
SunTsuVivekananda: that's why I despise all that automagic stuff it really can fsck things up16:02
Vivekanandaautomagic ?16:02
Vivekanandayou mean eclipse ?16:02
SunTsuVivekananda: yeah, mounting daemons and stuff16:02
VivekanandaAlso while I am here I have two or three other issues about ubuntu 12.04 that I want to sort out16:02
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, this guy says to remove ALSA http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=155118416:03
Vivekananda1. the avant window manager just disappears after a while from the side16:03
Psil0Cybindo you think that makes sense?16:03
glippiActionParsnip: So it is setup, I am currently trying to deploy a windows vm, but it does not seem to give me any slack or debuggable output16:03
Vivekananda2. for a window when I say " move to another workspace : workspace 2 " the window will disappear never to be found .16:04
glippiSo cantivo is deployed, got LDAP working, but so far I do not seem to be able to deploy or boot any VM's within cantivo16:04
Vivekanandamay I request help for those two issues16:04
glippiActionParsnip: So cantivo is deployed, got LDAP working, but so far I do not seem to be able to deploy or boot any VM's within cantivo16:04
dbromHello all16:05
dupingpingorighi dmrom16:05
dbromim having a issue with a script and wondering how to fix it16:06
dbromwhat I am doing is setting up a backup and restore script that is ran from the client16:06
dbromI have the backup script working the issue is that I dont know how to restore using rsync from the client.16:07
demophobiaLibreOffice Writer failed to display a docx file properly ... Should I check to see if a bug's been filed? Or there any setting I should check to fix such compatibility problems?16:07
demophobiafailed to both display and print16:07
demophobia(though really just the formatting problem)16:08
glippidemophobia: version of libre?16:08
k1l_demophobia: docx is a prop. microsoft format. better ask libreoffice direct what to do and how the chances are to support that16:09
Hwkillerdemophobia: realistically, that's just going to happen :/; I think they're aware of the formatting bugs, because each release comes with updates to the filter.16:09
Hwkillerdemophobia: that is a fairly old libreoffice, btw, newer versions handle it a bit better.16:09
HwkillerThey just released libreoffice 4.216:09
demophobiabut i'm installing the updates ubuntu sends me :/ why wouldn't it update automatically?16:09
hitsujiTMOdemophobia: libreoffice isn't 100% compatible wirh .docx. kingsoft office has better support16:09
demophobiawhy doesn't ubuntu use kingsoft instead then?16:10
demophobias/ubuntu/canonical (?)16:10
Hwkillerbecause kingsoft has other problems16:10
Hwkillerlike.. it's not open source, it's not fully translated, it's buggier than libre, and it doesn't *export* docx well16:10
Hwkillerand it doesn't support opendocument texts.16:10
hitsujiTMOdemophobia: kingsoft is still in alpha atm. itys installed by default in ubuntu kylin tho16:10
jokeart1what's new feature in 14.04?16:10
Hwkillerit reads docx better, but that's about it.16:10
dbromwhat I want to do is run the script from the client and then execute rsync fromthe server to the client16:11
demophobiaok thank you16:11
k1l_!trusty | jokeart116:11
ubottujokeart1: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+116:11
Hwkillerdemophobia: if you want a newer version of libre, you'll need to find it in a PPA or something.16:11
demophobiaeven though it comes with ubuntu by default??16:11
Hwkillerdemophobia: ubuntu tries to keep the updates stable until the next release.16:11
Hwkillerit's not always the most updated distro as a result.16:12
dbromPPA's are more updated then what comes in the iso16:12
glippidemophobia: You can only be sure you are going to see the file exactly equal using M$ Word and be sure with the same version of M$ Word, because M$ doesn't warrant the same look with different version16:12
Hwkilleryeah; the docx format is pretty poor. there is the open docx format, then the MS implementation of it which moves with each msoffice release.16:13
glippiin a nutshell16:13
Hwkillerso even between 2007 and 2013, msoffice will render its own format differently.16:13
Hwkillerwouldn't happen if they actually abided by their *own* open standard, but hey, that's ms16:13
glippistandards are ment to be broken16:13
demophobiaonly in the sense of being 'raised' to something better ;)16:14
Hwkillerdemophobia: you can update standards.16:14
Hwkillerthey don't.16:14
Hwkillerthey add in msoffice-only extensions to the standard, which aren't documented :p... not quite the same thing.16:14
glippihaving standards and applying to them are too different things16:14
ActionParsnipglippi: how is this ubuntu related when the application doesnt run on Ubuntu?16:15
power8I am finding that Windows is making my life much easeir with asymetric networking... it just works. two nics in the same subnet with dhcp both are setup with a gateway  sorry had to vent ;)16:15
Hwkillerglippi: he was asking about docx16:15
ActionParsnippseubodot: you will need alsa for sound16:15
Hwkillerer, ActionParsnip *16:15
pseubodotI will?16:15
pseubodotof course I will.16:15
glippiActionParsnip: I have it running on ubuntu16:15
pseubodotbut I think you meant someone else. :)16:15
ActionParsnipglippi: did you alien the RPMs?16:15
Psil0Cybinhey guys i am having this issue with my new lenovo g700 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/477226 is there anything else i can do other then trying PPA"s and running scripts from other websites? to self diagnose the issue?16:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 477226 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) "Sound simultaneously on headphones and speakers - Lenovo IdeaPad u350" [High,Won't fix]16:16
ActionParsnip!info cantivo16:16
ubottuPackage cantivo does not exist in saucy16:16
Psil0Cybinmy sound plays both from speakers and the headphone jack which is very odd16:16
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: did you run the command I gave?16:16
glippiI am going to wait and see if something is going to happen in the cantivo channel, so many haters here :)16:17
Psil0Cybinno i did not because I am unfamiliour with what that script does so I am worried, to download things from offline or you think its trustworthy?16:18
glippijust going to monitor this for personal enjoyment16:18
* glippi ?16:20
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, what was the command again16:20
demophobiaThe solution to my printer communications error was to turn the printer off then back on, so it would reconnect to the network. Problem was EPSON, not canonical. Thanks. :)16:22
glippidemophobia: Thanks for solution feedback16:22
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, I lost the command you gave me , I am missing scroll back16:23
codexPsil0Cybin: it was: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh --upload16:24
codex"/lastlog" ;)16:24
ActionParsnipcodex: thanks16:24
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9b5adea61317b7afca21e6ca46055515b848c02a16:26
Scubaris someone able to help me get my network connections bridged ?16:26
leptomjoin the chat room took more than 20 seconds with empathy :O16:28
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, that is the information you wanted me to display to you...that was posted after running the shell script.16:28
samertmleptom: empathy?16:28
=== Guest59153 is now known as Sleepnbum
leptomI have one problem with my ubuntu 13.10, so often performance is degradated16:29
leptomAt the beginning I thought it was by the ati graphic card16:29
leptomI was using fglrx/catalyst driver (ubuntu official and also from amd)16:30
leptomI was tweaking kernel parameters16:30
leptombut nothing16:30
demophobiaglippi, yw16:31
leptomWith top/htop load average I only see it goes up but not swapping, excessive I/O or CPU load but today I discovered something interesting with hdparm -tT16:31
Psil0CybinHey guys nayone know how I can get my speakers to mute when headphones are plugged into my laptop , this is all my sound card information http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9b5adea61317b7afca21e6ca46055515b848c02a16:31
glippiTry running sudo service alsa-restore restart manually and see if your card shows with aplay -l command. If it does, restart pulseaudio and sound should be working properly.16:31
leptomwhen system is ok hdparm -tT gives me 5800MB/sec of cache reads but if the system is laggy it gives me 1000MB/sec16:32
leptomdo you have any pointer?16:32
Beldarleptom, This is support be specific with your needs and stick to one issue at a time. This is not a proclaim your troubles channel.16:32
leptomBeldar: ouch!16:33
leptomsorry then :)16:33
jayteebeeHi, I've got a weird wireless problem on 13.10 -- my wireless connection disconnects and disappears intermittently, but I can see all the other wireless networks nearby16:33
jayteebeeWhen I disable/reenable Wifi, it finds it again and reconnects16:33
Beldarleptom, No biggie, we are here to help if we can.16:33
Roryjayteebee: What wireless device do you have? (what is the output of "lspci | grep Net"16:33
jayteebeeSorry if I just dumped garbage into the room, it just happened :P16:34
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, have time to look over the information by ahny chance?16:34
jayteebeeIntel 726016:34
Roryjayteebee: What version of Ubuntu are you using? (what is the output of "cat /etc/issue" ? )16:35
Roryjayteebee: Oh 13.1016:35
jayteebeeRory: I've got the latest firmware from git.kernel.org16:36
Roryjayteebee: Does this occur with other wireless networks? Or only the one16:36
jayteebeeRory: I haven't tried other networks, but it doesn't happen with other devices on this network16:37
sasha-I'm looking to backup non-system files from my mac os x partition on my dual boot ubuntu/mac macbook16:37
sasha-Basically the os x side broke, and it's time I reinstalled the os, so I'm looking to backup all the files to an external drive (from ubuntu), so that I can restore them to os x later16:37
jayteebeeRory: Everywhere else I'm wired16:38
sasha-So I'm wondering, what's the best way to do it and what is the best fs for the external hdd?16:38
dbromanyone here a bash guru16:38
glippithe best fs is anything that both systems can read16:38
glippifat32 usually is a safe bet when you have files not larger then 4.3 gb16:38
Beldar!anyone | dbrom16:38
ubottudbrom: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:38
sasha-yeah but I don't neccesarily have to restore from os x glippi16:39
sasha-basically just looking for the most efficient format to copy/paste files (over 4.3gb at times) without breaking rights and permissions16:39
glippiso you do have files over 4.3 gb16:40
glippilinux can write NTFS, mac can read16:40
dbromid like to to do the following from a client computer : ssh to the server thten run rsync -a /mnt/V1/folder /home/$USER16:40
leptomsasha-: you can read with mac os x ext2/3 files (you need to install macos fuse)16:41
sasha-ok, and which method should i use to clone the user folders?16:41
glippimac can read NTFS drives with no problem, writing can be... so for backup and restore with files larger then 4.3GB and you have no need before the backup to write files from OSX to drive..... NTFS16:41
dbromusing the ssh user@ip && doesnt work16:41
Psil0CybinHey guys nayone know how I can get my speakers to mute when headphones are plugged into my laptop , this is all my sound card information http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9b5adea61317b7afca21e6ca46055515b848c02a16:41
sasha-leptom: ok I'll use that then. But which method should I use? I was thinking of just rsyncing my home folder to the external hard drive16:41
sasha-which options should I use to avoid damaging partitions and also to show progress?16:42
pinopc_ciao a tutti16:42
pinopc_ciao ragazzi sono nuovo come va16:43
Beldar!it | pinopc16:43
ubottupinopc: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:43
pinopc_grazie ciao16:44
leptomsash: I guess rsync could be enough or if you don't like the terminal with ubuntu comes an application call dejadup (correct me if I''m wrong)16:44
glippiyou can use rsync sasha when you chose the FS  :)16:44
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure   run the large command in step 1 here and reboot16:44
pinopc_join ubuntu.it16:44
sasha-nah but I have no issue with using the command line16:45
ActionParsnipsasha-: grsync is a nice GUI for rsync16:45
Psil0Cybini will try ActionParsnip16:46
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, I get this16:46
Psil0Cybinrm: cannot remove `/home/psil0cybin/.config/pulse/*': No such file or directory16:46
sasha-I was thinking more like rsync -avAX --progress16:46
Psil0Cybinfrom the first line in the tutorial.16:46
leptomsasha-: Then try first to read and write ext2/3 with mac os x  with osxfuse or macosfuse, and backup your files with rsync :)16:47
sasha-yup ok thanks guys!16:48
leptomyou're welcome :)16:48
zzxcWhat exactly is it that oh-my-zsh does that makes it so many sing its praises?16:49
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, did not work16:49
ROPAI have an .odt file stored on my desktop, but if I copy it to a usb drive and then try to open it from the drive, the file seems corrupted. Instead of opening normally, it gives me an 'ascii filter options' dialog box....when I do open the file, it is just page after page of '#' with no spaces or other characters. If I copy the corrupted file from the usb drive back to my desktop and try to open it, the file won't open....has the16:50
ROPAsame problem. Any ideas what might be going on???16:50
jroHi all, I'm trying to install 10.04.4 on a dl360 g8 which has a p410i controller.  Is there any precompiled hpsa driver around I can load during install?16:50
Psil0CybinI am using Xubuntu I do not know if I should nbe following that guide416:50
MarkT-I am experiencing a strange issue with ddd, and I am uncertain if it is an ubuntu thing or a ddd thing.  Specifically, the command line arguments window is always disabled and I can't enter anything into it.16:50
leptomROPA: maybe usb drive is broken?16:51
=== TylerDurden is now known as onryo
funtablejro, did you saw at hp website for this driver ?16:52
jrofuntable: it just has the source, it's not precompiled though16:52
daftykinsMarkT-: is this related to 'dd' ?16:52
MarkT-no... ddd.16:53
daftykinsMarkT-: ok never heard of it then.16:53
ROPAleptom it's my backup drive and I can't imagine it's broken. I was also able to duplicate the error by creating a different file, then storing it, then trying to read it back from the drive. It seems this happens to all .odt files.....16:53
MarkT-it's a graphical debugger that works with gdb.16:53
daftykinsthey were aiming for confusion naming that =/16:53
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest96834
jroor is it not possible to load the hpsa driver in 10.04?16:55
leptomROPA: ouch. Then I don't know :S16:56
Psil0CybinActionParsnip, should I install all those packages even if I am using Xubuntu 12.04? I am worried I will cause more problems by fixing my headphone/speaker issue16:57
ROPAleptom I just completed tests with all the other filetypes on the drive...and there are many different types....only yhe .odt file seems to have the issue......I'm stuck::>16:57
thesebhelp! i think i bricked my laptop somehow....when i reboot now i can't get into bios or boot from usb stick or nothing....just blank screen16:58
leptommmm... could you check to copy the file and later compare them16:58
leptomthe original and the copy16:58
leptomfor example: check if they have the same file size or do a diff16:59
ROPAleptom I have the source file and the same file from the usb drive....was thinking about pastebin posting, so others could look at the files....Im not sue, but I think the filesize canb be slightly different because my system drive is ext4 and the usb deive is fat32..17:02
=== shiznix_ is now known as shiznix
ROPAleptom I just checked, both files are exactly the same length...both are 44,548 filesize.17:04
=== bruno is now known as Guest64037
Psil0Cybinhey guys i just installed xubuntu 12.04 and everything is working fine but my sound is playing from both my headphones and speakers what can i do to fix this I have a Lenovo G700 Laptiop http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9b5adea61317b7afca21e6ca46055515b848c02a17:04
=== kamer90 is now known as kmg90
leptomROPA:  It so weird. Have it an strange filename?17:05
teo123good evening. Today my desktop decided to play all videos with a  blue "cover" and I dont mean flash videos on youtube ( those are ok! ) but avi videos on my drive opened with MoviePlayer or VLC17:05
teo123I'm using ubuntu 12.0417:05
Wiz_KeeDHello everyone17:06
ROPAleptom no, it's just a plain and short simple filename, chosen because fat32 doesn't like some filenames....such as those with a pipe in them::>17:06
Wiz_KeeDCould someone please help me test my wireless router/card top speed? I am right next to it with full signal17:06
leptomROPA: I asked for discard options17:06
ROPAleptom Im not sure what a discard option is.....17:07
leptomROPA: It's my fault (my english). I didn't explain well :)17:07
Wiz_KeeDikonia, are you on?17:09
ROPAleptom ok, many thanks for suggestions, I'll try google and try to figure it out. Have a great day!!!17:09
leptomyou too! :)17:10
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: yes, why ?17:11
Wiz_KeeDI thought that if you had a bit spare time maybe you could lend me a hand with this issue, nobody has been able to do so for a few weeks of me asking here17:12
ikoniabit busy at the moment, but if it's something I can help with, sure.17:12
mah454I want to plug usb2 device on usb3 port .17:14
mah454How can enable ehci_hcd module on usb3 port ?17:14
Wiz_KeeDthat's very thoughful17:14
k1l_mah454: since usb3 is downwards compatible should there be a difference to a usb2 slot?17:14
hitsujiTMOmah454: you can use a usb2 device on a usb3 port anyway17:15
Wiz_KeeDikonia, I had some serious issues at warranty with a wireless card that worked great (5-6 even 7mb/s transfers iirc) until it croaked completly.They exchanged that one with another that's a totally different brand, and ever since I cannot get passed 3.6 4,4.xmb/s in lucky days and even now when I am right next to the router17:15
mah454hitsujiTMO and k1l_  : I have a USB-TV device . this device work on usb2 without any problem but in usb3 not work !!!17:16
Wiz_KeeDI wanted to know if there's a way to test the wireless card is actually limited and cannot go any faster than that speed so I can go back to those bastards and have a proper one installed17:16
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: It's possible to be too close to the router.17:16
Wiz_KeeDjhutchins, I tried pretty much all of those, away 1 store down, behnd 1-2 wall, in the room, right next to it, doesn't get any better17:17
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: What chipset is it?17:17
zaitzevanyone want to recommend me a decent html/php editor? :)17:17
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: frankly I'd consider that to be within tolerance17:17
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: the first thing I'd do is look at what ddriver it's using17:17
hitsujiTMOmah454: can you connect it in and pastebin the output of: lsusb && lsusb -t17:17
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: and check out that drivers support17:17
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: different cards, different routers, different conditions17:17
Wiz_KeeDAnd the original location has not changed nor the internet or anything else17:17
gordonjcpzaitzev: define "decent"17:17
gordonjcp!best | zaitzev17:17
Wiz_KeeDgordonjcp, just different cards, router is the same, internet connection is the same17:17
ubottuzaitzev: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:17
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: you'll often find poor performance with certain cards on linux due to poor driver/reverse engineered drivers17:17
jhutchinsikonia: Why do we think it's USB?17:17
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: noise conditions the same?17:17
ikoniajhutchins: I didn't say anything about usb ?17:17
Wiz_KeeDikonia, I guess that does make sense but I have the same result in windows17:17
zaitzevgordonjcp: I didn't say the "best" now did I? I asked for a decent one.17:17
gordonjcpzaitzev: and I said, define "decent"?17:18
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: ok, so that suggests your card/network has something limiting it17:18
Wiz_KeeDgordonjcp, I have to say I did not monitor them before with the other card but it caught speeds really fast no problem17:18
gordonjcpzaitzev: I use vim or gedit, depending on what I'm doing17:18
hitsujiTMOzaitzev: emacs17:18
Wiz_KeeDikonia, I was thinking the same thing, just hope I didn't miss something17:18
k1l_mah454: and please show the "dmesg" after you sticked it into the usb slot in a pastebin17:18
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: really it could be *anything*17:18
Wiz_KeeDI need a way to test it for sure, then go to those fuckers and make them exchange it and I run the test again17:18
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: You have a better chance at getting the hardware replaced if it performs just as badly in Windows.  I would move on to that directly if that's the case, poor performance is really more likely to be hardware than something you can fix with software.17:18
hitsujiTMO!language | Wiz_KeeD17:18
ubottuWiz_KeeD: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:18
Wiz_KeeDgordonjcp, the strange thing is nothing changed except the wireless card17:18
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: ... that you know of17:19
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: you've been here long enough to know this17:19
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: you know the rules on language, why are you using bad language17:19
Wiz_KeeDgordonjcp, granted yes17:19
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: Most often the drivers either work or they don't.17:19
zaitzevgordonjcp: gedit is a good choice for single file edit, but I'm looking for something that is somewhat up the alley of phpstorm or something (is that even for linux?)17:19
Wiz_KeeDjhutchins, that also make sense, and they wouldn't limit it17:19
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: maybe they've got the aerial leads on the wrong sockets17:19
gordonjcpzaitzev: why "single file edit"?17:19
gordonjcpzaitzev: I have no idea what phpstorm is17:19
Wiz_KeeDgordonjcp, I wouldn't know, but I wouldn't be surprised17:19
hitsujiTMOzaitzev: emacs for cli, sublime text for gui17:19
gordonjcpzaitzev: gedit has tabs17:19
gordonjcpzaitzev: and syntax highlighting17:20
leptomzaitzev: vim :D17:20
Wiz_KeeDAny suggestion on how I can test for sure, like transfer to and from the wireless and test the speed when I'm right next to it17:20
gordonjcpzaitzev: vim also has tabs, and syntax highlighting17:20
Wiz_KeeDWhy should it have transfer rates lower than 5mb/s, it doesn't make sense17:20
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: poor RF conditions, lots of noise?17:20
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: Test a transfer in Windows and report that to the hardware guys.17:20
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: guy next door has fired up a wireless router on the same channel17:20
jhutchinsgordonjcp: See17:20
leptomzaitzev: sublime text, light table :)17:20
gordonjcpWiz_KeeD: microwave is broken17:20
Wiz_KeeDjhutchins, I can boot to win now, think you can help with naming a software or something?17:20
jhutchinsgordonjcp: See "previous card worked fine until it failed".17:20
gordonjcpjhutchins: I don't get the relevance17:21
marrrkhello! I need help with xmodmap. It seems like an easy thing but I got confused. I want to have my left and right windows keys to behave as the right alt key and the alt keys to behave like they were a windows key.17:21
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: you have tested the card in linux and windows - it has poor performance in both17:21
mah454k1l_: View this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6886380/17:21
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: Nope, haven't used WIndows since 2004.17:21
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: what does that tell you - it's a problem with that card on your network17:21
Wiz_KeeDyes, I did not test the card in windows next to the router, but I will now17:21
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: talk to the hardware vendor17:21
k1l_Wiz_KeeD: make sure the cables are connected properly and on the right pins17:21
mah454k1l_: I connected device on usb2 and take this log17:21
jhutchinsHeh, ten years.17:21
funtableWiz_KeeD, install software named 'nload'  => sudo apt-get install nload , and use linke this :  # nload eth0  (just replace with your wi-fi card)17:21
Wiz_KeeDk1l_, I can't do that the warranty will be void17:21
Wiz_KeeDok funtable that sounds like a plan17:22
mah454k1l_: I have not any message on usb3 !!!17:22
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: The hardware guys are likely to weasel if you mention Linux - just go with "doesn't work in Windows".17:22
Wiz_KeeDjhutchins, of course yeah17:22
swizgardhi. i installed openssh-server, and it starts up when i boot the computer. still, it is nowhere to be found in /etc/rc*.d. tehfuck?17:23
k1l_mah454: does that usb3 slot work?17:23
hitsujiTMOmah454: can you connect it in and pastebin the output of: lsusb && lsusb -t && dmesg17:23
ikoniaswizgard: there is no need for that language, it is not welcome in this channel17:23
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: I think any further effort except taking it in is wasted.17:23
ikoniaswizgard: it's not in rc.d because it's an upstart job17:23
=== viv`d is now known as vivid
jhutchinsswizgard: Magic.17:23
Wiz_KeeDI just want to be sure I'm right before storming in there and accusing them17:23
ikoniadon't accuse them17:23
ikoniaask them for help17:23
mah454k1l_: yes work . for example Flash memory or Mouse work on usb3 but USB-TV not work !!!17:24
Wiz_KeeDI asked them for help twice and they messed up17:24
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: Yeah, don't storm, just say "hey, I can't get this to work".17:24
Wiz_KeeDbut diplomacy might work better, you are right ikonia17:24
=== root_164 is now known as cyborg4
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: then ask for your money back and use a different provider17:24
ikoniathis isn't really anything to do with ubuntu17:24
Wiz_KeeDohhh, if it only worked like that in Romania :)17:24
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: Give them the opportunity to be heros, they might just surprize you.  Get them on your side.17:24
Wiz_KeeDright right17:24
jhutchinsikonia: To be fair, he was assking about benchmarking it in Ubuntu to prove the problem.17:25
mah454hitsujiTMO: k1l_ : this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6886412/17:27
Wiz_KeeDIt has the same symptoms, maybe running a bit better and hitting 4.6 here and there but still way low17:27
hitsujiTMOmah454: please pastebin the output of: dmesg17:28
mah454hitsujiTMO: connect to usb2 or usb3 ?17:29
k1l_mah454: honestly i dont know if there could be hardware limits to only support usb2.017:29
Wiz_KeeDin windows under speed it says: 54mbps17:29
hitsujiTMOmah454: as it is now. dmesg is a log so the info is in it right now17:29
k1l_mah454: but well, maybe the usb3.0 port doesnt give enough ampere?17:29
linuxearthi am in need of an offline dictionary which explains the english words (meanings), so is there such a utility in linux?17:31
linuxearthi am in need of an offline dictionary which explains the english words (meanings), so is there such a utility in linux?17:31
hitsujiTMOlinuxearth: does it have to be on linux or can it be on paper too?17:32
linuxearthon linux, why would i ask a paper dictionary in this channel?17:32
swizgardikonia: sorry and thank you17:33
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
hitsujiTMOlinuxearth: maybe http://aarddict.org/index.html or grab an ebook dictionary from amazon or other ebook provider17:34
linuxearthi try that17:34
k1l_linuxearth: in case it is ubuntu (why not saying ubuntu but linux all the time) try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/40807/is-there-an-offline-dictionary17:36
linuxearthactually that i don't have to use in ubuntu17:36
=== kamer90 is now known as kmg90
linuxearththatnks i try17:36
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
k1l_linuxearth: so please dont ask in the ubuntu support if you are not using ubuntu anyway. the solutions might not work on other distros so please ask their support for that17:38
TheLordOfTimek1l_, FYI, you're slow: [2014/02/06 12:36:36] * linuxearth (~linuxworl@unaffiliated/linuxearth) has left #ubuntu ("Konversation terminated!")  (they're already gone)17:39
* TheLordOfTime goes back to lurking17:39
k1l_TheLordOfTime: yep, multitastking slows me down :)17:40
=== TheLordOfTime is now known as teward
funtableswizgard, at /etc/init you will find ssh.conf who tell system to start it17:41
ZooklubbaSo under network connections I got my mobile broadband set up. Which I think has the correct number and pin and all that. But it just says Last used: never17:41
leptomgood bye people, see you later or tomorrow17:42
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: yes its the same backend17:42
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: the default DE you are using does not affect the ALSA setup underneath, its all the same fro Ubuntu, Lubuntu and Ubuntu and so on17:42
Psil0Cybinokay what is the link to those files I need to install.17:42
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: its just the frontend GUI that is different17:42
Psil0CybinI restarted the computer and lost that link!17:42
Psil0Cybinto step 1#17:42
Psil0Cybinafter I removed folders, and killed pulse audio17:43
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure   run the large command in step 1 here and reboot17:43
ActionParsnipPsil0Cybin: the big command in step 117:43
Psil0CybinActionParsnip you left, I do not want Gnome!! On my Xubuntu machine!!17:44
Psil0Cybinrunning that command would install ubuntu-desktop....17:44
SlitHi! I would like to install Ubuntu 12.04.3 on Power PC. But it looks like it has only alternat install17:44
SlitWhen I tried Lubuntu Powerpc mac had some interneta and graphic issues17:45
SlitDon't what to have that with Ubuntu17:45
treehouseso I tried to chroot, and the program is like: "can't find /bin/bash 'n libs 'n stuff". So what do an old man do?17:45
SlitIs there a way to tray live cd for Ubuntu on powerpc17:46
Zooklubbawhy doesnt it try to connect to the mobile broadband17:46
jhutchinsSlit: Ubuntu is the same base system as lubuntu with a different desktop, you will have the same issues.17:46
hitsujiTMOSlit: grab the desktop iso here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCDownloads17:46
jhutchinsSlit: You can just install gnome on lubunt and that's the same as ubuntu.17:47
SlitThank you17:47
treehouseSlit: yep, you just need a cd for power PC.....  seems like hitsujiTMO solved it 4ya17:47
SlitI will try just that17:48
genii!ppc | Slit17:48
ubottuSlit: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ17:48
SlithitsujiTMO Thank you17:48
SlitI hope everythig works17:48
Slitdon't know how would I work out with graphic issues17:49
ZooklubbaSo it still tries to use the ethernet connection or it doesnt recognise the mobile broadband stick :S17:49
treehouseCan I trust skype, will it "act isolated" or will it intrude on the rest of my system?17:51
spikebcan you trust skype? in a nutshell, no.17:52
nvbfglrx update broken? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6886545/17:52
Zooklubbahow the f do I make it force try one of the mobile broadband connections?17:52
zykotick9treehouse: you can trust skype to give copies of all your text chats, voice calls, and voice print to the NSA17:53
staticshockhow can i track down an issue with the CLIPBOARD selection?17:53
hojurukui'm trying to install 12.04 on non pae hardware. I'm using netboot via pxe. It loads the installer no problems - but then freezes up on downloading installer compontents. Is there any mirror i should be choosing? It seems to download then hang.17:54
staticshockif i put something in the clipboard (from vim) i can see it the first time i call `parcellite --clipboard`, but it's gone the second time i call `parcellite --clipboard`17:54
staticshockdoes anyone know any reasons this could happen?17:54
zykotick9staticshock: clipboard issues are tricky (as there are a couple running simultaniously), what is your issue?17:54
staticshockbasically something is copiable only once, and then it disappears17:55
zykotick9staticshock: parcellite, i have no idea - that's a 3rd clipboard you've added ;)  best of luck.17:55
staticshockzykotick9: i added it to diagnose this issue, which was already happening17:55
staticshockzykotick9: if i didn't have parcellite, what would you recommend i try?17:55
zykotick9staticshock: from vim in terminal or a gui frontend?17:55
=== toastcfh_ is now known as toastcfh
staticshockvim in terminal17:56
hitsujiTMOnvb: that driver doesn't support your gpu.17:56
staticshockif i copy something from some gui program, i can read that clipboard in vim multiple times, no problem17:56
zykotick9staticshock: i'd suggest using Xorg's middle mouse clipboard then...  that's what I use YMMV.  good luck.17:56
staticshockif i copy something from vim into the x clipboard, it disappears after one read17:56
nvbye i just found out :/17:56
Psil0CybinActionParsnip: yo17:57
staticshockzykotick9: not an option...17:57
Psil0Cybinhey guys i just installed xubuntu 12.04 and everything is working fine but my sound is playing from both my headphones and speakers what can i do to fix this I have a Lenovo G700 Laptiop http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9b5adea61317b7afca21e6ca46055515b848c02a17:57
zykotick9staticshock: good luck.17:57
staticshockzykotick9: also, this *was* working correctly as recently as yesterday17:57
hitsujiTMOnvb: 12.04 with precise stack (kernel 3.2 and original xorg) is needed for ati legacy support17:57
zykotick9staticshock: then, what changed?17:58
staticshockthat's what i need help digging up17:58
hitsujiTMOstaticshock: what terminal is it? not xterm by any chance?17:59
hojurukuSo you have two versions of the installer.. humm..diff ubuntu-installer/i386/initrd.gz ../tftp/ubuntu-installer/i386/initrd.gz17:59
hojurukuBinary files ubuntu-installer/i386/initrd.gz and ../tftp/ubuntu-installer/i386/initrd.gz differ17:59
=== UKn0Me is now known as HerpTheDerpWhale
staticshockhitsujiTMO: are you asking what $TERM is set to, or what terminal emulator i'm using18:01
staticshocki'm on gnome-terminal w/xterm-256color18:01
hitsujiTMOstaticshock: what terminal emulator. xterm itself sucks when it comes to copy + pasting. seen similar issues with that18:02
hitsujiTMOstaticshock: is this with pasting to a specific app, or any app?18:03
staticshockhitsujiTMO: i would imagine that i'm circumventing the terminal's own copy/paste mechanisms by using vim registers, which interact with the X CLIPBOARD/PRIMARY selections directory18:03
staticshockhitsujiTMO: pasting to any app after placing it in the CLIPBOARD18:04
wipanyone having issue with the last apt-get upgrade?18:04
wiprelated to usb18:04
Zooklubbaright, so the nm-applet isnt working properly. it's not showing all the available connections.18:05
swcdxhi, i have a question i accidently mistyped a command and i lost half of my files. Is there a way to bring them back?  I typed rm -r Brooklyn\ * instead of rm -r Brooklyn* . All my important files are on another drive and backed up. I will just have to work to get all these files back. TIA18:05
wiphow to revert the last upgrade18:05
staticshockhitsujiTMO: one thing to note is that i was also running VirtualBox with bi-directional clipboard sharing and LibreOffice, which *might* complicate things, but I've shut them both down so i could test this.18:05
chemist^wip, what kind of problems?18:05
subz3r0wip: yes indeed. with my ubuntu version 666 i have now 10 gbit speed18:05
=== yt_ is now known as sad
chemist^10 gbit? that's bad? ;) lol18:05
subz3r0chemist^: :>18:06
staticshockhitsujiTMO: do you know of any program i could use to debug this?18:06
wipfor example sometimes my logitech receiver (usb) doesn't work18:06
hojurukuand we have a winner. your documentation was outdated. There is an updated installer that people are ment to use to netboot install 12.04 LTS18:06
subz3r0Its like: My Pc wont run! Answer: did you turn it on?18:06
wipchemist^, is it possible to revert the last upgrade?18:06
chemist^wip well maybe it's a hardware problem... have you tried connecting it to another usb port?18:07
hitsujiTMOstaticshock: afraid not18:07
wipchemist^, i have been running this setup for ages18:07
treehouseso I'm downloading a chroot environment.. but is it 32 or 64 bit? using debootstrap18:07
chemist^wip that doesn't prove anything18:07
subz3r0chemist^: you must be also a magician. since you know about which version hes talking about18:07
chemist^i also have been using the same usb port for ages18:07
chemist^and now it works bad18:08
hitsujiTMOtreehouse: debootstrap defaults to your currect arch18:08
chemist^i need to apply pressure on a specific angle18:08
chemist^for it to work without cut-outs18:08
trisqueli installed ubuntu 13.10 on my dell laptop and it always is at max so is it possible to set the default brightness18:08
chemist^subz3r0, ;)18:08
wipis it possible to revert the last upgrade?18:08
trisquelto a lower value that is..18:08
wipit is not an hardware problem, i have this new problem with other usb device18:09
chemist^wip i don't know, never downgraded anything on ubuntu18:09
hitsujiTMOtrisquel: if you change brighness level, is it not persistent between boots?18:09
subz3r0wip: how do you suppose that anyone can help you without any infos?18:09
wipsubz3r0, my question is only: how to downgrade an upgrade18:09
trisquelhitsujiTMO, yes exactly its not persistent..18:09
subz3r0I cannot get into my house. can anyone help me? it worked yesterday...18:10
subz3r0wip: you really dont get the point, do you?18:10
tyrfing__trisquel, using Nvidia drivers?18:10
hitsujiTMOtrisquel: you can add a script to set your preffered brightness value and have that called by lightdm18:10
wipsubz3r0, ... do you have the command?18:10
chemist^wip, this is the first thing that comes out when i searched on google... http://askubuntu.com/questions/152733/how-can-i-remove-all-updates-installed-after-a-specific-date18:11
subz3r0wip: first learn how to ask the right questions. and how about givin correct information to the helping hand...18:11
trisquelhitsujiTMO, tyrfing__ no intel18:11
chemist^could you try and seek the answer yourself next time? and IF you don't find any answer on ubuntu support pages, THEN ask here18:11
subz3r0chemist^: maybe you should tell him that he should give US some INFORMATION18:12
subz3r0some kind of: what god damn ubuntu version is it?18:12
chemist^yes, that also18:12
chemist^what kind of computer does he use18:12
wipok guys sorry18:13
tyrfing__trisquel, go to your /etc/default/grub, and in the line, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT, add acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor..... Example, mine looks like this, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux acpi_backlight=vendor"18:13
wipnormally i am pretty good at searching and asking18:13
subz3r0<ironic> My Pc wont run anymore. But yesterday it did! how can I get it working again? </ironic>18:14
hitsujiTMO!behelpful | subz3r0  enough of the sarcatic remarks18:14
ubottusubz3r0  enough of the sarcatic remarks: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.18:14
subz3r0hitsujiTMO: ...18:14
subz3r0is he still not get the point? ridiculous...18:14
zykotick9wip: chemist^ FYI, apt has no downgrade option...  things can become messed up, if you try to.18:15
tyrfing__trisquel, then run an sudo update-grub and then restart. Tell me how things turn out.18:15
chemist^that's why i've never downgraded anything :P zykotick918:16
chemist^isn't keeping your system up-to-date one of the basic things anyone using Ubuntu should do?18:16
zykotick9chemist^: yes, but there will be regressions from time to time :(18:17
chemist^s**t happens:P18:18
chemist^(i meant salt - not a bad word :P)18:18
yasoobhi there guys18:20
trisqueltyrfing__, hitsujiTMO It worked! Wow! Thanks  :)18:20
tyrfing__trisquel, what did it?18:20
trisqueltyrfing__, adding acpi_osi linux backlight=vendor in grub.. and then updating...18:21
tyrfing__(y) Cool man, glad it helps18:21
lessshastewhen I try to clear browsing data I get RemoveFilesRecursively: unlink dir: Directory not empty18:22
yasoobhi there18:22
lessshaste[3640:3669:0206/181710:ERROR:plugin_data_remover_impl.cc(263)] ClearSiteData returned erro18:22
lessshastehow can I tell which directory it is having problems wit18:22
hitsujiTMOlessshaste: have you run the browser with sudo at some point?18:23
koellJust setup CUPS on my 'Pi. Now tried a few lines to print, everything looks fine so far. Until now. I only get a bunch of hyroglyhps when trying to print a document. I dont know what the problem is, but how do I solve this issue?18:23
hitsujiTMOlessshaste: try: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME                   then try again18:24
treehousehttp://pastebin.com/AyiSN34W wtf is going on?18:24
chemist^koell, what software did you use to create these documents?18:24
koellchemist^: different software. from plain textfiles with leafpad, to pdf files and images.18:25
chemist^maybe you don't have the needed fonts installed (just guessing - correct me if i'm wrong any1)18:25
chemist^koell, plain textfiles give out strange chars as well?18:25
hitsujiTMOtreehouse: dpkg --add-architecture i38618:25
koellchemist^: its a really bad issue, lost a lot of paper and ink on trying to solve it.18:25
koellchemist^: yep. i think its postscript code.18:25
Matt_von_MisesHi What does it mean if dpkg gives this?: "cancercurecoin-qt depends on libdb4.8++-dev | libdb++-dev; however:" And then it says both dependencies and not installed.18:25
lessshastehitsujiTMO, interesting18:26
lessshastehitsujiTMO, just tried htat18:26
lessshastehitsujiTMO, made no difference18:26
chemist^koell, well you could try to solve the problem with only 1 line to print, on the same peace of paper over and over again :P18:26
chemist^koell, when did it start to act strange?18:26
chemist^did you install something?18:26
chemist^upgrade anything18:26
koellchemist^: thats the weird thing. even if i use just one line of text, i get a bunch of paper with hyroglyhps on it :)18:27
Matt_von_MisesIn Linux Mint my deb package installs fine, including installing dependenices automatically via gdebi.18:27
chemist^lol ;D no idea18:27
treehousehitsujiTMO: thanks. So what does that do?18:27
koellchemist^: the first time i installed cups on the pi it works. it was the first day. now after a few days, reboots it seems to be broken. didn't install anything or upgrade. really bad :(18:27
lessshastehitsujiTMO, this is usingChromium 32.0.1700.102 Ubuntu 13.1018:28
hitsujiTMOtreehouse: adds i386 to multiarch18:28
chemist^koell, tried reinstalling cups?18:28
koellchemist^: no. how to uninstall it completely? apt-get purge --remove cups?18:28
hitsujiTMOlessshaste: i'd assume the browser or a plugin has locked a file. try rebooting and then retry18:29
lessshastehitsujiTMO, ok18:29
chemist^koell, if you installed it with apt-get then yes...18:30
Psil0CybinHey guys having a problem with my Xubuntu 12.04 when I plug in headphones it does not mute the speakers on the laptop I have followed guides but am confused as nothing works for me I am using a Lenovo G700 laptop18:30
koellchemist^: ok. 'll give it a try18:30
chemist^Psil0Cybin, alsamixer18:30
koellchemist^: thanks18:30
chemist^Psil0Cybin, easy to use, has an option there to mute the speakers while headphones are connected18:31
chemist^any vice-versa18:31
Bashing-omMatt_von_Mises: Ya might try and see if the package manager will install those dependencies -> sudo apt-get install <dependency_name> (??).18:31
Psil0Cybinchemist^, only displays MASTER PCM S/PDIF none of which mnute the speakers, it considers the speaker and headphone jacket, as one module lowering volume for both with any setting change18:31
Psil0Cybinchemist^, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=9b5adea61317b7afca21e6ca46055515b848c02a18:32
Psil0Cybinchemist^, they say it is a driver, issue but i am confused how i can upgrade my new drivers18:33
Psil0Cybineverything else works fine which is the most puzzling thing its just the silly sound driver.18:34
Matt_von_MisesBashing-om: OK thnks, But why doesn't Ubuntu install the dependencies automatically like Linux Mint does? I want people to simply click on my deb package file and have everything installed nicely for them. I don't want to force people to go into the Terminal and use apt-get.18:35
=== vila_ is now known as vila
hitsujiTMOMatt_von_Mises: what version of ubuntu is this?18:37
Psil0Cybinsigh did not work :(18:39
Psil0Cybinaudio input only wants to work with the speaker working, which makes wearing headphones useless18:40
illuminatiguys anyone know if i installed xubuntu alongside with windows 7 where can i find the xubuntu folder if i boot windows ?18:40
gordonjcpilluminati: what do you mean "xubuntu folder"?18:41
hitsujiTMOilluminati: windows cannot read ext filesystems18:41
Bashing-omMatt_von_Mises: I have to assume "cancercurecoin-qt" is not of the repositories, and as such not under the direct control of the package manager (??). Got then to take matters into your own hands.18:41
illuminatilike where is it installed ?18:41
Matt_von_MiseshitsujiTMO: I believe it is Saucy.18:42
k1l_illuminati: on another partition on the hdd. but windows is not able to see that18:42
Matt_von_MisesIs gdebi the only package installer which automatically installs packages for you?18:42
Matt_von_Misesdependencies I mean18:42
illuminatioh ok i see thanx :) and guys anyone know how to allocate ''free space'' which is currently not allocated to any partition to like C drive ?18:43
Matt_von_MisesBashing-om: It's a deb packages not on any repository. I exacted Ubuntu would still be able to install the dependencies like gdebi does on Linux Mint.18:43
Matt_von_Mises*exacted -> expected18:43
Bashing-omMatt_von_Mises: A lot depends on how the packager (person) set up the installtion means, (cobtrol scripts) .18:44
Bashing-omMatt_von_Mises: If ya want to use gdebi" one can .. kit is available in ubuntu also.18:45
Jordan_Uilluminati: Please open a terminal and run "sudo parted -l", then post the output of that command to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com and give us a link to said output.18:45
LucidGuyUsing kubuntu, performed apt-get dist-upgrade.  System attempted to upgrade to the newest nvidia- driver.  All seemed to go well, restarted, all is not ok.  I've purged all nvidia packages back and forth numerous times and can't seem to get things back to normal. lsmod no longer shows nvidia as installed.  I see a module called "video" looks like nouveau.  Anyone know how i can properly re-install nvidia drivers?18:45
hitsujiTMOMatt_von_Mises: also why does a package depend on the dev package and not the libs itself?     can you pastebin the output of: apt-cache policy libdb++-dev18:45
Bashing-omMatt_von_Mises: *control18:45
Matt_von_MiseshitsujiTMO: The exact version is 13.10 64 bit. Bashing-om: How does one set up a deb package to have dependencies installed automatically?18:46
Jordan_UMatt_von_Mises: dpkg never downloads packages to satisfy dependancies. Gdebi does. Just use gdebi if you want dependencies downloaded and installed automatically.18:48
Matt_von_MiseshitsujiTMO: When I tested it in Linux mint it couldn't find libdb++/libdb4.8++. Only the -dev versions worked. Maybe I did something wrong.18:48
hitsujiTMOMatt_von_Mises: you should prob be depending on just libdb++-dev not libdb4.8++-dev considering 5.1 is whats in the saucy repo. 4.8 is a virtual package18:48
lunyhi, I wrote the amd64 .ido to USB stick, and used it to install to a USB HD18:49
lunynow uname -m says i686 lol?18:49
Matt_von_MiseshitsujiTMO: I think the 4.8 version is needed, so it looks for that one first.18:49
lunynot .ido, but .iso18:49
amrithwould this be the right place to ask a question about a lost password on launchpad/ubuntu single-sign-on?18:50
hitsujiTMOMatt_von_Mises: well, 4.8 isn't in the repo.18:50
Matt_von_MisesJordan_U: What about whatever replaced gdebi as the GUI installer? That also had problems. Should I tell people to use gdebi if they want to install the package?18:50
hitsujiTMOMatt_von_Mises: and you prob can't find 4.8 in the mint repo for the same reason18:51
hitsujiTMO(non dev that is)18:51
Matt_von_MiseshitsujiTMO: Hmm, I looked and apparently libdb++-dev is fine for the software, but libdb4.8++-dev is needed for older versions of Ubuntu.18:51
hitsujiTMOMatt_von_Mises: then maybe do the normal thing and have release specific builds18:52
hitsujiTMOMatt_von_Mises: then maybe do the normal thing and have release specific packages i should say18:52
Bashing-omMatt_von_Mises: See: -> http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-reference/ch02.en.html#_debian_package_management_prerequisites :D18:53
Matt_von_MiseshitsujiTMO: So create a separate package for each and every version of ubuntu, linux mint, debian etc.?18:56
glippiok, got a good one, snmpd in combination with obeservium18:56
glippithe problem is that I have errors with loading default monitors and have an error drawing the graphs18:56
hitsujiTMOMatt_von_Mises: yes18:57
ubottuThe alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD18:57
zykotick9!mini | michagogo|cloud18:59
ubottumichagogo|cloud: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:59
Matt_von_MisesBashing-om: Where abouts am I looking? I already set up the control file, I don't know how to change it to get the dependencies to install.18:59
michagogo|cloudzykotick9: That doesn't tell me what the alternate iso is19:00
daftykinsmichagogo|cloud: lol it says use the mini instead19:00
Matt_von_MisesI don't have enough time, I think I'll just have to tell people to use gdebi.19:00
zykotick9michagogo|cloud: alternate WAS a text based installer, with media included.19:00
michagogo|cloudzykotick9: is19:00
michagogo|cloudA new alternate iso was just released for precise.419:00
zykotick9michagogo|cloud: alternate was discontinued, as factoid above points out19:01
michagogo|cloudI was wondering what the difference between desktop and alternate is19:01
zykotick9michagogo|cloud: text based install vs liveimage19:01
michagogo|cloudzykotick9: Sure, but it's still around for precise19:01
daftykinsalternate has packages in a usable form so you can upgrade from the alternate disc too, afaik19:01
michagogo|cloudIs the text based install any different in terms of the end result?19:01
zykotick9michagogo|cloud: no.19:01
michagogo|cloudDoes it give more options or something?19:02
daftykinsmichagogo|cloud: it's useful for those that have modern unsupported graphics cards19:02
k1l_michagogo|cloud: no its not just that clickable.19:02
zykotick9michagogo|cloud: mini certainly does, alternate - i'm not sure...19:02
Matt_von_MisesAccording to this the Ubuntu Software Centre should install dependencies: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/how-to-make-deb-files-open-with-gdebi.html19:04
zaitzevwhen "installing" a program (unzip and place content in a directory, then run program.sh) - in what directory should I put it in the first place?19:05
=== Neozonz is now known as Guest12762
subz3r0zaitzev: depends.... /opt maybe19:05
subz3r0or users home19:05
zaitzevI put it in /opt - and updated $PATH to reflect its /bin directory, but it didn't work..19:06
k1l_make sure user got permissions to go to the /opt directory (and its executable)19:07
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hitsujiTMOzaitzev: also read the README. What app is this?19:07
zaitzevi read the readme, and what I mentioned above is pretty much all it said: Put folder somewhere, update $PATH to be able to launch from anywhere19:08
zaitzevdirectory is chowned to root, as is the other things in /opt19:08
hitsujiTMOzaitzev: how did you update $PATH ?19:09
zaitzevin .profile19:09
hitsujiTMOzaitzev: and did you relog?19:09
Jordan_UMatt_von_Mises: What happens when you try to install your package in Ubuntu via Gdebi? What happens when you try to install it via Software Center?19:09
zaitzevyes I did19:09
hitsujiTMOzaitzev: echo $PATH      and ensure thats correct19:10
zaitzevyeah, no..it's not there. And that is something I also wonder19:10
hitsujiTMOzaitzev: also did you chmod +x phpstorm.sh in the /bin folder?19:11
subz3r0zaitzev: you want the path static... youve to use "export"...19:12
treehousetrying to start skype in a chrooted environment. "No protocol specified". Any ideas? :p19:12
zaitzevoh wait, works now, wtf19:12
jaccarmacAny audio gurus here? I desperately need some help. Proteus killed my headphones.19:13
docmurhow is zfs on Ubuntu, is it rock solid yet?19:13
zaitzevhitsujiTMO: Didn't, but I do get an error now relating to missing JDK :p19:13
AlbertoHello people. How are you?19:13
jaccarmacMy ALSA utiles and libraries seem to be off by a patch.19:13
hitsujiTMO!java | zaitzev install it then :P19:13
ubottuzaitzev install it then :P: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:13
zaitzevhitsujiTMO: Yeah that's what I'm on to :)19:14
jaccarmacTake a look here if you like http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b539d16e6da8375bf29593a1dced54904ecc69c619:14
zaitzevtakes a bit getting used to ubuntu desktop when I haven't been on it for ages, hehe.19:14
AlbertoI've a problem with my ubuntu server 12.04. I don't have access to the ethernet. If I do a ping to google, the response is unknown google. And if I use service networking status: stop/waiting19:15
Albertobut I cannot start It or restart It. What can be?19:15
jaccarmacAlberto: Have you tried bringing eth0 up manually?19:15
AlbertoI've a problem with my ubuntu server 12.04. I don't have access to the ethernet. If I do a ping to google, the response is unknown google. And if I use service networking status: stop/waiting19:15
AlbertoLet me try It19:16
Albertowith if ifup right?19:16
jaccarmacI need sound triage. http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b539d16e6da8375bf29593a1dced54904ecc69c619:16
jaccarmacAlberto: Yes.19:16
zaitzevgod, for some reason google chrome makes my screen all jittery and pixelated, like it freaks out19:16
Albertojaccarmac: Failed to bring It up19:17
Albertojaccarmac: That doesn't work =(19:17
jaccarmacAlberto: What is your error trace on that command>19:18
jaccarmacI need sound triage. http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b539d16e6da8375bf29593a1dced54904ecc69c619:18
hitsujiTMOAlberto: whats the output of: lspci -nn | grep Ethernet | grep -o '\[....:....\]'19:18
=== c_smith is now known as c_smith_away
AlbertohitsujiTMO: "Intel gigabit 82579v "19:19
zaitzevdoes seem like my chrome doesn't want to cooperate at all, it doesn't load up properly, "new tab" is unresponsive..just after launching the program.19:20
zaitzevopening a website isn't working either19:20
Albertojaccarmac: Failed to bring It up19:21
Albertojaccarma: that's the error19:21
Sagar69Need help ....anyone know of any linux app/ tool which shows log graphically?19:21
AlbertohitsujiTMO: Do you have some idea?19:22
SeveasSagar69: logs are text. Open a logfile in a graphical text editor :)19:22
fefehey guys, how can i make the terminal emacs i installed via homebrew use the packages that i installed with aquamcs (using list-packages)?19:22
Seveasfefe: this is an ubuntu support channel. Not mac.19:23
treehouseapparmor seems to be an ubuntu thing. Does it sandbox applications?19:23
AlbertoI've a problem with my ubuntu server 12.04. I don't have access to the ethernet. If I do a ping to google, the response is unknown google. And if I use service networking status: stop/waiting19:23
treehouseI want to protect my data from evil skype19:24
hitsujiTMOAlberto: in that output, whats the bit in [XXXX:YYYY]19:24
toastytoastif i installed oracle java7, is there a way i can change the security features? or would you suggest install openjdk?19:24
Seveastreehouse: it does not sandbox, but can institute limits, so e.g. skype can't open any files19:24
Seveastoastytoast: what do you mean with 'security features'?19:25
toastytoastubuntu x64, form what i could find the java control panel isn't on 64bit machines,19:25
toastytoastso i can run self-signed java applets19:25
xjkxTrying to use a 32 bits application on 64 bits ubuntu, the application website recommended this ------- sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-0:i386 libpangox-1.0-0:i386 libpangoxft-1.0-0:i386 libidn11:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386 ------ but I get error in all of them, can you convert this command to matching the right names please19:25
hitsujiTMOAlberto: also what driver is loaded, lspci -knn | grep Ethernet -A219:25
SeveasAlberto: xjkx which Ubuntu version?19:26
toastytoastSeveas: mostly just for self-signed app i get error application blocked from running becuase of security setting using chromium19:26
Seveaserr, that came out wrong19:26
xjkxSeveas: 13.1019:26
AlbertohitsujiTMO: 8086:150319:26
Seveasxjkx: that should work, pastebin the full output please19:26
xjkxSeveas: maybe I need to enable a repository  ?19:27
AlbertoSeveas: is ubuntu 12.0419:27
SeveasAlberto: xjkx shouldn't be necessary19:27
xjkxSeveas: gonna pastebin hold on19:27
SeveasAlberto: sudo ethtool | grep Link19:27
Seveaswhat does that say?19:27
Seveas!info libgtk2.0-019:28
ubottulibgtk2.0-0 (source: gtk+2.0): GTK+ graphical user interface library. In component main, is optional. Version 2.24.20-1ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 1655 kB, installed size 6278 kB19:28
serversidesHey guys , for some reason when I try to unzip a file , its says " End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not19:29
serversides  a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the19:29
serversides  latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on19:29
serversides  the last disk(s) of this archive.19:29
serversidessorry for line spam19:29
Seveasserversides: don't paste in here19:29
AlbertoSeveas: I don't have ethtool bro19:29
Seveasserversides: go sit in a corner for 10 minutes :)19:29
* serversides hangs head in shame19:29
treehousein chroot: xhost --> unable to open display ":0.0" ........ why? :'(19:29
SeveasAlberto: hmm, ok, that makes things a bit more difficult to diagnose.19:29
Seveastreehouse: because you're in a chroot without /dev /proc and /sys bindmounted19:30
AlbertoSeveas: so bad to read that =(19:30
AlbertoSeveas: first time that I have this kind of problem19:30
treehouseSeveas: thnxzzz19:30
toastytoastwel basicly i am tryign to run an applet, it doesn't run and i get the error "your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running" i know in 32bit the install comes with the java control panel, from what i fund googling "security settings java ubuntu 64bit" the 64bit install does not come with this, i'm using the official oracle installer, does openjdk/jre allow unsigned applications to run? or is there a way i can change my security s19:31
SeveasAlberto: what happens if you do service networking start?19:31
toastytoasti hoep that makes more sense it's beena  bit of a day so far19:31
Seveastoastytoast: well, if nobody has an answer, why not simply try openjdk? :)19:31
toastytoastwell i was going to, but i wanted to check first19:31
xjkxSeveas: http://pastebin.com/J3d7SEB519:31
AlbertoSeveas: returns "stop/wating"19:32
SeveasAlberto: so "start" returns "stop/waiting"? That's odd...19:32
AlbertoSeveas: yeap, It's weirnd no?19:32
AlbertoSeveas: weird*19:32
Seveasxjkx: hmm, that output is unusually short. Pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list please19:33
serversidesok I get this error when tyring to unzip file, what does it mean? http://pastebin.com/QcG0DVzk19:33
SeveasAlberto: does the 3rd line of the output of 'ifconfig eth0' start with 'UP BROADCAST MULTICAST' ?19:33
AlbertoSeveas: let me check19:34
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Seveasserversides: probably that it's a multipart zip or simply corrupt.19:34
serversidesok thanks,  Would a password protected zip interfere?19:35
xjkxSeveas: maybe because im running live, but this is my sources.list http://pastebin.com/R9vypK0t but I wanted to make sure it worked before I installed ubuntu for real19:35
Seveasxjkx: hmm, even live this should work. I can assure you that the apt-get command works on installed systems as I just tried it. No idea why it fails on live, maybe they somehow disabled multiarch on them19:37
SeveasAlberto: ok, that's positive, and does it list an IP address in the output?19:37
toastytoastalright i installed icedtea seems o work19:37
jhutchins!paste | serversides19:37
ubottuserversides: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:37
toastytoastor not just said the page was not responding :(19:37
xjkxSeveas: maybe thats why aptget doesnt work on trying to install kdenlive as well, does it work for you with default source.list ?19:38
AlbertoSeveas: yes, I have an IP, but is weird because the IP is not similar as the others IP in my network19:38
serversidesI already got informed jhutchins o_o19:38
hitsujiTMOAlberto: is your ip 169.X.X.X ?19:38
jhutchinsserversides: Oh, sorry, that was just for future reference.19:38
AlbertoSeveas: If I try to do a ping to a local IP. I have this error "Network is unreachable"19:38
Seveasxjkx: yes, http://pastebin.com/J3d7SEB519:39
serversidesjhutchins:  np dude , got it :)19:39
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Seveaserr, that's https://gist.github.com/885113819:39
xjkxSeveas: alright, thank you19:39
SeveasAlberto: ok, so what's the IP?19:39
SeveasAlberto: that's a fairly normal local network IP. Are you sure you did not set it?19:40
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
SeveasAlberto: if you do 'route -n', which ip address is listed as gateway?19:40
hitsujiTMOAlberto: is there a rogue dhcp server on the network?19:41
SeveasAlberto: and can you ping that ip?19:41
SeveasAlberto: no, that's under destination, not under gateway19:42
AlbertoSeveas: let me check again19:42
Seveasgateway is the 2nd field19:42
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
AlbertohitsujiTMO: I don't think so man19:43
treehousehow do I get display:0:0 in a chroot environment?19:43
AlbertoSeveas: maybe?19:44
SeveasAlberto: and only that one? There should be another line with a different IP19:44
hitsujiTMOsounds like theres no default gateway19:44
unstableHow can I automatically tile two windows with hotkeys?19:44
unstableeg, a terminal and a browser.. have them each go top/bottom on my screen and take up half19:45
AlbertoSeveas: I have two, and the two have
SeveashitsujiTMO: yeah, I was going to suggest rogue dhcp server as well :)19:45
hitsujiTMOAlberto: is there anything set in /etc/network/interfaces19:45
hitsujiTMOAlberto: or /etc/network/interfaces.d/*19:45
SeveasAlberto: ok, are you using DHCP at all on this server or a static configuration?19:45
AlbertoSeveas: is static configuration19:45
AlbertohitsujiTMO: let me check19:45
treehouseNo protocol specified xhost:  unable to open display ":0.0"19:45
k1lunstable: hold super-key and read the description19:46
AlbertoSeveas: You know, I check and the interface is not eth0, the name is docker0. Maybe is there the problem?19:46
Seveasah, it's not a server at all, it's a docker instance19:46
AlbertoSeveas: no no, but I have ubuntu server in the computer19:47
zykotick9treehouse: i've wrestled with chroots and Xorg before - all i'll say, best of luck19:47
AlbertoSeveas: And I'm not using docker.19:47
AlbertoSeveas: I tried It, but I didn't use It19:47
hitsujiTMOAlberto: is this a vps?19:47
Seveasok, well, it screwed with your network config19:48
unstablek1l: That option isn't listed.19:48
Seveasno idea how to undo that, I never used docker19:48
AlbertohitsujiTMO: No man, Is a machine19:48
k1lunstable: ctrl+alt+numkey on keaypad19:48
AlbertohitsujiTMO: is not a virtual machine19:48
treehouseis installing xorg-server on a chroot machine a bad idea?19:49
AlbertohitsujiTMO: In /etc/network/interface I have the interface of eth0 and lo19:49
unstablek1l: holy crap19:50
jaccarmacI desperately need some audio help. Anyone?19:50
unstablek1l: Thanks a lot19:50
hitsujiTMOAlberto: is eth0 configured for static or dhcp?19:50
zykotick9treehouse: no.  but the permission thing, is rather non-trivial.  magic-bit, or something-or-other is involved.19:50
jaccarmacI desperately need some audio help. Anyone?19:50
AlbertohitsujiTMO: dhcp19:50
AlbertoSeveas: I was wrong. eth0 is set dhcp19:51
hitsujiTMOAlberto: does eth0 show up in: ifconfig -a19:51
AlbertohitsujiTMO: no man19:52
jaccarmacI desperately need some audio help. Anyone?19:52
zykotick9jaccarmac: consider, giving some details (might help)19:52
asam0494hey how can we uninstall the wireless driver in ubuntu13,04..??19:53
hitsujiTMOAlberto: what driver is it using? lspci -k | grep Ethernet -A2 | grep driver19:53
jaccarmaczykotick9: Last night, Proteus killed my battery. Now my sound is broken. As far as I can tell, even though I have a stereo device plugged in, Ubuntu is outputting mono.19:54
hitsujiTMO!eol | asam049419:54
ubottuasam0494: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:54
hitsujiTMOasam0494: 13.04 is no longer supported19:54
AlbertohitsujiTMO: e1000e19:54
jaccarmacI can't hear some sounds (L and R channels cancelling one another), some are broken (partial cancelling), and the test sounds in Sound Preferences play through both channels, even though they should only play through one.19:55
zykotick9jaccarmac: i certainly have no idea, but at least the channel now has some idea of your issue.  to bad you included my nick though.19:55
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
asam0494then how to upgrade from 13.04 to 13.10..???19:55
toastytoastah i did find it the java control panel is in x64 install as jcontrol, i wonder why everything i found before said it was not avaible19:55
toastytoastopenjdk and icedtea did not seem to work :(19:56
toastytoastwell openjdk/jre*19:56
hitsujiTMOAlberto: is the name being forced in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules   ??? maybe disable /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and reboot19:56
AlbertohitsujiTMO: let me check19:57
hitsujiTMOasam0494: check factoid for upgrade instructions19:57
AlbertohitsujiTMO: Idk what I have to see there. I don't see nothing weird.19:58
AlbertohitsujiTMO: NAME:'eth0'19:59
AlbertohitsujiTMO: Is that OK?19:59
hitsujiTMOAlberto: how many devices are there? just the 1?19:59
AlbertohitsujiTMO: two19:59
AlbertohitsujiTMO: etho and eth119:59
hitsujiTMOAlberto: ok, whats listed in: ls /sys/class/net/20:00
sux0rzso .. stupid n00b linux question i am sure ... So I downloaded firefox27 and extracted .. standing in firefox folder. As root I can go ./firefox and get v27, if I just type firefox i get the old version... Okay sorta got that.. However When i am NOT root ./firefox and just firefox starts the old version both times... what gives ?20:00
jtranis my situation unusual or expected behavior?   I have a box w/ 4tb hard drive.  I install ubuntu on it using atomic automatic partitioning method which just just creates 3 partitions (~1 MB partition for grub_bios ,  70gb for swap and the rest for rootfs),  upon first installation where there had no prior file system on the disk, the system boots up fine.  HOWEVRE, if I ever reinstall a fresh same version of Ubuntu (precise amd64)20:00
jtranTOP of that , even tho it removes all existing partitions and reformats - after installation upon first boot I will get sent to "grub_console>" .    The ONLY way I've found to do a fresh reinstall succesfully is to boot into livecd and then  "parted label msdos"  first then do the reinstall.20:00
bekksjtran: Whats "atomic automatic partitioning method"?20:01
AlbertohitsujiTMO: docker0 eth1 lo lxcbr020:01
jaccarmacLast night, Proteus killed my battery. Now my sound is broken. As far as I can tell, even though I have a stereo device plugged in, Ubuntu is outputting mono.20:01
jaccarmacI can't hear some sounds (L and R channels cancelling one another), some are broken (partial cancelling), and the test sounds in Sound Preferences play through both channels, even though they should only play through one.20:01
jtranbekks:   it basically chooses "guided entire disk"20:01
jtranbekks:  i refer it to atomic partition method because that's the line i usually use in a preseed to choose that option20:02
hitsujiTMOAlberto: are you sure you are not in a container? do you have physical access to the machine?20:02
jtranbut in this particular case i'm doing manual install from 'retail' iso20:02
jtranretail meaning plain vanilla iso downloaded from the ubuntu website20:02
bekksjtran: Looks like you are using GPT in your automated installation.20:03
AlbertohitsujiTMO: I actually using the machine to run all that commands bro. Because I cannot access across the network20:03
jtranbekks: right and i think ubuntu is doing that automatically cuz it's creating one large ~3.6tb fs right?20:03
jtrani need gpt for that i think right?20:03
jaccarmacLast night, Proteus killed my battery. Now my sound is broken. As far as I can tell, even though I have a stereo device plugged in, Ubuntu is outputting mono.20:03
jaccarmacI can't hear some sounds (L and R channels cancelling one another), some are broken (partial cancelling), and the test sounds in Sound Preferences play through both channels, even though they should only play through one.20:03
AlbertohitsujiTMO: these commands (sorry)20:03
hitsujiTMOAlberto: ok. is eth1 showing up in ifconfig?20:03
jaccarmacI am also in the audio group, if that helps.20:04
AlbertohitsujiTMO: eht1 apears with -a flag20:04
hitsujiTMOAlberto: ok. edit /etc/network/interfaces   change eth0 to eth120:04
AlbertohitsujiTMO: ok20:04
jtranbekks:  so i guess my question is -   when usin GPT in an ubuntu install, is it expected behavior that if i were to reinstall a fresh ubuntu that i'd need to blow away the GPT label prior to reinstall?20:04
bekksjtran: No. I does use GPT because you are using the "atomic automated partitioning method" which creates a 3.6TB partition - while the MSDOS label can only handle partitions up to 2TB.20:04
jtranbekks:   right, so anything larger than 2tb requires GPT right?20:05
bekksjtran: If you want to use MSDOS label on the new installation - yes that is expected.20:05
AlbertohitsujiTMO: done! Do I have restart It?20:05
jaccarmacLast night, Proteus killed my battery. Now my sound is broken. As far as I can tell, even though I have a stereo device plugged in, Ubuntu is outputting mono. I can't hear some sounds (L and R channels cancelling one another), some are broken (partial cancelling), and the test sounds in Sound Preferences play through both channels, even though they should only play through one. I am also in the audio group, if that helps.20:05
hitsujiTMOAlberto: yup20:05
troyreadyAnyone else getting a Steam repo error? My 13.10 system just started throwing a "Hash Sum mismatch" when updating my apt data20:05
AlbertohitsujiTMO: gimme a second20:05
jtranbekks: aah i see.    therfore anytime I reinstall on top of a disk that had a GPT fs on it, I have to blow away the GPT label.20:05
PuppetHello guys. How can I disable a special warning in Squid?20:06
jtranbekks:   would you happen to know how that's possible to blow away a GPT label via preseed?20:06
jaccarmactroyready: It works perfectly for me!20:06
hitsujiTMOtroyready: no issue here. must be an issue with the cdn mirror you're hitting20:06
jaccarmacLast night, Proteus killed my battery. Now my sound is broken. As far as I can tell, even though I have a stereo device plugged in, Ubuntu is outputting mono. I can't hear some sounds (L and R channels cancelling one another), some are broken (partial cancelling), and the test sounds in Sound Preferences play through both channels, even though they should only play through one. I am also in the audio group, if that helps.20:06
bekksjtran: I never dealt with GPT labels in preseeds, sorry.20:06
AlbertohitsujiTMO: finished20:06
jtranbekks:  thanks for clearing up the GPT thing for me tho.20:06
hitsujiTMOAlberto: is it working now?20:06
jhutchins!repeate | jaccarmac20:07
AlbertohitsujiTMO: I did a ping to google and doesn't work20:07
jhutchins!repeat | jaccarmac20:07
ubottujaccarmac: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:07
AlbertohitsujiTMO: =(20:07
jtranbekks:   is there any cleaner way of blowing away gpt label vs how i'm doing it ?   "parted mklabel msdos" ?20:07
hitsujiTMOAlberto: again: ifconfig20:07
hitsujiTMOAlberto: if eth1 showing up?20:07
AlbertohitsujiTMO: yes20:07
PuppetCan someone help?20:08
hitsujiTMOAlberto: ok, getting somewhere. do you have an ip?20:08
troyreadyAh; thanks guys for checking on the steam thing.20:08
jhutchinsjaccarmac: What is proteus and how did it kill your battery?20:08
jaccarmacubottu: Trying not to spam. I will slow down my pings.20:08
AlbertohitsujiTMO: sorry, I didn't catch that20:08
ubottujaccarmac: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:08
jaccarmacjhutchins: A game. It drained my battery really fast, so I crashed.20:09
AlbertohitsujiTMO: I have the interface docker0 with an IP20:09
hitsujiTMOAlberto: does eth1 get an ip? does it show an ip in ifconfig ?20:09
jaccarmacAfter that, sound was broken. So I'm guessing that's the cause.20:09
jhutchinsDid you install it from Ubuntu packages?20:09
AlbertohitsujiTMO: oh! no, there is no IP in eth120:09
hitsujiTMOAlberto: ok. when you edited /etc/network/interfaces did you change both instances of eth0 to eth1?20:10
jhutchinsjaccarmac: So power loss/crash, now sound is bad.  Game had control of sound when it crashed.  Were you in wine or was the game running natively?20:10
AlbertohitsujiTMO: w8!20:11
AlbertohitsujiTMO: I did a sudo ifup eht120:11
=== pcdummy is now known as Fast[BDC]
AlbertohitsujiTMO: and something happen. Let me check20:11
streulmahello, want to install Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS but the installer won't go to the choosing wath to do with partitions screen.20:11
AlbertohitsujiTMO: yup! I have an IP now in eth1!!!20:12
treehousecan I use Xnest to prevent skype from spying on my screen?20:12
jaccarmacjhutchins: Native.20:12
hitsujiTMOAlberto: check /etc/network/interfaces again so. should be 2 lines fot eth1.        auto eth1               and     iface eth1 inet dhcp20:12
antoI have resolution problems for both Lubuntu and Xubuntu. Can't get my VM's to run in full 1366x768.20:13
hitsujiTMOAlberto: did you swap in a different network card at some point?20:13
jhutchinsjaccarmac: Did it run a disk check when you booted again?  Have you rebooted since you discovered the problem?20:13
=== anto is now known as Mongo44
streulmawhat can I do to get the partitions screen?20:13
jaccarmacjhutchins: I did, and it got fixed. I have rebooted several times. As far as I can tell, only sound is broken. And, as I said, it is a *very* specific problem.20:13
jhutchinsjaccarmac: Have you started the game since the crash?20:14
AlbertohitsujiTMO: I just have one line with eth1, that has dhcp. I moved the hard disk to another tower20:14
AlbertohitsujiTMO: that was the problem?20:14
jaccarmacjhutchins: No.20:14
=== lenny is now known as oiuhefke
AlbertohitsujiTMO: I connected to the server by ssh now =)20:15
hitsujiTMOAlberto: you need auto eth1 aswell... that automatically does the ifup eth1 when its finds a connection20:15
jaccarmacjhutchins: I will try that now, and see.20:15
=== Shapeshi1ter is now known as Shapeshifter
cloneGhello is there a way to know the real age of an image? I know it is an image I took from desktop though with an older ubuntu how can I tell? list order by date only gives me the modified date, that is the day I installed ubuntu 12.0420:15
jhutchinsjaccarmac: On the theory that the game did something to the sound and didn't clean up after itself because it crashed, let's try starting the game, seeing of the sound works in-game, messing with the in-game sound settings, and exiting the game properly.20:15
hitsujiTMOAlberto: can you pastebin the persistence rules. might give us an idea of why the device name changed20:15
Bashing-omstreulma: Windows involved in this install ?20:16
AlbertohitsujiTMO: let me see. How can I see the presistence rules?20:16
streulmaBashing-om: n20:16
streulmaBashing-om: no20:16
hitsujiTMOAlberto: ahh wait. swapping the hdd ... i see ... yeah different mac address would cause the different name20:16
jhutchinsstreulma: What partitioning screen?  WHat do you want to do?20:16
AlbertohitsujiTMO: oh, I see20:17
streulmahutshins: install Ubuntu, it came after Preparing for installation Ubuntu20:17
hitsujiTMOAlberto: the persistence rule is the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules file20:17
Bashing-omOK, did you check that the .iso file was good (md5sum) and can you boot the install(DVD ?) into the "try ubuntu" mode ?20:17
AlbertohitsujiTMO: so... When I moved the hard disk to another tower, the SO check that the MAC was direfent, and that is why the interface changed?20:18
hitsujiTMOAlberto: yup20:18
streulmayes Bashing-om20:18
ALdellDoes anyone know where Dell keeps their drivers for Ubuntu?20:18
AlbertohitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/naW8pu4p20:19
po1lanyone knows how to set my cpu on performance governor without getting back to ondemand after restart?20:19
jaccarmacjhutchins: There are no in-game settings. Sound works perfectly, but nothing has changed on the outside.20:19
Bashing-omstreulma: well, should install straight forward, what option did you choose to install with ? (erase disk and use the entire disk ?)??20:19
xjkxI have ubuntu 13.10 64 bits, apt-get install skype doesn't work, and, on skype.com they dont offer for 13.10 :/20:19
AlbertohitsujiTMO: did you see that?20:20
jhutchinsjaccarmac: Ok, so you started the game and quit and it exited normally, but the sound is still bad?20:20
jhutchinsjaccarmac: In-game sound is good, but sound from other sources is bad?20:20
jaccarmacjhutchins: Yes.20:21
hitsujiTMOAlberto: yup. now, if you want eth1 to go back to being eth0 then delete the persistence rules file, and change every instance of eth1 in /etc/network/interfaces back to eth020:21
ALdellI take that since no one responding that no one knows where Dell keeps their drivers for Ubuntu.  It is for the 2330dn on 12.0420:21
Bashing-omstreulma:  OK, did you check that the .iso file was good (md5sum) and can you boot the install(DVD ?) into the "try ubuntu" mode ?20:21
streulmaBashing-om: aha, I think it is because I ejected my other USB drive20:21
jhutchinsjaccarmac: Which release are you on?20:22
jaccarmacjhutchins: 13.1020:22
Bashing-omst, sory bout the double, OK,, what is the install medium ? USB ?20:22
AlbertohitsujiTMO: well... Thank you very much man!!20:22
jhutchinsjaccarmac: This looks likely: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure20:22
hitsujiTMOAlberto: np20:22
=== djanatan_ is now known as djanatan
AlbertohitsujiTMO: and as in Argentina say... "sos groso"!20:22
jaccarmacjhutchins: I already tried all that.20:22
AlbertohitsujiTMO: you're pro ;)20:22
streulmaxjkx install from partner repo, activate (remove #) in /etc/apt/sources.list and do sudo apt-get update20:23
hitsujiTMOALdell: whats the output of: uname -r      and     lspci -nn | grep 'Network\|Ethernet' | grep -o '\[....:....\]'20:23
hitsujiTMOAlberto: lol, ty :P20:24
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Bashing-omstreulma: UHH, what are you upgrading from ? Maybe the respository for an EOL version no longer exist ?20:24
=== ____WHERESTHEWIN is now known as ____WHERES_IS_MN
sgenHello Im trying to transfer a private key to my phone so I can SSH into a server. I cant cp the file with the device connected with MTP and Im not sure where the device mounts as USB 320:24
=== Mr is now known as Guest23152
bekksIt will not mount as USB3 - would be the first phone ever.20:24
jhutchinssgen: mount should tell you.20:25
bekksIt is using USB2.20:25
edveDo anyone knows how to moubt20:25
edveMount a USB from a linksys router in ubuntu?20:25
=== ____WHERES_IS_MN is now known as ___WHERES_IS_MNR
=== ___WHERES_IS_MNR is now known as ___WHERE_IS_MNR
jhutchinsedve: a usb what?20:25
hitsujiTMO___WHERE_IS_MNR: enough of the nick spam please20:25
streulmaBashing-om don't missunderstood, I'm clean installing 12.04.4 LTS and I removed my USB data drive before ubiquity, I think it is messing up drives and don't find this drive. Now rebooted20:25
bekksedve: You have to connect the USB device to the computer running Ubuntu.20:25
sgenHow is it not USB 3? Im using a usb 3 plug with the usb 3 option on my phone turned on?20:26
=== ___WHERE_IS_MNR is now known as asshole
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=== max is now known as maxxxxxx
edveActually there is a USB port info my router , i use this as a network atached storage20:26
bekkssgen: So which phone is it then, exactly?20:26
sgenGalaxy Note 320:26
rwwmaxxxxxx: done?20:26
Bashing-omstreulma: sounds reasonable. Is it your intent to install ubuntu onto the internal hard drive ?20:27
edveI know how to moubt it info my windows but not into ubuntu20:27
bekkssgen: It actually is the first phone with USB3. No kidding.20:27
sgenRegardless what output am I looking for from mount?20:27
sgenhaha nice20:27
jhutchinsbekks: http://www.engadget.com/2012/01/09/smartphones-and-tablets-to-get-microusb-3-0-ports-just-in-time/ <- Jan 2012.20:27
sgengvfsd-fuse ?20:27
streulmaBashing-om yes, formatted with gparted, now restarted and the dvd drive spins..20:28
bekksjhutchins: And?20:28
bekksjhutchins: Still, the Note 3 is the first mobile with an USB3 connector.20:28
xjkxstreulma: thanks, it worked20:28
xjkxby the way I have this like user@user-To-be-filled-by-O-E-M how do I change this to-be-filled ?20:29
Bashing-omstreulma: Roger, waiying, ( a simple install requires no formatting before hand) .. Have you preset the partitions for ubuntu to use ?20:29
hitsujiTMOxjkx: /etc/hostname20:29
jtrananyone know if there's a cleaner command to clear out a gpt label, other than "parted mklabel msdos"?20:30
xjkxhitsujiTMO: thanks20:30
bekksjhutchins: you can use dd, too.20:30
rohandoes the new hardware enablement stack in ubuntu 12.04.4. support 64-bit machines too? all documentation says "x86" -- does that include x86_64?20:30
hitsujiTMOxjkx: name sure any changes are also reflected in /etc/hosts20:30
bekksrohan: Yes.20:30
=== Guest93890 is now known as mfisch
bekksxjkx: It still supports 32bit. Thats worth to be noted, actually, nowadays.20:31
hitsujiTMOrohan: does the docs say amd64?20:31
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treehousescrew you guys, im going home20:31
rohanhitsujiTMO: not that i can see20:32
bekkstreehouse: Watch your language please.20:32
xjkxbekks: what supports 32 bits, the hostname ?20:32
rohanbekks: thank you!20:32
bekksrohan: It supports it - I am running 64bit only.20:32
bekksxjkx: No. The hardware enablement stack.20:32
hitsujiTMOrohan: odd, but yeah, its does support it20:32
cccfireHow good is this OS?20:32
jaccarmacAgain, I have a strange, strange bug where Ubuntu is trying to output mono audio over a stereo device, resulting in null output. I need a way to force stereo, if possible.20:32
cccfireI heard its pretty good.20:32
Bashing-omcccfire: as good as the operator !20:33
sgenSo what am I looking for in the mount output?20:33
streulmaBashing-om: should I install 13.10 ?20:33
Bashing-om streulma; If you are a new user, I highly recommend that you stay with the stable Long Term Support 12.04 !20:35
streulmaBashing-om: no new user20:35
jaccarmacalsamixer Master does not have two channels. How can I get them back?20:36
streulmaBashng-om: Kernel Panic: Bad RIP value20:36
Bashing-omstreulma: Then, in that case, there are numerious improvements in 13.10 .. it is a lot faster OS and has better graphics support, there can be issues though.20:36
xjkxI was reading something online, they said "install ESD (ubuntu package esound), enable it in the ALSA config panel", but what is alsa config panel ?20:37
obsidianAnyone using 14.04 having trouble with Mozilla (Thunderbird, Firefox)?20:38
hitsujiTMO!trusty | obsidian20:38
ubottuobsidian: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+120:38
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Bashing-omstreulma: Mind you , I use 13.10 ... AND I Like IT !20:41
nooobI am running Ubuntu 13.11, I was running Firefox when everything froze up, reisub is not working, how can I escape this safely?20:41
jaccarmacMy Master ALSA channel is Mono, even though it should be stereo. How can I fix that?20:41
nooobAlso the mouse is still working.20:42
glippiso much alsa playing no salsa20:42
nooobNvm, just unfroze.20:42
glippialls also with no salsa, please basic troubleshoot first: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting20:43
Bashing-omnooob: S L O W L Y -> ctl+alt+sysr + q r e i s u b ???20:43
glippigood guide, much tips, so wow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting20:44
nooobBashing-om: where is the sysr key?20:44
jaccarmacmuch read, many no help20:44
hitsujiTMOnooob: print screen button20:45
Bashing-omnooob: can also be same same as Prt Scrn .20:45
nooobBashing-om: what does the added a do?20:45
zee-CNChey guys is there a permanent way to run "low graphics" mode in ubuntu?20:45
nooobBashing-om: added q20:45
Mongo44I have to make a substantials amount of changes to a xorg.conf file what is the best way to do it?20:46
tacHas anyone tried to rsync a directory full of .htaccess files before?20:46
tacrsync is ignoring them, and I'm trying to find a work-around :<20:46
glippiMongo44: with an editor20:46
hojurukui'm angry at ubuntu for the right reasons. for the last 5 years on gentoo/sabayon i couldn't get the cf reader in my laptop to work. It works out of the box in ubuntu. The question is how did you do it? Patches or some special CIS stuff loaded from the initrd? where's your patchset, kernel configs, and how do i find exactly what you throw in the intird to do with pcmcia initialization?20:46
Bashing-omnooob: typo on my part, see that below correction.20:47
Mongo44I would like to copy/paste. Can't do that with vi.20:47
glippiMongo44: gui (texteditor) non-gui-easy (pico, nano) non-gui-knows-it (vi or vim)20:47
nooobBashing-om: thanks20:47
glippiMongo44: copy line "yy" paste "p" (vi)20:49
glippiMongo44: there is also ways to copy parts or from cursor to end of line in vi and vim20:50
glippibut they are shortcuts to know :)20:50
SteevcaHey,is it possible to use a phone with sd card to install ubuntu from ? I have no usb flash drive or cd available. :/20:50
hitsujiTMOSteevca: android phone?20:51
daftykinsSteevca: if it presents the card as mass storage, possibly yeah.20:51
SteevcahitsujiTMO, yes.20:51
glippiif your phone will setup itself as a normal usb drive when plugged in, yes20:51
SteevcaOke,oke. Thanks.20:51
hitsujiTMOSteevca: if its rooted you can use drivedroid20:52
Jordan_USteevca: Only if your computer can boot from USB and doesn't pretent to be a CDROM drive when first connected to a computer (unfortunately that rules out most phones).20:52
Jordan_USteevca: *And your phone doesn't pretend to be a CDROM drive...20:53
zpm!find lcryptopp20:54
ubottuPackage/file lcryptopp does not exist in saucy20:54
zpm!find cryptopp20:54
ubottuFound: python-pycryptopp, python-pycryptopp-dbg20:54
zpmwhen compiling, am getting this error:20:56
zpm* /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcryptopp20:56
bekks!info cryptopp20:56
ubottuPackage cryptopp does not exist in saucy20:56
bekksYou have to install that library first - whatever it may be.20:56
zpmit is installed20:57
zpmfrom python-pycryptopp20:57
bekkszpm: And what about the development headers for it?20:57
xauthzpm: so where is libcryptopp.so?20:57
hitsujiTMOzpm: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19187990/installing-crypto-libcryptopp-on-ubuntu20:57
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Mongo44I would like to Copy/paste from the internet so texteditor is probably the only way.20:59
hitsujiTMOMongo44: ctrl + shift + v to paste in gnome-terminal21:00
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest55584
zpmcool thanks21:03
xauthzpm: try apt-get install libcrypto++-dev21:05
sakortyHello, I got a question about installing, can anyone help?21:11
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Seveassakorty: not if you don't ask the question :)21:12
sakortyThis is pretty much my first time here so i dont really know what I should start with  xD21:12
Seveassakorty: people tend to start with a question. And if they lucky they get an answer21:13
=== VlanXXX is now known as VlanX
sakortyAnyways I am about to install ubuntu and I want to keep windows 8 next to it, should I install it ubuntu in a separate disk than windows 8?21:13
Seveasthat's not necessary, Ubuntu can resize windows partitions to make room for itself21:14
sakortyI have enough room, I mean I guess 60gbs would be enough, I mean would it cause problems with the startup or something? I am pretty new to all this..21:15
Seveasit shouldn't cause startup problems, and 60gb is more than enough21:16
sakortySeveas: Okay thank you21:16
starratsjoin #freenode21:16
douglanyone have any suggestions/experience with text to speech applications in linux?21:16
Seveasstarrats: here, have a / :P21:16
Seveasdougl: I messed about with espeak a bit to annoy coworkers :)21:17
douglSeveas, thanks will google it21:17
starratsforgot the slash, lol21:18
adacHow can I make x1vnc start at booting?21:18
alunduilHow does one see which PPA or repository a package is being installed from?21:20
nightflyapt-cache policy packagename21:21
alunduilThanks nightfly21:21
Mongo44My Lubuntu VM isn't booting. I edited the xorg.conf file and now it won't start.21:23
Bashing-omyxwra_: Hello .21:23
=== jake is now known as Guest29188
SeveasMongo44: boot into recovery mode, restore xorg.conf from backup21:25
zee-CNCi really can't find the answer to this21:25
zee-CNCi want to run low graphics mode in ubuntu permanently21:25
zee-CNChow do i achieve this? :D21:25
Bashing-omzee-CNC: Maybe; Boot with the "nomodeset" parameter (ATI/Nvidia graphics) ??21:26
zee-CNCi have nvidia21:27
zee-CNCcurrently what i've done is in xconf21:27
Bashing-omzee-CNC: Would not hurt a thing to try it and see what the results are .21:27
zee-CNCi've put "vesa" as the driver, which when launching ubuntu tells me its failed to load so its throwing me in lowgraphics mode21:27
zee-CNCi was hoping for a more transparent solution ;D21:27
zee-CNCokay ill try that21:28
hitsujiTMOzee-CNC: blacklist all graphics drivers except the vesa driver?21:28
Bashing-omzee-CNC: hitsujiTMO : much cleaner !21:28
zee-CNCwill it still prompt me in the beginning that im in low graphics mode?21:28
sakortyIm installing ubuntu now and it asks me for the installation size, what should I make it?21:29
zee-CNCKernel driver in use: nouveau21:30
zee-CNCKernel modules: nvidiafb, nouveau21:30
Bashing-omsakorty: I often see 30 gigs recommnded for a base install.21:30
zee-CNCwould i just put in blacklist noveau blacklist nvidiafb21:30
sakortyBashing-om: So should I make it 30gbs?21:30
sharperguyIs there a package I an install to fix the GTK theme for java in cinnamon?21:32
Bashing-omzee-CNC: add that to the file: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf .21:32
zee-CNCthank you21:32
zee-CNCill try it out21:32
hitsujiTMOzee-CNC: o.O seems there's an xforcevesa kernel option too21:32
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zee-CNClemme black list these guys first21:34
Bashing-omsakorty: It is only a suggestion. Only you know what you use your system for and what the space requirements may turn out to be, 30 Giga bytes is a good place to start from.21:34
Mongo44I am in tty1 tried to start lightdm and it failed.21:34
altcoin_I got a really noob question, but it's important for me to know as fast as possible: How to start a program with the shell wich isn't instaled yet?21:34
sakortyBashing-om: okay thanks21:34
bekksaltcoin_: you cant start a program that isnt installed.21:34
Seveasaltcoin_: unicorns and rainbows21:35
hitsujiTMOMongo44: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log21:35
usr13altcoin_: Try it and see.21:35
altcoin_bekks: then how to intal?21:35
altcoin_Seveas: lol^^21:35
usr13altcoin_: (You will be told to install it.)  apt-get install <name-here>21:36
bekksaltcoin_: sudo apt-get install thenameoftheinstallationpackage21:36
Seveasaltcoin_: use the software center. or apt-get from the command line21:36
ilarionhello world!21:36
Seveashello, ilarion!21:36
zee-CNCblacklisting didnt help21:36
Bashing-omilarion: That is us - in a small kind of way .21:37
AricHow do I install Ubuntu for Android on my Nexus 4?  Is this possible?21:37
bekkszee-CNC: Then how did you do that?21:37
altcoin_sudo apt-get install name was eact what i tyoe in....hmmm. I tryn it secound time21:37
bekksaltcoin_: Which program do you want to install?21:37
SeveasAric: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DualBootInstallation21:37
hitsujiTMOzee-CNC: try the xforcevesa kernel param, you may need nomodeset too21:37
usr13altcoin_: If you do not know the exact name, you can search with apt-cache21:37
zee-CNCokay lemme try that21:37
usr13altcoin_: apt-cache search <key-word-here>21:38
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ilarionwhere I find a tutorial to switch appS in ubuntu, like [win + Tab] in W721:38
hitsujiTMOMongo44: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log21:39
usr13ilarion:   Alt-Tab21:39
AricSeveas: That's to dual boot Ubuntu Phone and Android... Ubuntu for Android was where you dock the phone and it loads Ubuntu onto a monitor/keyboard combo and can run the Android apps on screen and receive calls etc.  Undock and the phone is still Android... Running them simultaneously.  http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ubuntu-for-android21:39
ilarionnot Alt +Tab21:39
Seveasilarion: you mean <alt><tab>?21:39
hoverboardhey all21:39
zee-CNCGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash acpi=off xforceversa nomodeset"21:39
zee-CNCwhoops typo21:39
ilarionwith 3d effect21:39
hoverboardanyone like Ubuntu21:39
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bekkshoverboard: Which answer do you expect being in an Ubuntu channel?21:40
hoverboarda truthful one21:40
ilarionI love ubuntu:)21:40
hitsujiTMOilarion: hold the super key. there's alt + tab, alt + `, super + tab, super + num key.  Add shift to the mix to reverse the order21:40
Bashing-omhoverboard: In My Humblest Of Opinions, The greatest Operating System the world has ever known !21:41
usr13hoverboard: There are over a thousand connected to this channel.  So, we should stick to support questions, (it's all we can handle).21:41
altcoin_bekks:  usr13 ...thx. ...but looks like I have to change some settings beor I can run the programm. (it's a wallet for a crypto currency which is announced to mine bevor some minutes)21:41
ElysiumNetis there a way to undelete files in a directory?21:41
hoverboardusr13, this is just a support channel?21:41
hoverboardah ok21:42
hoverboardis there an accompanying off-topic channel?21:42
hitsujiTMOMongo44: (EE) Problem parsing the config file      something wrong with your /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:42
usr13hoverboard: /join #ubuntu-offtopic  for other stuff.21:42
hoverboardoh thanks21:42
Mongo44Noted I got it.21:43
=== pcwhite is now known as PaulW2U
hoverboarddo you find operating ubuntu off a memory stick is faster than off an ssd?21:43
bekksaltcoin_: Whats the name of the program you want to run?21:43
bekkshoverboard: Thats not related to Ubuntu.21:44
altcoin_maxcoin-qt bekks21:44
ElysiumNetis there any way to undelete files in a directory under ubuntu?21:44
bekks!find maxcoin21:44
ubottuPackage/file maxcoin does not exist in saucy21:44
bekksaltcoin_: You have to install it from some PPA.21:44
hoverboardbekks, it should be, it's my ubuntu question about like... how one is better engineered for a certain medium (potentially)21:45
bekkshoverboard: It has nothing to do with Ubuntu, from my point of view.21:45
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
hoverboardso you can't  design an OS to run better off different mediums?21:45
jaccarmacTo all those who have listened to me rant about my audio problems, I have an update. As it turns out, the problem is not with my system configuration. It appears to be with my headphones. I can get my laptop speakers working. I can duplicate the problem on a live CD, but the headphones work properly when plugged into a Windows box. Any more suggestions?21:45
ilarionsuper + tab switch app via luncher21:45
aso824Hi, there is a separate channel for developers? I have big problem with gl3w and bumblebee but the strange thing is the program has stopped working suddenly...21:46
Mongo44I modified the xorg.conf file that still hasn't fixed my resolution. I can only get 640x480. What gives?21:46
Seveasjaccarmac: use alsamixer. You'll find that the headphone is muted21:46
hitsujiTMOMongo44: what did you change?21:46
Bashing-omElysiumNet: short answer, if from the command line the file was removed, it is gone gone. If the trash has been "emptied" it is gone gone. That said if the file is important enough, and you are wuilling to expend the effort to realy learn this operating system, and that file's data has not been over riden, Maybe.21:46
usr13hoverboard: Different media types could effect speed and if you want to experiment, by all means do it.  There will be some difference but other factors effect speed of running computer applications as well.21:46
Mongo44I deleted the whole thing and used the one from my host Wheezy which works.21:47
schoneI'm inside a chroot and for some reason even though i have a policy-rc.d with a mod of 0755 my service that I'm installing thru apt-get still starts up21:48
schoneits a java service21:48
schoneis there some other monitoring daemon that's causing this?21:48
halfburnttoasthoverboard, just to interject, there's going to be tradeoffs no matter what optimization is made. Some optimizations can be detrimental to others.21:48
halfburnttoastothers depend on the type of medium. writing temp and log files to a USB drive is a quick way to kill the drive21:48
halfburnttoastso they're usually better off stored in a ram disk, for example21:49
jaccarmacSeveas: Not true, actually. As I said before, I can dupe the problem on a live CD but not another OS. The headphones are actually working, the mixing on them is just screwed up. That is, I can hear sound if the stream is skewed toward one channel, but if the channels are balanced, they mute one another.21:49
halfburnttoastbut that has the negative effect of having no long-term storage for log files21:49
hitsujiTMOMongo44: have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution/#Adding_undetected_resolutions21:49
Seveasjaccarmac: hmm, run alsamixer and make a screenshot. I'm curious :)21:49
altcoin_bekks: I'm talking to one, and he said that I have to build apt, becauce it's not in there. do you know what to do?21:50
usr13altcoin_: cat /etc/issue  #What does that say?21:50
altcoin_usr13: cat /etc/issue21:51
dgbaley27hey, is there a kernel command line option to trigger the minimal install on the server cd?21:51
hitsujiTMOaltcoin_: thats a command. whats the output of the command21:51
usr13altcoin_: Open a terminal window, type   cat /etc/issue    Hit enter.  Tell us what it says.21:52
jaccarmacSeveas: http://i.imgur.com/mP0q0WV.png21:53
jaccarmacSeveas: Sorry, it's the whole screen. But you can see the whole setup.21:53
altcoin_usr13:  hitsujiTMO ...ups, just c+p the wrong. here what i get: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS \n \l21:53
usr13altcoin_: And apt is not installed?  (How is that?)21:54
ilarionI`v tried once with compiz to obtain 3d effect for [super + tab], then my ubuntu become unstable....works only for once...21:54
usr13altcoin_: It should also be noted that you are a bit behind, it should say  12.04.4  (not 12.04.2)21:54
=== darklord is now known as Guest34654
ilarionwas a nice effect [super + tab] then arrows21:55
usr13altcoin_: So you have stripped down some of your aps?  You have uninstalled apt?21:55
hitsujiTMOusr13: that's not behind. its on the quantal lts enablement stack is all21:56
altcoin_usr13: sry, maybe I told it the wrong way. I mean. Here's the short chat I've got with the guy told me  this: "hey there. I can't start my wallet. I'm using ubuntu in tipping in the shell: sudo apt-get install maxcoin-qt21:56
altcoin_but it doesn't work21:56
altcoin_yeah i'm having issues too21:56
altcoin_working on it21:56
altcoin_oh it's not in apt21:56
altcoin_you have to build it21:56
altcoin_damn....don't know what to do...21:56
Mongo44xrandr is worthless.21:56
usr13altcoin_:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade21:57
hitsujiTMOusr13: wait, no, i'm wrong.21:57
usr13altcoin_: It will take a while, so go and get some coffee, or a beer21:58
ilarionQ: open office is better than libre?21:58
Guest34654hello all. is there anyone here who has experienced the pain of installing a the broadcom chipset of a wnda3100vs in ubuntu?21:58
usr13ilarion: Not really21:58
usr13ilarion: I use libreoffice21:59
ilarionmee too21:59
hitsujiTMOilarion: no. theres very good reasons why ubuntu moved to libreoffice21:59
ooPaulieooMe! (Broadcom) ...21:59
ilarionbut I read about new release of open office21:59
ooPaulieooI connected Ethernet cable to do updates21:59
hitsujiTMOilarion: its the same thing under the hood, but libreoffice has an improved user interface21:59
ilarionbut libre is all I need21:59
ilarionfor now21:59
usr13ilarion: So use it.21:59
jaccarmacAll righty. It appears that something is wrong with my headphone jack. Crap.22:00
ooPaulieoo*Whatever's Comfortable22:00
Jordan_Uilarion: There are regularly new releases of LibreOffice too.22:00
altcoin_usr13: ok thank you for your help.22:00
=== Guest12762 is now known as Neozonz
ooPaulieoo@jaccarmac , are your headphones not working?22:01
usr13altcoin_: NP22:02
usr13ilarion: I use 4.1.422:03
ilarion1 last question: I have an issue with my sound card......sometimes at startup I have only dummy ouput ..... the solution I found it is [sudo alsa force-reload]....but it`s is not a permanent solution22:03
ilarionI can find a permanent solution?22:04
usr13ilarion: On my other computer, I have 4.2.022:04
ilarionmee to usr1322:04
ilarionwith noobslab tutorial22:04
ilarionI have 4.2.022:06
altcoin_usr13: I got a new message from a user in an other IRC. Here's what he wrote: You'll need to set up your config file then run ./maxcoin-qt22:06
altcoin_https://github.com/Max-Coin/clients found from within here22:06
lickalottanyone else have any troubles with the system locking up during heavy file transfers across the network?22:07
ilariondisable locking up22:08
lickalottit's happened a few times now.  I'll try and move like 150GB or so of movies/files.  i start it at night assuming it will be done in the morning.  When I wake up the system is unresponsive and basically stopped a little after I locked the screen the night before.22:08
lickalottilarion, huh?22:09
usr13altcoin_: What is maxicoin?22:10
ElysiumNetis there any way to undelete data on an ext3 partition?22:10
altcoin_usr13: a new crypto currency simliar to bitcoin22:10
lickalottyes ElysiumNet22:10
ElysiumNetlickalott: how?22:10
hitsujiTMOElysiumNet: no. you can try to recover it with photorec or similar software22:11
usr13altcoin_: Oh, ok.  Well, I don't have experience with it [yet]22:11
lickalottElysiumNet, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery#Photorec22:11
lickalotttrust me homey22:11
lickalottright (as hitsujiTMO said)  you can't undelete it, but you can attempt to recover it.22:12
lickalottaltcoin_, are you mining?22:12
altcoin_usr13:  if I get this shit running soon I should make a lot`s of coins. ...when I wait until tomorror not :-(.22:12
ElysiumNetlickalott: what package is it in?22:12
hitsujiTMO!language | altcoin_22:12
ubottualtcoin_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.22:12
lickalotttestdisk for ubuntu I believe ElysiumNet22:13
ElysiumNetit tells me that commands doesn't exist22:13
altcoin_ubottu: I try, but my english is really bad.22:13
lickalottyou have to install it22:13
usr13altcoin_: Do updates first...22:13
lickalottsh*t is sh*t in any language  LOL22:13
ElysiumNetlickalott: okay, to recover a directory do I use /d switch?22:14
ilarionubottu it`s a bot?22:14
ubottuilarion: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:14
ilarion1 is it!:)22:14
altcoin_ilarion: ok that you mean ^^. sry22:14
ElysiumNetsuch as "photorec /d directoryname22:14
lickalottjust run it.22:14
lickalottfollow the prompts22:14
altcoin_usr13: really? Is it so important to do this udate bevor?22:14
ElysiumNetit tells me no harddisk found...22:15
lickalottyou can choose to look for specific file types22:15
lickalottwhat command are you running?22:15
altcoin_lickalott: in the past. And now I'm trying it with a new coin22:15
ElysiumNettestdisk does the same22:16
hoverboardusr13, halfburnttoast, thanks for your responses22:16
lickalottaltcoin_, just looked into an R90 card.  stinking expensive for the higherend ones.22:17
hoverboardit's not quite what I was asking, but there's a lot that is NOT in your answer that helps me to understand that Ubuntu probably doesn't optimize for one medium or the next22:17
marterat_hi how your doing?22:17
lickalottElysiumNet, i haven't used it in a while.  check on google for specifics on how to run for your needs.22:17
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
lickalottElysiumNet, here's a start - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=38792222:18
marternetIs anyone doing good here?22:19
ElysiumNetlickalott: the partition is a simfs thing22:20
ftfidshi guys, when I tried to install irssi on ubuntu 12.04, got error 'irssi : Depends: libperl5.14 (>= 5.14.2) but it is not going to be installed'22:20
ftfidswhen i try to install libperl15.14, got error ' libperl5.14 : Depends: perl-base (= 5.14.2-6ubuntu2.2) but 5.14.2-6ubuntu2.3 is to be installed'22:20
ftfidsany idea how to solve this?22:21
usr13ftfids: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install22:23
=== Horse_ is now known as Horse
ftfidsusr13: tried that, nothing happens22:23
Piciftfids: looks like an update recently hit the repos, your mirror might be behid.22:24
=== Horse is now known as Horse_
usr13ftfids: sudo apt-get autoremove22:24
aso824Anyone can help me with bumblebee? Eh... gl3w can't init when using optirun command, but works - suddenly, stop working :)22:24
ftfidsPici: how do I change the mirror?22:24
Piciftfids: on my 12.04 install, libperl15.14 depends on perl-base (= 5.14.2-6ubuntu2.4)22:24
ftfidsusr13: still nothing happens22:24
usr13Pici probably has the answer....22:25
ftfidsPici: right, can you tell me more?22:25
Piciftfids: either use the options in the software center to change your repos, or modify /etc/apt/sources.list to point at a different server.22:25
PiciI'm a server guy, I don't remember what the GUI option for this looks like anymore.22:25
PiciSomeone else might be able to point you in the right direction for that :)22:26
lesshastewhat is the bug reporting tool ?22:27
lesshasteI want to report a chromium bug22:27
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samineruHi there, my computer overheats and shuts down frequently. As found in syslog, it is "thermal_zone1" How do I monitor this temperature? I've found the command sensors, but there are a number of different temperature groups, any of which could be thermal_zone122:33
usr13samineru: Is it a laptop or desktop?22:34
usr13samineru: Either way, what you need to do is find a way to make it run cooler.22:35
usr13samineru: General cleaning inside the PC, clean the heat sink, apply new thermal grease, etc...22:36
samineruusr13 It is a laptop. I have tried cleaning the fan and heat sink. Is replacing the thermal paste something an amateur is likely to be able to do succesfully?22:36
DanC_I did a side-by-side install with windows, but customized partitioning first to use LVM for everything but /boot. But when I restart, I get the windows boot loader. I wonder if some sort of grub-install is all I need...22:37
usr13samineru: It depends.  Some laptops are hard to work on, but getting down to the processor and applying new thermal grease is pretty extensive operation on most laptops.22:38
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usr13samineru: http://www.howtogeek.com/67660/how-to-diagnose-and-fix-an-overheating-laptop/22:39
jiridohitsujiTMO: Hi. would you have time to help me some more?22:41
usr13samineru: If you scroll down most of the way, you come to cooling devices such as "Laptop Cooling Stand" and "Laptop Cooling Pad" etc..22:41
usr13!bug | jirido22:41
ubottujirido: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.22:41
jiridousr13: no i dont think its a bug in ubuntu22:42
samineruusr13 , I attempted to clean the fan once without removing it, I may go back and try to do a better job, as looking at documentation suggests that it's not that much harder. I currently have it on an improvised stand22:42
z_-Is latest desktop ubuntu good for 10 years old laptop (single core, 2gb ram) or is there a semi-light distro that would work better (not something drastic for 1990 computers)22:43
samineru*and replace the thermal grease as well22:43
DanC_root@ubuntu:~# vgchange -a y ; mount /dev/modwork/root /mnt ; grub-install --root-directory=/mnt /dev/sda22:43
DanC_let's hope that worked...22:43
xjkxTo get codecs, we still go for restricted extras ? (ubuntu 13.10, 64 bits) it said if I install that I gotta remove something, so I want to make sure22:48
samineruusr13, long term solution aside, my current coping mechanism of monitoring temperature via lm-sensors does not seem to be giving me information on the temperature causing thermal shutdown. Do you know of any alternative sources of that information?22:49
SchrodingersScatz_-: have you seen lubuntu and xubuntu?22:51
anarkhosis there a command for seeing the name of the loaded keymap?22:53
usr13samineru: No.  I've always just addressed the overheating problems as hardware issue(s).22:53
usr13samineru: If the PC is shutting down when it overheats, that's all I expect of the software.  From that point on, it's up to me to make it quit overehating.22:54
z_-SchrodingersScat: yes, which would you recommend? Lubuntu is more hardcore than Xubuntu right?22:55
misternumberoneUbuntu 13.10 AMD64 on Intel and Nvidia and Intel, nouveau driver as can't make proprietary function, sometimes, about every other time, when I turn on my computer and log in the screen stays black with just a cursor and I have to restart.22:56
SchrodingersScatz_-: I haven't used lubuntu, in xubuntu now, iirc lubuntu is the lightest.22:57
misternumberoneIt didn't always do this but it started after the last time I tried and failed to use the nvidia driver, I thought I had reset everything as for nouveau and can't find the problem.22:58
StFSHi. I'm getting console (terminal) messages in Icelandic and while I understand the language it just feels weird. My $LANGUAGE is set to "en_US:is:en" but it should just be "en_US:en" but I can't for the life of me find out where this is being set to that value!?23:01
usr13misternumberone: Did you rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?23:01
StFSMy /etc/default/locale contains LANGUAGE="en_US:en"23:01
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z_-SchrodingersScat: Thanks. I'll live CD both and see what's up. Regardless, good choices ?23:01
misternumberoneusr13: yes23:01
usr13misternumberone: what does lspci say about your video card?23:02
usr13misternumberone: I'd suggest uninstalling the nvidia packages that you have now and do it manually.23:03
misternumberoneusr13: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)23:03
misternumberone AND 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF108M [GeForce GT 540M] (rev a1)23:03
usr13misternumberone: 32bit or 64?23:03
misternumberoneusr13: I have no proprietary nvidia packages23:04
misternumberoneusr13: have uninstalled all23:04
misternumberoneusr13: 6423:04
usr13misternumberone: Desktop?23:05
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SchrodingersScatz_-: trying them out is the right path, I'm very happy with xubuntu though, it's my default now.23:05
misternumberoneusr13: notebook, designed for nvidia optimus but don't want to use that, have been trying to ONLY use NVIDIA GPU but I can't seem to get anything except vanilla nouveau to work23:06
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GlitchmanbetaIs there a 32bit version of Ubuntu Server 13.10 available for download?23:06
usr13misternumberone: http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/7225023:07
misternumberoneusr13: are you sure? I tried this before and it did not work for me, also I have read that using driver straight from nvidia not in package is bad23:08
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usr13misternumberone: It's up to you23:08
xjkxAlt+mouse click moves the window, how do I turn it off23:08
GlitchmanbetaIs there a 32 bit version of Ubuntu Server available for download?23:08
misternumberoneusr13: ok23:09
zacktuWhen I run apt-get update I get a message about duplicate sources with a suggestion that I may want to run apt-get update.  These appear to be system sources.  I don't like messages like these.  Can I clean up this situation?23:10
ikoniazacktu: remove duplicate sources23:11
ikoniait's that simple23:11
GlitchmanbetaIs there a 32 bit version of Ubuntu 13.10 Server I can download?23:12
ikoniashould be23:12
ikonianope, just 64bit23:12
GlitchmanbetaI went to the download page and there seems to be no way to select.23:12
usr13Glitchmanbeta: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server  #Choose 32-bit23:13
ikoniausr13: not there for 13.1023:13
samineruusr13 Thanks for your time and help, have a good day23:13
usr13Glitchmanbeta: ubuntu-12.04.4-server-i386.iso23:14
Glitchmanbetausr13:I can only use 12.04?23:14
usr13ikonia: Glitchmanbeta Oh, ok 13.10  I don't know.  I just do LTS23:14
usr13Glitchmanbeta: For server, yes, use LTS (good advise)23:15
ikoniathere you go23:15
ikoniaits there23:15
ikoniawhat a stupid thing to do, make the build, but then hide it23:15
tellonewhen did ubuntu switch to efi kernel?23:15
ikoniaefi kernel ???23:15
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Glitchmanbetaikonia:Thank You!23:15
ikoniawhat ???23:15
zacktuikonia: It appears that they are in /var/lib/ .../i386/... and /var/lib/.../amd64/...  I'm using 64-bit precise, so should I remove the i386 files?23:16
ikoniazacktu: they are not software sources, they are directories23:16
tellonelinux /boot/vmlinuz-3.11.0-15-generic.efi.signed23:17
ikoniatellone: it only installs that if you're on an efi system23:17
zacktuikonia: i thought that the ellipses indicated sort of a path -- anyway there are directories with almost identical names -- one with i386 and one with amd64 --23:18
tellonesince which version, grub2 should be able to load an none efi stubed23:18
ikoniatellone: any23:19
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usr13Zooklubba: I think what you are looking at are 32-bit and 64-bit libraries.23:34
usr13Zooklubba: Sorry, that was for zacktu23:34
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