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zequencettoine: Hi12:41
zequenceWhat's up?12:41
ttoinezequence, I am fine12:41
ttoineand you ?12:41
zequenceOk. I'm testing 14.04.04. I think it will be released today12:42
zequence12.04.4, I mean12:42
ttoineI had a chat with developers of pitivi12:43
ttoineand I see that the latest version, 0.92, is available in debian stable12:43
ttoineyou think it is possible to push it in 14.04 ?12:43
zequenceI'll add it right now.12:44
zequenceI will be going through our entire seeds in a few days12:45
zequenceJeez. Need to clean those up12:46
zequenceOk, done12:47
zequenceshould end up in the next build12:47
ttoinezequence, really ??14:08
ttoinevery good news !14:08
ttoineyou know when the next build will be available ?14:08
zequencettoine: If not today, some time tomorrow probably, but if you want to try it, just download trusty and install it separately14:41
zequenceI noticed it was also available for saicy, though probably an older version14:42
ttoinezequence, yes, a very, very old version14:43
ttoineI will notify pitivi developer that the latest version should be sync soon for 14.0414:43
zequencettoine: It happens automatically14:44
ttoinegreat !14:44
zequenceif it's in the debian repo, it is autoimported to the latest devel version of Ubuntu14:44
knomewell DIF is today...14:45
ttoinewhich debian repo ?14:45
zequencettoine: unsable14:46
ttoineok, I'll check that14:46
zequencettoine: rmadison pitivi14:48
zequence0.15.2-0.2ubuntu1 in trusty14:49
zequencealso in unstable14:50
zequencettoine: It is the packager who must update the package in Debian14:50
zequenceok, it is updated in the experimental repo14:50
zequenceSo, it's underway14:51
zequenceWon't reach trusty though14:51
zequencettoine: I think we should start a ppa for doing our own backports for selected software14:51
zequenceIt's not easy getting in backports for Ubuntu releases.14:52
ttoinezequence,  so it will not be in 14.0415:09
ttoinezequence, having our own backport is something I always would have, but previous team leader didn't want to15:11
zequencettoine: No, it won't be in 14.04, because it is not promoted to unstable, and we now come into Debian import freeze15:15
zequenceSo, to have a newer version, we need to do a backport. But since backporting is not easy to get approved for many applications, the easiest way is to create an unofficial repo15:16
zequenceI'm thinking of adding this to the new version of controls - the ability to add a ubuntustudio ppa, making it clear that it is a bit volotile (in theory)15:17
ttoinewould it be a lot of work to maintain such a PPA ?15:18
zequencettoine: Not really15:18
zequenceI prefer to put most of my effort on a LTS release, and keep updating it15:18
zequenceespecially now, when the interim releases are only supported for 9 months, and who knows what will happen to them after trusty15:19
zequenceIf we get the new version of ubuntustudio-controls in place, with the ability to update from our own repo, then we can more easily manage our own customizations that way. But, it needs to be done with caution and respect, of course15:24

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