raymond_i have a ? can some one help me00:05
raymond_i want to go form  Ubuntu Studio 13.10  to Ubuntu 13.10 Unity with out a dvd00:06
raymond_i am out of blinks dvds  and i cant find my usb stick00:07
souredfrogso install unity ?00:08
onaxisCan anyone help me to find some plug ins?00:10
onaxismean some audio plugins?00:11
souredfrograymond_, sudo apt-get install unity     logout    change desktop environment before you enter your password to log back in00:11
souredfrogonaxis, What do you want specifically?00:11
raymond_ can i rewmove  Ubuntu Studio at all ?00:12
souredfrogWhat part of it?00:12
souredfrogYou can remove whatever you want00:12
souredfrogonaxis, http://manual.ardour.org/working-with-plugins/00:14
souredfrogLists plugins and howto use them00:14
onaxisthank you00:20
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wipthe last apt-get upgrade seems to have cause USB problem16:34
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