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bluesabreknome: pong01:39
knomeumhumm, sorted01:39
knomexubuntu-docs 12.04.2 is in.01:39
bluesabrethe dokuwiki can be updated to not say "staging", give it a more lovely facade :)01:40
knomehad to dig up your .dsc and .tar.gz to get the binary images uploaded01:40
bluesabreknome: fantastic01:40
knomeand everything is as supposed now01:40
slickymasterbluesabre, MenuLibre 2.0 series is completely translated into portuguese even though LP is showing 0% translated01:40
bluesabrethanks slickymaster: I'll try to figure out what the issue with lp01:42
bluesabrewish me luck ;)01:42
knomegood luck01:42
knomethe canonical servers have been playing games today01:42
slickymasteranother thing, bluesabre, are you ok with us linking your wiki from the docs, or are you planning to move the docs?01:42
bluesabreslickymaster: I'm fine with linking to it, I have no intention of relocating them if its not necessary01:43
bluesabremugshot and menulibre both link to the dokuwiki in their respective --help01:43
bluesabreor/ manpages01:44
slickymastergreat, thanks bluesabre 01:44
bluesabrecatfish 1.0 is in trusty01:45
bluesabreI think mugshot should make it, it made it into debian today01:45
bluesabrenot sure if we have to do anything, or if it will be pulled in with the debian sync before debian import freeze01:46
ochosinice work bluesabre 01:46
bluesabreits Noskcaj to thank01:46
bluesabrehe's been a packaging machine01:46
ochosiwell you've done a fair share of coding, no need to be modest about that01:47
ochosibluesabre: if you have time on the weekend, we could try to get the greeter in shape for a release01:48
bluesabreochosi: I might have such an opportunity saturday/sunday morning01:50
ochosicurrently, the indicator-stuff needs some testing01:51
ochosibrainwash said that it slows down the greeter01:51
ochosi(which is hard to test on my machine)01:51
ochosiwould be good to ask him to find out whether it's slower than unity-greeter01:52
ochosionly two weeks till feature-freeze...01:56
ochosianyway, i'm out02:02
bluesabreyeah, I'll try to get some testing in tomorrow maybe02:16
elfyhi slickyma1ter 09:40
elfyhi slickymaster 09:40
slickymastermorning elfy 09:40
* elfy is busy checking core testcases and raising bugs09:41
slickymasternow I'm not sure If I must had logged in as slickymaster or slickyma1ter09:41
elfywebchat is slickymaster - you're alterego on dagobah is slickyma1ter 09:42
slickymasterok, thanks elfy 09:42
bluesabre     0.2-1 010:12
bluesabre        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe amd64 Packages10:12
bluesabreback to bed to sleep like a normal human10:12
slickymastersweet dreams bluesabre 10:12
bluesabreUnit193: go to bed D:10:13
elfyknome: - volman testcase - specifies opening with a bunch of different media - should we make it obvious that not having a 'type' of media is not a cause for failing the testcase10:27
elfyand that people should just note in comments what they don't have10:27
knomeelfy, or the other way, always specify what they *did* test?10:28
elfythat works too - okey doke :)10:28
knomedon't know. either way works for me, but you are right in the failing part.10:28
elfyslickymaster: if you get chance to look https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfcecorecheck/+merge/20514012:09
slickymasterI will after lunch elfy, scout's word12:10
elfythanks :)12:10
elfytalking of which ... 12:10
elfyis there a Y in the day ... 12:11
slickymasterochosi: ping12:27
slickymasteryou around?12:27
ochosislickymaster: pong12:27
ochosiwhat up?12:27
slickymasterochosi: I'm starting to port xfdesktop from bluesabre's wiki to xub -docs12:27
slickymasterthe idea is to rewrite the existing section with just the highlights12:28
ochosisounds cool12:29
slickymasterany thoughts on everything in particular you should think ought to be ported?12:29
ochosiyou mean thoughts on what highlights to point out?12:29
slickymasterwhat do you see as important to be placed in the docs?12:29
ochosii'd explain stuff like the time-based changing of the wallpaper12:29
ochosimany settings are easy to understand in the dialog, that's one of the more complex ones12:30
slickymasterkeep in mind that what's going to be rewritten is //usr/share/xubuntu-docs/desktop-guide/guide-desktop.html#customizing-appearance12:30
ochosithen, the multi-monitor handling12:30
slickymasterother than that, anything else?12:30
slickymasterdid you get to finish the multi-monitor section in blusabre's wiki?12:31
ochosiafaik the "set as wallpaper" shortcut in thunar is currently broken12:31
ochosiit would have to be updated to work with xfdesktop4.1112:31
ochosiso better re-think whether that shouldn't be removed from the docs12:32
ochosi(or we get someone to write a patch)12:32
slickymasterthat patch would have to be done before doc-freeze 12:32
ochosihm, sry about dropping the ball a bit on the xfdesktop docs. i was in touch with eric_the_idiot_ and NSchermer to get them merged, but the whole docs-versioning thing held everything up :/12:32
ochosiwhen's doc-freeze again?12:33
slickymaster6 weeks from now12:33
ochosihm, well i might be able to look into fixing that...12:34
slickymasterif I'm not mistaken12:34
ochosicurrently wanna fix a few things in the greeter first though12:34
ochosislickymaster: i'll send another email about the xfdesktop docs now...12:36
slickymaster_damn internet connection12:37
slickymaster_ochosi: I might have missed something you said12:37
elfyhe said "currently wanna fix a few things in the greeter first though" "slickymaster: i'll send another email about the xfdesktop docs now..."12:38
slickymaster_thanks elfy 12:38
ochosithanks parrot-elfy :)12:39
elfyassuming that is you know what the last thing you said was :p12:39
ochosiwe should get a parrot-bot that PMs the last 20 lines that were said in the channel :>12:39
slickymaster_these days one starts to even doubt that :P12:39
elfyochosi: I was really kind too - I didn't ping that ochosi guy a bunch of times12:39
elfyochosi: lol12:39
elfysat here doing tests for zequence - I hope he knows he owes me now :p12:40
slickymaster_so, just to wrap things up, do you think there's any chances of doing anything with the multi-monitor issue ochosi 12:40
zequenceelfy: I'm too poor to pay you ;)12:41
elfythat's ok - we'll be doing beta 1 tests for trusty soon :p12:41
ochosislickymaster_: yes, i promise i'll do that today or tomorrow12:42
ochosicurrently @work, so only one monitor12:42
slickymaster_ok, thanks, I'll owe you one12:42
ochosithanks for reminding me12:42
elfyzequence: I've done the install test for 32 bit - got no way to do the live session persistence test one12:43
ochosiwell, i think we'll just be about even (or even i might still owe you for all the great work you did on the docs)12:43
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slickymasterelfy: in your MP (https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfcecorecheck) all the testcases number match the ones in the tracker, right?12:48
elfyI hope so - or it's going to go horribly wrong12:48
slickymasterjust confirming12:49
slickymasterdo you want me to review it in LP, or just give you a opinion here?12:50
slickymasterelfy: ^^^12:51
elfybest do it on LP12:51
slickymasterokie dokie, you'll have it this afternoon12:52
elfythanks - I'll get things sorted later12:53
slickymasterlunch time12:56
slickymasterbrb ->12:56
ochosihmp, so for the thunar wallpaper plugin i'm afraid we'll have to patch thunar for ubuntu12:59
elfyknome: oh yea - why wouldn't the tracker let me mark the alternates as ready yesterday? confused ... 15:09
* knome shrugs15:10
elfylol - I did that as well - didn't make the slightest difference when I did it though :)15:12
knomeso... do you want a release announcement?15:14
elfydidn't have one for .3 that I remember or can see 15:16
knome.4 is the last point update though, and we have the new docs in15:17
knomethough i don't feel strongly either way15:17
elfymmm - well I don't fee strongly either15:17
elfyI'd guess that those on .3 would have done the docs if they'd needed to and wouldn't likely notice 15:17
elfyor .1 or .2 15:18
knomewas a release announcement for .115:18
knomecould do something similar this time, a short announcement15:18
knome(also noting that it is indeed the last point release)15:18
knomei have about until 16UTC to draft it if you want15:19
elfyok - I'm about to wander - will be back in a short while15:19
elfybah - back shortly15:23
knomeelfy, http://xubuntu.org/?p=2072&preview=true15:34
elfyI's back 15:34
slickymasterelfy: are you back?15:34
knomeelfy, feel free to publish when cjwatson announces if i'm not around15:34
elfyknome: ok - looks ok to me too15:35
slickymasterelfy: Bug #1276965: Test Case 1583 -> <dt>Click "Gear Icon" on the menu bar</dt> if you press the gear icon a menu won't drop down, what happens is that Application Finder opens15:35
ubottubug 1276965 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Case 1583" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127696515:35
slickymasterin order to the menu drop down what has to be clicked is the arrow icno to the right of the gear icon15:36
elfyknome: if you go - make sure you've not got it locked then - and save it :p15:37
knomeoops :P15:37
knomereleased the lock.15:37
knomebtw, you can force unlocking15:38
knomenot that it is wise, but if i would have been gone...15:38
elfyknome: I know - but I didn'ty know if it had been saved or anything :p15:38
knomeit is, it is15:38
elfyslickymaster: hang on - catching up :)15:39
brainwashrecent lightdm update seems to be broken here15:40
elfyslickymaster: aaah - I see that the arrow is actually seperate from the icons ... 15:40
elfynot very apparent for one with knackered eyes15:41
slickymasteranother thing, in that test you have  <dt>Click "Switch Icon" on the menu bar</dt> what's this icon?15:41
slickymasterbecause I'm not seeing it in my task manager15:42
slickymasterelfy: ^^^are you referring to the Settings for Task Manager icon?15:45
elfythe one that looks like a set of switches15:45
elfycalling these icons names that mean nothing is a matter of taste :p15:46
slickymasterwell that one is the Settings for Task Manager15:46
slickymasterelfy: I think that what you intend is the the arrow icon to the right of that one 15:47
slickymasterthey are also separate icons15:47
elfyprobably - I'm in the middle of a bunch of stuff here - including hungry kids15:48
elfyat the moment - the testcase says click execute and click preferences15:48
slickymasterI'll comment it in LP15:48
elfyneither of which is actually there15:48
slickymasteryeas, you're right about that15:48
elfybut I didn't actually realise that there was a button and menu either15:49
elfyjust forget that one - and look at the others15:49
elfyand the quit button has just disappeared as well15:49
slickymasteryes, you just have it when you right-cilik it in the panel15:51
zequenceDid live session persistance work in Xubuntu 12.04.4?16:01
zequenceOr, has no one tested that before?16:02
elfyI'm bad - never check it tbh - and in fact we rejigged our live testcase to read like this http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1303/info16:03
elfyslickymaster: I'm back now and looking16:03
slickymasterI'm half way through my reviewing16:03
elfydon't bother with task manager - I'm redoing it as I speak16:08
elfyunless you already have :)16:08
knomeelfy, i'm off, you need to publish the article :)16:11
slickymasterelfy: https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfcecorecheck/+merge/20514016:15
elfyLine 140 needs to be reworded because when a user hits Ctrl+W, the note doesn't get deleted, a dialog prompts him for an answer16:18
elfythen there's a bug - it just deletes here ... 16:18
elfyslickymaster: ^^16:18
slickymasterelfy: don't you get that prompt?16:18
slickymasterI get it 16:18
elfytrsuty? version 1.7.716:19
slickymasterelfy: I have xfce4-notes:   Installed: 1.7.7-3ubuntu216:19
slickymasteryes, in Trusty16:19
elfymmm - definitely not here16:20
slickymasterthen it's definitely a bug in yours 16:21
slickymasterweird, we're both with the same version16:21
slickymastermaybe brainwash could check his'16:22
slickymasterbrainwash: ^^^16:22
elfyI can create notes with ctrl+n as fast as I want - then delete them with ctrl+w just as quickly16:22
elfyand that is both in this mutilated install and today's daily 16:22
slickymasterwell, the existence of the prompt makes all the sense16:23
slickymasterso a note won't get deleted carelessly 16:23
elfyI agree 16:24
elfymmm - ok I will reset that testcase - obviously a bug then16:24
slickymasterother then those two tests I think you are to be congratulated16:24
elfyok - I'll rejig the task manager one later, set the notes one back16:27
elfyand not assume that the testcase is incorrect :p16:27
slickymasterwhen Unit193 wake up, we can nag him to see the behavior he gets in his system 16:29
elfybug 127715416:32
ubottubug 1277154 in xfce4-notes-plugin (Ubuntu) "Ctrl+W does not ask for confirmation on note delete" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127715416:32
elfyslickymaster: done those now16:46
slickymasterelfy: https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/xfcecorecheck/+merge/20514016:57
elfythanks slickymaster 16:58
elfyI beat bzr into submission17:19
slickymasterno machine will defeat us17:20
elfywell I've not synced yet :p17:20
elfysynced now17:30
slickymaster\o/ elfy: 1 - bzr: 017:35
slickymasterbbl ->18:16
knome!team | meeting time18:55
ubottumeeting time: bluesabre, elfy, GridCube, jjfrv8, knome, lderan, micahg, mr_pouit, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, skellat, slickymaster, Unit19318:55
knomewould somebody else like to chair?18:58
jjfrv8-worko/  can't chair - at work.19:01
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Feb  6 19:02:06 2014 UTC.  The chair is knome. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.19:02
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knome#startmeeting Xubuntu community meeting19:02
meetingologyMeeting started Thu Feb  6 19:02:38 2014 UTC.  The chair is knome. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.19:02
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired19:02
knome#topic Open action items19:02
knomewill have to dig them up...19:03
ali1234gtk3 indicators19:03
knomeali1234, will we carry that on?19:04
ali1234yes. nothing further happened with the upstart porting, but something new also came to my attention recently19:04
knome#action ali1234 follows up on gtk3 indicator status 19:04
meetingologyACTION: ali1234 follows up on gtk3 indicator status19:04
knome#action ali1234 and micahg to follow up on gtk3 indicator stack issues 19:04
meetingologyACTION: ali1234 and micahg to follow up on gtk3 indicator stack issues19:04
knome#nick micahg19:05
knome#action     elfy to poke Noskcaj if time-admin and users-admin do not exist in the next daily 19:05
meetingologyACTION: elfy to poke Noskcaj if time-admin and users-admin do not exist in the next daily19:05
ali1234namely that elementary also is a user of indicators, and they are in the same boat as us, except that they don't seem to be as well up with what is going on19:05
knomeNoskcaj, did you get that sorted out with pitti?19:05
ali1234so i'm going to go and have a chat with them, if i can19:05
elfyknome: that's been put to bed now19:05
knomeali1234, ok, so we're steering that ship; thanks for keeping updated19:05
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x18d3b90>19:05
Noskcajknome, yep. I screwed up on some DESTDIR stuff19:05
knomeelfy, cheers :)19:05
knomeNoskcaj, ok, great to have it sorted then19:05
knome#action knome to be in touch with people re Tech Lead position 19:06
meetingologyACTION: knome to be in touch with people re Tech Lead position19:06
knomewill carry one19:06
knomei think we're good with the bluetooth stuff.19:06
knome#action micahg to talk with the DMB and separate -dev from upload rights so we can allow more people to push to xubuntu branches 19:07
meetingologyACTION: micahg to talk with the DMB and separate -dev from upload rights so we can allow more people to push to xubuntu branches19:07
knomemicahg-work, ping, is that done?19:07
micahg-workworking on it19:08
knomeok, carrying on19:08
knome#action xubuntu-qa to make sure there is a blueman testcase19:09
meetingologyACTION: xubuntu-qa to make sure there is a blueman testcase19:09
knome#nick xubuntu-qa19:09
knomeand from the docs meeting:19:09
knome#action Unit193 to do merge proposals for "X performs Y" styled listings for the docs 19:09
meetingologyACTION: Unit193 to do merge proposals for "X performs Y" styled listings for the docs19:09
knome#nick Unit193 19:09
knome#topic Team updates19:09
knomeuse #info and #action as appropriate.19:10
knomefloor is yours19:10
slickymaster#info slickymaster has finished porting the Mugshot documentation into the Xubuntu docs19:10
elfyknome: actioning something is great - but if we've not got any bluetooth to check - it'll get moved on 19:10
slickymaster#info slickymaster started to work on porting the Xfdesktop documentation into Xubuntu docs19:10
jjfrv8-work#info Docs team held a Trusty meeting and assignments were handed out19:11
elfy#info xubuntu-qa Package testing - Settings Manager - mandatory testing +2, run-once and optional +119:11
elfy#info xubuntu-qa 12.04.4 32bit/ Live 4 tests, Alt 5 test19:11
elfy#info xubuntu-qa 12.04.4 64bit/ Live 6 tests, Alt 6 tests19:11
elfy#info xubuntu-qa Trusty Daily 32 bit 11 tests19:11
elfy#info xubuntu-qa Trusty Daily 64 bit 18 tests19:11
elfy#info xubuntu-qa XFCE Core Package testing due next week19:11
elfy#info xubuntu-qa light-locker has seen testing now19:11
knomeelfy, we should be shipping blueman19:11
jjfrv8-work#info Kudos to knome and bluesabre for getting the SRU Docs update through all the hurdles19:11
knomeand i can organize testing for the testcase :)19:11
knomeyeah, yay, fixed looks for the docs in 12.04!19:12
Noskcajweather plugin 12.04 status?19:12
elfyknome: blueman - mandatory, optional or run-once19:13
knomeelfy, either opt or once19:14
elfy#info elfy Blueman added to Network Testsuite19:14
elfyso that's done then19:15
knomehehe, nice19:15
knomethough one can argue if it's network or not >:)19:15
elfyyep - we can argue all you like - the die is cast :p19:16
ali1234i tried to use blueman today and it crashed - for a2dp/sound :(19:16
knomeali1234, did you file a bug?19:16
ali1234no, it's saucy, nobody will care19:16
ali1234probably won't be able to reproduce it either19:17
knome#info knome and pleia2 helped startubuntu create some xubuntu-branded versions of "xp to *buntu*" flyers19:17
Unit193Got indicator-sound merged.19:17
knomeUnit193, caaaaan you #infoooo19:17
pleia2#info the flyers were widely shared on social media and pleia2 is printing some up for an upcoming conference19:17
pleia2#link http://xubuntu.org/marketingresources/19:17
knomepleia2, still, you don't need #link with bare links ;)19:18
pleia2#info site updated to link to several language variations on spreadubuntu.org19:18
* pleia2 shrugs19:18
Unit193#info got pavucontrol merged into indicator-sound as an alternate recommends to the control centers, so we shouldn't be pulling them in because of that at least.19:18
Unit193Just waiting to hear back from the two artists for the xubuntu-community-artwork package, also if mica has time to review it, but not sure he does.19:19
knomeUnit193, this is a meeting, just proudly ping people :P19:20
knomere: #xubuntu, i have the page ready to be updated, waiting for cjwatson's ack of release19:20
knomeanything else for the updates?19:21
knome#topic Announcements19:21
knome#info 12.04.4 will be released any minute!19:21
slickymasterI have an offtopic announcement19:22
jjfrv8-work#info With knome's help, jjfrv8 received approval for ~ubuntu-core-doc membership19:22
slickymastercongrats jjfrv8 19:22
knomei just went and marked that as done in the blueprint19:22
slickymastertoday is my Ubuntu Membership application, at 22:00 UTC, in #ubuntu-meeting. So if you guys feel like showing up and support it I would appreciate it19:22
elfyit's a bit late ... :p19:23
knomepleia2, was that at the same time as the docs meeting? :D19:23
knometoo many meetings today.19:23
pleia2knome: yes19:23
slickymasteryes it is, knome :P19:23
knomeslickymaster, if i'm around, will be there19:23
Unit193slickymaster: Since I didn't write one yet, make sure to ping me right before so I will be there?19:23
knome#info Debian Import Freeze is today19:23
slickymasterwill do Unit193 19:23
knome#info Feature Freeze is in 2 weeks19:23
slickymasterand also you, micahg-work 19:23
Unit193Yeah, sorry.19:24
knome#info Beta 1 is in 3 weeks, freeze in the first half of that week19:24
knome#topic Agenda19:24
knomeno specific agenda items.19:24
knomedoes anybody have something else to discuss?19:25
Noskcajweather plugin in 12.0419:25
Noskcajmy MOTU application19:25
knomewhat's with the weather plugin?19:25
pleia2after yesterday's doc meeting, I'm putting together a release checklist for the website (what we need to create/update)19:25
knomepleia2, don't we have that in the wiki?19:26
knomelet me dig that up.19:26
knomespecifically, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Processes#Releasing19:26
pleia2knome: it needs updating19:27
knomebut please do it on the wiki :)19:27
pleia2"Update the website" isn't enough ;)19:27
knomei'm also thinking that could have its own subpage in Processes19:27
schproodleTesting QATracker using VirtualBox. Testing Post-Install.  Pendrive insertion fails in VM but it is mounted by the host machine.19:27
knomewell there's also "wiki maintaining"19:27
pleia2we need to come up with our FAQ post, define which pages need updates, etc19:27
knomewhat we probably need is gather all these in one big calendar19:28
knomeor, a similar table as the release schedules19:28
knomeschproodle, we're in the middle of the meeting, if you can wait for 15 minutes, would be good.19:28
pleia2Unit193 could just put these milestones into the xubuntu calendar19:28
knomeschproodle, feel free to take part in the meeting though19:28
knomexubuntu calendar is a bit meh :|19:28
schproodleI get the donuts eh :)19:29
knomeTBH, i think the release schedule table is surprisingly good19:29
Unit193pleia2: Sure, sorry what ones?19:29
pleia2so you don't want it in a calendar? :)19:29
knomepleia2, can be *as well*19:29
pleia2Unit193: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Processes#Releasing19:29
knomepleia2, but i guess i'd also like to have a release-specific calendar19:29
knomethat should of course be updated per release19:29
pleia2no moar calendars19:30
knomei mean19:30
knomewiki table19:30
knomeala https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule19:30
pleia2yeah sure19:30
knomei do agree that the processes page needs updating though19:30
knomei'm more than happy to help with it any day our schedules allow to sit down together19:31
knome...figuratively speaking19:31
pleia2ok, I'll start brainstorming when I have extra braincells, then we can flesh it out19:31
knomesure, great, thanks19:31
knome#action pleia2 starts working on getting the Processes wikipage updated and cleaned19:32
meetingologyACTION: pleia2 starts working on getting the Processes wikipage updated and cleaned19:32
Unit193In addition to, or rather than?19:32
knomeUnit193, we should probably update the calendar with those milestones as well.19:32
knomeand i should probably either learn using the calendar (in a non-technical way), or just dismiss all schedules after trusty ;)19:33
knome#action Unit193 to add process-related tasks as events in the xubuntu team calendar19:34
meetingologyACTION: Unit193 to add process-related tasks as events in the xubuntu team calendar19:34
knomeNoskcaj, still waiting for an answer re: weather plugin19:35
knomeso what's up with it in precise?19:35
micahg-workin unapproved19:36
knomeis there something specific to be discussed about it, or do we just want it to move along?19:37
NoskcajI just wanted to check the status with micahg-work 19:37
knomeNoskcaj, ok, motu application19:38
micahg-workif the weather plugin is needed for something, poke the SRU team, but precise-proposed has been frozen the last few days19:38
Noskcajwell weather-plugin is complete dead currently19:38
NoskcajI've not had a reply to my motu application in three weeks19:39
micahg-workI'll try to move that forward tonight19:39
Unit193knome: OK, done more or less, might want to take a look.  Also, what additional data do you want?19:39
knomeUnit193, you should talk with pleia2, or alternative me after we've refreshed the page19:40
knomeNoskcaj, can you talk with the SRU team about the weather plugin?19:40
elfyonce it's ready, let me know - but I should pick it up from the bug19:41
knome12.04 is supported for one more year only (for the xubuntu part), and 14.04 is out in 6 months, so the more it stands in queues the less its impact will be19:42
elfy#action Noskcaj to ping elfy re weather plugin 19:42
meetingologyACTION: Noskcaj to ping elfy re weather plugin19:42
knome#action micahg to look at Noskcaj's MOTU application19:42
meetingologyACTION: micahg to look at Noskcaj's MOTU application19:42
knome#action Noskcaj to poke the SRU team about the weather plugin19:42
meetingologyACTION: Noskcaj to poke the SRU team about the weather plugin19:42
knomeany other things people want to discuss?19:43
knome#topic Schedule next meeting19:44
knome#info Next meeting Thu, Feb 13 at 19UTC19:44
meetingologyMeeting ended Thu Feb  6 19:44:58 2014 UTC.  19:44
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2014/xubuntu-devel.2014-02-06-19.02.moin.txt19:44
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2014/xubuntu-devel.2014-02-06-19.02.html19:44
elfythanks knome 19:45
knometa ta19:45
slickymasterthanks knome 19:45
knomewill set up the meetings now19:45
pleia2thanks knome 19:47
knomeif only the wiki was at all faster19:47
knomemight take a while with these speeds19:47
knomeminutes up19:51
knomealso, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Toolbox/MinutesTemplate?action=info ;)19:53
pleia212.04.4 \o/19:56
pleia2hey, our flyer, again http://www.itwire.com/opinion-and-analysis/the-linux-distillery/63020-still-on-windows-xp19:57
elfyknome: I've published it now19:58
knomei've just updated the download links, pointing to .4 now19:59
knomeand i'm off20:00
pleia2I'll social media it once I finish up the ubuntu fridge post20:01
brainwashI like the flyer, it's kinda funny -> "will you buy a new computer or.."20:02
Unit193Isn't the motu application not under our umbrella, so not something we should action?20:03
NoskcajUnit193, It's under micah's20:04
Unit193Yes, he isn't Xubuntu, he's mica.20:05
elfyUnit193: I'd agree 20:06
Unit193New event added: http://goo.gl/ELP3Ud20:06
elfyschproodle: "Pendrive insertion fails in VM but it is mounted by the host machine." is probably about usb's not being setup in virtual machine 20:09
Unit193schproodle: Do you have the virtualbox extension pack?20:10
schproodleelfy, I do now. Got it working. thanks20:13
schproodleelfy, I could not do the QATracker testing without vbox eh. I am trying all kinds of distros as well.  Basic FreeBSD is raw .20:15
schproodleUnit193, I installed the extension. Had to logout to get that vbox group registered. Thanks20:17
schproodleCan inserting a pendrive shut my computer off?20:38
schproodleNot a good sign.20:39
elfyit can shut one of my laptops off - but the socket's had it 20:39
schproodlecrap!  just avoid a particular socker then eh?20:40
schproodleby socker you mean the computer -- not the pendrive right?20:41
schproodleSeems one has to install usb pendrives for each VM for VirtualBox.20:42
schproodleUnit193, not soccer, I will get it sorted. :)20:42
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knomeslickymaster is now a ubuntu member!22:16
Unit193I'll say it again, well deserved.22:16
slickymastermy face is red guys, all from your words22:16
Unit193He's very angry.22:17
ochosicongrats slickymaster 22:17
knomelike this children's show host? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpmKykMT1JU22:18
slickymasterthanks ochosi 22:18
slickymasterah ah ah, just without the bottle22:18
knome"nasse-setä on hyvin hyvin vihainen" == "uncle nasse is very very angry"22:18
slickymastercorrection bottles22:18
knomewell he *plays* them O:)22:18
slickymasterlol, 22:19
ochosiNoskcaj: i linked a thunar-patch to the features-blueprint today, in case you can package that one in, that'd be great! (fix wallpaper-plugin with xfdesktop4.11, explanation why and what in the bugt)22:19
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