cubed_rootanyone know if you can contribute $ to xubuntu project? i'm feeling grateful00:10
Unit193You can't directly to Xubuntu, but Xfce and Ubuntu both do as far as I'm aware, and Xubuntu comes from both of those.00:10
cubed_rootok thanks Unit19300:11
knomecubed_root, i would suggest donating to xfce, of which we are forever in debt :)00:11
Unit193Though good to hear you like it!00:11
knomei can most overwhelmingly agree with that00:12
cubed_rootyea, love it00:28
cubed_rootit's my first foray(?) into linux00:28
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mik3hi all, anyone point me in a direction on what to google on 'resettling' the display settings once i unplug a second monitor? right now i'm just restarting lightdm but that means i have to log in again of course01:05
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mik3xrandr is what i should be looking at perhaps?01:08
knomemik3, that would work01:08
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knomemik3, 'xrandr --output OUTPUTNAME --off' should do it01:09
mik3oh perfect, thanks a ton knome01:11
compguyHi everyone, got a few questions if I may as I am new to Linix OS etc. I have alot of older working hardware I would like to recycle this equipment not toss it, was told Ubuntu/Xbuntu may work better/faster than windows xp on them. 1.Is Ubuntu/Xbuntu the way to go? If so 2. Which version / flavor works best on this? Just in case I have downloaded the torrents for xbuntu/ubuntu, 3. How do I make a Bootable/usable cd (I have nero 9)? T01:55
compguyReally trying not to sound like a noob idiot so bear with me please.01:56
cubed_rootcompguy: i would try xubuntu02:01
cubed_rooti was in the same situation about 2 months ago and got 2 old laptops running xubuntu.02:02
cubed_rooti would get a usb stick of at least 2GB and a copy of unetbootin which lets you create a bootable stick so you can try out xubuntu on the old machines02:03
cubed_rootif they run fast enough for you and you like what you see, you can install the OS from the bootable stick.02:03
knomecompguy, nero should have an option to burn from an ISO file02:03
knomecompguy, please note that later version won't fit on a CD, so you need a DVD, or a USB stick02:04
knomecompguy, what kind of specifications are you looking at generally? how much ram?02:04
compguyI have several skt 370 mobos, cpus PII and celeron 500Mhz to 1.1 Ghz sd ram mostley 32/64 sticks. so say a 800MHz cpu 128 MB ram, 20gig HDD, CDRW both IDE (if that matters) etc. Jusat looking for personal web kind of use nothing heavy etc.02:10
holsteini would run puppy on those.. maybe lubuntu or something very light02:10
compguyI have a USB stick I can try the unetbootin any instructions? like I said I have always been a windows guy, but am learning the error of the dark side.l02:11
compguyi am downloading puppy as we speak just found it a short while ago.02:12
holsteincompguy: do they boot usb? if not, i use plop. but, those are likely usb old 1.102:12
holsteincompguy: i use a cd on hardware of that vintage when i cant throw it out.. but, i usually just throw it out. you can also consider not runing x at all on them. ubuntu server or turnkey servers..02:13
compguyI believe most can but do need to check that maybe better to just try to get an idea of making a bootable cd or dvd for those older mobos, but like the idea of a bootable usb drive for the 478 boards.02:14
holsteincompguy: you can confirm, and when they dont, because i have *never* seen one of that vintage that does, you can just use a DVD, or try plop02:15
compguyis server not to heavy for them or for personal use, I would say I would toss them  but really do not want to add extra fill to my loacal landfill and want to try to donate some of the nwer stuff if I can get an os working fast enough on them to some local kids.02:16
ubuntustudio734my screen res is stuck @ 640x48002:17
ubuntustudio734i have an nvidia 6150 and no idea what driver its running02:17
holsteinubuntustudio734: confirm which driver you are running02:17
compguyI can get xp to work on most but as you can guess it is very slow.........02:17
ubuntustudio734can you help me with that?02:18
holsteincompguy: xp is supported on the hardware, likely02:18
holsteincompguy: a server distro wouldnt be running x, and would be lighter.. but, i think lubuntu is the best bet02:18
compguyok so i may try 1 to see, give an old windows guy a bone I know I sound stupid now (plop?)02:19
holsteinubuntustudio734: http://askubuntu.com/questions/23238/how-can-i-find-what-video-driver-is-in-use-on-my-system02:20
ubuntustudio734is this it? "configuration: driver=i915 latency=0"02:22
holsteinubuntustudio734: could be some easier ways to get where you are trying to get.. what caused this? was it always like this? is this a fresh install? have you tried using a tool such as "arandr" to set the resolution? if so, what errors?02:22
ubuntustudio734i installed ubuntu-desktop and i think it tried to install the proprietary driver02:22
ubuntustudio734over ubuntu-studio13.1002:23
ubuntustudio734logginged into ubuntustudio session02:23
holsteinubuntustudio734: can you log into the xfce or ubuntustudio session?02:23
ubuntustudio734i am now02:23
holsteinubuntustudio734: and? thats where you have the graphics issue? have you tried arandr?02:24
ubuntustudio734only option is 640x48002:24
holsteinubuntustudio734: what driver are you using?02:25
ubuntustudio734configuration: driver=i915  is this it?02:26
ubuntustudio734looks to be an intel driver for an nforce 430 w/ GeForce615002:27
holsteinubuntustudio734: not likely..02:29
ubuntustudio734i915   thats all i can tell based on lshw -c video02:29
holsteinubuntustudio734: i would open a terminal and issue "lspci".. you can share that via02:29
holstein!paste | ubuntustudio73402:29
ubottuubuntustudio734: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:29
ubuntustudio734i must be thinking of a different box. i have a few of these dell's that all have the same case but are all differentt02:32
cubed_rootcan any name a log file in xubuntu that i could try to "follow" (see the updates on)?  i want to test a unix command i just came across02:35
cubed_rootthe command is here: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/1024/make-less-behave-like-tail-f.02:35
ubuntustudio734this is my /etc/xorg.conf file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6882887/02:35
holsteinubuntustudio734: just remove that xorg.conf then02:35
ubuntustudio734just delete it?02:35
holsteinubuntustudio734: you can temporarily rename it02:36
holsteinubuntustudio734: do you have a dual GPU?02:36
ubuntustudio734i dont know. iin the BIOS i have 2 settings for onboard memory one is set to the max of 8mb the other is set to the max of 256mb. there is no graghics card, just onboard videeo with only the DB1502:37
holsteinubuntustudio734: you can run a live CD to make sure the hardware is functioning properly. you can try removeing whatever you installed that broke your graphics02:38
holsteini know, i would just rename that xorg.conf, and reboot02:39
holsteinubuntustudio734: do you understand how to do that? and what i mean?02:39
ubuntustudio734the hardware was fine uintill i did the restart after running sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop02:39
holsteinubuntustudio734: how about after renaming that xorg.conf?02:40
ubuntustudio734i need to restart now02:40
holsteinubuntustudio734: after renaming that xorg.conf?02:40
ubuntustudio734i just did02:40
ubuntustudio734now i must restart02:40
ubuntustudio734okay that fixed it. i am now able to set 1024x768 (the max screen res of this lcd) thank you holstein  very much for your time and effort  :)02:44
holsteinubuntustudio734: sure.. enjoy!02:47
cubed_rootis there a way to pipe the results of find into the ls command?02:57
cubed_rootsudo find / -name "*.log" | ls -laF     just gives me a list of the current directory02:58
cabe83anyone else having issues with Synology's CloudStation client on Xubuntu? Logging out/rebooting brings a database error on re-entry back into OS.03:27
snuffeluffegusTry using << instead of |03:30
cabe83Using << where sorry?03:31
holsteini think that is for cubed_root03:31
snuffeluffegusI was replying to cubed_root03:31
cabe83oh, sorry03:31
holsteinso "sudo find / -name "*.log" << ls -laF" instead? for cubed_root ?03:31
snuffeluffegusI'm not certain if it'll work for find, but I remember writing something some time ago that required << and >> to determine stdio instead of a plain pipe.03:38
jvnetslHello, can anybody tell me, is xubuntu fit for business use?03:58
holsteinjvnetsl: yes03:58
holsteini suppose it could depend on the business.. but all of this is open, and is either fit for whatever you are doing, or freely able to be made to be appropriate, and usually easily03:59
jvnetslWe have over 150 computers, we are going to install Linux. Also we have windows servers and windows printer shares. So, xubuntu can handle printers right?04:00
holsteinjvnetsl: nothing about xubuntu or linux is preventing any printer from running on it or being able to be supported on it04:00
holsteinjvnetsl: you can easily and free of cost download the full and actual version of xubuntu, and many other distros, and test its actual performance easily with the actual hardware04:02
jvnetslis there any place to get information about default packages. only firefox and abiword mentioned in the xubuntu site04:07
Unit193jvnetsl: All or some?  The docs list some others.04:08
Unit193If you have the docs, file:///usr/share/xubuntu-docs/desktop-guide/guide-default-apps.html04:09
Psil0CybinHey guys how come xchat does cannot be transparent but everything else windoanagement wise can be transparemtns04:22
Psil0Cybintransparent is that an issue with xchat or the drivers? I am assuming xchat04:22
diskinsteveryone ok04:52
Psil0Cybini am04:52
Psil0Cybinwhats up04:52
Unit193Psil0Cybin: Got a screenie?  (That may help someone.)04:53
Psil0Cybinof what04:53
Psil0Cybini am confused404:53
diskinstjust got an ubuntu disk and installed on a 6 mo old lap top del works good04:53
Psil0Cybinyea one second04:54
Psil0Cybinthis is the forum post though from a while ago04:54
Psil0Cybindiskinst, https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xchat/+question/5002504:54
Psil0Cybinoh sorry Unit19304:56
Mark_DHey anybody have audio problems installing 13.1004:56
diskinstthat was confusing04:56
Psil0Cybinsorry diskinst it was directed at Unit19304:56
Psil0CybinUnit193, , https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xchat/+question/5002504:56
seronisis there any way for me to get 2 mice working simultaneously?  ie:  each mouse controls its own cursor04:59
diskinstthe only question I had was that ubuntu doesn't seem to work on here as good as voyager this disk has three different installs and I found voyager to work best but not much find help05:00
Psil0Cybinhey guys this is my startup screen (http://imgur.com/DEMApJX) I was wondering if I can double check that Guake is not being runned twice, I know that it is unselected on the second line, but would it show in the taskj manager? or what would be the easiest way to make sure I am only loading one script sionce I cannot delete the default guake setting05:21
bazhangPsil0Cybin, please do not crosspost05:21
Psil0Cybinjust confused where I can find the manual script for the start up application GUI in Xubuntu in the settings05:23
Psil0Cybinto just double check and see, if a script is being executed twice05:24
cookiedavishey ya'll05:27
cookiedavisAny one live in San Francisco?  I'm trying to load CgMiner onto XUbuntu and I'm having a hard time. Need a teacher05:28
cookiedavisPerhaps I can tip in Dogecoin :)05:28
bazhangfor which coin05:28
bazhangtry the #litecoin or dogecoin channels I'd suggest cookiedavis05:29
cookiedavisthanks a million!05:29
Psil0Cybincookiedavis, I can help you I live in Canada, but I accept tips world wide.05:49
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.06:54
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seroniswhen i right click a program in the task bar.. is there any way to add a 'kill process' option to that menu so i dont have to open a console window ?09:31
seronis'close' isnt good enough for hung programs (mostly WINE programs)09:32
elfywell - I'd have to assume that you would need to modify code to do that - you could add a shortcut for xkill - that's what I've done09:34
seroniswas hoping there was some script based way to update the menu like i did with Thunar making it have extra context menu options09:35
seronisthough im not 100% against recompiling code either09:35
elfythen get the code - work out how to add things to the menu and see if it works :)09:35
elfythough I've no idea which09:36
seronisnot 100% against it..  still like it to be a last resort. =-)  how did you set up xkill ?09:36
elfyseems like a whole lot of work - when it takes 30 seconds to add a shortcut which does exactly what you want :)09:36
elfysettings manager - keyboard - app shortcuts - then Add, command is xkill ok that screen - then supply the shortcut you want09:37
elfyI use Ctrl+Alt+Esc09:37
seronisgotcha.  thanks09:37
seronisi had only used htop for process killing  (well that and using  'ps x' and 'kill -9 pid')09:38
seronisjust tried xkill.. works perfect09:38
seronisdoes it work with full screen programs  ?09:38
elfyyep - reinventing the wheel sometimes is worth it - often it's not09:38
elfyit's worked everywhere I've needed it09:39
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Psil0Cybinhey whats up guys I was wondering when I installed Xubuntu 12.04 It took a picture from my webcam during install, but I cannot figure out where the picture is...15:00
knomePsil0Cybin, ~/.face15:00
Psil0CybinThe picture is not showing up beside my profile name on user groups so I am confused if it even saved that picture...from the webcam15:01
Psil0Cybinits in the home directory but hidden right15:01
Psil0Cybini cannot find a .face file15:01
knomethen the installer most probably didn't save it for a reason or another15:01
Psil0Cybinoh so it would only be in .face within home15:01
Psil0Cybinand that is it?15:01
Psil0CybinI keep getting "/home/psil0cybin/.face: No such file or directory"15:02
knomethat's where it ought to save it15:02
Psil0Cybinso I can be assured I guess that image does not exist on my laptop15:03
Psil0Cybinwierd though that it took the picture but did not save it15:04
knomei don't know the installer code enough to assure you that, but i would imagine that's how it is15:05
Psil0Cybinalright thanks man I will attempt to do more research and see if anyone perhaps else would know more but from googling I think you may be correct, but once again I know much less than you :)15:05
Psil0CybinHey guys I have a wierd issue, when I have my head phones into my laptop my laptop plays music from the headphone jack (so I can listen to through the head phones) and the computer speakers...is that a hardware thing or a software thing?15:30
holstein!audio | Psil0Cybin15:31
ubottuPsil0Cybin: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.15:31
holsteinPsil0Cybin: could be the best that that device supports linux.. i usually try using pavucontrol for audio routing and control15:31
Psil0CybinHow can I attempt to use pavucontrol holstein ?15:32
holsteinPsil0Cybin: im assuming you are wanting the laptop speakers to mute automatically?15:32
holsteinPsil0Cybin: you open it15:32
holstein!info pavucontrol15:32
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (saucy), package size 140 kB, installed size 953 kB15:32
Psil0Cybinyea, or I could do it manually...I just do not know how to do it, I tried going into the sound settings but all I can do is mute everything period15:32
Psil0CybinI cannot just mute the speakers, so that had me confused.15:32
Psil0Cybinsays I have it, let me try15:33
holsteinPsil0Cybin: you mean, you have not learned how to mute the speakers.. if the conversation starts with "i cant", then we have nothing to talk about15:33
Psil0Cybinholstein, you are absolutely correct, my grammar, is awful15:34
Psil0CybinI have pavucontrol open but where would I look to just mute the speaker, it shows me my ALSA Plug-in container ALSA Playback.15:34
holsteinPsil0Cybin: if you literaly just opend it,try and just relax and poke around a bit, and keep in mind, your device may not support linux in the capacity you seek15:35
holsteinPsil0Cybin: get a sound file playing in something simple, and see if you can route and mute as you want/need in pavucontrol15:35
holsteinPsil0Cybin: you can try #ubuntu as well, since this is not related directly to xubuntu or xfce.. cheers! i gotta run15:36
Psil0CybinI did try that already I was unable, I have a sound file playing, that is why I came here to ask yo uguys :)15:36
Psil0Cybinokay ty15:36
Belial`using xubuntu 13.10 and i removed the application indicator plugin from the panel. i want to run the normal notification area. what's the normal sound applet for xfce that displays in the notification area?15:37
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brainwashBelial`: the package xfce4-mixer installs the panel mixer plugin16:05
brainwashyou will have to manually add the mixer plugin to the panel16:06
Belial`yeah, i got it installed.16:06
Belial`working good.16:06
Belial`i thought i mentioned that. i must have put it in the wrong channel.16:07
brainwashBelial`: ok :)16:08
Belial`is it safe to completely remove indicator plugins?16:08
brainwashBelial`: yes16:12
Belial`brainwash, ah. looks like i lose pulse audio going with the xfce4-mixer?16:21
brainwashBelial`: do you? how do you know16:24
Belial`brainwash, nevermind. i do.  there was an option to go beyond 100% with the indicator. that's not possible with the xfce4-mixer, is it?16:26
Belial`unless i'm getting my distributions mixed up.16:26
brainwashby scrolling the mouse wheel?16:27
brainwashyou can configure the mixer plugin to open pavucontrol16:27
brainwashfrom the context menu16:28
Belial`brainwash, i can pull pavucontrol up by launching it separately but not inside of xfce4-mixer.16:37
Belial`unless i'm overlooking something.16:37
brainwashBelial`: right click the mixer panel plugin and open the properties16:38
Belial`it lets me select pulse audio. but with pavucontrol, i can go beyond 100%. there's nothing in the properties for that.16:39
brainwashwell,indicator-sound is the optimal solution16:40
brainwashyou could bind pavucontrol to a keyboard shortcut16:41
brainwashfor faster access16:41
xubuntu066hello can someone help me please?16:43
brainwashBelial`: which xubuntu release to you use?16:44
brainwash!ask | xubuntu06616:44
ubottuxubuntu066: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:44
xubuntu066I am new to this16:44
xubuntu066I am being think as I really dont have a clue what you mean16:44
Belial`brainwash, 13.1016:45
xubuntu066is there a support place where questions have be asked in a live chat enviroment ?16:46
brainwashBelial`: maybe you should go back to indicator-sound if you want all features to work properly16:47
brainwashwas there any issue with indicator-sound?16:48
Psil0Cybinhey guys i just installed xubuntu 12.04 and everything is working fine but my sound is playing from both my headphones and speakers what can i do to fix this I have a Lenovo G700 Laptiop17:03
Psil0Cybinhere is my info17:04
holsteinPsil0Cybin: how did pavuontrol work for you?17:04
holsteinfor me, when i have had that issue on a few machines, i was always able to mute one or the other.. and back then, i just used alsamixer to find what to mute.. this was before i was using pavucontrol17:06
holsteinPsil0Cybin: have you tried tweaking all the settings in alsamixer? its important to try all settings, and not trust the labels17:06
Psil0Cybinyes I have tried all settings and I have tried pulseaudio or what ever its called, It views the audio headphones and speakers as one setting17:22
Psil0Cybinanything I change affects both, in terms of volume, etc17:22
holsteinPsil0Cybin: and in alsamixer, you have tweaked *all* settings?17:22
Psil0Cybinit only gives me Master, PCM S/PDIF that just popped up17:23
holsteinPsil0Cybin: not trusting any lables.. i once found a switch that muted my headphones labeld "center"17:23
holsteinPsil0Cybin: could also be that the device doesnt support linux/alsa17:23
holsteinPsil0Cybin: i usually try live CD's and see if kernel versions or alsa automatically supports the device well, or as expected and make a note of what is working17:23
Psil0Cybindarn I think that is the case, could I do anything alot of people with the same version have this issue the problem is that everything else works flawlessly, and i know other kernels will come with other kinks...17:24
Psil0Cybingah i guess i have to weigh out the negatives and positives17:24
Psil0Cybinjust stinks, how everything works but this one silllllllllly thing.17:24
holsteinPsil0Cybin: you can look for, or create a bug report, either with ubuntu, or upstream alsa17:25
Psil0Cybinyea I might have to do both, lol17:25
kaffeebohnehi, I've got an 32bit xubuntu with firefox and flash installed (live system), but firefox wont recognize flash. any ideas on that?18:56
holsteinkaffeebohne: firefox doesnt "recognize" it.. the flash application does.. not sure about being on a live system, but what i would do is try the chrome browser, which has the most recent version of flash.. see that the flash site is supported and go from there19:01
holsteinkaffeebohne: chrome, and not chromium, in this case19:02
kaffeebohneI'll try, thanks19:02
xubuntu412I have an HP Notebook 2000 that i just installed linux into. I now need to fix my cd rom drive.  I cannot burn cds or play them.  The thing is pretty much useless.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?19:14
bekksxubuntu412: Replace it.19:15
xubuntu412thank you. i thought so. know what price range i should expect?19:16
Rashkae12.04 LTS alternate download links on front page need to be updated, links are for no longer existing .3 release,, need to update to .4  (in case anyone watching knows where this *should* be reported)19:17
knomeRashkae, i'll do that in a sec.19:17
knomeRashkae, thanks for noticing.19:17
xubuntu667quick question, if I install the alpha 2 of xubuntu 14.04 LTS, would it be best to dist upgrade or reinstall it completely when it arrives? Thank you in advance!20:18
holsteinxubuntu667: "best" is a matter of opinionn and use case. you will be able to upgrade and get the newer packages20:19
xubuntu667Ok thank you20:19
elfyif you got the a2 today as soon as you'd updated you'd have today's daily - if you're going to use the dev version get the daily20:20
xubuntu667and just keep updating right into the LTS release20:21
xubuntu667Thank you very much ;)20:21
elfywhile you're doing that you can also help Xubuntu ;) http://xubuntu.org/news/help-us-test-xubuntu-14-04-lts/20:21
xubuntu667Will do20:22
kgboh, it's that time again, nice!.. 14.04 is LTS, gr8! :-)20:24
starratsgoode afternoon everyone21:10
smallfoot-Greybird doesn't look alright on Nautilus 3.10.1 on 14.04 Trusty Tahr21:16
Dan_DHello, I have an issue with my USB stick. It was formally used as a boot drive, however I now want to format it.Problem is, when I plug it in, it does not appear in the file manager. Help?21:20
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xubuntu724I am a kubuntu user, but latelly it seems a little slow to me22:34
xubuntu724is there any way to install xfce alongside to kubuntu?22:34
holsteinxubuntu724: yes22:34
holsteinxubuntu724: i say, do just that.. just install xfce, not xubuntu-desktop22:34
xubuntu724so, that I can choose to which desktop to login22:34
xubuntu724ok holstein22:35
holsteinthen, you should be able to keep kdm and whatever else in place.. and just boot xfce from there22:35
xubuntu724I'm new to linux22:35
xubuntu724can you give me some directions ?22:35
holsteinxubuntu724: i would open the package manager of your choice and search for xfce22:35
xubuntu724too many results are coming up22:36
xubuntu724I don't know which one is the right one22:36
bekksxubuntu724: Just install xubuntu-desktop22:36
holsteinthat will likely break the kubuntu setup22:36
bekksWhich setup?22:37
holsteinor, it does for me.. i would just install xfce422:37
bekksIt will ask you wether you want to keep kdm - thats all.22:37
xubuntu724No, I don't want to loose kubuntu, holstein did understand what I really need22:37
bekksThen install xfce4, not xubuntu-desktop22:37
holsteinright.. i understand, and i say, in the past, when i have installed *-desktop i have had issues22:37
xubuntu724right bekks22:38
xubuntu724how can I do that22:38
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xubuntu724with simple to follow instructions please22:38
holsteinxubuntu724: search for, and install xfce422:38
xubuntu724I'm kinda newbie22:38
holsteinxubuntu724: one of the many things that comes up is just that.. xfce422:38
xubuntu724ok, hold on a minute please22:39
xubuntu724Ok, there is a result xfce422:40
xubuntu724So, supposing I install it, what should I do next?22:41
holsteinright. thats xfce4.. thats what you asked for, and want, and i suggest you install22:41
holsteinxubuntu724: you wuld install it, and *not* elect to switch from kdm, if given that option.. reboot or logout and choose xfce from the login manager22:41
xubuntu724so simple?22:41
xubuntu724and KDE will be intact?22:42
holsteinxubuntu724: you are free to search around and ask others.. and you should do your own research, and whatever package manager you are using will tell you *exactly* what it is about to do22:42
holsteinyou can look and see what all is being installed, and that nothing is being removed22:43
xubuntu724ok, one last question22:43
holsteinnothing about installing xfce will break KDE..22:43
xubuntu724Will the applications I already have installed under Kubuntu, be usable from the xfce environment?22:44
holsteinxubuntu724: yes22:44
xubuntu724nice :)22:44
xubuntu724thank you very very much22:44
xubuntu724I go do it right now22:44
holsteinsure... good luck.22:44
xubuntu724thank you22:45
xubuntu724bye to every122:45
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slawkehello :)23:10
slawkesomebody can tell me whence I can download xubuntu 14 alpha 1 or 2? :)P23:11
holsteinslawke: 14.04*23:11
holsteinhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/14.04/alpha-1/ and use #ubuntu+123:12
slawkethanks :)23:13
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