huwshimiHey bac!00:00
hatchI gota run for an hour or so but huwshimi  when I get back I can answer any q's00:01
hatchhuwshimi hey back, so any other ideas on implementation or do you just want to land it as is?01:42
huwshimihatch: Apologies I was eating lunch02:13
* benji wonders how often huwshimi eats sashimi.02:28
huwshimiMmm... sashimi02:29
rick_h_frankban: demo went off awesome. I've had several people pull me aside to say it was awesome/impressive including Mark S11:06
frankbanrick_h_: \o/11:06
rick_h_so big case of Gui rocks!11:06
frankbanrick_h_: very cool, so this was the local charms, right?11:07
rick_h_local charms, and then while that deployed I used quickstart -i to choose a non-default environment, and deploy the mongodb cluser bundle 11:07
rick_h_so hit both together and blew them away11:08
frankbanrick_h_: great11:08
bachey rick_h_12:19
dimiternrick_h_, awesome! so no issues with local charm uploads?12:41
rick_h_dimitern: nope was awesome. we've got some polish to do, but great demo.12:42
dimiternrick_h_, perfect! is there a deployed gui with local charms support? staging or something?12:44
bache benji you around?12:48
bacrick_h_: ping12:48
benjibac: yep; what's up?12:49
bacbenji: i've got a bundle inheritance question.  you up on that?12:49
bacbenji: looky here:  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bac/charms/bundles/charmworld-demo/bundle/view/head:/bundles.yaml12:49
benjiI haven't done anything with bundle inheritance, but I'm looking at it :)12:51
bacbenji: ok, i thought you had.  quickstart hates it.  i'll figure it out12:52
benjibac: I don't know for sure, but I think the charmworld-production is missing the "services" key.12:53
benjielasticsearch and mongodb should be under a "services" key12:53
bacah, right12:54
rick_h_bac: pong12:54
bacrick_h_: hey i got a modified version of that charmworld bundle deployed in lxc.  the only tweak required was to change charmworld_import_limit to -112:55
baccharm ships with 110, so you were seeing 110 bundles + back versions12:56
rick_h_bac: oh!12:56
* rick_h_ is so tired, but should have seen that12:56
gary_posterhey rick_h_, glad the demo went so well. :-)13:07
rick_h_ gary_poster woot13:10
bacjujugui: anyone ever use 'juju destroy-environment --force'? does it clear out stale 'provider-state' and other files that make juju think it is bootstrapped when it isn't?  (i just did i manually before discovering --force)13:38
* gary_poster has never used13:39
bacjujugui: the lcy02 maintenance a few days ago knocked the charmworld CI off-line and it went unnoticed.  it is alive again.13:48
benjiI wonder if there is a simple and effective dead man's switch we could implement for that.13:50
rick_h_jujugui added a customer bug to the kanban in urgent. It's an odd one. Customer has a workaround but if anyone gets a chance to poke at it appreciate it13:59
rick_h_I've told them we'd not have a fix until next week, so no one ruin their friday/weekend on it, but want to make sure we're responsive to them. 14:00
gary_posterrick_h_: that may well be something specific to that charm.  Do you know the OpenStack charm guy?  He's probably there.14:01
* gary_poster tries to remember name14:01
* gary_poster has face...14:02
rick_h_gary_poster: ah, james?14:02
gary_posterhe might know anyway14:02
rick_h_k, everyone is running for the hills so will see what I can find out14:03
gary_posterrick_h_: adam gandelman14:03
gary_posterthough, yeah, james has more commits than I expected https://code.launchpad.net/~charmers/charms/precise/nova-compute/trunk14:04
hatchlol has face14:07
rick_h_ok, going afk until probably sunday when I get back to the US. have fun all!14:08
* rick_h_ ran out of mifi data 2gb in one week :/14:08
gary_posterbye rick_h_, safe travels14:08
bacfrankban: do you know why quickstart/deployer would reject root-disk as an invalid constraint?14:09
hatchcya rick_h_  have a safe trip14:10
gary_posterbac, don't we whitelist constraints?14:10
gary_posterand I don't recall root-disk as a standard one14:11
bacgary_poster: is this wrong: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/reference-constraints.html14:11
gary_posterbac, unlikely, but it may well be *new*14:11
bacgary_poster: perhaps, but it has been part of the manual charmworld deploy, presumably for a while14:12
frankbanbac: the first whitelist I see in the stack is ALLOWED_CONSTRAINTS in guiserver/bundles/utils.py14:12
frankbanALLOWED_CONSTRAINTS = ('arch', 'cpu-cores', 'cpu-power', 'mem')14:12
frankbanbac: we should update that list if core introduces new constraints14:13
frankbanand I am not sure about deployer's own validation, but it's worth looking there too14:13
bacfrankban: agreed.  and proof should match too.  annoying to get a false positive from the cheap test of proof only to have it fail later.14:14
bacfrankban: as shown here https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/charms-constraints.html, the constraints list is space-separated for the command-line.  guiserver forces comma-separated.14:18
bacfrankban: should we support both?14:18
frankbanbac: we need to support what is supported by the deployer14:19
gary_poster(and only that)14:19
frankbanbac: which can be different by how things are spelled in the juju-core cli14:19
frankbanbac: what we ideally need is a shared/simple/complete/tested bundle validation Python library that can be used by proof/quickstart/guiserver/deployer...14:20
bacfrankban: and when we do, it would be nice if it matched what the juju-core CLI and documentation expects14:21
gary_postercrazy talk\14:26
gary_posterwe part ways there14:26
bacgary_poster: you being funny, no?14:32
gary_posterbac, I am hilarity incarnate14:32
bacwhich is proven by folks having to ask.  :)14:32
gary_posterexactly :-)14:33
baci understand.  my humor goes unappreciated here.14:33
bachere = my house14:33
bacabentley: the charmworld ci process seems to be partially dead.  could you give me some pointers?  chat?14:37
abentleybac: sure, but opt right now.14:37
bacabentley: np.  eta?14:37
abentleybac: Okay, how can I help?14:50
bacabentley: let me invite you to a hangout14:51
frankbanguihelp: what do I need to do in the GUI to add an external js lib (except for adding that in the assets and loading it in index)?15:03
* gary_poster seems to recall docs in this direction. looking15:04
hatchfrankban see merge-files15:04
hatchit's in bin/15:05
gary_poster(and lib)15:05
hatchthe one in lib is just the script, the one in bin is the one which has the 'extras' list15:06
hatchwhich I've kind of always found odd15:06
frankbanhatch: so I have to push new libs in that filesToLoad.js, correct? anything else in the Makefile?15:06
gary_posterhatch are you looking at huw's branch to make it landable per your qa, or should I or someone else?  https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/11315:07
gary_posterfrankban: other thing: add a section to hacking doc describing what you did :-)15:07
hatchfrankban that's it, nothing else required in the makefile15:07
frankbangary_poster: yeah I was thinking about that :-)15:07
hatchgary_poster yeah I think I'm going to pull it down and make some small changes and then re-push15:08
gary_posterok thanks15:13
hatchgary_poster I'm also going to be working on adding view support to the viewlet manager15:14
hatchdid you have anything else in the pipe you would like ahead of that?15:14
hatchin other news I was finally able to get my afp:// mount working15:17
gary_postermaking notes, will be with you in a sec15:23
hatch*barf* this new coffee is horrid 15:25
hatchbenji any updates on the investigation? Boards still have it in starting15:26
benjihatch: I need to update the board.  I'll do that now.  The current situation is that I'm fighting with the testing infrastructure.15:26
hatchwant to pair on it? Or is it just something you need to slog through?15:27
gary_posterhatch, viewlet -> view is good.15:27
hatchsounds good15:28
benjiI'm not interested in pairing just yet.15:28
hatchbenji ok np lemme know if you do15:28
hatchitunes is stuck playing a single song.....oh boy stable 14.04 can't come soon enough15:29
abentleybac: Oh, and since I didn't spell it out in voice chat, a swift or s3 container that's configured for public access is just an http URL, so it works with most tools.15:34
bacabentley: right15:35
abentleybac: I don't think you successfully installed tarmac into /usr/local/lib. https://pastebin.canonical.com/104462/15:43
bacabentley: just did.  had to clean out /usr/local/lib.../tarmac.  the new version wasn't getting written15:44
abentleybac: Woot!  It worked.15:46
hatchgary_poster huw's branch is landing with trivials from his code15:49
hatchodly enough I rebased my fix into his and it showed as him doing the work15:49
hatchso it must take the first commit as the 'owner' ? 15:49
gary_posterdunno, but good all around15:51
gary_posterjujugui call in 815:52
gary_posterhatch, if rick is not back Monday and you are looking for something to do, maybe investigate DnD charm upgrade?  first cut UX would be to drag a charm on an existing service to trigger upgrade dialog, maybe?15:55
gary_posterand the viewlet -> view thing is not done15:55
hatchdoes core support it yet?15:55
gary_posterviewlet -> view more important15:55
gary_postersure, same story: upload charm then can simply tell service to switch to new charm id that juju tells you15:56
hatchahh right 15:56
hatchI'll create a card in Project 115:56
hatchgary_poster do we want to allow the drop on the inspector as well?15:57
gary_posterhatch. I considered it.  If you like it, try it. :-)15:57
hatchok I made a card which will be split out into a few I think15:58
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
gary_posterMakyo ping16:01
MakyoKeep getting "this party is over but you can start a new one"16:01
MakyoTrying other comp.16:01
bacgary_poster: two leave requests added to canonicaladmin for your reviewing pleasure16:52
gary_posterbtw, another remote collaborative tool worth following: http://screenhero.com/ .  Current killer for us is no Linux support, but supposedly in process/coming: http://feedback.screenhero.com/forums/192060-feature-requests/suggestions/3941833-make-screenhero-for-linux16:52
gary_posterack bac, I eagerly await clicking buttons...will report back in a amoment16:52
bacgary_poster: and 1 day is rollover, so i just need to email sarah when approved, correct?16:53
gary_posterbac, yes, and cc me16:53
gary_posterbac, all approved .  Would you like me to write email to Sarah about using 2013 day?  I've done so in the past and am happy to.16:55
gary_posterwill cc you16:55
gary_posterbac, actually you did it already.  following up.16:56
benjianother thought on stateless components: instead of the top level dealing with a mutable bag of user state I wonder if we would be better served by passing in immutable state and getting back a sequence of changes to be enacted, that way we wouldn't have to infer changes from a state delta17:00
benjie.g.: pass in {sidebar: {minimized: false}} and if the user clicked on the sidebar show button we would get back actions = {sidebar: "un-minimize"}17:01
gary_posterbenji, fwiw, that's my pattern for rendering actually: the factories return instructions on what to draw, rather than drawing themselves.  I was more direct for the event handlers, since I didn't want to have to come up with a vocabulary for the much larger (and yet-to-be-discovered) possible set of actions17:02
hatchbenji you're basically taking the event system and bringing it down to the functional level with that17:02
hatchwhich is fine, it removes the async nature of it, (which might be a good thing)17:03
benjicould be; hopefully with the benefits of events plus the benefits of a functional approach17:03
gary_posterI considered having generic data mutation actions, but I was using immutable data that had a _replace method on it to generate a new version, so it kind of felt like that already, for cheaper cost17:04
MakyoBoo  My solution doesn't work for some relations.18:44
MakyoWas blithely checking relation hook failures, but some relations have multiple endpoints that connect to the same interface, like db and db-slave18:46
frankbanguihelp: I need two reviews for https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/115 . Anyone available? thanks! I'll try to make the changes and eventually land it in the we.18:46
gary_posterfrankban: on it18:47
hatchsure I'll take it18:47
frankbanbenji: ^^^ I already have two reviewers, so, just FYI, that branch introduces the zip library and also adds a zip-utils module where to store helper functions for working with zip archives18:48
frankbangary_poster, hatch: thank you!18:48
gary_posterfrankban: thanks np.  have a great weekend!  should we try to land it for you if we can?18:49
benjifrankban: sounds good18:50
frankbangary_poster: sure! hopefully I will be able to do that in the we, but if not, please anyone feel free to take it18:50
gary_postercool frankban.  ttyl18:51
frankbanhave a great weekend!18:51
gary_posterthanks :-)18:52
gary_posterhatch are you going to comment on modules-debug/modules-prod instead of the script tag, or shall I?18:53
hatchhaha, I'm on lunch18:54
hatchgo ahead18:54
gary_posterok cool18:54
hatchI kind of wish we used the loader of some sort so that we didn't have to ship all of that js to the client all the time18:55
gary_posterbut...we are building an app that needs all of it?18:57
gary_postermaybe I'm missing something18:57
hatchwell it's just that you don't need it at all unless you're doing the local charm stuff18:57
marcoceppiso. quickstart kind of went a little wonky during the charm school today18:57
hatchso it has to be shipped for the 90% of the time that's unused18:57
gary_postertell us more marcoceppi?18:58
marcoceppigary_poster: oh, it's been recorded to youtube for prosperity, but basically it wasn't able to connect to the juju-gui websocket18:58
marcoceppiposterity, even18:59
marcoceppilet me find you the link where I start to panic18:59
gary_posteroh! weird, and I'm sorry.  was there anything unusual about the circumstances?  A bug report--or anything written--giving details would be fantastic19:00
marcoceppijuju quickstart -i ~/production.yaml was what I ran19:00
gary_posterwe'll make one if you don't, of course, but it would be better to have you give us the details (and easier :-P)19:00
gary_postermarcoceppi, local env? ec2?19:00
marcoceppigary_poster: I didn't really take time to debug, just kind of swept under the run and moved on19:00
gary_postersure of course19:00
marcoceppiI'll attempt it again now to see if I can repro19:01
marcoceppiis there a verbose flag or someting I can use?19:01
gary_posterI bet we haven't done much hpcloud ourselves.  Thank you!19:01
gary_postermarcoceppi: --debug19:01
marcoceppicool, will give that a go now19:02
gary_posterthank you much19:02
hatchgary_poster I don't get an email from linked-in for over a year, I log in thanks to you and now I get about 1 a day lol19:14
gary_posterhatch, heh, sorry ;-)19:14
bacgary_poster: looking at the deployer code i see that it parses the constraints only as space-separated key=value pairs.  looks like guiserver using comma-separated is an outlier.19:15
bacjujugui: if you attempt to apploy a bundle via quickstart or the juju-gui, juju-core api requires that referenced charm urls have revisions in them.  if you don't you get an error message back like "Error": "charm url must include revision"19:48
bacthe juju-deployer doesn't use the api and juju-core CLI doesn't have that restriction19:49
bacanyone know the rational?19:49
bacmarcoceppi:  ^^^ that's what led to the bug i filed yesterday19:51
benjibac: I don't know of any reason we would include that constraint.  frankban would be a good person to ask.19:52
marcoceppibac: thanks for the clarification19:52
bacbenji: it isn't us.  it is juju-core19:52
marcoceppicouldn't you just do revision expansion?19:52
marcoceppiso charm: "mysql" would expand to cs:precise/mysql-3319:53
marcoceppior are we of the idea that charms should be explicit? and if so that's something the remote proof will have to include, charm-tools proof only does a few things19:53
marcoceppicharm url validation occurs on the API side19:53
benjiahh, in that case I would suspect it is an accident of implementation (and an organizational anti-pattern: all clients should use the same API)19:54
marcoceppiin the case of proofing, the API I'm referring to is the charmworld api19:54
marcoceppibac: https://manage.jujucharms.com/api/3/bundle/proof is where that should be fixed, not charm-tools19:56
bacmarcoceppi: it would be better to find out if it is a false restriction and realign the juju-core api with the cli.19:57
marcoceppifwiw, the cli exapnds it prior to sending the charm url over19:57
marcoceppiso either we replicate that within juju-gui or just expose the more strict nature of the api and say you must have a version19:58
marcoceppijuju-gui server/quickstart19:58
baci think from the perspective of a bundle specifying a particular revision is desirable, which guarantees this collection of charms works together.  with no revision you get the latest and that group of charms may have incompatabilities.20:00
baci think i just argued with myself, again.20:01
hatchyes that's a definite requirement else you get issues like we have with npm dependencies 20:04
gary_posterjorge wants the loose approach too20:21
gary_posterHe thinks he does, anyway :-)20:21
hatchwell I could see that it would be ok20:28
hatchbut that's kind of the cowboy approach and not for 'approved' charms20:29
hatcher bundles20:29
gary_posterhatch is calling out to the Canadian moose in Saskatoon20:31
gary_poster(and I agree)20:32
marcoceppigary_poster: bac hatch I think jorge and I are in the same boat20:38
marcoceppiGive you enough rope to hang yourself20:38
gary_poster:-) k20:38
bacmarcoceppi: can you clarify that boat20:38
gary_posterhe wants to be able to have bundles that do not specify versions20:38
marcoceppiwith regards to specifying versions in charms. I think we can talk about promulgated bundles being locked20:38
marcoceppibut I should be able to strap on spurs and a 10 Gal hat with my own bundle namespace20:39
gary_posterI'd agree with that, and I think that's what we had intended for some time now20:39
gary_posterheh, sure20:39
bacso are we advocating for a change to guiserver to accept revision-less charm urls, look up the latest, and hand it to the juju-core API?20:39
gary_posterit's a deployer thing20:39
marcoceppiIMMHOO, yes20:39
gary_posterand I think it already does it there20:39
bacwell, deployer uses the CLI20:39
hatchmarcoceppi so, approved bundles would require versions?20:39
bacand the CLI does it20:39
gary_posterah right20:39
marcoceppiwell promulgated bundles, if that ever exists, yes20:40
gary_posterthough the deployer should be able to change for 1.1820:40
bacso, as marcoceppi said earlier, we'd have to have guiserver do the lookup before calling the api20:40
* gary_poster suggests we wait for 1.1820:40
gary_posterand then have the deployer do the righth thing with the API20:40
baci'm confused20:40
gary_posterand then use that20:40
bacthe deployer does what jorge wants20:40
gary_posterthe POWAA!20:40
hatchugh who chose promulgated to be the word.....SERIOUSLY20:41
hatchwas 'promoted' too easy?20:41
gary_posterbac what do you mean?20:41
marcoceppihaha, you would get along with jorge swimingly20:41
bacthe deployer uses the CLI and does what jorge wants, revisionless charm urls20:41
bacjuju-quickstart and juju-gui use the API and must have revisions20:42
gary_posterbac, in 1.18 the CLI uses the API20:42
marcoceppigary_poster: for juju deploy? I thought it already did since 1.1620:42
bacgary_poster: ok, then in 1.18 jorge will be sad in all cases20:43
gary_postermarcoceppi: mebbe so.  I know that the API work is still ongoing20:43
bacwho would like to have a quick hangout?20:43
gary_posterbac, no, my hope is that the API does the looking up on the server side now20:43
marcoceppigary_poster: the CLI does the charm url conversion for by doing a look up against store.juju.ubuntu.com20:43
bacor shall we continue this whoseonfirst routine?20:43
gary_postermarcoceppi: and then talks to the API?20:43
marcoceppiwhen I run juju deploy mysql in 1.17.X it resolves the charm url then, I believe, uses api to do the deploy20:44
* marcoceppi runs --debug20:44
gary_posterseems a shame that the charm url conversion is not done on the server side20:44
marcoceppigary_poster: networking concerns20:44
bacmarcoceppi, gary_poster: please to be joining me.  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/calendar/Z2FyeS5wb3N0ZXJAY2Fub25pY2FsLmNvbQ.t3m5giuddiv9epub48d9skdaso20:44
marcoceppithough, the same exists for the desktop I guess20:44
Makyogary_poster, hatch Current impl of relation is in error.  Appears to work, but may be worth a second set of eyes, if either of you have time. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6893602/21:08
bacgary_poster: bug 127769621:08
_mup_Bug #1277696: Bundles with revision-less charm URLs should deploy <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1277696>21:08
gary_posterhatch finished https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/115 ; ready for you21:09
gary_posterthank you bac21:09
gary_posterwill mess with it in a sec21:09
gary_posterlooking Makyo21:09
bacgary_poster: feel free to correct the description if muddy or wrong21:09
gary_postercool thanks21:09
gary_posterMakyo: trivial but maybe worth clarification: "...side of the relation are in a relation error state..." -> "...side of the relation are in an error state for this relation..." or something like that?  awkward.  do what you will.  still reading21:11
MakyoOh, right, didn't get to the comment yet.  Will do.21:11
hatchgary_poster ok thanks I'll get to it once I get out of viewlet manager mode21:13
gary_posterack thanks hatch21:13
* bac -> dog walk21:13
hatchMakyo looks good just maybe some inline comments explaining what the code does so future us doesn't have to actually read the code :D and just FYI arrays have a native some() in all of our supported browsers21:15
Makyohatch, cool, thanks.  Will ensure 'some', but yeah, comments on the way.21:15
hatchthis viewlets and views code is a headache21:16
hatchfrom now on, I want the final app spec before I start any code :P21:16
hatchenterprise baby!!!21:17
gary_posterMakyo, looks good to me.  I have a couple of minor niggles for you to take or leave.  (1) the `indexOf(sourceEndpoint[1].name + ...) !== -1 seems potentially problematic (if I have a name "bar" and another name "foobar", for instance).  Can't we use `...=== 0` instead?21:17
gary_posterhatch :-P good luck :-)21:17
Makyogary_poster, oh, okay, yeah.  Will take a look.21:17
gary_posterMakyo: thanks, cool.  (2) I love me some functional programming, but I wonder if the sourceEndpoint & targetEndpoint assignment would be clearer (and as short or shorter) with conditionals21:19
Makyogary_poster, oh, so sourceEndpoint = endpoints[0][0] === source.id ? endpoints[0] : endpoints[1] or something?21:20
gary_posterif (this.endpoints[0][0] === self.source.id) { sourceEndpoint, targetEndpoint = this.endpoints } else {targetEndpoint, sourceEndpoint = this.endpoints}21:20
gary_posteror whatever21:20
gary_posteryeah what you said is good direction too21:20
MakyoCan you expand arrays like that?21:21
MakyoThat'd be neat.21:21
MakyoBoo! >:/21:21
gary_postertoo much language exploration21:21
gary_postersorry :-)21:21
MakyoHaha, I wish21:21
hatchapparently some iteration of ES6 has the multi assignment stuff added21:22
gary_posterbac, moved "[suggestion] quickstart cmdline option for which juju to use" card to slack.  putting your new bug in its place.  AOK?21:23
gary_posterbac, uh, confused.  So we should close bug 1277188, replaced by bug 1277696; and open a new bug about the comma/space difference in constraints parsing?21:24
_mup_Bug #1277188: charm-proof should warn on revision-less charm URLs <charmworld:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1277188>21:24
_mup_Bug #1277696: Bundles with revision-less charm URLs should deploy <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1277696>21:24
gary_posterno, we want all three. :-/ k21:25
Makyogary_poster, hatch http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6893754/ ?21:44
hatchoo pretty green21:44
gary_posterMakyo: looking good.  Only additional thought, that hatch can probably answer, is whether this is the right logic for peer relations21:45
gary_posterIs it?  Or is that not even pertinent?21:45
Makyogary_poster, hatch not pertinent; peer relations are filtered out in the drawing process.  Logic will have to change if it goes down into handler level code.21:46
gary_posterMaybe not pertinent because it would not participate in a relation menu21:46
hatchMakyo isn't this.source.units is not already an array? Isn't it a LML? Or is toArray() just a passthrough in that case?21:46
Makyohatch, passthrough, I think. source.units is definitely not an array.21:47
hatchgotchaz 21:47
hatchlooks good here21:47
gary_posterMakyo: cool, looks good.  For future: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/New_in_JavaScript/1.7#Destructuring_assignment_(Merge_into_own_page.2Fsection) :-)21:47
MakyoWhew, okay.  Glad I caught the weird dual relations case.  Good test is mediawiki with two mysqls.  The interfaces are different on mediawiki, but the same on each mysql.21:48
MakyoBonus :D21:49
hatch:) yay21:49
hatchyay go future javascript21:50
hatchwhich we can't use if we ever don't support the latest browsers21:50
gary_posterheh, open the inspector when you go to that page and look at console.  Maybe this is only new to me21:50
* hatch hands gary a fancy hat and whistle.... "Welcome to the internet!!!"21:51
* Makyo dogwalk, then tests.22:01
hatchthe viewlet manager now accepts viewlets AND views22:01
hatchunfortunately all the css is broken with views22:01
hatchprobably a rather simple specificity fix though so that's good22:02
hatchOO 168 test failures22:05
hatchthere are so many test failures that the scrollback in my terminal doesn't go that far22:06
hatchhaha oops22:06
* gary_poster running22:18
gary_posterhave a great weekend and next week!22:18
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away

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