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mptHi, I’m stuck on step 8 of <https://dev.launchpad.net/Running/LXC>: “ssh -A lpdev.local to connect to the container.” I get the error: “ssh: Could not resolve hostname lpdev.local: Name or service not known”11:38
mptDo I need to add it to /etc/hosts or something?11:38
cjwatsonavahi is supposed to take care of that11:39
cjwatsonHowever, there can be problems if the container's networking hasn't come up properly11:39
cjwatsonWhat does "sudo lxc-ls --fancy" say?11:39
mptNAME   STATE    IPV4        IPV6  AUTOSTART11:40
mptlpdev  RUNNING  -     NO11:40
cjwatsonAnd you did step 5, installing avahi-daemon in the container?11:41
mptavahi-daemon is already the newest version.11:41
cjwatsonDoes "sudo avahi-browse -at | grep lpdev" print anything?11:41
mptcjwatson, it exits without output11:42
cjwatsonI have to admit that I stopped using lucid containers for LP a while ago11:42
cjwatsonwgrant: possibly we should update Running/LXC to recommend precise11:42
cjwatsonmpt: It might be worth retrying with precise - you can call the container something different like "precise-lpdev" to avoid having to redo the lucid work if that turns out not to help11:43
mptok, I’ll try that, thanks11:43
cjwatsonThere's only a limited extent to which it makes sense to try to fix lucid at this stage, I think11:43
cjwatsonAnd the majority of LP is on precise now ...11:43
mptDoing the lxc-create, I’m getting a lot of “Can not write log, openpty() failed (/dev/pts not mounted?)”11:59
mptDoes that mean I’m out of disk space?11:59
cjwatsonShouldn't, that literally just means /dev/pts isn't mounted in (I suppose) the container12:00
cjwatsonProbably a bug in the lxc template12:00
cjwatsonRelatively harmless during creation though12:00
mptWell, the container won’t start up like the lucid one did: “lpdev-precise login: <4>init: setvtrgb main process (270) terminated with status 1”12:07
mptOh, I just needed to press Enter X-)12:07
cjwatsonAh, yeah, that's just overlapping output12:11
cjwatsonUnsightly but harmless12:11
mptSuccess: Thanks cjwatson12:16
wgrantcjwatson: Indeed. I'll run through it with precise next week just to make sure nothing else needs fixing.12:22
* mpt wonders what the past tense of “troubleshoot” is. Troubleshooted? Troubleshot?12:23
cjwatsonIt's one of those irregular verbs. :-)12:25
cjwatsonproblemgeschossen [yes yes I know]12:26
jpdsmpt: Now ask yourself what the past tense of 'tweet' is.12:44
mptjpds, I believe you are referring to http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2009/jul/29/david-cameron-apology-radio-twitter12:48
cjwatsonI discovered around new year that the Irish for "to tweet" is tvuíteáil, which is rather mine12:48
cjwatson(where did "mine" come from?)12:48
jtvcjwatson: If I were of the Freudian persuation, I'd say you were greedy.  :)14:03

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