sassynhi akk00:23
sassynI kind of lost in the last week00:24
sassynwith an issue I have00:24
sassynand maybe someone can drop some light here00:24
sassynI need to back port some pkg from ubuntu 14.04 to 10.0400:24
sassynso I download the source pkg00:24
sassynthe .dsc00:24
sassynand had to get some other sources from 14.04 and compile them as well00:25
sassynsome of then was need to be change as they used debhelp 9 and I have only 7 install in 10.0400:25
sassynso at the end i manage to compile all pkg needed00:26
sassynand got them install00:26
sassynbut know i want to do the same fro 10.1000:26
sassyn11.04 etc..00:26
sassynso i used pbuilder00:26
sassynwhich took me like 3 days just to understand00:26
sassynhow to work with this00:26
sassynand I know in a point where I have 12.04 install00:27
sassynwith pbuilder00:27
sassynwith image of 10.04 as base00:27
sassynwith local repo00:27
sassynso when trying to do build for the source pkg from 14.04 i was thinking it will do it auto00:27
sassynif some pkg will be missing00:28
sassyni will do the same as i did with 10.0400:28
sassynupload to my local repo00:28
sassynand try again00:28
sassynbut as it seems to me i00:28
sassyndoing something wrong00:28
cjwatsonmichagogo|cloud: Sorry - my only suggestion at this point is that you find somebody who already knows how to package and can do it for you, then.  I'm afraid I don't have time to help10:09
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quidnuncIs anyone on 13.04 and can confirm that uuid-dev is uninstallable?18:46
tewardquidnunc: if you give me two minutes i can check in my 13.04 VM18:47
quidnuncteward: I would appreciate it18:48
* teward is in the middle of diagnosing an sbuild chroot problem with his chroots18:48
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring18:50
tewardquidnunc: actually, you know what...18:50
tewardraring is EOL18:50
tewardso why do you want to check an EOL release's installation stuff18:50
quidnuncteward: I'm still running it18:50
quidnuncteward: because I depend on docker I don't think they support anything later18:51
quidnunc(and I don't think)*18:51
tewardfirst of all, i see several issues with that line of thinking, because 13.04 won't be getting any updates ever, so you're opening yourself to new security risks18:51
tewardsecondly, mind pastebinning or sharing your "can't install" errors?18:52
quidnuncSo it looks like 13.10 is supported now.18:52
quidnuncby docker18:52
quidnuncSo I guess I'll upgrade18:52
quidnunc uuid-dev : Depends: libuuid1 (= 2.20.1-5.1ubuntu8) but 2.20.1-5.1ubuntu8.1 is to be installed18:52
tewardthat means that uuid-dev has an incorrect depends line18:52
tewardbut as it's in 13.04 that can't be fixed18:53
quidnuncteward: I know. Is it just me18:53
quidnuncteward: Alright.18:53
tewardquidnunc: i doubt it, if 2.20.1-5.1ubuntu8.1 is libuuid1's version in 13.04 then that applies everywhere18:53
quidnuncdocker supports 13.10 now so it's safe to upgrade18:53
teward(because that's an ubuntu revision number)18:53
quidnuncteward: There are many reasons why it could just be me: stale package list is one18:54
tewardpossibly (sudo apt-get update)18:54
tewardquidnunc: i'm willing to test assuming that i can get my VM to launch18:54
tewardi may have to rebuild it18:54
teward(but again, as 13.04 is End of Life, this error won't be fixed anywhere except locally)18:54
quidnuncteward: Never mind, I'll upgrade and try with saucy18:54
tewardawww, but i'm bored :P  this would've given me something to do18:55
tewardoh well18:55
* teward goes back to trying to fix his sbuild chroots18:55
tewardquidnunc: also, btw, i can't confirm your error, it looks like stale package info on your end really18:59
teward(even if 13.04 wasn't EOL, this is still just an error of stale data on your end)18:59
quidnuncteward: That's what I wanted to know, thanks :)19:02
quidnuncteward: What could be the cause? I did apt-get upgrade. I'm using archive.ubuntu.org19:03
tewardquidnunc: no idea, but as I said, 13.04 is EOL, so it's irrelevant19:04
tewardand because you said this program you want supports 13.10 now, so...19:04
quidnuncteward: Somewhat relevant to me: It's going to take several hours to upgrade19:04
tewardwell, i'm not sure what the cause is... works fine here.  do you have some weird setup where you don't use -updates or something?19:05
quidnuncteward: No, it's there19:06
quidnuncteward: what version numbers do you have19:06
tewardquidnunc: i already shut down the VM19:06
quidnuncfor libuuid119:06
tewardyou'll have to wait a minute19:06
quidnuncteward: Okay, not important19:06
* teward is in the middle of updating things19:06
tewardnah i can load it in a minute19:06
tewardquidnunc: oops i made a fail19:08
tewardi didn't update it's package data from rebuild19:08
tewardgive me another minute19:08
tewardquidnunc: do you have any weird PPAs, or the proposed repo enabled, or backports?19:10
tewardbecause stock 13.04 has just libuuid1 2.20.1-5.1ubuntu819:10
tewardwith just raring, raring-security, and raring-updates enabled19:10
quidnuncteward: raring-proposed19:10
quidnuncthat's the problem19:10
tewardyeah that is the issue19:11
tewardquidnunc: you probably should not just blindly enable proposed, and should pin it and then only install what you need from proposed19:11
quidnuncteward: It actually is pinned, -120. I don't know how it got installed19:11
tewardhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/EnableProposed is usually what I use to pin proposed19:12
tewardIDK then, but meh19:12
quidnuncteward: Thanks. I wouldn't have found the problem without your help19:12
tewardyou're welcome19:12
tewardsorry if i seem grumpy, sbuild's having issues today >.>19:12
teward(all day long today too)19:12
quidnuncteward: You have my sympathy. I'm struggling with a string of really stupid problems today too19:14
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