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rsalvetichrisccoulson: hey, got some additional errors when downloading the sources01:52
rsalvetichrisccoulson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6888536/01:52
rsalvetichrisccoulson: do you have the tarball with the binaries & script around?01:52
rsalvetiwant to try with 4.4.2 to see if it works better on mako01:53
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, hmm, that sucks :/01:56
chrisccoulsoni do have the tarball, but the hotel wifi runs at about 10kB/s01:56
chrisccoulsonand it's around 700MB01:56
rsalvetichrisccoulson: right, ping me tomorrow morning then02:08
chrisccoulsonsure, no problem02:08
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plarscwayne: achiang: not sure if it's a fluke or not, but after rerunning the customization tests, it looks like there was still 1 failure: customization_tests.api.test_webbrowser_settings.BrowserCustomizationTests.test_bookmark_db_schema03:43
cwayneplars, weird, we havent had any failures at all recently03:44
dukocan anyone here recommend any phone / any US phone carrier service that would allow ubuntu touch calls and text?04:27
cwayneduko, nexus 4, and pretty much anything from my experience04:53
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FishsceneI want to give a HUGE thank you to whoever gave the greenlight for Mir 0.1.4 to be in the Ubuntu touch image.07:48
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VinothHi Guys , I ' m having samsung galaxy core , bored of android on my device , i would like to intstall ubuntu on it09:54
Vinothis it safe to go ahead09:54
Vinothas far as i looked , website covered only on nexus09:55
davmor2Morning all09:57
Sam____guys, can P895 run ubuntu touch?10:01
tsdgeosVinoth: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices10:15
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Guest50561Is there any specification we need to look for porting ubuntu touch?10:33
ogra_you device should have a working Cyanogenmod or (preferably) AOSP port to base on10:35
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Saviqrsalveti, is emulator supported on non-free drivers?13:19
rsalvetiSaviq: never tested, but it should work (it uses GL)13:20
rsalvetiSaviq: there's a translator driver that converts GLES to host-GL13:20
Saviqrsalveti, mhm13:20
rsalvetiSaviq: are you trying with the nvidia driver?13:21
Saviqrsalveti, yeah13:21
rsalvetiSaviq: have the logs?13:21
Saviqrsalveti, what do you need me to get?13:22
rsalvetiSaviq: just the entire output/logs when running the emulator (the host side)13:23
Saviqrsalveti, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6891246/13:25
* Saviq enables optimus13:26
MarcNCbuenas! Acabo de ver ubuntu touch para android i quisiera saber si se podria instalar en mi LG OPTIMUS L7?13:26
rsalvetiSaviq: seems qemu was able to find and use your libs:13:28
rsalvetiemulator: Initializing hardware OpenGLES emulation support13:28
rsalvetiemulator: Kernel parameters: qemu.gles=1 qemu=1 console=ttyS0 android.qemud=ttyS1 androidboot.console=ttyS2 ndns=113:28
rsalvetiotherwise it'd give an error there13:28
rsalvetiSaviq: is unity8 crashing?13:29
rsalvetiSaviq: can you also paste your logcat?13:29
Saviqrsalveti, nothing that would suggest so, no13:30
Saviqrsalveti, no upstart log, no .crash, no nothing13:30
Saviqmaybe I didn't wait long enough...13:30
Saviqrsalveti, root@ubuntu-phablet:/home/phablet/.cache/upstart# less unity8.log13:33
Saviqterminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<std::runtime_error> >'13:33
Saviq  what():  buffer allocation failed13:33
Saviqrsalveti, that's on intel, though13:33
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rsalvetiSaviq: hm, never had that13:38
rsalvetiwonder if that's video memory or normal ram13:38
rsalvetiSaviq: are you using the emulator with 512MB of ram?13:39
rsalvetiafaik you could already use it with 72013:39
Saviqrsalveti, didn't change anything13:39
Saviqrsalveti, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6891292/ on nvidia13:39
Saviqand  what():  Failed to compile vertex shader:13:40
Saviqso yeah, nvidia == nono13:40
Saviqah wait, maybe wrong gl13:40
Saviqyeah, forgot to update-alternatives gl for i386, let's see again13:41
rsalvetiSaviq: yeah, maybe it was still trying to use the mesa driver13:43
Saviqrsalveti, yeah, that last one for sure13:43
Saviqrsalveti, ah right, it just hangs now13:44
Saviqrsalveti, when trying to launch unity8 under correctly-configured nvidia13:44
rsalvetiSaviq: did you get any error from qemu?13:45
rsalvetior logcat as well13:45
Saviqrsalveti, nothing on the host console, just gone13:46
Saviqrsalveti, spinning, actually13:46
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Saviqrsalveti, btw, the EDGE skin is still shipped with hw.ramSize=51213:51
ogra_Saviq, yes, because qemu crashes with more13:52
rsalvetiwell, it works with 72013:52
ogra_oh, yeah, then it should be updated to that13:52
rsalvetinext upload should allow more13:52
rsalvetisergiusens: ^13:52
sergiusensrsalveti, Saviq just --memory 72013:53
sergiusensit fails with 720 for some13:53
Saviqoh ok13:54
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chaitanya_/echo -at $logdir14:41
kgunnoSoMoN: ping15:24
oSoMoNkgunn, pong15:24
mterryCimi, poke about welcome-wizard15:35
Cimimterry, pong15:36
mterryCimi, just curious where it is.  You were working on wifi?15:37
FuLgOrE_hi rsalveti: thanks for the hint to update the android-ramdisk after flashing the system.img. it worked :)15:38
rsalvetiFuLgOrE_: cool15:38
popeypmcgowan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phablet-tools/+bug/127668315:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1276683 in phablet-tools (Ubuntu) "phablet-screenshot fails on manta" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:38
Cimimterry, nope, working on preview widgetds15:39
FuLgOrE_rsalveti: did you flash your N5 now? :)15:39
mterryCimi, oh right15:39
pmcgowankgunn, screenshot thing is known issue per popey ^^15:39
rsalvetiFuLgOrE_: yup, that's how I tested it15:39
cwaynedo we have any plan to fix screenshots on manta?15:40
cwaynethat'd be very helpful for me..15:40
FuLgOrE_rsalveti: ah, I see. so I think these 3 img-files is your third batch, right? the second should fix the brightness control, am I right? this don't works on my phone. did it work for you?15:40
rsalvetiFuLgOrE_: not yet, that's till broken15:41
rsalveticwayne: did you try the 4.4 image?15:41
rsalvetiwould be nice to know if it's still broken with 4.415:41
cwaynersalveti, i did not, but i can try today15:42
rsalveticwayne: cool, it's faster as well ;-)15:42
cwaynenice :D15:43
cwaynersalveti, already got it running on my personal flo and hammerhead15:43
cwaynemight as well try it on manta too15:43
rsalvetiyeah, cool15:43
FuLgOrE_rsalveti: do you have an idea how I can support you with my limited knowledge? any tests, any log files? I would like to help but I don't know how.15:44
rsalvetiFuLgOrE_: guess the sound issue is the most important to get fixed now, but I can't help much on that yet15:45
rsalvetineed to read a bit more about ucm and pulse15:45
ogra_rsalveti, i can take that bit for flo ... i mannaged to get panda to work as well back then :) but it would help so much if diwic could do it ... he doesnt need to "read" about it first :)15:47
rsalvetiogra_: exactly15:48
rsalvetihe would just do it in 5 minutes15:48
barryxnox: is adb in the emulator broken?  "init: cannot find '/sbin/adbd', disabling 'adbd'"15:49
FuLgOrE_rsalveti, ogra_: if he would have some time and I would know when (and also would have time) I could try out his ideas and give him feedback and log files in time15:49
FuLgOrE_would be great15:49
ogra_the magic word here is "would"15:50
FuLgOrE_that's right15:50
ogra_he is up to his ears in other stuff15:50
FuLgOrE_flo = new nexus 7 right?15:51
xnoxbarry: that's from android's initramfs15:51
xnoxbarry: a proper adbd should start.... if rootfs got mounted that is15:51
barryxnox: adb devices returns nothing, but let me restart the emulator15:52
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barryxnox: ah. now it's there15:53
ogra_it takes a bit :)15:54
FuLgOrE_ogra_, rsalveti: do you have a good idea where to get a manual/wiki for UCM? I just found one very limited wiki page.16:06
ogra_no, it seriously lacks documentation16:07
ogra_using existing UCM files and comparing them with amixer output is the best to get it up for a start16:07
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FuLgOrE_ogra_: I will have a look tomorrow. But as I wrote my knowledge is very limited.... I followed the porting guide. this matches with the only UCM wiki page I found. so the conf file should be okay. the two other files needs some adjustments, I guess (HiFi and VoiceCall). I only exchanged the soundcard name from the original conf to the correct one in N5. but I still get a "no soundcard found" message in dmesg. we will see16:10
FuLgOrE_I'll leave now. see you guys, and thanks for everything :)16:11
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chrisccoulsonhi rsalveti16:36
chrisccoulsonso, i managed to figure out my issue now :)16:37
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ogra_stgraber, do ou have an idea why the latest system-image wouldnt download the blacklist file ?16:54
ogra_(there were no system-image related changes on the image, i'm wondering if there was a server side hiccup)16:55
ogra_stgraber, bug 127758916:55
ubot5bug 1277589 in Ubuntu system image ""FileNotFoundError: /var/lib/system-image/blacklist.tar.xz"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127758916:55
popeywe are on shit wifi here, so it's entirely possible.16:55
popeyhowever it happened to be pretty good at the time16:56
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davmor2sergiusens: qt5.2 qtmultimedia fix did it land yet, I'm just trying to keep track of all the things I've been asked to test :)16:57
stgraberogra_: well, the file sure didn't change on the server as it needs 5 people to physically meet to be able to change it :)16:57
ogra_popey, trying my maguro, thats still on 16916:57
stgraberso my bet would be on shit wifi (as I don't believe either udm nor system-image changed on the client side)16:58
sergiusensdavmor2, in the archive, yes16:58
sergiusensdavmor2, but just the clean removal16:58
sergiusensdavmor2, needs a set of new diversions for the new Qt16:58
davmor2sergiusens: ah right so I don't need to manually remove the QTMM steps to test anymore right?16:59
sergiusensdavmor2, right; just add ppa, update and dist-upgrade16:59
davmor2sergiusens: good to know thanks :)16:59
ogra_popey, maguro just rebooted fine into recovery ... it is now installing17:02
ogra_stgraber, yeah, i meant more the file that defines that it gets downloaded ... or is that on the client side ?17:05
stgraberogra_: it's hardcoded in the system-image client and hasn't changed since the first release17:05
popeystgraber: lemme know if there's anything else you want from my device. I am leaving in 3 hours.17:11
rsalvetichrisccoulson: great17:11
ogra_popey, well, seems your download simply didnt properly happen17:12
rsalvetisergiusens: we should ping Mirv to update the qt5.2 install instructions as well17:12
ogra_popey, the intresting question is now: can you get out of this state17:12
stgraberpopey: try a few more times and see if it works, if it does, blame your wifi/provider and close the bug :)17:12
ogra_popey, do you get the image offered again after i.e. a reboot17:12
stgraberpopey: if there's a transparent proxy returning you garbage, you may be stuck in that state though17:12
rsalvetichrisccoulson: all good then?17:13
chrisccoulsonrsalveti, seems to be. i've had it running http://webglsamples.googlecode.com/hg/aquarium/aquarium.html on the N4 quite nicely :)17:13
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rsalvetichrisccoulson: lovely17:14
sergiusensrsalveti, I already pinged him; well not explicitly to fix instructions, but to say it wasn't needed17:15
sergiusensno idea where those instructions live17:15
rsalvetisergiusens: great then17:15
pmcgowanchrisccoulson, you got mako running with oxide?17:15
chrisccoulsonpmcgowan, yeah17:16
bfillerKaleo_: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6866549/17:17
Mirvsergiusens: airport, on todo list. once I get to retest some upgrade path with the more fixed qtmultimedia-touch I'll update the pastebin link at https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta217:22
Mirvor rsalveti, whoever pinged :)17:23
* Mirv -> gate17:29
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didrocksMirv: safe flight!17:39
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achiangplars: hi, i just manually re-ran our failing webbrowser test and it seems to pass here.17:45
achiangplars: any chance you could try to kick off a new run for us?17:45
plarsachiang: there's actually one running right now due to the new image, and it seems to have passed the customization tests already17:46
mterryogra_, so is nested mode back on the your landing plan?17:46
achiangplars: ah, great!17:46
ogra_mterry, i was waiting for your ok for the missing two tests17:46
achiangplars: thanks17:46
mterryogra_, oh yeah OK.  They are in progress, but aren't needed for landing nested mode, as long as we are committed to landing the tests17:47
ogra_mterry, beyond that, yes indeed :)17:47
mterryogra_, sorry thought I said that yesterday17:47
ogra_mterry, but the whole landing team is gone ... traveling17:47
ogra_mterry, i understood that nested worked for you ... and it worked on maguro too when i tested here today17:48
mterryogra_, awesome.  Maguro is tricksy17:48
ogra_the image was in bad shape today though ... so landing would only have been possible with the US shift17:48
ogra_but they are off as well afaik17:48
mterryogra_, OK it can wait.  Just curious of where we stood17:49
mterryogra_, and if you needed anything fromme17:49
ogra_mterry, nope, trying to land it on monday17:50
mterryogra_, cool17:50
tajamulkindly prepare a ubuntu rom for samsung wave ii18:11
tajamulwave ii currently works on bada os it has got  great hardware but crap os18:12
tajamulpreparing it for wave ii will give ubuntu a grat launchpad18:13
tajamuland ubuntu will have a brand associatdted with it though unofficially18:15
tajamulkindly develop ubuntu for samsung wave ii18:15
tajamulanydody there18:16
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tajamulwhere are all the techy guys18:18
tajamuly anybody is not listning18:18
tajamulkindly answer18:19
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k1l_tajamul: there is a porting guide on the page. if no one has done a port you can start there18:24
tajamuli dont know much about it18:24
tajamulbut they have made android to work on samsung wave ii18:25
tajamulso if android has been ported then y cant ubuntu be18:25
tajamulit will provide ubuntu a great launchpad18:25
tajamulbecause wave ii users are fedup with its bada os18:26
k1l_tajamul: only some nexus devices are officialy suported so far. the other devices are form community members support. so you will have to start something18:26
tajamulthough it has great hardware18:26
k1l_tajamul: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices18:26
tajamulcan u sir port it18:27
tajamuli refer ur goodself to badahub site18:28
tajamulthere they have links to some elementry work of porting it to wave ii18:28
k1l_well, its quite old phone from 2010 with a singlecore 1mhz cpu and running bada. i doubt that this is going to be easy18:29
tajamuldoes it mean there are no chances18:31
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k1l_tajamul: you can try to do it. but i think the hardware is not that fast.18:33
bfillerKaleo: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6892819/18:34
Guest7178How to disable vibration? The phone makes strange noise when vibrating (normal vibration sound + noise of static electricity or cracking). (Galaxy Nexus, Maguro, trusty)18:34
tajamulsir kindly check the link18:34
k1l_tajamul: ok, then ask them directly about the porting state and if they want to share it on the ubuntu wiki, too18:35
tajamulkindly check the video to know its state18:37
tajamuli am not that much versed in linux  otherwise would have tried it myself because i love ubuntu a lot and want to see it progress18:39
ogra_Guest7178, you cant yet18:40
Guest7178ogra_ Can't I unload vibration driver from kernel? Or replace vibrate() (or something along this lines) function?18:45
tajamul Tigrouzen , Rebbelos, Volk204  know a lot about porting on wave ii18:46
Guest7178ogra_ Can You tell me where should i start loocking for a solution? I know good deal about linux and I can write simple C code.18:57
balloonsso ubuntu touch dual boot force closes after opening in android. Ubuntu is not currently installed (but was, I was attempting to update). It continues to do this even after attempting to remove it and app data under /data. What should I reflash to get it working again?18:59
ogra_Guest7178, usensord is written in go ... and it is simply not completely done yet19:00
Guest7178ogra_ Thanks. I'll take a look on usensord and see if I can dissable vibration support.19:04
ogra_Guest7178, https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/usensord/trunk19:04
ogra_Guest7178, note that there are already fixes and all, they just didnt go through the landing process yet19:05
ogra_sergiusens, ^^^19:05
sergiusensGuest7178, ogra_ usensord isn't used yet19:05
sergiusensand disabling would come from the settings19:05
ogra_oh, i thought the vibration is handled by it19:05
sergiusensogra_, it will, but it's just adaptation19:06
ogra_ah, k19:06
sergiusenstoday apps are hooking up directly19:06
Guest7178So what code is responsible for vibration? Kernel? I "disarm" vibration support if i know what code is called.19:08
popeypmcgowan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-image/+bug/127758919:17
ubot5Launchpad bug 1277589 in Ubuntu system image ""FileNotFoundError: /var/lib/system-image/blacklist.tar.xz"" [Undecided,Incomplete]19:17
mterryelopio, so looking at your url_dispatcher test.  It's a good test.  But note that this isn't actually hitting the code-path that caused the problem for nested-mode.  That required using system-setting's weird nested-launch-via-dbus of online-accounts.  But that test is waiting for the generic package-of-AP-tests right?  Anyway, this test seems to work for me, will comment in MP19:41
elopiomterry: yes, this is not the test you are looking for.19:42
mterryelopio, still a good test as I was saying.  Just triple-confirming we're on the same page19:42
elopiobut I finished it in the mean time, as it gives us all the helpers we need for the test when omers's project is ready to go, and it also gives us the helpers to remove the messaging app dependency (that was my secret intention all along ;)19:43
mterryelopio, you added a bunch of reviewers to that MP.  Should I wait to top-approve that branch until more reviews happen?19:43
elopiomterry: I promise you the online accounts will be ready next week.19:43
mterryelopio, :)19:43
elopiomterry: no, you can top approve it. I add my team mates so they can take a look at what I'm doing, but this introduces nothing new for them to review.19:44
MrDigeratiIs there anyone using MultiRom on Mako? #Nexus4? My Ubuntu Touch stays at the Google logo. In a minute I was able to adb though. "dmesg" keep repeating some error message. I am using the current build.20:08
MrDigeratiHello anyone there?20:30
robert1yes, hi mrdi20:30
MrDigeratiHey robert1 - my mako wouldn't boot on MultiRom. Could you help?20:31
MrDigeratiIs Tassadar around?20:31
MrDigeratiI used these: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/20:32
robert1MrDigerati, no, i can't help, i used phablet-flash to push the files on my mako20:33
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achiangwhat is the first version of ubuntu desktop where phablet-tools are in the archive? is it trusty? or do they live in saucy/raring too?21:12
achiangsergiusens: ^^21:12
sergiusensachiang, raring I think, but outdated21:13
sergiusenslet me check21:13
sergiusensachiang, nope, just saucy21:14
sergiusensachiang, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/phablet-tools21:14
achiangsergiusens: i'm just reading in the context of our wiki where it's recommending users add a PPA to their system21:14
sergiusensachiang, I think it's always good to add the PPA except for trusty, which is LTS and the tools are included so I can SRU them21:15
achiangsergiusens: makes sense, thanks21:15
sergiusensachiang, is this just for flashing?21:16
sergiusensachiang, no need of phablet-tools, just ubuntu-device-flash21:16
sergiusensachiang, iirc fastboot and adb should be deps for that21:16
achiangsergiusens: has u-d-f superseded phablet-tools completely yet?21:16
achiangsergiusens: at least for flashing... ?21:16
sergiusensachiang, for official images I'd say yes21:17
sergiusensachiang, how to prove that to you, I don't know :-)21:17
achiangsergiusens: you send an email to ubuntu-phone, update wiki, and get ogra to "leak" it to OMG21:18
sergiusensachiang, ack, I did send an email; I guess I'll send one more21:19
achiangsergiusens: ah, i didn't see it21:19
matv1is anyone aware of the the backspace and enter keys when using the terminal dont work anymore?23:05
matv1god that terminal is doing my head in23:24
matv1are backspace and enter buttons on the osk disabled now because of the panels?23:25
matv1and whats with the font size 3 grey on orange panel buttons?23:26
matv1how did that get past design?23:26
matv1mhall119 sorry can i just bother you about this? you use maguro right?23:34
matv1nhaines sorry can i just bother you about this :) ?23:55
matv1osk when using terminal. Is it buggy atm? or is it me? im not sure23:56
matv1anyone from canonical?23:58

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