* Unit193 is a bit grumpier than normal, working on a makefile...00:00
belkinsaI know that we can.00:02
belkinsaI think your idea about jus Ubuntu Members with cloak having voice is better.00:02
Unit193That's not my idea at all.00:04
belkinsaOh, I meant OP.00:05
belkinsaI can read.00:05
thafreakAnyone set up samba with windows 7 machines lately?02:35
thafreaki used resara server last, which was a custom version of samba4 and it's dyinh02:36
Unit193What is included in "set up"?02:38
thafreakhave them work together i guess02:44
Unit193Sure, in Debian and Ubuntu.02:44
thafreakwith windows 7?02:45
Unit193Again, just moving a file from Win7 to samba?  Sure, worked fine.02:49
thafreakwhat I've read, samba 3 requires windows 7 to have registry changes02:54
thafreakdid you have to do that?02:54
thafreakunless that's to make it join a domain...and i don't think i want to do that02:54
Unit193Wasn't my computer.02:54
thafreakok, then I'm hopeful02:55
thafreaksamba4 sucks02:55
thafreakor I should say active directory sucks02:55
Unit193Oh? :/02:55
thafreakSO many moving parts02:55
Unit193Have 4 on Debian, two crashes.  Mostly it seems fine as ad is disabled by default.02:59
thafreakis 4 default now? or is it still "experimental"?03:00
thafreaki was thinking of going back to 3 actually03:00
thafreakwhy am i asking, i can just do an apt-cache search03:00
Unit193Somehow triggered the panic script twice now, or at least that's what the system mail said. :/03:47
mthaddonhi, I wonder if there's anyone around who could provide me with a copy of the drupal theme you use for http://ohio.ubuntu-us.org/ ? - I'm interested in copying it for another loco site (dc.ubuntu-us.org)13:36
jenni[ Welcome | Ubuntu Ohio ] - https://j.mp/1jk4QUl13:36
Unit193Isn't that just the standard one?13:45
Unit193Looks like it to me anyway...  If you don't already have the link: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal-theme13:48
jenni[ Code : UD Theme ] - https://j.mp/1jk5OQx13:48
belkinsajrgifford, ping.23:14
ronnocHello & happy Friday :)23:53
belkinsaThanks, you too.23:53
ronnocI'm happy today...though idk why23:56
belkinsaI was last night since I got my Ubuntu Membership.23:56
ronnochey congrats! I hope you're still happy today about that23:57
belkinsaI am.  People just remind me of that event with there congrats and kind words about my wiki page23:58
jenni[ belkinsa - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1eqs1VA23:58

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