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lazyPowerhazmat: ping22:23
hazmatlazyPower, pong..22:24
lazyPowerhazmat: i see that you've been hacking on charmhelpers. has the general workflow with charmhelpers changed in syntactic sugar?22:25
hazmatlazyPower, state of the art is  a yaml file for defining parts, and then using charm-sync-helper22:40
hazmatlazyPower, which will copy those bits into the charm22:40
hazmatlazyPower, most of the openstack charms use that technique, and several others as well22:41
lazyPowerI did do that following along with the video tutorial. My hang up is the module importing and then referencing. I'm long-tailing my definition and I dont understand why I have to do that.22:41
hazmatlazyPower, did not parse that last sentence22:41
lazyPoweryeah i dont know how to explain this - can i gist what i'm doing and ask for feedback?22:41
hazmatlazyPower, sure22:42
hazmatlazyPower, oh.. i try not to do that.. just mapping helpers to hooks/charmhelpers avoids that need22:43
hazmatre the sys.path manipulation22:43
lazyPowerok so move the lib dir to "charmhelpers" in hooks?22:43
hazmatlazyPower,  no.. move lib/charmhelpers to hooks/charmhelpers22:44
lazyPowerah ok22:44
hazmatlazyPower, then py hooks can just do import charmhelpers22:45
lazyPowerhazmat: along that veign, my yaml would change to be:  destination: hooks22:45
hazmatlazyPower, typically python syntax to get access to a module22:45
hazmatlazyPower,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7024543/22:45
lazyPowerright on. Thank you!22:45
hazmatlazyPower, would be from charmhelpers.core import hookenv22:45
lazyPowerthis has hung me up for the last half hour, i was starting to get discouraged22:46

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