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C|aymoreHi, installed 14.04 beta1 and there is no sound. Is this a known issue?01:50
DarthFrogC|aymore:  Ask in #ubuntu+102:08
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ronnocvalorie or anyone else: What do you guys think of us setting something like this up for Kubuntu? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/CommunicationsTeam04:51
ronnochere's their last report for reference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGNOME/CommunicationsTeam/February201404:52
ronnocmaybe a promo / communications team would be a good idea04:54
ronnocif we think it is, I'd be interested in helping form it.04:54
ronnocRiddell: ^04:55
ronnocWould like your opinion as well :)04:55
beyondcrhello I somehow uncheck the show settings menu in muon discover dose anyone know how to get the settings menu back?05:24
beyondcrits been driving me nuts trying to find the option to turn it back on05:25
valorieronnoc: we definately need someone to coordinate our social media stuff05:34
valorieaaron has some of it going, but someone stepping up and taking charge would be great05:35
safridzalhi all, I try to install mintbackup on Kubuntu system, (add linuxmint repo, add keyring, install mintbackup) but it cannot run.. any suggestion?05:39
ronnocvalorie: Would also like to get a page similar that one listed above on the kubuntu wiki to provide some framework05:45
ronnocand tracking mechanisms. I'll write something up and send to ML in the next day or so.05:46
ronnocand also help with recruiting. having this type of activity could also help enliven the wiki as well :)05:47
ronnocwhich, btw, i can not log into05:47
valorieI recently reviewed about 2000 "kubuntu" pages05:48
ronnoc@_@ ouch05:48
valoriesome are junk, lots are historical05:48
valoriejust while i was watching tv05:48
valorieI didn't open the historical stuff05:48
ronnocyea I noticed many are outdated...05:48
valoriemoinmoin is so bad, though05:48
valoriewhich is why we decided to develop the user docs on the KDE userbase wiki05:49
ronnocI've heard. That's a great idea. And, TBH, less confusing to new users.05:49
ronnocbut I understand it will help our docs ppl a lot, correct?05:50
valoriewell, the final docs are on kubuntu.org05:50
ronnocahh ok so make on kde.org and move to kubuntu.org. I missed that part.05:50
valorieyes, it would be nice to announce stuff on our social networks -- including calls for help on the docs, but also testing05:50
valorieso be sure to talk to ahoneybun, and jussi, and I'm not sure all who has the keys to our social media stuff05:51
ronnocI was on KDE promo for a while and did their social media plus I do it all the time for my RL job and also my own kde-related social media outlets05:52
ronnocso I use hootsuite to broadcast to everything - twitter, G+, facebook, etc etc05:52
ronnocthe reporting is uber great :)05:53
ronnocthough it's not open source, it IS free...05:53
ronnocI'll send out an email to them and copy you tomorrow when I wake up or thereabouts, and copy you as well, before I take it to the ML05:54
valoriesounds good, ronnoc05:54
valoriethanks for stepping up05:54
ronnocI'm no coder but I know marketing and this has been a void in Ku for a while now. Gotta look professional and always be engaging ppl :)05:55
ronnoclooking forward to it.05:55
valorieI agree05:56
valoriewe know we need it, but none of us has had the time05:56
ronnoci can definitely help there05:56
ronnocgoing to bed now but will be in touch05:57
valoriesleep well, and sweet dreams ronnoc05:58
ronnocsafridzal: You would have to ask Linux Mint - I'm sure there's likely a dependency issue somewhere05:58
ronnocvalorie: you too05:58
safridzalronnoc: i've ask there. but seems like i got rejected haha... well, kind of cross distro question..05:59
safridzalronnoc: do you know any alternative to list installed software so i can reinstall it on another system?06:00
ronnocsafridzal: might be easier to download the source code from linux mint and trying to compile on kubuntu06:02
ronnocshouldn't be too hard06:02
ronnocyou could also asl in the kubuntu forums06:03
* ronnoc zzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZ06:03
safridzalronnoc: i get it done06:27
safridzalno need to use mint backup06:27
safridzali use dpkg --get-selections to list all installed package06:27
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tosshsgood morning08:00
tosshsi have a nouveau issue for discussion08:02
tosshsif someone is bored I can share it with08:03
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Xtinobonjour a tous!11:45
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lordievaderGood afternoon.12:13
BluesKajHowdy folks12:17
Nick__I am having trouble with kubuntu 13.10, after the login screen the display goes black but has the mouse pointer on it. how do i fix this?12:31
BluesKajNick__, try ctl+alt+F1-F6 , to get to a virtual console/tty12:37
mixaeis it possible to increase volume beyond the max? i got 153% in pavucontrol but that's it12:54
fabio123hi there13:19
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BlackiHi. I have a problem with my wacom tablet under kde. Everytime i turn on the tablet i get an lowpower message for my laptop akku. It Say's Power is below 10% or power is 0% system will be suspended. But the real Power of my Akku ist 95%18:17
BlackiIf i dont turn on the Tablet everything works fine.18:18
Blackisomeone has an idea whats going wrong here?18:20
planktonDoes Kubuntu when run in live cd have Kturtle (in kde-edu) default?18:22
mdikhi. does anyone have a coarse idea if beta2 will be out in rather days or weeks?18:27
mdikbecause it looks as if many of the already known issues apply to me and i'd rather wait till they are fixed18:27
Blackiit seem to happen only when i connect over Wacom Wireless Receiver and only under KDE. in Gnome or over USB Cable everything works fine18:31
BluesKajmdik, Mar 27th Final beta, any other questions should be asked in #ubuntu+118:32
Blackioh... foud out some more strange behaviour. if i connect the tablet over cable, then plug in the wireless Recevier and the unplug the usb also everything works fine over wireless :)18:37
Blackibut if i turn off/on the tablett after that the system throws the two mesages, 1. power below 0% and 2. Tablet conected...18:38
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Caucasprivet !!!19:59
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creckhi al!!20:39
creckHi to living people!)20:41
Caucascreck: pohodu tut tol'ko russkie jivie :D20:42
Caucascreck: me and you20:43
creckwe is living every time!)20:44
Caucasaga aga )20:44
Caucasbelarus ?20:45
creckno. I am russian20:47
creckand you?20:47
novakitty_I think I have a rogue address/host stuck in my samba wins server...I'm pulling my hair out trying to get a host on my network to resolve properly.  I've been going around rebooting everythign several times and restarting samba, and making sure the hosts file isn't the problem.  nmblookup query to multicast/broadcast returns the correct IP but I think the WINS server is reporting the wrong one.21:18
novakitty_It's liek a little gremlin that won't go away21:22
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beta[ertesthe beta installer is really taking its time22:04
beta[ertesits kinda not moving after i pressed install now22:05
beta[ertesoh god im an idiot22:06
beta[ertesworks now, no worreis22:09
beta[erteseat icecream and be happy22:09
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