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basketballmy fstab file is empty03:25
Unit193!crosspost | basketball03:26
ubottubasketball: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.03:26
DiplomaticoHello, help me repair the boot of a pen drive with lubuntu...04:16
holsteinDiplomatico: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair04:20
DiplomaticoI already tried it, and it doesn't fix the pen drive, holstein.04:21
holsteinDiplomatico: it will04:21
DiplomaticoBecause it tries to fix the boot of the hdd...04:21
holsteinDiplomatico: if it didnt, then its not the issue, or you did in incorrectly04:21
holsteinDiplomatico: sure.. tell it to fix the boot of the USB instead04:21
holsteinDiplomatico: use the tool i referenced above.. i add the PPA to a live CD/USB and fix what i like04:21
DiplomaticoAnd when i go to advanced options, and choose the sdb, (pen drive) it shows an error.04:21
holsteinDiplomatico: ok04:22
DiplomaticoI have the boot-repair opened, right now.04:22
holsteinDiplomatico: let me know when you have a question04:22
DiplomaticoIf i put recommended repair it will try to fix the hdd instead of the pen drive?04:22
holsteinDiplomatico: i never said, nor implied "recommended repair"04:23
holsteinDiplomatico: if you have a question, just ask04:23
holsteinDiplomatico: if you are trying to do what im saying, and getting an error, share the error04:23
holsteincould be, the usb stick is bad04:23
DiplomaticoThat was my question, i'm afraid that if i put recommended repair it will mess the hdd...04:24
DiplomaticoThe usb is ok...I just messed with the boot04:24
holsteinDiplomatico: dont be "afraid"04:24
holsteinjust read and use the tool proprely04:24
holsteinDiplomatico: what would i do? if i were "afraid" i would take it to a machine with not hard drive installed in it04:24
holsteindo the usb stick repair there04:24
DiplomaticoI have no other machine to test it...04:25
holsteinDiplomatico: i didnt say "test"04:26
holsteinDiplomatico: but, you dont need another machine04:26
holsteinyou can use the one you have, and tell the tool to recover grub to the stick.. and share any error messages04:26
DiplomaticoI tell the tool, where?In recommended repair or advanced options?04:28
holsteinDiplomatico: when it asks where you want to recover, use the USB drive there04:28
holsteinDiplomatico: also, the USB stick can be broken04:28
DiplomaticoThe usb is fine.04:28
holsteinDiplomatico: well, its not "fine" or you wouldnt be trying to fix it04:29
holsteinDiplomatico: and, the *do* fail04:29
DiplomaticoWhen does it ask where i want to recover???In recommended repair or advanced options??04:29
holsteinim not trying to be combative.. only thorough.. it *can* be broken"04:29
holsteinDiplomatico: use which ever will let you choose that device, friend04:29
holsteinDiplomatico: you want to recover the grub on the stick.. so put that data into the tool04:29
DiplomaticoI don't know, because it might screw my hdd if it press recommended repair.04:30
holsteinDiplomatico: then, try the other first04:30
holsteinDiplomatico: also, you need to know how to recover the hard driver.. since that *will* fail as well04:30
holsteinDiplomatico: if you were to "screw up" the hard drive, you need to konw how to recover and you can with this tool04:31
DiplomaticoOk, I'll go for it.Without a net.04:31
DiplomaticoPressing recommended...now04:31
holsteinwhy not start with advanced?04:32
holsteinMBR options in the images i linked are where i would start04:33
holsteinthe guide says that is under the advanced options04:33
DiplomaticoOk...This is what I wanted you to assure me.If recommended would fix the pen drive or the hdd.It seems it did its thing on the hdd.04:33
DiplomaticoSince it says   : remember to boot from hdd!04:33
Diplomaticoholstein, you said start with advanced options too late...04:34
holsteinDiplomatico: i linked you documentation04:34
holsteinDiplomatico: i said it first04:34
Diplomaticotoo late, man04:34
holsteinDiplomatico: ok04:34
holsteinDiplomatico: so, boot the machine.. take the stick out, open a terminal, run "sudo update-grub".. hard drive fixed04:34
holsteinDiplomatico: now.. to "fix" whatever is up with the stick, assuming its repariable, use the guide i gave you04:35
holsteinrefer to it ^04:35
holsteinfor example04:35
holstein'restore mbr to'.. thats where you select the device. the stick. not the hard drive04:36
basketballlUnit193,  can you help me rebuild my fstab file04:38
holsteinbasketballl: you can just add what you need04:39
holsteinbasketballl: you can likely run a live CD, and copy it from there04:39
holsteinbasketballl: or, just do a smallish install and copy it from out of that04:39
holsteina better question is, what happened to your fstab..04:40
basketballlholstein,  can i copy from windows04:41
holsteinbasketballl: no04:41
holsteinbasketballl: windows doesnt do fstab AFAIK04:41
basketballlholstein,  idk what happened o it04:42
holsteinbasketballl: i would figure that out first04:42
holsteinbasketballl: if the hardware is failing, then, you need to address that04:42
basketballlmy hardware is fine04:42
holsteinbasketballl: if you have compromised your credentials,a nd someone/something is breaking your machine, you need to address that04:42
holsteinbasketballl: if you havent tested, you dont know04:42
basketballlhow do i test04:43
holsteinbasketballl: *all* hard drives fail.. and when they do, they can lose data like that.. like the fstab, or grub04:43
holsteinbasketballl: i can tell you how i test.. i use gsmartcontrol04:43
holsteinbasketballl: how you test is up to you.. and its not a trivial process, or something im necessarily suggesting you do. but, its something you need to think about, if you didnt break your fstab, and its just missing for no reason04:44
basketballlis there a factory reset in ubuntu04:44
holsteinbasketballl: not for fstab like that04:45
holsteinbasketballl: you can just reinstall04:45
basketballlreinstall what?04:45
holsteinthats easy enough.. and should take maybe 10 minutes04:45
holsteinbasketballl: for a factory reset, friend04:45
holsteinbasketballl: you can reinstall the OS04:45
holsteinbasketballl: thus, factory reset04:45
basketballlok ill do it tomorrow04:46
holsteinbasketballl: cheers!04:46
Diplomaticoholstein:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7020037/04:48
DiplomaticoIt didn't work.04:48
holsteinDiplomatico: scd looks like the one04:49
DiplomaticoYes, i chose sdc.04:49
DiplomaticoNot working.04:49
holsteinDiplomatico: cool.. share an error or ask a question04:50
holsteinDiplomatico: otherwise, use the guide i gave, and choose the stick04:50
holsteinif its not working the hardware could be failling. the stick.. its got a swap partition on it04:50
DiplomaticoIt was working until on another partition i installed another distro.04:51
DiplomaticoReally stupid.04:51
holsteinDiplomatico: or, triggering a failure04:51
holsteinWill restore the MBR_TO_RESTORE : sdc (generic mbr) into sdc04:52
holsteinBoot successfully repaired.04:52
holsteinnot sure what to tell you. without more information04:52
holsteinor error messages04:52
holsteinit just doesnt take me long to reinstall, so thats always on the table04:52
holsteinbut, you are using that tool properly, from what i see04:53
holsteinso, i would eleborate as to what you think "broke" it in the first place04:53
DiplomaticoI installed another distro in another partition of the pen drive.That messed up the boot.04:54
DiplomaticoI think I have to fix the grub.04:55
holsteinDiplomatico: you *are* fixing the grub04:57
holsteinDiplomatico: and, as you are reporting, that is not working04:57
holsteinDiplomatico: so, you elaboarate.. what did you install? or you do to that product support and ask04:58
holsteinDiplomatico: or, you consider that the stick could be bad04:58
holsteinDiplomatico: it has swap on it..04:58
DiplomaticoWhat's wrong with swap?04:59
ianorlinit wears out flash drives fast04:59
holsteinDiplomatico: nothing is "wrong" with it.. but you get a limited amount of time you can use it til it breaks the USB05:00
holsteinand when it breaks, it can act like you are reporting05:00
DiplomaticoSo i should reformat that partition...05:00
holsteinDiplomatico: there is no "should"05:00
holsteinDiplomatico: what would i do? move the data off, try reformatting.. or just wipe it after backing up what i want, and try a reinstall05:01
holsteinDiplomatico: i personally dont do a swap partition on my sticks like that05:01
holsteinDiplomatico: if i did, i would expect them to break sooner05:01
ianorlinswap partition doesn't wear out usb hdd though right05:02
holsteinianorlin: ssh could/would05:02
ianorlinI know that05:02
holsteinianorlin: i think this is a USB stick.. maybe its a drive05:02
DiplomaticoIsn't the swap partition necessary for lubuntu to work?05:04
holsteinDiplomatico: no05:04
DiplomaticoBy the way.I fixed it.05:04
DiplomaticoYay indeed.05:04
holsteinDiplomatico: congratulations.. im off to bed05:04
DiplomaticoThank you!05:04
DiplomaticoHave a nice sleep.05:04
calimesul2pclubu doesnt work on my pc, P5VD2VM_SE, i don't have a graphic video card15:24
biledemonI my panel to "dynamic size" and to be transparent and put a windows list with icons only on it. Now I can't remove the panel. Right-clicking only hits open application icons or the desktop.16:12
biledemonanyway other way than right-clicking a panel to remove it?16:13
basketballlNik05,  Snake2k  and Left_Turn  and ciupicri    i bought a monitor yesterday at a garage sale that has a different resolution as my laptop how can i remove the black border of laptop23:10
basketballl i bought a monitor yesterday that has a different resolution as my laptop how can i remove the black border of laptop23:10
ianorlinI would install arandr to support different screens on two different monitors23:21
basketballlit works how i want it where my mouse can gop between screens it is just that on laptop screen there is a black border23:22
holsteini use arandr for that23:23
holsteinthough, a compromise must be made, since they are different sizes23:23
holsteinbasketballl: in arandr, you should be able to set the resolution you please on both.. though, i have found the labels can be incorrect23:24
basketballli want to get rid of black border with dual monitor set up  Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)23:51

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